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  • Current Version: 6.3.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Barnes & Noble
  • Compatibility: Android
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Barnes & Noble NOOK App

Get the FREE Barnes & Noble NOOK App to enjoy all your favorite digital content on your Apple devices. Access our vast online library of over 4 million eBooks, graphic novels, comics, manga and magazines. Plus discover over 300,000 audiobooks. Enjoy recommendations just for you curated by our expert booksellers. Customize your experience with multiple font and page styles, customized bookshelves and social sharing tools. And never lose your spot— the Barnes & Noble NOOK App syncs across all your devices. Barnes & Noble at Your Fingertips -Browse the latest new eBook and audiobook releases, bestsellers, deals, and expert recommendations just for you! -Discover books in every genre, about every subject, for every age: contemporary fiction, romance, mystery and thriller, classics, sci-fi and fantasy, manga, kids, young adult, non-fiction and more! -Digital content purchased from Barnes & Noble will automatically appear in this app. -Explore over 75,000 free eBooks and more than 10,000 free audiobooks. -Sync your books, bookmarks, notes and highlights across all your devices for a seamless reading experience. -Listen safely while you drive with CarPlay. Rich, Customizable Reading and Listening -Adjust font styles, line spacing, margins, page animations, narration speed, background color, and screen brightness for more comfortable reading. -Add notes, bookmarks, and highlights as you read or listen. Share favorite highlights with friends across social networks. -Set the Sleep Timer to coordinate audiobook listening to your schedule. -Download, read, or listen to free eBook and audiobook samples, and add favorites to your Wishlist. -Organize your Library into custom shelves. -Search inside the book and look up words with the in-app dictionary. -Store content on your device or in the cloud. -Use ArticleView™ to easily read magazine articles using customized font settings. -Accessible to blind and low vision users leveraging Apple assistive technology, including screen magnification and VoiceOver. One App for the Whole Family -With Profiles, family members can share an account while still enjoying their own customized experience. -Share eBooks, audiobooks, magazines, newspapers and comics across Profiles—no need to purchase again! Reading position, bookmarks, highlights and notes are saved to each Profile. -Child Profiles allow parents to control what each child sees.

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Barnes & Noble NOOK app reviews

  • Nee’s review 5/5

    By grief review
    I love nook books. Downloads are quick and excellent reading quality.
  • Never loads 1/5

    By SierraViridian
    The bookstore and audiobook section never loads. It tries, but nothing ever shows up.
  • Too hard! 1/5

    By KB&J
    This app has changed and you can no longer buy books through the nook app. So I went to the website and put 3 books in my cart, but when I tried to log in it said that it was too long since I’ve logged in and that I needed to create a new password! Half an hour after I started I still didn’t have my 3 books! So even though I own all but 3 of the Tony Hillerman novels in the nook app, I bought the last 3 in the Apple Books app because it was SO MUCH EASIER! I would have preferred to have them in the same app but you guys made it too hard!
  • Synchronization among devices 2/5

    By Jack Beckner
    You advertise that your sites are synchronized across devises. They aren’t.
  • I love traveling with my Nook! 5/5

    By Googiep
    It's what I couldn't live without when traveling. In the 1960's books in English weren't easily available in Europe or Asia so I literally had to take an extra suitcase just for books. If I'd had a Nook then, I'd have saved a lot of money not paying for extra luggage.
  • The anti life 4/5

    By briggs1819
    It was a blast fun read
  • Fast and twisted 5/5

    By NJ/AZ fred
    Once you start you can’t set the book back down.
  • Continuous Scroll 2/5

    By Bluemoon724
    Please consider adding the continuous scroll feature to the app. The other e-reader apps have this ability.
  • Download This App 5/5

    By Sophia Zakrzewski.thefirst
    I really loved all the little details, like the annotations and the bookmark. I like the colors you can change in the back round and the brightness. I also enjoy the bookshelf because you can organize it all.
  • Font and paragraph issues 2/5

    By TrustNJesus
    There are a lot of formatting issues within the Nook app. Issues on IPad and Nook Book. It makes it difficult to read or see diagrams
  • Doesn’t Work 1/5

    By Jaler01
    It won’t let me purchase a book. It says you can only purchase through the B&N Nook app. ????
  • Not working with iOS 16.2 1/5

    By whitedog27
    App quits when trying to access Wishlist. App also won’t download or update library. App unable until update corrects these issues.
  • allows fake reviews within the nook app 2/5

    By espn loser
    nook allows reviews for non-purchased, non-downloaded books within the Nook app. B&N allows fake reviews. Fix your app immediately.
  • I have been using the B&N app for years 5/5

    By westernraven
    And find it convenient in use. I have apple also and after the last upgrade in iOS and loathe it.
  • Love This App So Much 5/5

    By asassassaaeyÿbkfk
    This is one of the best, no THE best e-reader I have ever used! Better than Google Books even! I just love it there’s just one thing. I love everything but I wish there were more free books. Basically the only ones are the ones that come with the app, though one is my fave magazine I just wish there were more ones that were free. Other than that this app is awesome!
  • Reading again 5/5

    By brutis 1
    Am so thankful that I could down load Nook on my iPad mini am reading again and am enjoying it thank you so much.
  • Can’t Buy a Book 1/5

    By TomUSAZ
    Is this a bad joke? I can’t purchase book on this app? I’m using an iPad 10th generation tablet, after using a Samsung android tablet. You can purchase books on Samsung/android version of the app. Response to Developer: Can you expand on why your app can’t do something, i.e. purchase a book, that tremendously benefits B&N, and can be performed by almost every other commercial app. When will the purchase function be added?
  • Not my favorite 3/5

    By bspersonified
    I read many other books by this author but I did not care for this one. Too many characters to keep track of and author kept bouncing back and forth between. Content was not that interesting either.
  • A mobile library 5/5

    By owl wiseness
    Can you imagine having your entire library at your exposure everywhere you go
  • Nook 5/5

    By JimMegFK
    This is a terrific app. Not only can you get ebooks from Barnes & Noble, but also you can save documents here for later reading. A great way to carry all your books on your phone or tablet. You don’t need a separate device.
  • Not a fan of the changes. 2/5

    By tkuklinski
    I don’t like not being able to purchase books from Barnes and Noble directly from app. All the changes over the last year or two are not improvements.
  • Error message! 1/5

    By mortalsword
    App has gone looney! Can’t download or read my books, I just get a error message. Also weird flickering at bottom of screen.
  • Good reading experience 5/5

    By calculite
    This app is easier than my original Nook. It provides a good reading experience.
  • Greatly Appreciated! 5/5

    By Tresure0101010
    I greatly appreciate having the Nook App. It is awesome to have hundreds of books at my fingertips at all times. Angela R. Cleveland
  • Can’t read my books 1/5

    By BEA7766
    This app used to work great now I can’t download load or read my books I’ve purchased. Very frustrating since this app used to work great. Now it doesn’t work at all.
  • Problems with the Barnes and noble site 1/5

    By Bruci10
    Not able to download and read the books purchased. Tried to find out what is the problem and also reported without luck and poor customer service.
  • The first title I purchased is non-functional 1/5

    By hcsryfx
    The title will not open from my computer, which is extremely frustrating. My only way of reading the book is through the app, which can not be downloaded in MacBook devices. Overall, I’m extremely disappointed in the service and Barnes and nobles. I used nook because it was the only (and seemingly most trustworthy) service that provided the book I needed, only to be left in a less than optimal situation. It’s incredibly frustrating to pay for a full service, and only be able to access half of it.
  • Butchered App 2/5

    By skmagson
    This used to be a really good app until they removed the ability to purchase ebooks from it in a childish protest effort to avoid Apple/Android fees. Now you have to add each book you’ve downloaded as a sample to your wishlist (which means you also have to make an account) in order to know how much it is or decide whether you even want to buy the thing. Except, once the sample is downloaded, any option to add the book to your wishlist have evaporated, and now you’re stuck looking back and forth between computer and tablet where the app is installed while you plug in the isbn into the web search field. Golly, that’s a lot of work, and it already has me wondering whether I should use the Apple app for books. Way to shoot yourself in the foot, B&N, good job.
  • Bookstore not working 3/5

    By JavieloxPR
    Cannot access bookstore and search new content.
  • No nightmode for audiobooks 1/5

    By scalwatx
    I have used many different apps as audiobook readers, and nook is the worst. I listen to audiobooks in bed, and there is no night mode for audiobooks, even though you can put text books in might mode. Additionally, the text in audiobook mode is very small and cannot be adjusted, so without glasses in bed I cannot see it. And finally, the sleep timer button is very small and cannot be set with a tap, but requires a tap followed by a very small slide, which is made difficult by the lack of night mode and small text. Nook might be good for other users, but if you have options, go elsewhere for listening to audiobooks in bed.
  • My library 5/5

    By Russwurm
    I can not download any titles from the cloud to my new I pad. I have 200 + volumes on my I phone and nothing configured t the new I pad . HELP NYC Retired teacher
  • Nook 1/5

    By kohutekjudy
    Hard to down load magazines and books. Number of magazines and books available through this service.
  • The B&N Nook app 1/5

    By gem34pht
    I purchased a book. I got the order confirmation. I tapped the link. The page says “Delivered “ but the book is not in my library.

    By DaBee1
    The store is easy to navigate and I have a host of books to read from Fantasy to action adventure. Glad I found the app guess I need a nook reader something small I can carry. My IPad is great but I don’t wanna carry the extra weight so Barnes and Noble here I come!
  • Purchase won’t download to library 2/5

    By Jami Dickson
    I’ve used my Nook app for several years. Never had issues. Today I. Ought an e-book and several hours later it still is not in my library. I get a flashing essays at the bottom of the screen that says Syncing library but it never a works.
  • Cannot retrieve books 1/5

    By Truly Not Happy
    Current update is a failure. Cannot retrieve nor download any of my books. Keeps syncing but not connecting.
  • B&N books 4 me 3/5

    By the dancin hippopotamus
    I enjoy the quality of the books and how EVERYTHING has Previews!
  • Nook app 5/5

    By RAtria387
    I love the nook app, but really wish we could purchase through the app again.
  • Unhappy 2/5

    By Luvmybooks13
    Some of my old titles have just disappeared! Only works on my ipad, my phone just gives me error messages when trying to redownload old books!
  • App Doesn’t Work For Me 1/5

    By KGB09
    I thought I could purchase ebooks from B&N and read on the app without purchasing a Nook. Apparently not. When I select a book it tells me content is not available for purchase on this app. Tried several times. Same thing. Maybe I have to buy online and not thru app. No indication.
  • Can’t sign in 1/5

    By Jenmar1613
    App no longer works I want my money back for the books I bought! I get decryption error everytime I try to sign in!
  • Won’t accept email 1/5

    By Deecatmarie1
    It won’t accept my email so I can connect to my ebook on the website.
  • Nook was a failure 1/5

    By Nicksname2
    App does not load, locks on a book and cannot search my library. Is it any wonder Nook never took off and Barnes and Noble is losing out to everyone else? The answer is obvious, glad I have an iPad. Nook sent me a reply requesting that I be certain I am using the latest software version 6.3.3. I am using 6.3.3. Version 6.3.3 still has the same bugs in it and now am even more glad I have an iPad Pro.
  • Won’t let me buy a book of any sort 2/5

    By Lovepieces
    It tells me I need to download the “Barnes and Noble Nook” app. I thought that is what this was.
  • Can’t get into app 1/5

    By Jessiegirl555
    How do I get help with this? I got into it once yet couldn’t find my library. Now it won’t let me back in.
  • Nook app is my absolute favorite ebook and audiobook app 5/5

    By AmyA77
    It has so many different ways to enhance your reading experience. Hands down it beats any other reading app that I have tried! I’m new to the audio book part of it but I expect great things from it. You can even sideload PDR, ePudb’s, and use the app’s features of them!
  • Frustrated beyond measure. 1/5

    By Upset Gigi
    I have tried twice to order a Nook device for my granddaughter, only to have them never make it to my house. They seem to vanish in Texas. So, I downloaded the app so that she could at least read on my tablet. The app doesn’t work either. There is nowhere to download purchased ebooks. The “sync’ button that is supposed to be in the app does not exist. So now I have no Nook, no working app, and no access to the book I purchased. What a nightmare. I have always loved Barnes and Noble but this is a nightmare on several levels.
  • iTunes version planned obsolescence? 3/5

    By Junkman6
    Seems to be massive glitches to the point I cannot read old books or download new books on my iPhone. I remember this happened 5 or so years ago and apple issued an apology…
  • Nice app 5/5

    By montford9999
    I like that there is a great app associated with a brick and mortar store. The app works well and shopping is easy. Need help? Go to the store. I have the Kindle app and the Glose app, as well. I prefer to use Nook whenever possible.