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  • Developer: WeAreQiiwi Interactive AB
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Backpacker™ App

Your bag is packed and you’re ready to go, but as fate has it, you’re stranded in Rome with only 500 coins in your pocket. What now? Show the world what you’re made of in Backpacker, a new globetrotting trivia game! Save up enough money to continue your travels by going on various missions and applying for odd jobs! At the end of each day, either splurge on a hotel or risk sleeping in the streets. Discover new cities and maybe even learn a thing or two along the way. Backpacker Features: * Test your trivia skills! * See the world, one city at a time! * Complete your memento collection with tokens from each city! * Collect job diplomas and earn cash for traveling! * Help strangers around the world for secret rewards! * Stamp your passport in each city, can you collect them all? * Which mini game will become your new favorite? Conquer the world, become a Backpacker! Backpacker has been lovingly created, we take fun seriously. We really value your feedback, go to and say what's on your mind! More about WeAreQiiwi Interactive at Backpacker Premium Subscription: Some items in the app require Backpacker Premium, such as no waiting time when traveling. Backpacker Premium is a weekly auto-renewing subscription at $3.49. Backpacker Premium will renew within 24 hours before the subscription period ends, and you will be charged through your iTunes account. You can manage and cancel your subscription in your iTunes Account Settings at any time. If you purchase new Backpacker Premium subscription during a free trial you will forfeit any free trial period remaining from your first purchase. Our privacy policy and terms of service can be found at

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Backpacker™ app reviews

  • Fun 5/5

    By Katbearlol
    Pretty cool game
  • Was fun 1/5

    By Jovigirl1977
    I loved playing this game. The new updates ruined the game for me. Spinning for diplomas is stupid, i liked picking my topic. Earning coins is very difficult. The daily rewards was a great way to earn coins, now that is gone. The passport is gone. I’m done playing.
  • Good game, but crashes CONSTANTLY 2/5

    By mezzanayne
    I really enjoy playing this game with my son but the app crashes within one minute of game play. It's not one specific feature that seems to be the problem; even just on the main city view (with the annoying bobbing bubbles, moving cars, floating clouds) it'll crash even though there's no game activity. Maybe there could be fewer moving things on the city scene eating up device memory? As it is right now it's unusable.
  • Game is stuck in night time 1/5

    By Vgirl74
    Guess it’s done? I used over quite a few coins on the hotel and it still didn’t come out of nighttime mode.
  • Useful travel information 5/5

    By DrDiane
    As a trivia fan and sometime world traveler, I just love this game. The latest update is excellent, especially the 50/50 option. It helps to get through some of the tougher (for me) categories, especially the 3 costly points of interest in the various cities. My only “complaint” is that I finished all the cities, except the recently added Venice. Please add more!
  • The update needs to be improved 3/5

    By Hdjzkdkcl
    I really like this game - it’s fun to “travel” and learn new things about each city. But the recent update ruined a couple of things for me. Mainly, spinning the wheel for jobs is awful. The jobs are ALWAYS the same, and often impossibility difficult - we should be able to select which jobs we want. I can’t even count how many times I’ve completed the silly diver job or how many times I’ve failed the astronaut job. ALSO, bring back the passport! That was such a fun way to see all the places you’ve been.
  • Impossible 2/5

    By Annoyed35
    Was a fun game at first, but as you play the game, the questions get more and more ridiculous. How would anyone know which athletes, actors, etc were born or not born in the 50s? You really expect the majority of users to answer questions about languages such as Russian? It makes it nearly impossible to get enough jobs to get a star. Not to mention the questions about the country you’re in are stupid. Over it.
  • New cities 5/5

    By Marilusa2003
    I hope you además a Spanish versión. Látele The game is crashing. I hace to turn off the IPad to be able to keep playing. Is there a fix I can use?
  • Why do I have more jobs to complete!?? 1/5

    By InvitingG
    I have been playing this game for some time and Loved it...Until this major update. I had visited all of the cities and completed all of the tasks and job diplomas needed and earned ALL of the stars in my passport. After this BIG update, I have about a dozen cities that now say I need MORE job diplomas!?? I don't have anymore NEW diplomas that I can play and the jobs I’ve already earned are not counting if I replay them. Also, where’s my passport? That was the best part! Why ruin a good thing?? Tsk tsk and shame on you for being greedy for more money spent. This REALLY disappoints me. I don’t play a lot of games or dump money into them so when I do, it means you have something good. You used to have a good thing...Again, VERY disappointed now with the update. Onward to a new and different game. Sorry Qiwi :/
  • A lot of fun 5/5

    By Zuma Girl 44
    I love the new changes. The game is great. Just wondering... how can I go back and play the daily games that I missed? Please help. Thank you
  • Changes are not good. 1/5

    By JeanMLoganJ
    You should have kept the passport, was great to see every where you have been. Also as there are no new cities no reason to keep playing?
  • New update is disappointing 2/5

    By Cujocarrie
    I’ve played this game for over a year (and paid to remove ads shortly after I downloaded it). I loved it because it was a different take on the trivia format and was delightfully bizarre. The recent update has stripped almost everything charming out and streamlined the trivia part into a generic wheel and nerfed rewards. Once I finish my advent calendar challenge, I’m probably going to go find a new trivia game. Not upset, just really disappointed with the update.
  • Great arm chair travel 4/5

    By Kittywhiskerslacey
    Learn city facts, locations
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By Gamer6151
    The new update is a disappoint in so many ways. The previous version had it’s fair share of issues, however, the new update did not solve any of those. Simply, made it worse. Getting turned down for jobs even if they were brand new ones was an issue with the previous version. Now in the new update you HAVE to spin the wheel for jobs so you keep getting jobs you have ALREADY completed and achieved....what is the point except to waste spins??? The solution should have been to not offer jobs that are already completed or give people the option to select which job to apply for like the previous version. I used to play this game non-stop but now I keep getting the SAME exact jobs that I’ve already done. It’s frustrating and disappointing. The glitches on the update are never ending. The screen keeps remaining black even when you sleep at the hotel. The new user interface for the update itself is very mediocre. It looks worse than it did before the update which is quite ironic. I hope the job issues, glitches, and design of the game are updated to something better so I can continue to play this game. I used to love it and would like to continue but without changes to this update, the game has become disappointing.
  • Review of big update 4/5

    By papadorun
    Miss the passport! Bring it BACK !!! It had a sense of travel that is now missing
  • Do not like the update 2/5

    By PorscheRN
    Why’d you guys take the passport, the newspaper and the ability to use tickets to eliminate answers in the questions? You made it less like a travel game and also never provided a tutorial to the update! I may need to stop playing
  • Updates made the game useless 1/5

    By whatcanipick
    What’s the point of giving out tickets if you can’t use them to help answer questions? The new update hasn’t been what I was expecting.
  • Update is a set back 2/5

    By Honey1943
    Terrible update. Feels more like a casino than a trip around the world. I want my passport back!!! Hate the new “checklist.” Will immigration stamp a checklist?? Also, you had me hooked on playing everyday for greater and greater rewards. These new prizes aren’t intelligible. Keep it simple: points and tickets. Also, 150 city questions and 20 nights is way too many, and in Dubai of all places, which is barely worth a stopover. Finally, the program takes way too long to load. Bring back the classic version, please!
  • New format 1/5

    By Dawnatella
    I don’t like the new daily rewards - please change it back!
  • Fun game and educational fun too 5/5

    By Starla O
    I just love this game. It really makes you think while you learn about a lot of the cities around the world! Playing this for months now.
  • Awesome Game!! 5/5

    By Lulu Peanut James
    This game is great for those who love travel and trivia!! It’s so fun traveling around the world learning about different places and cultures. I am so addicted to this game and have been for months now.
  • Updates are making the game worse 1/5

    By Burmashave58
    Removal of passport? Job wheel? Making the requirements for Munich 20 new job diplomas i stead of the old 5, when I’ve completed most of the available jobs already? How do you progress?
  • Updates are Awful 1/5

    By Jatun
    The updated jobs wheel is a cheat. No passport takes the fun out of the game. This turned from enjoyable to a potential money pit which I will not pay. Bad decisions by your development and marketing team. I’m out!
  • Update 5/5

    By Pepatrick49
    The update has some fun new things but it is confusing! Took a while to figure out where everything went and what it is now. Should have been some instructions before it just changed everything! Do not like the new passport ! Now I canny see what I might have needed to do in another country. Is there a way to see it ? If so, where ? Should have left the passport alone! Also, I liked being able to choose how I wanted to travel to another county. Now, at least if I am right , you just go with the transportation that comes up and spend what it says , not what you want to spend! If now of this is correct ! I need instructions! Loved the games but now I’m very confused by it !
  • Horrible update 1/5

    By L1ghtning
    I’ve been playing over a year. I loved this game the way it was. Now after the latest update it’s garbage. Please change it back.
  • Loved but since update..not so much 1/5

    By onlymejustme
    Do not like new update
  • Update 1/5

    By DSR5150
    Don’t like it!
  • Backpacker 5/5

    By lady47biker
    Great new game! Challenging but educational and fun! Completed my passport.....hoping for more cities to be added!
  • New update is terrible! 1/5

    By IstanbulDweller
    I have been playing this game daily for about a year. Before the update it was really functional and enjoyable. The update was a huge mistake. Visually it is flashy, gaudy and has way too much going on. It’s like a flashy game show now. I hate having to spin a wheel to get a job. The biggest mistake was taking away the passport! Why would they do that? That’s the whole point of the game. Certainly won’t be playing the game daily any longer. If at all. Horrible update.. I can’t even imagine what they were thinking.
  • Just Enough 4/5

    By Reya85
    Just the right amount of excitement and challenge to get me through a rough day.
  • Interesting 4/5

    By kostya0812
    Interesting and fun to learn
  • Can't stop it on iOS 12.1 1/5

    By dpriceva
    After I started the game, there was no way to exit out to go to another app (no multitasking), and I had to restart my phone. Immediately deleted game.
  • Fun 4/5

    By Rekncotter
    Fun and challenging
  • Backpack. 3/5

    By kkk92
    I can’t fairly rate it . This is the first time I’ve opened it
  • Fun 5/5

    By 135tamk
    This is a great trivia game.
  • Backpacker 5/5

    By Gogranny
    Great game of trivia about our world!! U get to play AND learn!!!
  • What the heck just happened? 2/5

    By Karen0528
    I have been playing for quite a while; visited countries several times, amassed a large amount of money and 600 tokens, extra large backpack, advanced chest, purchased a ton of gifts...I have been away for work and other activities. I log in several times a week and only play for a few minutes just to keep current. Today I logged in and my game was cleared of all data etc. and I am at ZERO on all levels. Starting from scratch... I’m not starting over. Sorry but I’m out.
  • Fun 5/5

    By Crossword Lola
    Fun game
  • What now 5/5

    By Ireland Lass
    Love this app, you learn a lot of interesting facts, however I think I’ve finished the last city. What now, will more cities be added?
  • A learning experience 5/5

    By Tired of t.v.
    This game teaches you geography like no other. Not always easy but it does keep you going.
  • Fun travel trivia 5/5

    By auntiejenx3
    Good way to waste time
  • Fun and informative 5/5

    By IMPEACH45
    One of the best games to travel the world and learn about the cities you travel to... A great way to waste time productively!!!
  • Backpacker 3/5

    By jennawatts
    Fun, changes up. Could use more info? Repeats questions, get monotonous. Need more insight on what to achieve.
  • Hooked on this game! 5/5

    By Ping! All day!
    Love playing this game! Love trivia games. It is a bit glitchy sometimes especially if you have a weak Internet connection. Sometimes it glitches anyway, lost my guitar rewards today because the button wouldn’t load so I closed it out and then guitar was empty. :(
  • Please Help!!! 4/5

    By Aer1022
    I normally enjoy playing, Backpacker, until this afternoon. I only had had 5 tickets. I tried to use all of them in Moscow, for St. Basils Cathedral. It took my (5) tickets and nothing happened. Is there any way I could get reimbursed for the (5) tickets that I did not use? I have (0) now, and for my game, it’s very difficult to earn those. Thank you so much for your understanding. It happened AGAIN!! I was in Honolulu and I tried to play the first landmark. I had (6) tix total. It took (5) of my tickets, but would never let me answer any questions for that landmark!! Now I only have (1) tix and did not get to try for the landmark. This is getting old!!
  • Great fun! 5/5

    By Christina2192
    I really enjoy playing this game.
  • Backpacker 5/5

    By LukeDuke1030
    Lots of fun!
  • ok 4/5

    By iHEART AI
  • Great game for twenty minutes 1/5

    By Th33rdMan
    The constant job rejections, trying to complete sights with barely any knowledge beforehand, and answering the same questions over and over again are getting tiresome. It was a fun game, but it’s getting old real fast.

Backpacker™ app comments

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