Ball Crash - Boom

Ball Crash - Boom

  • Category: Productivity
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 1.7
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Zhen Lv
  • Compatibility: Android
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Ball Crash - Boom App

Ball Crash! New design for casual game. Tap on the balls with same color to get crash!

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Ball Crash - Boom app reviews

  • LIES 1/5

    By bcfghcd
    At first I enjoyed this game , I got rewards a few $1 on the spins . I got enough coins for the $10 reward and then it got “rejected” . I contacted customer service and they said I had “insufficient coins” , I asked if they can elaborate how I would have insufficient coins if I’m doing EXACTLY what the game says . 2 days no response. I email again if I can get the coins that they said I had and try again for the $10. 2 days no response. Emailed again asking what was going on that it wasn’t fair it took almost a month to get to the $10 reward that if they can please get back to me AGAIN NO ANSWER. THIS GAME DOESNT PAY OUT WHEN YOU REACH $10.
  • This is a scam. No $10 payout. 1/5

    By Me12345566
    Don’t waste your time with this app. I did everything according to the rules, but they refuse to pay out the $10 I earned.
  • Fake site 1/5

    By Uncle Paul 57yrs young
    I played this game religiously for months worked my way up to a $20 payout and when I got it they rejected it saying my coins were abnormal, now they won’t reply. They will pay out $1 or so prizes but nothing big they are creeps
  • Program stopped working 3/5

    By Great app to store pics
    I was getting small amounts and was able to redeem on Amazon website but all of a sudden the game stopped working for me.
  • Scam 1/5

    By Italianv21
    Been playing this app for over a year and getting amazon gift codes. Today they changed the app, Elemis Ted my points and the codes I had in my account. Now you play this stupid game that doesn’t tally your points for for prizes or anything. Emailed twice and no response. Don’t bother it’s a scam
  • Horrible customer service 1/5

    By The Gnatt
    I made it to the $10 Amazon gift card. It shows a code of rejected. I emailed them, their answer was that my coins were abnormal and they couldn’t finish my order. Such BS! No one has replied to me since. I want to know what that means whereas there should be nothing abnormal. Avoid this game at all costs. Plenty of of great money games out there
  • Doesn’t pay out 1/5

    By Clarkgirly
    I’ve had this quite a few months now. It paid the small $1 no issues but the $10 it rejected and didn’t pay me for. Thinking it was a one time glitch I played the $20 and now won’t pay me for it either. Scammed into playing all this time without paying as it says. I’m done now and if you play for fun then good stuff but if you play for Amazon cash might as well give up now.
  • Pretty good. 5/5

    By StaticOverdrive
    Lots of ads but that’s how they’re able to pay out, they actually do pay out unlike some apps like this
  • Once you hit $10 doesn’t pay 1/5

    By Prescimone
    They make you believe it’s a legitimate site with 10 cents and then $1 pay outs. Once you hit $10 pay out they tell you your account is “abnormal” and won’t pay.
  • Good app while rewards lasted- mediocre support 2/5

    By 7jax87
    I played this app for over a year. In USD you can only get amazon gift cards which was fine for me. The first few took some time to get rewarded for but I got the gift cards and they worked. The $10 gift card took me over 6 months to get enough points for. Once completed my gift card was “rejected.” I emailed customer support who responded less than a day later stating, “We checked that your offer is abnormal so we couldn't finish your order.” I responded to that email asking for clarification and stating how long it took me to earn that gift card they rejected. I didn’t get a response. After a few days I sent in a new support email asking once again for some type of clarification. I have not heard anything back.... so the app was great until I earned a larger gift card then had it rejected and also was ignored by support.
  • Unable to collect $10 1/5

    By Two PAs
    I finished the $10 level and went in the next day to collect the code for amazon and it said it was rejected. I emailed the company and their reply Thank you for reaching out. We checked that your coins are abnormal so we couldn't finish your order. Hope for your understanding” What does Thapar mean? I tapped and watched videos just like the previous levels.
  • Rip Off!!!!!! 1/5

    By sssssssssddddddddddd
    They promise you the moon. But you never get to collect!

    By krispytreat
    I have been playing this game since January and I finally get to the $10 Amazon gift card and they deny it because of an error on their end. They are just scam artist wanting you to watch all their ads so they can get paid. I understand every company needs to make money but they could back up their end of the deal and pay out their gift cards they promise after someone invests a year into their app. Paying out those gift cards wouldn’t cut into their profit one bit. I never write reviews on apps but this one really pist me off seeing as I reached out to customer support, for once, and they basically said “We don’t care hope, you understand!” Worst app and worst customer service I have ever dealt with!!!!!!
  • scam/fraud 1/5

    By Scotty_293
    once you get to the $5 or $10 ones, they reject your account so you can't get the money you rightfully earned. Can't wait for apple to take you guys down
  • Scam 1/5

    By BlueEyedBean
    Been playing for awhile and it was paid out until I got a $10 Amazon card. My request was rejected because they said I had abnormal coins. I asked what this meant and they won’t reply. They are just another scammer app
  • More cash chances 1/5

    By BJB00775
    Not enough actual cash winnings
  • I’m giving 1 star atm 1/5

    By Comiclove2017
    I’m only giving 1 star due to having to delete and redownload the app 3 times now I’m thankful it doesn’t delete where I left off but if you could fix this crash of it not loading quickly when first starting the app or allowing me to open the app when I’m close to redeeming a prize please fix this and I will gladly give 5 stars and a new review 💜💜 Please fix this .. I’ve gotten up to the 3 dollar one and it crashed before I could redeem if the app would stop crashing I would be a happy person but atm I’m not happy
  • Amazing game 5/5

    By Amazing837
    I have been reading through the reviews and for me it is most satisfying if you have nothing to do. Some people say it crashes, some people say it’s fake , some people say it’s a waste of time. But I don’t believe that because I have playing this game for 1 1/2 months and I have gotten to the 1$ you should just be happy that it does give you money and I know that you download it to get money. But some games say that but don’t give you a cent. Christmas is coming in my time so I am playing this game non stop. I want to get to the 10$ at lest. Thank you for reading this. I hope that all of your phone stopes crashing but I think it is your phone. Because it never happened to me. 🥰 if you reading this thank you for saying the same and if you do not like it then you don’t have to write anything.
  • Reveiw 1/5

    By PreacherJeter
    I don’t like that I keep getting a car I am a 12 year old girl.
  • Fraud 1/5

    By pammac177
    I spent months trying to earn all the coins to get a 10 dollar gift card. When it came time to cash it in they rejected it. There reason was the coins were abnormal. How could the coins be abnormal you just earn them playing the game. Then they totally sped out the thousands of coins I earned. It took me months for nothing as they advertise.
  • Missing gift card/points 1/5

    By mpc/rgc7375
    For the most part I enjoyed this game, I’ve been playing this game for quite sometime and waited to write a review. I wanted to see if the longer I played the larger the amount of the gift card that they advertise would be honored. I played to receive the $10 Amazon gift card and when I requested it, it gave me “REJECT”. I emailed support explaining that I would like my $10 gift card or my 400k points I lost. I received the prompt response of, “Thanks you for reaching out. We checked that your offer is abnormal so we couldn't finish your order. Hope for your understanding. Sincerely, Gift Team” I responded (again) with “if i can’t have my gift card then I’d like to have my points back” I’m still waiting for a response...looks like best to play up to the $10 gift card then just delete app cause you won’t get the $10+ gift cards
  • Confused 4/5

    I don’t know where the mindless clicking games came from but I have 4 games by different names and they are the same mindless clicking games but I downloaded them for my mom and she got the game that’s shown in the App Store #?? I would just like to know why some get mindless clicking games and others get the game that’s advertised #?
  • No payout 1/5

    By Dianajc
    I waisted so much time to earn the $10 gift card only to get a message saying rejected. What a scam!
  • NO $10 PAYOUT 1/5

    By Bright Wave
    Was able to get paid out up to the $5 card, but once I got to the $10 card my redemption code read- REJECTED. I see this has happened to other people as well! Have wasted months getting from the $5 amount to the $10 amount only to get rejected- story of my life. If anyone knows a way to contact customer support, please let me know. #robbed #ghosted

    By outjifjgydedcbikngdd
    This app is a big SCAM played it on my android at first the give you the penny but when you reach $5 they’re not going to give you the gift cards and they will never response to your message to them. So my rate on this app is base on my experience so I’m telling you if you want to waste your time go ahead and install this app. They’re making money but your not.
  • 🤗 5/5

    By poprocks819
    Love it!
  • Missing $$$$ 1/5

    By kshadfuck
    They make all the money from you watching ads and they pay at first but then when you start getting up there they don’t want to make it right and find discrepancies in your coins so you don’t get the codes for amazon!!!! Awful and they don’t answer your emails when you send them trying to get the money you should of earned
  • Game is BS 1/5

    By angeleyez12004
    Game video ad is false advertising its bs
  • Rip off 1/5

    By Chromeangel1
    I’ve played this game for a year. I earned $43.00 in gift cards. When I went to redeem them my $20.00 and $10.00 cards were rejected. Support said sorry your account has an error. They are not giving me the gift cards! Total waste of my time and effort. PLAYER BEWARE
  • No compensation 1/5

    By mlcgsz12
    I’ve used this app for over a year now, and have redeemed some money from this app. However I put in the time over a several months period, and they rejected my compensation stating it wasn’t legitimate. They have officially lost a customer.
  • FALSE ADVERTISEMENT: No Real Money 1/5

    By BruhMonJee
    This App has an Ad that shows you being able to win thousands of real dollars in game. The advertisement said all you need to do is tap the balls. Then the Ad showed someone spinning a prize wheel and winning $10, all with PayPal’s logo on it. This is the 2and game I’ve downloaded because of an Ad that has false advertised their product. I’d only download this game if there was a real chance to win real money, which their isn’t, so why advertise otherwise? It’s a scam to get downloads which make developers money. Total rip off. - Brain Sauce
  • Shameful 1/5

    By Msespeon
    I just started playing this game and won my first amazon code and it said already redeemed on another account 😡🤬🤬🤬🤬
  • Bs 1/5

    By LDLH1985
    The amazon codes are labeled as already redeemed. It won’t let move past 9 stars.
  • This is awful. 1/5

    By Trevor Asrejadid
    I tried downloading this game, but it does not give me for what is showed in the app. It gave me a different game.
  • I love it! 5/5

    By Duck Duck Moon
    It's slow earning, but it's easy and real!
  • The best 5/5

    By fallout476
    This is the best game ever
  • Scam 1/5

    By Elisa Joy
    I just started using this and I got the $0.01 Amazon gift card really quickly. I got the code and entered it in Amazon and Amazon said the code was claimed on another account. I think this is a scam. I don’t think they will give you gift cards. A waste of your time.
  • Scam Don’t Download 1/5

    By Tyranynation20
    This is a scam don’t even try to download this game you not gonna get any money
  • Not even the game advertised! 1/5

    By Shrimpoo
    It’s a horrible way for you to watch adds to get a huge .23 cents a day! I couldn’t even play the game it was advertised as. It’s advertised everywhere but it’s a complete scam app. I fully believe any positive review on here is fake. Definitely not happy and should not be allowed as it is false advertising. Amazon should be ashamed they are associated with this bs.
  • Love it❤️ 5/5

    By hshamislalakI728283673
    This game is so fun a entertaining
  • Best app around 5/5

    By Ksome7171
    Been playing for a couple weeks now and the payouts are awesome. A little advertising here and there but totally worth the free Amazon cards! Great little app to play while your relaxing and getting ready to hit the hay!
  • Won’t pay out, and won’t explain why 1/5

    By amanda121
    I’ve gotten a couple smaller (like $1) gift cards from this app. But over a period of MONTHS, I played every day and finally got enough points for a $10 gift card. I redeemed it, and waited 24 hours, only for it to say it was rejected. I emailed them to ask why and all they said was that my points were “abnormal” with no explanation. I asked them to elaborate and they never responded. That’s a whole lot of wasted time with nothing to show for it. Don’t bother.
  • Hi 5/5

    By rgeghjkfc
    Thank you now I can fix my bike
  • Frozen 2/5

    By ngoodss
    I’ve been playing and then all of a sudden the game is frozen and won’t let me play.
  • Stupid game. 1/5

    By GoboBaggins
    This is an absolute piece of crap game. I wish I could give it a score less than 1 star.
  • Too many ads 2/5

    By Beeeeeeeereeeeeeeeeee
    There is false advertising,sometimes your game glitches and freezes and you click on one thing to do you get ads after you do that one thing,and with the update there is just to much time wasted.The only good thing is that you can earn a little bit of money,don’t expect to get a hundred dollars in a week or a month you have to play for at least one or two years.Its kind of a bad game.
  • SCAM 1/5

    By Kmr301
    I spent almost a year on this app to earn a $10 giftcard and it got rejected. They will not email me back to tell me how to fix this issue. Don’t waste your time.
  • Not game advertised 1/5

    By Jbslaugh
    The game advertised is not the actual game that you play! I have deleted this game since downloading because I thought it was what was being advertised! It’s a bunch of pop ups and random clicking to play a game that doesn’t interest me. I don’t recommend this game!
  • Used to love this app 2/5

    By Elexisranelle
    I’ve enjoyed what money I’ve made but I just spent MONTHS to get to a $10 amazon card.. waited 24 hours for the code then when I clicked claim code it said “rejected” so I’m very very unpleased with this and would hope to be sent a new code. Thanks.

Ball Crash - Boom app comments

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