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Baby + App

New baby? Track your baby’s development and save those special moments forever. Get the supportive Baby App for moms and dads! Baby+ is the most complete baby app giving you everything you need in just one App! GATHER INFORMATION - Daily Blog Articles - Week by Week Development Info - Parenting Guides - Breastfeeding Guides & Support - After Birth Recovery Tips - Articles on Activities to do with your baby TRACK DEVELOPMENT - Baby Growth Tracker - Diaper Tracker - Feeding Tracker - Pumping Tracker - Sleeping Tracker - Health Tracker - Milestones Log CAPTURE MEMORABLE MOMENTS - Baby Diary - Your Baby’s Firsts - Face a Day - Create a Timelapse video - Consolidate it all into a Yearbook ADDITIONAL TOOLS - Sleep assisting sounds - Track your baby's teeth - Add any Appointments - Monitor your weight - Track more than one child! -------------------------------------------------- Baby+ is developed by Health & Parenting, the makers of the worldwide No.1 Pregnancy App ‘Pregnancy +’ with over 25 million downloads to date. Health & Parenting supports you at every stage of being a parent. -------------------------------------------------- Privacy Policy: Terms of Use: -------------------------------------------------- Baby+ syncs with Apple’s Health App, but cannot read from or write to the Health App Database unless you grant access. This Baby App is not intended for medical use, or to replace the advice of a trained medical doctor. Philips Consumer Lifestyle B.V. disclaims any liability for the use or misuse you make based on the App, which is provided to you on a general information basis only and not as a substitute for personalised medical advice. If you have any concerns about your health or your baby’s, consult with your doctor, paediatrician or healthcare provider immediately.

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  • What happened to teeth!? 1/5

    By ealmeidabeers
    Went to log in to add a new tooth and the entire tooth tracking feature is gone?! Now I need a new app.
  • Baby weight has to start at 70lb!! 1/5

    By Venus_23
    App is junk, just downloaded and try to enter the babies initial weight and the minimum I can add is 70lb. I don’t know in which world the baby weight will be 70lb.
  • Was so much better 2/5

    By babybrissx2
    We loved this app when our daughter was first born and for the following months- we didn’t use it so much while traveling this summer and once we went to use it again it had gone through an update and i can’t find any of the helpful tools that used to be there, or the last info that we had put in. SO disappointing
  • Lost data & unhappy with update 1/5

    By lgold1
    I would’ve given this app a 5 star rating before the most recent update. After delaying updating it because of the horrible UI design and missing features I saw when my husband updated it, I was later forced to update it with a pop up message. I reluctantly updated and now the app takes 45+ seconds to open and sometimes doesn’t open at all and crashes. As if this wasn’t bad enough, I lost all of my data from the time the update came out and when I updated it. I have used the face-a-day feature and the diary every day since my 14 month old daughter was born. To say I was upset, is an understatement. The app was designed so well and was quick and easy to use. I loved the doctor’s appointment page and would include a summary of her stats and a picture after each visit, and now the photos have been removed. We use the white noise during nap time and for a couple of weeks, this feature was removed and said “coming soon.” I have contacted their customer service twice about restoring my data and still haven’t heard back. Please email me back to correct this and I will revise my review. Until then, I am a disgruntled and unsatisfied customer who previously loved your app and raved about it to my friends and family.
  • Weight 5/5

    By Nene_123567755311
    Everything’s okay with the app. However, when you go to input the weight it says you can’t input anything less than 70 lbs or greater than 526 lbs. I hope there’s no babies being born weighing 70 lbs. poor mom 😂
  • Great app, wish sharing was an option 4/5

    By 303eribear
    This app is great for tracking feedings and stats easily. One wish is that I could share the app with my partner so he can log and view feedings and stats as well.
  • Please update 3/5

    By veggy_head
    I’d love to be able to adjust start time of naps. The timer is great but often not by my phone as the baby starts to sleep. Time passes and I go to log only to see I can enter it as a full nap time instead of one in session. Otherwise, great app!
  • new update. 2/5

    By vchorvat
    I don’t like the new app update. The one before was just simple and good.
  • Overall, I like this app 4/5

    By alwyzonmymnd
    I appreciate the feeding timer, diaper logs, and ability to keep track of my child’s measurements. I also like the daily age-appropriate stories and recommendations. Unfortunately I’ve gotten a “can’t restore” pop up a few times over the last month. Shortly after, I notice missing logs. Unfortunately I got the pop up this morning and am now missing almost 48 hours of breastfeeding and diaper logs. I emailed customer support about the issue this morning.
  • First time parents 3/5

    By Juicetehlume
    Great app when it is working, very glitchy, loses data on feeding time and diaper changes. 😒
  • I’m VERY UPSET 1/5

    By CArriAnna511
    been using this app since my baby was born 2 weeks ago. It was wonderful! Then I wake up this morning and all my data for the last 24 hours is GONE. I kept track with his diaper changes and feeding times so this inconvenience is terribly timed! Also, just as something else that bothers me is I always have to change the feeding from breast to formula 🙄 i want my data back! This update ruined it 😑
  • What happened?! 2/5

    By MsKim3
    We’ve been using this app since my son was born in Nov 2018 and it’s been perfect! My husband, our nanny and I all have it on our phones and we’ve been able to seamlessly take care of everything and pick up right where the last person left off. Ever since this update though it’s been a nightmare!! For example yesterday an update was sent— it just erased EVERYTHING for this entire week! All naps, diapers, feeding gone! And the sleep button does not work seamlessly. If I start a nap and my nanny takes over she cannot stop the timer. My timer continues running for 24 hours and then it starts saying there’s a conflicting nap and no one can enter anything. Is there any way to go back to the old app?! I know you’ve tried to improve this but it was perfect before!! Now we’re having SO many issues and we may need to find another app.
  • I miss the old version 3/5

    By Julienoemi_
    Update: You can definitely tell that they’re reading the reviews and updating for the better. With its latest update, the sleep tracker is back and I’m so happy!! The font on the full history is a bit darker, which makes it much better to read. The white noise and lullabies are back. Now I do think it needs some more tweaks. The chart to sleep should be able to tell you how much he is sleeping everyday. It just has the average on top. I also think all the charts should have gotten the font color darkened as well. Being able to adjust the sleep time should also be an option again. Us parents are so busy and forgetful that you can’t possibly expect us to start the timer the moment they fall asleep. It would also be helpful if we got that reminder if we’re still feeding when we open the app. Omg. So I wake up at 2am to feed my newborn and I come across this “update”. At first I thought I opened the wrong app because it is COMPLETELY different. I miss the simplicity of the old app. Now I do think that the old version needed upgrades to make the app more sufficient. But this version needs an entire makeover. The home screen was much better before. It would tell me all the “time since” that I needed to know and what breast my baby fed on. Now I’m greeted with a picture of some random baby (yes he’s cute but I could live without him) and a dog?! You have to scroll down to be able to see the “time since”. The Last Fed should be from the beginning of the feeding (like it was before) not the ending because that’s what doctors and nurses have told me to take in account on when to feed again. Now idk about you but I don’t always go running to my app the VERY second that my baby starts feeding or sleeping and the fact that I can’t change the time of start is very annoying. Oh wait technically you can but not until he is done, which at this point you will probably forget or not remember what time it was. The tracking of everything is also horrible. Where do I even begin? I can see how long he fed for and at what time. But why would you make it so complicated to see what breast he fed on? Also instead of seeing how long he fed on each breast everyday I’d rather see the total amount of time he fed everyday. Tracking sleep is also difficult now. The app displays total hours slept of the week but to find out how much he slept everyday I have to read the bar graph (which isn’t easy because the lines are so faint). Lastly, the font is hard on the eyes. The background is white and the letters are a light gray. Seriously?
  • Thank you! 5/5

    By And herí
    Thank you for listening to us and bringing all of our things back. I missed the sleeping chart!!! Thank you! Now you are back to the PERFECT APP STATUS!!!
  • Love it! 5/5

    By ShadAubs
    I love this app so much! It makes taking care of my baby way less stressful! It’s super easy to use and has a lot of options!
  • New update not good!!! 5/5

    By ddiority
    What’s wrong with this new updated version??? 1. Where are all those white noises? ( it keeps saying “coming soon”!!!!!!) my baby is really used to sleep with them, 2. Why I can not neither change nor delet growth track inputs? I had no problem with the previous version...
  • Great for tracking! 4/5

    By djsisn
    I love this apps definitely helps with feeds and diapers since it’s most commonly asked at drs. Visits. Also helped with breastfeeding to keep track of which breast I used last so I know which one to start with at next feed. One small complaint ...sometimes when I open app it starts over and wants me to make a new account. ( thinking I’ve lost all my data) easy fix just close and reopen app and it’s all there again!
  • Update ruined it 2/5

    By Egaudet
    This was my favorite app. I did extensive research before my 10 month old was born to find the best tracking app my husband and I could use. We used this religiously for almost 11 months and this new update is a huge disappointment. Not being able to edit the start of a sleep time (who starts the timer the MINUTE their child falls asleep? I can’t believe I can no longer start it 15 minutes ago but have to edit later by memory-which defeats the purpose of the app) is a huge problem. As well as losing the 24 hour sleep chart that was so useful. (Still waiting on the promised update with that coming back). Clearly marketers got their design hands on a well developed app and may have made this look more modern and “fresh” but its functionality and user friendliness are gone. I do NOT need a “feed” like function in this app. It is for data, it is not social/interactive nor do I want it to be. I also don’t need your stock photos and visual updates. I am so sad and want my old, super useful app back. I am less concerned about looks and just want it to work. Now I will go hunting for a new app to use before baby #2 arrives.
  • Not working 1/5

    By A.kiva
    after the last update the application does not open
  • Unreliable 1/5

    By Krista Parent
    They recently changed their app and nothing is the same about it. I’ve also messaged and asked when they were putting the sounds back on and they said within the next week. And that’s been over 3 weeks ago. My son used to be able to fall asleep listening to those sounds and I can’t find the exact one he liked.
  • Changes ruined the app 1/5

    By * eem *
    All of my sleep data graphs that I was using were gone after the update. The bottle is always set to breast milk when my baby only drinks formula from a bottle, so we have to change it every time. I used the sound functions all of the time and now they are gone. I used to be able to start a sleep cycle at any time and let it go until she woke up. Now I have to hit it right when she goes to sleep or I have to add time on the front when she wakes up. Same with breastfeeding timer. I was reliant on this app and now I hate it. I’m searching for a new app that works like this one used to work. Very frustrated.
  • I can’t add my sons correct weight 1/5

    By mommy2wes
    When I go to type in my sons information (weight) it says it cannot be recorded. The weight stays at 70 lbs....he’s only 11. Deleting the app. Pointless
  • Okay 3/5

    By Agbjflbe
    This is a great app to get tips & keep track of your child’s development. Or at least it used to be. They did an update & the app is no longer easy to navigate. The information is still good, but the update has made the app less attractive. I don’t use it much anymore & I used to use it daily. It’s a shame.
  • Missing the graphs! 4/5

    By Stellenbosch10
    Can we please bring back the charts that graphed sleeping?! I miss them so much!!!!!!
  • Won’t let me redownload 3/5

    By adtrgirl0119
    I liked it when I had it downloaded, but now it won’t let me redownload it. Would really like it to be fixed so I can use it before my baby is born
  • Loved this app then the glitches 5/5

    By Pkgrl
    So the app updated automatically and I was caught off guard. Some of the updates are full of bugs. It will not let me enter my son’s weight correctly. It’s so frustrating I finally gave up. PLEASE FIX! I love this app and want to continue using it but now I’m afraid my data will not be entered accurately .
  • Teething Tracker Removed 1/5

    By chadmac14
    Removed teething chart and I lost my son’s info
  • Game changer 5/5

    By MaMa KPP
    I downloaded several apps in search of the best. This app is so well done and covers all the basis. It not only helps tracking but also allows me to record milestones and memories. We live far from our family so I love to share baby updates with the grandparents. The whole family enjoys watching our little one grow.
  • Needs a bug fixed! 3/5

    By Kalfnakfbau
    This has been my favorite app to track my nursing & dirty diapers with my first newborn. However, when I was nursing at 1am, I hit the timer for it to start and it wouldn’t start counting. (not a great situation for 1am). I had to close out the app & reopen it for it work and apparently it had been timing, it just wasn’t showing. Other than this minor issue, it’s my favorite!
  • Hate the new version 1/5

    By tax vb
    Too convoluted. Can’t sync app with a partner
  • Frustrated 1/5

    By KimPossible602
    I loved this app until the last update. All the sounds are gone! I relied on them now they’ve disappeared. I used all the features when my baby was a newborn but by 5 months I really only needed the sounds, specifically my daughter loved their version of the alphabet song.
  • Great App, low rating to get the developers attention 1/5

    By Honeybee1926
    This is an amazing app but some of the changes dont help the mothers. 1. Feeding: the summary is useless, it just tells me the total of solids and liquids, and it doesnt include nursing! I cant see when was last time I fed him or what. If I want to see this I have to see all sections. The previos performance was way more useful. I don’t like that I have to put the exact amount of oz in the solids section or it wont let me save it, before you would put total oz ounces and mark what type (protein, grain, etc) and save it. 2. Soothing: I cant do a manual entry at an earlier time and keep the the clock running. If the baby fell asleep 20 mins ago and I forgot to mark the time, I lose those 20 mins because I have to put an end time before saving. I enjoy that now I can put the exact time the baby fell asleep or the exact amount of food the baby ate instead of going in increments. Excellent customer service, I once lost 1 day of data and the engineers restored it fast.
  • Mommy of twins 2/5

    By vmtz6
    Before the update i would give this app 5 stars. I’m normally not the one to write reviews but I’m frustrated with this new version. I’m a mom of twins and it’s difficult to even switch from one baby’s profile to the next! Tracking feedings and diaper changes was done by just clicking the + on the home page which was really convenient when doing so at night when I’m half asleep. Also i have to change what type of feeding EVERY TIME when it before you can simply save just formula or breast. I would search for another app but I’ve been having it since my twins were born and would hate to input all the data. Please bring back the old version!
  • Age 3/5

    By s ferraro
    It says my son is 7weeks .. he’s not 7 weeks .. is this an error?
  • This was the BEST baby app until this last update! 2/5

    By Malu34
    I am SO SO SAD that this last update doesn’t have anymore a lot of important options, such as - register feedings easily: I think they didn’t thought about a baby with mix type of feedings (breast milk and solids, for example). You can’t see all the feedings of the day at the same time. Only one category for time. - you can’t register the breastfeeding time later. Only with a timer... that’s impossible for any mom! - no more white noise! - no more baby book! Please please consider to review this problems! Best, Aline
  • Best app, until latest version. 3/5

    By iambaskar
    We absolutely loved the older version (less than 2.0) and would give 5 star for the same. However, we don't like the newer version for several reasons. - Cannot add manual sleep entry while live tracker is running. Sometimes we need to add manual entry for previous sleep times that are not marked. - Cannot add live sleeping entry with past time. Say, we put baby on sleep and update in the app after 10 mins or so. - In order to view the references chart or sample schedule chart, we need to scroll through all the entries we have made so far, literally 1000s of entries. There should be a better way. - Average sleep per weak data is missing. May be you can consider adding it in overview chart, next to total sleep per week. - There is no easy way to identify last breast that was fed to the baby apart from clicking through each entry. Graph showing total on each side is fine, but the full history should show the sides. - Allow feeding session end time to be in future. Many times mom knows how long the baby will feed approx. and don’t want to come back again to the app for stopping/ editing the feeding session. - There is no single place where we can see the sequence of feeding - nursing, expressing, bottle, solids and compare them with previous day for following a regular routine. - For some reason, we are finding it difficult to add feeding input with the latest version. That slide bar is not that intuitive. Most of the time, older babies of one month+ will be feeding only one side at a time. Ideally that has to be the default, rather than splitting between the both sides equally. - Current week marker in milestones chart is missing. Without that it’s difficult to come back to current when we move the dates. Also it will help to quickly analyze the milestone timelines. - Sleep pattern graph is totally missing. And, tooltip on sleep graph is missing. Most of these features were present in earlier version of the app. Overall, We think the new version of the app missed the very key point. Parents use the app for tracking things and find a trend/pattern. But it looks like the app was built as if the parents will be using it live when things are happening. It is not realistic and puts pressure on parent to keep the Mobile always in hand for updating things. It defeats the whole purpose of enjoying things with the baby. The old version of UI was much better in this regards. Also, the new UI missed many fundamental things which I have mentioned earlier, like sleep chart, one click add for all trackers, lullaby songs, activity checkers for each month, and much more. Shortly, it’s seems like half baked app, rushed to production for no reason.
  • Add something for preemie parents 5/5

    By Armyvet09
    Overall great app and also can you add something for those who had preemies. I have a 25 weeker and it would be great to have something with corrected age.
  • Ruined my Favorite App. I am so Disappointed. 2/5

    By Jaci-S
    I absolutely LOVED this app before the update; I used it every single day. But ever since this “long awaited” update, there are tons of bugs. The app freezes almost every time I try to do anything, and I have to shut it down and re-open it. The face a day capability took a down grade and also for some reason creates duplicates in my actual phone’s gallery. The lullabies and white noise options are gone completely, which we used nightly! And the sleep tracker now lumps sleep spans into a total block for the “day” and even starts a new sleep at midnight, so for poor sleepers like my babies, I can no longer use this app to accurately track how long they’re sleeping at a time. The weight tracker keeps losing my new entries...Pretty much all of my favorite features of this app no longer work! I’ve been using this app for about a year, and this update took it from 5 star to 2
  • Hate the new update 1/5

    By DancinBarbie
    I used to LOVE this app, but since the update I’m very unhappy. I loved being able to track how much my daughter ate during the day since she had trouble gaining weight and the Doctor wanted exact daily totals. Now, I can’t stand the tracking section because you can’t edit or delete an entry. When my daughter starts eating I would record it right away. My daughter doesn’t always take a full bottle. With the old version I could edit or delete a feeding. Now I can’t! Very unhappy and only using this app now for tracking growth.
  • Bad update 5/5

    By sendfornickname
    I’ve used this app since my baby was born 8 months ago. I loved it until I was forced to update. I’ve mainly been using this app to record his sleeps. I liked that I could see the 24 hr day and the chunks of sleep and that’s gone. It was very saddening to see and timer added for crying and soothing obviously used for sleep training which I feel is cruel. App takes way longer to open. The face a day is changed too, whenever I add a photo, that photo gets saved again in my phones photos, so I have to go back and delete the extra photos. Very disappointed with this update. Edited: Thank you for the response.
  • Just updated today. I miss the previous version 3/5

    By Nanlovesorange
    I loved this app, until today, I updated to the newest version. The app is running slower and I can’t edit anything that I have logged and I can’t view the charts or references like you had before. I would like to use the previous version.
  • New vs Old 4/5

    By AWatcher
    I’ve been using BabyPlus since the old version and my husband and I love this app. To compare, I honestly like the old design than the new. But there are some feature in the new updates that are great and more user friendly, such as add note function where we can add more information to baby’s recording. Another new feature like sleep timer is good but drawback is that during active recoding you can’t go back to edit the starting time (which sometimes it’s annoying because we have to wait till it’s finished and go back to edit, and sometimes we get so tired and forget...). Feeding feature has improved but for solids it forces you to enter the amount by each category, where old version you can check the categories and enter a lump sum amount. Little things like that I hope the developer will make further adjustment so it’s more user friendly and easier to navigate to the moms and dads.
  • Great but... 5/5

    By y.s.v
    I love this app but the only thing I don’t like is that it doesn’t automatically say which breast I last fed from like before the update. This is because if I feed my baby on one side for 30+ minutes it splits the time to both breasts and I don’t do that, I only feed one side each feeding! I now have to put “left” or “right” on the ‘notes’ section to keep track, other than that there is no fault on the app! And yes it still deserves a 5 ⭐️ rating!
  • Horrible update 1/5

    By La-apple17
    I started using this app to track feedings. Now I have to either use a timer which means I have to have it open for 20 or so min or enter it manually. The problem with manual entry is that I can’t enter session end times in future (I know how long it usually takes. No need to be exact here). By the time feeding is over I can’t remember when it started which is more important. Both options for entry are horrible. Think about sleep deprived parents in the middle of the night. The only good thing about the update is that I can go back and read blog posts. But layout and organization of the app was way better.
  • Ahhhhh—why the update? 2/5

    By Hoosier W
    I absolutely loved this app before the recent update. I agree with all of the recent reviewers that are unhappy with the update. I wish I could go back to the old app—searching for another app now, unfortunately.
  • Review on new update 3/5

    By Jsch0135
    I loved this app and have been using it for the past almost 3 years to keep track of feedings, diapers and sleeping. The thing I loved about it the most was the sleep chart, it really helped me visualize a pattern in my kids sleeping and helped me keep track of when it was time for the next nap, and to be able to see over a span of several days when bedtime happened and how long my kids were sleeping. The new update does not have this anymore and I am highly disappointed, I relied on that sleep chart a lot, and wish it would at least bring the sleep charts 😓. Would also be nice too if the feeding history and last feed area would say which breast was last nursed on. The slider for the expressed milk is hard to get to be exact, every time I lift my finger off it it changes the numbers, would be easier to manually put the numbers in, also for it to have a timer as well.
  • Horrible redesign 1/5

    By museq15
    The app was great with possibly just needing some minor functionality updates but this overhaul is horrible. Everything has gotten harder to read and see. It’s overly complicated. And you can’t adjust the start times. They’ve cluttered the app with too many things to track and not enough control over the basics, sleep and eating. The last thing a parent needs is their foundational tracker to completely change...definitely looking into other apps now.
  • Great app - until the update 3/5

    By Liz1512
    I really loved this app, easy and user friendly, tracking feedings, sleeping and diaper changes. Then came the update, and it‘s just complicated and annoying. It’s like a completely different app. And missing sound.. wish I could go back to the pre update version Also what am I supposed to do with this nonsense bar chart for sleeping? I loved the previous schedule that showed when and how long my baby was sleeping. Now I have to read the full history entries to see when her next nap is due etc. Please change that so we can actually use the information!
  • Why fix whats not broken? 1/5

    By 1/24ajdk
    Please undo this update! Last time ate should be counted from the moment baby starts eating, not when he finished! Where is the sleep trends charts? White noise? Why fix whats not broken? I miss the old app!!

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