Baby Tracker - Newborn Log

Baby Tracker - Newborn Log

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  • Current Version: 3.06
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Nighp Software LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Baby Tracker - Newborn Log App

Baby Tracker features native user interface for both iPhone and iPad, and is the only log for your baby’s health that allows syncing among multiple devices without compromising your privacy. Designed by busy parents, for busy parents, Baby Tracker offers a simple, streamlined way to track your baby’s daily habits, health, and exciting “firsts” of those precious early days and months. Record feedings, diaper changes, and sleep patterns with a quick one-handed tap, then feel free to go back later and add details and even photos. Baby Tracker makes it simple to track all of your child’s important information for doctors and caregivers, as well as share all the exciting milestones of his or her development with friends and family. Perhaps most importantly, Baby Tracker handles all the details so you never have to take significant time away from the joys of parenting. Comprehensive Feedings Tracker * Start and stop nursing timer with one tap for convenience and accuracy * Settings for nursing, formula, solids, or any combination. * Track time nursing per breast and total for full nursing session * Tracks pumping totals as well as feedings * Notes section allows you to enter details on formula brand, preferences, or allergic response Track Diaper Changes * Summary screen shows time of last changing, along with feedings, and sleep schedule * Accurate records mean faster response time for concerns like dehydration, constipation, or diarrhea * Easily share documentation on bowel habits with doctors or caregivers Sleep Schedule * Know exactly the date that your baby starts sleeping through the night * Recognize nap time and nighttime sleep patterns to better plan your day or share with caregivers * Compare against other data to more easily track down potential causes for baby’s fussiness * Set alarms for putting baby down or to create more structured nighttime feeding sessions Growth Records * Enter measurement data and compare against World Health Organization averages * See baby’s progress and growth over weeks, months, and years * Look at logs to compare them for a more comprehensive overview of your baby’s health and wellbeing. Milestones * Make custom categories for baby’s first smile, first tooth, or first step * Snap a picture on the spot, or add one from your existing library * Use photos for a gallery-style album of baby’s goals and achievements * Create an entry with a quick tap, or include journal notes for more detail Health * Log medical history such as medications, vaccine shots, and temperature checks Data Interpretation * View logged data by day, week, or month * Shows previous 7 days and previous 30 days * Quickly identify data patterns, habitual trends, or abnormalities * Export data via email as a PDF * Print directly from app to add physical copies to your personal records Data Sync and Auto Backup * Works with iCloud or Dropbox for secure, cloud-based auto backup * Sync data among multiple devices for all caregivers or easy sharing of your baby’s progress with others * Clone data to another device using AirDrop for a fast transfer that doesn’t eat up your data plan


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Baby Tracker - Newborn Log app reviews

  • I never write reviews 5/5

    By Dcf91810
    This app is a lifesaver. I use this all day every day with my newborn. I track all of my pain medication and exactly how much he nurses. I even pull my phone out in doctor visits to tell the doctor his diaper schedule because of this app. I am so thankful for this app!
  • Love 5/5

    By Miche Kole
    This is great! Very helpful.
  • Limited feeding options 4/5

    By Movieeeree
    I wish there was a bottle feeding option for those of us that have to exclusively pump and feed breastmilk. But all bottle feeding is labeled as formula and that’s just not the case. Just because I’m unable to nurse doesn’t mean my baby isn’t getting only breastmilk. Other than that, it’s a great app to help multiple caretakers keep a record of baby’s activities.
  • Worth the purchase! 5/5

    By Mkrus123456743
    This makes it so easy to keep track of feedings! As an exclusive breastfeeding mom whose baby only takes one breast per feeding, this app makes it easy to know which breast I’m on. Before I was using a hair tie on the hand I used last but I would forget! Plus this app makes it easy to see the leap weeks and growth spurts by showing the cluster feeding and weight/height charts!
  • The BEST 5/5

    By Jenwski
    I searched for an app to help me track my pumping and breastfeeding while my baby was in NICU for 4 days. Little did I realize how much I would love this app once we left the hospital! I bought the pro because I wanted to share this with my husband. I don’t know that I needed to purchase, but I would have spent well over the $5 price tag! Since we have a preemie and this is our first, we use it to track food intake, diapers, my pumping, medication, and a daily medical procedure. We both figured it out right away, which for two sleep deprived parents is a feat! The only thing I made a mistake on was using the free version while in the hospital, and then I switched to pro after. It didn’t transfer over the data, and although support gave me instructions on how to do that, I ended up manually transferring. If you plan on using an app like this, just get the pro off the bat!
  • New mom’s best friend 5/5

    By Becks847462526484
    My baby is now 7 weeks and I have been using the Baby Tracker app every day since birth. It has been the only way for me to track everything - from nursing sessions to pumping and bottle feeds as well as when we give him different drops or medicines. It is essential!
  • Room to improve but an AWESOME app 4/5

    By ElleNYC_SH
    Really helps a lot in keeping tracks on how baby’s doing! Really handy for diaper track, feeding track and so on. One thing I think it could be more helpful is to have some hands free motion or reminder to start and end feeding session. It’s difficult to start at the exact moment I am feeding for obvious reason and if only I can just shake to start. Also, I sometimes forgot about ending the feeding session when I did and lost track on time. If only there is a reminder for me. But all in all, it is great.
  • So easy to use 5/5

    By J Farver
    I love the clean interface
  • Cannot share baby log with partner 3/5

    By whoismikechow
    Needs to do this!!
  • Would be 5* if fixed! 4/5

    By mkstritt
    Love this app but for some reason the cereal/food icon doesn’t show up on my phone. What the heck?!
  • Happy 5/5

    By MollyNatelli
    Cannot imagine parenting without this app!
  • Game changer 5/5

    By Adna1219
    Best baby tracking app, feeding life saver!!
  • Love it 5/5

    By Fab1214
    Love this app for tracking feedings and diaper changes.
  • Love BabyTracker App! 5/5

    By bbbabybug
    the BabyTracker App improved quality of life for both baby and me! No more pen and paper frustrations as a first time mom trying to log diaper changes, sleep schedule, nursing vs pumping amounts, etc! This user friendly app does it all! Had a free 7 day trial of the full version, but in less than 48 hours I was convinced of it’s ‘sanity saving’ abilities I upgraded to the full version. Also love that the app can be synced between apple and android devices :) My only improvement wish/suggestion: the ability to remove date(s) from the statistics (by selecting or deselecting) w/o actually deleting data... would be helpful for when daddy doesn’t enter anything for the whole day or when grandparents watch baby all day which skews the averages :/ But nonetheless LOVE the app and totally recommend it, especially for first time parents :)
  • Love! 5/5

    By Bo Mc Knows Music
    Was great for keeping track of thing with my son. Especially when I was so tired I could barely remember anything.
  • Lifesaver 5/5

    By KMstanton
    This app is incredible! It helps me keep track of feeding times and duration, diaper changes, and even my medications!! Literally don’t have one bad thing to say about it.
  • Amazing so far 🤗 5/5

    By Racheshu
    I have been using this app to track my NB’s stats since I brought him home. I love that it’s super easy to use and that you can go back and fill in the gaps if you miss the event happening in real time. Our baby had jaundice so it was also helpful having the total summary of events easily on hand concerning bowel movements. I also like the chart/graph feature so I can start seeing the patterns in my baby’s day visually and try to “plan” accordingly. I currently would highly highly recommend this app!
  • Brilliant 5/5

    By DutchGirl74
    Syncing between devices allows Mom and Dad to both keep track of baby. What a great app
  • Great tool when you’re baby is a preemie and needs extra monitoring 5/5

    By Gulley_A
  • awesome app 5/5

    By shisaq
    Highly recommend! My wife and I could share the same data. It's really convenient!
  • A life saver! 5/5

    By DubSieRenasty
    We were trying to log it all in a notebook which became more of a hassle than anything. We love the fact we can have the app on multiple devices and sync. I have recommended to my groups and will continue to recommend to anyone with a small child. The only thing that would make this better is having the feeding timer pop up on the lock screen. Having to unlock and get back to the app in the middle of the night can be frustrating. Still, 5 stars all the way!
  • Not Good 1/5

    By AJA2004
    Can’t get the sync and sharing functionality to work. UI is clunky. There are better Apps in the store.
  • Great Apple Watch app 5/5

    By schweikma
    The app is easy to use on the watch.
  • Handy App! 4/5

    By this shouldnt have been produced
    At first glance, this app doesn’t look like much but I have been pleasantly surprised over the past few months! The app is able to record the simplest of things from diaper changes to developmental milestones. I also like the growth tracker and the graphs the app records! The app could use a facelift but other than that, it’s have been extremely satisfied!
  • Excellent with one suggestion 4/5

    By NICUnurse85
    I ranked this app 4 out of 5 stars because it is an amazing app but not perfect. I love everything about this app but my one suggestion would be to offer in the settings a choice on what time your day starts. Right now the only option is that the day runs midnight to midnight. So all numbers and charts are calculated based on that. I wish I could set my day to start at, for example 7am, and I would see the numbers from 7a to 7a the next day.
  • Great App! 5/5

    By Qwaszxcderfv
    I love that my husband, nanny and any additional babysitters can all link up with my babytracker so I can see what’s happening during the day!
  • Good, needs a few more things 5/5

    By Fadofils
    Great for tracking everything that the pediatrician asks about, plus it’s helpful in figuring out what baby needs. I just wish it had a bath and mood tracker or options to add them.
  • You probably need this. 5/5

    By Fever dreamer :)
    Unless your wife and you are consistent and extensive note takers, this app will save your skins. We both have it downloaded under the same account and it automatically syncs all info to both phones so while she’s sleeping, I’m burping and changing and every movement is tracked. This thing tracks diaper changes with poo and pee trackers, times fed, how long and when baby’s fed (bottle/boob), which boob baby started on, when and how long baby’s slept, and it’s all super user friendly and easily tracks and displays all data. This is super helpful at three in the morning when you can’t see straight, two buttons for almost anything and it’s all synced up to both phones so mom can get time to sleep and recover. God bless this app and whoever made it.
  • This is a mom’s best friend 5/5

    By Cottonwood Momma
    This app is incredibly useful for tracking breastfeeding, diapers, milestones, & room to add extras, that are unique to your baby. Also helps to see trends and excellent reference for well child visits, etc.!!
  • First Class - Absolutely Amazing 5/5

    By The Duke of Florida
    I don’t know how people raised kids before this app. This allows my wife and I to know what’s going on with the baby at all times. Most couples could be better at communicating and this simplifies it for everyone. Our baby has never had diaper rash. The baby never has to wear a diaper longer than 2 hours because we always know when it was last changed and if was a 1 or 2 or 1&2. We always know the answers to the Doctors question because it’s in the app and we can even show chart to her of sleep, eat, nurse, or crap. Best app ever for making sure your baby is always first priority and taken care of first class. I’d be a spokesperson for the app if they would pay me. Absolutely Amazing!!
  • First rate app! 5/5

    By Benny1560
    Does nearly everything I could think of. The fact that it syncs over multiple devices is icing on the cake.
  • Free version has all I need 5/5

    By MGD377345
    I’ve been using the free version of this app for 2 weeks. I’m able to track feedings (breast, pumped milk, formula), diaper changes, and breast pumping output. The app calculates my pumped milk inventory and subtracts when I log a pumped milk feeding. I’m able to track his growth, milestones, and activities. Medications can be tracked too (I’ve used for my own medications and just add a comment that it was for me). It’s really easy to go back and correct entries and review previous day’s’ statistics. I can easily see how my breast pumping output has increased daily, as well as how much breast milk versus formula my baby has had. (I’ve chosen to exclusively pump and supplement, as he lost too much weight breast feeding). I would definitely recommend the free version of this app and perhaps the paid version is more useful if one would want to share data among other devices/caregivers and use the many other features it boasts.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Dorky moneyless
    This app makes it so easy to keep track of my baby girls feeding and sleep. I love the charting helps me to keep up with her schedule.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Asrfgk
    I especially love that this shows up as a widget!! It makes it super easy to keep track.
  • Keeps track of everything in one place 5/5

    By Cjchang41
    Plus it’s free so my husband (Android) and I (iPhone) can switch off shifts in the middle of the night seamlessly.
  • Great way to track feedings 4/5

    By Xsteveo37
    Easy to use. I just wish the feeding icons were more clear between bottles (pumped milk) feeding and bottle (formula) feedings
  • Love This App! 5/5

    By K💋💕
    multi uses yet so simple! makes keeping track of my newborn daily tasks a breeze
  • Great app 5/5

    By ShinseiRyu
    We have been using it for our new born and find it helpful. It beats using a pen and paper to track these things.
  • Nice app 5/5

    By HilariousHijacker
    Very useful app. its confusing to use initially. But once u get a hang of it, it does the job. lot of design improvements and user interactions can be made simple.
  • Super helpful for nursing 5/5

    By DaniS14
    As first time parents this app has been incredibly helpful to track our nursing time and help ensure the we are getting 8-12 times in 24 hours for on demand feeding. And the ability to keep track of wets & poops which is the only way to know if your baby is getting enough milk with breastfeeding. It syncs easily between mommy and daddy so we can keep it straight even at 3am!
  • Everything!! 5/5

    By DarrylTG
    They thought of everything when they made this app! Kudos to the development team. 5 stars so far!
  • #NoniLife has been easier with this app! 5/5

    By imvernie
    I am really enjoying this app! It is SO much easier for me to log my 6m & 9m old grands feedings, changes, tummy time, play time, medications...EVERYTHING—I am sad I didn’t hear about it or come across it sooner because I can’t remember it of the “1st’s” for my 9m old grand. Anyways, no complaints at this time! Thank You SO Much for being SO smart!
  • Indispensable 5/5

    By fgray01
    What a clever and handy app!
  • Was great until the trial ended 1/5

    By asurs91
    I used this app religiously throughout my newborn’s first few weeks. Although there are a TON of other baby track apps on iTunes, I chose this one because of the capability to track my baby’s sleep on my iWatch. Now that the trial is over (which, I did not even know what I had was the trial version), this app is worthless to me. I’ll have to transfer my baby’s schedule to another iWatch capable app now... so frustrating!
  • The Best Baby Tracking App 5/5

    By JenniACam
    This baby tracking app has it all. You can track feedings (formula, breastfeeding, and food), sleep, pumping, diapers, growth all in one app for one or more children. You can also sync your information across devices to allow access to the information from multiple devices including devices of a spouse and caregiver. If you’re a data nerd, the paid app comes with some really nice features to help you track patterns in baby’s schedule from day to day.
  • 很好用的app 5/5

    By Oscar & Oliver
  • Amazing app for parents, caretakers, etc. 5/5

    By mamabear4321
    I have been using this app for 2 years with my toddler and newborn. I love everything about this app. Especially the ability to sync between different users/phones. Grandma even has it on her phone and marks all the kid’s naps and feedings when she watches them. It makes life so much easier and helps me keep track of everything like nursing, diaper changes, food, medicine, and even milestones! I don’t know what I would do without this app!!
  • Baby tracker rating 4/5

    By Charlis Grandma
    Love it! Easy to use, adjustable as the baby grows. Great when having multiple caregivers. The only reason I won’t give it 5 stars is the stupid ads at the bottom of the page. They block part of the app, very annoying!
  • Best baby app 5/5

    By Alvat300
    Best baby app for documenting feedings and sleep. My baby is 16 weeks now and I’ve use it every single day. The widget on your phone tells you how long ago last feeding was, allowing me to prepare a couple minutes prior. Also, has a chart that shows averages and trends. I’m an RN, so documenting is very important to me and this app is very good. Also, allows notes to be input with each documentation. Love it.
  • Worth the download 5/5

    By christine sutton
    Easy to use and perfect for what you need to track baby with

Baby Tracker - Newborn Log app comments


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