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Bally Sports is the best place to watch live sports and your favorite hometown teams from your Regional Network. With Bally Sports you can watch local sports and original programming, from anywhere. Whether you’re at home or on the go, the Bally sports app on your iPad, iPhone or Apple TV gives you the best seat in the house. Take Bally Sports wherever you are and watch hundreds of LIVE sporting events, including: • MLB • NBA • NHL • College Football and Basketball Bally Sports Is free to download. All you need to do to watch is sign in with your TV Provider credentials. *NOTE: You need to receive these channels in your TV channel line-up in order to watch them in Bally Sports. Some channels may not be available for every TV Provider.

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  • So Frustrating 1/5

    By Mmock24
    This app still has so many bugs that need to be fixed. I have never been able to watch a full game without it glitching or the whole app shutting down. It doesn’t matter whether I’m on WiFi or using LTE either. (Also FYI I have a 3 month old iPhone 12 so it’s not because of my phone.) I have never written an app review before, but for the love of god please fix the bugs on your app Bally Sports. If you’re going to corner the market for watching local sports at least give your customers a product that works.
  • I miss Fox Sports Midwest 1/5

    By Jidman27
    This has to be, by far, the worst sport’s streaming app that I have ever encountered. The app is so bad that I’m considering buying YouTubeTv or Hulu Sports Live just so I don’t have to use it any longer. Why on Earth is there not a “jump to live” feature when turning on a game midway through? Instead I have to take 5 minutes to fast forward. What happened to the mini box that would pop up when exiting the app on your phone to text? I guess I’ll just go through the whole drawn out process of finding the game again which is somehow 10 times more complicated than it used to be. How about the fact that the game will often fail to load or lose connection a couple times a game? Or when the pause/rewind/fast forward bar randomly won’t go away? Or when the entire screen shrinks into the top right of the screen? All lovely NEW features of the Bally Sports app! Seriously just fire everyone who made this app and start from scratch. I mean you even have a blueprint in Fox Sports Midwest. Please do better.
  • Casting to chromecast works less than half the time 2/5

    By zcward
    Seems like a Bally issue. Never have issues with other apps
  • Miss fox sport go 1/5

    By rokey24
    This app is totally a trash where are you Fox sport go? Please come back!
  • Horrible 2/5

    By #Qwertyu
    I am rating this two stars because at the very least it lets me see Reds games. However, even with a strong internet connection that works for several other apps that require internet, the app freezes constantly. When it freezes, it forces me to exit the game, tap on it again, wait five to ten seconds for an ad to load, wait six seconds for the same Miller Lite ad to end, and wait another five to ten seconds for the game to load. Then, it plays until the next pitch, and freezes again. Repeat process. It is stupid that you have to use this app and watch extra ads to watch games that you already have a cable subscription for. The old Fox Sports Go app never had these problems. I only use this app because I have to if I want to watch the games. If you have another option, do not use this app.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By troutbum18
    I never leave reviews, but this app is so bad that something has to be done. I used the FoxSportGo app for years with almost no issues. It worked great. The redesign and launch as the Bally Sports app has been awful. It is now the absolute worst streaming app of any kind. It never works on the Apple TV. After logging in successfully with my provider, it gives an error that there is an issue playing this video or that I’m not entitled to the context, which is not correct. On the rare occasion that it will actually load the video, it usually will not play the audio to my external speakers. And this doesn’t even get into how terrible the navigation is in the app or how it launches an ad EVERY time you try to start a video, even if you just watched the same video 30 seconds ago and had to close the stream because it froze, and the video stream freezes ALL THE TIME! It’s terrible!! You took a really solid app and ruined it!! It is now one of the worst apps in the App Store.
  • Bally sports app 1/5

    By True Reds fan
    This is the worst app I have ever seen. I have to refresh the app bout every 10 seconds. It won’t stay running. I freezes up when you watch a game, but the commercials run just fine.
  • Freeze 1/5

    By ploki43568
    The app works well when watching a ball game for a batter and a half. Constantly having to restart and watch the opening add.
  • Issues with Apple TV 3/5

    By macon_suey
    I constantly run into errors on Apple TV. I never have problems with my firestick and my iPhone
  • Awful 1/5

    By Bogey by Bogey
    Quite possibly the worst streaming app, and that’s saying something (looking at you ESPN).
  • Utter garbage 1/5

    By Rob Luskey
    This app and the Bally streaming app are complete junk. Streams never work and when they do the sound is completely out of sync. And yes my internet is rock solid. Zero stars
  • Constantly stalls and terrible 2/5

    By PaulVKC
    This app hasn’t been right since the transition to Bally. First, couldn’t log in with my TV provider. Now, every time I log in to watch the baseball game it stalls out and I’m on 5G service and I have to start over.
  • Lousy Sound 2/5

    By Itsmerc15
    Why is the commercials before you start watching a game so loud but the game is so low.
  • Greedy 1/5

    By chaseg84
    Sinclair, greedy greedy greedy. Trash app. Can’t even watch my team with my TV provider login, support is clueless. Sinclair wants to hold everybody and every fan ransom, and can’t even provide a working service.
  • Casting function is garbage 1/5

    By Mudminnowmarshtrash
    Glitchy app. Cast interrupts during most commercial breaks. Often times casting unavailable.
  • .. 2/5

    By Hakk8
    Is it just me or can anyone else not cast it to their smart TV anymore?
  • Horrible 1/5

    By 9856336
    Freezes up the entire game. I’m giving up.
  • FireTV App 1/5

    By Alex McRaven
    This app is terrible. Half the time I can’t watch the games I want from the FireStick and the times when I can watch them, I have to log in and/ log out of the app or my account to watch the game. This app is very annoying and is worse than the Fox Sports apps. The fact that this is the only place to watch the Cardinals play is a joke. Clean it up Bally Sports.
  • Couldn’t sign into tv provider 1/5

    By hhfgbn
    I tried multiple times to try and son in but I can’t sign in, what is the box at the bottom for because if I’m supposed to use that there was nothing there for that, if anyone could tell me what to do I would be thankful but for now this app is terrible
  • Bad app 1/5

    This app is terrible at best. Streams for one minute tops and then stops.
  • Very Unorganized Layout 2/5

    By B. Shape
    The only reason it gets 2 stars is because once you find the game you want, the app is actually doing what it should. Countless issues with the biggest being the navigation or layout of the app in finding games... it should be extremely easy to fire up the app and click the game to watch I know is about to start. But no. I spend at least a few very frustrating minutes searching for the game that starts right now only to find it 3/4 down the page and after many clips or games that aren’t starting for hours or even days or even replays. Very unorganized layout. Apps and TV networks have been making guides for decades and it should be very simple to make the app functionally to find games as good if not better then the former Fox. Or at the very least, anything starting in the next hour should be at the immediate forefront of the app when you fire it up. PLEASE FIX THIS!!! Also the app is very buggy still and games just go black in error at least a couple times each time
  • So so 3/5

    By TaylorBrad
    Works on my iphone just fine out in the backyard but just refuses to work on my fire stick inside. I’ve tried everything but it just never works. Guess I’ll wait for the bug fix.
  • Bally sports is trash 1/5

    By heisnfbdiwneisofnr
    The app asks me to sign into my tv provider every single time. I even clicked the dont ask again bitten every single time. It has gotten to the point I won’t even use that app anymore. I’d rather not view any content than deal with this abysmal waste of space on my phone. I don’t know who ruined this app so disastrously, but it has gotten to a point of no return. I never write reviews but I hope if enough of us do then something will happen; However, not likely. This app deserves less than 0 stars. I’d put my phone number on her so someone could call me and I could cuss them out.
  • Worst app I have ever downloaded 1/5

    By Jm200422
    Horrible app. Worked perfectly when it was FOX Sports. Now when I try to watch a game it says I’m not authorized to watch it even though I’m logged into my cable provider and have Bally as part of my plan. Sinclair has dropped the ball on this app big time.
  • Ok, but missing the features from Fox Sports Go 3/5

    By Mwwwwwwmww12953
    Really need to bring back PiP. That’s a huge miss for me. I would prefer not as much navigating to get to the game I’m trying to watch. I use the app to watch Angel games and it always seems like I have to scroll past news and other items to get to the game. I appreciated it when it was the first thing that came up, especially if you’re signed in and the team is marked as a favorite. The app on my Apple TV has not played game audio for the last several weeks too. Not sure what that’s about. Audio works fine on iPhone but for whatever reason it has disappeared on the Apple TV. Ads play audio but then as soon as it cuts to the game audio is gone.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Breg333
    No longer fox sports go app but they are keeping the reviews and credibility from it. I used to watch all my Braves games on fox sports go with my tv subscription but now the Bally Sports says I am not allowed to. Cancel Bally Sports.
  • Ads Stink 2/5

    By Ballpark for Escondido Fan
    Horrible advertisements. Stirr? Never heard of it & definitely not interested. Bring back Fox Sports please!
  • Ads and bugs galore 1/5

    By Arithmet1c
    The double barrel ad into a a buggy stream is a cheap trick. Oh and if the stream crashes get back in line for 2 more ads! We already pay a TV sub to be able to watch TV on the app and you want to show us more Ads? I hope bally goes bankrupt quickly.
  • Difficult to use 1/5

    By Jhouz
    Makes me re sign into both my account and my tv provider most times I try to use the app, half the time the stream isn’t even working to watch the game. I thought fox sports go was bad but this is just as bad if not worse.
  • Wish it was still fox sports go 1/5

    By Loganheller19
    Ever since the switch the Bally sports, I can only get the game to load maybe 20% of the time. Never had any problems with fox sports go and it was a much much better interface. Sloppy design and the fact that it doesn’t even function. WORST SPORTS STREAMING APP IN EXISTENCE!!!
  • Casting is pure garbage 1/5

    By StuntMusician
    If you try to cast a live game to Google chromecast within a Visio tv, it does not work. Ever. It just spins and spins. If you airplay the game, the volume bounces all around and commercials are crazy loud and the actual game is so quiet you can’t hear it.
  • Trash app 1/5

    By trashandstupidapp
    It won’t let me stream the braves games on here anymore as of a couple days ago I don’t know what’s wrong with this app but it needs to get fixed ASAP 💯.
  • The WOAT 1/5

    By Azrichter
    Worst sports app of all time. I hope people are reading the newest reviews, not all the 4-5 stars when it was FoxSportsGO. That was a totally different app, and a good one. Bally Sports app is a horrible one. It rarely casts without constant interruption, reloading (required often) forces ad-watching. No PIP. I’ve seen apps built by high school kids that perform much better than this garbage.
  • Trash app 1/5

    By Cooperstown NY
    Fix your [email protected] app. Everyone I go to use it I have to uninstall and reinstall in order for it to work correctly. Absolute garbage.
  • Disappointing 2/5

    By j1110199
    I was all for the switch until I learned of Bally’s inability to cast to a TV. The app is great on computer/phone but the functionality of casting it to the TV flat out doesn’t work. I’ve read similar stances from other platforms with this issue. Please fix.
  • Please go back to Fox Sports 1/5

    By Gbpguy
    Same problems plus commercials are so much louder or game is so soft … argh
  • High Quality Sports (Go Rays!) 5/5

    By Ms. Park Jimin
    This app has great, high quality, games live. It’s perfect when you staying at a hotel without the channel you game is on. It has interviews so you can what you want watch with searching in pre-game, games, or post game show. One last thing, You can view past games not have to search for some blurry one on YouTube. Great app Bally!!!❤️❤️❤️
  • How? 1/5

    By IRV314
    How does this app still have 4.2 out of 5 stars, every recent review I read is someone giving 1 star and having the same problems as everyone else.
  • Good!-would like couple of changes 4/5

    By frustratednow!!!!
    I really like the app but would like to see a couple of improvements. First I realize it’s a video app but when I am busy with work or just on the move listening through headphones if I put my IPhone to sleep so I can place the phone in my pocket or just to save battery life & still listen to audio the app pauses or closes the game I am listening to. Also as some others have pointed out the white box on the screen with cable operators name is twice the size it needs to be. Reduce the box in half length wise & and the cable companies name would still fit without reducing size of the letters.
  • The TV app is horrible. 1/5

    By Jacked up2
    Not sure about the phone app, but since the change from Fox to Bally the TV app is 10 times more combersome. There’s no “Start from the beginning” “Catch up” or “Watch live”options. So when you turn it on, you’re watching live whether you want to or not. Just have to hope it’s at a commercial then pause and back it up. Awful.
  • Better when it was fox sports go 1/5

    By Colonel Jack O'Neill
    Now it’s crap. It just filled with articles and clips. Hard to find anything. There are hundreds of other sites that does clips and articles. They should just stick to live videos and replays.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By LoraJB
    I would never cut cable and pay a subscription for this app. The cast feature is awful. It is choppy and stops several times in 60 seconds. There is no feature that allows you to minimize the screen so you can use your device to simply answer a text. These are necessary features for a streaming app. Please update and fix. It’s so frustrating!
  • Wastes your time watching ads before it tells you no 2/5

    By BongoFett
    The app will feed you ads and waste your time for 30 seconds showing ads and then tell you that you cant watch. Cheap and low
  • Too many ads 1/5

    By Stevinator
    Ads are everywhere. The same two over and each time you start a program. Streaming often dies and you have to watch the ads again to continue. So much worse than the Fox sports app.
  • Awful app 1/5

    By Goud619
    Much worse than the old Fox Sports Go app in almost every way. Desktop streaming is just as bad.
  • This is why I torrent games 1/5

    By Redsox555678
    The application almost never works. I have tried dozens of times to authenticate my cable provider with this app so I can watch the games and every time it fails. I have tried to have friends sign into their accounts on my devices just to see if it was an issue with my cable provider but it’s not. It’s because of flaws like this that I will continue to stream games via alternative sources
  • Chromecast not working 1/5

    By x___blank
    I received about a month or 2 months ago about chromecast not working. Well, guess what? It’s still not working and it’s been updated 2 times since then. Why won’t they fix the chromecast issue??? Bally sports is so much worse then FSG. Wish they were back. I would be embarrassed if I was Bally.
  • No Good At All 1/5

    By StaticJedi
    It's been a couple months now since this app came out and it's still really REALLY bad. The buffering is terrible, even when connected to WiFi, and trying to cast it to a Chromecast or any other device is almost not worth it
  • Terrible 1/5

    By meg0770
    This is the worst sports app I’ve ever used. Stops working, forced closes, dropped games. Then have to go through the same 2 advertisements in order to watch about 3 min of a game before it starts all over. Never had this issue with the previous app.