Z: Make Friends on Snapchat

Z: Make Friends on Snapchat

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  • Current Version: 0.14.3
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Animet, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Z: Make Friends on Snapchat App

Swipe right to chat or left to pass -> your snapchat is privately shared to those you choose. Have fun making new snapchat friends from all over the world, and meet some awesome people. You have limited rubies to swipe right with, so only choose people you really want to talk to! This keeps the spam down, and so you know when someone swipes right on you, they really want to snap. You can earn more rubies by checking in daily or getting your other snapchat friends to join. Go meet some new snapchat friends! Prob? Question? Feedback? Love letter? Drop into our DMs: Snapchat: discover-z 857-626-6883 [email protected]

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Z: Make Friends on Snapchat app reviews

  • used to be good 2/5

    By hannah.k.b.
    it doesn’t work for me anymore. it says i can’t sign in with snapchat. i can only do it with apple and that’s not how it works
  • Good 3/5

    By yo_aunt
    Now just add a search bar
  • Pervs 1/5

    By bakugos.wife
    In this app.... their is a lot of pervs that ask for nodes!! I don’t think is save for teens!!
  • Bring back the states 3/5

    By gd bf fuh
    Bring back to where you can see the states
  • Ihatetheupdate 3/5

    By luldmv
    The app was good n everything, you could see the actual states, n it was less bots now there are more bot than actual users btw the locations aren’t visible anymore
  • Fake 1/5

    By Jukejerry
    I’m not sure that I’ve added a real person yet from this app. Verify verify verify
  • Bots and porn 2/5

    By hebehehehdhdhfuf
    I’ve meet a few nice people on this app but every other person is either a bot or a girl who is trying promote her only fans or sell her nudes, it’s very very annoying and frustrating.
  • We’re are my gems 2/5

    By jadonnxxx5
    You haven’t gave me 2000 gems even tho I got 10 people to join
  • Premium 1/5

    By Joel9457
    Bunch of b*tches with premium snaps please remove them
  • Money grab 1/5

    By hgthii
    It’s just a money grab. Save
  • improvements 5/5

    By TheForces
    Great app i found many new people from it but i say you should add where you can save people that you found from swiping and the other thing where you just add them so if you’re out of gems and you accidentally swipe out of the app they will be saved

    By imvuplayer
    When I first got this app it was good I added a lot of people and they add me back or accept my request but lately I used it and I would ask for their snap but it seems like they don’t get the notification or I haven’t gotten any request for my snap you would think that you would get at least one but I haven’t gotten any so PLEASE UPDATE AND FIX IT.
  • Just want more local matches 5/5

    By Yung rodrick
    App is really really good but I find ppl from pa 85% of the time and I’m all the way in va😣jus want more local profiles shown to me
  • The memes 3/5

    By boyhate53
    I loved the memes for gems that’s what made this app so unique and now it’s gone
  • Bae 5/5

    By Davion1108
    It’s perfect
  • Bring it back and Help 5/5

    By LizzyLizBun
    I really love this app more than Wink or Hoop because u can actually see what the state is not just United States, but with this new update I can’t see it anymore and it’s frustrating a little. Could u please bring it back? I also can’t seem to see the messages someone has been sending me, it’s frustrating because they just keep sending me messages and messages but I can’t see anything
  • How? 4/5

    By jfhsvwjvkktfshcjkfjdb
    When you press the Snapchat button how do you go see them
  • It’s okay 3/5

    By maw831
    It’s good in the sense that it gives you people actually near you, butttt it’s annoying cause there are way to many bots! You need to get your stuff together to get rid of bots and make sure people have their correct age
  • terrible rewards 1/5

    By Shane🤤🌊🏀
    this app is terrible. whenever i’d claim my daily rubies, i never get them. and we should have to wait 24 hours just to add 10 people
  • Locations off?? 4/5

    By brundanxx
    I can’t see where other people are from for some reason it just stopped working and now I can only see where theyre from in theyre bio
  • Nice 5/5

    By l_maried20
  • Memes are gone :c 4/5

    By BellaBoo12321
    it’s a fun app! but i miss the memes that the latest update took away. i think a lot of people would really like them to come back!! if you put them back, i was thinking that it could be on like a feed type thing so you saw who posted it? idk i thought that would be cool.
  • Z-Bae 🦋 3/5

    By Blueberry_princess
    Don’t update they took away the memes😔. Also now I can’t see what state the people live in unless they put it into their bio so that’s also a bummer. Other than that the app is pretty good. I just don’t like the most recent update.
  • Settings feature 4/5

    By plz read this!
    The app would be a lot better if you could choose if you wanted people that lived in you’re state or all around the world
  • Ages 2/5

    By Motif2018
    Like is app is good but when the app changes the age around it kinda makes it look stupid for it
  • It’s perfect until you can’t add anymore 3/5

    By Rah Card
    Need a option to watch videos for rubies should be main goal for this app
  • Omg I’m trying to make me friends 1/5

    By dufhdu
    When it says how old are you then when it said next and I press it it was not working
  • Bravo 4/5

    By meekvic
    A very nice application
  • Crazy 1/5

    By Charbear2012
    So I’m 17. In the App Store it says 17+. Implying that anyone who is 17 and up can use this app. Please fix this.
  • ugh 1/5

    By hkristen650
    wont let me click next for my age
  • Back button on passes 4/5

    By Nadia G.
    I am dumb and I got the pass and share snap button mixed and passed on accident, so there should really be a back button or a confirmation button on that part. Other than that it’s fun to see and a cool way to meet people!
  • Good app 5/5

    By shhdhakabs
    Love this
  • ❤️ 5/5

    By thts.nii
  • Won’t let me press next. 3/5

    By _.Mauri_.
    So i got to the part where it asks for your age, so I put my age and tried to press next but for some reason it’s not working.(when I press “next” it doesn’t take me to what’s next). So if you can please tell me what to do to fix this problem that’ll be great! 👍🏽
  • please update 3/5

    By kenzie.lololol
    there needs to be another way to make gems. with hoop and wink and stuff you can watch adds and stuff with this you can only share on snap or text and my friends don’t wanna download and you have to get 10 and u only got 1 or you have to wait 24 hours it makes no sense please fix
  • Zbae 5/5

    By meskin paco
    It’s really fun
  • Pretty good 5/5

    By LongJohn7662
  • my gems 1/5

    By taee grande
    this app never give my my freakin gems like i share y’all on snap and nothing works ‘ y’all owe me like 10,000 gems 😕😕 .
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Barbkel
    It won’t let me get in. I put the age but it won’t work when I press next
  • Couple problems 4/5

    By To narnia m8
    I think it’s good because unlike the other apps like this (Hoop, Yubo, Wink) it gives you people in your actual state and not just the United Stated. Although I do think that if you made a option to watch ads for gems or do surveys like the other ones do it’d be way better
  • age 2/5

    By quinn.3809
    this app used to be for people 13-17 and honestly i’m kind of mad because i used this app all the time and i’m 14 so now i can’t use it. it’s really irritating
  • Awesome 5/5

    By justinblakeg
    Awesome awesome
  • !!! 1/5

    By Cute jay972
    Change the age to 15+ and add near by locations no near by states
  • Please update 4/5

    By the_only 1
    I live in United States I don’t want to receive anyone outside of the United States I keep getting people from United Kingdom and other places please make it for where you are you add people who live near you
  • age 2/5

    By ethan Steve n
    please put it back to 13+ that app is the best
  • Terrible!! 1/5

    By Gjdbndzfpbvdnnccjkkfsweho
    When I got the app it said u didn’t have to be 17+ but now today is changed my hole account and said u had to be 18 or older which doesn’t make sense because there were kids that we’re 13 on there just yesterday and that just makes me so mad😡😡
  • . 5/5

    By ejgeybdk
  • Bad 1/5

    By H20Draco
    It’s not letting me open the app
  • Additional gems 3/5

    By cxrma
    More gem options

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