BAND - App for all groups

BAND - App for all groups

  • Category: Social Networking
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  • Current Version: 8.1.3
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: NAVER Corp.
  • Compatibility: Android
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BAND - App for all groups App

Organize your group on BAND! It’s the perfect group communication app, with features like the Community Board, Shared Calendar, Polls, To-Do Lists, Private Chat & much more! BAND is BEST for: ● Sports Teams – Keep track of game days and team practices with the Calendar, send quick notifications about canceled practices, and share team videos and photos, all in one place. ● Work/Projects - Share files and keep everyone in the loop with the community board. Have a quick group call with remote teams. Hold everyone accountable with shared to-do lists. ● School Groups - Plan all your school events easily with the group Calendar. Use Polls to plan activities and food options. Send group messages to keep everyone updated. ● Faith Groups - Organize activities with weekly notices and event RSVPs. Support each other throughout the week by privately sharing prayer requests through chat. ● Gaming Clans and Guilds - Set up a raiding schedule with the group calendar and share important information about any game with all your members. Use multiple chat rooms to find groups, manage recruitment and share strategies. ● Family, Friends, Communities - Stay connected with your family and friends. BAND also has Public groups! Use the Discover feature to find communities with similar interests. Why BAND? BAND is the best way to stay connected with your group! BAND is trusted by group leaders as the Official Team Communication App for Varsity Spirit, AYSO, USBands, and Legacy Global Sports. ● Be social & stay organized in the same place Community Board / Calendar / Poll / Group File Sharing / Photo Album / Private Chat / Group Call ● Create or join a space that meets your group’s unique needs Adjust privacy settings (secret, closed, public), control notifications, manage members (admin & co-admins), assign privileges, and make a vanity URL or home cover design dedicated to your group. Customize your group and use it how you want to! ● Accessibility You can chat wherever you are. BAND can be used on any device including your phone, desktop, or tablet by going to We value your feedback! Send us your feedback and/or suggestions so we can make BAND better for you & your groups. Email: band_he[email protected]

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  • Wonderful for coaching! 5/5

    By TabbyConley
    This app allows me to place events in a calendar and it will remind my squad. I can create attendance check sheets and the girls can mark their own attendance! It helps give them ownership 💙 I also can create polls and so much more! I highly recommend!
  • So hard to use, even for the simple things 1/5

    By UCDwriter
    Of all the group chat apps I’ve been forced to use because of my kids’ activities, Band is by far the one I dislike the most. It is hard to make a comment. Text is very small and hard to read. There is no way to edit a comment once it has been made. You have to set up a new profile for every group you use. It isn’t always clear to me where my comment will end up (as a comment on the OP or as a reply to someone else’s comment (probably because the text is so small on the mobile app). Because there are so many messages from Band promoting Band, I sometimes miss messages that I should have seen first. There is no prioritization of group messages vs Band spam, so it is easy to simply dismiss notices as unimportant. Ugh! I know this is a disjointed list of gripes, but honestly, I feel anxious and frustrated every time I have to open this app. I avoid using it as much as I am able, honestly. I wish I’d never heard of it, and can’t understand why my daughter’s gym thought this app would be a good idea. I hope they stop using it soon. It’s awful.
  • Amazing team app 5/5

    By Daman2127
    #whyichoseband We use this app for baseball .. it’s amazing keeps everyone connected.. easy to use . Best app ever
  • Small bug 4/5

    By Mezicknight
    Ok so first this app is great ngl I use this to communicate with my clan in an rpg game and it’s useful to call out bosses or when we need help but for some reason for the past few days my notifications been acting up.So basically whenever I get a notification I check the app and it says I have 200+ but when I open the app I only have 5.Whats up with that? And it happens all the time idk what to do so I’m confused rn
  • Great app for groups and teams 5/5

    By CallingCuesPSM
    And a professional station managerWorking for a dance company. My dance company has minors as well as adults and this is the best app I have found together and communicate within the company.I want to thank Naver and Band app for such a great platform. I am very pleased and I highly recommend it.
  • Band 5/5

    By Lidolover
  • Great for all groups 5/5

    By allfor1inc
    I am the technical media support manager at my local church. We have set up all group in the church on Band! It has been such a wonderful platform to connect people, especially during these unprecedented times. I recommend to any and all groups!
  • Casting Band to TV 2/5

    By Printer Printer
    So far I have not been able to cast the video to my TV. Too small for me to watch on my phone. I have both Apple TV and Google Chrome and cannot find anything in your app that allows me to cast the video.
  • Auto correct out 4/5

    By Zeroabl
    Auto correct is off when posting to a group. Please fix this.
  • What is this 1/5

    By Vela25
    Probably the least user friendly app I have ever seen. The goal is to connect with people and no matter what button I push I can't seem to find the info for the group/band I'm in. I'm pretty tech savy, I've use lots of other apps, including groupme to connect with others. I have no idea how to navigate this.
  • 쫭 5/5

    By 혠슬
    가족밴드 활용중인데 사용 참 편하고 밴드가이드가 잘 도와 좋네여
  • Auto correct 2/5

    By Reaper301
    The app it’s self is not bad but the lack of auto correct or spell check is very frustrating please fix this feature
  • Albums 1/5

    By tobywolfboo
    I only changed the administrator of my Girl Scout band because there was a leader change for the SAME troop number #45749. ALL THE PHOTOS IN ALL ALBUMS DISAPPEARED FROM OUR Girl Scout Troop #45749. Is there a way to recover the photos? Please assist, there are many new DAISY and BROWNIE girls wanting to archive their experiences, projects and awards. Thanks JoAnn V. 708-254-8187 9-30-2020
  • Video downloads not working 1/5

    By monikapcoach
    I have used this app for years, and usually love it! Recently the videos haven’t been downloading. I do social media posts every week from the videos and this has been very disappointing. I have emailed support without an answer back. I will look to switch to another app if this is not fixed. Update: Downloading videos from the feed still is not working! Usually I can uninstall and install again, but that’s not working either. Please fix!
  • Love this app!! 4/5

    By lish_suzanne
    Each update comes with awesome new features!! Can you please fix the tagging feature tho?! The new update took away autocorrect and notifying others when tagged in a post Other then that, this app is great!
  • Customer Support 3/5

    By cdigit
    Maybe I am just missing it but I can’t find where there is any type of link to customer support if I have questions or comments. I’ve been trying to find where I can ask if there ever would be support for spell check or auto-complete. Creating a post takes longer than it should than if this standard editing tool was included.
  • Not Intuitve 3/5

    By MuchachaFantastica
    Not an easy/intuitive app to maneuver through.
  • Band 🙂 5/5

    By bailey wil
    Band helps me communicate with my friends so I give it a five stars ⭐️
  • Glitchy notifications 3/5

    By kierkay88
    Been using this app for almost a year now, the last few month it has been giving me false notifications. For example it will say I have 4 new messages, but when I click into the app, there are no messages or maybe just one or two, not the 4 it notifies. Also sometimes my messages don’t load right. I would have a message from person “A”, but the message will have a picture from person “B.” I have to restart the app too fix this. That issue does not happen often, but the incorrect notifications is getting annoying.

    By Bighands70
    Still no update to correct this problem. Why?! Just why?! Extremely aggravating!!! PLEASE FIX!!! Never have had any problems like this with GroupMe but unfortunately I’m stuck with this one. Looking back at older reviews this seems to have been a problem before. It seems like you would know what to do so this doesn’t keep happening. UPDATE: Well Band developers you’re getting closer. Caps are back but still no autocorrect. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FIX!!!!! UPDATE TO UPDATE: STILL NO AUTOCORRECT!!!! IF YOU KNOW IT’S STILL A PROBLEM WHY NOT FIX IT!!! GROUP ME HERE I COME!!!! UPDATE TO UPDATE TO UPDATE: LATEST UPDATE STILL DID NOT CORRECT THE AUTOCORRECT/PREDICTIVE TEXT!!!!! AGAIN YOU KNOW THIS IS AN ISSUE, PLEASE FIX!!!!
  • Auto correct/ spelling 3/5

    By NormaA13
    I am new to the app and my biggest dislike is that auto spell check and auto correct are not a function in the app. I read that the new update has fixed that but it does not work for an original post. I do think i have seen spell check when responding to a post but not when writing one.
  • Not user friendly 1/5

    By Jlvilla35
    Very difficult to navigate. Hard to find things. Not very user friendly.
  • I love this app! 5/5

    By Niliboo
    This app helped me meet my best friends! I’m happy you made this app that helps people all over the world to connect. The only thing to fix is that the photos are super glitchy so our art is less quality
  • Auto correct 1/5

    By jeeeeeshhhh
    What happened to the autocorrect?
  • Ring ding 1/5

    By Domestic idiot
    Ring ding ding ding ding ding
  • Auto correct 3/5

    By CheerCoach501
    When the app was updated AutoCorrect was not available
  • Way too cluttered 1/5

    My daughter’s band leaders recently decided on this app for communicating with kids and parents. They must have chosen based purely on the name “band” because I see no benefit to using this app, the info you need is buried under layers of useless clutter.
  • Great app 5/5

    By band mom graduate
    It’s a great app and we’ve used it for all band communications but today I saw the guide to set up email verifications and saw that the example uses the name Jacob Blake. I hope this wasn’t intentional as I find it in very poor taste considering what is going on currently. I suggest changing that. Update: Thank you for your response to rectify this.
  • Newest update 4/5

    By P. Eagle
    Your newest update has disabled the keyboard functions on multiple devices.
  • Tagging in chat/comments still not fixed correctly 5/5

    By Pgv...GOCOOGS
    With the latest update, the autocorrect and the predictive text is now fixed (thank you!). However when you go to tag someone in a comment or in a chat, the link only works if you tag them before continuing to type. It will not tag anyone when you try and tag them in the middle of a comment or chat Please fix and thank you!
  • Facebook basically 1/5

    By PussySlayer554
    Facebook but appealing to the younger generation I guess.
  • Band 5/5

    By Zackery Stewar
    It is a great app I use it for school in band class
  • Band- it 1/5

    By she1279
    Not easy to use/ navigate too many ad
  • Through 5/5

    By BAstudent
    Band makes it easy to coordinate calendars between our team. We receive instant notifications of practice changes and games. The #howto set up email verification was well thought out. Thank you!
  • Payments 4/5

    By HelioGunner
    Would love to see some sort of payment option so my parents can pay me there fees and it goes straight to my checking account or a paypal account
  • No predictive text or spell check 2/5

    By Marvanw
    The app is ok for our group to keep in touch. However we all want predictive text, spell check and possibly autocorrect. All other iOS social apps have these features.
  • Overall it’s great but it’s slow to load 4/5

    By Crazyhokie7
    Overall this is a great way to stay in touch with our church group. The only negative I have noticed is that when you open the app after getting a new message there is a delay of about 2/3 seconds before the message will load. This happens every time I receive a message. I’ve never seen another app have this issue.
  • Bad recommendation 1/5

    By kimle78
    Someone told me to use this app to find a local group in San Francisco. Sadly non such group exists.
  • Useful except for spelling 3/5

    By ijustaddwater
    Autocorrect for spelling and word suggestions would make all the difference!
  • Auto correct 5/5

    By Aliie P
    Is the auto correct not working again? This past week noticed it’s not working . I have even updated the app
  • Loved it until... 3/5

    By BaileyDiaz
    Really loved this app until the latest update. Now my sentences don’t automatically capitalize and words don’t auto correct. Gave it three stars cuz I’m still using it kinda but really feel like it’s a trash app now
  • 좋은데 활용도가 좀 떨어지네요 4/5

    By Duswl
    다양한 기능있으면 좋을것같아여
  • Sigh. Update Unfixed Things 3/5

    By KateyBuddy
    I just reviewed, but updated again right after and my auto-correct has been fixed. However, even though I have silenced various BANDs for notifications, it ignores that and I get push notifications for everything. Now I have to turn off notifications for the entire app because the settings don’t work. Just super buggy right now. :(
  • For the love of Band please fix the autocorrect glitch 1/5

    By Ramazon27
    Hey developers I really like your app as I use it for online gaming purposes, specifically Elder Scrolls Online. But this last update of yours is just terrible to the point of ridiculous. I can’t type anything without it being utter gibberish. My sentences won’t even automatically give an uppercase following a period from the previous one. Now I’m not saying we shouldn’t know how to type, but this is ridiculous. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!
  • Keyboard fixes please 3/5

    By LindsaySchmidt
    Love the app BUT the newest update has somehow caused the keyboard to not autocorrect ... it’s a big pain to fix all my typos. Can you please fix this ASAP! Otherwise I love it!
  • Painfully Clunky and unintuitive. 2/5

    By JiggityJelly
    No autocorrect, no sentence capitalization or auto-period makes this app painfully clunky. I can see value of it for a community, but I plead with people just to text me because I find using this is frustrating and consumes valuable time with constant editing, corrections, and lack of intuitiveness. I don’t d set
  • Autocorrect broken 4/5

    By Norkio
    The latest update has broken autocorrect in all forms of text entry. Also, your help link is in Chinese so, not very helpful. Otherwise Band has been great.
  • Can’t type in my info 1/5

    By jslincoln79
    I’m trying to join for our school group but I’m unable to type anything because the keyboard does not pop up.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By cool128388381993883&3
    Great app

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