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BandLab App

BandLab is changing the world of music. Join millions of creators and fans using BandLab to make and share their music from more than 180 countries around the world. BandLab makes it easy to make great music and find great music to listen to. You can listen to tracks from other creators, publish your own as well as create and collaborate with other musicians. Global competitions to win cash and prizes are launched regularly and community events are driven by our passionate audience of creators to discover new artists. Unlike other apps, BandLab’s award-winning creation and social features are completely FREE with no ads to ruin your music experience either. CREATION HIGHLIGHTS: • Hot Beats (NEW) – be inspired by a daily curated list of hot beats and hip-hop instrumentals for rap artists. • 12-Track Mix Editor – record live audio, import, mix, solo, pan and mute tracks to create the perfect song. • Unlimited Projects & Secure Storage via the Cloud – no limits to your creativity. • >100 Guitar/Bass/Vocal FX Presets – world-class cross-platform FX with real-time monitoring. • Looper – make your own beats with just your imagination and a few clicks with our professionally created Loop Packs. • Tweak Your Beats (NEW) – gate, retrigger, quantisation and FX all available in the Looper. • Work across ALL your devices – all your projects, feeds, bands and communities are cross-platform and accessible via iOS or your browser (even more features available). • Photo/Video Shouts – share photos, videos, add emojis and publish it to your friends and followers. • Built-in Guitar Tuner & Metronome – the tools you need to capture inspiration. • Remix Tracks – “fork” tracks that other creators have shared with the community and make it your own. COMMUNITY FEATURES: Join the world’s fastest growing social network around music. Follow other artists and their creative process, share and publish your music to get heard, keep your followers up to date to get feedback and much more. Start bands and collaborations to meet new musicians and work on projects privately or publicly – no matter whether they live next door or on the other side of the world! Create collections and playlists of your favorite music and listen to them wherever and whenever you want. Whether you like Pop, Hip-Hop, R&B, Blues, Funk, Rock or Jazz – join a community of over 5 million creators and fans around the world using BandLab to make and share their music. Get #bandlab today!

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BandLab app reviews

  • Pretty awesome guy 5/5

    By Blu_Kona
    Brung out my confidence
  • The best recording app out there! 5/5

    By jeudjdu
    I just want a few things added to it: Some more vocal effects like an actual LoFi effect, and some more cool sounding effects.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Bruzon64
    Honestly my dream is to become big and every time I’ve tried looking for something that can help me make beats or record it is bad and if you want any kind of good quality you gotta buy some premium thing but this is purely amazing and makes it so much easier to create songs that I like and I made all on my own through the hundreds of great loops available. The desktop version is EVEN better and I honestly don’t know why this app isn’t on all websites regarding making music. My ONLY want is for me to be able to play my beats and songs on repeat or shuffle on the mobile app lol 5 stars for sure
  • Band Lab 5/5

    By Blakeisarapper
    This app is really good for beat making and recording.
  • I use this app to make my songs for SoundCloud 4/5

    By tae bends 2x
    You also share it thru youtube and it’s really easy and great to use specially to start finding your rap fans / voice and they have different themes and genres so if your a singer you could also use this app or like to make beats then is really great for you because everyone on here try to find and do find good beats to sing or rap too
  • Stupid app 1/5

    By Anakin925
    Sometimes it works. Haven’t been able to use
  • So good so far 4/5

    By ouu.Dessssssy
    I really like this app I feel like this is the only free music app I can really enjoy I don’t have as much as problems on here I just wish that there were more song samples that we could use or better beats that we can use 😕 but so far I love 💕 this app I hope they improve on the songs a bit better though and y’all need to fix y’all quality a bit more
  • Epic 5/5

    By Quinntonimo56
    Kind of an epic gamer app
  • A few unsatisfying quarks 3/5

    By Icewheel12
    So first of all, I want to say that this is an amazing app, I love it. Buuuuttt, there are a few quarks. The app itself is a bit touchy, and no that is not a pun. But when you want to edit your notes, it can be difficult just to do something simple like that. For instance, when I’m trying to scroll across in edit mode, I accidentally make new notes. It’s a bit touchy. And also you need to be able to zoom in and out of edit mode. Scrolling that much is kind of unnecessary. Anyways thanks for reading and I will rate 5 if these quarks are fixed. Thanks again
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Camovalley
    I use this all the time now. Really useful and tons of fun!!

    By Dbnxjxnzjd
    The only app that does exactly what it’s supposed to do, and with the incredibly clean and modern UI, I can’t believe it’s free! Thank you guys for helping me develop my creative vision, and supporting creators everywhere
  • Deleted my revision 2/5

    By Ganjakakaksskks
    Hi it deleted my revision of my song and it hasn’t appeared back yet, what should I do?
  • NICe 5/5

    By RexDallas
    I love making music with this
  • 10/10 5/5

    By def.purp23
    Great way to make this rap thing happen.!!
  • Hi 4/5

    By jiggalater
    I love the app but am having trouble playing some of my songs
  • Love it 5/5

    By Boo og
    Makes studio time on the go A breeze
  • Glitches 5/5

    By Jenn2btat
    The app is amazing but I can not get in my projects
  • Great platform. 5/5

    By Rylee's mommy
    User friendly. Fun and easy to use.
  • Good app gone bad 2/5

    By mayn*
    I used to record while listening to the instrumentals using my Bluetooth headphones but Im unable to hear sounds using my headphones until I finish the session and save. I don’t know why I have to shout before I can sound audible on my iPhone also unlike the android version where I can fix latency. My android phone also has playback errors. It’s like when I finally find the solution to the problems I had on the IOS version of the application by using the android version it turns out that the android version also has issues that is not on the IOS version. The issue is not from the phones because I used to record on my android phone without playback errors and I also used to record on my iPhone while listening with my Bluetooth headphones. It came to an end when I lost my data on my phones and had to install these updated versions. It’s heartbreaking cos I cant record on my android cos of playback errors and no matter how much I try the instruments just doesn’t align with my recorded vocals. And I used to overlook the fact that I have to shout while using my iPhone7 even though my neighbors have been complaining and still it wont sound really audible. I didn’t have to shout when I had one of the previous versions and I could also listen to sounds with my headset while I have a record session. Unlike this updated versions where I have to finish the session then save, wait for it to sync before I can listen to it which makes it unable for me to edit or listen to my recordings while in the process of making a song.
  • Good condition 4/5

    By Jay 3x
    I love it and I enjoy it ❗️❗️❗️
  • Does the works 5/5

    By DropyourBullShit
    Download it
  • Love this app 5/5

    Great app
  • Time Stretch For Audio PLEASEEEE 5/5

    By CozmicZombii
    I absolutely love everything about this mobile app. I do also enjoy the process of making music using the online daw, but I am very curious to know if the ability to time stretch audio samples will soon be coming to mobile?? Right now I’m having to go online, time stretch the audio, and THEN come back to my iPad to finish my songs. This is fine when I’m already at home, but I don’t always have access to my computer and I’d really like to be able to use my iPad as my stand alone music maker. This app alone is already amazing, if more features from the online daw came to mobile there would be no competition 😏😁😁❤️❤️❤️
  • The best 5/5

    By Jazzimonae
    I love this app only problem is I can’t see comments or anything I can’t reply and when I try to confirm my email it won’t let me otherwise then that everything is pretty dope 😍
  • HRdhead 5/5

    By hrdheadfr
  • Good 5/5

    By tayway-tate
    Reliable and considered my mobile strong hold for creating music
  • Need 5/5

    By loco croc
    Need some dancehall and reggae beats
  • Awesome 5/5

    By jaycitomusic
    Awesome and simplified
  • Instrument editing issue!!!!!! 2/5

    By FadeFlayo
    Hey so I just got this app 2-3 days ago or so. I managed to make a full song, titled “Overcome” , and published it for testing purposes and to share with friends and others to get feedback. Of course since I published it so early, I would still want to go back and double check the song for any errors or possible creative additions. I began to listen to all of the instrumentals individually to make sure all the notes and placements were right. Then I noticed one major note placement error in the instrument I was using called “Overdrive” in the guitar category. I attempted to edit the measure I wanted, and then the app just crashed. I opened it again and tried opening the note editing system from the page where it has the piano keys instead of clicking on the section of the song and clicking edit, still using the overdrive instrument. It crashed again. I was already frustrated right then and there. I opened the app again, and the song again, and this time I tried editing the notes of a different instrument. It worked! So I go to try and edit the “Overdrive” instrument again, and it crashed again the same exact way, at the same exact time I pressed the button “edit” and the other way on the piano screen. Feeling a little grim now, I opened the app again once more and the project once more. I then literally tested to see if it would let me edit the notes of every individual instrument except for the “Overdrive” instrument. And I was so very much put to ease a little when all of them worked!! I successfully was able to open the note editor screen that can be described as a table with rows and columns representing the notes and measure increments. Then literally imagining the sound of a drumroll in my head I proceeded to open that editor on the last instrument that I desperately needed to work more importantly than the other instruments, because again to remind you this is the instrument, “Overdrive” , that I mistakenly place a note in the wrong place and wished to EASILY and SIMPLY correct. And the only reason I’m writing this review is because there wasn’t a happy ending to that story...and I just hope there is something your team can do to fix whatever issue that is. Final recap*** Every time I attempt to edit the notes on the instrument titled “Overdrive” on the published song titled “Overcome” the app either does the hyphen-Star-circling loading animation in the middle of the screen and the whole screen goes black, and then I’m back at my home screen of my phone, or it just goes immediately to the black screen and I’m back at my home screen. Or in other words the app crashes. Positive note***** I read a lot of the reviews and honestly to all of you who developed this app, you truly deserve every positive thing that was said about this app. It’s truly a beautifully designed contribution to the world of music and I believe it can really take anyone as far as they choose to go. ******** Please just consider helping me with that issue because even if the app allowed me to make a song I felt really good about, as a musician, what’s the point of using a song editing tool if the song editing tool doesn’t allow you to edit exactly what you need it to edit? And also I agree with many others about adding more voice effects, and I really wanted to add the idea of more instruments and sounds too. I’m a guitarist, and I know there’s the option of plugging in your own guitar or bass or similar set ups for playing real instruments, but I just wanted to say that it would be impressive if there were plenty variety of the downloadable midi instruments that can be programmed purely with your phone. And I’m focusing on phones/mobile devices here because of the beautiful idea of making a song whenever and wherever you are. That kind of flexibility to be able to make a song with the instrument you want even if the instrument isn’t physically there is what would make this app even more formidable to many other music editing programs. That, and I would say definite ways to change time signature during a song, and change tempo or bpm during a song, possibly the ability to add multiple effects on an instrument or vocals or sound, and to be able to morph or modify a sound like for example if I had an instrument sustain a note but wanted the note to slide up or down to an octave or any desired steps. Kinda like if you were to do bends or slides on a guitar. That’s all I have to say. And again PLEASE most importantly, can you help me fix my issue??????????? ********************** I wrote this whole thing a few days ago but after using the app again more I have a serious issue. I started a new song and still am having the app crash whenever I try to edit the notes of an instrument. Now I can’t even make any progress because I can’t even add one note without the app crashing.........I’m very disappointed......
  • Love it 5/5

    By Viirology
    Highly recommended this to anyone who wants to produce music or is looking to produce music.
  • Review 4/5

    By AlexAnDeR W0Ng
    It’s a lot of fun, but making figuring it out is a challenge.

    By Yungblip
    good practicing tool for upcoming artists that need to find quality & they sound for who ever coming out with your music just always be yourself never be like the next man that wont get you nowhere have your own style & you will catch eyes of many thats a blessing right there but Bandlab is a good segment tool!
  • Great app 5/5

    By nyrbv
    Straight to the point
  • log in failure 3/5

    By jonuhthon
    i have been using this app for a while now and this is the first time i ran into this but i cant sign in at all. i tried restarting my phone but it still does the same thing.
  • Dopest Music App Ever!!! 5/5

    By DJ Anthor
    Everything I needed!
  • Nice app. 5/5

    By Shawn Slawter
    I have fun making songs.
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By the person that use your app
    If I can make my voice deeper or just have better options or looper it will be the best
  • More instruments Please 5/5

    By Daindune
    This App Doesn’t have a Celesta, Bassoon, or an 80s Electric Piano. So Can You add those three instruments to the library, Please and thank you?
  • Cool 5/5

    By spitter4lnz
  • Review 4/5

    By big.z_funk
    This app is actually realy good if you’re trying to make a beat to make yourself known. But if we could get a little more genre’s for the looper that would be great.
  • Reviewer Jonathan “The sKOSch” Blount 5/5

    By The sKOSch
    I absolutely love this!!! BandLab is a recording studio and social media site all rolled into one!! And the quality of the recordings are second to none! Good people, good music... who’s bringing the beer? Lol. Great job BandLab!
  • BandLab is the best recording app I have ever tried ❗️❗️❗️ 5/5

    By mikaelooh
    I love bandlab so much, it sounds so professional and clear, you won’t be disappointed ❗️
  • Awsome Music Mixer 5/5

    By TShade2467
    I’m so happy that I found this Mixing App. It’s honestly one of the greatest you could find on your phone for free.
  • The more you use it the easier 5/5

    By j ferromhiatt
    Intuitive and simple pretty fun app
  • The best recording app I’ve seen so far 5/5

    By c low g 90
    I love using this it makes me dig deep into myself and pull out something I never thought I really had
  • ❤️ 5/5

    By siahsigh
    i’m in love cant wait to drop my first beat
  • If you make music you must have BandLab! 5/5

    By MelanieMabel
    I don’t upload very often on BandLab because promoting on the app is a little confusing. Definitely would if I understood it better. I’m still giving this app 5 stars because The mastering option is AMAZING! Having all your music ready in a program. Makes it very easy to use and do literally anything on.(slow music down, record music, make music) I recommend BandLab to everyone I know and given the chance I would love to partner with BandLab. DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD (use it on the internet as well!) -Mari!
  • Still doesnt work 1/5

    By 405Baby
    Bandlab still doesnt work for me im on iphone 8 and i cant look at other peoples profile, i cant play music Either, i have to uninstall bandlab and install it again, please fix this.
  • Dear BandLab 5/5

    By Bigdawgtae

BandLab app comments

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