Baby Names by BabyCenter

Baby Names by BabyCenter

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Baby Names by BabyCenter App

Find the perfect name with Baby Names by BabyCenter! Choosing a name for your baby is one of the most important decisions you'll make as a parent – but no pressure, right? Whether you're starting to feel overwhelmed with the decision, or just want a fun way for you and your partner to share your top baby names, you can find the perfect name with help from the Baby Names app by BabyCenter. Baby Names by BabyCenter is the only baby name generator that combines powerful data analysis with names gathered from millions of BabyCenter members. Our baby name app makes it easy and fun for you and your partner to find name ideas you both love. ENJOY A CUSTOMIZED BABY NAMING EXPERIENCE As you rate names, our app learns what you like and gives you more names you'll love. What's your style? Do you prefer popular baby names or unique baby names? Are you all about name meanings? Our baby name creator will suggest baby names for you. SWIPE TO RATE NAMES YOU LIKE (OR DON'T LIKE) An easy swipe right or left lets you quickly rate each name, providing our baby name finder the data needed to offer you more baby names you’ll like. When you see a name that's one for your short list, swipe up to save it! INVITE A PARTNER AND FIND BABY NAMES TOGETHER Connect with your partner to share your baby name ideas. When you and your partner both love the same name, it's a match! Baby Names by BabyCenter is a quick, easy, and fun way for you to discover that perfect name. And it’s free (from us, with love)! Features ● Just swipe right, left, or up in an easy and intuitive interface ● Get customized suggestions based on your ratings and preferences ● Choose girl names, boy names, or both ● Add your baby's last name to get a better feel for the name ● Don't see a favorite name? Manually add it to your list ● Use your personal code to connect with a partner ● Make a baby name match with your partner when you both love a name

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Baby Names by BabyCenter app reviews

  • Trash 1/5

    By nnaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh
    The suggested baby names are meaningless hipster trash
  • Limited options 1/5

    By asn8086385
    Names seem very limited. So many names not included.
  • Needs some changes... 3/5

    By BBSR811
    Very easy to use! There is a pretty good variety of names and it tells you the meaning of each if known. A couple repeat names and some really weird alternative names. You CAN add names of your own to your lists. The only real changes or complaints I have about the app are; 1) There is no way to change a “like” to a “nope” or vice versa. You can “favorite” or unfavorite the like list. But other than that no changing once you’ve decided. 2) You are not able to go back and look at the meaning of the names after you put them in one of the lists. 3) I wish there was a feature that you could type in a name you saw outside the app and it would bring up the meaning. ***UPDATE*** you can now look back at your name’s meaning AND change the rate! It also gives the ability to look at names’ meanings you’ve added (I’ve only tried this with more common names). Which is great! I’m only bumping it up to 4 stars though because it did not remove a matched name once I “noped” it. It only makes the changes to your personal list.
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By Flyinfrogg
    I try to log in and all I get is a never ending running circle.
  • A great way to compare names we both like 5/5

    By readcover2cover
    This is a fun and easy way for my husband and I to compare names we like! I just wish you could search for specific names, but I love how easy it is to say yes or no to every name and then look at the ones you’ve liked later. I connected the app with my husband to see which names we both liked, which was a great feature!
  • connection 3/5

    By mariah ✨
    connection was poor 🤨 bc my wifi and data is the suga , honey , iced tea
  • Ok, but could use a few tweaks 4/5

    By semijohn
    Love the concept and it kindof turns name picking into a game. My complaint is that there are so many nonsense names and duplicates. I wish I could change some settings and hide names with no vowels or alternate spellings or biblical names, etc.
  • Eh. 2/5

    By Hhhh89875
    The app is pretty cool in theory but it keeps generating the same names over and over. Also it has very ethnic names for lack of a better word. And a lot of them. I definitely don’t mind them being in there but sometimes I’m on the app for a good 5 minutes without seeing an “American” name...
  • Plz fix bugs 1/5

    By Quartahhh
    The app goes out every few names. One of the best name apps outside of this issue but pretty annoying.
  • It’s hit and miss 2/5

    By NikkiPaolo1026
    When the app works it’s great! But it constantly tells me no connection! Which is super annoying!
  • Rating 5/5

    By Kra101191
    Love it!
  • Lacking many features 2/5

    By ARGrace
    You can save names, but looking up names is difficult. there is no option to search aside from typing the name in. No search by meaning or origin, and only suggestions through the thumbs up/down system. Huge variety of names, though.
  • So Much Spam Emails 2/5

    By Bob Smith6
    The app functions well and is helpful in finding names. The biggest draw back is that they will flood your inbox with baby related emails. Most annoying.
  • Goos 3/5

    By dt6619
    Works as designed. Would be better with filters.
  • Just okay 2/5

    By Annyongbluth
    I like the like/dislike feature of this app. I don’t like that I seemed to cycle through all the name suggestions in a matter of minutes. That said, I did get some good suggestions and will add them to my list.
  • Clearly a cash grab aimed at collecting your personal info. 2/5

    By Bfarnn
    The baby industrial complex doing its thing, I guess.
  • Not bad 3/5

    By kwilsen266709
    Wish there was an option to for back and “like” a name you accidentally “disliked”
  • Could be great 3/5

    By ThatShortChicky
    This would be great if it was available on the android platform as well as apple (for my SO’s use) and if I could change my mind about a name. There should be a way to remove something from the “nope” list at the very least!
  • Android 3/5

    By bquiz06
    Please make this available for Android. My husband has an android, so he can’t download it and connect as my partner.
  • Ok, but........ 3/5

    By ARJozwik1989
    I like the idea, but you should be able to edit your choices. You get caught up in swiping and sometimes you swipe the wrong way. The name is then forever stuck in the wrong category!
  • Can’t switch a name, if you accidentally thumbs down 2/5

    By KKM9614
    You should be able to go into the list of names you’ve voted on and switch a name from no to yes and the other way around! How is that not a thing?!
  • Trouble loading 1/5

    By Amberkrak
    Constant trouble loading and girls names mixed in with boys names. Not impressed
  • Needs work 2/5

    By KellyCU131
    Not a fan of the same name with 20 different spellings showing up. If I dislike a name, that should apply to all versions of it. Also impossible to remove names from your like or favorite list or undo a dislike (was in the zone of disliking all the alternate spellings of ones I already disliked and a good one popped up but I hit dislike to quickly and couldn’t undo.)
  • Pages not loading fully 1/5

    By TomboyChica
    When I open the app, the first page just says "Boy or girl name?" In the upper left hand corner with a completely blank white page. This is a good app concept and would be extremely helpful if it worked properly.
  • Needs option to change choices!! 2/5

    By AchelleChavez
    I accidentally liked 2 names trying to go back and now I can’t get them to go away!! Fix it! People have been complaining for months.
  • Annoying repetition 3/5

    By expecting nellie
    There are a lot of repeated names. After awhile it seems like it’s just all repeating.
  • Need some work. 3/5

    By bikehorn
    A few features this app doesn’t have: - ability change your selections - a “maybe” option - nesting all spellings together (I had no idea there were so many ways to misspell Kennedy to turn it into a crappy girls name) - themed lists to hone selection
  • Doesn’t stay connected, repeat names 1/5

    By The Fairmans
    The app constantly shows a ‘trouble loading, tap to retry’ making it impossible to use. It also shows you almost identical names or same name different spellings. If I don’t like the name “Sarah”, don’t show me twelve different spellings of it. There’s also way more girl names than boy, and even filtering by boy names a few girl names would pop up. This app has potential but needs work.
  • Good idea but needs quick update 2/5

    By waskman1
    Major flaws which should be easily fixed because these apps are all the same: 1: less variations of names. 2/3 of the names are the same name spelled every conceivable way 2: some way to undo a bad swipe 3: fix connectivity issues
  • Unstructured/unfiltered 1/5

    By johnny_writes
    Would prefer the option to filter names by alphabet or popularity.
  • Good Idea, Not Quite There 3/5

    By MarcTime
    The app works well and it’s fun to swipe the names left and right to get a list going. It’s also great to be able to connect with a partner to see what names you have in common. With that said, the app needs a lot of work and polish to add some really basic features. It’s a little crazy that you can go back and correct a mistake or move a name from dislike to like or vice versa. It’s also kind of a no-brainer to allow people to look at their lists and click on a name to revisit the name’s meaning. Currently, you can only see the meaning of the name when swiping. If you swipe the name, you can never look up the meaning again since the names aren’t interactive any longer. The same names also keep coming up for some reason while swiping (same and different spellings). Lastly, there needs to be some kind of filter for culture as well as other kinds of intelligence in the app. The overwhelming majority of names of English/Irish origin. There is very little ethnic diversity. These small tweaks would make the app five stars.
  • No undo function 1/5

    By TU Greystones
    I was trying to figure the app out and ended up selecting names I like that I don’t actually like. The app doesn’t allow those to be deleted. The app is totally useless to me now and will be deleted. Not giving people the ability to remove or undo a mistake is a big miss.
  • Baby center 5/5

    By zahramb
    Very much so. Explain everything in detail. Easy and clear. I love it
  • Great idea but glitches 2/5

    By Can't use points from app
    Nice idea. But constant glitching with the flash card part
  • Why can’t you undo a swipe left! 3/5

    By Lydev
    Good concept, but they really need a Feature that lets you undo “disliking” a name when you make a mistake.
  • Love the app 5/5

    By Nat849
    Free and easy to use! Good mix of traditional and non traditional names!!
  • A lot of names but no way to change list 3/5

    By SEGlavan
    I really enjoy the abundance of names on this app and the ease with which you can go through them. You can get through hundreds of names really quickly, but if you make a mistake there is no way to go back and change it on your list. This is frustrating because you can’t add of delete a name from your list once it’s on there. Other than that, it’s pretty useful and easy to use.
  • Name my baby BOY Maria?? 2/5

    By Boston destroyers
    This app is okay. But instead of flipping thru 1,000 names, it should have more features. Like names from certain country’s or ethic backgrounds. Websites have this feature but I’d like it in this baby name app. I also keep getting girl names looking for boys names...anybody know a guy named Maria, Naomi?!??
  • You can’t change your mind 1/5

    By Vanessa Rocha de Souza
    There’s no undo button
  • Fun 4/5

    By Heather lamb
    I’m enjoying the app. Wish I could delete names that I’ve liked after I’ve thought about it more. Seems you’re stuck with them on your list once you’ve liked them.
  • A few changes could go a long way 3/5

    By RaeFran
    I wish you could move a name that you accidentally “liked” or changed your mind on (or vice versa). It also doesn’t suggest names based on what you have liked in the past. Why does it need to keep sending names of different spellings? Especially when I say no to the untraditional spelling every time
  • No delete button 2/5

    By Winadream
    I've messed up a few times with picking names, but once I make a mistake there is no going back to edit my list.....annoying.
  • Can't get past first page 1/5

    By iPhone user 100000
    Some sort of bug - I can't even get past the first page where you choose the gender!
  • Like it! 4/5

    By PoorReviewer
    But you aren’t able to view the meaning of the name after you like them. Should be able to open those back up would help. We still have time to pick a name... fix it!
  • Okay to make a list... then.... 3/5

    By Pipen B
    Like the swiping to make list and that there is some info when scrolling through the names while creating the list. But once the list is made your limited to with adding or subtracting from favorites list. Can’t click on name to get more info or delete it from the list all together.
  • Worst 1/5

    By Gearjunky92
    App did not didn't stop them from spam emailing me.
  • Like it but how do I delete a mistake 2/5

    By paige_culnan
    My husband and I are using this app and we like it. Really we do... but it’s annoying cause we’ve both favorited things or liked things the we now have decided nah too and can’t find a way to REMOVE it from our lists. Maybe we are just dumb and are missing the obvious but there’s no tap and hold. No swipe to the left. No edit and then hit a minus. Nothing. I want a delete!
  • How do you edit or undo? 2/5

    By Mariel AK
    There really needs a easy way to take names off your list.
  • Good concept that needs work 2/5

    By AliasInc
    Great idea, but not yet a home run. There’s no way to undo a mistake of disliking a name. You’re looking at so many names at once. Mistakes are bound to happen. Also, if you’re going to mix in made up names, you should allow folks to filter those out. Most of them are alternative spellings or just ridiculous. The various spellings for a name should be on one card. I don’t want to waste time saying no twenty times to the same name just because the letters have been tinkered with. I’m a little embarrassed I sent this to my husband now. It can be hard to find a way for couples to connect on names, so sending a mediocre app as a way of conjuring interest might backfire if your partner feels like they’re wasting their time trudging through card upon card of nonsense.

Baby Names by BabyCenter app comments

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