Avis - Car Rental

Avis - Car Rental

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  • Current Version: 16.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Avis Budget Group
  • Compatibility: Android
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Avis - Car Rental App

Need to rent a car on the go? The Avis Car Rental app has you covered. Exclusive to the Avis app, Avis Preferred members gain access to all features as well as exchanging or upgrading your car upon arriving at the rental location, quickly returning your car, locking and unlocking your car and more real-time rental features. Find your nearest Avis Car Rental locations, hours of operation, addresses and phone numbers at any time. Avis Preferred members can also earn points by opting in upon check out. With the Avis app, you can make, modify or cancel reservations 24/7. Using the Avis app will also provide access to getting a receipt, viewing and reviewing past rentals and contacting Roadside Assistance for immediate help. By tapping the Install button or by downloading the Avis App published by Avis Rent A Car System LLC, you consent to the installation of the Avis App and to its future updates and upgrades. You can withdraw your consent at any time by uninstalling the app. To request assistance with the removal or disabling of the Avis App, please contact us. You acknowledge and understand and agree that the Avis App (including any updates or upgrades) may cause your device to automatically communicate with Avis’ servers to deliver the functionality described above and to record location-based information and usage metrics, (ii) affect app-related preferences or data stored in your device, and (iii) collect personal information as set out in our Privacy Notice at https://www.avis.com/privacy and in the Avis App Terms of Use at https://www.avis.com/mobiletou. The Avis App delivers push notifications. You may turn push notifications off in the “Preferences” tab. Contact us at: avis.com/mobilefeedback Or contact us at Avis Rent A Car System LLC Phone: 1-800-352-7900 Email: [email protected] Write: P.O. Box 699000 Tulsa, OK 74169-900

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Avis - Car Rental app reviews

  • Extending my rental a day 1/5

    By OSUbruin
    It cost more for me to extend rental a day than to turn in this car and rent a new one by like $30. That’s just silly.
  • Flawed 2/5

    By Ted Barnett
    Can’t change drivers license info (scan the barcode like every other modern app?).
  • Simple 5/5

    By VxXRcKz
    Avis app is easy to use.
  • Getting access to my profile without my consent. 1/5

    By warning you 2022
    Counter agent added an optional insurance without my consent, she did access from her computer. This happened at the Miami Avis for Uber drivers. Uber drivers be aware All other renters be aware your information in not at a safe place.
  • Why can’t I get car space number. Line very long at booth. Unacceptable. 1/5

    By Ivancooper
  • Car rental 5/5

    By g berner
    App works wonderful. Changed my drop off date in seconds
  • This app doesn’t work 1/5

    By Zany Zanne
    I’m standing in line because the app never works. Fix it
  • Never answers the telephone in Stamford CT and more issues. 1/5

    By Matty’s 27"
    Between July 1 and July 7, my Avis rental car (Uber) program was not documented as being registered in Florida (I drive and rent in Connecticut from Avis for Uber). Uber disconnected me from being able to drive because of this problem with Avis Florida registrations. One of the busiest weekends of the year and I lost at least $1000 - I spoke t a fellow Uber driver who made over $3000 that week alone. When I tried to call Avis Stamford (and even today on this date) the telephone is left to ring sometimes 20 times before being told that the mobile customer can not answer the phone. When I try to text this number a generated reply comes on saying that this is a landline and I’m unable to send it text. I tried calling Avis corporate and was told that only the Stamford office can handle the issue. I live 2 hours away near Rhode Island… Stamford is near the NY state border! When someone does answer the phone it is a curt response as if I am bothering them! If I didn’t have to rent from them I wouldn’t. I am 100% dissatisfied with their customer service all the way up to the corporate ladder when I spoke with the Uber-Avis representative who was also rude. I’m over renting from them.
  • Poorly written 2/5

    By shalombringer
    Not sure who got paid to design the app but when you change personal info 3 times (and confirmation of save each time) and it doesn’t change on the account, you have a worthless product.
  • Upgrade not wanted 2/5

    By ughhhhx5
    App would not let me keep the car I reserved. It kept pushing me to upgrade. Only way to confirm car was to upgrade car that I did not want. I wanted to rent a Prius to try out the car. I now have a Honda.
  • Grateful 5/5

    By Zaxk Xavier Voelten
    Got in early, Norfolk Avis Preferred desk was professional and provided me with a nice car hours before I was supposed to arrive. Excellent customer service this Morning at Norfolk Intl
  • Help is not good 3/5

    By jim ed and helen
    When calling for services, I go through the options, get to one that seems to work, get placed on hold, and after a couple of minutes the hold hangs up on me. Has happened at least twice in the last few months.
  • Misrepresented rental 1/5

    By korinabill
    I am currently renting an suv from Avis and I noticed the gas tank was not full when I picked up the vehicle. The individual I spoke to in the phone was lazy, incompetent and rude. All he did was transfer me to customer service, knowing it is closed. That is incredibly lazy I will NOT refill the gas tank on this vehicle prior to returning it. I demand a resolution to this problem ASAP
  • Glitchy checkout 1/5

    By Tovarishrob
    Always freezes asking for country code… can’t make reservations with the app.
  • Rather useless if you have an issue with your car 1/5

    By Night79
    I am in France, have no ability to address and issue with my car, no phone number to call via the app (they only list US numbers) AND no way to get in touch with anyone via chat. Imagine if this were a real emergency, what would I do?
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By BruceHAnderson
    Generally OK, but this QR code thing has not been seamless at all. And when you call to get help, for anything, they recognize my number and you would think they would pull up the existing or upcoming reservation also. No such luck.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By sjbiss
    App is as bad as the service Avis provides
  • Line at preferred 1/5

    By ISObirdies
    Not quick enough
  • Can’t choose different pickup and dropoff in app 2/5

    By 89sideupsunny
    Can’t use app if pick up is different from drop off location. Frustrating!
  • Reservations wizard 4/5

    By terblt
  • Fix your app 1/5

    By Rique Correa
    Absolutely terrible app with a series of bugs, random crashes, idiotic logic that requires you to call their customer support for the smallest of things. I loath using Avis but have to for work.
  • The website does everything, the app? Not so much. 1/5

    By Yodi2
    Want to update your address? The app adds an erroneous second line based on your second address. Want to update your driver’s license? Have to do it on the web. Want to use the app’s ‘navigate’ button to get to the Avis location you’re renting from? It takes you to a defunct Sears store with barred doors in the middle of a thunderstorm. Want to call the location to figure out where it ACTUALLY is since the app clearly is out of date? Phone number in the app redirects you to a general customer care line. So…why do I have this app on my phone again?
  • Wow! 1/5

    By x hi I we do B CD f
    Never seen worse customer service! Been “disconnected “ multiple times and on hold for over 20 minutes. Every time a person answers they need to transfer me to another department. Avis preferred is a absolute joke!
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Hhfjficjenfn
    This app never works properly. Now that they updated everything I can see the cars available but I cannot select any of them. After timing out the error message says I need to call for assistance. Not sure what the purpose of the app is if you just end up having to call anyway. I am constantly disappointed with the Avis technologies. From the broken app and blank message board to gate agents recording into by hand due to system outages. I constantly spend 45+ minutes getting a car wherever I go.
  • 60 minutes and no bus at LAX 1/5

    By sam3560
    Lousy service…never AVIS again
  • Ughhhhh - almost awesome 1/5

    By memphisdad1972
    Clearly they use this app to do a lot of good things - but they definitely use this app to upsell you by forcing you to pick a car you didn’t reserve or pay for an upgrade. They do offer things nothing like what you asked for - I reserved a sports car and was offered several mini vans (some complementary upgrades and some for more money), some pick up trucks and stuff Ben a suburban if I was willing to pay 80 bucks more per day.
  • ORD terrible experience 1/5

    By fskiddle
    Not only does app keep loosing my reservation, trying to get an Avis car from ORD is not worth the effort. Go with another rental car company
  • Failed to return the car using the app 1/5

    By tabbady
    Arrived outside working hours and the app failed to return and kept asking to refresh gps
  • False advertisement 1/5

    By Csiakam317
    It said on my website that I’m due for a free upgrade but you really can’t used the upgrade, the employee told me it’s a lie basically. Very disappointed!!
  • Two facto authentication issue 2/5

    By Hilton sacked
    Need to allow email vs a lost phone.
  • Doesn’t work most of the time 1/5

    By CMOreviewer
    This app’s primary feature is it doesn’t work. Besides making reservations, it’s pretty much useless. Pick up your car? Sorry, “Unable” to do that. Return your car? Sorry, “Unable” to do that. If you’re going to run your company with virtually zero staff, then your app needs to actually work.
  • Car never available 1/5

    By 3dukes
    The app always tells me they have a car ready but then when I approve the car, it is no longer available. Then the app is stuck with no where to go.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By "Preferred"
    Been a “Preferred” member for years, and received nothing but horrible service and high rates. What are the advantages of being “Preferred” ? I’ve spent over $10,000 renting vehicles with Avis in the last 2/3 years and haven’t even got a free rental day
  • Never works 1/5

    By Brettly24
    Said I could upgrade didn’t work, said I precheckin didn’t work… not happy
  • Points 1/5

    By 12!:83!3)
    Why I am not accumulating points?
  • I signed up for this app but now!!! 1/5

    By CRBinsoCAL
    Yes I signed up for this app but now when I try to use it and the discounts it doesn’t remember me or have any info on me or my discounts!!!
  • Worst App Ever 1/5

    By Wasp (North Texas)
    Absolutely useless!
  • Worthless 1/5

    By Longtime Avis preferred
    My title says enough
  • Almost useless 1/5

    By lake bluff john
    I enter my confirmation number and it finds my reservation; great. Come back a few mins later and have to enter it again. And then again later. Why can’t it save it? And recognize me? I have an Avis account.
  • Pick your car NEVER works 1/5

    By i hate avis
    I have never had a car assigned to me via the app. I only use Avis because work forces me to.
  • Throw it away and start over 1/5

    By GeniD325
    This is the most user-friendly and inconsistent app I have used in a while. The UI is shotty and unpredictable. They need an overhaul of this app and hire a company that knows what they are doing for service apps. This is not it. The experience with the company outside the app has been great; they are my go-to rental place. I want to add that the website is equally problematic. Tech is clearly not their jam.
  • App set up 1/5

    By Ranchorbison
    Was unable to set up app could not find any technical support all names taken
  • App Never Works 1/5

    By ABC45D
    App absolutely never works. Can’t select a car. Always have to go to the desk. Even the employees say the app doesn’t work.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Slippy23
    Absolutely horrible. If I ran my business like you I wouldn’t be in business. Every week I get a car with an engine light service required; low tire pressure, etc and always a piece of junk that’s been run through the blender. Cars not available so wait in line. And I’m supposedly “preferred”. That’s a joke. You guys are terrible and if it was up to me my company would not rent from you. I thought Hertz was bad but would welcome them back in a heartbeat.
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By ehxyxhecrcshxvege
    Never have I gotten the app to work.
  • Terrible service 1/5

    By Phonebreaker619
    I have multiple names and I’m unable change them in person at a counter, over the phone, or on the app. If m names don’t match in my account, I’m not even able to cancel a reservation or edit it. It’s very frustrating and I strongly suggest people go to hertz. Their customer service is way better and they actually make you feel like they want your business. I’m very disappointed in Avis and the long wait times of over 40 minutes just to inform me they can’t help and that I need to send an email to change my information even though I’ve been with Avis as a loyal customer for over 10 years. Very disappointed and will most likely only use Avis as a last resort. If you have multiple names, Avis is a difficult car rental place to rent from. Be sure all your information is correct.
  • No car at L01 2/5

    By gdygugyhf
    so much for Preferred and Express Pass..
  • Doesn’t save you any time 1/5

    By pissd007
    Been waiting at Vegas rental center for over an hour. I assume that I will be waiting at least 45 more minutes. Downloaded the app because it said “skip the line”. There is no such option
  • 👌🏽 4/5

    By smoove32
    The app is great for the most part however when I try to return the rental thru the app it never works, which is my biggest issue