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Baby + App

New baby? Track your baby’s development and save those special moments forever. Get the supportive Baby App for moms and dads! Baby+ is the most complete baby app giving you everything you need in just one App! GATHER INFORMATION - Daily Blog Articles - Week by Week Development Info - Parenting Guides - Breastfeeding Guides & Support - After Birth Recovery Tips - Articles on Activities to do with your baby TRACK DEVELOPMENT - Baby Growth Tracker - Diaper Tracker - Feeding Tracker - Pumping Tracker - Sleeping Tracker - Health Tracker - Milestones Log CAPTURE MEMORABLE MOMENTS - Baby Diary - Your Baby’s Firsts - Face a Day - Create a Timelapse video - Consolidate it all into a Yearbook ADDITIONAL TOOLS - Sleep assisting sounds - Track your baby's teeth - Add any Appointments - Monitor your weight - Track more than one child! -------------------------------------------------- Baby+ is created by the makers of the worldwide #1 Pregnancy+ App with over 30 million downloads to date. We aim to support you at every stage of being a parent. -------------------------------------------------- Privacy Policy: Terms of Use: -------------------------------------------------- Baby+ syncs with Apple’s Health App, but cannot read from or write to the Health App Database unless you grant access. This Baby App is not intended for medical use, or to replace the advice of a trained medical doctor. Philips Consumer Lifestyle B.V. disclaims any liability for the use or misuse you make based on the App, which is provided to you on a general information basis only and not as a substitute for personalised medical advice. If you have any concerns about your health or your baby’s, consult with your doctor, paediatrician or healthcare provider immediately.

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  • Recommendation... 5/5

    By ghjjudddbnkotdsdbkk
    I would love to see an added summary graph that is similar to the nursing graph, but that has all the feedings included in different colors such as nursing, expressing, bottle feeding, and solids. All in one graph so we can see the time gaps between each feeding all together instead of having to check the nursing and then the expressing or bottle feed, etc. Ps. This could be as an added summary graph keeping the other ones as well in each category.
  • Incorrect Birth date 1/5

    By LadyyAsia
    My son is due June 20th and the app will not allow me to put my sons actual birthday it’s forcing me me to put either April may or February. I don’t understand that or how that is supposed to be an app to help track my sons growth if I can’t even put his correct due date.
  • Updates 4/5

    By lottie333
    I really like this app, but the update has caused the timer to get stuck. So, when you start the timer for breastfeeding, you cannot stop it when finished. Other times I cannot see how much time has passed.
  • 😭Lost a lot of memories I added 1/5

    By Ma FE RA
    I spent a lot of time writing and adding photos and lost everything! I hate this app now, because I am so sad!
  • Weird settings 4/5

    By Platinum nana
    Love the app, but for some reason it always tells me my backup wasn’t completely updated because of internet connection?! How could that be possible when it’s on A working phone! So now most of my data is gone, but I still keep inputting information hoping it will change.
  • Head circumference 2/5

    By kitty cat reviews
    It won’t let me input the correct head circumference for my baby at birth. The lowest it will let me go is 15.75. Ridiculous. I can’t track her growth and development properly with this app.
  • Excellent app, some suggestions 4/5

    By Blackrozez
    I am very happy with the app. I have been using it for over a year. I would love it if you could create your own moments instead of being limited to the ones in the app. Or at least let me edit the titles. For example there is only one “with my grandma” why not 2, so that grandparents from both sides can be added. I wish it didn’t round to the minute for nursing times.
  • Edit: I am TA 5/5

    By Atahl1a
    I just needed to update my phone and the app worked again. My bad. I do love this app and it really helps to keep track of feedings, memories, diaper changes and offers a lot of helpful tips. I use the breastfeeding counter to keep track of my pumping as well. Very grateful for this service.
  • No backup 3/5

    By vardeep7
    The app is easy to operate and user friendly but once I uninstalled the app my baby’s whole data of 2 months is lost
  • Crashing 1/5

    By Ehhsbsbd
    I’ve been using this app for 4 months now I love it and I shared to every mom I know but all a sudden it’s crashing :c
  • Was so good now i can’t open it 1/5

    By Mloved143
    I count on this app every day for the last 5 months and all of a sudden it crashes and won’t let me open it. I deleted and downloaded again same issue. Help!
  • Won’t open 1/5

    By patricialuvsyew
    App started glitching and every time I click it it immediately closes. I’ve been using it for months and now I can’t log anything. Pretty disappointed.
  • Crashing 1/5

    By ashleynace
    After months of use, the app now will not open. I’m upset. I have no access to her journal, milestones and daily activity now.
  • Crashing! 4/5

    By Mgeeeeeeeezfarmm
    I loveeeee this app, I use it everyday for feedings, sleep, and diapers. Just today my app keeps crashing when I open it and haven’t been able to use it. Please fix!
  • Force closes 1/5

    By StephLong62119
    I used to live this app. I have used since my daughter was born 9.5 months ago. Now I can’t even get on it without it force closing! I’ve exited the app and turned my phone off and on and nothing is helping! So ticked off!!!
  • Can’t open the app after the update 5/5

    By GWENness
    Have been using this app for a long time, hope can fix it asap
  • Loved the Pregnancy + App BUT... 3/5

    By Chinidoll
    I couldn’t wait to start using this app because the pregnancy + app is AMAZING but this one is not as interactive and informative and to make matters worse I use this app to store my feeding and diaper changes but sometimes the App is glitchy and won’t save the data like it should so you use the last feeding and/or diaper change into that you’ve added unless you can remember when you last feed or changed your baby! As a new Mom and a sleep deprived Mom at that right now I’m not remembering the exact times I did what some days I don’t even know what day we are on! I would rate this app better if they would fix whatever issue that is not allowing the app to store data better.
  • Nao consigo editar 5/5

    By heatherjess1989
    O app é bom , porém ele não deixa voce colocar a informação real. Ele não deixa due colocar que meu filho nasceu com 47,5cm , ele quer que seja 50cm o mínimo , o cabeça também , meu filho nasceu com 33, e ele quer que seja 40.
  • Simple, intuitive, high value 5/5

    By Mateo4483
    I downloaded all the popular baby apps looking for one that offers the main reasons a new parent downloads new baby apps. It needed to track feeding, pumping, diapers, growth and milestones. I was very pleasantly surprised with Baby+. It offered all my wants and more. The face-a-day is awesome.
  • Inspiration to bring app to Life 5/5

    By Twice Upon of Time
    Check it out! Twice Upon of Time With Noah and Coco.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By hreinita22
    Love everything about this app. It helps me keep on track which breast I gave my child last so I can have a balance. The sounds are great!
  • Me encanta 🥰 5/5

    By nuveosta
    En esta aplicación puedo monitorear la alimentación de mi bebé al igual las veces q hace del baño 🙏🏻
  • Not for expecting mother’s 5/5

    By DezziDes
    There isn’t a option to put your due date if you’re expecting. Which I feel like would be a good feature to help comfort parents to be and learn more before the baby comes... guess there are other apps for that.
  • Faster Updates Needed 3/5

    By ReuelP
    Good app but can be so much better. Where to start? The so does the basic things well, like tracking and displaying information. However, would like it to be updated much faster than its currently being updated. It’s not a modern smart phone app, it is like it’s still stuck in 2017. I don’t track as I should because I can’t always grab my phone, open the app to log, picking up the phone in the middle of the night to log is also a no no. The app needs to utilize widgets, 3D Touch and also have an  watch app to make logging easier and more convenient.
  • Not user friendly 2/5

    By 1kf0
    Like others, I have the same issue. The app is no longer user friendly. Multiple screens and overload of tasks, it causes me serious anxiety just to track my little one. Plus, the grid / chart is very hard to read. Poor design. It’s not easy to track sleep patterns which is what I am using it for mainly. way too many grids
  • Sooo disappointed 1/5

    By Sammi_Colleen
    I had to up date my phone this app did transfer over but I had to re-login. When I did all of my babies growth chart and all information was deleted. I had to re-enter him complete I will be deleting it
  • Great app...when it wants to work 2/5

    By 121234212
    This app has too many bugs when two parents try to use it it either doesn’t update schedules at all or it resets all the logs to the parent who hadn’t logged anything that day. it’s very inconsistent and cumbersome to have to remember and relog every feeding diaper and milestone.
  • Birth height 2/5

    By Meganrfizzy
    Won’t let me set baby’s birth height as anything less than 19.75”. My babe was a preemie and was only 16.93” at birth. Should also include a gestational age setting to help with the adjusted development of preemies.
  • Good 4/5

    By limalivia
    Very nice... but I think night mode can be a plus...
  • No way to edit info 4/5

    By vplcs
    Great app, love all of the info you get week by week and month by month. Also love all of the info you can input as the baby grows. Downside, you can’t correct any mistakes you make in the tracking section which makes it difficult for tracking baby’s progress, when you’re imputing baby’s info, you can’t set birth head measurement.
  • Great Baby App, but... 4/5

    By Lil Leftie
    I cannot change the birth length or head info from the default settings. Otherwise, I love all the things this app can do. The face-a-day videos are my favorite! Babies grow so fast, and the videos prove it!
  • Datat restore? 3/5

    By Anniecatmona
    Every other day it says restore data for a whole day and i cant stop timers then it states backup failed. This has happened after 2 maybe 2.5 months of tracking. Its been the best app for trackong so far but this is getting annoying.
  • By far my favorite baby app!!! 5/5

    By Marissa0720
    I had my son on January 22nd. I first started using the Glow baby app and while that one worked for what I needed, the Baby+ app has more features without having to pay for them. I am in love with the face a day section and the little movie I made with my sons pictures at 4 weeks was absolutely amazing!!! I love the articles that the app provides and the ease to use the app is a definite plus. The only downfall this app has is the lack of a smart watch feature and it is not that big of a deal. However, it would make things easier for the parents that wear a smart watch constantly like I do. Maybe a future update??? Other than that, this app is amazing and I will be using it for a while and recommending it to other parents.
  • Find another like Baby Tracker 1/5

    By Mattie1288
    I really wanted to love and use this app since I used the same company app for my entire pregnancy, but there isn’t a way to edit or delete entries/information in this app. Even at one point, I couldn’t adjust the birth height even thought it was my first entry attempt. I get so frustrated with it while Baby Tracker is super easy to use. It’s not worth the time or effort. Disappointing!!!
  • Birth height 2/5

    By CourtneyDianne98
    My daughter was only 18” at birth but it won’t let me set it that way. It starts at 19.75” keeps going back to that. VERY frustrating.
  • Great App to track baby schedule 4/5

    By SMH1106
    I am very happy with this app. I downloaded several and prefer this one over the others. I like that it is easy to adjust start/stop times for breastfeeding and sleeping. It’s also nice that you c an track how much time is spent crying and see that over a chart to look for similarities. This app has been very helpful for the newborn phase to track sleeping, feeding, diapers, etc and I will continue to use! My only complaints are 1- I would like to have dual user compatibility so my husband and I could see and enter information into the same chart. And 2- The sleep chart view is a bit frustrating because it puts automatic spacing in between each hour which makes it difficult to find any similarities in sleep schedule without going back and looking at times myself. Not a major issue but would be nice if those spaces weren’t there.
  • Great app, user friendly, simple 5/5

    By lm_lisa
    I tried multiple tracking apps, but this is by far the best one for me. It’s easy to track sleep, feeds, diapers. If you want to track more complex things, like bottles, expression, crying, weight, you can do it as well. It’s very user friendly, menus are very intuitive, design looks nice too. I suggested a small feature and they were so receptive and implemented it. Great team, great app, customer is happy!
  • Issues with syncing 3/5

    By Monshae88
    My husband and I use the same login to track the baby’s progress but whenever he enter in an entry, I don’t see it on my end. I’ve tried logging of it, uninstalling but there are syncing issues.
  • Good but... 3/5

    By KiaMC93
    This app has been so helpful...the only problem is sometimes my expressing and bottle data gets erased and then I have to try to reenter the info from memory. Please fix it
  • Love this app!! 5/5

    By gameboilover
    I love this app, I have also used the other version “pregnancy” one. Very useful, only issue I had was I’d forget where/what tab to click for what. Easy to track feeds and Nappys.
  • Great App wish I could tweak a few things 4/5

    By celclark
    Really like the interface and the features offered. And support was very helpful and quickly restored my data when a glitch from logging in from both my phone and iPad wiped two weeks of logging. Just wish I could add notes to a nursing session while it’s ongoing and would like to be able to color code the notes dots in the overview. I’ve been struggling with nursing and would like to be able to see at glance if there were more good feeds than bad on a given day, as it stands I can’t do that if I use the note option for both.
  • Barely useful, needs to be friendlier 3/5

    By Luxspes
    On the good side it allows for fractional values for bottle consumption, mixed feelings about tracking as past history is hard to find, poor on nappy tracking as it has no options for color, texture or quantity.
  • Software update 1/5

    By zpMJJ
    I am very disappointed that i cannot use it on my iphone 5 anymore. It worked normal so why make updates that need latest ios which are not supported with older phones??
  • Great tracking app 5/5

    By leturner39
    I love this app! The only suggestion for improvement is a way to create a report so that I could easily print it off and bring it to the pediatrician.
  • Love this app but... 3/5

    By owensmama919
    I love this app for many reasons, one especially being that I don’t have to create an account to use the app. The one thing that I HATE that I wish the creators could change in the nursing timer. I have a bad memory, therefor, I forget to stop my timer quite often which means that my tracker can go for hours, like 7+ hours which I find unnecessary considering no one is going to be nursing that long, I wish it would pop up a reminder that asked if I was still nursing or display the timer on my lock screen. Other than that it is wonderful!
  • Can’t choose an accurate weight or height 3/5

    By S.D.Whitaker
    This app is great and so far I am loving it and so grateful I found it. However I cannot get the app to allow me to choose my child’s ACTUAL weight. Instead of a slide bar option it should be a type in! It keeps moving the slide bar to a number I did not choose and will not allow me to choose anything at all.
  • Doesn’t work right 1/5

    By BlackLotus42
    What’s the use of this app if it won’t even let you put in the correct birthday ?
  • confused 4/5

    By Kendra_fisher
    love the app i even had the pregnancy version and loved that one too but i keep trying to put in my sons measurements and it keeps changing itself and won’t let me put in the correct measurements. would like some help
  • Won’t let me put my babies height. 2/5

    By steph2rey95
    My baby was 18.25 inches long and it won’t let me change it. 😭

Baby + app comments

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