BabySteps: Hit Financial Goals

BabySteps: Hit Financial Goals

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  • Current Version: 2021.04.06
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BabySteps: Hit Financial Goals App

Paying off debt doesn’t have to take as long as you think! It’s time to take your money back—and the BabySteps app shows you the fastest way to do it. Got some credit cards? What about student loans or car payments? (Maybe you’ve got a little bit of everything.) Hey, that’s most people. But you don’t want to be “most people.” With the BabySteps app, you’ll track all your payments in one place and take them out one by one using the powerful debt snowball. But once those debts are history, what’s next? Your money is finally freed up to do what YOU want it to. And the BabySteps app helps you track your money for the long haul. You’ll work through Dave Ramsey’s 7 Baby Steps, the step-by-step playbook with money that’s helped millions go from “I can’t do this” to “I just did that!” Pay off debt. Build an emergency fund. Save for a down payment on a home. Invest for your future. Watch your confidence with money grow as you reach one goal after another. TRY RAMSEY+ TO GET THE APP So, first things first. To access this app, you’ll need to be a member of Ramsey+. (SmartDollar members—you’re already good to go!) Wait, why not just the BabySteps app? Well, if you want to hit a big money goal (like paying off debt), tracking your progress is just one part. You’ve got to tackle your mindset AND your habits. That’s where Ramsey+ comes in. All three of our apps work together to help you make better choices with money every single day. All those small wins add up to BIG results in your bank account and better habits that get you to your goals faster. You also get access to: • EveryDollar – Take control of your spending so you can put more money toward your goals with our easy-to-use budgeting app. • FinancialPeace – Learn the practical know-how about saving, paying off debt, and building wealth you can start putting into practice TODAY. Not a member of Ramsey+ yet? No problem. Start your FREE TRIAL at KEY APP FEATURES Follow our simple money plan: • Learn Dave Ramsey’s 7 Baby Steps. • Find out which Baby Step you’re on. • Work the Baby Steps to pay off debt, save for emergencies, and build wealth. Track your debt payments using the debt snowball method: • Discover the date you’ll be totally debt-free. • Pay off one debt at a time, smallest to largest. • Find out how much faster you can be debt-free by adding extra money to your monthly payments. • Throw a digital snowball at your debt every time you make a payment. Boom. It feels good to hit back. Track your savings: • Get tips on how to save money faster and establish an emergency fund. • Flip some digital coins into your piggy bank. Literally. • Watch your savings account grow—along with your motivation. Watch in-app coaching from finance experts: • Dave Ramsey lays out the facts about debt and saving. • Rachel Cruze gives budgeting tips to reach your goals faster. • Chris Hogan shows you why an emergency fund is a must-have. • Ken Coleman dishes out career advice that works at every Baby Step. Take the app anywhere: • Track your progress on both desktop and mobile. • Sync with your EveryDollar budget to update your debt snowball in real time. Privacy Policy: Terms of Use:

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BabySteps: Hit Financial Goals app reviews

  • Not good 1/5

    By hdjsjksksks
    Doesn’t even let me go into the app without having to subscribe 130$ a year after a 14day trial
  • Can’t update the debit balance from mobile app! 1/5

    By mitree4
    Please fix this issue!!!
  • Stupid 1/5

    By morrie2006
    This is stupid! This should be free! This a app that your trying to get rid of dept and you have to pay so much a year/month? For a subscription? No thank you.
  • Not free 1/5

    By katieghardy
    There is an annual fee of over 100 dollars. Don’t do it.
  • Yearly Subscriptions are bad 3/5

    By 👹💩👹💩👹💩🤡
    I wouldn’t mind paying for the subscription if it allowed me to pay monthly. Even having a higher monthly payment would be better than having to drop $130 a year and having to remember to budget that in the right month.
  • $130 to help you track getting out of debt?? 1/5

    By Jessicat1231
    Dave Ramsey has become such a con artist. Don’t waste the hundreds and hundreds of dollars on his stuff. There are plenty of free alternatives out there. This app was cool when it was free now I can’t even have a basic free option. No thanks, that $130 will go to debt and I’ll find a free one
  • Had to cancel this 2/5

    By janetdw
    No matter what I did it would not update some of my credit card debts so my EveryDollar budget was always out of whack. And I tried everything. I’m not new to this I’ve been using EveryDollar for over two years. And I thought-great! it’ll check my credit card things for me and I don’t have to go redo it manually every month. But it didn’t update from like two months ago and every time I go to update it it shows the correct information but did not transfer it to EveryDollar. So I had to delete it so that I can get the right amounts so they can properly plan. And there’s no way to manually fix it. If there was a way for me to override it I’d be OK it works for almost every credit card. But not all of them and that’s a flaw
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By emmanuelardama
    They should have an option to unlink our debts from the baby steps app. This app makes the EveryDollar app harder to use. I want to be able to manage my debts with my budget in one app. It’s so frustrating. Like I want to budgets my debts but I don’t want to use the baby steps app to do it.
  • Corporate Business that doesn’t actually care if you pay off debt. Ramsey is a scam. 1/5

    By jobrogizmo
    $129.00 yearly for an app is ridiculous. For a man who claims to care about you and your journey is trying to get you to fork out money knowing you’re downloading the app for a reason. Not worth it, don’t give them a penny.
  • 🥴 1/5

    By geordiechloe
    makes 0 sense paying for a yearly subscription to use the app to help track getting out of debt when that money can go towards your debt
  • Don’t waste your money. 1/5

    By Andria5555
    Purchased it and every time I try to go into the app it wants to make me purchase it again. Even when I click subscribe it says I already purchased then it gives me an error. Spent $129 on something I can’t use. Fix this problem Dave Ramsey.
  • Lost access to this app after subscription ended 3/5

    By Happy April E.
    I have already purchased the Ramsay plus account but it’s only good for a year. I have already watched all the videos in the program so I don’t need to subscribe again. I am bummed that I no longer have access to this tracking tool since it takes longer than a year to become debt free. There should be an option to purchase this app without having to purchase access to the whole program again.
  • What happened… 1/5

    By WhtDuzitTake
    This used to be a great system for paying off debt, but now it is bloated as hell… I’m essentially keeping two apps up to date for my finances. Makes no sense.
  • I used to love it 1/5

    By truvelocity
    But now that they have switched to Ramsey+ and denied me the access to access to BabySteps without buying the full (ridiculous price) when I already pay monthly for EveryDollar. I had to delete it, now I can’t access the amounts of debt left to pay or anything. I will have to start over. I’m going to have to find a different way to keep track of my daily expenses monthly goals and debt tracking. Might even cancel my subscription to EveryDollar as well because BabySteps was the reason I signed up forEveryDollar. Very disappointed and upset that they’re forcing their current users to fork out a ridiculous amount of money, not that it comes with 1 on 1 training or a personal financial assistant to help figure things out INDIVIDUALLY. Not watch a video and expect it will work for everyone
  • Dave Ramsey has lost me 1/5

    By J.Blythe
    You should not yank the carpet out from under people who paid for FPU already by making the apps annual subscription only. $129 a year is crazy expensive for app usage. I don’t need the entire program over and over and there is no other option. It’s all or nothing. Just another disappointing business decision taking the shine off a great program.
  • American Greed at its finest 1/5

    By Jdwiseman09
    The app is great, I love the functionality and display. It is rather rewarding to see your debt decrease visually. However for someone who preaches to cut out everything and live on beans until you get out debt, requiring a yearly subscription of $129 is just plain greedy. I understand Dave has a business to run and apps don’t run for free, but if you already shelled out $100 to do FPU why should you then have to pay an annual fee for the use of his products. Overall disappointing news from Dave Ramsey.
  • Math is wrong 1/5

    By Arazonan
    Double check the math in baby step 2 debt snowball and you will find it is wrong. Much worse than a pencil and paper and calculator as the numbers are garbage.
  • Must be a paid user 1/5

    By claudiorivera99
    I used to be able to use this app but now you must be a paid user. $140 is worth it but right now rice and beans don’t mix well with $140 app. Please fix this
  • Baby step 6 2/5

    By jadella22
    It would be beneficial for Baby Step 6 to have the same tracking feature as Baby Step 2. Please add this feature to the update.
  • Required Paid Subscription 1/5

    By cgrimed
    Didn’t know before I downloaded and setup an account that I would need to pay over $150 to become a member in order to use the app
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By faleide
    I just downloaded the app and it won’t let me open the free version without setting up the paid version. Not sure if it’s a glitch or just a way to get the user to automatically upgrade?
  • Pay $129 a year to pay off debt 1/5

    By sammymarie19
    If you’re already in debt and looking for a resource to get you out of debt, why would you charge $129/year? Seems steep. Why not offer a free resource?
  • Please Make It Unlinkable from EveryDollar 3/5

    By JordanBucher
    It’s a fine app, but when it got linked up to my EveryDollar app, it messed my amounts up and won’t let me delete debt that I already paid for next month. Just sticking to EveryDollar would be more beneficial to me.
  • This should not force links to EveryDollar 1/5

    By Kawh
    The idea of this app is great, but there should be a way to unlink debt from the EveryDollar app. The fact that once it’s linked you cannot unlink the two app is annoying and a little presumptuous to think you know what’s best for me. Dave talks about not wanting government to control his life and the inability to unlink step 2 when you pay for Ramsey plus really upsets me. The linking is screwing up my budget. For example if I find money not budgeted in order for it to be clean across the app I have to add it as unplanned income and then update debt in two locations. The place I pay it out of budget and then the balance on the baby step app. If I update just babystep app with balance the EveryDollar doesn’t like it. Just let me unlink
  • From free to $130 1/5

    By Rechelle
    Been using debt pay off and ever dollar budgeting for over 3 years. Now I cannot access my debt snowball information without subscribing to the $130 service, and my accounts no longer link in every dollar. Time to find a new tracker and where I’ll have to input the information all over again. Disappointed in a person who values smart financial decisions deciding to charge so much for an app to help people who are already in debt. Losing interest in this organization altogether since it appears they’re just in it for the money.
  • Decent app, but often have to log back in 4/5

    By Celeb0rnz
    Decent app, but the app seems to log me out often. I’ll be previously logged in, but when I relaunch app it will ask for credentials again. The every dollar app doesn’t seem to have this issue.
  • Purchase options 3/5

    By RoxPox90
    Would be nice to be able to pay $X for just this app vs having to pay $129 for Ramsey+ In fairness, I didn’t get to try the app since I’m not subscribed to Ramsey+ so I’m not sure how it operates.
  • Extremely basic 2/5

    By HLCLaR
    After hearing about this app on the Dave Ramsey show, I expected more. There’s no way to model scenarios or show how a bonus will impact your baby steps. I do like the integration with the budgeting app.
  • Too much $ 1/5

    By ilikechips
    I love the every dollar app, and would love to use this one as well, but it is disappointing that it is 129.99 a year, when all I need is a really good app to help me pay off debt and track it and be excited! I loved the idea of the snow all affect and I feel so much more in control with debt, but this app is way too much for something to help you track and be excited about getting rid of debt...
  • Too much money 1/5

    By viviunion
    The $129 is out of control. When 98% of your client base is people trying to pay down debt and be fiscally responsible, yet you want to charge $129 a year? At least give an option of different payment plans, maybe monthly subscription that gives us a chance to cancel earlier. I would be glad to may a small fee to use just this app every month. This is the only thing I need from DR. The app needs a lot of work as is anyways. Dont be tempted to waste your money. Put the $129 towards debt instead!
  • Great way to not get lost in your debt but have 1 suggestion. 4/5

    By Cycleash
    I think it would be really useful if the baby steps app provided notifications to us during the week to remind us where our debt is in what is the top priority date without opening the app. I open the app about every two weeks because that’s when I get paid. Most apps do use notifications to keep the user aware of what’s going on. And for those that don’t want to notifications you can simply disable them in settings for the given certain app. Just my two cents, great app overall!
  • Unlink in every dollar! 2/5

    By mel.bee2
    Please make it optional to link to every dollar! I’m making extra loan payments that don’t come from my income and auto populating the debt is messing up my budget in every dollar.
  • Excited for tomorrow 5/5

    By MT Rednek $ saver
    I can relate to most things within the Dave Ramsey message. I guess for a lot of the naysayers they’ve never visited quite as hard of a rock bottom as they potentially could. Everything within all the apps isn’t perfect. Neither are we humans. We make it work with want to and a smile. I’m very happy with everything Dave and team have and continue to put together for us all. Happy with all functions of the app
  • Great app but... 2/5

    By klew_04041031
    I really enjoyed this app until my free trial ended. It made me excited about paying my debt off and moving on in my debt free journey. I also enjoyed having an app instead of a spreadsheet but I guess I’m back to the spreadsheets. $129 a year is not worth it maybe a flat purchase price, that is reasonable, would be nice.
  • Please cancel connection to Every Dollar App 1/5

    By Newbi one knobe
    Please cancel the connection for this app with the ED App. It has really screwed up my information. Yes, some of the error was mine (or I had put a second mortgage into credit debt area) but this completely screws up all of my new and past info. I’m so frustrated I can’t expound here but please have someone take a look and fix this.
  • Loved the app 3/5

    By kmill0718
    I loved this app, but really wish there were a way to get it without subscribing to everything. Every Dollar didn’t work with my bank, so it didn’t make sense to pay for Smart Dollar. I would pay a few dollars a month just for just this Baby Steps app if that were an option!!
  • Let me buy the app! 1/5

    By swood824
    I can’t afford Ramsey Plus so I did the free trial. Free trial is over so I can’t use this app but the debt snowball is so motivating! I wish there was a way to buy access to just this app. I’d give it 5 stars if I could have access to use it for my debt free journey. Please consider it!
  • Subscription now required 1/5

    By Cali2002
    I’ve been using this app since April for free and it’s been great. Now I go to log in to update my progress and I can’t even see where I’m at without agreeing to a yearly payment of 129.00. I’m going to agree, take a screen shot of my progress and then cancel the trial. There are other ways to track my debt payoff.
  • Wish it was available alone 3/5

    By pinkshaylee
    I prefer the free version of EveryDollar and have no need for the FPU app as I have reviewed the program. I wish this Baby Steps app was available for $5 a month or something. I know others would prefer that as well.
  • You have to pay to view anything 1/5

    By AbbyLia
    This only works with Ramsey+ (paid subscription). Once you sign into your Ramsey account the only option is to upgrade to plus or start the free trial. If you decline, the entirety of the app is just a blank white screen with a link at the bottom to sign up for the paid subscription.
  • $129 a year to utilize the app is ridiculous 3/5

    By update🤬
    The app is a decent product, however, I would rather pay a flat fee to “purchase” the app then pay $129 a year to use it. I prefer the EveryDollar app (not plus) so I don’t need to upgrade to it. I’ve done FPU online and watch Dave Ramsey show and listen to podcast. $129 a year for an app is not a good investment, I’d rather put that money toward my debt. This app should be a minimal flat fee purchase or free as is EveryDollar regular app.
  • Costs $129!! 1/5

    By SamieWolf
    Not a free app! Immediately wants you sign up for a year long $129 subscription to do absolutely anything.
  • Can’t purchase separately 2/5

    By alp5354
    I loved this app when I did the free trial but I don’t need all the other stuff and can’t justify the 129$ a year as I prefer the free version of EveryDollar. Can there not be another option to buy just the baby step app separately? That would be awesome!
  • Useful 4/5

    By Merry00110
    I do like the app so far. Very simple. I’m only on BS2 but I’d love to see a graph showing the balance changes over time. It would help keep me (and others!) more motivated I think.
  • Bad Glitch 1/5

    By Single Mama of 1
    I was referred by a friend to this app and it sounded awesome! However, I signed up for the 14 day free trial to test it out and it won’t let me past the subscription page. It keeps telling me to manage my subscription but won’t let me into the app. I’m probably going to delete it before I’m charged since I can’t even use the app. Very disappointed.
  • Almost Perfect 3/5

    By Tynkrbelz86
    Love the app for what it is so far but here are some improvements I would love to see in the future: 1. If the current balance of the loan is more than the original balance due to interest and/or fees. The app doesn’t allow you save the info if the current balance is higher than the original balance therefore not allowing you to see your true progress. 2. I wish the app allowed me to link my accounts to each debt. I use to be able to link my CapOne credit card and NAVIENT accounts to the specific debt. I can no longer do this in Every Dollar either. This functionality was very helpful. AND if Devs could make it possible for us to be able to put in the payment but split it between principal/interest/ and fees would make the debt current balance more accurate. 3. When I login to EveryDollar website, the info from my Baby Steps app isn’t feeding into the website under the Baby Steps section. So I would have to manually re-enter everything to make both the websites and app match. Not a huge inconvenience for me but can be for others who have a very long list of debts in their snowball. 4. The app doesn’t allow you to put in $0 for a payment on a deferred loan/ inactive debt. It feeds into EveryDollar and effects the budget. Please add a “inactive debt” option so that a payment amount isn’t required. If you want to go further for the inactive debt option, put a next payment due date on it that feeds into EveryDollar that sends a notification.
  • portrait only? 4/5

    By 6puzzler
    i just “upgraded” to Ramsey+ but now it doesn’t seem to switch to landscape view when i have my iPad turned that way (which is most of the time)
  • MUST PAY 1/5

    By Ronjones1977
    App is only free to paying customers $129??
  • $129.99 A YEAR just to use this app!!! 1/5

    By Pagetj
    The use of this app was free. Have been using this app for a while and a Ramsey follower for nearly a decade. Now the only way to access this app is to purchase Ramsey + which costs $129.99 a year. I already paid for FPU, bought dozens of books for friends and family. Going through FPU is worth every penny. It’s getting way too expensive to continue to follow and use Dave’s apps. I feel all of these tools should come with a one time purchase of FPU. I bet the every dollar app will cost money to use next... Hopping off the ban wagon.