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  • Developer: Buffalo Wild Wings, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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B-Dubs® App

Your Buffalo Wild Wings fan experience just got even better. With our new app, you get a faster way to place your B-Dubs To Go orders at nearby locations, customize favorites from our menu, or repeat a previous crowd-pleasing order. It’s the easiest way to put your game plans into action, and we did it all for you, sports fans. Download it today.


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B-Dubs® app reviews

  • App freezes at checkout 1/5

    By HoScho2
    This USED to be a great app. It hasn’t worked correctly since late February. The app works correctly until you try to complete the order. It freezes up and won’t place the order. You have to call the store directly to place your order. Please fix this app.

    By DCH78
    BWW has lost many orders to Mission BBQ and Quaker Steak and Lube because they CAN’T GET THEIR APP TO WORK!!! NOBODY CAN CHECKOUT!!!! The “Review Your Order” screen is blank!!!! FIX IT OR JUST TAKE IT OFF!!
  • Doesn’t Work 1/5

    By Perplexier7
    I can do everything on this app up until it’s time to actually order... which is kind of the point of having an app. Either fix it so you can order online or get rid of it. I know it means I’m lazy, but I used to order more frequently when I could do it online. I went from weekly ordering to rarely ordering with the app not working.
  • Delivery is not working 1/5

    By Jloct78
    It just keeps loading when trying to submit the order
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By KaityMJ
    This app hasn’t worked in months. Same experience as another reviewer. I add everything to the cart, click checkout and it’s a blank screen. I’ve refreshed, closed the app and re-opened, never works. Always end up calling the store, which is a pain after I’ve already added all of our meals.
  • No check out 1/5

    By Kaykay031
    I ran in circles thanks to the clueless staff at the Port Huron restaurant trying to pay online somehow. Three different people insisted I was able to. After retrieving passwords, creating new accounts, using a different phone and computer I gave up after an hour. Of course they can’t accept payment over the phone because some people don’t work and spend their time scamming others so the rest of us working people are inconvenienced. Thanks loosers!! Either accept payment online or in app like the rest of the digital community or remove the app all together.
  • Zero stars 1/5

    By CeeeJarino
    If we can’t order online using your app, why bother having it? This problem has existed for a while; please fix it.
  • Can’t check out 1/5

    By P&w54321
    Having the same problem as others. Screen goes blank when trying to checkout. BWW, you need to get an app team that knows what it is doing.
  • Can’t actually place and order 1/5

    By 73736736
    Let’s me fill my cart just fine, then when I hit checkout it brings me to a review the order screen that is just white.. You can’t do anything from that point at all.
  • Needs bug fixes 2/5

    By 3l!tepr0
    Every time I try to order somthing my total never comes up and it’s not my internet because it’s happend a lot of times and even on different devices it does it.
  • Doesnt Work 1/5

    By Royaldrift
    Cant “CHECK OUT” online. Goes completely blank. Worthless having the app. I had a list of orders form co-workers ready in the app and only to find out in the last minute that the app wouldn’t show a checkout page. So lost our interest and ordered else where.
  • Terrible Ap 1/5

    By Livin in SLC
    The Ap works half the time. When I try to reorder from past orders or from my favorites, it kicks it back with a notice that one or more items are not available. However, it’s just the boneless wings that I order, which I can order by phone.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By SparkNizzle
    Have never placed an order without the app failing at least once in the process. I am now having issues saying “some items have failed” and it will not allow me to check out. What a joke. I wish o could rate lower than 1 Star.
  • Still doesn't work 1/5

    By simpson 1917
    Multiple "bug updates" and messages directly to the company sent through the app have not managed to get them motivated enough to fix the app. Deleting permanently
  • Great service and clean!! 5/5

    By grandmomtoboys
    Went to Buffalo Wild Wings for Mother’s day today! The service was incredible. Ordered the sampler appetizer and it was amazing! Everything was fresh and delish!!! The restaurant was clean and everyone was very friendly!
  • Does not work 1/5

    By domjeremy
    This app does not work for ordering and has not for some time
  • Checkout does not work 1/5

    By Jasan_
    Every time I click the checkout button, the app goes to a white screen. This has been happening for the past couple of updates. I’m forced to call every time I order which defeats the purpose of this app.
  • Review Order Fails Every Time 1/5

    By Tha Fritter
    Don’t be fooled by the interface of this application. I do not know what happened behind the scenes but when you go to check out your order you will be presented with a white screen that will not update. This is been going on for so long, and many other reviews have noted the same issue. I’ve tried to reach out to the Twitter account for Buffalo wild wings and they do not ever reply or it knowledge this problem. But if I post a picture of a beer on the bar inside the restaurant, they have no problem replying within 60 seconds. I guess they don’t want money because calling the store, as anyone with experience knows, is always a guaranteed “please hold” for at least 3-7 minutes (my personal hold time Record is 9 minutes).
  • Can't place orders 1/5

    By MJack89
    This app was ok but now you can't place order. The place order button is greyed out and doesn't work. Pointless. Update: after a few bug fix updates now I can't even log in to the app. Going backwards.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Coffee&Pot
    First you get rid of the traditional wings and now your app doesn’t work at all I can’t even place an order which is so frustrating
  • App not working 1/5

    By ah_mays_ing
    Can not checkout through app. Been like this for months.
  • Can’t actually order 1/5

    By dr3van
    Checkout just goes to a white screen. Has been this way for months. Fix your app.
  • App Is Pointless 1/5

    By BLKGSXRider
    You can’t even pay on the app or over the phone! What a pointless app that this is!!! Wingstop destroys y’all all day everyday!
  • Someone finally fixed this app 🙄 4/5

    By Ash-Lo71
    So now I can order again... 🙄😒
  • Checkout doesn’t work 1/5

    By heather032016
    Fix it or take it down I’m so tired of trying to use this app and updating it for no reason it’s just taking up space on my phone now for no reason
  • Don’t bother ... 1/5

    By Shockley2012
    App doesn’t work. Period. Hit “checkout” and you’re left with a blank “review order” screen and can’t continue to actually place your order . Happens every single time .
  • NEVER WORKS!!! 2/5

    By Lovin' draw something
    I have no problem signing in, building a cart, choosing a location, but the app always crashes when I am ready to check out. The screen turns solid white. If I shut down the app and restart it, just a white screen still. I have to uninstall and reinstall only to have the same thing happen all over again.
  • Broken 1/5

    By _steven1995
    Unable to check out which makes this app completely useless
  • Constant error 1/5

    Every time I go to check out it say “error occurred”
  • Blank screen 1/5

    By Okehdysk
    I tap on the app and a blank white screen pops up. I would make an order, but since the app isn’t worth a crap I’ll just order from another restaurant
  • No longer a functioning app 1/5

    By CT Kiss
    Can no longer order food through the app. As part of the checkout process you have to review your order. That screen is blank and I have no way of completing my order. Worthless
  • App malfunction 3/5

    By PropertyofMjP
    I had the same issue where I could not check out. However, I deleted the app and re-downloaded it. Then I was able to complete my online order.
  • Can’t check out 1/5

    By JennnnCB
    This app is great if you’re only wanting to look at the menu, but you can’t actually complete your order. You hit “check out” and it takes you to a blank screen that never loads. I end up having to call the store. Pointless.
  • Pointless! 1/5

    By Mdbates45
    Most places improve their App over time. This one keeps getting WORSE. Now they have removed the option to pay with the app. So why even have it? I tried to use it so that I could have someone else pick up the order, but I ended up having to pick it up. Less convenience equals less $$. Next time I’ll just order a pizza.
  • Bad app 1/5

    By KawaiiVann
    There’s always some kind of issue with this app. It’s either I’m able to order but the restaurant doesn’t receive it or I’m stuck at a blank page for my review order. Don’t get me started in their site. Go to Wingstop.
  • Unusable on iPhone X 1/5

    By JLow 1864
    App constantly crashes to a white screen and becomes unusable. Resetting app has no effect.
  • Time for a new app!!!!!!! 1/5

    By kg1188
    I think it’s time you guys scrub the whole app and create a new one. You can never sign in cause it won’t connect to the server and if you continue as a guest you can’t check out. This has been going on for too long now.
  • Can’t Check Out 1/5

    By jennifertheeagle25
    Error occurs when I go to check out. Lame.
  • Always a white screen 1/5

    By bsbahabvajznz
    My app either goes to a white screen immediately or loads the page then goes white after a few minutes. The app is up to date and no others do this. Tired of having to go to the website to order
  • Can’t check out 1/5

    By Amyemod
    App works fine with viewing the menu and adding items to your cart. Then you go to check out and it’s just a blank screen. Can’t even use this app.
  • Agree with Jungle Puma 1/5

    By carrilou27
    This app has not let me check out in over a month. Please update and fix.
  • Why doesn’t this app work? 1/5

    By haart
    Do you want to sell me wings? It sure doesn’t seem like it. Terrible reliability. Not just the app, but also online. Very frustrating.
  • Was good but it won’t let me check out 2/5

    By Arakrebew
    I had used this App often however when I go to check out, I get a blank screen. So really it’s useless. You need to fix it. I can’t use my points either. You need to fix it.
  • Can’t check out 1/5

    By drewrys12
    App seems to work great until checkout time. Once you get there it won’t load or let you proceed.
  • Unable to finalize an order-stuck at checkout 1/5

    By Jaradat
    App is pretty nice when it comes to making your order. But once you are finished with the order, you can’t pay, check out will be stuck !!!
  • Crap 1/5

    By RobWill03
    App was working fine until a few months ago. Now you can’t check out. Fix it or don’t offer an app.
  • Doesn’t work.. 1/5

    By Brotheralma
    Can’t checkout. Hasn’t worked in weeks. Pointless...
  • Checkout never loads 1/5

    By [.Lumis.]
    App used to work and now it won't load the checkout screen- worthless app now.
  • Great wings, bad App! 1/5

    By Volvo Joe
    This app used to work for ordering BWW menu items. But, not anymore! You can select food items and specify options. However, when you attempt to check out, the app just “freezes!” If you return to the app, your items are still in your shopping cart. If you want wings, you will have to call the restaurant. Guess what they do when you call. Yes, that’s right! They put you on hold! But wait, it gets better. While you are on hold, the corporate spokesperson’s message is don’t wait on hold, use the App instead! Do you know how frustrating this is! I already tried to use the App, but it is BROKE! That is why I called the restaurant to order takeout! Please fix this App or change your on hold phone message!
  • Can’t Checkout 1/5

    By MikeMan5460
    I can do everything up until checking out.

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