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BandLab App

BandLab is changing the world of music. Join millions of creators and fans using BandLab to make and share their music from more than 180 countries around the world. BandLab makes it easy to make great music and find great music to listen to. You can listen to tracks from other creators, publish your own as well as create and collaborate with other musicians. Global competitions to win cash and prizes are launched regularly and community events are driven by our passionate audience of creators to discover new artists. Unlike other apps, BandLab’s award-winning creation and social features are completely FREE with no ads to ruin your music experience either. CREATION HIGHLIGHTS: • 12-Track Mix Editor - record live audio, import, mix, solo, pan and mute tracks to create the perfect song. • Unlimited Projects & Secure Storage via the Cloud - no limits to your creativity. • >30 Guitar/Bass/Vocal FX Presets - world-class cross-platform FX with real-time monitoring. • Looper (NEW) - make your own beats with just your imagination and a few clicks with our professionally created Loop Packs. • Tweak Your Beats (NEW) - gate, retrigger, quantisation and FX all available in the Looper. • Work across ALL your devices - all your projects, feeds, bands and communities are cross-platform and accessible via iOS or your browser (even more features available). • Photo/Video Shouts - share photos, videos, add emojis and publish it to your friends and followers. • Built-in Guitar Tuner & Metronome - the tools you need to capture inspiration. • Remix Tracks - “fork” tracks that other creators have shared with the community and make it your own. COMMUNITY FEATURES: Join the world’s fastest growing social network around music. Follow other artists and their creative process, share and publish your music to get heard, keep your followers up to date to get feedback and much more. Start bands and collaborations to meet new musicians and work on projects privately or publicly - no matter whether they live next door or on the other side of the world! Create collections and playlists of your favourite music and listen to them wherever and whenever you want. Whether you like Pop, Hip-Hop, R&B, Blues, Funk, Rock or Jazz - millions of creators and fans use BandLab to make and share their music - with more than 4 million tracks created and listened to on BandLab to date. Get #InTheLab today!


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BandLab app reviews

  • Love the App but... 3/5

    By SkynniJaenz
    The app is amazing, but I’ve had an issue where I can’t start a project anymore so I’m only able to listen so I can’t do anything, fun while it lasted though.
  • Yungjones 4/5

    By sbmkapo
    U used 2 b able 2 start Recording exactly when you start at the in out a recording but now it push in a lil back or lil in front can u change it back please and can u add some more effects
  • New update is great but 5/5

    By Jimin-ssi❤️
    I love the new update, however for some reason the effects don't work anymore! :( I went on this morning to record, and while I was recording I could hear them, though when I went to go play it back I couldn't. Any idea why?
  • Error 2/5

    By Queenr2u_or_whatever
    So I download the app and I decided to make beats and all...but my brother made beats for me so i wanted to use it through here but there were no way, I even wanted to use instrumental music off of Apple Music but it wouldn’t let me select it. And honestly I would be upset if this app would allow me to share on SoundCloud if my music was complete.
  • Great 5/5

    By Jayyymonney
    It works perfectly fine download it
  • Great 5/5

    By Grizz805
    Fun to use pretty responsive and sound quality and freedom range of amount functions through app was a lot more and better that what I expected . Great way to explore sounds and stuff or even express yourself. Good app to have no doubt
  • Love it 5/5

    By Matfoh
    This is a really cool app and provides ultimate ease to create with other people/band mates.
  • Bring Back This Feature! 4/5

    By Annoyed Bandlab Artist
    I love the app and I’ve been on it for a while. I remember there was feature where you can bring up the lyrics from the project itself. That feature was super convenient. It made it easy for me to remember how much progress I made on the lyrics. Now you have to go in the studio then go to the notepad to see the lyrics. Which is a bit more time-consuming and less efficient. I’m sure if you brought this feature back, many other Bandlab users will be appreciative as well.
  • It’s pretty good👌🏻 5/5

    It’s really good you get the respect you deserve if you are talented in music
  • 👍🏽 4/5

    By Cdbrkr89
    I enjoy this app, waiting on more ways to download or be able to upload my own samples to start new loops and beats.
  • Sweet! 5/5

    By Oxbig
    Great to see such a great app that is 100% free! Plus they brought back Cakewalk! Thanks!!!
  • CRAZY BUG 5/5

    By RodLegacy
    I have an IPhone 8 Plus and every time I open the app it closes itself immediately. My phone is fresh from the apple store I got it last week.
  • Dope 💯 5/5

    By Duriq Ski
    Thanks for this dope app. Big ups, Salute.
  • Great 5/5

    By suprmeziggy
    This is a great app and I really like it but I think you guys should add autotune to this app and you’ll have millions of more people downloading it but I love it
  • This app needs a xylophone and bassoon 5/5

    By Daindune
    This app needs a xylophone and bassoon
  • Great 5/5

    By poops McLoops
    This app is great. It combines SoundCloud, social media, and recording+editing software. It is very convenient and useful
  • Hands down best recording studio app 5/5

    By TomBradyReject
    All I wanna be able to do is add my songs to my computer and mix them down other than that I give 10 stars best app
  • My songs are not syncing all of a sudden 1/5

    By Tee-Lohc
    I’ve mad 3 recent songs in the past 2 weeks and sometimes they will save and sync and sometimes they won’t sync or even upload. I am very disappointed with this app I have a music to make and post to my fans but y’all bugs aren’t allowing me to do so
  • HELP! 4/5

    By Schmidtyboi
    Since the update it just keeps crashing! iPhone user, its up to date. Please fix ASAP
  • Love this app but... 4/5

    By Doooooddddeesuhhhh
    Super tight app but I can’t use it without WiFi connection not sure if it’s a problem on my side or the app . But when I’m Apple to login and record it’s awesome!!!
  • Good for beginners 4/5

    By Ian_alixviii
    To keep it short, it’s a great app for beginners to learn how to get into beat making.
  • It’s a good area to start in 4/5

    By Jpillz1997
    Gives me a place to start projects.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By LPG Longway
    Great app to use if you don’t have a studio and tryna get your music out
  • Good times 5/5

    By philthyglass
    Bamlab has brought so much joy into my life I’ve been able to start re-creating music and pick up from where I left off at, not only that they’ve made it so easy to use the app, saving your music is a sap, posting and getting feedback from other musicians is by far is one of the best aspects.
  • Community Needs more social development 5/5

    By Dilly4rilly
    This app affords a great way to connect and get feedback. The dev team has created an auto mastering option that works amazing. Weather your a seasoned artist or someone who likes to tinker with noise- there’s a lot of inspiration in this promising artistic outlet.

    By YungDon35
    Man I’m a rapper and I guarantee you that this is better than any other app you can find on App Store needs more stuff like better auto tune and mixing and mastering but as far as PERFECT basic sound and quality it’s amazing and by far the best !!!
  • Premium 5/5

    By BrittanieNicole16$$
    How would One access the premiums?
  • Deleting my recordings 1/5

    By annabelle890
    The app has done this twice now and I deletes all of your “projects”. Last time it did this they came back with the next update but I’m annoyed that it is doing it again. Please fix this issue!!!
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Dajohn13
    Good app to make beats
  • Just because 4/5

    By SFTL YOUNG god
    I gave it 4stars just because I truly like it Great!!!job for an app. I’m checking it out and love wat I see but haven’t truly tried it yet, maybe you’ll get that fifth STAR
  • It’s like a studio in the palm of your hand. 5/5

    By Jason David K.
    I am stunned by the quality of recording I can get through this app using a smartphone, earbuds (to limit background noise), and reverb options (classic chamber for me). It’s also easy to edit and revise, add tracks, and share with others. Crazy good!
  • Phenomenal 5/5

    By MigalFred
    I usually don’t do reviews on any apps, but this one deserved it. I am a musician who does covers and original songs, and this is prefect for it. I tried out so many different apps, but none of them really appealed to me. When I found this app, I thought it would be the same kind of thing, but I was so wrong. I feel very free with this app, and I would highly recommend it to anybody who has had the same experience as me with mobile music apps. 10/10
  • Saved My Life 5/5

    By Lil Vergo
    You Saved My life . Period. Gave me a way to express myself.. -Lil 600
  • Amazing ❤️💙 5/5

    By xxɴɴɪᴀɪᴀxx
    I love this app! I use it to record all my covers and they turn out FIRE 🔥 I totally recommend it because I’m sure you’ll love it 😍
  • I love bandlab but sometimes it’s retarded 3/5

    By endmepls
    OK bandlab pisses me off sometimes when I upload a song and I select the genre and picture for it sometimes it just won’t upload under the genre I selected Or with the right picture and it really frustrates me because I can’t seem to get my music where I want it to be without band lab changing the genre for no apparent reason and then when you go to delete it to re-upload it sometimes it will not delete it and the song will become glitched and unremovable and it really aggravates me having three versions of the exact same song on my profile and it triggers my OCD seeing a massive amount of unremovable songs on my profile like CAN I JUST HAVE A CLEAN PROFILE WITH 1 OF EVERY SONG NOT 3 COPYS!!!!!!! And also for some apparent reason not even bandlab support knows how to fix it I’ve tried to explain but every time the advice was useless UGHHHHHHHH!!!!!. *sigh*... so basically in conclusion if you want your music to get herd I would highly recommend a bandlab it’s really a great app but sometimes it just is so slow clunky and glitchy and The suppose it “support” they offer doesn’t really help for some of the things that is wrong with the app
  • Was good 2/5

    By nastyKBC
    This app has started deleting all of my files as soon as I save them and they never show back. It’s still good if you want to hear how something will sound together but there’s no longer any longevity to your recordings
  • Best app to make raps 5/5

    By truthbaby34
    Trust me this app makes making raps super easy!!!
  • Seriously ?!?! 2/5

    By A unpleased Customer...
  • BandLab 3/5

    By phoyes06
    I think they should add more samples and sound because all my songs are starting to sound the same but overall it’s nice and easy to make sick songs in BandLab
  • Nice 4/5

    By weilerworld319
  • Best music creation app there is 4/5

    By CladBridge
    This is a wonderful app, as a mater of fact this is the first time I rate and write a review for any app. I would give 5 stars, but last night I spent 2 hours recording a demo, and saved it. It told me that it saved successfully, but the app crashed afterwards, so I deleted and reinstalled the app, but the demo was gone. Aside from that the app is perfect, maybe some new vocal effects would be cool as well. :)
  • can’t retrieve my revision 😒😒 2/5

    By Young_Studz_8
    what the hell
  • Genius! 5/5

    By Panzer7477
    We absolutely love this application! It is so easy to use and so handy for those moments when inspiration hits you and you simply need to record that track. Thank you for creating such an amazing app!
  • Love Recording With It 5/5

    By Herodin7
    I've tried many applications to record but bandlab is my favorite. I do all my vocal recordings on my cellphone and bandlab is a great help for me as a do it yourself independent artist.
  • 👍👍👍👍👍 5/5

    By King David James COBAZ
    Simple, and reliable recourse to create ideas and collab with artists! I would have a couple more features like looping audio from mobile, and zoning in to edit tracks. But all around I love this tool.
  • AWSOME 5/5

    By Mulann23
    This app is very useful i like it a lot i recommend this app
  • BandLab 5/5

    By lildracoswae
  • Used to love it, but... 1/5

    By Jamespugli
    First off I will happily change to 5 stars, but when I record something and want to record something on top of that track it re-records what is playing through my headphones. So the app is pretty much unusable if you want to lay a guitar track and sing on a separate track. It turns into a muddy mess. Maybe I’m just doing something wrong, but the answer isn’t obvious to me. Update: I know functionally how to lay multiple tracks on the app, the problem is when I play over a track, it records what I’m playing AND re-records what I’m hearing through the headphones. So I’ll have two tracks one lone guitar track and one with live guitar AND the oringinal guitar track. After one guitar line everything’s a muddy mess. This includes vocals where it re-records the guitar that was already played on track one and records the vocals on track 2, to muddy results.
  • I am happy excited and love the platform. 4/5

    By IdiotBurns
    Usability and fun overload!! Haha, good work and lots of options. I would love to see the ability to control minimum volumes a little more precisely, but its not a huge issue so far. THE BIG ISSUE for me is 6 min maximum time length, I write progressive music that is often 7-9 minutes on certain songs and wish you could trade number of tracks for length or some comprimise of that sort, please help!!!
  • It’s nice! 4/5

    By #BloodOfChrist
    Ok tbh great app.! It’s user friendly, u get to listen to other artist, and possibly even collab.. now what I don’t like about it is it gives a delay when roaring using Bluetooth!!😩😳

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