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Babbel – Learn Languages

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Babbel – Learn Languages App

Learn Spanish, French, Italian, German, and many more languages with Babbel. Developed by a team of language learning experts, Babbel has helped millions of people speak a new language with confidence. THE BABBEL METHOD Here’s what makes Babbel more effective than any other language learning app: 1. Confidence — Our goal is to get you speaking from your very first lesson. And our elegantly designed courses give you the confidence to get there. We teach you how to engage in practical, everyday conversations, making it easier for you to have authentic experiences in your new language. 2. Comprehension — Our lessons immerse you in relevant culture and real-life conversations. We want you to really take in the language, not just memorize useless phrases. And we provide helpful hints in English (or your native language) to make your new language more relatable. 3. Retention — We know you’re busy. That’s why our lessons are short but sweet: about 10-15 minutes, and designed to send your new language straight to long-term memory. We regularly refresh your memory with our dynamic review sessions, which target areas where you need improvement most. Finally, we make sure you really grasp what you’re learning by bringing it back later in a new context. FEATURES • 14 languages to choose from • 10-15 minute, bite-sized lessons that fit conveniently into your schedule • Lessons covering a wide range of useful topics, from travel to business (and more!) • Speech recognition technology to keep your pronunciation on point • Courses at a variety of skill levels, making Babbel ideal for both beginners and more advanced learners • Our robust Review Manager helps you retain new vocabulary • Learning progress that’s synchronized across all your devices, so you can easily pick up right where you left off LANGUAGES Spanish, French, German, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Polish, English, Indonesian, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian WORKS FOR YOUR GOALS After just one month, you will be able to speak confidently about practical topics, such as: • Transportation • Shopping • Directions • Making friends and socializing • Dining And much more! WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING ABOUT BABBEL “Babbel is one of the stalwarts of the online language-learning sphere.” -The Next Web “Babbel’s lessons, unlike Duolingo’s, first focus on building basic conversational skills.” -The Economist “Babbel exceeds expectations, delivering high-quality, self-paced courses in 13 languages.” -PC Magazine *Named 2016’s “most innovative company in education” by Fast Company* *The World’s Highest Grossing Language Learning App* PLEASE NOTE You will need a subscription in order to get access to the full learning materials for one language. Each subscription will be automatically renewed unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current payment period. Your iTunes account will be automatically charged at the same price for renewal within the 24-hour period prior to the end of the current payment period unless you change your subscription preferences in your iTunes Account Settings. When a subscription is canceled, access to the app’s courses and features will expire at the end of the current payment period. You'll get access to all courses for the following durations: 1 month 3 months 6 months 12 months Privacy policy: Terms of use: GET IN TOUCH : Any ideas, comments or feedback? Then we’d love to hear it! Email us at [email protected] YOU CAN ALSO... ...visit us at us on Facebook: us on Youtube: …follow us on Twitter or on Instagram: Team Babbel

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Babbel – Learn Languages app reviews

  • Olga Palmer 3/5

    By KikaYofi
    Too basic
  • Really? 5/5

    By DL1123
    I don’t know who came up with this, but give them a raise. I studied Spanish for 2 years in high school and know like 3 sentences worth of Spanish. I’ve been learning Russian for a month and no more of it than Spanish. Great app!
  • Learning 2/5

    By Flasuezq
    Learning thru the bugs of the program. Keeps getting stuck & repeating the lessons. Now it can’t hear my answers & tagging them wrong no matter what my answer is
  • More holistic approach than Duolinguo 5/5

    By motoko89
    You get what you pay for. Really
  • Decent 4/5

    By HaltMalKurz
    Got a subscription for 3 months and am liking it so far. I like how it teaches grammar, unlike DuoLingo. Price seems fair. Some suggestions: A. Please allow me to use the system keyboard B. The wait times between questions are really large. Please allow some way to speed those up (e.g. tap to skip the pause)
  • Great app 5/5

    By Bluebottle72
    I love this app. I’m a beginner learning French and it has helped me a lot !!
  • Okay 2/5

    By SIGHlegos
    Babel might be a god app for learning a new language it mostly only has European languages which I won’t use.
  • Fairly simple.... 5/5

    By HBuettner start, good explanations. Now if I only could remember it all !!!
  • Filled with bugs and no real-time support 1/5

    By GeoFla
    Prepare yourself to battle with the App as I have on iOS because it is unstable and does not hold your information properly. At times, I cannot learn my target language and spend much of my time attempting to find a work-around to Babbel created problems. The time I waste on this could be better used on learning my language. Babbel leaves you stranded as they do not have real-time support. All you can do is wait for a reply to your email while you are locked-out of your lessons. Sadly, help is incorrect. You ask questions regarding iOS and their reply has nothing to do with iOS. They still need to fix very basic issues.
  • Maybe more languages if possible. 1/5

    By DreaReAgFur
    So when I first open the app I was going to try to learn Japanese. But, what I found is that you guys don’t have that available. If you guys could maybe you can add more languages if that is possible.
  • Great practice! 5/5

    By JayneHawk
    I bought a year-long subscription right off the bat after having Babbel recommended to me by a good friend, and I love it! I needed to brush up on my Spanish because I’d forgotten most of it after a decade or so. I really enjoy the app! It presents practice in many different formats, and manageable chunks. You can even pick back up in the middle of a lesson if you didn’t have time to complete it, and download lessons and review for offline practice. Overall, I’m very impressed.
  • It’s a good app but it could be better 3/5

    By my dad went to the candy story
    It’s a very good app like it can help you learn the basic languages,but it doesn’t have a huge selection of languages to choose from. I wanted to learn Korean and it didn’t have that and I wasn’t interested in learning Spanish because I wanted something challenging
  • Advances Too Quickly 3/5

    By jadubandmal
    Great app setup, multiple ways to learn. (Speak, listen, conversations, flash cards, etc!) But! I’m not going to try to justify my intelligence. This app moved way too fast for me. One minute I’m learning a few words in lesson 3, but when the sentence is repeated back it’s by a fast-talking fluent Spanish speaker. I can’t even follow it or understand the thick Spanish accent. Also, the new words are slammed into sentences which contain words I haven’t learned yet. And, placement of words in the sentence is never, or poorly, explained. I want to learn, I really do, but I need better assistance early on. I’ll keep trying until the subscription runs out.
  • Speed Reguirements 4/5

    By Glennthebig
    The speed of the Spanish translation is to fast. The app need an option to slow the language down a little.
  • Wanting to speak & be a welcomed visitor 5/5

    By Lala Xmas
    I am using Babel to go on a trip to France at age 70. I want to be able to speak with people on the street & in shops so getting the phrasing and pronunciation correct is invaluable. I like the natural introduction of verbs and spellings of words in this program. It is bringing back the French I studied long ago.9
  • Best and fastest 5/5

    By ingrid1919
    Best language program out there! I started with Duolingo, but after several lessons you are still learning nonsense things that you would never say, like “The cat has the key,” etc... Also, since the upgrade of Duolingo, you can’t go back to past lessons you may have forgotten if you have been away from using the app for a little while. Babbel teaches you vocabulary and verb tenses in the context of everyday conversations you can actually use, and it’s somewhat immersive, but you can easily review past lessons over and over if you want, or choose to be quizzed on vocabulary and phrases in whatever form you choose - spoken, written, flashcards, etc... which really lets you customize your learning. Also, in Duolingo you are only allowed a certain number of mistakes before you lose all of your “lives” on the app for that day and have to stop until the next day or pay money to continue! Babbel lets you do as many lessons in a row in a day as you want and tells you the correct answer when you make a mistake, but doesn’t penalize you whatsoever, which is great. I feel like I’m in a college course, but can go at my own speed - but it’s definitely for all ages, too. It isn’t a free app, but they often have special sales they send you over email, so I just got a year for $44, which is SOOOO much cheaper than taking a language class or buying an expensive course like Rosetta Stone, which costs several hundred dollars. Plus, I can do Babbel right from my cell phone whenever I have down time. I have no doubt that I will be able to become fluent in Portuguese with Babbel, which is worth a million times more than forty bucks!:) You are allowed to try unlocked parts of the app before you decide to purchase the whole program, so I’d say go for it to see how you like it.
  • Best Language App by far 5/5

    By KimArt4ch
    I’ve tried several apps in efforts to learn Russian, but this one has truly advanced my comprehension of the language. The addition of speaking has also improved my accent, something I needed.
  • Evaluation 3/5

    Too many spelling exercises. Otherwise good
  • Only had this app for a week 5/5

    By HelloImAimee
    I’ve only had this app for a week started with no experience and have already successfully had my first Russian conversation! Thanks Babbel!!
  • List me 3/5

    By danadamas
    I felt like I must have skipped a lesson or two in there when it came to the verbs- they lost me
  • So far so good 5/5

    By JimmyJoeATL
    Enjoying it so far. I need to become comfortable with Spanish. Not bilingual but able to at least take a stab at casual conversation. The app is easy and kind of fun.
  • If you want to learn how to spell French it’s 2/5

    By Carolla5501
    Do you want to learn how to speak it there’s got to be a better way
  • Cinque Stelle 5/5

    By blossomgirlNC
    So far tutto va bene! I am really enjoying this way of relearning Italian. When I took it in high school and in college there were no iPads! 🤣🤣🤣
  • Babbel >>> Duolingo 5/5

    By eekbarbadurkle
    Babbel is so much more practical and useful than Duolingo. If you are serious about learning a language, give Babbel a try. You will not be disappointed. 👍
  • Lesson 7 1/5

    By Ed is my name
    This lesson says I missed over half the questions, but the app doesn’t tell me how to go back and learn the correct answers.
  • Actually I’m OK with it. 3/5

    By billy hack calkin
    The billing is a mess and iTunes has been billing me too much. I plan to call iTunes but they restrict customer support to 9-to 5. I would rate you much higher if you could look into this. I also have chosen Spanish and have almost given up trying to access it because I go through this entry process and get double billed. Triple billed.
  • Catered to learning 5/5

    By Carissa93
    I have improved my Language skills so much since using this app!
  • Great app 5/5

    By Housewifey RR
    Easy to learn and use on a day to day basis. Love it just the way it is...
  • Constant Improvement 5/5

    By KayakTheSound
    I judge an app and the company behind it by their commitment to continuous incremental improvement. During the year I’ve used Babble, it’s become more intuitive and effective. Babble’s commitment to improving comprehension and retention is enough for me to be a loyal subscriber.
  • Waste of money and time. 1/5

    By Pete W2PM
    Terrible app. Seems like a cheap way to change for language learning.
  • Technical difficulties 2/5

    By Mamacita Jul
    Frequently I cannot get the microphone to understand what I’ve said - I’ve adjusted sensitivity and volume - even hola is either not heard or heard and graded wrong - I’m not that bad at Spanish that I cannot pronounce hello
  • Absolutely Amazing! 5/5

    By Slain192
    This is the best language learning app I have found to date! After 10 years, I decided to pick up Italian again, and this app is the closest thing to learning in an actual language class. I am tremendously impressed, and excited to keep going. Thank you so much!
  • Add Japanese 1/5

    By the forgotenn samurai
    Add Japanese
  • Fab 5/5

    By victoya91
    Wish I had had this app years ago when I first wanted to learn Italian. So so good. Very effective.
  • Really Dislike this app 2/5

    By Vicki_x5499
    The format of the lessons is very confusing and well as the varying accents they use and form of questions. I tried improving my Spanish and got very confused by the app. A simple back button would be nice! Any type of control of the lesson so that you can see what you missed or did wrong would help.
  • Babbel review 1/5

    By momandriley
    The app is not helpful at all...especially if you are going to a country for a trip and you need some conversational phrases. I chose French and for instance, the first number it tried to teach was 60.... why not start with one through ten?
  • Fun way to learn 5/5

    By VickieC.
    The lessons have visual, auditory, and written materials used in a very fun and natural way. There is a lot of repetition used for reinforcing the material, but it is presented in such a way that it is not boring. I don’t have to struggle to remember things, due to the thorough practices - short, but sweet segments.
  • Good rating so far 4/5

    By understanding too much
    The program is very good. I would like to repeat the Spanish pronunciation as many times as I want but the program does not allow me to do that. Thank you.
  • Review 5/5

    By igrant1
    This is a wonderful program that I believe will help me learn German.
  • Frustrated 1/5

    By MindlessMap
    I downloaded this app after signing up at the web site and paid for a 6 months subscription. I signed up for French but the app only allows me to study Spanish. I don’t see any option in the app to change that or anyway to ask for help. Not a good experience.
  • Give me a vosotros option 4/5

    By Cramerica66
    It is frustrating that it is mandatory to include vosotros. I am learning Latin Spanish because my wife is from Costa Rica and every Spanish speaking person I meet in the U.S. is from Latin America and when I speak Spanish on the job I do not need to use or learn vosotros... Like ever... When I am picking up a new language there are so many rules that I have to learn and I do not want to throw something fairly optional on top of it. If I wanted to learn vosotros I would include it later when I have a stronger Latin foundation.
  • Nice App 5/5

    By Lilithfan
    Decided to purchase three months of this app to assist in learning German phrases for an overseas trip. Just in the second day and I have been asked to review the app. I would rather review after a week or two of use, but so far so good.
  • The speaking tool doesn’t work 1/5

    By j012871
    The speaking tool doesn’t recognize voices. Makes it very frustrating
  • Significant Flaws 2/5

    By dbfhagu54
    While I admire the Babbel IOS App, I keep stubbing my toe on one more significant flaws. I have found the review feature unusable. Why? The outstanding count of words and phrases never decreases. Why is this? The review count on Babel’s website works as it should. The flaw inside the IOS app demonstrates sloppy IOS programming. Someone’s code doesn’t cleanup after itself.
  • From Wendy 4/5

    By tripleJAW
    I take Spanish lessons with my son, the app overall is amazing with all of its features, however, there are some grammar mistakes (ex: “you are five girls”). None the less, the speech system is great as with everything else.
  • Avoid... scam with zero stars. 1/5

    By ApplesMoneyMachine
    Used it for one week. Mixed Spain Spanish and LATAM Spanish... completely useless and never opened again. Never moved to new iPhone or iPad yet was billed for auto renewal that I didn’t even know existed. Apple needs more profits and refused a refund. It’s not like Apple’s analytics knew for a fact that I never used the app. Complete joke. They should never have allowed this to happen and at the very least allowed someone to return an app that isn’t loaded on any in-use devise.
  • Great start! 5/5

    By miniventures
    Love the way it explains as the conversation grouped!
  • A very useful tool 5/5

    By stefyyylove
    If you take the time to use this app everyday, you will se an improvement on your language ability
  • Not what I was expecting 1/5

    By fujgdrygfjkyy
    Wanted to learn Spanish while driving. Can’t do it with this app.

Babbel – Learn Languages app comments

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