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Ball Paint

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  • Current Version: 1.89
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: RadPirates
  • Compatibility: Android
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Ball Paint App

Ball Paint is a new addictive 3D game, featuring tons of levels, zen gameplay, and hypnotic colors! How to play: -Swipe the screen to adjust your aim angle; -Launch the colored ball on the figure to paint it; -Try to paint it all in one color! Features: -Infinite levels, with new colors and geometric figures; -Satisfaying and zen gameplay; -Easy to pick up;

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Ball Paint app reviews

  • Cool game but 5/5

    By K.P. ; )
    This game is neat, but watching the long commercials I tend to lose interest.
  • You literally can’t lose 1/5

    By That guru
    Miss the spot you’re aiming at? Dont worry, it will find a random section and fill it. Have two spots on opposite sides that aren’t connected? Doesn’t matter, it will fill them both in one shot. Might as well just tap randomly until the ads appear mid-level. By the way, the ads pop in randomly before, during, and after each level, so have fun with that.
  • Good 4/5

    By AppstoreGamesReviewer
  • Visually interesting game 3/5

    By iglatinpay
    The game is visually interesting but never reached higher levels because the amount of add content is discouraging. If you could play more than one round between adds, I might have continued.
  • Shut 1/5

    By HerbChewy
    Frick this shut lol
  • Gvdgb 1/5

    By fbnfbvffn
    Just BAD
  • Love the game but... 4/5

    By Blowgirl236
    This is. Really fun game to play and I don’t get bored with it but there is and ad every single level and it gets annoying.
  • Yass 4/5

    By penut buter and jelly
    I love this game so much! It’s really fun. I didn’t give it all five stars because when I fill in a color there might be a couple spots left, but it will still say that I won. 🤷🏼‍♀️
  • Awful 5/5

    By Furger17
    I don’t like this game
  • ad! Ads! ADS! 2/5

    By Matt Hirsley
    Neat puzzle but lacking balance. Free games require ads but 60% of time spent on ads isn’t worth it to me.
  • Waaay to many ads, cheated on reward 1/5

    By Nickname no one
    Okay I understand having ads I really do, but when you can’t make it through one level without getting interrupted by ads you’ve gone over board. However the real clencher which caused me to give this a 1 star rating is the boss level not only do we have to beat a tougher puzzle (not knocking the buying extra balls for an ad that’s a good idea) but to get the reward for beating the boss level you “must” watch an ad and if you are where you have lousy signal to bad no reward for you cause you can’t watch an ad! Scale back the ads a little bit and give us the boss reward ad free and you’ll have a winner.
  • Tsjydudksgudut 5/5

    By hdjfydihejx
    Tsjydudhdyeukwiwous debunks Beene e. E eneieieue.7;&:):7:&:?7:&:!2929€~£~€~*^|€]>]+€{!|€~€*{€|€[!!|!,€|*+[*\€!.!€|*}€>}*\€|<>~
  • OMG 1/5

    By Tink175
    Sooooooo inappropriate I can’t believe this game is legal, my child played this and I was so shocked to see a blue ball that my daughter was touching, and there wasn’t some kind of warning I’m suing
  • Eh... 2/5

    By Finn MacD
    Would be really fun and relaxing, but there’s an ad after EVERY level. And since it’s such an easy game, it makes it impossible to play. I understand they need revenue, but I feel like they’re losing money cause you’ll want to delete this game after the first three ads. Would be really fun if the ads didn’t ruin the app.
  • Not bad 2/5

    By chelliebelle8876
    A pretty good game. Needs the freezing fixed and not so many adds would make it better.
  • Unskippable Ads 2/5

    By Rayna Weaver
    The game is great other than the ads. There are ads after every success and even in the middle of rounds. What makes it worse is that you can barely ever skip them. I always have to exit the game when there’s an ad!
  • Good but 2/5

    By Javaless
    The game is quite fun but due to getting 30 Second commercial for about a minute of game play. If this wasn’t so I would of definitely have given 5 stars easily
  • Less commercials or limited 5/5

    By eraykoraydeniz123
    Please put less commercials. After each level of commercials make the game boring.
  • I’m done! 4/5

    By dixeyland11
    The only problem I have with the game is that I’ve already bought all the ball shapes!
  • TO MANY ADS 🤬🤬🤬 1/5

    By gameer163628727472892
    TO MANY ADS 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
  • Adds 1/5

    By Big orange cone
    This would be a good game but the adds ruin it. I can’t even get through a level without having to watch an add. Makes the game unplayable
  • Perfectly simple 5/5

    By cslayne22
    Good game
  • Simple but fun! 4/5

    By Magcon_Boys
    It keeps me pretty entertained, I like it a lot! The only reason I gave it 4 stars was for all the ads, but upgrades could fix that!
  • Keeps crashing 1/5

    By Wylee1977
    Fun but crashes or freezes constantly.
  • Adds kill the enjoyment 4/5

    By Roostercrusien
    At least give five mins to see if I like the game before you bombard me with cash grab adds, I may have actually bought it.
  • It’s good game 5/5

    By yah whoo
    The game is fun and challenging but it is fun
  • Fun 3/5

    By jsbsbbssnsnsn
    It’s fun but there are a lot of adds and sometimes the colors glitch
  • Ok 2/5

    By gamerate06
    Everything else was amazing there is just this one can not pass the “boss level” with only 20 balls. That’s like solving a 1000 piece puzzle with only 900 pieces it’s impossible. But other than that the game is addictive.
  • Game with so much potential 4/5

    By turbojen2
    I really enjoy this game, but the levels don’t increase in difficulty as you progress. I find myself whipping through the levels to get to the Boss level. Boss levels are challenging, but not Impossible. More difficult levels like boss levels or levels with multiple, independent shapes would be great.
  • Ads 2/5

    By sesbgewvmsbhsmhms
    good game, but not good enough to make the 30 second ads shown every 2 levels bearable. i’d rather delete it than watch those terrible ads. there’s no way in hell im paying $2 to get rid of them. this app is going in the trash right now.
  • Ads!!! 3/5

    By djdaveisaacs
    Too many ads in this game.
  • An actual cancerous game 1/5

    By 6 year IG user
    Pretty much impossible to lose. They just want ad money. So many ads. Not even a very unique concept they just need to make a game that is appealing in ads so that they a chug their game full of ads to make a quick buck. Actually toxic concept that too many games are abusing. Go listen to some music or read a book instead of playing this toxic game. -The guy that’s trying to help you get your life back on track.
  • Pink diamonds for each round 5/5

    By Brian Saint Louis
    So, what are the pink diamonds at the end of each round for? I’ve collected a few hundred thousand and am wondering if anyone’s figured out to ‘spend’ them? Great game, very relaxing.
  • 🤷🏾‍♂️ 4/5

    To many ads
  • Rhoda64 5/5

    By rhody63
    This is fun
  • Cool 5/5

    By Zillahra
    Hey I love your game!😘😘😘
  • Fun gameplay 2/5

    By kb1462
    Spend more time watching ads than playing the game though
  • Easy 2/5

    By 65Daddy65
    Too many adds
  • Boss levels 3/5

    By sijii65
    Need more levels equal to the boss level. Then u get 5 stars. Otherwise love the game.
  • I like the game, BUT 1/5

    By Is this name F---king taken?
    There are wayyyy too many ads. I am not watching an ad after every other level when the levels don’t even take a minute
  • Too many ads 1/5

    By somaRenitsirhC
    After their most recent update, I’ve been getting more and more of the stupid repetitive ads. I get ads between each little circle and it’s just annoying and not fun to play when you get 3-5 ads per level.
  • Frick rad pirates studio 1/5

    By fnnssmdkjbsem
    Use to like this game until it made you agree to their terrible terms of service and said you had to be 16 to press ok so they can’t sued when someone under 16 wants to play the game so they just press the button to play
  • Great game, too frequent ads 3/5

    By ckill06
    I can hardly play because of the ads. Otherwise very nice and relaxing game.
  • Good 4/5

    By 👗👨‍👩‍👧‍👧♥️
    So this game is a really fun game and there is hardly any ads at all so that’s like really nice 👍🏻 I don’t know why I put 4 ⭐️ instead of 5 but it just didn’t really feel like a 5
  • Enjoying the game, but . . . Those ads 4/5

    By Louhun
    Great game. Varying levels of difficulty but each round is winnable. I understand the need for ads, however there are just too many and some are ridiculously long. You go through a 30 second ad to get the X so you can return to the game. However frequently you get another 10-15 second count down with another X. Am spending more time watching ads than playing the game. Or so it seems.
  • Indian givers! 1/5

    By Vash Axis
    I paid for an Ad Free game and now they aren’t allowing me to play the game unless I agree to get Ads. I WANT MY $2 BACK!
  • Why? 3/5

    By hdkjsnd
    Well it’s just not right it makes me very mad and u give the same color balls
  • Game deletes your purchased balls 3/5

    By Guitaraffe
    This game is pretty fun to be fair. Eventually, though you run out of things to spend your gems on. Thankfully, the devs have fixed that problem by simply deleting the balls that you already spent gems on every day or 2 so that you have to gather them back up again and buy them all over again, making it a complete waste of time
  • Fun game but update made it glitchy 3/5

    By Wiipodgirl
    There was an update recently that added chests to boss levels and new balls. The chests can award balls or gems, but for some reason the new balls I get disappear once I close the app. I can’t select them again unless I buy them again but why bother when I know they’re going to go missing

Ball Paint app comments

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