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  • Current Version: 6.25.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Barclays Bank Delaware
  • Compatibility: Android
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Barclays US App

Securely Peek or dive into your account wherever you are….Peek, FICO®, balance transfers, redemptions and much more! FEATURES for all your Apple devices - Use Peek for a quick-view of key account information before you log in including your statement balance. If you have Peek on your iPhone®, you will be able to use Apple Watch™ to Peek at your account on your wrist - Access your complimentary FICO® Credit Score any time - Redemption is available for cardmembers with cash back or statement credit rewards and for those cardmembers with automatic rewards, see how close you are to your next auto redemption - Set up your Username and Password log in credentials - Track recent and past transactions - Traveling? Be sure to let us know about your upcoming travel plans so we can put a travel alert on your account - Use the Purchase Planner to estimate your monthly payment FEATURES for iPad® - Ability to add a bank account from the app for easy payments iPhone, iPod touch and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. FICO is a registered trademark of Fair Isaac Corporation in the United States and other countries.

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  • Was this app designed in 1999? 1/5

    By NorthTexasRedHead
    Updates 2/22/2020 Turns off facial recognition every other day. Why have facial rec if it does not work? This app has been horrible from the beginning. Good grief, they cannot even push purchase alerts to the app. You can’t look at transactions unless you open the statement. Who wrote this app?
  • App doesn't recognize business credit cards 2/5

    By Jock_Itch
    App doesn't recognize login credentials for business credit card accounts.
  • Not working! 1/5

    By davila.j
    What’s the problem!? Hasn’t been working for weeks...wont even log in, I click on the icon goes the the home screen before logging in and then just exits itself out Need to get fix ASAP! People need to make there payments, why have an app of you can’t use it??!
  • Broken accessibility 3/5

    By Peter Logan
    No longer works with Voice Over, totally useless for the visually impaired.
  • Crashes Voiceover upon launch 3/5

    By rspangl3
    I am blind and use apple voiceover on my iPhone to access my phone. Upon launching this app, starting at some point during the iOS 13 release cycle, the phone freezes and voiceover becomes unresponsive. Eventually, voiceover restarts and I can interact with the app for a little bit, but is soon as I try to start typing my account password to login, voiceover becomes unresponsive. Basically, the app is unusable. This issue exists with several apps that I use and I am in contact with all of their developers as well. Thanks for your attention to this matter.
  • Horrible and virtually inaccessible. Keep your laptop handy. 1/5

    By Platinum Medallion 333
    Update Feb 2020: still terrible. App will not use Face ID to log in, even though I set it up to do so. I have to enter my password first. What’s the point? So frustrating. UpdateJan 2020: Still the worst most frustrating cc app. Every other bank and cc app i have is secure AND lets me log in, imagine that. Once you get into the app things are fine, nothing special. I really can’t say because i can’t get into the app to refresh my memory of what the app offers. It constantly is asking for my password. If I remembered my password, i wouldnt use biometric access. What’s the point?! Horrible and pisses me off everytime i want to open the app bc i have to go find my computer to reset the password. You can’t even reset your password through the app. Security through denial of service to the authorized user. Worst App that has not gotten better in the years that I’ve had it.
  • Application malfunctions: 1/5

    By Will Wadsworth
    The application is corrupt. I cannot sign in. My phone crashes completely and I been forced to do a forced restart to my phone to get everything up and running again on my phone.
  • You should add 4/5

    By Crhribal
    A separate transaction line if you transfer a balance from regular purchases. It will help keep track what I just charged and what I transferred over. I don’t need the bank to tell me what I should pay each month.
  • App Crashes on iPhone 11 3/5

    By BadYakult
    The app has been crashing since this week
  • Push notifications not working 1/5

    By izenmike
    This isn’t a review about the card, but about the card app. Works fine except NO ONE at Barclays can tell me why push notifications are NOT working. Every other credit card app can figure this out. Shouldn’t be too hard. Yes, the settings are enable for push on the card and phone. It worked for about 12 hours one day... And why do I need to answer two security questions every time I log in with FaceID?
  • Does not work with iOS voice over feature 1/5

    By Jazzandjessie
    No longer works at all. Voiceover reads nothing when the app is opened Completely useless after the last two updates.
  • Don’t even think of using this app if you rely on voiceover 1/5

    By Student Jetson
    If you are blind or visually impaired and have to rely on voiceover to navigate, as of this writing not only will this not work, but it will crash your iPad or iPhone with voiceover turned on
  • Not compatible with voiceover 3/5

    By Jkaldrich101
    My IPhone, IPad and IPod freeze up when I open the app. I can’t use it any more. It was nice when I could pay my balance by phone. I need to use PC to pay my balance. Please fix so it can work with voiceover again. I have the latest update and it still doesn’t work! Jim
  • Very inconsistent errors out frequently 1/5

    By evv 67
    Once finally log in, try to Lock account I get “service currently not available”. Happens almost every time
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By Gmcma
    My phone is secure with Face ID. Every time I use your app it locks my account than it makes me enter sc # birthdate and act #!!! REALLY!! THAN I HAVE TO GET A TEXT THAN LOG IN AGAIN! Get with it or delete your technology! I’m ready to switch companies I’m so upset!
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By Mario12344321
    Terrible app, hard to navigate, unreliable, always down, ugly, online payment is slow and takes many days to process. In addition, there is no option to select to pay your current balance, only your statement balance at the beginning of the month. It’s overall a minor inconvenience, but annoying to have to write down your current balance and slowly navigate to the payments section and type it in manually, especially because it always logs you out or crashes! Plus it’s impossible to find a help number or get in contact with anyone when you have a problem
  • Does not work 1/5

    By mom24hearts
    Hasn’t worked for months. I have to go to the website and don’t have any problem getting in to my stuff. App is no good
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By Brhfhdh
    I use this app for my card and can’t even add an account from the mobile app to make payments from. The app is not complex it’s simply flawed and lacking in so many areas.
  • SCRA not honored - No chat 1/5

    By LFTFA
    I’m a little frustrated that this app is not live with transactions but I’m more upset that there’s is no chat here. Is there anywhere here where I can chat with someone so I can properly request a Servicemember Civil Relief Act(SCRA)? I’m done with the phone, can’t talk to another international representative who does know what SCRA is. I was turned down twice. Who can I talk to?
  • No Face ID login 2/5

    By TokyoTech
    You are forced to type in your password every time you launch the app. This is too tedious. Some months ago, it used to allow Face ID login. Now they don’t have it.
  • Not bad 5/5

    By Dog-Like-A-RetrievA
    So far so good..not sure why everyone is having issues. I will update my review if I run into anything. It was weird at first, then I restarted the app and I got my full settings now.
  • Bad User Interface 1/5

    By benjaminplo
    No notifications for transactions or Billing. The interface to see recent transactions is buggy and not intuitive.
  • Terrible Experience 1/5

    By Zqwvx
    Horrible app interface. Asks for password AND security question/code almost every time I log into the app. Statement balance NEVER matches what is actually owed. Takes forever to complete payment of balances. Whatever you do, do not get a credit card through Barclays.
  • Not good 1/5

    By AngDLD
    I tried scheduling a payment through the app for a couple days out. It didn’t show up so I called in. There was no record of that according to the Barclays. So I made the payment over the phone. Now I show a transaction in the amount of the payment that was scheduled. I called Barclays again and they can’t see it. My available balance doesn’t reflect that scheduled payment. It’s like a glitch.
  • Add ability to add payment options in your app. 1/5

    By I never submit reviews but
    No option to add banking info in the app.
  • No support for Face ID 2/5

    By Flwino
    Works on iPhone but not on iPad Pro Capone and chase both have this feature. Get with it
  • I just got a survey ... 1/5

    By 1998Runner
    .... from Barclays asking about how I use my card. I said I almost never use it because like most people in 2020, I manage things from my phone and since this app constantly disables fingerprint ID and has password issues, I don’t use the card. I’d be more understanding if this was something I thought was on Apple’s end or was common in other apps. But NONE of my other apps - including my bank, health insurer, two other major credit card issuers, or my auto loan financed (another big bank) which handle sensitive info have this problem with their apps. Biometric login works flawlessly on all of them with only very rare and always temporary glitches. I’m not holding my breath for them to fix, but maybe if enough people complain ...
  • Bad User Experience 1/5

    By Naty M
    Please work on the app to make it better. Strive for a better user experience with good UI. I do not enjoy using the app at all.
  • Still can’t log in! 1/5

    By Zgame200
    Where is the update?!?!? I still can’t log into my account from the app so I have to be on the computer to do any banking! Ridiculous! What’s stopping me from going to another bank?
  • Password issues 1/5

    By Vanmecal
    I’m unable to login to the app because I have to change my password all the time or it says my password is wrong even tho I just changed it. Is there a way to fix this? I always have to be on an actual computer to check my account.
  • App login doesn’t work 1/5

    By Nugnugnug
    Seriously. I can log into the website. But app signon DOES NOT WORK - user name or password is not accurate. What the hell? Can’t tell you how many times I’ve reset the PW. Only to find out it’s your crummy tech.
  • Why does this have low star rating?? 5/5

    By anmkum
    I like the app and don't see why does the app have such poor reviews! I love the clean and fluid built of the app and feel a little bad for app developers because of all the misleading reviews. Great app!
  • Needs to get with the times 2/5

    By Nickki227810
    I can deal with a lot of annoyances; delayed postings, no notifications, click after click to get answers to questions, but for heavens sake the login process is painful!!!! Every time the app updates it dumps the Touch ID. Which for me means resetting the password since I never remember it (hence working from a device with Touch ID!). The process to reset from the phone is at the least arduous. Go get your wallet, get your card out since you need your acct. number and enter other personal ID info to reset. All I want to do is make a payment from my couch, cafe, or work break room. Come on Barclays! People work from their phones 90% of the time these days - it would be nice if making payments was made as easy as possible!
  • Terrible service drove me to cancel after 8 years 1/5

    By Smurph617
    I have had this card for almost 8 years and spent a significant amount of money on it due to my work and how often I travel and entertain. For the first time in 8 yrs I had a dispute and they were completely unwilling to work with me on it and spent 3.5 months back and forth before finally stating I was out of luck. Horrendous customer loyalty has driven my business elsewhere.
  • Always locks me out of my account 1/5

    By fannychen528
    Everytime I try to log in, it tells me I have the wrong password even though I used the exact some login details on my desktop. Then it forces me to reset my password and still doesn’t work. So frustrating
  • Very frustrating login 2/5

    By willboiss
    Absurd that I have to answer two of my security questions literally every single time I use the app, in addition to a password (or Face ID). This can’t possibly be intentional, can it? Am I really supposed to prove I know my father’s middle name when I log into the app every day?
  • Face ID 1/5

    By Jbarron4
    Does not accept my password for Face ID even though same password works to unlock app
  • Hey It’s the 21st century....catch-up!! 1/5

    By Stonewall1862
    Why won’t your app remember a password? This really shouldn’t be too difficult.
  • Needs Major Improvement 1/5

    By Lahian
    This app is a complete joke. Compare to the competitors app, this gets placed at the very end. FaceID doesn’t work, UI is hideous and clunky, the app overall is buggy, the support system is nonexistent, and so on. Honestly what are the developers doing?! Clearly not doing their job.
  • Crappy 1/5

    By Mish32659
    Never works, you’ll enter your correct ps 5 time and have it lock you out of your account. It goes through periods of working and not working
  • Needs a redesign! 1/5

    This app is very clunky and unreliable. Needs a major redesign.
  • clunky UI 1/5

    By ReviewerCC
    my biggest complaint about this app is that you can't pay your current balance without knowing the exact number from the previous screen - you can only select your balance from last month's cycle or your statement balance which is usually much lower than your current balance. I usually make a guesstimate and end up with a small balance left on my card which I then end up forgetting about. Aside from this- the app itself is clunky and not user friendly at all - there's no easy way to view pending transactions or posted transactions. The option to view your "transaction history" only shows your posted statement transactions within your set cycle period- so if your cycle ends on the 20th of the month you won't see your current transactions until your statement posts on the 20th. Another huge pitfall - the option to view your "rewards activity" doesn't actually allow you to see your transaction history and the points you received with each transaction - (you're able to do this on the web app) you're only able to see your earned rewards from your last statement balance and your redemption balance but none of your current or previous transactions that earned you those points. Apps are more than just an added convenience nowadays - people rely heavily on apps like these for their day to day management and usually count on apps to replace the need for a website altogether. I usually end up logging into my web browser to pay my balance or view my reward history in detail so this app doesn't save me much time. I suggest the UI developers look into other other mobile banking apps out there- there are other's that are waaaaayyyyy more seamless and user friendly.
  • Great simple dashboard 5/5

    By ThoumaT
    The application is performing flawlessly. Simple dashboad that gives you all the necessary information needed in one screen. Integrates very well with AAdvantage. Love it!!!!!
  • Can’t cancel or change payments 2/5

    By Walter Sedoux
    I’m not sure why, but when I go to change or cancel a scheduled payment, the app no longer gives me that ability. Why? That’s not helpful
  • Uber Visa 👎 1/5

    By NeedsFNCU
    They are changing the rewards structure so that it is much less appealing to use this card. Go with capital one savor or even a chase sapphire preferred or reserve. This card is only good for Uber’s now. Lastly, I have enable push notifications for all transactions and there is a bug on their app where I am receiving no notifications. I brought this to their attention and they can’t figure the issue out. So it’s my problem they have a faulty app. Smh.
  • This app is terrible 1/5

    By jill061989
    Constantly asks for my password, despite having Touch ID enabled. I have to type in the exact amount I’d like to pay because the only amount that populates is the minimum amount due, which is super slimey. There are no push notifications and despite signing up for monthly payment reminders, I only get them occasionally. After you pay, there is no screen that says ‘Payment processed’ and I don’t get an email that the payment went though until days later. It is truly the worst app I use and I’m looking for a new card now that isn’t. Barclays, due to the issues with paying off that card (that all seem to benefit the bank).
  • F...K F..K F..K 1/5

    By Niknejm dat is not jet tejken
    F..k the security! F..k this app if i can not use it. And stop erasing my reviews. You deserve it.
  • App does not work as expected/terrible support 1/5

    By Brammy63
    Can’t turn on Face ID. Call Barclays, they say they don’t service the app. Had to let the rep know that their app support takes me right back to Barclays. Called over a month ago to have this issue addressed, today there is no record of the supposed ticket that was created a month ago. Apple rewards redeemed , I get the message they don’t handle that although the rewards were never sent to me. Say they are handled through some sketch third party. Can’t provide assistance to figure out where my rewards were sent or repair them. C’mon Barclays, do better!
  • Time to Upgrade the App 2/5

    By LopesRI
    I pay my card multiple times per month bc Im always on the road. Apl needs to add current balance to the menu of payment options. Seems simple and should have been part of the original roll out. Ince this happens Ill be glad to add a few more stars.

Barclays US app comments

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