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Babbel – Learn Languages App

Learn Spanish, French, Italian, German, and many more languages with Babbel. Developed by a team of language learning experts, Babbel has helped millions of people speak a new language with confidence. THE BABBEL METHOD Here’s what makes Babbel more effective than any other language learning app: 1. Confidence — Our goal is to get you speaking from your very first lesson. And our elegantly designed courses give you the confidence to get there. We teach you how to engage in practical, everyday conversations, making it easier for you to have authentic experiences in your new language. 2. Comprehension — Our lessons immerse you in relevant culture and real-life conversations. We want you to really take in the language, not just memorize useless phrases. And we provide helpful hints in English (or your native language) to make your new language more relatable. 3. Retention — We know you’re busy. That’s why our lessons are short but sweet: about 10-15 minutes, and designed to send your new language straight to long-term memory. We regularly refresh your memory with our dynamic review sessions, which target areas where you need improvement most. Finally, we make sure you really grasp what you’re learning by bringing it back later in a new context. FEATURES • 14 languages to choose from • 10-15 minute, bite-sized lessons that fit conveniently into your schedule • Lessons covering a wide range of useful topics, from travel to business (and more!) • Speech recognition technology to keep your pronunciation on point • Courses at a variety of skill levels, making Babbel ideal for both beginners and more advanced learners • Our robust Review Manager helps you retain new vocabulary • Learning progress that’s synchronized across all your devices, so you can easily pick up right where you left off LANGUAGES Spanish, French, German, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Polish, English, Indonesian, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian WORKS FOR YOUR GOALS After just one month, you will be able to speak confidently about practical topics, such as: • Transportation • Shopping • Directions • Making friends and socializing • Dining And much more! WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING ABOUT BABBEL “Babbel is one of the stalwarts of the online language-learning sphere.” -The Next Web “Babbel’s lessons, unlike Duolingo’s, first focus on building basic conversational skills.” -The Economist “Babbel exceeds expectations, delivering high-quality, self-paced courses in 13 languages.” -PC Magazine *Named 2016’s “most innovative company in education” by Fast Company* *The World’s Highest Grossing Language Learning App* PLEASE NOTE You will need a subscription in order to get access to the full learning materials for one language. Each subscription will be automatically renewed unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current payment period. Your iTunes account will be automatically charged at the same price for renewal within the 24-hour period prior to the end of the current payment period unless you change your subscription preferences in your iTunes Account Settings. When a subscription is canceled, access to the app’s courses and features will expire at the end of the current payment period. You'll get access to all courses for the following durations: 1 month 3 months 6 months 12 months Privacy policy: Terms of use: GET IN TOUCH : Any ideas, comments or feedback? Then we’d love to hear it! Email us at [email protected] YOU CAN ALSO... ...visit us at us on Facebook: us on Youtube: …follow us on Twitter or on Instagram: Team Babbel

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Babbel – Learn Languages app reviews

  • App was okay until redesign 2/5

    By HeatherHMAJ2828
    The app was great until the redesign has made the voice recognition even worse than before!
  • Learning and enjoying at the same time 5/5

    By lexbdj
    I have been wanting to learn French for a very long time but never had time. I decided to take this basic French course and am so impressed with how much I’ve learned so far. I will continue this course and do some other things to supplement what I’m learning. I think the way the course is laid out makes a lot of sense and is very interesting. Love it.
  • Balanced Information 5/5

    By Henderdl
    I’ve used Rosetta Stone and taken classes at a local college for German. Babbel is a good mix of the two. The frustrating thing about Rosetta Stone is the assumption that the student can intuit the meaning of the words by the photos. With Babbel the translation is at hand. I appreciate the inclusion of grammar rules. For example, it is a great help to know when and why to use a particular verb tense. I’ve only used the program for a few weeks but so far it is extremely helpful. It is also very helpful to be able to access the app on both my phone and tablet.
  • Effective with Dedication 4/5

    By TheSciencechick
    I purchased with a 50% off discount and have now been taking at least one lesson daily. As with all educational endeavors, to develop strong skills requires dedicated effort. Babbel makes the process engaging, if not occasionally a little frustrating. I would appreciate more opportunities to practice the skills as I learn them. I have recommended Babbel to a friend already.
  • Lessons advance so slowly 1/5

    By sidechain dodson
    This is probably one of the most frustrating apps. Each lessons advances so slowly. You are always waiting for the app. There is a pause between everything and you can’t force the app to advance to the next phrase or word. You have to sit there and slowly listen to each like even though you may know it. It’s hard to make progress when there is so much wait time. They need a feature where you can quickly advance.
  • Too much typing 4/5

    By Rgbva
    I’m working on the early lessons, and most interested in speaking. I am not really keen on the parts of the lesson where you type by selecting preset letters – if you want to include written lessons, I would prefer tying from a regular keyboard. Otherwise I prefer to just practice speaking.
  • 😡 1/5

    By flastategirl
    It says free, then you get going and it asks for a subscription. Worst!
  • This might be good if I worked in an office. I’m in construction and this doesn’t help me! 1/5

    By Logan b1234
    I’m am not getting the words or sentences that I need and would use in my communication with the Spanish speaking coworkers. This was a waist of money.
  • Choices 2/5

    They don’t have a lot of languages to choose from
  • Not a lot of languages 2/5

    By FNAF_Freak
    I downloaded the app so I could speak Japanese and they don't have it available
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By Sweet Onion Juanita
    I have taught Spanish for 44 years and am traveling to Italy for the first time in June. I cannot imagine going to a country and not being able to communicate, so I decided to give Babbel a try and learn Italian. I am learning quickly and find the site to be really good. I like being able to review completed lessons any time I choose and to move forward at my own pace. It's extremely reasonably priced, too!!
  • Poorly put together 1/5

    By Crapple Purchases
    Not well structured; purchased to help with a spanish class in college. It may be a help if you just wanted to use some flash cards(though there are free flash card language apps), but if you’re using it to help with a class it’s better to look elsewhere.
  • Not best app 1/5

    By Annoyed55544777765554
    This app continually stops working. I have to delete the app and download it again. Very annoying!
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Rclark83686
    This is by far the best app I’ve used to learn a new language. Unlike Duo, you’re not just learning random phrases. Unlike Rosetta, the lessons are geared for every day practicality. Each lesson teaches specific words and phrases centered around a theme and each lesson explains a grammar rule or concept. Because I have the rules and the vocabulary I feel much more confident creating sentences and expressing my thoughts. The price is good too compared to other pay apps.
  • Great way to sharpen those language skills! 5/5

    By DackJaniels88
    This app has been great in my experience so far. I’ve been able to learn a lot in the few lessons I’ve taken due to the great teaching model. One feature request would be to add the correct pronunciation in writing along with the audio. I’m sure this would help many people get the pronunciation right the first time.
  • One lesson free WOW 1/5

    By ddsjjs
    The title says it all. Waste of time.
  • The app hasn’t worked in days 1/5

    By snesbitt
    Even after updating it. Ugh.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Steve20110
    I looked at and read up on several before choosing Babbel. Has enough structure and yet you have the freedom to move about at you please. Best part and didn’t read about this... It knows where you’re weak, and takes you back to review what you’re not good at!
  • Only for the dedicated 3/5

    By Theoriginalsap
    Use it every day and you’ll have it down. So worth it if you’re dedicated. But the lessons are simple, and if your score horribly you just move on. Then the review just repeats instead of guiding you back to the lesson that you need to repeat. So if you are going to use it every day then get it, but if you’re going to dabble, don’t waste your time.
  • Helpful for beginners 4/5

    By Tyto_Alba_
    The app is a great way to learn basic vocabulary but struggles in effectively teaching proper grammar. It has been a great experience so far and worth the subscription.
  • Arabic/Hebrew 1/5

    By Gucci mane "So Icy Boy" burr
  • German lessons are pretty useless for speaking 2/5

    By Tacos Macgill
    There is a lot of promise in this app but the German at least is not great. Two major issues: 1) there is no way to enter capital letters in the app. Capitalized nouns are a MAJOR part of written German. 2) the speech recognition is the worst I’ve ever encountered. I would say a simple word like “Berlin” and the app dinged it as wrong. Say it again, slightly different. Wrong. Say it in a whacked out voice, counted right. I even recorded myself saying a word that was marked wrong in Babbel, played the same word in Rosetta Stone, and it was marked correct. Finally, I had a friend who is a native German speaker (from Frankfurt) try it and apparently he can’t pronounce it well enough either since every answer he gave was rejected. The search for a decent language app continues.
  • When I sign up for 1 month, I only want to pay for 1 month!!! 1/5

    By efunkyone
    Could be a 5 star app but when I signed up for a 1 month subscription I expect to only be charged for what I signed up for which was 1 month. Instead they have been charging me every month without consent or notification.
  • A modestly effective tool 3/5

    By Tracebearden
    I have been using Babbel for about a year now and it’s decent. But there are some problems, major and minor, that a new user should consider. I have been using the app for Spanish, which might also frame this review. 1) Babbel can’t teach you to speak a new language with only 15 minutes a day. That’s a lie. All advertising is lies but this one is more pernicious because I think it will encourage people to give up too soon. 2) Babbel can’t teach you to speak a language because speaking is social and the app does not replicate that in any way. 3) Babbel is good for learning vocabulary and the basics of verb construction. 4) Babbel is good for managing your lessons into helpful, discrete, chunks. 5) Babbel won’t help you if you are not committed to practicing your new language in other locations. That means speaking regularly, listening to the language spoken, reading, etc. 6)Because it’s an app, Babbel privileges spelling (and worse, typing) as a measure of comprehension. If speaking is your goal, that’s more of a distraction. If you are planning to commit holistically to learning a language Babbel can be one modest tool in your kit. If you come to it any other way you will be disappointed or frustrated. (Also, it bothers me that Babbel makes the Spanish of Spain the norm for the app, rather than the more popularly used idiom of Central American Spanish. If you are in the US, learning to speak with a Zaragozan accent won’t help you much)
  • Helpful But Needs More Languages 4/5

    By Bball00
    Overall I think that it is a great app and it helped me learn with more ease, but the language that I wanted to learn wasn’t on the app and there aren’t many languages on the app in general. But i’m sure that more are to come with the growth of this app. So it is very helpful and I would recommend it to someone that is trying to learn a new language.
  • it’s good while it lasted 2/5

    By OoH iTs fLuFfY
    i was really excited when i searched “free language learning apps” on safari and saw this app and when i downloaded i did the first lesson, but then it makes you pay a whole bunch of money for a subscription. it isn’t like i expected it to be free for such a good app but i was disappointed when i downloaded because it said it was free. so i’m sure it’d be great if you pay for it... (:(
  • Awful app nothing is working fix it 1/5

    By stellaluna2
    Please fix this app
  • Somewhat frustrating 2/5

    By Norsk Granny
    I am working on learning Norwegian. I am very much a beginner having just studied the language for a short time. The occasional grammar rules that pop up are truly helpful. But new vocabulary, which I have never seen, also pops up and of course without getting a dictionary and looking up each word, I am left with just wild guessing of how to use it in a sentence. Secondly, I cannot back up and listen to a segment or phrase again. Small typo kind of errors also cause problems. There just doesn’t seem to be enough variety of practice between new words or phrases and having to hear and write them independently especially when so many unknown words are thrown in. Video would help too. I cannot figure out how some of the words get pronounced as they do because I cannot see the face of the speaker. I have been frustrated enough with unknown words that cause me to get everything wrong that I often find myself exiting the program in before a lesson is done. So, there are some good things. But there are areas that need to be improved. Hope Babble works on the latter.
  • Memorization 1/5

    By krwagner12335
    Using the app I feel like I’m not actually learning the material. It feels more like straight memorization. Not fun, not learning, not worth the money.
  • Too easy... 2/5

    By idontneedanicknameee
    I already know these simple words and terms. I would recommend Duolingo.
  • What about Somali?! 1/5

    I went on to the app very happy to learn Somali.When I figure out you do not have “all languages”.I put my trust on this app and now I failed a test!
  • 2 ez 1/5

    By itsmebj0rn
    Download Duolingo instead + they want a fekin subscription
  • KIDDING ME?!!? 1/5

    By Amaz😃😃😃😃😃😃😃
    NO EUROPEAN PORTUGUESE 🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹
  • Good but could be better 4/5

    By Miller325
    I paid for this app to help hold me accountable, but I have used some free apps, I feel are better. As someone who does not speak Spanish, I find it is more discouraging when I misspell/mistype a word that it is wrong. Other apps will indicate it is wrong, but provide encouraging comments saying “close” or “near perfect”. Also, when I am doing the listen and reply section, the voice at times does not come across as clear, My suggestion, if I have had to replay the voice prompt more than 3 times, add the text in English below. I know an app can’t be all things for all people, but I enjoy it more if it gamified vs school like. What about an app that will naturally converse with me vs a canned conversation I may never use. Mucho dinero seguro!
  • Fabulous App 5/5

    By Celticthinker
    I’ve gone on immersion trips to Mexico and Spain to learn Spanish. But I’ve started dating a woman whose first language is Spanish, so I got this app to bone up. I’m glad I did. The app is fun to use. The lessons are quick and the method they use of listening, repeating, writing, picking from lists, and providing detailed pop ups to explain quirky aspects in the language are right for me. I enjoy using it. I haven’t tried any other language programs so I can’t compare it with others, but it was my first app experience for language learning and I am more than happy with it.
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By Gordo419
    It works as it’s a repetitive process. Like any other learning experience, you’ll get more out of it if you apply yourself.
  • Great app! But... 4/5

    By Kallista🇵🇭🇰🇷🇯🇵🇨🇳
    I love this app and I think it’s very good for helping learn new languages but I think you should add a bit of more languages like, Chinese, Japanese, Korean (Hangul), or even Tagalog, I need to learn Tagalog since I did grow up in the Philippines. Thanks! 🤷‍♀️💜
  • Have To Pay 2/5

    By honest_truth213
    Very nice app, taught me 6 words that I retained, but after SIX WORDS wanted me to pay and subscribe? I thought the app was free, it’s not.
  • Better structure than Duolingo - small small text 4/5

    By thillslc
    It seems obvious they need to increase the font size on the native settings. Why don’t they address the obvious problem. I can barely see the text in the all in a iPhone X. Ugh
  • Updated Review. - Working now, but had some issues 1/5

    By Cecef
    Updating this review... First .. i purchased a year of Spanish and it never loaded on to my app, despite the fact that they charged my credit card via PayPal. Then.. after putting my password in, it said it was the wrong password which it was not, but I reset the password and the app locked me out. - 1 month later I finally got it to work somehow! - THEN... now the app Suddenly doesn’t work at all. It won’t even load. I’m just getting some error message. I can’t even figure out how to cancel so they don’t charge me again. It’s a mess.
  • Good but needs improvement 3/5

    By JayBetancourt
    It has great material and I like the way it explains the rules about to be learned. Duolingo does not do that. I do not like the microphone feature when one has to repeat a word. It is not intuitive and the user can not tell if to repeat right after the example voice is done or need to push the mic button. Needs some bug fixing. Can’t wait to see more improvements.
  • Wrong languages 2/5

    By Zoe-Review
    I was learning Spanish and it started teaching me words of another language and not using the correct words.
  • Eh.. 1/5

    By Smol Kitten 😺
    This app is okay, but the reason I don’t want to ever see this again is because you need to PAY to learn things on this app. This is how I heard of this app. So, I was in a car with my dad, and I was thinking of a good way to learn Spanish. I didn’t even think of using my phone. (I had a language-learning app before, but I forgot about it after I reset my phone.) Then, I heard about Babbel. It advertised that it worked really good and someone said they thought they were bad at language but Babbel proved them wrong (not exact quote). I though that I should download Babbel because you could learn Spanish. I was happy it was free, but they only let you try it. You needed to pay money to actually use the app! That’s why it was free. Honestly, I would prefer a different app. 👎🏽👎🏽😾😾😾
  • Oops 1/5

    By The moose11111111119990
    “Oops an unknown error has occurred”. This is a constant problem for me. The app is good if you can use it, but worthless is you can’t. Time wasted downloading the app again.
  • Pretty good! 4/5

    By MLE956
    This app does a pretty good job of building up the difficulty of learning a language. I grew up in a Spanish speaking household, so already had a pretty good basic understanding of the language. What I was hoping to work on with this app were my speaking and grammar skills so that I could speak properly with people at work. Growing up, we would often respond in English or Spanglish so my communication never really advanced. I started on the intermediate section just to ensure I had the grammar basics down correctly. Babble starts off pretty simple and I was concerned it may be too easy, but as you progress the lessons really start to build on themselves. What I find useful is repeating the phrases, words, etc... even if not asked to do so. You should definitely try to practice outside of the app to really get the hang of speaking, but overall this app is pretty good! One thing I wish it offered was to choose the type of Spanish you're learning or at least show the variations throughout the lessons. Sayings are quite different and some I would never use when speaking to family or people at work (at least where I live and the population I work/interact with).
  • Only does a few languages 3/5

    By Jackson526
    This app is all over ads on my phone and on the radio in the car and I wanted to learn Korean so I downloaded the app and it looks promising and I would highly recommend it but the only problem with it it doesn’t teach anything other than European languages. If you want to learn a European language then definitely check out this app but if your like me and want to learn an Asian language or any other part of of the world this app sadly does not deliver.😔
  • Difficult to use 2/5

    By Zbarred
    I purchased upgrade for babble for both myself and my kid. We both had difficulty with the app and gave up. I found that I could not repeat well the phrase the an accent that would be approved. It was VWRY FRUSTRATING.
  • Too many crashes and poor voice recognition 3/5

    By Bseems
    I like the content, but the app crashes too often. (I’ve only noticed this after the first 10 or so lessons; I’m using the Spanish lessons.) The voice recognition is awful.
  • Adequate app 2/5

    By Dave4525
    The free part of the app is adequate. I’m not learning very much. Most of the features are locked and you could spend a great deal of money unlocking them. Correct spelling is required in this app and you have to spell the exact words they use to get the correct answer. Duolingo is a much better app. This app is okay but I was expecting something of a higher quality or to be less expensive.

Babbel – Learn Languages app comments

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