Ball Sort Puzzle

Ball Sort Puzzle

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  • Current Version: 10.0.7
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: IEC GLOBAL PTY LTD
  • Compatibility: Android
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Ball Sort Puzzle App

Ball Sort Puzzle is a challenging puzzle game that will keep you entertained for hours! Sort the colored balls in the tubes until all of the same-hued balls are in the same tube. A brain-teasing game that is both tough and relaxing! DIRECTIONS FOR PLAYING: - Tap any tube to shift the ball that is lying on top of it to a different tube. - You can only lay a ball on top of another ball if all of them are the same color and the tube into which you wish to travel has adequate space. - Try not to get stuck, but if you do, don't worry; you can always restart the level. FEATURES: - Control with just one finger. - Completely free and easy to play. - There are no penalties or time limits, so you can play Ball Sort Puzzle whenever you want!

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Ball Sort Puzzle app reviews

  • I enjoyed this one until 4/5

    By dianne1530
    There is nothing wrong with this game but I gave up because I got tired of seeing the same ad for the same game- Royal Match. I am so tired of seeing ads for this one game that instead of making me want to get it, it makes me want to delete any games that show it regularly. Does this game have a monopoly on ads. I don’t mind the ads, but when I see the same ad all the time, I’m out.
  • Extra Tubes 3/5

    By Steph is smart
    I am currently on the 600’s level. When do the purchase of tubes start??? No answer anywhere. I do enjoy playing this game but giving 3 stars due to know details about purchasing the tubes with the coins. Also I did pay $3 for not ads, but if I want an extra tube, I have to watch an ad! Annoying!
  • Good game, but 3/5

    By Pinterest user23
    ENOUGH with the stupid, fake Oprah weight loss ads! Wow! Enough is enough! Getting ready to delete if it's not fixed!
  • Phishing instead of ads? 1/5

    By don't want this posted do you
    The game is a blast. The non-stop ads are irritating but that’s what you get with ‘free’ games. However today i got a pop-up phishing hack. Telling me my memory was full and it was gonna shut me down if i didn’t hit the link. Unbelievable!! I expect ads, but who are they selling these spaces to? Money no matter what? Totally unacceptable. Beware if you download this, you may get hacked if you hit the wrong link.
  • I’m here because of an ad 1/5

    By Foundflame
    The ad that plays for this game, while I’m playing a different game I actually want to play, actually closed the other game and brought me to the store page for this game. If I knew nothing else about this app, that’s enough. I will never download and play a game that takes me away from what I’m doing like a creeper offering a kid candy to follow him around the corner.
  • Don’t buy! 1/5

    By americangirl1952
    Would give 0 stars if possible. Paying does not remove ads. Don’t waste your money. Look for another game!
  • They DO remove ads in premium, BUT... 4/5

    By BridgettLeah
    ... extras, such as an extra [tube ?] for an extra ball - like a cheat, I suppose - then yeah, you'll have to watch a 45 second ad for that extra. Each Level gives 5 UnDo-a-Move; if you want more than 5, yeah, you'll have to watch a 45 second ad. But the ads between games go away with the Premium. I would like to see a Fix in an update that allows the screen to rotate 180°. My kid likes to keep playing while he's charging and he's ruined about 50 cords and 3 ports in the last 10 years doing this.... every game should have at least a 180° rotation for this reason alone.
  • Wares my life away watching ADs 1/5

    By ddnfnf. d
    I played the first 3 levels and already had to watch 2 ADs. Why would I want to waste my time with a game that will require me to watch ADs after every level?

    By Chill286
    I love playing this game it just has WAY TO MANY ADS!
  • They lie about ad free 2/5

    By Pdxgal2017
    I paid for ad free and when I need to get another vial in order to continue playing a game it shows me an ad!
  • Don’t Buy The Ad Free Option It’s Not Ad Free 1/5

    By ThrowMyiPhoneOffACliff
    Don’t purchase anything in this game. They don’t actually remove the Ads. They instead make the puzzles require an ad to complete vs having an ad after every completion. So it’s not Ad Free. It’s half the Ads. Don’t waste your money.
  • Too many ads. Ads are too long. 1/5

    By Chilly Killensworth
    Too many ads and the ads are very, very long.
  • Great game, but it shouldn’t log into Game Center without permission 3/5

    By jayg108
    Enjoyable, satisfying, yet difficult at times. However, the app automatically logs me in to Game Center without my permission.
  • Good 5/5

    By @ddy$❣️n [email protected]
    OMG this so awesome and literally so cool that you can’t take a brake
  • Too many Ads! 1/5

    By Lkjftfdaz
    This company takes your money for to get rid of ads but doesn’t get rid of them. They just take your money. SKETCHY people.
  • Ball Sort 5/5

    By bigjuicy_94
    Definitely the ball sort of all time
  • TOO MANY ADS 1/5

    By Pghmom9
    Way too many ads! Ads after EVERY game! Ads from the very first game you play. Game not what I expected, looked more interesting and challenging from their ads. And with soooo many ads, it will take you forever to advance to more challenging levels.
  • Good app, way too many ads 2/5

    By Logginweaver
    Enjoy the game, but the amount of ads are unbearable. After every 30 second level, you must watch a 60 second video. Would be worth playing otherwise
  • Update not so good. 3/5

    By Russ Parker 12
    I loved this game until they updated. I love listening to my music while playing the game. Now I can’t.
  • Don’t Purchase 1/5

    By JRF6050
    I purchased so I don’t see ads…however if you need to extend play you still see ads or after 5 reversals you still see ads. Not sure what I spent $2.99 for? I’m still seeing ads! They need to explain exactly what you are buying. I clicked the No Ads link. I thought I was buying the “No Ads” functionality. I want my money back.
  • Ads or freezes, pick a struggle 3/5

    By Caseseyo
    The problem is that yes the game is fun but…theapp constantly freezes which would be more bearable if there weren’t hella ads (which are way too long!) Pick a struggle, doing both is ridiculous
  • Well… 4/5

    The game itself is quite fun. I am disappointed in the fact that I paid $2.99 for “no ads”, yet watching ads is the only way you get to add a new tube. I could have saved my money and played the same way for free. I feel snookered by the developers who know what “no ads” means to the players. You got my money and I still have to watch the ads. That’s false advertising to me. That is the only fault I find with this game. A shady practice by the developers. Not the game itself.
  • Too many crashes 2/5

    By Vet teach8
    App froze at least 5 times within first 14 levels. Have to close and reopen, only to replay a previously won level because it didn’t save. Uninstalled!
  • Still getting ads after I paid for No Ads 1/5

    By texanadana
    Paid for no ads…still getting them…why?
  • Game app commercials 3/5

    By Brummy6970
    I love the game but the commercials between requests for another container is maddening. The purchase of no adds doesn’t matter you still get the sales pitch for the gsmes
  • Woke ads and Indoctrination 1/5

    By Fed up and Angry
    The ads being played are forcing ideas that divide us and work to hurt society
  • Don’t waste your money buying ad free version. 1/5

    By Kittycassiepo
    I bought ad free version but I spend more time watching ads than I spend playing the game. The game gives you an option to add another tube cell to put a ball(s) into, but in order to get the tube cell, you have to watch an ad. On the PAID AD-FREE version. Really?!
  • No ads? Really 3/5

    By David0210
    While I enjoyed the mindless fun of shuffling the flags-I picked that option-I thought no ads meant no ads. You still get ads when you pick the option to get the extra sidecar silo. Yes, I feel cheated. 😠
  • Ball Sort 1/5

    By 2ThMax
    Game is fun but ads are ridiculous. Way too long and too many when you choose to add a vial, etc. I expect one ad at that time but even if it’s 1 ad, there are 3 parts to it and it’s a full minute long.
  • Way Too Much Freezing Up! 2/5

    By ThriftyAfter50
    I paid for the ad-free version, which is fine, but the game freezes way too often. I frequently use the option to watch an ad to add another beaker, but suspiciously, the game will lock up when I get near to solving. Will be deleting
  • Purchased no ads, still get ads 1/5

    By money back guarantee?
    I purchased no ads, still get ads and now the game freezes occasionally
  • Purchase no ads but they won’t stop. 1/5

    By Quilted55
    Seems like a rip off of a few bucks. I’ll never buy another from the App Store.
  • Enjoy but freezes up 3/5

    By Tamrastamper
    I really enjoy this game. However, it freezes up after every other game I play and I have to completely close the app & then reopen it to play again. Frustrating!
  • Ads 2/5

    By kyahangelikka
    The amount of ads is ridiculous! The ads ruin the fun of the game. The ads are longer then the game. Not worth buying either because you still have ads. Is it a fun game? Yes, however the ads ruin it and make it so you don’t want to play.
  • WAYYYYYY to many ads 1/5

    By katiebugkeakea
    I have never had an app or game with so many ads. It’s every other level and super frustrating. Deleting!
  • Ad City 1/5

    By bettafished
    This game is so glitchy and there are so many ads that it’s basically unplayable. I love puzzle games, and if this game actually worked I’d really enjoy it. I downloaded and deleted it in under five minutes.
  • Still ads even though i purchased no ads 2/5

    By FaZe CaNdy
    The game itself is fine, but I’m very upset that I am still getting ads despite having paid for no ads. Please fix this as soon as possible or give me my money back.
  • Rip off, paid, still has ads 1/5

    By Somebody whocares
    Rip off, paid, still has ads
  • Fun but.. 3/5

    By Katiejsjdveisijsdjska
    This game is super fun. I love strategy games and I like to think I am a strategic thinker but some of the levels seem almost impossible. It drives me crazy being stuck on the same level for days. Some levels seem like the only way to pass a level is to watch an ad to get an extra tube. The ads are also excessive!
  • 30secs to solve 5mins of ADs 1/5

    By SoozEmm
    Exaggeration? Maybe. I didn’t use a timer, but that’s what it felt like and that’s what counts. I don’t want to spend more time watching ads than playing the game. There are so many other free games that have found the right game to ad ratio.
  • Still getting ads 1/5

    By Bamagreek
    I purchased to have no ads and I’m still getting ads. It’s so annoying. It is fun and addicting but I wouldn’t recommend unless you like to watch stupid ads instead of playing the game. I tried to get help but it says they can’t help me because I didn’t purchase “no ads” but it says right in the game I purchased “no ads”. Don’t bother downloading! I highly DON’T recommend! I would rate less if I could!
  • Says “no ads” with purchase = misrepresentation!!!! 1/5

    By BrooklynNye
    I bought this so I wouldn’t have any adds and have already had 3 annoying ads within minutes. They should return everyone’s money who purchased this with that BLATANT MISREPRESENTATION. there are plenty of these apps that are free with ads.
  • App needs work 2/5

    By Iggy3767
    The amount of ads is frustrating. More than any other app I have tried. The coins are pointless. The last thing that frustrates me is this app freezes a lot. I do not have that problem with any other app. The game itself is great. I’m not sure it is worth the above mentioned.
  • scam 1/5

    By Junkookie's Queen :3 👑
    false advertising gave me a whole different game then the one displayed
  • Ok game 3/5

    By lavinia_ise
    It’s fine when it works. Twice it froze on whatever level and didn’t work anymore. I uninstalled it twice, but am not willing to do it again. And ads, as everyone else said, are too long (too often).
  • Has ads even when you pay for it 1/5

    By Milpool32
    I paid for the game to get rid of ads. But if I ever get stuck and need to add a tube, I still have to watch ads. Why did I pay for it if you’re still going to make me watch ads?!

    By FrogiGirlz
    EVERY move you make in this game prompts an ad…
  • Paid for NO ads & still have ads 2/5

    By lucibella2004
    The ads are the longest of any game I’ve played. Some at least 30 seconds. I enjoy the game so I paid for No ads I am still dealing with ads.
  • Love the game! BUT 5/5

    By summre53
    This is an entertaining, easy game to play, but all of the ads ruin the game! I listen to audiobooks while playing. The audio is interrupted every time an ad pops up. Very annoying. I thought I paid for zero ads, but this feature did not work. I wish the creators would put in ‘fix’ that would prevent the ads from producing audio, so I can listen to my audiobook.