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Tap for tickets to see the artists and teams you love. With the AXS app, you can find great events near you, buy 100% official tickets, sell your seats if you can’t go, and more. It’s all a fan needs, all in one app. BUY THE PERFECT TICKETS Front row or on the aisle? Pick your exact seats on interactive maps, get more ticket options with AXS Official Resale, and go in style with AXS Premium or VIP offers. EASILY SELL YOUR TICKETS Plans can change. If you have seats from AXS but can’t make it, quickly list the tickets for sale from your account and reach tons of potential buyers. USE TICKETS WITH THE APP No paper required. Just pull up your tickets in the AXS app, get them scanned at the gate, and head into your event. TRANSFER TO FRIENDS It’s super easy. Stop hand-delivering tickets or waiting at the entrance for everyone to arrive – quickly transfer tickets to friends and meet them at your seats. DISCOVER GREAT EVENTS There’s so much to see. Find out when your faves are coming to town, check out what’s happening soon, and browse events by your interests – from basketball and rock to comedy and theater.

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AXS Tickets app reviews

  • App worked but now I’m getting tons of robo calls 2/5

    By possible privacy issues
    I installed and used this app yesterday, and today I’ve been hit with about 15 robo calls and voicemails. Emailing them to find out more about how my personal information is shared. No complaints about functionality yet, just very concerned with privacy.
  • Review 3/5

    By Nicknamesaredumb247
    I do like the app and ease of us. The one thing that bugs me to no end is having to select the games twice before it gives the option to Buy Tickets. This is redundant and incredibly frustrating. If this could be fixed, I would probably give five stars.
  • Sketchy spyware 1/5

    By odbol
    Every other ticketing outlet just sends me an email with the QR code for my ticket. But Axs forces you to download their app so they can spy on your location and your Bluetooth devices. Get into your concert then delete this sketchy spyware app ASAP.
  • Extremely Convenient 5/5

    By veggiehotpocket
    Love having my ticket safe and sound after purchase.
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By Robert Boothby
    Clearly not meant to make selling my unused tickets easy or perhaps even possible. Hate the app and resent that they moved to it. Making me think about not renewing the season tickets we have been buying since 2006.
  • UK customer service number does not work 1/5

    By big email user
    I have called the UK customer service line several times and get disconnected due to “heavy call volume”
  • Transferred tickets are not received 1/5

    By Hippo Green
    Unfortunately the only thing I wanted the app for was to receive tickets that has been transferred to me - but they never came through despite multiple attempts to transfer. Support ticket #2609903 raised.
  • Reliable and easy 5/5

    By amarie81
    After some hesitation of some negative reviews, I took the chance of going through AXS. The event I procrastinated getting for was sold out through the main distributor. Other sites were selling at 3 times the value!! I got my tickets at awesome face value with AXS. After seconds of ordering, they were both on my registered app. We got in easily with the e-barcode on my phone. My daughter and I had a blast last night at concert. Not sure why other people had issues but seems like have fixed the glitches. We will for sure use AXS again.
  • Rubbish site 1/5

    By Gavbo44
    Resale tickets on site is rubbish, click and says cant pay with credit card or just wont work!
  • Worst app I have used in a long time 1/5

    By jeremykallman
    Website kept breaking so decided to try the app. But the app is based on the website so just as bad but now safari auto fill doesn’t work and back button made me start the whole thing over including the captcha. I haven’t had to do a captcha in any other app and in this one I had to do it twice!! I think the 5 star reviews are paid for...
  • Whyyyyyy 2/5

    By Billbill_tee
    Why must I download an app to use tickets I paid for? I hate having unnecessary apps on my phone because they take up space and information, and this is no exception. I figured I could download, screenshot my tickets, and then delete... nope! You can’t screenshot your tickets so I’ll have to keep the app that I don’t want until after the event. What happens if a friend needs their ticket? Or someone has to leave and come back? Such an annoying process.
  • Poor service 1/5

    By Jennbg16
    Never received confirmation even after my credit card was charged. Customer support never responded to my inquiry.
  • Not showing up in account 1/5

    By Gjpmgt
    I have been unsuccessful 3xs with tickets transferred to me. I receive an email that I have been transferred tix. But then when I look for them they are never their. I have to go to the box office to resolve each time. Glenn phone 7023551915
  • Great work 5/5

    By 23jordanboy2
    Great way to get my tickets Scan faster
  • Last minute changes still no refund 1/5

    By Fckufcebook
    Concert time and location was changed last minute resulting me in completely missing the event due to work. I reached out to AXS about the situation and I received a “no refunds” message.
  • Havent been paid 1/5

    By eydieleigh
    I sold my tickets and still have not received tge money!
  • Does not support Apple wallet 1/5

    By Hakdgwifh
    It’s almost 2020 for got sake. Add Apple wallet integration to your app. I wanted to share an NBA ticket with my dad (he is getting to the game a little late) and I can’t because you want everybody to register to your app to be able to see a ticket. Meaningful registrations from users that want to use your app are very different than just registrations. Forcing people to register to your app will not turn them into clients out of nowhere.
  • Broken, Garbage App 1/5

    By DunkSauceRecords
    Won’t accept any of my credit cards, doesn’t matter if it’s visa or mastercard or american express, all of my info is correct. I even called my banks and they said it was fine on their ends. AXS is a bunch of lazy jerk offs that refuse to fix their broken trash website and app. Why ANY concert venue decides to use these morons is beyond me.
  • Ok not great 1/5

    By rwd4633
    The way Staples Center handled online tix before was so much better. Not even close. Using AXS now a total PITA and much more time consuming. I’m not a fan. And why must I have a nickname for this review. All I’ve tried are already taken. Another PITA. TRULY NOT A FAN.
  • Great with issues 3/5

    By Nexsight
    Love using the app but every so often the app crashes and I have to wait for the time out which can cost me a seat if I’m not quick enough. Or worse there are times where it won’t let me buy 1 or 2 tickets. So I’ll have to buy all 3, then sell or return the extras just cuz the app isn’t playing nice. Fix that ASAP plz. But other than that, works great as intended.
  • End to end BS 1/5

    By Mxmstrh
    This app is totally unnecessary. It does nothing that simplify emailing mobile tickets or a pdf with a QR code would handle more efficiently. Unfortunately if you buy tickets through this company’s website, you have to download this app to use them
  • Worst idea ever! 1/5

    By Needs messenger!
    How dare a company force you to download an app just to see a show you PAID to see. They don’t even let you take a screen shot of your ticket. So if your internet is spotty when you get to the show: good luck! If I could give this negative stars I would. I hope I never want to see a show AXS is doing again.
  • Terrible user experience 1/5

    By InsiderPart3
    I tried logging in with my Facebooks account and it was blocked. I tried logging in wirh my email and it won’t work. This app’s user experience is the absolute worst nightmare. I cannot imagine what would have happened if I had done this just before the concert.
  • Don’t push me to download an app 1/5

    By Sevgi cicis
    I can very well get a ticket and put it in my digital wallet and being pushed to download an app so that I can get in to the event I already paid for and paid $12 extra as a service fee is annoying af. Why am I paying a service fee if you are making me do extra work? Ugh.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By Coolio is king
    Can’t order tickets emailed them multiple times and app will not let me purchase tickets. Guess I can’t see any artist that uses AXS.
  • Do not I repeat do not use this company 1/5

    By ieatmap
    I purchased a ticket which I never received, and spent an whole week arguing with there garbage customer support trying to get my ticket. I am now 2 hour out from a concert that I sadly never received my ticket for. Save yourself the headache and get a ticket LITERALLY anywhere else.
  • Concert Fail 1/5

    By Random reviewer.
    Last time I used this app for a concert in Las Vegas we arrived at the gate and the QR code failed to populate. The seat numbers were present but not the QR required to get in. I spoke to the supervisor on site for AXS and they said they were aware of the problem!!! Then fix it!
  • Help 1/5

    By Axsisterrible
    Where is my My money from my sold ticket!!!!
  • Junk 1/5

    By shouldntdothat
    Was forced to use this app, where as other ticket buying platforms allow me to add tickets to my wallet, this does not. After purchasing ticket I get an email telling me to download app and create an account. On the day of the event I checked and my ticket was there, but when I arrived at the venue it disappeared. I was not the only one this happened to I heard several others talking to security asking if they could help. After some fiddling about I logged out and back in and it solved that issue. I spread the love with others in line and disaster averted . When I talked to the lady at will call window she said it happened all the time. Worst ticket app ever. Next time I’ll pick up at will call
  • Mickey Mouse Operation 1/5

    By Malodoc
    Bought tickets on StubHub. Then the extra step of downloading and signing up for AXS (guess needed another mouth to feed on $25/ticket fee). The tickets disappeared off app. No answer from customer service after 45 minutes. Guy at box office says “ Log out of app and log back in, this happens all the time”. Avoid tix from AXS at all costs.
  • WORST ticket service system on the market 1/5

    Honestly, this has to be the reason I am going to lose so much money on my clippers tickets. The frustration of having no buyers and only sellers on the app has to be the dumbest method of selling tickets I think I have ever seen. Want to transfer your tickets to be able to sell them? First you’ll make an extra email as sending the tickets to the email signed into the AXS doesn’t work and even sending to other emails FORCES YOU TO DOWNLOAD THE APP JUST SO YOU CAN VIEW THEM. Btw this doesn’t let you sell them somewhere else you just get access to the tickets from the app. PLEASE IF YOU READ THE REVIEWS FIND ANOTHER APP TO BUY YOUR TICKETS THIS APP IS HORRIBLY DESIGNED AND IS THE MOST UN ADVANCED APP IN THE MARKET DUE TO ITS HORRIBLE USER INTERFACE AND HAS NO WAY OF MOVING TICKETS TO DIFFERENT WEBSITES. This is the first review I have written and it pisses me off to see laziness and stupidity honestly when apps are made and this one really takes the cake. I wanted to give 0 stars but that option isn’t available.
  • :) 1/5

    By welp12768904561
    Reselling MCR tickets for 10x their original cost screams a solid company, really.
  • Worst ticket app 1/5

    By E.sti
    This is the worst ticket app I went to buy my tickets and spent 46 dollars and never received my ticket! This app is a scam do not ever buy from it
  • Please add “add to apple wallet” function 3/5

    By C. Shen
    The user interface is already below average, then they dont have the add tickets to apple wallet function. Like come on, hire a better programming team please?
  • Scam-Horrible Customer Service 1/5

    By Boxing 1
    Release all of the seats at once and let the customer pick which seats they want instead of selectively offering a few seats at a time. Also, show an accurate map with seat numbers.
  • Changing Prices 1/5

    By Penny 2002
    This APP says no transfer of the tickets to limit scalpers raising prices. But this is exactly what they do! Prices change like crazy. Base rate $150 but I was able to buy tickets from $929 each up to $3500 ! What a joke!
  • Black hole. 1/5

    By shhokfe egg h
    That’s where my tickets must be.
  • Do better 1/5

    By nerdymom76
    Waited in “line” for 28 minutes for a show that sold out in 4 minutes. Really?? Fix your platform. People shouldn’t have to waste their time waiting...TELL THEM IT’S SOLD OUT. Unfair and a waste of time. If I didn’t have to buy tickets from AXS, I wouldn’t. Going to make future decisions on what concerts or events I go to based on where I have to buy the tickets. If it’s AXS, it a “hell no” from me...and my family. Spreading the word.
  • bots & scalpers 1/5

    By Gerard Iero-Way
    i went to purchase mcr tickets, and after waiting in line for well over an hour i was told tickets were sold out - which is fine and understandable, but i found out that 99% of the tickets were sold to bots and are now being sold for over a thousand dollars
  • Absolute Fail 1/5

    By Xxxd2oxxX
    Use this service if you like the following: - Not being able to see all ticket options until the moment of ticket release - Not being able to be there for the moment of ticket release because 10 minutes prior the app experiences “unknown error” and can no longer locate your event - Being totally screwed out of tickets - Installing and uninstalling apps - Giving up and going to ticket master like everyone else
  • Needing this app to access tickets is bologna 1/5

    By AXS has donkey brains
    It’s so stupid that AXS makes you download their stupid app to access their stupid tickets. I remember when tickets were available to download on Apple Wallet. It was so easy. No need to download another space-consuming stupid app. AXS already makes people pay up the donkey for “convenience” fees. I don’t want your stupid app. This is garbage
  • Not impressed 1/5

    By ghggghhhhjj
    Can’t find tickets I purchased. Unimpressed
  • Really? I have to download an app just to view my tickets? 1/5

    By pdfbruh
    Cmon man that’s ridiculous. Even spawn of satan (Ticketmaster) just sends you a PDF.
  • Review 5/5

    By Hell2u

    By richardthemadcustomer
    I bought a ticket to the Lakers v Grizzlies game on 10/29 but my ticket never arrived and I could find NO WAY of contacting anyone to help. I traveled 3500 miles only to not even get to see what I came to see. There’s no customer service line or chat, and when I called the actual AXS office in LA I was told they didn’t handle customer service and it could email support, when I did the email she gave came back unsendable. Thanks a lot AXS for ruining my trip.
  • No customer support 1/5

    By hhhhmmm2288
    On top of charging you very high fees for your tickets they offer no customer support what so ever. I wrote 3 weeks ago and I didn’t even get a response. Don’t download this app or buy tickets from them.
  • Unnecessary App 1/5

    By MustacheMike
    It’s incredibly dumb that I have to download an app because a buddy wanted to give me me his tickets.
  • Sold tickets 1/5

    By FF in Colorado
    So they want my bank account to give me my money back, I already used my credit card and they can just put it back?! No want all information and that’s not safe!!! Wow! Never again will I do this!!!
  • Deleted my tickets? 1/5

    By airrcatcherr
    So my mom bought me tickets to the bandito tour to see twenty one pilots, my all time favorite band. I was happy and excited. I logged into the app and saw the tickets. Later it logged me out and I logged right back in. Later my mom asked me to send her the tickets and so I went to the app and it logged me out again. I logged in and it said I had no purchased tickets and no events. I logged into the website and it still said the same thing. I don’t know if it had deleted my tickets or if it’s a glitch but I don’t know. I am very frustrated and very mad at the app because I was very happy and excited to see twenty one pilots. I am never and I mean NEVER going to buy from the app again until they fix this! I don’t know if the app just takes your money and deletes your tickets after or what but I’m very frustrated! My show is on Friday and I so wish I was able to go.

AXS Tickets app comments

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