Baritastic - Bariatric Tracker

Baritastic - Bariatric Tracker

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  • Current Version: 2.43
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: NBL Media LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Baritastic - Bariatric Tracker App

Baritastic is the # 1 app for bariatric surgery! Baritatric surgery patients have specific goals, requirements and guidelines before and after surgery. And now there is a free app specifically built for bariatric surgery patients. * Nutrition and Water Tracking * Reminders - Vitamins, Water, Protein Shakes, Meals, Other * Bariatric Food, Water, and Bite Timer * Create a Photo Timeline to Track Your Journey * Patient Journal - Log thoughts, take pics, rate your hunger and happiness. * Newbie Checklist - Stay on task and get to surgery. * Bariatric Surgery Specific Recipes * Bariatric Surgery Specific Resources * Baritastic Social Support Group * Connect to YOUR Bariatric Program Through the Baritastic App * Body Mass Index Chart * and more! Whether you are considering weight loss surgery or are already losing weight, this app is for you. Lap Band, gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, gastric balloon, duodenal switch - it's all here. * Notes * We are always improving the app and appreciate your feedback. If your bariatric program hasn't given you a code, ask them for one or tell them about Baritastic and we'll get them set-up. - Connect with Apple Health Kit to keep track of your steps. Go to Settings Screen >Device and Apps > Connect an App> Apple HealthKit.

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Baritastic - Bariatric Tracker app reviews

  • Very Nice tool..the only comment 4/5

    By Kneesbees
    Very nice and comprehensive tool. My only comment is that I wish I could access my dashboard using Face ID instead of using my passcode to log in each time I go in. Are you all working on that feature?
  • Please add comments or notes to weight log in and daily food tracker 4/5

    By Jolene Presley
    I love this app! It has been super helpful assisting me with documenting my journey. I do have one suggestion: please add like a comments or notes section to the daily food tracker and more importantly the weight log in. It would be SUPER helpful to document outliers that can help us understand bumps in the road (ie, starting that time of the month, office potluck, etc)
  • Best food/weight tracker I have ever used 5/5

    By Jon K 89
    This tracker has all the benefits (which on most other apps you have to pay for) that you could possibly need. Great app, would happily recommend it to anyone.
  • Great for VGS 5/5

    By Iceehawk
    I have been looking for something that helps me to continue losing weight after stalling for six months. Today was my first day using this app, and I am back on track already. So easy to monitor what you eat, how much you exercise and walk. I wish I found this app earlier.
  • 4wks in Amazing 5/5

    By Jacques Hammer
    The most useful app for my needs! Thanks
  • Great App 5/5

    By glc29
    Love this App. Super easy to use and it offers so much information for FREE!! Thank you!
  • Best of the Best 5/5

    By Jbecknercma
    I’ve tried a few other calorie tracking/fitness app to stay focus and there’s something about this one that has me hooked. It’s easy to use and works with me to keep me on track and focused. I say GO FOR IT!!
  • Life Saver 4/5

    By Tangle Ridge
    This my first-time I have had the opportunity to use an app like this. It gave me some challenges, however the tutorial were a life saver.
  • Can’t get the reminders to remind 3/5

    By CB in VA
    I’ve followed the instructions on how to get notified of my reminders (including going into my settings and turning them on there) but they still aren’t working. Could be a great app but this is frustrating.
  • Sugars 5/5

    By Mr.g man to man
    This app is great but i wish i could input my blood glucoses
  • Keeping me on track 5/5

    By ICBHS
    I love this app
  • Cheryl 5/5

    By c7ray
    I like the daily motivational comment. I also like the ease of the application
  • Love this app 4/5

    By Mama moton
    I love this app, but just recently the app won’t even open. It won’t load. Please fix this glitch so I can continue to track my weight loss progress. This app has been a great tool.
  • Love this app! 4/5

    By canionkara
    The only thing I would change is that on the main weight weight page, is that I would like to see my starting weight. Instead of having to go on the logbook page.
  • Very helpful 4/5

    By momton
    I like the app very much! The only reason I gave 4 stars, I cannot add an exercise for previous days.
  • Misinformation 3/5

    By Tanksy08
    Some things it add calories or carbs that are not in the item that I’m eating!
  • Great app 5/5

    By Justaladyonajourney
    Update*: I figured out how to add previous weights. Now my stats are right! Yay!! I love this app, it’s great to help stay on track with bariatric surgery. A couple things that I wish I could do and I can’t. 1. I wish you could edit/add a weight log from a different date. I forgot to add my weight right after surgery... and then logged my current weight and now my stats are all messed up and incorrect ☹️ 2. I can’t get the water reminder to actually remind me to drink. I’ve had to download a separate app just to monitor my water intake. 3. Also, it would be awesome if the app sent reminders for you to take your milestone pictures. I lucked out and happened to see my 1 month post op picture milestone literally at my 4 weeks out... but I bet many miss it because they don’t realize it’s there.
  • Similar to MyFitnessPal 3/5

    By hollis in TX
    The app is ok, it is similar to an older version of MFP. It is a little limiting in what you can track.
  • Great for tracking everything! 5/5

    By Duckjo
    I love the recipes, the notes section)where you can track your BM). I also love that it nearly my weight loss down into smaller achievable goals, and that it show before surgery and after surgery weight loss.
  • Great tool 5/5

    By bariatric RD
    This app is user friendly and has everything in one place. I can track my fluids, activity, food logs, weights and measurements with the touch of a button
  • Cool! Except... Must connect to an electronic device to enter activity and no vitamin reminder 4/5

    By MissFrenches
    This app is really cool! Very user friendly. Love all of the features. I wish it had a medication/vitamin tracker & reminder, and I also wish I could input my steps/activity. Unfortunately you must connect to an electronic device to enter activity. So, ultimately I have to use two other apps along with this one, because the features don’t exist. I will update my review to 5 stars once they have these two features 👍 For now, 4 star app because of all the cool features that do exist!
  • Pretty good 3/5

    By wsl user
    Only complaints are that it is a little complicated to create your own list of meals. In order to do so, you have to add it for the day so you can go back later and select it from “your meals”. It’s also not easy to edit those meals that you create. Also wish this would link to other apps like RENPHO so that weight loss and other metrics can be tracked wirelessly. Maybe these updates can happen in the future.
  • Water logging doesn’t work 4/5

    By Crissyreising
    Not able to save my water consumption in the app on my iPhone
  • Constant Crashing 1/5

    By Wtienken
    I’ve downloaded and reinstalled the app multiple times over the last two days and it just crashes within 5 seconds of opening it. I’ve used it in the past and really liked it, but it’s unusable right now.
  • Se necesita la versión en español 3/5

    By Carla P Bohorquez
    La app me parece excelente pero es necesario la misma guía en español
  • App crashes 1/5

    By Cacton1211
    The app crashed upon opening every single time on my phone (11+). My phone is updated and so is the app. Help!
  • The App keeps cutting off 2/5

    By Trankuillotus
    Every time I try to do anything the app stops and cuts off it been like this for this two days. Some good it is doing us if we can’t even enter and analyze our progress.
  • Love 5/5

    By 479Tucker
    I have used this app since starting my 6month pre-op process. Extremely helpful. My only wish is that I could differentiate between weights logged at home and weights logged on my Drs scale. Ours never match but I would like to see the progress on my scale and on his. So I know what he is seeing in my chart.
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By llinñ
    I love the bariatric app It is awesome and very easy to use. I love how it lets you know how many inches you lost in each are after you put in you
  • I’m still learning 3/5

    By Luna5683
    I am noticing when I save stuff sometimes it’s not in there. Also somethings don’t show up as far as brand name. So maybe I need more time to learn it but I enjoy inputting my meals.
  • Slow 2/5

    By lilCrab#01
    I was using the app for almost 9 months. At times I had taken photos of food items because I wanted to know the nutritional value, sent them to the developer and did not get a response. Also, the developer is using an older operating system, instead of a newer Artificial Intelligence. This causes the user to have to search for recent items that were added. This becomes a hassle and headache when there are a lot items to sort through
  • Good For tracking 3/5

    By DecWish
    Good for tracking food and water. Only tracking option missing is supplements. Would be nice to be able to track as different supplements need to be taking at different times. Same with meds. Would be nice to have a place to document what you’re taking when.
  • Love this tool 5/5

    By Kimber Eidem
    I have been waiting weeks for this app ( couldn’t download any apps ) u have I my had it for 1. Day and love it !
  • Inconsistent data and updates never get processed 3/5

    By forsakenpoet
    Watch what you scan. The data on scanned items is inconsistent, and has to be frequently edited. I like that the app lets you submit updates for incorrect data, but those updates never get processed. I’ve submitted the same item that’s not in the database three separate times, and it still isn’t uploaded. If this was fixed, it would be a five star app because the other features are perfect.
  • My Opinion on this app 2/5

    By sweet cheeks34
    When searching for anything for nutrition facts it does not work unless I have put it in myself. My fitness Pal searches and finds everything I need and with ease. This is not an easy app.
  • Baritastic is good but 4/5

    By Rdrii
    Could be better. The accuracy seems to be impressive, and that is important. I would like the app to be more intuitive. I spend too much time searching for things like adding my own recipes. Plus one home screen with everything on it.... way too much clutter with 3 or 4 main screens.
  • Chat room 3/5

    By AliceLC51
    Needs a little moderation. Some topics are not appropriate
  • Needs improvements 3/5

    By Wow U Missed
    While this app does track the typical thing like food intake and exercise it doesn’t allow you to enter your blood sugar or blood pressure readings! There should be a nice graph showing your progress for these things as well.
  • The best app 5/5

    By nayaloveshair
    Since I’ve had my surgery this app has kept me organized and on track with my food intake and weight lose I love it so much and it’s a must have . ❤️Nayaloveshair
  • I NEVER write reviews 5/5

    By Cheeseburger25
    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS APP!!Has everything you’ll ever need :)
  • WLS Gastric Bypass 10-14-2018 5/5

    By Jff817
    This is a great app for me🎉🎉 The app is very easy I’m enjoying tracking, its way easy for me❤️ Thank you
  • Baritastic app 4/5

    By mkirk74
    It needs to have a little more options and be just a tad easier to use. I like the app but it’s not real user friendly.
  • Updated: Help Needed! 4/5

    By Sabaah Z
    Downloaded this yesterday and it’s still in “loading” mode when I try to sync it with my Fitbit 2. I can’t get app support because the app isn’t loading! Was 1 star previously due the above issue. Had to delete and reinstall 8 times in order to app to sync with Fitbit. Would like it if things like vegetables (like onions) were able to be counted by slice instead of trying to figure out how much (fraction wise) 2-3 onion slices are. But so far, it’s ok.
  • App had been great but now it crashes 1/5

    By HotMeMaw
    Not sure if there was a update or what but I’ve been using this app for almost a year and now it will not let me add my food. FIX IT!!!
  • Good App but missing a few nice features 4/5

    By HeatherGiza
    It is a pretty good app for the most part. It’s easy to track/add food and water. I wish it included a tracker for vitamins. I’d also like the app to have the ability to delete food/meals that I manually created.
  • Great App 5/5

    By RHPollero
    A wonderful extra tool. Highly recommend it!!
  • Works well 4/5

    By Zlee1
    Really nice app. The reminders should be a little more robust. You should do something lose Medisafe. Also, I feel that this is begging for an Apple Watch version. Overall, really nice app.
  • Easy 5/5

    Easiest calorie counting app!
  • Better than myfitnesspal 5/5

    By SO Park
    I’ve been using myfitnesspal for the past 4 or so years and found this app, tried it, and think it’s a lot better!

Baritastic - Bariatric Tracker app comments

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