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  • Current Version: 1.16
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Voodoo
  • Compatibility: Android
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Shoot the balls and upgrade your cannon, how long can you survive? TERMS OF SERVICE - PURCHASE Voodoo offers to each of its account holder (the “Account Holder”) the possibility to select a weekly subscription (the “Subscription”) after a three-day (3) free trial period (the “Free Trial Period”) for a weekly price of 7.99 USD (the “Price”) for the purpose of accessing specific services expressly made available by Voodoo for use (the “Subscribed Services”). Scope of the Subscription Following the Free Trial Period, the Account Holder will continue to have access to the Subscribed Services upon confirmation of purchase and after payment is charged to the Account Holders’ personal iTunes Account. The Subscribed Services will unlock certain games for the Account Holder as well as remove all ads. The Account Holder agrees that the Price with respect to the Subscribed Services is final and will not be subject to refund. Purchases by Account Holders outside the U.S.A The Price is labelled in US Dollars. If the Account Holder resides outside the U.S.A, and wishes to download the Subscription, the Price will be subject to certain variation including additional charges for conversion of the currency. In addition, Voodoo reserves the right at any time to change and update the Price and inventory of the Subscribed Services available. Termination of the Subscription Except as provided below regarding renewal of the Subscription, Voodoo may cancel, suspend or terminate the access by the Account Holder of the Subscribed Services if: the Account Holder fails to comply with the terms ; Voodoo suspects any unlawful activity associated with the Account Holder; and Voodoo suspects certain event of fraud or misuse. The Subscription is subject to automatic renewal unless the Account Holder withdraws from the Subscription 24-hours before the end of the current week corresponding to the subscription period. If the Account Holder does not withdraw, he will be charged for the following Subscription period. The Account Holder may manage directly the automatic renewal by using the functionality provided for in the settings of its iTunes Account. When the Account Holder’s Free Trial Period or the subscription period expires, and provided that he has withdrawn from the Subscription as described above, his personal account will be closed. The Account Holder acknowledges that Voodoo is not required to provide a refund in the event that there remains any amount in his account. Voodoo will not grant any compensation for unused currency. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us at [email protected] Terms of services : Privacy policy :

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  • Levels 4/5

    By Raven42_1978
    I’m addicted to this game. Love playing it and the levels seem to get more difficult. Couple things I would like to see are some challenges. Challenges that can be played and win prizes. Would also like to actually have a list of all the levels so that, if I want to, I can go back to a previous level and try to get a better score. That’s if scoring was actually a thing. Would also like to see that when I get hit, I have the option to use a heart, or watch a video to continue. If I watch the video and I get hit again, I should still be allowed to use a heart to continue again. Great game, just needs a few added things to it.
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By Missing Ball Blast
    Honestly, this game used to be SO fun before your update. When it was simple, where all you did was shoot the balls, it was so much fun. I was addicted to it and couldn’t put it down. Now, there is way too much going on for it to be fun. The mystery balls are a good idea, but once you get the reward, there is so much going on which makes it confusing. And then the “boss fights” are just awful and not fun. I wish you’d go back to the way it was before. #sad.
  • I never got the question mark balls(brown color). 3/5

    By Dumb csr
    Ive been playing this game for a while and have everything over 1000 percent and 100 plus fire speed. But recently I've been playing on a different phone and always get the question mark balls. It makes the game soooooo much easier. I have like only 60 fire speed and only 5 levels behind my original account. Thats sad that the only probable fix is to reinstall the game.
  • I like the game but 3/5

    By NickDPhD
    It’s waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to hard! Make it easier
  • Great Game 3/5

    By Gage050
    This is a great game but too tooooo many ads ... I understand some ads but everything you do is an ad right behind it and for that reason I’ll only give 3 stars ... Best suggestion is tone down on the ads
  • it’s ok but it’s kinda hard 4/5

    By javonni 2011
    for first of all the 1s are kinda hard but that’s all
  • Ridiculous privacy policy 1/5

    By maseratijake747
    I’ve been playing this game on my phone for almost a year now. I love the game and recently decided to download it on my iPad. I had only been playing for a few weeks when this message popped up saying that I had to consent to letting them collect and use my personal data or I couldn’t play the game!! A similar message has popped up on a few more of my games from Voodoo. ABSOLUTELY OUTRAGEOUS!!!!! I REFUSE to play this game again until they change their policy😡😡 #Stupidestgameihaveeverplayed
  • Fun and addictive game 3/5

    By Eblas
    This is fun to play but I feel that fire power and fire speed don’t change from the time you get the six row wide spread. Secondly we should be able to use our diamonds to get the upgrade cannons with missiles. I have over 10k diamonds that are useless because I’m not paying real money for some subscription or anything else.
  • Started out great, super laggy now! 1/5

    By Basher313
    This started out as a great time killer. No thought required, just a fun little blaster. But lately, it’s been SUUUUUPER laggy. I’m running an iPhone XS w/ latest iOS, latest update for the game, TONS of space left on my phone, etc., but none of that matters. It will constantly lag, causing me to lose games. I’ve also found that ad music sometimes gets “stuck” and keeps playing in the background w/ the game music and sound effects. If these issues went away, it would be a much better experience, overall. Edit 07/20/19: WAAAAY too many ads, they’ve actually gotten worse. And power-ups are almost always “stacked” anymore, meaning I’ll get a ghost power-up, and then another power-up rock appears with a freeze inside, or a freeze followed up a ghost. I don’t mean one after the other, I mean the power-up rocks are almost simultaneously entering the screen. That means that one of them is wasted. Why freeze the balls when you have ghost, etc.? This game has gotten worse and worse. The devs need to figure this stuff out, it’s getting ridiculous...
  • Boring.... 1/5

    By Trumpet of Peace
    The question mark ball only has 3 options: freeze, ghost, extra cannon, cmon developers, you want my money you can do better, how about a 10x power multiplier, or an automatic screen clear, yoose yourse minds!
  • Fun, but getting sick and tired 1/5

    By Coöôlz
    Been playing this game for a long time and it’s super fun and addicting, but I’m getting sick and tired of the constant lags and glitches so will be quitting playing if not fixed
  • esi : vrey good 5/5

    By Esmailemani
    very good
  • Love 5/5

    By catfish304
    Love the game and my fiancé loves it but I don’t get why it give you so many of those pink gems when you can’t use them for anything
  • LLDOGG 5/5

    By L Dogg
    Great also very good game
  • This game is bananas 5/5

    Great game
  • Great but to hard 3/5

    By Anyamouse
    Its it's all really good but the game is really hard and you can't really get past a lot of them and the reason for that being is it's way way too hard and so I feel that if you made it a little tiny bit less hard it would be extraordinary it would have 5 stars
  • Ok game 2/5

    By SOA Club
    But do not pay for the “no ads”, I did so and it still has ads every time you lose and have to retry. Really annoyed after paying to get ads removed only to have to still watch them.
  • best game ever. 1/5

    By Suicide_Boy2
    finally something i can take all my anger out of. this game is perfect for: destroying your phone, getting pi**ed off, and suicide.
  • Great game but... 3/5

    By SkrillixWolf
    It's a good game and all but I bought disable ads and I still get an ad when I claim coins... waste of money tbh...
  • Ads ads ads 1/5

    By teezumak
    Theyre Holding it all back
  • Good game too many ads 1/5

    By chellybelly92
    The game isn’t enjoyable with the amount of ads they allow

    By Tre'von JT Heath
    Oh how this game kept me entertained on countless lights hours of long road trip vacations and nights when I’m just up I don’t know what I would do without this game it is very useful to entertain yourself to pass time it’s so fun you always eager to try to beat your own high score I so adore his game thank you guys for creating this game I do have one or maybe a few requests as new power ups PLEASE THINK ON THIS (I ENJOY UPGRADING MY POWERS EVEN WILLING TO SOEND MORE 🤐 LIGHTNING BULLETS = The bullets will cause a static shock in mid air causing the ball to slow down as well as extra damage Lighting blast (Power up) same as what I explained before but it takes affect in all the balls in mid air or main location for 15secs damage would be X2 and we can upgrade the upgrades lol Shield 🛡 Same affect as ghost but if the ball drops on you it takes damage causing the ball weaken 5 hits total 15 secs lasting Flaming bullets 🔥 Once ball is hit with this affect it would immediately catch fire but unlike the lightning bullets Every ball that it passes and touches catches fire and counts down rapidly for 5 secs each bullet adds 2secs these power up should last for 20 secs Robotic cannon (power up) 20secs or more last or buy for 9.99 robotic cannon would do its own thing attacking the balls dodging them trying now to get touched if it does it gets weakened 3 hits total and it put out damage When it blows up it does take damage around other balls
  • Nice game 5/5

    By Darkjedi661
    It’s pretty fun except the fact of adds every once in a while!
  • Let us buy coins. 5/5

    By XTooMuchX
    We, the players, should be able to buy coins so we can level up our gun. I love this game..but man you gotta grind.
  • Snapchat 5/5

    By mail massanger
  • Good game but one major issue... 4/5

    By DolphinQuattro
    The game is a lot of fun, but after about level 25 the difficulty drastically increases, but that’s not the problem. There is a select few power ups including ghost, multi shot, freeze, extra cannon, and finally... coins. The coins power up has no place in the actual gameplay side of the game. After level 25 the difficulty increases to the point where you are almost depending on the next power up to save you from a certain death, and when you get the coins power up over and over again it gets very ridiculous. The coins power up has no place in the game.
  • Misleading 1/5

    By AllGibson
    Paid 2.99 for ad removal. Ads every time you started over was annoying, but it’s a fun game. You still get ads after buying it. Just not as many. Remove them all!
  • Used to be Great 3/5

    By Is ken djnencnnekcn
    They have made a lot of recent improvements that have been really awesome. But they also got rid of a power up in the game that gave you lots on in-game currency and this made it really hard to progress after that. I played this game for a long time before that but once you get into the upper levels it’s really hard to recover. Playability has really gone down. I recognize that the challenge is fun but this isn’t a campaign, this is a quick play game.
  • Best game ever! 5/5

    By caik67908558493
    BEST game in my ipad
  • Ads 2/5

    By Candy Crush Problem
    This game is so fun but it’s not fun when there’s ads after 9/10 games. Most games make it 1/5. Please reduce the ads.
  • Too many ads to enjoy the game! 1/5

    By greatdanes54
    It’s too much!
  • To many ads 2/5

    By Sicman810
    To many ads
  • In app purchase 1/5

    By \Dabomb/
    Paid for no ads and I’m still getting an ad at the end of every game, literally ruins such a fun game.
  • The best game I’ve ever played 5/5

    By Celil M
    This was an amazing game I was so addicted to it and I could not stop playing it I recommend you get this game. Some levels are super hard for me but I get my dad to do them😂😀😀🤪🤪🤩
  • Fun! You will never get bored! 5/5

    By Queen47362
    I love this game! It’s so much fun and it’s very hard to get bored of it because it gets harder and harder! I love earning coins, fighting the bosses, leveling up and getting stronger, buying faster and more bullets, getting better cannons, and pretty much everything about this game I love!
  • Adds 1/5

    By fangfang
    If you want to watch adds install this app!
  • Still getting ads? 3/5

    By Male Dessina
    I love the game a lot so I payed for no ads but I’m still receiving the ads. It’s very annoying and would like some help
  • Ad’s 3/5

    By Dbjr1982
    To many Ad’s
  • Nice game but.... 2/5

    By BadGirlMe21
    I used to have this game on my old phone a while back. It was fun. While playing another game the ad for this game appear so I decided to download it again. It made some changes all of them I like except the number of ads they now have. Every other game is an ad after it. It wasn’t like this before. I honestly don’t know if I’m going to keep the game because of the number of ads that seem to be constantly popping up. You can choose to pay 2.99 for ads free but I’m not paying but you do as you please.
  • okay 2/5

    By mooselover123
    it’s a fun game but there are a lot of things to complain about while playing that seem pretty unfair and stupid
  • Did not have to do this 1/5

    By Yasirnoori
    I purchased the game and purchased other stuff in the game. The mystery (?) upgrade ball is not showing up no more. If you can fix it to me, I’ll change the review to a good one plus five stars.
  • Awesome game 5/5

    By Comando537
    I really like the game it’s pretty cool . However, I purchased the no ads feature and I’m still getting ads ..... hopefully you can fix that otherwise what’s the point of charging $2.99 if I’m still getting ads.
  • More coins 5/5

    By cdean2003
    The only problem I have is you just need to increase the offline earning amount because I’m paying a 100,000 coins and I only get 7,000 out of it
  • My take 4/5

    By IsmaelA1986
    Overall i give it a 4. At this point it does not even matter how many coins you get it seems as though once you get to a certain speed and power percentage then nothing happens. I see the balls getting popped NO faster, then it was 100% ago. Getting the coins is really useless right now. Feels like it is a trap just so we can look at an AD and yall get paid. Nope not tricking me. Other then that its a good game.
  • I like this game but needs some stuff to make it better 3/5

    By humbledread
    I really like this game. When I first started playing it I didn’t stop. But I think after you get so far it’s way to hard actually get money without watching videos. It cost to much to upgrade without getting much money
  • Ads are ok, the amount is not 2/5

    By Apptopolis
    I’m fine with ads, but when you have unskippable 30 second interstitials every 30 seconds of play you end up with an app that’s just for watching ads.
  • Best game ever 5/5

    By calvin_hays1
    I love this game so much
  • What a bunch of BS 1/5

    By Cat are awesome!
    I actually bought this game and I’m still getting ads. Don’t bother if you’re thinking about it.
  • Doesn’t work! 1/5

    By Lowasampsonite
    Don’t get any voo doo games non of them work

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