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AXS Tickets App

Tap for tickets to see the artists and teams you love. With the AXS app, you can find great events near you, buy 100% official tickets, sell your seats if you can’t go, and more. It’s all a fan needs, all in one app. BUY THE PERFECT TICKETS Front row or on the aisle? Pick your exact seats on interactive maps, get more ticket options with AXS Official Resale, and go in style with AXS Premium or VIP offers. EASILY SELL YOUR TICKETS Plans can change. If you have seats from AXS but can’t make it, quickly list the tickets for sale from your account and reach tons of potential buyers. USE TICKETS WITH THE APP No paper required. Just pull up your tickets in the AXS app, get them scanned at the gate, and head into your event. TRANSFER TO FRIENDS It’s super easy. Stop hand-delivering tickets or waiting at the entrance for everyone to arrive – quickly transfer tickets to friends and meet them at your seats. DISCOVER GREAT EVENTS There’s so much to see. Find out when your faves are coming to town, check out what’s happening soon, and browse events by your interests – from basketball and rock to comedy and theater.

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AXS Tickets app reviews

  • User friendly 5/5

    By concerts4life
    Maybe I’m just silly but I can’t use the other sites. This one is just easy to use.
  • Concert Tix 5/5

    By Ron from Michigan
    Using the AXS services was a breeze and when I ran into a ticket downloading issue (which was my fault) they quickly corrected it over the phone and were super friendly. Great customer service!!! Ron From Michigan
  • Avoid this app at all costs! 1/5

    By Dianaaaaaaaäaaaaaaaaaa
    Every time I try to use AXS on mobile or on a computer, I have problems. The main one is that they make you log in a 2nd time to complete the purchase only to have the screen left buffering until your timed out. I tried for hours to get it to work and nothing. By the time I was able to call customer service, the ticket I wanted was gone. Another time it showed tickets were available but then suddenly it was showing sold out. Ended up having to go through StubHub.
  • Will not provide a ticket purchase confirmation 1/5

    By Disillusion Buyer
    I purchased four tickets for $1257.48 on 12 May 2019, and as of 20 May 2019, I have yet to receive a confirmation. They certainly took my money quick enough, but cannot be bothered to provide a simple email to provide purchase confirmation? What kind of business is this? Are they committing wire fraud? All I needed was a simple confirmation stating my purchase is recognized and the tickets are reserved. Shouldn’t be too hard but apparently it is beyond their capabilities. I will be going to the Denver area office for clarification.
  • Don’t use AXS 1/5

    By Toriii_Ray
    This app and company is AWFUL. They sent my ticket info to the wrong email. App doesn’t work EVER. Customer service is no help. Have yet to get my issues resolved and still no tickets that I HAVE ALREADY PAID FOR. Get it together.
  • Log in 1/5

    By tomzero12
    The app is great for getting into shows, but it logs out of the account and doesn’t remember the password. That’s a big problem if you’re walking into a show and can’t remember the password.
  • Love it 5/5

    By bläké
  • Worse than Ticketmaster 1/5

    By FJDuke
    I use both apps a lot. Not sure what value AXS delivers? On price, they gouge event goers as much as TM. Their technology is worse. Why do I have to sign in again when I’m already in my account to purchase a ticket? Why can’t the app remember my info? It’s been years this app keeps on underdelivering. In a duopoly, no choice for us but to fork over and bend over.
  • The new Ticketmaster 1/5

    By Noah Danger
    Remember in the 90s when Ticketmaster had a monopoly on event ticket sales? AXS is even more unscrupulous. AXS charges huge “convenience fees” and lock you into using their crappy app for digital tickets instead of sending your tickets to Apple Wallet.
  • Really needs support for Apple Wallet 1/5

    By lombax54
    Accessing tickets should be quick. Creating wallet passes is the easiest and simplest way to do that. I don’t want to have to go in to the app, wait to log in, find the ticket button, wait for it to load, find the brightness button and finally be able to scan my ticket.
  • Very Frustrating 1/5

    By DocRevolt
    Please get Apple Wallet support! I hate having to use multiple apps to manage my upcoming tickets. I really hate the interface too, and AXS really gouges on ticket prices, but this would be at least a three-star review if there was Apple Wallet support.
  • Needs more iOS integration features 2/5

    By chuyfiles
    Needs more iOS integration, like saving dates or creating events on the calendar app. Also signing in with Face ID or fingerprint ID.
  • Needs Work 3/5

    By WilliT
    ASX is functional, but lacks some basic features found in better quality ticketing apps. My biggest complaint is not being able to transfer my tickets into the iOS Wallet app, which is possible in every other ticketing app I’ve ever used. Apple provides very clear guidance on how this is done, so hopefully the developers will realize what a great benefit it would be.
  • Tentacles everywhere 1/5

    By Beddict
    The list of permissions that this app requires is astonishing. read your contacts approximate location (network-based) precise location (GPS and network-based) full network access prevent device from sleeping pair with Bluetooth devices ASX also claims that their app and its use of a QR code is”immune to "any number of things" that might afflict a PDF or screenshot of a vendor's unique QR code” and cannot point to examples of rampant QR code fraud at events, nor can they can they flatly declare that there are no such vulnerabilities in the wild. Beware of apps that ask for absurd permissions. Such as access to your contacts when you may be using the app to buy for only yourself.
  • App not working! 1/5

    By Camera Awesome #1 Fan
    Since the update a few days ago, the app is not working. I have an event coming up on Friday! I’m so frustrated.

    By mrcs
    How can a TICKETING APP *not* support APPLE WALLET and *not* be available on the APPLE WATCH? 😱
  • Mediocre. Others concerns don’t relate to iOS version 3/5

    By The Real Kman
    The reviews criticizing the privacy concerns all read articles regarding the Google Play version, which is riddled with excess permissions. Looking in Privacy under Settings with this app installed, the iOS version does not have access to contacts, the phone, messages, or anything other than location. It does not (at least for me) request anything outside of what Apple assigns by default. All that said, the app is OK. I very much dislike how it allows and encourages selling your tickets through the app. That defeats any attempt to stop scalpers. Just now they have to go trough the app (which I’m sure AXS gets a cut of) rather than hawking outside the venue.
  • Privacy Concerns 1/5

    By wtfzaiD
    A plethora of privacy concerns, especially when connecting with Blizzard app.
  • Already absolutely hate it 1/5

    By Smiles.n.Sunshine
    I have never had so much trouble downloading any one app than I have with this one. I have Touch ID enabled but was prompted for my password each time I tried. Each time, it failed to process despite my password being correct. Once downloaded, the landing page froze. Once I restarted the app, it was hard to navigate where my actual tickets were. Terrible, super basic user experience with only a few icons at the bottom of the screen. Once the tickets were found, I tried to screenshot the ticket (as most users would for safe keeping), but was prompted with a notification that said the code would refresh every 60 seconds for “security” reasons. To be honest, if I can board a plane with a QR code that I can screenshot, I don’t need my ticket to a music concert to have more security than that. Already skeptical of this app, it was even difficult to figure out how to sign out of the app. The app prompts you to give access: 1) while using the app, 2) never, and 3) always. Be sure to sign out of the app because it feels super dodgy already. Also, forcing people to download your app to access their tickets instead of just emailing it? Clearly, it’s a way to get higher conversion for your app but unfortunate I see no added value in having this app on my phone.
  • Terrible service 1/5

    By SFMusiclover1984
    I only downloaded this app out of necessity. I only want my tickets. I don’t need a bombardment of ads for shows or events that don’t interest me. The handling fee is worthy of Ticketmaster, half the price of the ticket! I called costumer service and after a 20min wait I was basically told this was my only option to get my tickets. I’d recommend that venues and promoters use a less confusing, less demanding, and more customer direct ticket sales system
  • Wants to take over your phone 1/5

    By Xaxxon44
    I’m his thing wants way too many permissions. Unacceptable. How do I refund my ticket?
  • They will sell your data 1/5

    By Fbcc
    Look online for articles on this app. They scrape so much personal info through the app and give/sell it to other companies. We should have more protections and not be forced to download the app to use our tickets
  • AXS list of data it sells to third party sellers includes credit card number 1/5

    By thisisareviewusername
    “first and last name, precise location (as determined by GPS, WiFi, and other means), how often the app is used, what content is viewed using the app, which ads are clicked, what purchases are made (and not made), a user’s personal advertising identifier, IP address, operating system, device make and model, billing address, credit card number, security code, mailing address, phone number,and email address, among many others--all are scraped by AXS, and can be sold to unrelated "partners."
  • Decent app. Apple wallet would be cool 3/5

    By Padres100
    Pretty basic ticketing app. Apple wallet compatibility would make it much better
  • Needs Apple Wallet support! 2/5

    By Hotoru
    This is another event ticketing app. The app itself is 3 stars (average). Allowed transfer of tickets with another and only crashed once during the process. I decided another star because. Transfer, purchase or acceptance requires you install app and sign up for an account. (Support for Apple wallet would be a welcome alternative) Of course, the app wants to track your location and send you notifications. I did not see a way to transfer tickets by printing. If you have a 5 tickets, they are scanned at door in an all or none fashion. So, if you have 2 in your party running late, your only choice is to wait for rest of part or go through the process of having them download, install app, sign up, and wait for email. Hopefully, they are not driving and have good signal. Now that they have my email I anticipate daily contact from them about what other events I can buy. Another password to remember.
  • No option to go back in process. 1/5

    By ShadowDragon013
    I signed up for the BlizzCon tickets and actually got in. But I picked the wrong option on the ticket page. There was only one button to go back and that kicked me out of the whole process and I lost the tickets. Their should be another button to go reselect and the app should warn you if you are leaving the queue and are losing the tickets you are holding.
  • no tickets? 1/5

    By victoria jiron
    i haven’t gotten my tickets yet, which i bought them months ago.. i followed the instructions on how to get them and nothing? i also tried to email AXS to find out where they went and no response? can someone pls help me..
  • Sold tix but haven’t received $$$ 1/5

    By Pablois1
    I sold a pair of tickets through the app 4 days ago and still haven’t received the money. There is no direct email or phone number to contact anyone. I never even received an mail that the tickets were sold with an order number or anything there was just a balance in my account to transfer and now nothing. Not only out the tickets to the concert but out of the money they resold them for.
  • Works! 5/5

    By ELMO2323232
    I’ve used this app many times and have always found it easy to use. Love the 3D seat view!

    By Dylan Garcia
    I cannot attend an event and this company claims to give step by step options to sell tickets. After trying to follow it. It claims i do not have tickets to this event and even though I BOUGHT THEM MYSELF. I even have a receipt and a screenshot of my tickets. This website is trash, actually i take that back. Trash is actually helpful and not useless. Buy from a different website people reading this. Ill take the L for trying resell tickets even though i cannot attend because of finals.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Mattey755
    Crashing on app and website. Horrible user experience.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By ToddandGordo
    This is probably the most difficulty I’ve ever had purchasing and transferring tickets. Terrible app and customer service. If you can avoid using AXS, I’d encourage you to do so.
  • It works. 5/5

    By Ninjamom04
    It works well for me. I never had a problem with AXSapp.
  • Concerts 1/5

    By musicmanns
    Terrible app
  • Best Ticket Service I’ve Used 5/5

    By Dgotfreds
    App makes it super easy to purchase tickets. And makes transferring tickets even easier <- honestly my favorite part about it.
  • Despicable 1/5

    By something4829
    Not only does AXS charge a ridiculous convenience fee of $10 per ticket, they force you to download their app in order to use said tickets. They also throw several spam offers at you after checkout. So brazen and disappointing. The app works but the principle is very upsetting.
  • Customer Service 1/5

    By tcshark417
    Having issues transferring tickets and have contacted customer service multiple times with no response and no help.
  • You guys playing 2/5

    By vdggrv
    I haven’t gotten my ticket, it’s taking to long
  • Tickets did not show 1/5

    By Sarrrrry
    Had to call the company and go to Will Call. Worthless app.
  • Worst place to buy tickets, horrible customer service 1/5

    By JayAppReviewer
    So angry that I decided to purchase my tickets with AXS. Should have went to Ticketmaster or any other ticket service provider. Terrible customer service. I never write reviews but this one deserved it. Would warn people from purchasing their tickets from this provider and through this app.
  • Fair!! 4/5

    By Vigor on
    It is fair and it keeps ticket options open for you, but I still haven’t found out how to sell my ticket!!
  • No response to emails 1/5

    By need my tickets
    Sent emails looking for my tickets no response it’s been weeks
  • Crashes when I tap on events 1/5

    By Jdjshsbwhsikebrhdbwv
    When I tap on an event in my search feed my app crashes.
  • Mikepatric 4/5

    By mikepatric
    Easy to use and convenient
  • For kpop lovers 5/5

    By @vivi
    All last 7 kpop concerts were possible Bc of^^
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Jake1233455677
    Easy to use
  • Def recommend 5/5

    By ykwhatitis
    Their customer service is super helpful and genuine!
  • Doesn’t always show available tickets 1/5

    By Bummed Out ATL
    Just bought tickets for way more and then magically non-resale tickets appeared for less!
  • Phone is incompatible with app 1/5

    By AllysonFletch
    I bought tickets and when I tried to download the app it’s telling me my phone is incompatible and I can’t download. Now what, if I can only access tickets from the app? I have a Samsung, but I’m borrowing my daughters iPhone just so I can leave this review, but I can’t take her phone with me to the concert. Would have helped to know an app was mandatory when choosing the digital option over will call, and there’s no option to convert once tickets are purchased. Ticketmaster will let you convert from digital to paper after the fact. I’m flying to another city to see this show, what are my options if since I can’t download the app, other than buying a new phone . . .

AXS Tickets app comments

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