Back Pain Exercises - Kaia

Back Pain Exercises - Kaia

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Back Pain Exercises - Kaia App

An app to manage back pain at home in only 15 minutes a day. Designed by a team of doctors and experts specifically concerned with back pain relief, Kaia offers hundreds of exercises tailored to your needs. As featured in Forbes and Techcrunch, Kaia is one of the leading apps of the health-tech revolution with a growing subscription base of over 500,000 users. ▶ THE ADVANTAGES OF KAIA BACK TRAINING: • DESIGNED BY MEDICAL EXPERTS: Kaia was developed by a team of doctors and pain specialists from Klinikum Rechts der Isar in Munich, Germany and is inspired by the “National Guidelines for the Treatment of LBP (Lower Back Pain)”. • PERSONALIZED TO EACH USER: Kaia actively adapts its exercises to each user’s pain level, pain localization, and daily feedback via intelligent algorithms. • USE AT HOME OR IN THE OFFICE: Kaia can be used anytime and anywhere at your own convenience. • HOLISTIC MIND-BODY TRAINING: Kaia combines a variety of mobility, strengthening, breathing, & wellness exercises to target both physical and psychological causes of pain. • EDUCATION: Kaia includes regular insights and learnings to teach users more about back health, chronic pain, wellness, etc. • ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: Kaia uses the latest technology including a motion tracking (through the smartphone camera) to track and correct your movement in real-time. • EXTRA SUPPORT: Kaia offers on-call professional health coaches to further assist users with insight, instruction, and motivation. ▶ HOW KAIA WORKS: • DAILY CHECK-IN: Start every session with a quick self-assessment of pain intensity and sleep quality. • PERSONALIZED ROUTINE: Kaia sets up a combination of mobility, strengthening, and breathing exercises within a 15-minute routine. • DEMO VIDEOS: Each exercise begins with a high-quality demo to give you optimal guidance • FEEDBACK: Give your feedback regularly to further personalize and improve your exercises. • PROGRESS & MOTIVATION: Kaia tracks your training and keeps you motivated towards your health goals. ▶ WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT FROM KAIA: • Smart and simple daily routines designed to build back strength, mobility, and awareness. • Physio-therapeutic strengthening exercises that stabilize the entire musculature of the spine. • Psychological relaxation exercises that target mental wellness and pain perception. • Extensive knowledge and insights on how to relieve back pain, manage chronic pain, improve spine health, improve posture, build muscle, structure physical therapy, and more. ▶ WHAT KAIA PRO USERS SAY: “Kaia can help you stand up to back pain and poor posture.” - Apple App Store “This app is so well thought out combining movement, relaxation, and knowledge––the three things (I am learning) that I can use to control my pain. It’s easy to use and the exercises are really helping. Much easier and cheaper than paying for a pilates training course…” Colin M. - Kaia User ------------------------------------------- Visit us at: Follow us and stay up to date: Send us and email, we love to chat: [email protected] PRO SUBSCRIPTION Kaia Pro provides access to all contents and can be purchased on a monthly basis. If you opt for the subscription, you pay the fixed price for your country which is displayed in the app. Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Subscriptions will automatically renew at the end of the period, for the same price. You can turn off the auto-renewal at any time up until 24-hours before the end of the subscription period in your Account Settings. When you cancel the auto-renewal, access to the Pro features will not expire immediately, you will have access until the end of the current payment period. PRIVACY & TERMS:

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Back Pain Exercises - Kaia app reviews

  • No trial and pricey! 1/5

    By Fraud?!?!
    I was just looking for something to guide me through some back exercises. If your employer or health plan doesn’t pay for it you’re flat out of luck. $250/per month for a membership and no chance to try it out. Honestly nothing is worth that price and especially not if you can’t see what you’re buying first.
  • App worked fine until I updated 1/5

    By corefusion
    Now I'm locked out without paying $999. How frustrating!
  • NOT free 1/5

    By Biyxtren
    Should not be labeled free. Can't access anything without paying.
  • EXPENSIVE!! 1/5

    By SaloneGirl
    This app looks like it’s free, or at least had a basic free version. It doesn’t. It’s $250/month. And you can’t do ANYTHING on the app unless you upgrade. Very deceptive.
  • Subscription 1/5

    By AngryYogaPerson
    They fail to mention there is nothing if you don’t pay. You give them your info and then pu can’t even see f you’d like to try it without paying.
  • Taking advantage of Ill people 1/5

    By Ultra delaying
    Asks for $1000/year, an exorbitantly high subscription fee, and asking it from people who are in pain and possibly desperate. Great app with an unacceptable pricing plan.
  • Unreasonably Expensive!! 1/5

    By KevinBIrl
    Am I missing something?? You can’t really do anything in this app without signing up for PRO which costs $250 per month!! I could pay less for a personal trainer
  • Love this app but the new price tag is ridiculous 1/5

    By WonderfuldayLover
    I used Kaia on and off for several months and found it extremely helpful and even fun. However, there is no possible way to justify charging $1000 per year for a subscription. I really hope this is some kind of error, but I see comments regarding the change as far back as January.... wouldn’t recommend even trying the free trial anymore unless you have $1000 burning a hole in your pocket. Super disappointed to see this happen to a good app that seemed like it could be really helpful for a lot of people 😞

    By AllieCat10
    I thought it was a horrible mistake so I emailed them. No. It’s really TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY dollars a month. Like, who has that?!!!! And if you do, why would you not go to ACTUAL physical therapy? Or at that rate just pay for a new back?!!! (Kidding of course.) Seriously, it’s cost prohibitive and I couldn’t get the help I desperately needed because of it. So thanks for absolutely nothing I guess.
  • Price 1/5

    By -/:;-
    Pretty crazy they are asking for $250/month
  • Garbage app 1/5

    By belleserpente
    Free app includes not one thing and keeps pressing for a paid $299 a month subscription! Total SCAM
  • $250 a month? 1/5

    By lorgrey
    I wanted to try these exercises-but that is outrageous for an app
  • Price is ridiculous 1/5

    By Sharkus7
    $250 PER MONTH??? What world do you live on where that seems reasonable for what you’re claiming to provide?
  • At $250 a month it’s sadly an elitist app 1/5

    By Work&Turn
    Read a lot of reviews stating that signup is required to see anything on the app, no big deal I thought for $7/8 a month even if I forget to cancel it’s fine. Well it’s now $250 a month on offer ! just a mere $242 increase, or 3500% which seems reasonable ! Oh but the app has 250 exercises so only $1 per exercise per month if you don’t use the coach feature, again what a bargain. I can see a private physio twice a week for this price !!! Feel like it’s stating the obvious but obviously not, why don’t you offer a cheaper option with no coach feature for those of us that don’t have that kind of money ?
  • $250 a month subscription fee 1/5

    By SadieOne
    I’ll take m chances with a physical therapist. It’s cheaper.
  • Seems ok but too pricey 1/5

    By Darzaluzer
    Seems like it would be a great app but for the sale price of $250.00 a month (reg $299.00)’s too pricey for me!
  • Not free 1/5

    By diabone111
    FAlse advertsing
  • To busy to take care of my back 5/5

    By Olympia77
    I’ve had back pain for many years after to slipped disks. It comes and goes, but when I sleep badly or have to much stress at work I do have back pain for sure. Kaia is a quick training session which everybody should be able to work into their daily routine with great tips and relaxation sessions. It took me a while but I hope I can stick to it!
  • Unable to use app after paid for subscription 2/5

    By Threerab
    All is good until after initial 7 day trail, I subscribed to 3 months subscription. The app become unusable right after trial and payment. When I click on “start” to begin the exercise, it keep asking me to pick my subscription plan or sign up for 7 days free?! Such a disappointing beginning. I emailed them regarding this issue. Hope they will fix it soon. Update: after about 6 hours I am able access my subscription. However no one responded and reply to my email. Just FYI their customer service and support is scratchy. Hope when I cancel this it will be smooth.
  • It is great as long as you don’t buy it from apple 1/5

    By Juanampr
    If you buy it from Apple, and the app does a reset or updates itself and you need to log in, there is no way from the app to restore and you need to send an email to them and wait till they respond to grant you access. The other way is to create a new account and forget about your progress.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Sherylc6
    I love this app. I had a back injury this spring and did a lot of research, downloaded this app and tried it. I also went to physical therapy. This app was the best (although seeing a doctor & PT is obviously necessary for individual diagnoses). If you have neck / back / hip pain, the cost is nothing for what you get. I spent so much money trying to get better, including special pillows and books. They all helped, but this app took the prize. I still use it all the time whenever I have flare ups (and I try to use it for prevention as much as possible, too). In addition to specific yoga for SI joint dysfunction (which I was diagnosed) I thankfully have a full box of tools to heal. And, when I had a question, they responded quickly and were so friendly and helpful. Thanks!
  • Felt like a trap 1/5

    By chie :)
    Thought this app would be great. Good onboarding process on asking questions about your condition then requires you to sign up. You thought that would give you an idea of the app, but no. Once you pass that stage, it would require you to do a free trial to sign up with their coaches and won’t give any idea on how this app can help your back without going to the free trial. Most exercise apps would show you at least the most basic idea on how the process would go even without signing in or starting a free trial but this one doesn’t. It felt like a trap. If I knew, I would’ve not created an account at all.
  • Has worked great for me 5/5

    By Dirtdobler
    Back pain is not one thing. People experience back pain in a variety of ways from a variety of causes, so I think it is impossible for one solution to work for every one. I’ve had persistent low back pain for over two years. I don’t have sciatica. I’ve had an MRI that didn’t show any major problems. I’ve seen a doctor and worked with a physical therapist and have even done several of the exercises in the app before, with mild improvement. The improvement I’ve experience sine using this app for a few weeks has been remarkable. My core feels so much stronger. My pain is much less. I’m sleeping better and have even lost a little weight. Doing the exercises every morning for 15-20 minutes has been the first exercise routine I’ve been able to stick to in years. It has definitely been worth the money to me.
  • More charges 1/5

    By disbilitypain
    After buying the app you have to register with a coach for over $50.00 per month. I wouldn’t have bought this if I knew.
  • Horrible subscription and HIPAA practices 1/5

    By ChristianMan06
    This app looks very interesting and shows promise except for 2 things, which make me extremely uncomfortable. Firstly, they ask for consent to share your medical information with 3rd parties, which should not happen with this type of app. Secondly, I was shocked that there is ZERO content you can access - not even their basic knowledge sessions - without signing up for a subscription. No, a 7 day trial period is not a viable option. I think the creators of this app would do far better, for themselves and their potential customers, if they offered a standard freemium model and provided some level of value without asking for their customers’ wallets.
  • Check recent reviews , ruined by greed 1/5

    By itunes frustrated
    To bad, typical overpriced app with no free lessons or content. 7 day trial is not sufficient. At least 2 week trial and some lessons should be available for free without being forced to sign up for any trial. But no, greed rules here. Obviously, based on their business model of tricking people, they don’t really believe in what they are selling. AVOID!
  • Makes you register, doesn’t have free content 1/5

    By Joni541
    There’s no way to preview the app without first registering. Why put folks through a registration process for them to only then realize you have *zero* free content? Most apps have at least 2 or 3 freebies to give a taste of their capabilities. And a “7-day free trial” doesn’t count— that’s just a disingenuous way to rope people into subscribing after they forget to cancel. Fail.
  • $50/month. 1/5

    By MartaMartajdhdjdu
    With no explanation of who the “coaches” are and what qualifications they have. Nice design, great idea, unfortunately not accessible to most people.
  • Same exercises? 4/5

    By Flaca829
    Today’s exercises were almost the same as yesterday’s. Three out of four were the same (?). Otherwise, I do like the format.
  • Forced to subscribe 1/5

    By Wirkkala
    Pretty much useless app if you don’t sign up immediately after providing your information. Tried one class and it’s awful, cancelled right away. Not even gonna bother with 8 days.
  • Decent thus far 4/5

    By xiaolingbaibai
    I’m in my late 50s with lower back pain from helping my wheelchair bound mom . Kaia did help relieve some of the back pain . Complaint I have is that starting from lesson 2 thru 5 it’s given me essentially the same exercises . Would like it to vary each time I do it . Also I’d like to be able to refer back to other lessons , particularly the first one , for variety if they don’t send me anything different .
  • Zero pain after 1 month 5/5

    By Camp1029
    I waited a couple days to share this because I wanted to make sure it wasn’t a fluke. 3rd day in a row with ZERO back pain! Literally 3-4 years of various levels of back pain. From “OMG I can’t move!” to nagging, mild discomfort. I’m sure there are a lot of programs out there that offer something similar, but Kaia worked for me. Super appreciative to the makers of this app. It’s a bit expensive as apps go, but worth every penny! Go for it!
  • Too expensive 1/5

    By randooom97673995
    Don’t do it!!!! Way too expensive.
  • This app is a baited advertisement 1/5

    By carduini
    You must set up a profile, giving your email and personal information before they tell you it’s almost 80 bucks a year. No ability to see more of the program than their ad screenshots you have just seen, unless you have also given them your credit card. So any kind of trial requires a credit card submission , and people are reviewing about getting surprise charged early and even if they delete the app, their email spammed with the inability to easily unsubscribe. Will it work for your back pain? The jury is still out. Will it give you brain pain? Guaranteed, no money back.
  • This app is terrible and subscription options are misleading! 1/5

    By madamemonday
    I thought I selected a $1.99 a week option when I registered but turns out that's extremely misleading as you're actually selecting a yearly subscription. Shady subscription options aside, the app is very glitchy. I couldn't even complete any activities I tried during the free trial, it constantly crashed. Yet I kept my subscription (still under the impression that I would be charged $1.99 a week in the meantime) hoping that it would be updated and it start to work, as the little bit I did successfully use helped. Shame on me for believing.
  • Subscription 1/5

    By mjkittycas
    94 dollars was taken out of my account even after I cancelled it.
  • Really? 1/5

    By Eshsdd
    If I’m gonna pay for something I’m just gonna go ahead and go a a chiropractor, much better for you, takes less time, trained professionals. Don’t need to know how or why it’s made, y’all didn’t address the fact that just going to a chiropractor is better for a damaged spine. So I’m gonna assume I’m right on the money.
  • Compulsory registration 1/5

    By louconrad
    Cannot try before registration 👎
  • Nice app 5/5

    By dc8johnson
    This seems to be doing a nice job except owing my back muscles. I can feel the stretching. I can imagine it’s also doing some strengthening. Only been day three. We’ll see how the fist week goes.
  • Bait and switch 1/5

    By bsummersault
    It is neither radical, nor revolutionary, if it is not accessible. You have to pay for any of the functions to work, or do the trial and then they charge after a week. Depressing when they trick you into downloading an app to find out it’s payment only.
  • Really??? 2/5

    By Llamajules
    I seriously considered signing up for the trial and made it as far as the trial page. You can’t give a client a free lesson? How am I to know the benefits of the program when I cannot access needed information? Difficulty with communication between clients and Customer Service has been a frequent complaint. Is there a reason potential clients are unable to see the format, tone, and general FAQs before signing up? How are clients to know who is training them? MY company provides samples and gives a 30-day money back guarantee - and includes your shipping and handling. Our CS is open 24/7. Is that too difficult to understand and implement ASAP? I’m in severe pain and your company had been close to my last hope.
  • After back surgery 5/5

    By Baghead94
    These exercises, I believe are saving my life. At 70 and left with mega pain after 2 back surgeries this program is my path to healing and happiness. 🙏🏼
  • youve got to be kidding me 1/5

    By Pudingding
    I even sent you a screenshot of my subscription to show you that I have indeed subscribed to the yearly plan and have been using it for months until it logged out of my phone. I still have it on my ipad and thats how I could take a screenshot of it. When I sent you an email to tell you about this problem you consistenly say that I am not subscribed to the program and that I shouldnt have been charged. are you kidding me? this is the worst service ive ever experienced.
  • How do I unsubscribe??? 1/5

    By please kaia let me go
    1) Why is there no way to this on the app? 2) What in the world is my “iTunes account settings”? 3) Why is there no way for me to contact you??
  • Accidentally purchased 1/5

    By mja540
    App was accidentally downloaded. Please cancel any subscription. Thanks
  • Bait and switch 1/5

    By Sashazur
    I signed up for the annual subscription trial, not realizing there were cheaper options that were harder to find. During the first free week of the trial, every day included learning, exercise and breathing modules. But after my paid subscription started, the app often skipped learning and breathing modules. So... the combination of burying the cheaper subscription choices and reducing content after the free trial is over, both left me feeling slightly ripped off. It also doesn’t help that I’ve been using the app for 2 weeks now and though I think it is useful for stretching, relaxing, and learning, my back pain has not improved at all and sometimes is even worse. I already saw my Dr. and was told it’s just muscular, so I would have expected the app to work better than it did.
  • Here’s your problem 1/5

    By cifjevjejev
    Offering a 7 day trial is not enough. It is simply too much to ask someone your advertising to cancel after 7 days on an ad they see on social media. The though of having to have to think about it or deal with it outweighs the POSSIBLE positive outcome. This is why I haven’t even downloaded the app and that’s with perfect targeting, because this is something I would buy. A better business model would be to create a good teaser section that will makes a small difference in someone’s life but leaves you feeling hungry for more. If your product is truly superior and worth it. Having a free section that’s the tip of the iceberg will peak interest and not kill your sales like the 7 day trial.
  • Bad subscription model turns users away 1/5

    By JayK825
    Wanted to try but as everyone said. You must agree to subscription before moving forward. Yes you do get 7 days but AUTOMATICALLY charges you then. I’m used to working with e-commerce and subscription model. You should open up your app with free 7 days without auto sign up. Once the 7th day is done you can then lock the user out and then sign up. Automatic on 7th day will turn users away from start. Cart abandonment 101. Until then, I must delete app.
  • I don’t like this cause it don’t work so I’m give it a one star 1/5

    By haven65
    I don’t like this cause it don’t work so I’m giving it a one star

Back Pain Exercises - Kaia app comments

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