Babylist Baby Registry

Babylist Baby Registry

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Babylist Baby Registry App

The Babylist Baby Registry app lets you register for all the things you need to bring baby home. Add any baby gift from any store onto one easy-to-use universal registry. Ask for help (like house cleaning), funds (like for diapers) and cash favors, too. Manage and organize your registry, get weekly pregnancy updates and a personalized baby registry checklist to help you quickly find out what you really need. WITH THE FREE BABYLIST APP: PUT ANYTHING ON YOUR REGISTRY FROM ANY WEBSITE OR STORE - Amazon, Target, buybuy Baby, Walmart, Etsy, Pottery Barn Kids and Nordstrom to name a few. *ANY* store big or small. ADD MEANINGFUL GIFTS - What will make life easier after baby comes? Home-cooked meals, house cleaning, dog walking or whatever you need most: add them all. ADD CASH FUNDS - Jumpstart baby’s college fund, request cash for diapers or extend your parental leave. Babylist transfers the money straight to your bank account. ADD OR LINK TO EXISTING REGISTRIES - Easily combine any baby registries you’ve already started. Keep track of everything on your wish list in one place. FREE HELLO BABY BOX - Our welcome gift to you filled with goodies, samples and gift cards from trusted brands. It’s free (just pay shipping) when you complete your Babylist Registry setup. LET GIFT GIVERS CHOOSE WHERE TO BUY - Add gifts from anywhere, and if it’s available at other major retailers, Babylist lets you know right on your registry. Lowest price? Favorite store? You decide! PRICE CHANGE ALERTS - Get email alerts when items change price or go out of stock. FREE 1:1 REGISTRY CONSULTANTS - Our experts are a chat, email or call away. Get help choosing the best products to fit your lifestyle. A+ CUSTOMER SERVICE - You said it best: “It’s above and beyond to have a real person who knows what to do for us first time moms.” - Lea M. SHOP THE BABYLIST STORE - Get exclusives you’ll only find here like the Bottle Box (5 of the most popular bottles among Babylist parents). Shop our selection of the best baby gear curated with feedback from thousands of real parents. 15% REGISTRY DISCOUNT - Get a discount 60 days before baby’s arrival, good on almost everything in the Babylist Store. Get everything you need before baby comes home. FREE SHIPPING - On orders over $45 from the Babylist Store. FREE REGISTRY INSERT CARDS - Slip our beautifully designed, ready-to-share cards into your shower invites to let people know where you’re registered. TRACK YOUR PREGNANCY - Weekly updates and info about your pregnancy in the app. Customized to your due date with fun, ‘90s throwback baby size comparisons. REGISTRY CHECKLIST TOOL - Asking yourself, “Where do I start?” Right here. Download the app, take a quick quiz and get registry suggestions tailored to your lifestyle. WHO WE ARE In 2011, we created Babylist with one key goal: to build a better baby registry experience that truly puts parents first. Today, one in two first-time parents creates a Babylist registry, and millions of families turn to us for practical support and unbiased guidance. Download the Babylist Registry app now!

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Babylist Baby Registry app reviews

  • Do not use 1/5

    By Ramashah
    This app is very unreliable. There were at least three items from my baby shower list that was not purchased and after a month when I reached out to the service agent they gave me half-baked answer that they’re only a wish list and they’re not accountable for items that are not actually purchased. I recommend no one use it there are other services better than this app. Also customer service agent Angie was no help at all
  • Group Gift Error 4/5

    By Shareeka1
    Love the app but when you try to save an item for group gifting it gives an error message please fix ASAP. Thank you.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Salimass8
    So easy to use for me and people buying things off my registry. It is easy for me to find the items that I want and people can pick where to purchase the item and it’ll compare prices from different places. I am not bound to one place. I love it completely
  • Excelent 4/5

    By rosmary santivanez
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Lady Kaichou
    The “Gifts Purchased” aspect is the only thing I wish had more user options. Example: It would be convenient if we were given the option to revert something previously marked as “Mark as purchased”. For instance, I had someone tell me they were buying me a certain item, so I went ahead and added it to my registry/marked it as purchased. They ended up going with a different brand, so I removed the item from my registry except it still counted in the “Gifts Purchased” tally section. It would be nice if we could delete things completely in these and other similar scenarios so we know exactly how many gifts were purchased in the end.
  • Don’t use this registry 1/5

    By collegekidmanda
    They do not have a customer service number. My package was lost and the did nothing to help. They are not held responsible for the packages and they will not help you in the recovery process. Four chats with them and still nothing was done. I review places so people don’t have bad experiences and this app is a bad experience all around. They had to contact my guests and then couldn’t file any claim. They left it up to my guest to resolve the issue. My poor guest has to jump through hoops for a refund. Do not use their registry
  • Crap! 1/5

    By springerdinger6
    It’s been over a month since I tried to get help with transferring from other places and it’s still not working! What’s the point of the app? Nothing about this app works or is convenient! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME!!
  • Registry discount is a SCAM!!! 1/5

    By Caitlin8123
    A few things to think about and reasons I wish I went with a different registry: 1. The discount: it’s a 15% discount but ONLY on items from the “Babylist” store. So even though you can add items from other stores only items on their store gets the discount. They don’t carry everything so most of my items I’ve added aren’t available on their store. ALSO THEY UPCHARGE THE ITEMS THEY HAVE. Almost every item they DO have from my registry is $1-$5 more expensive (some items are even more pricey) than every other retailer. So that “discount” you’re getting is the almost same price you would be paying at target or Amazon. 2. The “goody box”. You have to spend $10 on their store. Ok that makes sense. But you’ll pay for shipping if the order is under $45. So you end up spending $50 on their store (on some items up charged on their website as stated above). Then you are eligible for the box. But it must be in a separate order, and you must pay for shipping. If you only spend the 10 buck minimum you’ll still spend another 20 on shipping between the order and the box. I wish I would have known these things and just went to Amazon. I chose Babylist by the convenience of adding items from anywhere but it’s not as incentive if I don’t get that discount on those items after. And I saw on Amazon they also allow links from other sites on the registry.
  • Not great for purchasers 2/5

    By 1g8dj8d4g9j
    I have never used it as a mom, but I can imagine the benefits from their side. However, as someone using it to purchase items for someone else it is not very convenient to use. I would so much rather separate registries. I did this for my wedding so I imagine it would be similar for a baby. The website does not show you what is in stock near you so you have to search them separately yourself, which kind of ruins the point of the list for the consumer. Even though half of these items were selected through target, since they dont have a target registry, I cant look them up on target to make it easier for myself. It seems as though they push online only items to put on the registry, which again is fine for mom but less convenient for (last minute) shoppers.
  • Terrible customer service 1/5

    By keenaleblanc
    DO NOT PURCHASE THROUGH BABY LIST. I received an item purchased through Babylist and it did not work. Tried to return and they would not accept it because it had been opened. However, they have an option in the return center for “does not work”. How can I know an item works unless it was opened? They still refused and told me to contact the manufacturer directly. Any other website would accept returns for an item that does not work. Not worth the hassle. Confusing website for the older generation. Use registries like Amazon or Target. Less of a hassle and better customer service.
  • New app design is horrible! 1/5

    By dnoghhh
    I love Babylist and used it for my first baby. However, making a new registers for my second baby was horrible. For some reason, the app designers decided to remove the ability to browse through different sections (cribs, transportation, clothing, etc) and just show an “Only At Babylist” page instead. I hate that I can’t browse to see what’s new or highly rated. Instead, I have to know exactly what I’m looking for and search for that specific product. Please change the app back to browsable sections!
  • Cool concept, poor customer service 3/5

    By Pilamila
    I really liked the idea of Babylist and appreciated that it allowed an alternative to an Amazon registry. However, it has limited products (although there are a lot of good things on here), which means that if someone purchases something from the Babylist store and you end up needing to return it, you will get credit toward Babylist and may not find the thing you need most. Additionally, the customer service has been pretty awful. Representatives are only available via chat and while they are kind, it feels almost impossible to get your needs clarified. My father in law bought us an Uppbaby Vista Stroller and we decided to exchange it for the Cruz. Babylist did not have the color we wanted while Amazon did so we returned the stroller for credit and bought the stroller we wanted from Amazon. The credit for the stroller arrived in the form of an email gift card and we planned to buy our car seat and crib from Babylist. However, when I went to purchase those items the gift card that Babylist sent us was invalid and we’ve now been waiting 5 days for their customer service to figure it out. I’ve written to Babylist every day since I realized it was invalid and I have explained that my baby needs to be delivered early due to growth restriction and, as such, I have a scheduled induction in less than 10 days. I needed or order the car seat 5 days ago. Babylist reps continue to assure me that the issue is being looked into but It is getting ridiculous and no one has reached out. Not being able to use $1200 on things we need before the baby comes is absurd. We are very disappointed and, at this point, we wish we’d made it easier on ourselves and gone with an Amazon registry
  • Extra shipping cost 3/5

    By JAGWIRE19100
    There should be a way to order the Babylist box to ship with more than $10 purchase paying extra shipping is not free!
  • Exciting and helpful registry site! 5/5

    By ttcc220
    As a first time mother, this registry really makes searching for product and navigating through different products so easy! The price comparison is so helpful for family and friends who will purchase off the registry. I appreciate all of their recommendations and find the app so easy to use. Thank you!
  • Useless app across all devices 1/5

    By Bdhdjdsjdj
    Nothing but trouble adding items from individual stores. The search function doesn’t work. When it does it freezes to a point where the “add to registry” buttons don’t function. It worked for a week and had nothing but issues in the last week. It’s updated, reinstalled, tried on multiple Apple devices. I’ll just stick with multiple registries. Don’t bother with this. Something meant for efficiency is terribly inefficient.
  • Review 3/5

    By jennnalb
    Not so user friendly on Desktop...very complicated to add items to your registry on a Desktop. Also they should have more companies to calibrate with
  • Pictures are not displaying 1/5

    By __fiordelis
    Pictures of items are not displaying correctly. It’s very annoying as I can’t see what I’m looking at. Please fix.
  • No Customer Service 1/5

    By Ellie7777777777
    We bought an Owlet - one of the most expensive items on the registry - using store credit three months ago. When trying to track it, it say label created but never shipped. They do not have a customer service phone number to call and their chat function only points you to USELESS articles. Our baby is about to be here and we’re at a loss.
  • Babylist is amazing! 5/5

    By cherry+ aerri 20
  • Annoying 1/5

    By elipare
    Site only displays in portrait orientation. You need to click multiple times to add an item. The site won’t sync with my iPhone only my iPad. A troublesome trio for what could have been an enjoyable experience.
  • Privacy 2/5

    By FranReviewed
    Babylist does not allow you to keep your address private as registry’s usually do. This is more of a price matching/grocery list.
  • One stop shop 5/5

    By bblaxstone
    This is my second baby so my second time using Babylist. I told a few family members and friends about it so worth it. It's crazy to have multiple registries with similar items in each. At least with Babaylist you can see everything in one place.
  • Brand new item, and would not return 1/5

    By Moret_Pro
    I received a gift for the mockingbird 2nd seat kit which was purchased through Babylist. The wrong color was linked on my registry so the gift giver order the wrong color. (I did type in the notes the color/pattern I want for those who would purchase) We received the delivery, opened the box only to see it was not the right color. We literally put it right back in the box, didn’t assemble it or anything! I reached out to Babylist support and they said they would not accept return because box was opened! Hello, that’s how I found out it was wrong color!!! Just another company to rip off it’s customers. I advise do not purchase anything through Babylist.
  • 🍼🐣 5/5

    By LocC ChunG
    Great app lots of variety 🙏🏽🙏🏽💙💙
  • Momma of 4 (to be ❤️) 5/5

    By prince2dope
    This is by far the best registry I’ve ever had! The convenience of having literally everything I need and want from all my favorite stores in one simple registry is a game changer!
  • Zero Stars 1/5

    By robar1
    This company is a total scam. Do not use this service at all costs. I feel totally jipped. Item from registry and purchased through Babylist arrived damaged. Babylist refused to provide assistance. There is no way to get in contact with customer service, you have to wait for them them to get back to you. It’s been over 24 hours and we have no return label and no one will talk to us. I have credit my friends have purchased for us and I don’t even want to use it. We have one more baby shower left and I’m sick to my stomach to be giving these people any business .
  • Second baby second Babylist 5/5

    By mamabearrealtor_vaness
    Love this app! Love the ooptions of anything online I see I can add and get the best prices and options!
  • So helpful on this new journey! 5/5

    By KiChels
    I am a first time mommy and I love the guides provided by Babylist. It has prepared me so much for what is to come. I also find the app very user friendly and a one stop shop for my baby registry.
  • Expensive 1/5

    By hcress
    The items required to purchase from the “Babylist”’s products in order to get your welcome package are ridiculously expensive! Kinda convenient way to put the things you want together from different sites, but not worth it in my opinion.
  • App Not on Real-Time 2/5

    By Gorrjoyce
    Wondering if there may be bugs that need to be fixed with the app. I keep updating my registry and people aren’t seeing purchased items and so they’re getting duplicated. I even tried deleting items after being bought and they still appear on there. It’s inconvenient.
  • Technical Difficulties 3/5

    By tjp1555
    Don’t get me wrong, I like the app and I like the fact that you can select items from different stores and have them all in one place, but I’ve been having quite a few technical difficulties. You’re supposed to be able to delete and organize your registry categories, and it is an option that I can see on the app, but it will not let me select it and does not work from the browser either. I’ve been chatting on the phone with support and basically there’s nothing they can tell me to do to fix it. Not a huge issue but it is very annoying. There are also glitches when trying to enter/select login info.
  • Painful 1/5

    By arc-en-ciel-990
    Babylist is NOT intuitive at all. Also, I just bought a stroller and to follow the shipping, I’m being asked to download another app!! So glad I’m done with this Babylist experience (have used up all of my gift cards). I’d never recommend this experience to an already tired pregnant woman.
  • the best registry app 4/5

    By Erynn W
    this is by far the best registry app. I only wish that guests could select and view “Must Haves”!!! please fix that!! I also wish that I was able to make a custom category to star items so instead of “must haves” I can have a category called “Favorites” or “Birthday Ideas”.
  • Not all that. 1/5

    By StarnJuan
    This app is not really good, the hello box is not free, they make you pay for it by paying $10 in shipping even if you are buying something. Then you get charged 6$ minimum for shipping if you don’t spend 50$. Almost everything is super expensive on the app. Even for a 10$ item you will end up paying 20$ for it. 15% only seems to apply to the baby list. Literally almost everything on the app is around $50 or more. It’s supposed to be helpful not try to sell you stuff at a higher rate. You’re better off buying baby stuff from Ross and DD’s. The same baby bottles that were on this app for 30$ were at Ross for 16$. Not worth the time to try to find cheaper stuff on this app. Clothing come in packs that are either 30$ for like two shirts or 100$ for a few items. Do your shopping in stores cause this is too expensive, especially because you will need money for the baby in the future. You don’t want to spend everything on your baby right now when you can easily get the same products else where for less. Do not recommend this app.
  • Baby Registry 5/5

    By Amber1422
    I have used Babylist for my registry and absolutely love it!!! Super easy to use very convenient easy to share with friends family and loved ones!
  • Beware bad recommendations a child could be hurt 1/5

    By Db0125115
    The app recommended a bassinet sold by and fulfilled by a third party. When my wife received the item as a gift it was repacked/broken/ and used. Went through Babylist and was told they couldn’t assist. After 3 days of fighting Walmart offered a refund to the original purchaser and would not replace the item… attempted to notify Babylist so they were aware of the practice to stop it from happening to someone else and they ignored me and said they couldn’t do anything… Garbage response my newborn could’ve been seriously hurt by this
  • Not happy with reserve feature 1/5

    By moviegirl111
    I am not happy with the reserve feature for gifts. It create so much confusion for people who forget to mark off purchased, or to unreserve if they don’t intent to purchase. It’s caused a headache to use. Please resolve this
  • Love this app BUT 5/5

    By alegna18
    Can you please make it so the screen rotates on the ipad?
  • Great app. But keeps crashing 2/5

    By r.lacour
    I just got this app to do my registry and it crashes every few minutes. It’s a great app other than that but the crashing makes it difficult to get anything done especially when you’re in the middle of adding things. I hope this gets resolved soon because I would like the use this app at its full advantage.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Zenn00
    I’m a first time mom currently 10 weeks and to have everything together on one app is super convenient especially if multiple other retailers have it, you could compare prices and see a WIDE variety of things you want and need. My own complaint is after about using it for 5-10 minutes it crashes and force closes. It’s honestly annoying especially when I’m looking at something I really like
  • App crashed constantly 2/5

    By emjegdjs
    I love the overall idea of the app and how you can register with multiple stores, but in my experience the app crashed almost every 10 minutes. I would have to constantly go back into the app and re-search something again and again.
  • Best registry 5/5

    By CiaB65Roy
    I love how everything is in one space and you can add other places to register for items. The ability for family and friends to purchase through the app is wonderful!!!

    By storm805
    The app added like 10 of the same item and its impossible to delete without clicking its been purchased I guess. Ridiculous. Make it easy to delete the unwanted items. I may have to go with a different registry. Was also told not to have people go through the app when purchasing and to purchase off app. Probably problems with shipping or other inconveniences.
  • Don’t do it 2/5

    By Taper24
    Amazed at the 4.9 this app has. My baby registry experience was nothing short of a headache due to the app. 3-4 repeat gifts. A pain to return. You can only get credit on the Babylist app and everything is either out of stock or overpriced. A few of the items ordered, we received the incorrect item, exchange process was just as tedious. I never wrote reviews, however I had to write a review to express my aggravation on some way since customer service has been non existent.
  • Unsure where these 5 stars keep coming from 1/5

    By Pinkmunsterkel
    This company is absolutely infuriating. So many guests had troubles with ordering things. One gift card that was purchased was lost between the buyer and Babylist. Babylist claims no responsibility and says it was up to them to figure out the code situation. We also got Babylist gift cards and not only did they lose my order once, but once reordered it came incomplete (items missing, never sent out) and some items were damaged. Books looked like they were pulled off a shelf in goodwill. Wish we would have just gone somewhere else. I have credit sitting in my account with them that I’m probably never going to use because I just can’t deal with them anymore.
  • Love this app 💗 5/5

    By Brooke Sowards
    Best app for registries
  • The best!! 5/5

    By Kimbery J
    The best possible way to make your registry hands down!!! Also just got my “free” baby list box after completing all of the steps! You have to pay like a $10 shipping fee, but it’s totally worth it! Def recommending to everyone. ;)
  • Don’t recommend 1/5

    By Britnical75
    Couldn’t get the app to let me log in to my account. Couldn’t find any help from the help center.
  • Scam 1/5

    By jsalzz
    They advertise a free welcome box. But you have to pay $9.95 for shipping. Plus you have to make a purchase of $10 or more to get the box. Plus $5.99 for shipping on your purchase. A box that’s suppose to be FREE ends up being at least $26. It’s a scam. Save your money.
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