Balls VS Lasers: A Reflex Game

Balls VS Lasers: A Reflex Game

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  • Current Version: 1.0.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Homa Games
  • Compatibility: Android
8,417 Ratings
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Balls VS Lasers: A Reflex Game App

How fast are your reflexes? Be the smartest and fastest of your friends in passing levels and increasing difficulty. One thing's for sure is you'll never put this game down! Balls VS Lasers is a free and simple arcade game with laser beams and balls. Features: • Simple One-Touch Gameplay • 100+ Levels • Endless skins and balls • Amazing graphics and artwork • Awesome Soundtrack How to Play: Swipe anywhere on the screen to move the balls. Match laser with the ball of the same color and jump from one level to the next. Remember: the journey is the reward.

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Balls VS Lasers: A Reflex Game app reviews

  • Trash 1/5

    By TemboBreeki
    The game is advertised everywhere, and the gameplay they show has music, but the actual game is just slow easy levels with no music and a dumb laser sound effect every time you block a line going across the screen, there is also constant ads averaging one 30 second ad every minute
  • ... 2/5

    By your boy loves pizza
    So sensitive

    By Da'rell from Walmart
    Don’t fall for the ad, this game has next to none of the content shown besides the fact that you spin two balls in a circle. The game doesn’t even have a way to return to the main menu once you start playing
  • Cool but I can’t move good and that’s it but the ads 1/5

    By CameronMatthewWilliams78
    Good game I got to say just an but too many ads and it is bad ADD MUSIC
  • Too many adds 2/5

    By Stockton Rigby
    Too many adds but it’s fun
  • Really Addicting! 5/5

    By Rushdawg2003
    I love the graphics of this, the quality is sooo satisfying!! It really gets me into the concept of this game! Thank the Developer for this game!! I love it! 5/5
  • Question? 5/5

    By viakpop
    Its a great app and all but my question is just how many levels are there, Cuz I just hit level 345 and I was wondering how many levels till you beat the game?
  • I thought there would be music, so I could play to the beat 1/5

    By EmmettG05
    I thought it would be like mobile version of beat saber
  • Pls help 1/5

    By CreepaDude33
    I don’t know what I’m doing wrong but whenever I play there isn’t any music and just weird laser sounds. I’ve tried downloading and deleting the game again. Can you fix this glitch?
  • Painful to play 1/5

    By ThanosBruh
    There are so many ads when you mess up that it’s unplayable.
  • Fun! 5/5

    By coolgitla
    This game is very fun! But it can get hard, and it helps your reflexes. I would recommend you to buy this game!!!!
  • Fun but.. 3/5

    By Fatty and Ray
    The only reason I got this game was because of an ad, that had music. I thought the game would actually have music. So could you please make music instead of the sounds it makes when you hit the laser with the ball. That sound gets annoying after awhile. Thanks.
  • Worst game ever 1/5

    By sub to Hansonfam
    This game is terrible cause every time I’m about to win it likes to lag or glitch or just be slow and mess me up. That never happens on other games so fix yours.
  • No MUSIC 1/5

    By Kaystts
    the only reason why I got this game is because I thought there was going to be music finding out that it's just a simple game with balls and lasers kind of boring
  • The App 5/5

    By to safer kid
    Love the app very calming for me and fun to play THANK YOU!!! <3
  • Ad Problems 3/5

    By Kagyua
    The ads in this game are really scummy with their timing, they always pop up while im in game and whenever i start a level, its just purely scummy how timed these ads are, i had to endlessly retry levels because an ad popped up right before the end of a level forcing me to redo that level. yes the game is fun but the way the ads are setup makes it irritating to play.
  • Review 3/5

    By omghiiiii
    This game is very fun. Why did I rate this three then? You may ask, It’s because THERE ARE SO MANY ADS
  • Add music 3/5

    By Voltage_1453
    You should add music like there is in the ad because without it it’s just... boring
  • Ads 3/5

    By Rulazer
    I fail a level and I can either chose watch an ad or restart and I press restart and I get a ad ... I was better off continuing
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Sawyer brown 15
    It is more challenging than you’d think it’d be
  • Not what I expected 1/5

    By Good for guide
    It dose not move how you thank it dose and sensitivity is not accessible in the setting
  • Good concept - too many ads 1/5

    By lokidr
    I’ve had it with this type of game. It has a great concept, but there’s simply not enough substance here. It’s completely full of ads, and deceptive in how it makes you watch these ads - ads that, ironically, are for similar types of shallow ad-filled games (it’s a rabbit hole!).
  • Cool 5/5

    By envy me🥶
    Lit🔥 live 😎cold 🥶

    By stillchill123
    So this game is so good that I could play it 15 hours a day.
  • Fun but no music 2/5

    By shootmeintheheadwithcum
    In every ad I see for this game it had music when I finally downloaded it I was extremely disappointed it wasn’t synced to music but oh well good reflex game. I feel like This was falsely advertised so maybe show the actual game and not put music over.
  • Hi 2/5

    By dracojaco
    The game is fun to play, but it’s hard to play when you have to worry about an add popping up every single time you lose or complete a level.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Laila fun
    I love that you can switch skins because I never knew that you could do that until now.
  • Shahieda 5/5

    By shahiiedda
    A great game
  • False advertising 2/5

    By Joeyhuey1
    This game is very fun but in every ad i have seen it shows that you move the balls to the beat of music but when i played the game there was no sound besides a static noise when you hot the lazers
  • Controls 2/5

    By idontlikevoodoogames
    The game is great but the only problem are the controls they feel weird.
  • Um 3/5

    By jurybou
  • False Advertising, still pretty good though 3/5

    By ollliieIII
    The Add says there is music but there is not. It gets kinda annoying listening to laser sounds the whole time, but overall , it’s pretty good!
  • Infinite mode 4/5

    By zelda master2018
    Can pls add and infinite mode to this game it starts to go faster the more you progress.Thank you :)
  • Ads and Controls 3/5

    By :))) •_• mwah
    I LOVE the idea of this game, and I think it’s really cool, but some parts of it can be really annoying and I don’t like it. One thing is that there are too many ads. It’s for their money, but it really annoys me that I have to wait every single time. Also, some of the controls are really hard. Whenever I try to move it, sometimes it doesn’t move and that really bugs me too. Besides all that, I think this is a great game and it’s really creative.
  • Hi it’s memerlife360 I will make a another TikTok of me playing 5/5

    By eesffghbddhbcdrjj cfdffgghbb
    I do a another video if you make an add on my TikTok of me playing your game that got 70,000 likes on TikTok 😀😃🥳 Respond if you want the deal also put my TikTok name in the add thank for this fun game that got me 70,000 likes
  • Ads and currency 3/5

    By ddgikurfvbnj
    Game is cool would be cool to earn a currency and why would that have you pay for no ads when you could use airplane mode for free
  • It’s Ok!! 3/5

    By Anonymous1452965028483
    It’s fun and I think a good idea but it’s impossible because the sensitivity bar is up so high and there is no where to change the sensitivity!!
  • Amazing idea, just needs some work 3/5

    By Just4skins
    It’s VERY rare that I download a game solely based on an ad , but this was one of those instances. This game brings one thing to the table that like 95% of other games on the App Store don’t: creativity. It was just such a unique concept that I had to try it out. I don’t want to say that I was let down, but I wasn’t impressed. For one, Balls vs Lasers is somewhat glitchy. On my first death, an ad popped up after I died, but the game continued even though the ad was still playing. On my fourth death, an ad popped up but this time the sound was muted. That’s another thing: sound. This game really doesn’t have a lot of interesting sound effects at all (or music as the ad showed) so I was kind of let down bc of that. I’m interested to see what this game has to offer in the future and I will update my review if this game improves :)
  • balls vs lasers 5/5

    By frozen home
    You guys make the best games in the ward and I play all your games and I love to play your games.
  • Click Baited 1/5

    By ..$.$.$.$..
    I though there was going to be music but you know everything is fake
  • I give it a four 4/5

    By Raeh12
    I love this game but the only that’s giving me a 4 star is the moving thing I’d like a control thing so you can pick what control you want like I’d like a circle
  • Love it 5/5

    By qisiwiwiaia
    This game is lit but to easy for me
  • David 5/5

    By David and Gio
    You have the best game then other games
  • Not bad, but falsely advertised 2/5

    By rebeccascholl
    While the game is fun, it isn't as they show where it's super fast and has music triggered by the lasers and balls colliding. Instead it is slow and get gradually faster as you move along in levels, though it doesn't get that fast, and just makes a somewhat strange sound when the laser and ball collide. This game is heavily falsely advertised so, if you are looking for something like what is shown in the ad I would suggest not getting your hopes up. But, otherwise it is quite addicting and quite fun.
  • My review 3/5

    By daddyx4me
    If you get mad easy I do not recommend this game unless you want a cracked screen.Wheres the music besides the ball hitting the lasers.
  • Star 5/5

    By clakeyd
    Can you get to level 100 It’s easy
  • NOOOO 3/5

    By fhgfcv
    If you hate the strange noise it makes you have to go into setting in the game and turn off the noise and I find this game very difficult and this is supposed to be age four years and up but it's really hard in my opinion.
  • Average game, but where's the soundtrack? 2/5

    By PiGuy5437
    This is the usual no-brainer game that is usually played on the toilet. Not very intuitive controls means pretty much anyone with free time can play it. However, the lack of soundtrack that was entailed in the description makes this game at the time of review a less-than-worthy download. Misleading descriptions are often clickbait, but the fact that the description states a lie is completely and utterly time-wasting, wrong, and not ideal for the developers. 👎
  • Would Rate 0 1/5

    By Peyton The Best
    I usually never leave negative reviews, but I feel like I must. I was playing Helix Jump when I saw an ad for this game. I heard music and a fast background. When I play, there's NO music, it's WAY too slow (probably will get faster, but STILL), and instead of music, you hear these collision sounds?! Please don't play if you want a MUSICAL game.

Balls VS Lasers: A Reflex Game app comments

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