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bareMinerals MADE-2-FIT Makeup

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bareMinerals MADE-2-FIT Makeup App

The bareMinerals MADE-2-FIT App, using MATCHCo technology, scans and analyzes your skin tone to create your own unique, custom-blended foundation. The result is good-for-skin makeup that’s truly made to match you, only from bareMinerals. bareMinerals, the complexion expert, brings you MADE-2-FIT Fresh Faced Foundation. This lightweight liquid formula not only provides a naturally radiant finish but contains nourishing ingredients to hydrate and smooth your skin for an instantly younger-looking, more beautiful you. Coverage is sheer to medium. Formulated with: - White Lily Extract helps to provide skin-nourishing benefits for a more revitalized, healthy-looking appearance - Green Tea Extract provides antioxidant benefits - Peptides are known to provide skin brightening benefits and promote younger looking skin - Ceramides to attract and retain moisture in the skin BEFORE YOU SCAN 1. Remove your makeup and grab a small stack of white paper 2. Sit at an indoor table, away from direct sunlight 3. Roll up your sleeves and pull your hair back from your forehead 4. Remove your phone case 5. Make sure your phone has the sound on 6. Turn your phone over and check the camera lens location 7. Watch the tutorial video to see how to hold the phone SCANNING 1. Always hold the phone level and 1-2 inches away from the paper, your wrist, and your face 2. To calibrate, tap the phone up and down with the back camera facing the 5 sheets of white paper PURCHASE 1. Order your custom formula for $49. Free shipping and no hassle returns. Shade match guarantee. 2. Your formula will be individually blended and shipped to you in as little as one day with your name printed on the bottle. Disclaimer: App is not supported on iPad or iPod. App is compatible on these iPhone models: 6, 6+, 6s, 6s+, 7, 7+, 8, 8+, X.


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bareMinerals MADE-2-FIT Makeup app reviews

  • Pretty neat app 5/5

    By Spinfluenster
    This app was easy to use. I think it’s super, you can find your foundation match in the comfort of your home. The app had a little guide that shows you how to use it. There is also a voice guiding you through it. You start out by calibrating the camera on a stack of white paper and then scan your wrist. You scan your cheek, forehead, and near the jaw on both sides of the face. After that you are done and you have a shade made just for you. The only negative thing is the camera can get a little hot due to the flash being on. This review is for a contest, but this is my honest opinion on using this app.
  • did not work 1/5

    By lilab10
    I really like the concept but this does not work for me. I scanned the paper for five minutes straight and it never went onto the wrist process. i was indoors, was 1 inch away, had no case on, made sure the flash was on. I think that it is just me who is experiencing this. i would try it out because it may work for you, but it did not for me.
  • Best foundation app 5/5

    By maliciouscedes
    When I downloaded this app I was kind of skeptical on if this would really work. I gave the app a try, it was super easy to work and it gave me the best results when it came to the color of my foundation. After getting the results I went to Sephora to see if it was a true color match and it was. I would recommend this app to people. I think that tons of foundation brands to consider this method.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Anj67)(;
    Couldn’t even finish white paper caliberation. Tried for at least 30min.. only hear- keep tapping. Ridiculous app
  • This is the future 5/5

    By Sassylissa286
    This is the future! This is such an amazing idea! I found out about this by Influenster! #contest. I’ve struggled finding just the right foundation shade. I’ve hyperpigmentation on my cheeks so it’s hard to find a coverage that’s not so heavy but dewy. This created my perfect shade. Thank you!
  • Easy to use! 4/5

    By mrsradtke
    I found the app very easy to use, it’s nice that they walk you though the whole process! I would be interested to see if the foundation truly is a great match and love that they guarantee the match! That gives the buyer piece of mind if the color they get isn’t quite what they wanted. This really changes online shopping!
  • Foundation 4/5

    By heaven1315
    Really loved being able to try this! I always have trouble with make up being to dark or to light so I’m really hopeful for this foundation! The app was easy to us and the directions were simple! The only problem I had was that the sound would work so I had to stand in front of mirror.
  • Pretty cool app 4/5

    By Alt1990
    This app was so easy to use and does seem that it works. I would be happy to see if the color they picked really goes with my skin tones.
  • influenster contest 5/5

    By TClark54
    this app is easy to use. the experience is amazing how you can customize and find your shade of foundation. i highly recommend this app for anyway who need help find there foundation match. #ProTip they have awesome youtube videos to help with step by step foundation looks. i wrote this review as part of a contest.
  • This is amazing 4/5

    By Khus..
    I love the idea of getting my own foundation that is made just for me. This app is amazing. You get your own foundation that is just only for your skin tone and get your name printed on the bottle is next amazing thing. The app is so simple to use and it only takes a min to find the perfect foundation for me. I got my own a month ago that loved it.
  • Love love love 5/5

    By jillianmae5
    Absolutely love this happy it’s so easy to find ur exact shade and the perfect fit for you absolutely love I would definitely recommend getting this app also downloaded the app to write my review for a contest #influstered
  • Pretty pretty cool 4/5

    By PMortonok
    I’ve tried other apps that say they’ll match your correct hue, or allow you to try different makeup looks etc. They were very limited because they *only* rely on your picture- which should seem adequate, right? After trying out this Made-2-Fit app however, I see that a mere pic doesn’t do you justice. I love that this app requires you to calibrate your phone, then scan different areas of your face a number of times in order to calculate your correct hue AND undertone!! Genius! This is how it should be done! I do wish I had known beforehand that you should scan in a dimly lit room per the instructions I saw after I had already viewed 2 instructional videos before scanning. That info should be in the videos. I went outside to scan in natural sunlight. Nevertheless this is an awesome concept, and I hope to win a chance to see how well it actually works! #contest #Influenster
  • Wow this app is really cool! 5/5

    By Eyy palm
    Wow just wow! First off this app is really a cool concept. I know in sephora they have a gadget to help find your shade in different foundations. But an app right from your phone is pretty awesome. It’s convenient and the color shown looks pretty accurate. I’m actually pretty good at choosing foundation just by looking at the colors. Not everyone has an easy time picking their right shade so this can be very helpful. It was an easy to use app the steps were super easy to follow. I would definitely recommend this app. I wrote this review as part of a contest but everything I wrote is 100% true.
  • Amazing 4/5

    By Blaque&Sadiddy
    This is a GREAT breakthrough . I loved being fitted for a foundation that would be perfect for me . Once I signed in though the foundation turned greyish and then I had to re scan my skin . Not fun . And $49 for 1 oz ? Yikes . The concept is great and I’m glad it worked , but the app needs help and maybe not $49 for a tiny bottle of foundation . The review was written as part of a contest but the ideas noted are all mine .
  • A nice and simple way to find your shade! 4/5

    By Thebiss55
    First I will say I was skeptical to try this because I did not think an app could find my foundation shade. I found the BareMinerals app to be easy because it actually guides you on how to find your shade using a series of areas on your wrist to your face. What I did not like which is why I gave it 4 stars was that it used the light of your phone and you use Place your phone on your face. If you have an iPhone you KNOW that your light gets hot and bright and to have a hot light on your face with the light near your eyes is NOT pleasant at all. I felt that my skin was warm after I did this and I saw some stars from the light. Overall I am curious to really know if they really matched my shade. I am writing this review for a contest.
  • Very cool and innovative 4/5

    By girlyscout
    I’m super excited about this app. I’m also praying that the foundation turns out perfect! The app was super easy to use. At first I had a hard time calibrating bc I had my phone case on. After removing it was super easy to use. I’m writing this review for an influenster contest!!
  • Awesome Makeup App 5/5

    By Meme122383
    This app at first was a little confusing and I was totally skeptical but once I actually started the process it was super easy and delightful to use. I’ve always loved Bare Minerals brand and this app was so much fun to have to actually be able to try and match your shade. I hopefully can actually buy the foundation to try out to make sure that it was a perfect match. I love that when you order, the company personalizes the bottle with your name on it!!! Such a cute way to make your customers feel special. Another way they go above and beyond for all the makeup lovers out there!!! I tried out the app and reviewed the app for a contest through Influenster!
  • Hmmm 4/5

    By saraxkitty
    I’m pretty skeptical to see how this goes. The app was very was to use but my skin is very yellow toned and it picked up rosey tones which I don’t have at all
  • Awesome and fun to use 5/5

    By dulcinea_333
    This app is awesome! It gives you easy and clear instructions and my husband got a good laugh watching me smack myself on the face with my phone 😃 The foundation color looks pretty similar to my skin tone on the picture but we will find out for sure once I receive it. Found out about this app on Influenster and reviewing as part of a contest. #contest
  • Great app 5/5

    By AR3RE
    I was a bit skeptical about the app. The app overall is pretty easy to use. The spokesperson voice was easy to follow and made the process faster. Instructions alone are pretty easy to follow however the voice of “encouragement” assisted well. I really do believe the swatch at the end is actually a perfect match for my skin tone. Genuinely enjoyed this app. Would definitely recommend to others trying to find a perfect shade of foundation. Definitely follow the instructor to get your perfect shade. I am writing this review as part of a “contest”.
  • Amazing 4/5

    By Minniie_bbii
    This app is amazing . I thought it was going to throw some random colors for my skin one but it did not. It actually found my right color . It is super easy to use and best of all its free to download. Now you don't have to be swatching all kinds of colors to find your perfect match. How nice is that.
  • Clear and easy to use. 4/5

    By eleanour
    The instructions are clear and the app instructor is with you every step of the way. Completing the scan was quick and easy. Whether or not the scan truly found a foundation color that matched my skin tone, I can’t say since this just a review of the app. This honest review was completed in part for a contest.
  • Awesome! 💖 5/5

    By jessiikeets
    I Got Chosen By Influenster For A Contest & I Love How This App Is So Easy To Use! It Is Good To Help Me Determine My Correct Skin Color To Match With The Foundation. I Am Also A Fan Of Bare Minerals So It Worked Out Great For Me!
  • A gamechanger 5/5

    By tara0925
    I have super pale skin so when I heard about this I was excited. It took me a minute to get the hang of how to use it. Make sure you're in a well lit room when you do it. I think what the app chose for me would be my exact match for sure. I really hope more companies use a tool like this to fine tune foundation.
  • Cool app with a great purpose 5/5

    By tbow1992
    So let me start off by saying this is an awesome app! I’m loving the purpose of this and how easy it is to use and so simple to get matched for a perfect shade of a great foundation. I’m entering in a contest on Influenster to win a free bottle! But even if I don’t win I’m so buying this and sharing this app with all my friends! They will legit love it! #contest # Influenster
  • So neat!! 5/5

    By Margie93
    I found out about this app from Influenster and I enjoyed going through the steps to find my custom shade!! Gonna tell all my friends about this app.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By May Tunstill
    It’s so cool how technology these days, to use your camera to figure out what shade you are is so crazy! I will definitely be keeping this app! I’m doing this for a contest with influenster
  • The app works great 4/5

    By jazminesarahy n.
    I’m not sure about the accuracy of the color that they tell you you would be but as far as the app functions go it was smooth. I loved the step by step verbal instructions. #veryhelpful I look forward to maybe trying out the color choosen for me to see if the app was accurate.
  • 10/10 app 5/5

    By destinee m romero
    Such a cool app! Takes about 5 minutes and you get a perfect match for foundation! There is easy instructions that guide you through the whole thing! I hope to try this foundation out. I highly recommend taking the 5 minutes to get your perfect match. I’ve been using the wrong foundation. bareMinerals, I’m all yours! Thank you Influenster for introducing me to this app. #Made2Fit #Contest @influenster
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By gabbymc24
    Such an easy app!! Will be ordering from this! I definitely would recommend to a friend! If you have trouble ever finding a good color for your skin try this!! I wrote this review as part of a “contest”
  • All I can say is WOW 5/5

    By courtamber
    I had no clue that this could be done , but I found out about the app for a contest through influenster. But let me start with how awesome this app is to use , and how glad I am that I found it! The process was very straightforward , and simple. It was also very quick , and finished with matching me to what looks like the perfect shade. So I’d say that this is absolutely a wonder way to get matched with the perfect shade just for you. Definitely recommend giving it a try , you won’t be disappointed.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Prettyeyes193
    This is very easy to use, and it’s great idea to find the perfect shade for your skin tone. I’m just sad it hasnt came out sooner. Everyone needs to know how fun and easy this app is. I will definitely tell all my friends. Just make sure you have good lighting around you to get the most perfect shade for your skin I wrote this review as part of a contest.
  • Love! 5/5

    By kendrafaith28
    This app is so easy to use and accurate! I wish every makeup brand had this. The app was super easy to use. I like how the video in the beginning explains everything.
  • Amazing!!! Never seen before! 5/5

    By Lesleyehm
    I first heard about this app through a badge from Influenster’s contest and had to give it a try! After thoroughly following the directions it was fairly easy to use the app and get this... it magically found my shade PERFECTLY! I absolutely recommend giving this app and foundation a try! I’m still shocked at how good it match my skin tone!
  • Amazed! Bare metals made to fit! 5/5

    By Chelseakilp
    First and foremost I was very intrigued by hearing that you could take photos this way to get a customized foundation so when i got past the calibration it was very easy to use but just trying to get the calibration to figure out how to do it it was kind of confusing till I watched a YouTube video so it would probably be best to explain it in a better way! But I’m excited to have use this app and also try this foundation!
  • This is HUGE! 5/5

    By Nicknames take forever to find
    Amazing! I’ll be honest, at first I was like no way this can’t actually work.... but then I followed the steps, the 5 white papers then the taps on 5 separate parts of my face and BAM! That easy you have your truly own unique color that is just for you. How awesome is that? Be sure to take any case that you have off, also collaborate perfectly with the 5 plain white papers! It’s fast easy, and awesome you won’t regret it. I did this review as part of a #contest for @influenster. #virtualvox
  • No more in stores color match! 5/5

    By Vee2110
    I find tia so cool!!! Like seriously it just scan my complexion all over with just a finger tip! I’m surprised that someone finally came out with virtual technology of color matching! I definitely think it was a great idea! I find the app to be very easy to use, and I definitely recommend to friends, and families! I find that it was harder looking at the color it came out with, so I did it three times!!! Guess, that Was so silly of me because each time, it was the same darn shade! So don’t be scared, just go with it, and follow her voice! Pro tip: please remove all makeup! It will definitely help to get the actual perfect results! I wrote this review as part of a contest, from Influenster. S
  • App doesn’t work on my IPhone 7 Plus 1/5

    By TerilyAB1
    I really wanted to try this app. The installation went well but when I tried to start the scan by calibrating it to white paper as instructed by voice in app I kept tapping and tapping and it never got past the tapping to calibrate my phones camera to the correct lighting it’s too bad I have never given a one star review but it didn’t work. I was asked to participate in an Influenster vox box contest to test out this app on my phone and to review my results.
  • Cool app 4/5

    By Ladisav
    I think the app was cool. I looked crazy doing it but it really found a foundation to match me. Mayb a little too much tapping my camera got hot. But great concepts
  • Love this! 5/5

    By bellakmarie
    The app was super easy to use and the color it created really looks like my skin tone! Very excited to try!
  • This app is amazing!! 5/5

    By angel99600
    I was interested to see how this app works because I have heard so many of my friends and you tubers talking about it, it is used to get your perfect shade using your camera. I can’t tell you how easy it is! Wow I am so impressed by this new technology. I thought the only way to get a customized shade like this was going to a store and spending money to get a customized formula! I am so happy I am able to do this in the comfort of my own home! Also, the voice tells you exactly what you need to do which is so helpful! I am lucky I found this app because I always have a hard time finding my shade! I am excited to try this formula because I love bare minerals! I definitely suggest giving this app a try especially if you are like me and have a hard time finding your perfect foundation shade! I have reviewed this app as part of a contest however all opinions are my own.
  • So easy! 5/5

    By mandalynn0
    I always have a hard time matching the perfect shade for makeup for my skin tone, so I love that this app takes the guess work out of finding a good foundation online! It's so easy to download the app and calibrate your phone using a white piece of paper. The instructions are easy to do, as you are guided through them. If you don't think the foundation is a good match, it's easy to do it again. I love that it takes you right to their choice of foundation and it's easy to purchase right there. The app has a great FAQ and it's simple to contact Bare Minerals in the event of a problem. This is a great app for pros and novices alike! I am leaving this review as part of a contest, but all thoughts are my honest opinion.
  • Rating app 5/5

    By kariiyadelii
    The app was really easy to use, but thought it was a little off on the color maybe because it was at night, but would be trying tomorrow morning!
  • Needs to be compatible with other devices 2/5

    By StephMcCown
    I love the concept of this app however I wish it was compatible with more devices! I had to use a family members phone to do it instead of my own but I have to admit it's so exciting! The directions were also pretty easy to follow. I downloaded the app to participate in a contest on Influenster and I am hoping to get a chance to try the foundation out because I have some bareminerals products and love them! I also love the bottle and how my name would be on it!
  • This review is part of a contest. 5/5

    By Nat,97
    This app was so easy to use to find my perfect match I definitely would recommend this at a friend. Pro about this app is that it’s easy to just find what your looking for compared to going to the store and guesstimating what would match you when this app can easily direct you to your match.
  • Impressive! Modern & EASY! 5/5

    By Lov3d1
    I was shocked how it used the camera and color matched me so perfectly! The app design is beautiful - I am big on design and UI experience, and I have to say it was flawless. I love the color scheme and how smooth the app works. It was an easy checkout once I was color matched. I am truly impressed with BareMinerals and their app! I do recommend making sure you do this during the day and with even lighting in the room. Lighting will make a big difference and it’s important to make sure you’re color matched correctly. I definitely recommend downloading this and trying it out! I am writing this review as part of a contest on Influenster.
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By mahnazakhtar
    Easy to download and easy to setup.. its help you to find out your perfect shade and how you can customize your foundation & purchase .i went Sephora few times but they don’t have shade match tool thing and they was unable to find my perfect match .. yay for this app easy match my foundation shade Nd now I can shop easily.. thanks bareminerals
  • Wow 5/5

    By sxyflakka
    All I can say is WOW! Truly amazing to see how easy it is to customize your foundation shade. Love it when we can use technology to improve the makeup experience! With the camera of your phone you can get a guaranteed shade match! Can't get better than that! I am reviewing this as part of a contest.
  • 5 Tap Test is Totally Awesome! 5/5

    By Tjtucker2014
    This has been the best experience I have ever had with an app with choosing a match for my skin tone. First, I downloaded the app, and and watched the instructions. Then, after calibrating my device as per the apps directions, I proceeded to go through the five taps it needs in each of the five sections. It was so easy to follow and understand what to do! After tapping my forehead, right cheek, right jaw, left cheek, left jaw, the app then showed me my perfect match. The shade looked like a shade I would buy, and the whole process took me less then five minutes. I highly recommend this app. One pro tip I would like to give is that if you have a phone case on your phone be sure to remove it first for a more accurate match. This review was wrote as part of a contest.
  • Heather S 5/5

    By Heathers8073
    I love this app my experience with the app was extremely easy to use I have recommended friends and family already to use this app that is makeup lovers like me btw pro tip make sure your lighting for the camera is right I wrote this review as part of a influencer #contest

bareMinerals MADE-2-FIT Makeup app comments


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