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BAND - App for all groups

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Organize your group on BAND! It’s the perfect group communication app, with features like the Community Board, Shared Calendar, Polls, To-Do Lists, Private Chat & much more! BAND is BEST for: ● Sports Teams – Keep track of game days and team practices with the Calendar, send quick notifications about canceled practices, and share team videos and photos, all in one place. ● Work/Projects - Share files and keep everyone in the loop with the community board. Have a quick group call with remote teams. Hold everyone accountable with shared to-do lists. ● School Groups - Plan all your school events easily with the group Calendar. Use Polls to plan activities and food options. Send group messages to keep everyone updated. ● Faith Groups - Organize activities with weekly notices and event RSVPs. Support each other throughout the week by privately sharing prayer requests through chat. ● Gaming Clans and Guilds - Set up a raiding schedule with the group calendar and share important information about any game with all your members. Use multiple chat rooms to find groups, manage recruitment and share strategies. ● Family, Friends, Communities - Stay connected with your family and friends. BAND also has Public groups! Use the Discover feature to find communities with similar interests. Why BAND? BAND is the best way to stay connected with your group! BAND is trusted by group leaders as the Official Team Communication App for Varsity Spirit, AYSO, USBands, and Legacy Global Sports. ● Be social & stay organized in the same place Community Board / Calendar / Poll / Group File Sharing / Photo Album / Private Chat / Group Call ● Create or join a space that meets your group’s unique needs Adjust privacy settings (secret, closed, public), control notifications, manage members (admin & co-admins), assign privileges, and make a vanity URL or home cover design dedicated to your group. Customize your group and use it how you want to! ● Accessibility You can chat wherever you are. BAND can be used on any device including your phone, desktop, or tablet by going to We value your feedback! Send us your feedback and/or suggestions so we can make BAND better for you & your groups. Email: [email protected]

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  • Love it!! 5/5

    By Crissywakeup BRUHHH
    i love this app! i use it for my dance team and our moms and our teachers for our competition team, and it is amazing! we can always be in touch with one another so easily! and if u need to just message one person u can private chat them with a few clicks! i’ve had this app around five years and still use it. i would definitely recommend for any type of group!
  • Can’t get the app to work! 1/5

    By Ccnelly1
    I just downloaded the app and I can’t even get into it. I’ve tried multiple times.
  • Incompatible with iOS 16 1/5

    By TauDelt
    The app completely fails with iOS 16
  • Very buggy 2/5

    By RedboneScorpio
    Since I’ve taken the new iOS 16 update I am unable to log into this app at all.
  • No Google Drive Integration on IPhone App 3/5

    By Heavy News Reader
    After trial period, my org cannot implement this app because the iPhone app doesn’t integrate with google drive. It’s a deal breaker for us. We need the band app for iPhone to integrated with google drive and google calendar. It does it somewhat on droid. Many of other Apple apps integrate fine with google drive on the iPhone.
  • Good but 2/5

    By meowMelcatXD
    Hello the app is good and lets me communicate when needed one thing is.. is that my chat rooms don’t load and I can’t see any messages… it says my version of BAND is not up to date and I need to get the download. I already have. I’ve created a new account and still wont work. I don't understand the problem.
  • Video Performance 4/5

    By Nate C13
    The app has amazing features and the idea is great, they just dont work. Every video that is posted on BAND that I try to play does not load. I have tried for times up to 20 minutes and the video will not play. Update after update, I hope the video performance will improve, but time after time again videos do not play once posted. I wish I could just tap on the video and have it play, instead its random every time.
  • Not awful 4/5

    By GeckosRAwesome
    It’s not an awful app and is actually very useful. It’s just a little buggy sometimes, which is understandable.
  • All good except GIFs 4/5

    By auburnfan5455
    Everything functions well for me and serves the purpose it is meant to except the GIFs. In a chat I go to the stickers/GIF button and search for a GIF but nothing happens, the GIFs that automatically pulled up stay there. In the past it was just slow or froze sometimes in the GIF selection, now it just seems broken. As long as that’s not super important to you then everything else is great.
  • PLEASE HELP 🙏🙏🙏 3/5

    By hgckytdkhgcdlugc
    Every time I try to look at new chats or notifications is says “Sorry an error has occurred “ and I need these for school stuff that’s due rlly soon! Please help me!!!😰😰😰
  • Live stream 1/5

    By Evil number two
    *UPDATE..unable to cast to tv from any apple products, casting button does not appear..only able to cast from android or computer..developers please fix in next update!!! Disappointed that you can’t cast live stream to your television like you can with other apps, it does not support casting.
  • Good 5/5

    By adoradorairis
  • Does it's job 2/5

    By dennisbot37
    It works for everything you need it for, but it is very confusing to navigate and sends way too many notifications
  • Updated: Notifications are (STILL) SO annoying 1/5

    By katieqgils
    UPDATE #3: I just clicked developer support in the App Store. It appears it’s all in Mandarin, with no English option. This developer does not care about complaints. UPDATE: This is the one and only app I have ever reviewed and here I am, updating my review AGAIN bc this app is still the most annoying thing ever. I have “service notifications” and “event promotion notifications” turned off and STILL I get the little red notification for some sort of Band-specific notice. Most irritatingly, this is how it usually goes down— I see a notification. Open the app, and read the post or direct chat from my daughter’s team. Close the app, and immediately see the red notification reappear. So I reopen it, and lo and behold, this time, it’s Band trying to tell me something through the notification tab at the bottom of screen. I DON’T WANT TO INTERACT WITH BAND ITSELF — and it seems there is NO way to turn this nonsense off. I have been trying for 3 years. Would never recommend this app. ORIGINAL REVIEW: This is the first time I have ever written a review for an app. But I am trapped into using this app bc my daughter’s coach selected it. I see red notification badges that I need to see something in the app. It could be a message from our coach or a calendar update. But it is often just stickers or something trying to tell me to start another Band. Why on earth would I ever willingly use this app? I have read that there is a way to limit these notifications but the instructions are from a year ago and it seems that the app has changed since then. It’s hard to find exactly what I’m supposed to do. It’s irritating that I have repeatedly looked in the settings for how to fix this and have yet to figure it out. Why the default settings would be so intrusive is beyond me. Obviously I am concerned about turning off notifications bc I need to receive messages from our coach. FIRST UPDATE: I did finally sort out how to turn off “service notifications.” And yet—I still receive annoying alerts about things I do not care about and am not using the app for. Today’s was “The festivities have begun—start planning your party!” Precisely because these messages are SO ANNOYING and there seems to be no way to turn them off completely is why I would never willingly use this app. I am forced to use it bc my coach chose it. But I would never ask my friends or family to use it. Do you see this ridiculous cycle? Because it’s so annoying, I won’t recommend it. And yet I keep getting reminders to recommend it! Ughhhhhhh
  • 司马红迪 5/5

    By PythonMan_lacu
    还我浪系sub 我家呢 家呢 呜呜呜
  • Band 2/5

    By Kyndal<3
    I’m trying to download band and it’s asking for my billing information this is a new phone and my last phone didn’t have this so what’s going on band!!!
  • Good, But lots of notifications 3/5

    By Desktoptigger
    This app is a great way to re-lay information to large groups, but it gives a lot of notifications. When I get a post notification, I get 2-3 just for that one post. Once I go into the app to look at the post, sometimes it doesn’t clear my notifications. This app is so handy, it would just be a little better if there weren’t so many notifications.
  • Good, but too many notifications! 3/5

    By Crispy Cube
    Generally, the Band app does a decent job of keeping groups well organized and for getting critical information out to everyone. However, the app generates far toomany notifications, and the notification settings are quite limitted. For every post in a band/group, I get at least two notifications: once when the post is first pistedy, and again later to "view any posts I may have missed." Chat messages also generate a lot of notifications. On top of that, I frequently get posts from Band itself about the product or sales they are running. That's just too much. I'm a parent using Band to keep track of my kids participation. I don't need product posts, I'm not going to setup my own group anytime soon. If there were more settings to control what notifications are generated, then this app would be a solid five stars. But right now, it's just far too noisy.
  • Good vision 3/5

    By Javi2029
    BAND, I love the vision you have for this app, and it’s effects on bands. My band has never been more united because of y’all, thank you🙏. But I have a very big critique. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, upgrade your servers to support large 4k videos. Everytime someone uploads a video of the band, the video buffers too long cause of the size and resolution, and the quality is affected. The download button rarely works for these videos. So please, in the year 2022, 4k video is now the standard for social media platforms, and we desperately need y’all to work with it🙏.Our internet is super fast. I have 500mp/s internet so it’s not on my end. So yes, I love y’all, but please take this critique to heart.
  • Passcode 1/5

    By drfluid
    Passcode does not work anymore since recent update.
  • Video Replay 1/5

    By Scaryplayer
    Everything else is fine I guess, but man oh man the video playing in this app seriously needs to fixes I can 5G and it still doesn’t load.
  • Joining bands is a PAIN 3/5

    By TheAmazingTechGuy
    Took me an hour to find out how to join a band which is crazy. After asking others it seems I’m not the only one who has a problem with it. THE ONLY way to join a band is on there website or with an invite. There is no search function inside the app on the home page or any other despite what many guides say. This took me several days to figure out and I’m pretty tech savvy. It’s no wonder this app has only 3.9 stars. I’ll update the app as I use it but so far… NOT GOOD.
  • Recent update 3/5

    By Kodak_2012
    The most recent update still is very difficult to scroll through gif selections. The app freezes as you are scrolling down the list after searching a word.
  • . 4/5

    By Anna K. Buercklin
    Had an issue with it not working b4 but it fixed itself, still kinda clunky and hard to navigate tho
  • Families Love The Band App 5/5

    By CB935667
    Our dance families love the band app! It is a secure platform to share important communication, fun photos and videos! Highly recommend!
  • Like Discord but for School! 5/5

    By gagdhshsdhacgdshsvdhdhscdjfhs
    I love this app, it’s so easy to use, I haven’t ran into any bugs or issues, and I can stay updated on my high school band assignments. It’s a great app, it’s like Discord, but for School!
  • 5 stars! 5/5

    By zxcfdnaeqgvdjdc
    Really great way to communicate with groups!
  • Amazing 5/5

    By jgsffgv
    I use to for cheer and we post when practices competition are and stuff like that and we use the video thing for Cheer‘s even though the video thing is kind of glitchy sometimes it works best for what we have
  • Is so slow to show recent posts 2/5

    By bbjjeecc
    This app is constantly making me miss messages because it doesn’t load, it’ll say I have notifications but when you go into it nothing until the 3rd or 4th time closing out and going back in. Very frustrating!
  • Needs Improvement 2/5

    By Elliott102578
    I’ve never been a huge fan of the app, but we have to use it with comp teams. Videos are super glitchy. They don’t download easily and they don’t play correctly a lot of times either. Super frustrating. I also wish there was an option to purchase an ad free version. To many ads and they drive me nuts.
  • Chat Feature Bugs & Help Center not Helpful 3/5

    By FlusteredX10
    I am involved in three different Band groups two of which have been very active for several years. Generally speaking we love the app except… Since the latest update the Chat feature is extremely buggy. Some people added to a chat can’t access the chat. Other can access the chat but can’t see the content. I have contacted customer support through the Help Center in the app but receive a general response asking for information that was already provided. Please fix the chat bugs!
  • Not working/No help through customer support 1/5

    By M_Gracie1013
    The app will not work on my phone. I have deleted and reloaded the app numerous times. I have even purchased a brand new iPhone 13 pro max. When trying to log in, a circle begins spinning after submitting my information and hitting sign in. The circle will not stop and the app will not allow me to sign in. I have contacted Band customer service through email and cannot get a response. This app is very important for my children’s activity groups and I cannot use it.
  • Just a few problems, but overall a good app 3/5

    By ElizabethLovesRoblox
    I use this app with me and all the members from my cheerleading team. However, messaging is a little weird on it. It seems to take a minute to send and it also takes a minute for me to see a full message someone sent me. It also takes me a while to download videos and I hope you find this review helpful!
  • Advertisement notifications 1/5

    By pyro bob baby
    I’ll be deleting after this show is complete. How dare you.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By __JG__
    App constantly times out…can hardly even log in
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By krazykatz911
    Signed up app for soccer. Charged my credit card .50. But then says account not recognized. Email not valid. No support.
  • Just ok 3/5

    By Undecided123456789
    Has bookmarks option but can’t pull bookmarks back up.
  • Refresh problems 3/5

    By Ofof89
    My only complaint really is that the ap does not refresh itself, I have to kill the ap every time I comment or I won’t see the next comment someone may make 5 min later. It’s supper annoying.
  • It’s good! 4/5

    By Eaglegym
    I very much like this app, and have started using it with my team. I would like to know if it’s available and I’m missing it, or if there’s a way you could add it, where there’s an attendance associated WITH a calendar event (rather than just “join / decline”) so that the expected names are on the event, and then all you have to do to know who hasn’t replied is see who is left. Maybe an attendees RSVP - I have both parents and children in there & it’s laboring to remember who comes what days and which parent is which kids for EVERY day I hope I’m making sense!
  • Videos 1/5

    By jazzyjqueen
    Videos always taking long to play or starts to glitch or skip through video, or it just goes black, and it’s not my internet because it happens to me and others that I know with this app
  • Charging!! 2/5

    By duewe
    What did I miss? It’s charging parents to add children to the app under 13? I didn’t see anything about being charged.
  • Great but there is a bug 4/5

    By cagyemilio122
    Every time that I open the app it says “ A server with the specific host name could not be found” and I can’t do any thing on the app
  • Dead groups 1/5

    By SpaceBoundx
    No engagement. People are too soft. When you try and help they complain instead of listening and working to improve.
  • It keeps timing out 1/5

    By Aajames911
    I keep getting error messages that it’s timing out. I deleted the app and redownloaded it. Now I can’t even log in. I can’t view any communication needed for the day.
  • One weird glitch so far… 4/5

    By Techgirl88
    I am converting 3 apps into one and am very pleased so far … except for one weird glitch … it splits words at the end of lines in word spots. Like Ha - ylie, and the fact it’s a name is even weirder. Thanks for getting me to condense my works in to one place!
  • Helps a lot! 5/5

    By Chloe Cauthon
    This app organizes groups better than any other one, and deserves a much better rating than the one it has.
  • Deleting old chat and notifications 1/5

    By Bandpopo
    How to delete old chats and weekly notifications on Band ???
  • This thing is a rusty App 2/5

    By Kidkerry
    Loading pictures is a battle. I link to pictures and I have this stupid question asked. Then I say select more. My most recent picture is not available. I cancel it then go back and it is there. Heaven forbid I try a second time to upload a picture because the stupid question box doesn’t appear so therefore I cannot upload a picture until I close it all and close the app to make it work. Are we working with young apprentice to design this thing. This is just one of many gripes I have about this stupid app my son has chosen to keep in touch.
  • Not working for my 12 yo 2/5

    By frosty-armadillo
    Instead it pushes her to Band for Kids that wants to charge me $0.50 to approve her use?