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SketchBook for Everybody! At Autodesk, we believe creativity starts with an idea. From quick conceptual sketches to fully finished artwork, sketching is at the heart of the creative process. You never know when a great idea will strike, so access to fast and powerful creative sketching tools is an invaluable part of any creative process. For this reason, we are excited to announce that the fully featured version of SketchBook is now FREE for everyone!

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  • Not great 2/5

    By Julie b....
    While this app has alright drawing capabilites, there are many problems with it that are very frusturating. 1. It frequently freezes for no reason causing you to have to force quit the app and lose all your work 2. You can't have multible drawings at are you kidding? 3. Saving is very difficult and you can only download once, if it works at all. So...If you have no other option go with this but expect to lost all your work :)
  • Convoluted. difficult. just plain bad. 3/5

    By Paddyboy S
    MIcrosoft comes with Paint and now Paint 3D - I challenge the programmers to make a program as easy to use as Microsoft Paint. I’m no artist but with Microsoft Paint, even I was able to make artwork that impressed my daughter (she’s an artist). The beauty of MS Paint is its simplicity. I’m an engineer, and with Microsoft Paint I can do amazing things without needing to learn the functionaltity. Apple has a great computer, but the fact it doesn’t come with a native program like Microsoft Paint is very surprising and disappointing! This program is very convoluted and difficult to use. Its actually crashed my mac book which would be impressive if it wasn’t so annoying. *** Update: I upgraded the program and it seems much better now.
  • WHY 2/5

    So i FREAKING LOVED!!! this app but… You know the menu bar the one that has the fill bucket, ect. I accidentally X.d it out and now i have deleted the app and developer i hope you tell me how to fix it because i went to customer support that didnt work either I re-installed the app nope and this is the newest version by the way so PLEASE tell me how to fix this and i will give Y’all five stars
  • Wont even open 1/5

    By Mantra Cotu
    I denied sending data to this apps company and immediately after, the app said it crashed. Now it gets the same error everytime I try to open it even though its running fine in the background. Don't allow this app to waste space on your device.
  • great beginers and pro tool 5/5

    By Ummkid1
    this is a program that i have thinking about in a while and i did not regret it at all. the ui is very user friendly while also giving you a quick guide. it gives you alot of brushes to easily fond your type of stlyle. the only problem i have with it is that it can crash often if you have alot of layers or affects going on, but otherwise it'll send a report to the company about the crash. otherwise a great program without many problems.
  • why do you charge business not people? what is SKETCH? 4/5

    By Not MS
  • Serious bug needs fixing. 2/5

    By 👌🥠🥦🥑
    I love this aplication, I think that it is a great beginner to intermediate drawing platform. But, recently, I have been encountering a bug where I cannot use or adjust the size of the hard eraser without the sytem crashing. This makes working impossible. Please fix this bug, you will earn my 5 stars if this problem is resolved.
  • It's ok. 4/5

    By GreenP4ste
    Kinda laggy, but alright. It has a cool stabilization feature that works really well, and most of the design elements make sense and are well thought out.
  • Great! 4/5

    By Star trek 4784
    I use this app to make graphs for economics and it works great! It is a little difficult to use at first but after using it for a bit, it all clicks.
  • Bad 1/5

    By iugugjgh
    This app crashed and I cant quit out of it. I tried resetting my laptop so it can refresh the app but I can't since it's just stuck there on the screen. It deleted my artwork that I had been doing for hours.
  • one of the best and free 5/5

    By GevRish
    I have been using this app for sometimes now. I am not an artists but for occational work, this application is really great and it's simplysity is extremly user friendly. It is a quite powerful software and Autodesk is so generous to offer it free for all. Thank you
  • Pretty Good 4/5

    By Tazuth
    For a free drawing app, this is pretty good. There are lots of brushes, tools, and pretty much anything you would need, and they all work well. Some things are difficult to figure out, though, and I'm still working on those. It hasn't crashed much for me and the layout was nice in my opinion.
  • I HATE this program 1/5

    By Meatleg
    How should I count the ways? It just lost me hours of work. It can't open MULTIPLE FILES at once?!?!? No export for web option? No transparency option when "Save Copy As"ing No Drop Shadow Just don't. I am buying CC in 3...2...1...
  • CAN'T UNDO 1/5

    By penguinmastee
    It used to be very good but then it lag and I can't undo, plus, the ruler broke, i draw using an eliptical ruler and it make a mess and I can't undo so I have to use the eraser and it's so frustrating!!!
  • Great App, but it keeps crashing 3/5

    By Jdnenejisoxiss
    I have been using this app to work on a painting for friend, but it recently started crashing and in the middle of me painting. Then it deletes my progress, and gives me an error message, developers please fix this!!!
  • pretty great 5/5

    i have this app on my computer and my ipad and it works good i love all the patterns and colors
  • AWSOME, until... 2/5

    By Bff wonderland
    It was great, free, and helpful... until it got stuck in fullscreen mode and had no tools, just a blank sscreen no matter how many millions of times i opened or closed it. FIX THIS ERROR PLEASE!
  • Help 3/5

    By MelodiR
    What is with the update, i had to redownload and it is awful. My redo button is laggy and wont work right
  • Horrid interface 1/5

    By nicmart
    Over and done with this alien app in 5 minutes. Not even vaguely Mac-like.
  • free procreate! 5/5

    By GizmoTwain
    i love this app so much. Especially since it provides so many brushes and a copic library. i did have a problem where i couldn't undo/redo brush strokes after doing it quite often for multiple pieces, but i restarted my computer and it works now. all in all the app is a great drawing app, and a good procreate substitiute
  • Needs an update 3/5

    By J j j j j j j J
    This version frequently crashed and restarts my computer. A google search reveals this is a comon problem with this update. An older version of the program that is avalable does not have this problem but lacks a couple features. Amazing program if that bug gets fixed.
  • App constantly crashes 2/5

    By Dan Kowalczyk
    The application crashes each time I use it. My work isn't lost, but it interrupts my flow. I've sent reports for multiple months and the issue hasn't been resolved with an update.
  • i love it so much! 4/5

    By Kindgoth
    it is the most easy drawing device on a cumputer (for me) it does take a lot of energy so dont go crazy and scribble to much,it does takes a while to load.
  • Most unintuitive drawing program 2/5

    By Code Development Blocked
    Giving an extra star because it's free. But otherwise, this is the most unintuitive piece of software I have ever used. Yes, you'll eventually learn how to do things the app's way, but it's time consuming and irritating. I eventually gave up.
  • Lagging!! 2/5

    By tinatina54
    This progam is so slow. Please fix!
  • Wont let me save at all on mac book 1/5

    By fhaklghjfklghjklrea
    i cant save any files at all and it pops up an error message saying "You may not have write permission for this file, or the device may be full." i tried posting to the forum but no ones replied so i guess i just cant use this app anymore?...
  • turn your mac into a sketching powerhouse! 5/5

    By theawesomekid202054321
    it is just what i was looking for, a virtual sketchbook on my Mac. and “CameronVM” what subscription?
  • Top bar thing? 4/5

    By Rosie Scar
    Love it, but I accidentally closed the top bar (With the paint bucket.) How do I get it back? I really dont know. Really like the app, and thanks

    By Chuckster17
    My computer is BRAND NEW, let me put that out there, and my specs more than match what this program requires, yet EVERY TIME I have the program open for more than five minutes my entire system freezes up and has to be hard restarted. I know its the app because my computer only does it to this program. This is an issue with the program’s coding and it frankly draws too much CPU power for such a simple program. Seems like this program had a few bad updates that just completely ruined it and made it unusable. DO NOT BOTHER GETTING IT, LOOK FOR ANOTHER APP. - A very disappointed consumer.
  • mother friking where the hecc is the fill bucket 1/5

    By Nedolh
    Love this app, i use it to draw, it has some glitches now and then, but when i first got it the title bar just noped out. Now there is no fill bucket and hasnt been for months. Ive just dealt with it, but now it is really limitng me and pissing me off. HOW DO I GET THE FILL BUCKET TO POP UP AGAIN. Fix your app. Not worth a dowload if some of its basic funcitonalitys either glitch out often or just plain dont exist.
  • Glitched 2/5

    By AH13 videos
    I used to be able to draw using this on my MacBook Air but it glitched, I was unable to make it full screen and I was unable to exit it. The color changer and opacity changer was in the middle instead of the top left corner. I was wondering if you know how to fix this.
  • Amazing!!! 5/5

    By superfighter1234
    Sketch book is the application is what I use to post animations on my youtube channel I love the how many Pens their are and how i can animate and add as many layers as i want and also the fact that we can let our imaginations explore!! The laging does not bother me because i am not in a rush! :)
  • A lot of people clearly don't understand how to use this 5/5

    By Cncn60
    I have been using sketchbook for years, and I've gotten used to the way it works. I've seen a lot of reviews lately complaining about it lacking basic features it definitely has (Like resetting rotation, its literally so easy if you go to the tools and press "Fit to view."). People need to spend more time with an app before giving it a negative review
  • Cursor options? 3/5

    By Mr. Pyraemon
    I think this app is great, but are there any other cursor options besides the crosshair default. It's hard for me to see the lines I'm trying to bring out because of the blindspots it creates. Just a simple dot with size and brightness options would be nice.
  • Pure Frustration 1/5

    By Excel-1
    I really should have trusted the ratings, dont bother with this. They have some interesting ideas on how to construct an art station, like the drag menu’s, but it runs like a toaster: very glitch, very laggy, and alot of the options are not optimised for MacBook use, or just frustrating.For example, there is no reset canvas orientation option, you cant use the ruler tool and the select tool (to move or align items into place, the main purpose for the tool), and other such frustrations that do damage to your work flow. Again, it also simply does not run well, and on a MacBook Pro thats unaccaptable. the Android phone version of the self same application runs infintely better, not okay. In short, it feels incomplete, alot of missing and counterproductive features, and is a recipe for frustration as is. (perhaps the experience is better on the iPad) To the companies reputation, they do make amazing applications as far as I’m aware, However, this, at least at the time being, doesnt seem to be one of em
  • PLEASE FIX!! 2/5

    By Paige201::
    I only make 2 stars cause of this problem, I love this program. When I try to open the program it opens incorrectly: it opens with the top bar that is used to change to fullscreen or minimise or close the prgram, off of my screen, above it, meaning that I cannot mov the window lower or access the functions on this bar. The program belives it is in fullscreen mode as the menu bar that normally appears at the top of my screen is not there, I have to click on my background and then force quit the program just to get it to close. I have tried deleting and redownloading the program, opening the file directly, normally opening the program. Nothing has worked and this happens almost every time I attempt to use the program. Please fix, this problem is starting to cost me marks in school projects and is overall very frustrating because I love this program!
  • Actually, Really, Really Good. 5/5

    By jkrosado
    My initial view was "I have to pay for features I don't need" Apparently SketchBook isn't a trial and it's actually free now. Good on Autodesk! These 1-star reviews are so underserving. I've made many awesome YouTube thumbnails and it never crashed once. These people must have iBooks or Power Macintoshes or something, because no other app on my MacBook runs as good as SketchBook does. Thank you, Plainrock124 for the inspiration to use this.
  • Amazing Illustrations 5/5

    By Anime Mckay
    Awesome! Get this: there is a manga brush set. Really cool! Everyone in the world should be using this app! Works great! Some features are: Unlimited brush sets, FlipBook animations, And MORE
  • not as good as I expected 1/5

    By Tom the can man
    I tried to use this to draw, and the screen kept moving around when I was not touching it. I've only used it a little bit so far but it is not as good as other drawing apps I've downloaded. I hope to see improvement soon.
  • Great App for my listings 5/5

    By Lennyyyy868
    I needed an app to display different designs on the custom shirts, bags, cups, etc that I make (@ElleZeeGoods on Etsy/IG) and this is perfect! Before I was having to bounce back and forth between ipad apps and my computer, this helps me do everything on one device!
  • This app needs improvement. 2/5

    By MacTata
    Sketchbook needs to be optimized for macOS Catalina as a Catalyst app...
  • Great! 5/5

    By xMidnight_Menace
    Love doing art with this!!! Works Perfectly!
  • CAN'T. GET. IT. OFF MY MAC 1/5

    By Janna Hofferson
    I need to uninstall it and I can't. it doesn't show up in my launchpad, and there is no uninstall on the app store
  • Best Sketchbook App Ever 5/5

    By Tumblrpngatheart
    So everybody knows that the typical drawing app to use is procreate. Which I have two responses to the use of the app. One I’m broke, and two I don’t have a ipad anymore. So I was looking at random sketchbook apps on my chromebook, many of which seemed appealing. Howver after downloading about two dozen, I soon found that the only way to actually get good use out of them is to pay for the pro subscription. That was all until I stumbled upon this wonderful gem. The variety of tools to use on this thing is amazing! Water color, acrylic paints, pencil, marker, you name it, they have it. Not to mention the color features are incredible. Not only are you able to create any color desired, but there’s also a copic section. Yes you heard me right, COPIC. You can literally choose a copic marker color to use digitally. It’s literally one of the coolest things ever. Of course there are plenty of other things like rulers for perfect symmetry, the ability to insert photos, and more! I seriously can’t get enough with this app. 10/10 reccomend to anybody no matter what the experience level is. There are also some super amazing youtube videos using autodesk that show tutorials and how to use specific features. You seriously need to get this app if you’re looking for a free sketchbook. Plus it’s free! I mean what do you have to lose?
  • the app is great 5/5

    By logan paul 6969
    i like the app and i think it is grate to draw
  • this is the app I have been looking for 5/5

    By Chucky, Virtual Assistant
    this lets you draw and write (type) just as simply as a basic sketchbook. no giant palette accordion of symbols from different disciplines like Visio, just pencil and brush (and a dozen other basic tools) with a great looking result, even has layers management like photoshop. one feature request - crop layer to selection. the only crop I found was crop image to selection
  • Very Good But I'm Bad At Drawing With This 4/5

    By Emma Mendson
    I love the game but the way of drawing in this game is very hard. I had this game for about a year but its to hard drawing in this game like other people.
  • HOW DARE YOU 1/5

    By FlowerGalsWebcomic
    MY ENTIRE INTERFACE GOT WIPED AND RESET WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE I lost all of my set brush settings, and the colours in my program. This is serious. I have a comic due by the end of this year and I probably wont even be able to finish it because of this awful reset. And, no, I did not reset it myself. Not only would I be a moron for doing that, but the application was completely reset while I had my computer off. How dare you do this wihout my knowledge! My project is sabatoged thanks to your awful program! Never advising this program to anyone of my artist colleagues.
  • Disapointed...ish 3/5

    By sammypajammy
    I just bought the app and i was disapointed, i read the reviews and they looked bad but when i looked at the pictures from the app store i thought it looked really good so i tried it out and it was very not good. i would have hoped for better quality and more options....
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