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Barclays US

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  • Current Version: 6.22.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Barclays Bank Delaware
  • Compatibility: Android
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Barclays US App

Securely Peek or dive into your account wherever you are….Peek, FICO®, balance transfers, redemptions and much more! FEATURES for all your Apple devices - Use Peek for a quick-view of key account information before you log in including your statement balance. If you have Peek on your iPhone®, you will be able to use Apple Watch™ to Peek at your account on your wrist - Access your complimentary FICO® Credit Score any time - Redemption is available for cardmembers with cash back or statement credit rewards and for those cardmembers with automatic rewards, see how close you are to your next auto redemption - Set up your Username and Password log in credentials - Track recent and past transactions - Traveling? Be sure to let us know about your upcoming travel plans so we can put a travel alert on your account - Use the Purchase Planner to estimate your monthly payment FEATURES for iPad® - Ability to add a bank account from the app for easy payments iPhone, iPod touch and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. FICO is a registered trademark of Fair Isaac Corporation in the United States and other countries.


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  • Love Barclay.. 5/5

    By Liljmia
    One of my favorite cards. Barclay has been good to me, I hope they continue to thrive.
  • Good app but need lot more works 3/5

    By MuslimBrother
    I like this app but I see there are two issues I’ll like to see resolved. 1. Payment received and credit received are not very clear. A negative sign next to it is not very clear when I have multiple charges. 2. When I’m paying a payment, I’ll like to see the option for previous statement balance. Only options are minimum payment and current balance. If I make a payment week after the statement is closed, I don’t want to make a payment for the current month’s charges. Yes, I can manually enter it.
  • Worst banking app I've ever used. 2/5

    By Fish farmer4857
    It has terrible esthetics, needs to be simplified, and streamlined... but it works... so two stars.
  • No savings 1/5

    By Wolfaaron
    This doesn’t give you access to your savings account. It’s not very useful at all.
  • Forced update - App won’t load account info 1/5

    By Cleverpun1
    Utter FAIL. Don’t force an update when your app doesn’t work
  • keep asking security questions 2/5

    By StupidBlinkie
    The app keeps ask me to enter security question answers when I relaunch the app. Shouldn’t that be done only once??
  • Update to Face ID- Iphone 3/5

    By Lazz89
    App needs to be updated for facial recognition on iphone.
  • iPhone X (Face I’d) 1/5

    By LBall48
    When will App work with iPhone X(Face I’d)?
  • Buggy and basic features missing 1/5

    By dreammonger
    1. Text alerts not available for individual transactions 2. Email alerts arrive a day late with no merchant information 3. All transactions not shown in the app
  • Crashed and burned 1/5

    By MzHawks
    Had this app for a while and no issues. Updated, it wouldn’t load, was stuck in pending, and now I can’t get it to come back.
  • Security text won’t work 1/5

    By anon-review
    I can’t even login or set anything up because the only option for the “extra layer of security” is a text message, but I never received a text and I don’t want to get locked out of my account again. Please fix.
  • Update 3/5

    By Honeybadger 24
    With the new update you can’t see the recent transactions.
  • Clunky and not user friendly 1/5

    By Digghappy
    Too many clicks to get even the simplest thing done and now I can't get Touch ID to work because it doesn't recognize my password. I can log in with my password bit not turn on fingerprint.
  • No push notifications or plaid integration 1/5

    By gdsingh
    Only major bank that does not have push notifications for each transaction and is actively blocking plaid integration so makes it impossible to link to other apps.
  • Better than most - 4/5

    By jeaniwishes
    I find this one to be one of the more user friendly apps - Based upon what others have said - I must be very lucky because I have never experienced any of the problems stated in other comments. I do agree however- the Current balance (vs Statement Balance) should be given as an option when making payments. . . Thus the 4 stars.
  • Won’t take my password 1/5

    By Sukki007
    When they got rid of the original Barclays app, I thought it was really steps backward. Now that they’re back, the app refuses to take my password. I have verified it several times, so I know I am entering it correctly. This app is useless.
  • Ug! 1/5

    By 675&)
    Telling me my account umber is invalid. Odd, in that that is the full account number that is printed on my statement.
  • This is a horrible app 1/5

    By sushieggroll10210
    It seems like every other time I try to log in I am told an error occurred then a pop up comes up saying I have been inactive for over 10 minutes then boots me off the page. Never gives me the option to pay off full balance either. This is a joke of an App and I will be closing my card after I can logged in long enough to pay off my card.
  • Not able to use the app anymore 1/5

    By AppNotWorking99
    Why am I not able to login to the app I already have on my phone? And why is your latest version not supporting older versions of iOS? I've opted not to update my iOS due to all the issues with older devices and newer iOS. I am still on the old version of your app but no longer able to login. Not everyone updates their iOS or apps.
  • New Apple Pay is convenient 😊👍 5/5

    By ajaijs
    New apple pay feature added to the app is cool ..
  • Terrible 1/5

    By GRAZaj
    This app has issues with the touch-ID. Every time they have a new update the app quits working. I’m tired of having to delete the app and reinstall it in the slim chance that that will fix it.
  • Now broken 1/5

    By Xcxcxvrigasdte
    This app used to work well. Now, as soon as I sign in, it gives me a warning that I’ve been inactive for 10 minutes and signs me out.
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By Lucky 10382
    Update: I increase the stars on my review. I was able to figure out how to pay in VoiceOver mode. So everything appears is VoiceOver accessible and nothing needs to be fixed. This app is very voiceover accessible, however, when I try to make a payment I’m unable to enter in an amount. It says amount and then next to it it says expandable button but it never brings up my keyboard for me to enter in the information. I believe this is a voiceover issue since my wife who is cited was able to make a payment and get the amount in there when I was not. I will update my review and increase the stars if this is fixed.
  • Basic functions are not even executed correctly 1/5

    By skyeeeees
    There are many, many issues with this app. The design and basic functionalities are really a disappointment because of how unsophisticated everything is. Whoever is in charge of it should be fired and/or a better team needs to work closely with them to rectify this.
  • Bad app 1/5

    By Natetrc
    Constantly out of date. Can’t store a password for the life of it. When creating basic functionality is this challenging, it makes you wonder how the app developer still has a lib.
  • Way behind other apps 1/5

    By Av229122
    Missing a lot compared to other credit card banking apps. What kind of app doesn’t have the “pay current balance” option? Seriously? Also, not being able to choose the amount that it auto redeems rewards is annoying.
  • Poor app, gives off vibes company could care less 2/5

    By Bobby K P
    Several issues to note, but I'll preface with: this app gets the job done. It works, and I haven't hit any noticeable bugs since downloading it. Having said that, the app reminds me a lot of bike with no gears or suspension: you can use it just fine, but it's clearly lacking. The following are some points I'd like to highlight: 1) to second Lisa, a prior reviewer, this app should fix its payment functionality to allow for statement payment regardless of when the balance is due. The fact that they a) refuse to let people pay more than is due, and b) make it so difficult to pay by requiring an exact amount be entered, with no assistance from the system, is upsetting and annoying. I know this can be fixed, the Citi mobile app does this wonderfully. 2) the only ways they permit contact is via phone call. Idk if this is a European thing, but open yourselves up to mobile chat or emails via the app, why are you so scared? Phone calls are cumbersome and, let's be honest, you're just going to put us on hold for 20minutes anyways. 3) navigating your app is not fun. It could be made more user friendly and intuitive. Again, look at the Citi mobile app, which I'd give a solid 4 stars. 4) if it weren't for you being the providers of Uber's Visa card, I would not be using this app. If a better credit card comes out and doesn't use you system, please know that, all things remaining constant, I'm happily deleting it from my phone. ...I realize my target audience changed halfway, but all-in-all, if you don't need this app, don't get it.
  • Ok 3/5

    By Mawgx6
    It provides the needed features to view and pay your credit card.
  • Not compatible 1/5

    By User252
    My iPad is older and cannot run iOS 10 which this app apparently needs. Why is the app not compatible with my iPad?
  • Nightmare app. Constant updates required. 1/5

    By Caio4444
    This is by far and wide the biggest nightmare app I am forced to use. Essentially you need to update the app monthly and every time you update it loses your fingerprint sign in. Other than the monthly update the app is relatively easy to use but at the huge and annoying cost of s monthly update. Get your ish together Barclays:... Nightmare app!
  • Annoying 1/5

    By Jay4268
    The last time this app successfully saved my password and Touch ID for easy log in, was never.
  • Backward compatibility 1/5

    By Ricky's blurbs
    The iPad app I've been using over the years now redirects me to download the latest version. That version only works with iOS 10 and later, which I don't have. Please do whatever you need to do to allow users with old iPads the ability to access the site.
  • No push notifications?? 2/5

    By BPed
    Please catch up to your competition, Amex and Chase. Customizability of push notifications is so good on Chase’s app, copy and improve upon them.
  • Forced Ios compatibility 1/5

    By Jhern115
    I'm in ios 9.1 and have been reluctant to update the ios. Now that the app is forced to have a minimum of ios 10, i no longer have access to the app. Safari it is.
  • Fire your mobile product manager 1/5

    By EngiNir
    It’s kind of nuts that this is a real bank’s app. I would recommend hiring someone who has used a credit card before from a bank in the 21st century. Design an app that has reasonable feature parity and make sure you nail the main use cases like paying your balance off in full and limit the amount of clicks a user needs to get through to accomplish that. Poor design, clearly zero user testing/feedback, definitely not made with user’s interests in mind
  • Hate it 1/5

    By OneOfDaKine
    Why does every two days while logging in a security pop up comes up stating that the account is lock🤬🤬🤬🤬
  • Enable iOS 9 support 1/5

    By Tbird1757
    Some of us cannot leave iOS 9 and the app has worked fine for years until the last update!
  • Solution for activating touch ID 1/5

    By Tiger user
    After calling their worthless, Filipino customer "service", trying to solve the problem that touch ID couldn't be reactivated, after a recent update; I ended up debugging their app myself!!! Hey Barclays, where should I send my consulting bill for discovering a workaround for your long buggy app??? Workaround to activate touch ID: 1. Before logging in, deactivate "save username" 2. Enter username and password 3. If "save username" reactivates itself, deactivate it again, before hitting "Login" button. 4. Hit "login" button 5. Choose your account 6. Log out 7. Log back in, without saving username 8. Go to settings, and go through the process of activating touch ID From this point on, touch ID should work.
  • Can't pay my bill 3/5

    By Msaggrevated
    I go to the app to pay my bill, it states that I need to update. Ok. It redirects me to the update screen and all it will let me do is "open" the app which JUST told me to update. Now it's "redirecting" me to the update screen again. I'm getting a bit angry!!!
  • Closed my bank 1/5

    By Kissa9mE
    Your bank closed my account with I always pay bills on time , I have not wrong , I only has now low my credit score cause I was use money for my plastic sergery that it is worth almost 15000$ that I have to recovery my scar also to buy stuff It is close my bank that ok but how my cash back that I have it in side my account Ok if I not did payment on time , it should can closed my acccount , I would love not want to pay the credit card if not attach my credit score or history , your bank is crazyyyy so much That why the stock price so low and rating so low , I understand now
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Francisca2326
    Bad app fix it
  • Update not compatible 1/5

    By JerseyPhoenix01
    The new update requires iOS 10 and my phone doesn't have that. Not enough storage. Therefore I can't use your app any longer. Which means I now have to use desktop version. Kind off defeats the purpose of convenience. Not everyone can afford newer and better phones. If it's not broke & still iPhone 4s is good enough for me.
  • Required update 2/5

    By SeeingAfterDark
    App required me to update to access my account. Not good if you don’t have immediate access to Wi-Fi
  • Worst it can possibly get 1/5

    By Ismaellllli
    I've been an apple reward card holder for two year never been late on my payment. Barclaycard decided to close my account solely on the base that my car loan mistakenly reported a one missed which was eventually deleted from my credit file. I've never been late on any credit card and lost a 3 years old card just like that. Will never recommend anyone ! Stay away from barclaycard period! I use my Amex for everything now
  • Changed logo- more unwanted changes to come? 2/5

    By rubapubpub
    This app is good but gives the bare minimum. It is stable except for Touch ID turns itself off. no interest fees show. Expecting the performance to further downgrade this product after the announcement that its been taken over.
  • Create Message Center on App! 2/5

    By Magnumopusman
    Please enable the message center on the App! This is huge! Also, please consider issuing metal cards for the Arrival Premier MasterCard, and creating a FB and Instagram page to keep up with your competition, Chase Sapphire Reserve and Amex Platinum
  • New version of app not working on Apple 4S 1/5

    By Produck OK
    New version of the app not supporting to Apple 4S. Please resolve it.
  • Terrible App support 1/5

    By Not happy416
    Never works and never lets you log in. Always updating and making you change apps.
  • 3+ years of Barclays 4/5

    By jordog249
    Every financial institution will have different methods to pay. Barclays does require the latest update and will log you out after 10 minutes of inactivity but this is for security reasons and I’m ok with that. Good app, much better than others
  • Great 5/5

    By Inusik
    Love layout, simplicity and easy to use

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