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Ballz App

Relax your brain with the champion of time killer! Swipe your finger to throw the balls and break the bricks. Try to break as many bricks as possible before they move down to the bottom.  Collect all the items to get additional balls and make an endless ball chain! The level of bricks will be increased after each round you throw the balls. Very easy to play but very hard to reach high scores. Don't forget the angle is the key point! Game Features: ◉ Free to play ◉ Endless gameplay ◉ Simple ball control ◉ Challenge your friends with the best highscore

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  • V addictive but one major bummer 2/5

    By Ferrisasinthewheel
    Love this game BUT... I was majorly disappointed that once you get to about level 65 the tiles are ALL TEAL. What is the deal with that. The tiles should cycle through allll the colors as you get higher and higher, as a reward for your diligent shooting. Please please take this feedback to your programming team for future updates. Also the ads are wicked annoying...
  • Ads with sound 1/5

    By Joeydesnake
    Phone on vibrate and sound turned off in game menu yet still plays loud ads. Instant delete. This game is great on my android, though. 5 stars on that platform.
  • Can’t even use continue 2/5

    By fartingoutdust
    Like the game very addicting. But if I fail, I can’t continue tried using the continue button to watch a video to gain an extra try nothing. Good thing I figured it out was even thinking about going ad free, which now saves me $2.99. Maybe it’s my iPad don’t know.
  • I’m so mad 1/5

    By Jordyn Bokolor
    Ok I was at a high level and an add popped up, i exited out like what a normal person would do. it took me back to the main page and it said “replay or main menu” so i clicked replay and it took me alllll the way back to the first level. I’m very upset and i’ve been playing that game for like a week and i want action to be done and i want my level back
  • Bad don’t get it 1/5

    By Lol friend 🤑🤑
    This is bad because... is annoying because it will make you start with one ball. The problem with that is you have to try really hard to got the button where it allows you to get ONLY 1 more ball, do while trying to hit the blocks. 2. It causes stress 3... makes you want to kill yourself 4.. you have to pull down in order to shoot a ball, at first it’s fine but then it gets REALLY annoying have to quickly change directions, which you will not understand if your at a high level. All in all do not get this app it is not a good game also I played ONE round and I can say all of this what else can I say if I were to play more rounds. ( which I won’t ) if you want a game like this I would recommend brick n balls it’s an awesome game same topic as this but an actual fun game that does not cause stress.. DON’T EVER GET THIS APP
  • Like the Ballz game 5/5

    By gfjvyjffutrhxrsryfjg
    They good
  • The app won’t work 1/5

    By Ozarks mom
    The line that shows up to choose the angle won’t show up or change
  • No Ads? 4/5

    By dqisom
    If you purchase no ads, it only works on one device? My phone is still showing ads..
  • Triangle blocks 4/5

    By fun but not 5 stars
    If you go into “how to play” the game shows triangle blocks. At first I thought that maybe I just wasn’t getting far enough in the game to see them. Then I got a new high score of 1735. Throughout all of those levels I did not see one triangle block. I think that triangle blocks would be very cool. They would make more difficult angles for players to figure out and they would at more of a variety to the screen. Also, I have another game just like this one but it has triangle blocks and sometimes I will quit this game and go the other one because it is not as boring with the triangle blocks.
  • Amount of ad time is ridiculous 2/5

    By xXxXxX🤬🤬🤬🤬🖕🖕🖕🖕Xx
    Should be a free game. Wayyyyyy to many ads. Can’t even SLIGHTLY enjoy it unless you pay for no adds; And even before you do that, the game play is seemingly difficult.
  • Accidentally pressed restart 4/5

    By pinto kween
    So overall I love this app, but once I was playing and I was at a score of about 800, i had been playing this game since July (it is now December) I was playing in a car and i meant to press start but I accidentally pressed the restart button. Now my old game is gone D:
  • Restart button 2/5

    By CLN SoFlo
    Be careful not to hit the restart button. It is very poorly placed. I’ve accidentally hit it several times and have lost a chance for a high score. No warning is given that your game will reset to zero. You should be asked to confirm the restart.
  • Good. But could be better. 4/5

    By Benhartwell
    I think this app is really fun. But, I defiantly think you can improve the shooting mechanic in the game. It keeps starting me off shooting at a wall
  • Timbo1120 5/5

    By Timbo1120
    Very fun and will take up your time. Good for airports or delays
  • ads 1/5

    By idgafj
    maybe don’t have a stupid ad play every time the game gets opened cuz that super annoying!!
  • Ads 2/5

    By annihilator52
    Ads, ADS
  • annoyed 3/5

    By adds ruin my day
    super fun and entertaining game, although there are way too many interrupting adds.
  • Balls 1/5

    By jshsh2006
    i really like the game but there is way to many adds. every time i loose and have to start over there’s always an add and i hate it so much. you guys should really take the adds off instead of making us pay its ridiculous.

    I love this game but I was almost at 1,000 and pressed the restart button. Please give me my game back. Please. I WAS SO CLOSE.
  • Good game, but WAAY too many ads 3/5

    By F1restorm66
    This game is gr8. My high score is 40. BUT THIS GAME IS OVERFLOWING WITH ADS!!! THERE’S AN AD EVERY TIME I LOSE! Please fix this problem ASAP.
  • The game is good but needs work 2/5

    By Elly8933
    The game is very interesting but the aiming is off this is not the first game of this kind I play and I find it so difficult that I prefer to play something else. Some one needs to either fix it or place a Manu function in settings to fix this as an aiming preference. I hope to see in in the next update.
  • salty 1/5

    By Jay Mac 59
    salty because android users get 10 extra balls when they clear the screen and i have an iphone
  • make a feature that lets you start from a certain level or continue from where you left off 3/5

    By the vagabond
    make a feature that lets you start from a certain level or continue from where you left off
  • Great game but 4/5

    By An263444
    Great game... the only complaint I have is that after every time I die, there’s an ad. This is especially annoying for me because I’m new to the game and die quickly.
  • Addictive—Fix the “Continue playing” button 4/5

    By 🔌📸💥
    This game is addictive. Collecting rings allows you to purchase different—but closely related—colored balls. My only issue is the option to continue playing after I’ve gotten so far. If I’m at 109 and I lose, the ”Continue playing” option rarely works. Please fix it. Overall, cool app!
  • Super super fun wast of time game love it 5/5

    By jeryrocks
    I really love this game it is a great way to wast time but try to get a new high score at the same time also great game for road trips love the game
  • Fun yet addictive 3/5

    By mrbb2003
    This game has a lot of good thing and it’s really fun and satisfying. The main problem is that there is no button that asks if you’re sure you want to restart. I’ve accidentally hit the restart button multiple times and it has made me very mad since I was doing so good. Just be careful if you get this, it’s addictive and it somewhat can drain your battery.
  • I’d give it more if it weren’t for some issues... 4/5

    By flower_crown548
    M’kay, why is it that there isn’t a reverse button to restart my turn for shooting the balls? In order to re-aim I have to go all the way back to the start menu and go back into the game. While going back, I risk hitting the “restart” button every time. I was up to like 450 and accidentally hit restart. I’m not mad, but c’mon game! If I’m going to be addicted to a mobile app we need some optimization in the gameplay! Also, it’s fun watching the balls bounce around on screen. I get it, it’s part of the appeal. But maybe give me like one more lightning option (where with each tap the balls bounce faster and the game progresses more quickly), just in case I get a little tired of it after the 400’th time. Other than that, it’s a nice time waister, and it’s generally pretty consistent (apart from a couple minor glitches; like if you exit the game too many time the starting ball automatically re-centers instead of giving you the angle that you started out with). The physics are fun to watch, and trick shots are fun to pull off.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By malfaro62
    Touch is all backwards. Aim is poor. Deleted immediately!
  • Highly addictive but needs work 4/5

    By Natureboy 1969
    This has quickly become one of my favorite games. Here is the biggest problem: 1) when you get further into the game, the shots take way too long. The lightning bolt speeds up the time but it’s not enough. If you have 600 ballz but only one block to hit, it’s painfully boring to let them run out...even with the ⚡️. ~SOLUTION~ let the speed up button ⚡️appear right after the shot. Add a button that cancels the remainder of your shot. Still giving the game a solid rating but can’t play it anymore because of this. I start losing patience with it at 300 and the thought of starting over is a drag. I’ve seen other reviews with similar issues. One of them written a year ago so I’m not holding my breath.
  • took away all my progress 1/5

    I was doing really good and I was at 1331 when all of the sudden the game crashed and took away all my progress. It took me 2-3 weeks to get that score and I want to get it back because I was aiming for 2000
  • I 💚 Ballz 5/5

    By Dr. App-guy123
    If you love balls this is the game for you! I rediscovered my love of balls through this game. I hope to continue to become a Ballz Jesus. Thanks for the Ballz!
  • Great game 5/5

    By Kaleb_b82
    This is a really fun time killer, just wish they would put a safe measure in there Incase you accidentally hit restart
  • Fun but dumb 2/5

    By Cloudygabbyathlete
    this game won’t let me “get one more turn” even when i hit the flipping button. it doesn’t do anything and it’s useless. fix this whack button and help me pass my high score. it’s stupid and very rude that THE BUTTON DOESN’T WORK. thanks
  • The ads 1/5

    By ninababeee
    Okay I understand stand promoting ads is good thing for busy but when it pops up consistently and back to back it runs customers away

    By owfjkfs
    I swear to god I have accidentally clicked on this button so many times and every time it makes me want to throw my phone across the room
  • Soooo laggy 2/5

    By TheSqwack
    Pretty fun game but the lag and time it takes for the game to register I’m touching the screen is ridiculous. Also it constantly crashes and freezes.
  • Very addictive but extremely buggy 2/5

    By Dredded
    The game is addictive and because a contest around our house for highest score. I have reached over 400, my wife is over 300, and my daughter has reached over 700. A couple months ago my wife and I started experiencing problems with the continue, as in it did not work any longer. Both of us deleted the app and immediately reinstalled it with hopes of a fresh install fixing the issue. Nope it just deleted our high scores and still does not work. As much as we love the game, the support to fix these issues seem to be lacking. I would give the app 5 stars if the support was better. PLEASE FIX THE ISSUE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
  • Glitchy 4/5

    By Tre602
    Really addictive but recently I’ve been unable to continue once before having to start over. The circle is there but the game doesn’t recognize that I’m clicking it. Also I agree with other reviews that the FFWD button doesn’t appear soon enough.
  • Addicting buuuut 3/5

    By Kenz444!
    This game is super addicting and you will be playing then all of a sudden, an hour has gone by and you don’t even know! Buuuuut the “keep playing” feature is broken. Won’t let me click on it and it makes you mad when you’re within just a few balls from beating a high score.
  • fix this app 2/5

    By toadworth
    I love this game but the "one more chance" button does not work. Very frustrating. Deleting until it's fixed.

    By mbeastrom
    Ok so I love the game very much. Very addicting. HOWEVER I HAD 1527 AND THEN I WAS STARTED BACK AT 1!!!!! PLEASE HELP ME SOMEONE RESTORE MY SCORE PLZ
  • Fun game and addicting but... 4/5

    By Shananorama
    Really fun game. However...I can’t tell you how many times I have had to pause a game for one reason or another and I accidentally hit “Restart” instead of “Continue” and I am back to 1 ball. Maybe add a pop up that says “are you sure you want to restart the game”. Would be helpful and make it not so frustrating.
  • Addicting 4/5

    By LissaZahm
    Game is addicting and I love it but I have had trouble with the continue button the last few weeks. The continue playing button pops up but won’t let you click on it. Very discouraging when you get really far and that option doesn’t work anymore. Other then that, great game
  • Fun but ads 4/5

    By Southern ohio dawg
    Fun but annoying ads.
  • Needs a “safety” on the “restart” 4/5

    By Dian Crum
    Several times I’ve accidentally hit the restart button, lost my high scoring game. Surely would be easy to install a secondary button saying “at you sure you want to restart”.
  • Trash 1/5

    By frickthisgamw
    This game is not fun but it’s addictive, also it stresses me out because this game is RIGGED I swear it wants you to lose
  • Can’t click to play again after watching ad 1/5

    By JayBic90
    Emailing support is useless -you’ll be ignored. For quite some time, the button to play again and pick up where you left off after watching an advertisement is unresponsive.
  • Adds 1/5

    By aspen jean james
    I like this game but every time the game ends there is an add. It also freezes in the middle of a game to bring up an add. It is very annoying. It always brings me up to the App Store when I’m in the middle of playing. It makes me not want the game anymore because there is so many adds. I seriously always debate on deleting it. LESS ADDS PLEASE. There has only been once that I have not had an add after I die. SO ANNOYING

Ballz app comments

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