AV Receiver Remote

AV Receiver Remote

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  • Current Version: 1.1.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Sony Home Entertainment & Sound Products Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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AV Receiver Remote App

You can operate your Sony receiver and/or components connected to your Sony receiver with the AV Receiver Remote application. The following Sony receivers are compatible with this application: - STR-DA5600ES - STR-DA4600ES - STR-DA3600ES - STR-DN2010 Getting Started 1) Prepare your Sony receiver. 1-1) Connect your Sony receiver to your network (For details on how to do this, refer to the Operating Instructions supplied with your receiver or your router.) 1-2) Select "Settings", then "Network", and then "External Control." Finally, set "External Control" to "ON." 2) Connect your iPhone/iPod touch to the same network as your receiver. 3) On the application home screen, tap "Application Settings", and select "Connection." 4) Tap on any displayed receiver that you want to operate. If no receiver is displayed, then tap "Rescan" to search for receivers on the network. Notes - Demo mode will be active until the application is properly configured with a Sony receiver. - Please restart this application to synchronize with the Sony AV Receiver if you revise any settings (Input Name, Input Icon, My Library, Tuner Preset, Macro, etc.). - For more details, refer to the "Help" in "Application Settings" on the application home screen.

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AV Receiver Remote app reviews

  • Awful 1/5

    By jeff-d
    Could not get it to work. Judging from the comments here it looks like Sony is not doing any more development on this app.
  • IOS Compatibility Update Needed 1/5

    By IslandWino
    I am a Sony Home Entertainment products fan. Would love to use this with my Sony products. Received Apple dialog box informing me that this application should be updated to be more compatible with new iOS and devices. Thank you!
  • Remote app 1/5

    By Depair
    Won't connect with new Apple OS update. Sony needs to update the app. Terrible customer support.
  • STR-DN1060/STR-DN860 support 1/5

    By StellarTEK
    This app does not support my Sony Device.
  • Used to work hashtag emoji 3/5

    By ToyDoctor
    Not sure if it was upgrading to a new iPhone 6 Plus or the recent iOS 9 update but I am no longer able to connect. I've reinstalled the app but to no avail... STR-DA5600ES; the system is on the network (I can stream groove salad over shout cast) but this app can't find it...
  • Won't connect! 1/5

    By mrl859
    What good is it if it won't connect????
  • Alshaibah 5/5

    By الهدف تحقيق العدالة
  • Used to be great! 2/5

    By Amy A.I. is DEA
    Not sure why but this app now only works about 50% of the time. I have a 6plus with iOS 8 and sometimes it connects and sometimes it just stays on the open screen. I wish Sony cared about their products like they used to. I think this is why Sony is starting to fall and Samsung is surpassing them.
  • Seems to be broken under iOS 8 1/5

    By 67blue
    It launches, but doesn't get past the title screen.
  • Needs update!! 1/5

    By Rwolf222
    Don't needs to update their receiver line so this app can be used to control more than just a couple high end receivers. I should be able to control any Internet enabled device
  • Needs background support 3/5

    By Nokto
    Great app if you own their receivers. Does need a fresh look for iOS 7. Also needs to work while in a call. I believe it used to back on iOS 6 Please update app to support multitasking. Background App Refresh. I don't care what anyone says. Pull up your switcher and close it when you are done. This is a must. I do not want to wait to reconnect every time I leave the app for something. Put a time out for 30 minutes or make an option for us to enable or disable this requested feature. And possibly a time out option we can specify. I am on a iPhone 4s IOS 5.1 and have no problems other then the request for background/multitasking support. So like Nike says... Do it! Then this will get five stars. Otherwise this is dated for IOS 3 with no multitasking feature supported in IOS update it already. Get with the times. Using with AV STR-DN2010
  • Remote won't connect with 5600es 1/5

    By Tlgii
    App works great when it connects. Sure would be nice if I wouldn't have to power up and down the iPhone to get t to connect. Sony should look at the Onkyo free app and see what they can do to make it operate the same. Thanks for another disappointment Sony. If you are good at one thing it starting fast and not finishing!
  • Doesn't play well with others 4/5

    By Sony Mike
    Worked great until I down loaded the other sony remote app. It caused this to stop working. It wouldn't connect any more so I uninstalled the other app and now this works great. It's fast and lets me control everything on my STR-DN2010. Using iPod touch 4th gen iOS 5

    By Jason Sorenson
    This app has serious problems finding the receiver when used with an iOS5 updated device. I am using 5.1 and it's unusable because it will not reconnect after the first time. I tested the app with my son's iPod Touch running iOS4 and it works flawless. Sony, please update your app. It has to be a pretty simple fix. Your other (newer) app sees my 4600ES no problem every time but then forces me to switch to this app which then fails. FIX THIS APP PLEASE!!!
  • Works perfect on my DR-2010 4/5

    By Patty6789
    This app works fine for me in my DR-2010 no connection issues.
  • Put a smile on my face! 4/5

    By CY10L
    This app works well with my str-d2010. The only glitch is if I switch apps & come back to it, the connection fails. All I had to do was use the task killer to stop the app & restart it. It works just fine after that.
  • Hello SONY, are You reading our comments??? 1/5

    By DJ2004
    Could You please update Your apps so they will work with ALL Sony AV NETWORK receivers- US and Eu? That really can´t be so difficult for You, You already have those apps so please add other/ older models as well, please!! I can´t understand why models like the 6400es or 5500es are not supported, what´s the problem, they were really very expensive, and now no support?? By the way I 100% won´t buy a new Sony AV receiver just to use this or similar app. There are many other receivers out there with much better support...
  • OK when it actually connects 1/5

    By Mark D Seattle
    The app works ok when it actually connects, but it doesn't do so consistently. I have a 4600ES and it connects sometimes. This app is really slow and there is pretty much no customizing the horrible interface. And don't bother trying to contact customer support because they won't answer any questions about it and will just waste an hour of your time. The app would be great if they would read these reviews and update it since its been so long since it was released.
  • Doesn't work!!! 1/5

    By BeroMero
    Doesn't work with STR-DA3600ES Euro version. Please update! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE! UPDATE THIS APP TO SUPPORT EURO VERSION! Sony wake up!
  • Please Read STR-DA5600ES 3/5

    By Kaotic_72
    Connection problem with STR-DA5600ES. I have 2 iPhones. 1 is on ios 4.2.1. I never have a connect issue on this phone. The other on ios 5.0.1. and this one will rarely pick up the amp. It seems to be an issue with the app not being compatible with the new iOS. Please listen to the consumers and update the compatibility issue. We buy Sony because of its versatility and quality. Don't let a free app taint our opinions of why we buy Sony products.
  • Cannot connect to STR-DN1020 1/5

    By Jonny McOakland
    I'd love for this app to work, since the on-screen UI for the receiver itself is horrible. But it is unable to detect my receiver, despite trying multiple times, restarting both the iPhone and the receiver, etc. Sony's MediaRemote app is able to detect my receiver, so my receiver is obviously showing up on the network. But this app can't seem to connect to it.
  • No communication with my receiver STR-DA5600ES 2/5

    By R Kiens
    I can't get this app going to work. It will not detect my str-da5600. I have also downloaded network audio remote, this app detects my STR-DA5600 in a few seconds. Does anybody faced the same problems? Hope someody can help me out. This app was one of the reasons to buy the str-da5600ES.
  • Works Ok 3/5

    By Michael Loescher
    Needs keyboard for input on search screens on STR receiver.
  • :( 1/5

    By Polarbear SK
    Horrible, did notwithstanding!
  • Sony AV remote app 3/5

    By Joseph B Nyirenda
    Bought this app. I have tried for 3 days to connect the STR_DA3600ES, it has failed to detect it. Its just the demo that is running. Anyone with a suggestion out there or do I wait for an update?...have discovered that unless the STR DA3600EE is a US version, the app wont work (I have a UK version of STR DA3600ES, so the app doesnt work)
  • Very bad 1/5

    By ppappas
    Well does anyone at Sony read these? Almost all of us have problem connecting the receiver with this program. 1 year and not one update!!!! Just nothing else. If Sony don't care about her customers, then..... Just find some time to just fix it. Nothing else.
  • Controlling STR-DN2010 4/5

    By Nikos_gk
    It works fine the first time you turn on iPod. When you try again latter, the app cannot find the receiver. After shutting iPod down and restarting again, it works... Needs to be fixed. It's frustrating.
  • Nice demo but not working om 3600! 1/5

    By aadmun
    The AV Reveiver Remote app is available since July 2010! The demo is awesome. However the 3600 ES is not recognished by my Ipod Touch with this app. Come om Sony, update this product and make it operational. It will help your sales.
  • Support the ES5500 please 1/5

    By MrSteed
    Take a moment and do a firmware update for the ES5500 please. I didn't buy it that long ago. Sony, don't be so cheap with your customer service. You believe Sony has outsourced their customer service to India? It's pathetic. Sony is so out of touch it's laughable. This is the last Sony product I buy.
  • Doesn't work... 1/5

    For now it doesn't work... same network... iphone doesn't find my Sony STR-DA5600ES receiver... hope for update soon...
  • No STR-DN2010 Support 1/5

    By Bri8
    Could not attach to a Sony STR-DN2010 receiver on same network per Sony instructions. Useless app for now. :-(
  • Str-dnt2010 1/5

    By Amhjz
    Did not get this to work and are hoping for an update!
  • Work 1/5

    By ilginc uygulama
    Not work
  • ES 5500 1/5

    By IndyMikeK
    Please make this app available for other network capable receivers (ES 5500)
  • AV Receiver Remote for Son y DA3600ES 1/5

    By SteenH123
    Hi, I have downloaded the App and made "external controls available on my DA3600ES receiver. Both units are on my home network, but I still can't get the Receiver visible on the Ipad App ? this was the whole ideashifting from Danish designed Bang&Olufsen to Sony technology ? - hmmm steen
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By Bill H Denver
    After proper set up on the receiver, this app works extremely well. Zone 2 tv on back deck and zone 3 audio in garage all easily controlled with iPhone. I was able to use the 'light' function under 'common' to control a second receiver powering garage speakers. Too Cool!!!

AV Receiver Remote app comments

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