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  • Current Version: 4.0.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Baker & Taylor
  • Compatibility: Android
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Axis 360 App

Axis 360 gives library and school users the ability to search, browse and discover ebooks and/or digital audiobooks available for lending through their public library or school with ease. Designed to provide a mobile experience for users of the Axis 360 digital media library, the Axis 360 app lets you sync with your local library or school’s digital collection, allowing you to check out materials in a user interface optimized for your device. The free app allows you to browse, check out and read ebooks or listen to audiobooks in a single app. Axis 360 is a service from Baker & Taylor, the premier distributor of books and entertainment products.

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Axis 360 app reviews

  • New version is so buggy and slow 1/5

    By Sarlafrock
    Did you even test it? In 2 minutes if attempted use I’ve found like 12 vital problems. 😖
  • Updated version is full of bugs. 1/5

    By Veasnalkj
    I hate to leave a terrible review but in this case it's warranted. I've been using the app for some time now and have appreciated it. This current version is unusable. I've tried it on an older iPad and on an iPhone XR. I have to keep restarting the app to even get a book to load. Navigation is buggy--sometimes the page turns, but sometimes the whole page just moves on the screen. Getting the menu to show up is a crap shoot. I had to try eight times to just get a book to open and had to restart the app several times in the process. Sometimes the pages just won't turn. Other times I get an error saying the content is unloadable. Performance is also very much slower than the previous version, taking several seconds to turn a page. I have been unable to find a way to contact support, either through the app or through the web site.
  • Worst app update of all time 1/5

    By Qasdfghjklyehbdichskd
    I’ve never written an app review, but this update was so bad I had to. The new UI for reading is almost unusable. You have no idea where you are in the book. It doesn’t use the whole screen. Getting the menu to appear is not intuitive. It’s not hard to build a good ereader. They’ve been around for a decade. Somehow, these guys have made the existing app substantially worse.
  • New format < old format 1/5

    By LM🦄
    The new format is more difficult to use and the pages take incredibly long to load. With the old format, flipping a page on screen perfectly mimicked flipping the page of a book; I’ve never had experience with this feature ever lagging. Also for some reason the text is very blurry in the new format. Another issue is that the text size changes every Overall, I would rather stop reading than use this app in its current state as it is very frustrating
  • Affecting battery 2/5

    By Cymrudenver
    Right now this APP is placing huge demands on battery literally 24% in a 45 minute use Additionally audio will drop for no apparent reason mid sentence and the only way to restart audio is to close the app and restart the app will not recall where you were I the book and restarts the chapter Frustrating I have updated the app which promised to address some of these issues but have still encountered the issue
  • Crashing + numerous bugs and usability issues 1/5

    By seafoamgreenery
    This last update — what a mess. I appreciate the inventory that my local library carries through Axis, but this app already had the worst UI of any iOS app I use, and this update made it even worse: • Crashes the entire app 50% of the time when clicking the “Read Now” button for a given book. Another 25% of the time I’ll get a “Loading” indicator that then cancels itself out. • Advancing pages is now maddeningly hard. Content isn’t locked to either axis, so scrolling and pinching is enabled possible, overriding most of your attempts to go forward or backward. • Totally unclear how to adjust reading settings. Controls appear for a hot second when a book loads, but I can’t make it re-appear. • A double-tap seems to trigger a “close” action. C’mon, double-tap? Really? That’s nowhere in Apple’s interface guidelines, and totally undiscoverable. • Every transition between views (browse, read, etc) triggers a loading indicator. That’s not how navigation is supposed to work. Nothing appears to be cached, ever. There’s no lack of established patterns to draw from here, say from Kindle, Libby, or other e-reader apps. Please fix the bugs, and adopt some industry conventions here. Right now the app is (truly) unusable.
  • Latest update July 2019 1/5

    By Bookywmn
    This update is a mess. Page numbers gone. Preferences have to be reset with opening the same book. I had to download my book again and my bookmarks were gone and with the page numbers no longer showing had to try and find my place. Exasperating to read and a struggle. Not pleasurable at all. Page turning with arrows only cumbersome. No choice in width of margins. All changes are gone with opening same book again. All the update changes are a mess. Reading no longer a pleasure but a hassle.
  • Used to be great 1/5

    By Postlady7
    I used to love this app but the latest update is very buggy. It takes multiple taps to download and even open the ebook. Once it is open, turning from page to page is extremely choppy. I find I don't even want to read the book because it's so annoying. I wish my library would change providers. I may need to find another library if it doesn't improve!
  • Update 1/5

    By Jakdock
    This latest update is horrible. Text size changes itself when switching from landscape to portrait. Manually adjusting the size of text does not save correct location in book. Ridiculously large margins at sides and top of screen. Thumb drag no longer advances the page. I’ve only been using it for a day and I quite positive I’ll find more! Very disappointing.
  • Font size keeps changing 2/5

    By AutoCat1983
    Very tired for the changing font size. Every new chapter, it changes. Every time I open the app, it changes. Every time I change the way I hold my phone, it changes. The only reason I use this app is because my library uses it. I have four different apps for different libraries. This is the worst one I have to use.
  • Update Bugs! 2/5

    By albrown97
    The update seems to have a lot of bugs. The size of the font changes randomly, pages are hard to turn and I often end up on the wrong page, the double tap to change the font style doesn’t work, and the header doesn’t always go away.... I appreciate the effort but am eager for the fixes!
  • The newest update has ruined this app 1/5

    By Jmkboyer
    I had no problem with the fact it was one of the better online library apps that I’ve used. This newest update however has made the interface almost impossible to manage. It is glitchy and doesn’t like to open books. It is hard to change any of the settings. I’m so sad and frustrated with it.
  • If there were 0 stars I’d give that 1/5

    By kjaminkc
    Books don’t play correctly. One chapter at a time. Then go back to the beginning of that chapter. Have to shut down and restart to get the next chapter to play. Waste of time.
  • Was this tested on iPhone X? 2/5

    By Letmal
    Previous version only used 85% of the screen, so I thought an update would improve that experience. Not so, as the black bars on top and bottom, plus large persistent headers mean that reading space is down to 60-70%. The typeface is huge, with no settings in sight. The swipe interactions are also less responsive than expected, making it difficult to tap through pages. These are basic interaction problems to get right. More attention to UX would help tremendously. Raise your bar for launches.
  • Dangerous app 1/5

    By Titian531
    I went to the library. They redone loaded app. Because it was working so poorly. It will download completely. And even when it does download completely, the speeds change on it on it on their own. I live an area without any kind of good Internet, so I need this to work for me I can’t use cellular in between. It’s dangerous when I have to fiddle with the app when I’m driving. My Audible app doesn’t do this. Please fix it. I am a senior and I can’t afford to buy those other books. I pay taxes so that I can get things from the library. Your competition is way better.
  • So Many Bugs 2/5

    By Flutterby2
    This app is terrible. It takes a ridiculously long time to load audiobooks, and is constantly freezing. When it freezes it loses my place.
  • Bring back the old v 1/5

    By Acd20
    Used to love this app for accessing library books. Now nothing works, it’s clunky, keeps crashing & needing to download every page. So disappointed!
  • Quit messing 1/5

    By 12345645678
    With stuff! Don’t need weekly change just to keep programmers employed! This is terrible now!
  • Used to be good but update is horrible 1/5

    By Bria16
    I don’t understand how this version got approved. Not one change is good. This is such a miserable experience that I’m not going to use this app after I finish this one book. Issues: “Settings” is full screen so you can’t see the font size in real time when you change it. Why is the title giant on every page? I haven’t forgotten what book I’m reading. The full justification of the text is a disaster. That styling is intended for publications or wider screens. Offer left justification. Fonts revert to giant every time I’m on a new chapter. It’s not intuitive what movements cause all these changes back and forth between giant and tiny text, or accidentally zooming in a microscopic amount and then you can’t advance pages properly. Was this tested on a single human being before released?
  • Love this app 5/5

    By ReaderInTheOP
    Digital books I can browse at home, check out from my library, and listen to during my commute... what’s not to love? Yes, I get the occasional glitch where it may start to repeat a chapter, but that does not happen often. I love this app. I use it almost daily.
  • This update messed everything up 1/5

    By Danica98
    This new update is horrible. It has a lot of bugs which I can deal with and work around. The biggest issue is that my book won’t download on my iPad without me deregistering my iPhone. I like to read on my iPad usually, but when I’m in public or in class I use my phone to read.
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By Waynesl
    This is bad. It worked relatively well until a few days ago, but with some glitches. Now I can't even access the app. On two separate iPads we get error messages thar say "No internet access" when we do in fact have Internet access. Also we get a message that says "cannot connect to server". Our library uses this app. Fix It. The July 9 update has basic functionally problems. There are times when you can't even turn to the next page. The app seems to freeze up. I would take the previous version of the Axis 360 app any day. At least it works.
  • playback gets stuck 2/5

    By robinmarisco
    update didn’t fix the recurring playback problem. the books get stuck and won’t restart until app is closed and reopened.
  • Abysmal 1/5

    Easily the worst reading experience on a tablet. I’ve been reading a book I checked out from my public library. Came back to it after 3 days (in the interim an update downloaded). Now my place is lost. And worse, the book won’t even open. I won’t bother with this app unless I know I’ll finish the book in one sitting.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By surband
    Very convenient to be able to take my books and audio books with me wherever I go!
  • No landscape options 1/5

    By Denver mom of two
    I hate this app and will not be able to read many of the books through my library now. It’s just not comfortable to use and doesn’t allow for landscape reading. I will be complaining to my library, but I doubt it will do any good.

    By pecanjoenz
    This is an awesome app. If you can find the book you want, this app is the way to read/listen to it.
  • What a great app! 5/5

    By angela zaha
    No issues whatsoever, great app
  • So far, so good 5/5

    By Hairspraywow
    I’ve been an Amazon Kindle junkie for a few years reading the free books with the membership. Needless to say, i wanted to read a series that wasn’t available for free, so someone suggested using Axis 360 for my library! Needless to say, I read that entire series for free and am now working on new books from some of my favorite popular authors. So glad I found this app.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Insert Nickname Here-
    I love this app! I can connect it to my Hclpc account and get my books from there on here. And some of my books only go on this app, so it’s great.
  • Audio voice 3/5

    By cren0
    The audiobook doesn’t read the last page of chapter.
  • Bookmarks are useless 3/5

    By AngelineMarieArt
    Bookmark a page and hope to return to it next opening of app? Won’t happen, ever. Constantly syncing but never holds last bookmark. Trying to trick it by bookmarking pages in sequence doesn’t help. Most of the time, I have to page turn to my last place. Super annoying
  • Awesome👍👍👍 5/5

    By Counter24680
    This app change my reading experience!! Download ebooks is expeditious and the navigation of this app is user friendly for novice like me. I highly recommend this app.😊😊😊 However, as I find and utilize the audio feature, when available on an ebook, beware that EVERY END OF THE CHAPTERS, one must read visually because it will not be audio read entirely. Most often, only a few lines are audio read, then moves on to the next chapter. You will miss some pertinent parts of the ebook. Hopefully, this will be rectified. Overall for someone who is not visually impaired, I find this app is wonderful.
  • Bookmarks Don’t Work 3/5

    By rodgerly
    Completely frustrated. I bookmark the page and the next time I open the digital book, my place is lost. I have to write down the page number before leaving so I can find my place again. Once I’m done reading the current book I’m looking for a better app.
  • Great selection 5/5

    By mamajchol
    I have paid for audible for years. I recently realized I can listen to most of the books on my wishlist for free through our local library. It’s easy to use and is a great resource to the community. I have several kids with reading difficulties and it’s great that they can listen to books that they might otherwise have a hard time reading.
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By applecustomer1234xyz
    Try to do a search, all I get is a spinning wheel. Can’t believe my county wastes money on this non-working app. I’m going to write them and request they no longer pay for it. What a waste of taxpayer dollars.
  • Good app but needs an update 2/5

    By bronak7
    The app does not use full screen of iphone xR and newer. The app needs an update soon
  • Fabulous app! 5/5

    By hausfraumiller
    This app makes it easier to download eBooks and audiobooks than it is using the apps on my public library ‘s site. It is fast, allows you to checkout many, many more items, and the downloads are quick.
  • Easier than going to the library 3/5

    By Nette1960
    I do enjoy being able to browse for books from the comfort of my home but I wish they would fix the book synopses. And make it possible to return a book when I'm done with it rather than have it sit in my queue until it expires.
  • Audiobooks 3/5

    By bmmhegc,hrege deh
    I love to listen to book on my device but the audiobooks do not work and there are 1,000 of easy glitches to fix.
  • 👌🏻 1/5

    By officially.nikki
    I love axis360!! Im doing summer reading assignments and the audio books are making it so much funnier to read!I also love how the book that i needed wasn’t in my library but it was on here and i checked it out for free!!I rate it 4.9
  • Fellow developer 3/5

    By another iOS developer
    You shouldn’t put the request to rate the app in the UIAlertController but use the cocoa class for that—I’m not sure but I think it’s UIStoreController or something like that. Other than that, nice collection view.
  • Sync issues 1/5

    By kgerlka86
    This app was great at first . Now the syncing feature is not working and does not “syncs” to the last read page
  • Great app but could be improved. 4/5

    By Jadednrestless
    App suddenly crashes from time to time.
  • The app is not maintained and is pretty terrible 2/5

    By Nathan Waddell
    How libraries are allowing this to happen is alarming. This app fails to work over and over again, but my library keeps pushing everyone to use it. The app hasn’t been updated in over a year, and the UI is from 2010. It’s sad, really.
  • JP 4/5

    By PJ 747
    I’ve started using Axis 360 on my iPhone and it works great. Thanks!!!
  • Garbage 1/5

    By SNS-CA
    without a doubt, one of the worst if not the worst app for borrowing books. extremely limited in that it will only do one library at a time. fails to download or is horribly slow in the best of conditions. always syncing. horrible. needs a ton of work.
  • So far so good 4/5

    By &579*&$4
    I don’t think the search is very good on this app either, That said, I go to the regular Olathe library site and search by title author and have great search there. I can still check out, and it goes to my 360 site anyway, so that is fine with me. I have checked out books that are read by someone and listen only. I have also checked out e-books and it syncs between the book and a computer reading if I choose. It is also A follow the bouncing ball type that hi lights the word it’s saying which is kind of nice. I use the app every day.
  • The good and the bad 3/5

    By EvergladesBear
    Easy to use. Good selection. Time allowed to enjoy book way too short. I did not see a way to extend time. Should allow at least one extension.

Axis 360 app comments

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