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AXS Tickets App

Tap for tickets to see the artists and teams you love. With the AXS app, you can find great events near you, buy 100% official tickets, sell your seats if you can’t go, and more. It’s all a fan needs, all in one app. BUY THE PERFECT TICKETS Front row or on the aisle? Pick your exact seats on interactive maps, get more ticket options with AXS Official Resale, and go in style with AXS Premium or VIP offers. EASILY SELL YOUR TICKETS Plans can change. If you have seats from AXS but can’t make it, quickly list the tickets for sale from your account and reach tons of potential buyers. USE TICKETS WITH THE APP No paper required. Just pull up your tickets in the AXS app, get them scanned at the gate, and head into your event. TRANSFER TO FRIENDS It’s super easy. Stop hand-delivering tickets or waiting at the entrance for everyone to arrive – quickly transfer tickets to friends and meet them at your seats. DISCOVER GREAT EVENTS There’s so much to see. Find out when your faves are coming to town, check out what’s happening soon, and browse events by your interests – from basketball and rock to comedy and theater.

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AXS Tickets app reviews

  • Not a great app or website 2/5

    By kkay65
    I wish AXS app and website were user friendly, but they aren’t. I much prefer Ticketmaster, but unfortunately for many events, you’re forced to use AXS. An overhaul should be in order. It’s just weird and very unclear sometimes about what you’re buying.
  • Horrible app from a horrible business! 1/5

    By Tizzay in the Hizzay
    I am shocked that this app has such a high rating. AXS consistently doesn’t deliver when you need them most. Their queue system is broken for ticket releases, their application often logs you out unexpectedly and requires an active internet connection when arriving at the venue, buying resale tickets often doesn’t even work… I can’t wait for AXS to be swept out by the next player! And in case it needs some coaxing, I’m always collecting my poor experiences to pass along to the attorney general. I suggest you do the same :)
  • Crooks 1/5

    By Sethstreet
    These guys charge crazy fees!! Then after you purchase the tickets. You can’t create an account to get the tickets!!! I feel like they should be criminally charged!! BBB where are you???
  • An app should not be required for admission 1/5

    By main_man_bobby_b
    It’s absolutely ridiculous that they require users to download an app for admission to a concert. Even Ticketmaster isn’t that user hostile, you can at least use their mobile site. If a company respects their customers less than Ticketmaster you know it’s bad.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By ncr3
    This app is horrible. Not user friendly at all. It’s a nightmare to try and buy presale tickets. Won’t let you choose seats during presale. Will not reveal what it considers best seats available until checkout. The app caused me and hundreds of people to miss 30 minutes of a concert because it wasn’t working. Complete junk! Avoid at all cost. Unless it’s a bucket list performance that you absolutely have to see, wait for a non AXS venue.
  • Difficult to transfer tickets 1/5

    By TWT1950
    Very poor in her face when it comes to transferring tickets. I’ve been trying for over an hour and can’t seem to make it happen.
  • Garbage, data harvesting app 1/5

    By Emlarncee
    Hard to use, unnecessary. Just email the tickets, why do I have to have a stupid app that harvests my data? Oh that’s right, to harvest my data.
  • Scam 1/5

    By pouhhd
    The website was slow and said my transactions were not completed. I was charged for 18 tickets while trying to purchase 4 tickets. I called no answers, I emailed no reply. No customer service what so ever.
  • Worried 1/5

    By MKC101266
    Can’t get to my tickets. Also can’t reach anyone in customer service. :(
  • Easy peasy 5/5

    By theoneandonlydogg
    So easy and quick to get the app & receive the tickets. Thank you!
  • Worst app 🤮 1/5

    By Akheel2712
    Worst app 🤮🤮 Unable to book the tickets
  • Simple use 5/5

    By Shain805
    Simple use makes for a nice ticket purchase experience!
  • Hate having to do it electronically 1/5

    By Pandora has faded
    The extra fees, etc. not worth it!!
  • Can never find my tickets. 1/5

    By jenhowtid
    I hate AXS!
  • U S open tix 1/5

    By mitzi57
    they set a minimum floor level to sell practice round tix that's B S never buy tix here because they control your sell price
  • No tickets 1/5

    By tenu of anouilh
    Event is tomorrow. No tickets. Can’t get support help on app or on phone.
  • Bug in Create Account process 1/5

    By CLELKE22
    Currently impossible to make a new account on the app - it gives a weird error message about using special characters when typing in your email address. Had to get on the computer to finally make an account.
  • too much 1/5

    By anna.mabel
    the experience to download and use this app absolutely sucked. one star.
  • Can't access tickets 1/5

    By itachi420
    Purchased a last minute ticket for a concert Tonight, i keep trying to create an account to access my tickets but both the app and the website freeze or just say contact support, i've followed the articles posted and the instructions in them and still wont let me access my tickets, this is very frustrating since i already purchased the tickets and spent money and now i don't even know if i'll be able to access them in time for tonight's concert, Fix this please Both Create an account or Signing in wont work
  • Something is terribly wrong 1/5

    By Ladybug1462
    I created an account but can't login. It says to chat, but I'm 99 in line and never move up. I can login on MacBook but not on the app. Can't take the MacBook to the concert though! I tried emailing them, nothing. How can you expect people to use this to take tickets to a concert but you can't login. Can't change password. Useless!!
  • No email verification. Sent 1/5

    By HannahHa_00
    I can’t log in and when it says it’s sending me an email verification I never get one. I hope I can access my tickets.
  • Glitches screw me over every time 1/5

    By d---k
    The app has glitched out during check out multiple times, causing me to lose the tickets I had ready to check out. It’s pathetic.
  • Never again don’t use 1/5

    Terrible app !!!! no integration with online purchases, customer service non existent, would never use again . Will have to call credit card company and reverse charges for concert tickets. What app takes a week to populate tickets. Awful experience. Bad development, bad UI, bad operations
  • Selling tickets they are super slow pay 1/5

    By 151ring
    Keep checking to see if they have paid me for tickets sold over a month ago and they haven’t. Never again.
  • Insanely Bad 1/5

    By emilyfields
    Every time I’m forced to use this app I cringe. The UX is so bad — I have to sign in multiple times but it won’t accept inputs from a PW manager or saved addresses so I have to copy and paste and manually input info multiple times. After going through the flow to buy tickets I don’t see the tickets in the app bc I’m still not logged in. How is that even possible? Now I have to verify my email? And the tickets aren’t visible in my account? Seriously; this is table stakes ticketing for GA. Not even the hard stuff like reserved seating. Get it together.
  • Satisfied 5/5

    By Nicole131415
    It’s always nerve racking when using a 3rd party seller but I couldn’t be happier! UFC fight in Las Vegas baby!!! ❤️

    By .dlp
    Things that make you go hmmmmm….🤔….AmEx is NOT accepted for payment, however the bottom of payment page states: “AXS is proudly partnered with American Express”!
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By USA ozone
    Whoever designed this app, needs to use it to purchase Tickets. Got all the way through to putting my PayPal Account number in and password, then I have no idea what Happened. App says may take an 1 hour to go through Another part says 24 hours ??????
  • East and Effortless Ticket Resource 5/5

    By Cheryl C C
    Never complicated to navigate this nice ticket app. Super easy to purchase tickets and even much later retrace my purchase history and find my tickets with a simple click.
  • Did not produce ticket 1/5

    By issues with send
    I went to event and my tickets couldn’t be found with QR Code very disappointed ☹️
  • Haven’t seen my refund for cancelled show 1/5

    By EasyK132
    Show was cancelled and I received an email stating I would get my refund within 30 business days. It’s past the 30 and I can’t get ahold of anyone.
  • Glitches 2/5

    By William_561245
    After I submit my payment information the billing address page glitches and terminates the purchasing process. My assumption is that there is a bug. Nonetheless, it is quite frustrating that I am unable to buy tickets due to the faulty system. If anyone has any recommendations for apps that serve the same function as AXS, I would love to hear some suggestions.
  • Can’t Create Account 1/5

    By ASwitchTooFar
    App prevents me from creating an account because my email address a special character (.) in it.
  • This app makes you change your password almost monthly 1/5

    By app is horrible garbage
    This app is annoying. It forces you to change your password too often. If you only go to one of their concerts about once a month, it forces you to reset your password before every concert in order to access your tickets. It just locks you out of your account without warning or sending you a message saying, ‘hey change your password for security reasons’.
  • TERRIBLE 1/5

    By kitty carryall
    …that’s about it 👆🏻
  • Check Out/Payment Not Working 3/5

    In the past week, I’ve tried to purchase tickets several times. On wifi, not on wifi. With various payment types. None work. I deleted, then downloaded the latest version of the app, and still could not get the checkout to work. Also used web browser version - no luck.
  • Hot Mess 1/5

    By bobbyoragami
    I purchased tickets to a Vegas show 5 days ago. That afternoon I received an email the tickets were available on the AXS App. Ever since it has been a mess. I can’t set up an account, I can’t get virtual help other then generic automated responses, very frustrated. After tracking down a phone number for AXS, I sat on the phone for close to an hour trying multiple ways to get to my tickets to no avail. After multiple attempts, the customer service rep, very nice btw, said “ I can’t get this to work, try to open the app again in 48 hours and try again”. I spent $450 on show tickets and still cannot find them. I will do my best NEVER to use AXS again.
  • Worst App/Company Ever! 1/5

    By f u elites
    I bought 5 tickets for a UFC event in July and turned around and sold two of them within 12 hours (due to 2 of the guest being dummies) and AXS not only took $60 in a seller fee. Then they tell me my money will be ready in 7-10 days. 13 days later I go to check and now my money is sitting in their app account! I transfer it out to my account, tells me another 7-10 days. 4 days later the money is back in their account and not mine. So I try to transfer again and now 3 days later it is their money again! So I got to talk to someone in live chat and now there is a disclaimer stating that I can’t transfer my money or access it in anyway until after the event which is 3 weeks away and also in Vegas where it would be great to have my $750 back!! This company and app are trash! Avoid at all cost! DO NOT USE!
  • Trash App 1/5

    By Tuckahoe
    This app needs serous work. I’ve tried multiple times to check out and it fails every time. Your loss d-bags
  • Robert Plant & Alison Krauss 1/5

    By Arthurmoe
    Concert was Great but the tickets where a rip off and will never use you again !!!
  • Won’t work on WiFi or VPN 1/5

    By Johnny Techno
    This app is designed to not work on WiFi or with a VPN. It won’t allow logins, and won’t tell you the reason why. The only way to discover this is to speak online with a representative who will helpfully “remind” you of this (bizarre) limitation. If you buy tickets to a venue requiring this app, good luck. Maybe look for an alternative show.
  • Dead on arrival 1/5

    By Mister Misha
    Not working
  • Let me have my tickets 1/5

    By tomtomtom123779
    I have to do so much to get the tickets you charge a 50% fee on. This is trash. I don’t want your app just send me the tickets.
  • June 2022 state of the app 1/5

    By Alan Zeino
    A completely broken app, does not return search results, complains about system language not matching locale (who told you to enforce this are you even an iOS developer these things are not relevant) Website doesn’t work with latest browsers, just a garbage service
  • I can’t log in on app. it keeps showing error 2/5

    By jamienguyen5555
    I can’t log in on app. Please help me
  • Glitches 2/5

    By Walking is my life
    Site freezes up. Can’t get to IRS form just sets and spins.
  • 😩 5/5

    By coco𓅓
    Ngl this the right app to find the best seats
  • No tickets 2 days before event & no help 1/5

    By never give bad reviews
    Tickets aren’t downloaded & my event is Saturday & chat not is completely useless. Very unhappy - wouldn’t recommend this process & app to anyone ever!
  • Awful app 1/5

    By Heyypaula
    The app has no place to add or change credit card info. Chat/customer service is a joke. I will never use this app or company to buy tickets from again. No performer is worth the headache this company/app has caused.