Barnes & Noble – shop books, games, collectibles

Barnes & Noble – shop books, games, collectibles

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Barnes & Noble – shop books, games, collectibles App

Put the World’s Largest Bookstore on your iPhone! The official Barnes & Noble iPhone app is the ideal store companion for book lovers who want quick and easy access to the world of books. Use your iPhone to search, browse, and shop for millions of items. Our store locator will help you find the Barnes & Noble store nearest you, see upcoming events, and get directions. Plus, explore amazing, exclusive Barnes & Noble content from your iPhone including Product Details, Product Images, Customer Reviews, Editorial Reviews, Best Sellers, NOOK devices and much more. (Please note that in order to provide the best pricing for our customers, we are currently unable to provide an in-app shopping experience for Digital Content, including NOOK Books.) Features: • Massive selection of millions of Books, Textbooks, Kids' books, Magazines, CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray, Toys & Games, Home & Gift items, Gift Cards and much more • Search using your iPhone camera by scanning the product barcode or by typing your search criteria • Find your closest Barnes & Noble, get maps and directions, and view upcoming events • Wondering what to read next? Browse through different categories and best seller lists curated especially for you by our experienced Booksellers! • Fully secure. All purchases go through the secure Barnes & Noble systems • Access your purchase history and manage your Barnes & Noble account all through the app • Reserve items to be Picked up in Store right through the app • Get notified of promotions and store events

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Barnes & Noble – shop books, games, collectibles app reviews

  • Trouble with the app 3/5

    By Princy.x
    As much as I love shopping at Barnes and Noble, it’s very irritating using the app because it takes so long for it to load and do whatever. Please kindly check your app very well and fix errors. Just give us a way to update it Lest I stop shopping from there.
  • Background data download 1/5

    By Alcrus
    Besides that app is not able to store account info, on iOS 12 it started to download something in background. 860Mb of cellular data in 2 weeks without even single app start.
  • Uhm 2/5

    By alexxschutte
    I love Barnes & Noble. Really I do, but with my schedule getting to the store isn’t the easiest thing to do. So I love that they have an app for easy access...but I hate this app. It’s just not functional for people that like to make purchases through the app. The fact that I can’t even buy books for the nook (their own product) on the app is laughable to me. I can order books to my a snails pace. It honestly might be quicker for me to just write my own book. This app could be amazing. It could be a book lovers dream. But it doesn’t seem to me that they cared enough to create a good app, let alone an app that would function. Barnes & Noble you’re great. But this app is trash.
  • SLOW APP 1/5

    By Brittanny S.
    I don’t know why, but this app is so SLOW! It’s very useful and can help if you’ve got half a century to wait for each page to load. My internet and my phone are fine. My other apps work fine. It’s just this app. SUPER SLOW.
  • Takes way too long to load 1/5

    By Nino18T
    App has been taking an extremely long time to load and attempts to access content takes just as long.
  • Poor 1/5

    By reviewer20180922
    Can’t search for a book on your website, app won’t open (stuck at loading screen). This is why Amazon is killing you, guys.
  • Fix it 1/5

    By Jngonzo05
    This app is terrible. It’s slow and doesn’t load half the time.
  • Time to hire a developer... 1/5

    By Professoe JG
    And refresh this app. It is slow and does not take advantage of larger iPhones. When I want to order and it takes minutes to open the app and go from screen to screen it’s time to update the software.
  • Too Slow 2/5

    By me1233457
    The app is very slow. It took forever just for me to add a book to my wish list. I was also attempting to browse but gave up and went to the website via the net. Much faster than the app.
  • Slow, misleading 1/5

    By Captain Rob
    Doesn’t offer anything that the mobile site doesn’t, and it is significantly slower. Inaccurate information about product availability, filtering is lacking.
  • Impossible to remove items from the “My Saved Items” list 1/5

    By gunnarSmith
    It is impossible for me to remove books that i own from my “My Saved Items” list within the app. I can’t add them to my cart from the list either. Other than that its good. I will change my review when this gets fixed.
  • Payment 3/5

    By BookAddict68
    I often have problems bying nook books because the app tells me that my credit cards and paypal are not authorized. Really frustrating
  • Slow speed 2/5

    By MidnightLez
    The app itself and the search feature is extremely slow that I have to wait up to two minutes for me to search titles.
  • Please update the app 1/5

    By Lakupala
    Make it look pretty or at least functional. It won’t even let me sign in.
  • Abysmal at best 1/5

    By Once loved this
    No iPhone X support yet? It’s been a year cmon! I hope that requirement deadline is approaching this app gets removed for not supporting all devices.
  • Not even trying 2/5

    By BallGame68
    Still no iPhone X support a year after release? No way to add my member card to apple wallet? Come on guys, at least try to make this app useful. Still love going to the store with my kids though.
  • Waste of space 1/5

    By -l984-
    I feel that an app should provide more functionality than a website for a vendor. This does not. From incredibly slow loading times to an inability to remain logged in to an account I have found no advantage in using this app over using the basic website; only drawbacks. Save space on your device and headaches for yourself by just avoiding this one.
  • Not Great 1/5

    By 3KittyKat
    I downloaded this app in order to have access to my library while on vacation. That is why I gave it only one star, because it allowed me access to the book I was reading. Otherwise, not a great app. Can’t bookmark a page, if you touch the screen in the wrong place, it goes scrolling back (or forward) to a different page. The app crashes at the end of chapters so you need to close the app and sign in again, hoping you can remember what page you were on. Page number only appears briefly as it changes to a new page. Replacing my lost NOOK ASAP!
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By TBM68
    I love B&N but I’ll have to order books from Amazon because this app is horrible! It doesn’t load and doesn’t let you sign in. Please fix it!!
  • Abysmal 1/5

    By meowalicious
    This app is horrific. Every time I’ve tried to use it, and I mean EVERY time, sooner or later I get the Infinitely Spinning Wheel. Clearly this thing was never tested before release. Barnes and Noble should be embarrassed. I’m Off to Amazon.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Booo Update BOOOOO
    Just curious on when the app will be receiving an updated?
  • Never loads 1/5

    By Anotherskyaway
    I can never access this app. It opens and sits loading forever and never completes. Bummer.
  • Worst App Ever !!!!! 1/5

    By mommom Pat
    It won’t even let me purchase books on line never had a problem before just terrible what are we to do can’t get to store guess I’ll be getting a KINDLE😚
  • Freezes & takes you in circles 1/5

    By Mandaheartgavin
    Don’t waste your time with this app. You’ll either go in circles with the app saying you need to login (when you already are) and then the textbooks will disappear from the cart, and when you feel like you might be making freezes.....
  • Takes forever to load everything & requires me to sign in every time. 3/5

    By ForeverSearchingForWiFi
    The app takes at least a minute to load anything and for the loading spinner to stop. I REALLY wish it would remember my favorite store, but that’s not available. Their website seems to be faster, but I haven’t used it to order anything. So it’s a very annoying app, but I really like being and using my membership. Overall this app is a MEH.
  • bloody slow 1/5

    By 真有feel
    bloody slow
  • Please fix this app 1/5

    By Star Root
    I have downloaded, deleted, and downloaded this app many times over the years. It is a horrible app. It takes forever to search, add to cart, check out, and anything else you would want to do. It has the potential to be great but it seems little effort has been afforded to make it a usable app. Please fix it. I hate to use Amazon, but, alas, their app works well and quickly.
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By Tintin 2011
    I wish I could give this app a zero for having wasted so much of my time. Even though I have "remember password" checked on the login screen, each and every time I open the app to do anything, I have to provide my email and password. Each time I click on my shopping cart, a spinning icon comes up that does not go away. The only thing I can do is to exit the app, and then try to open it again, which by the way it force me to login again and again. It is shameful that this garbage is allowed to make it into the app store. BN - look at your average review score and don't be surprised if you go out of business someday in not too distant future.
  • Can’t even buy what I’m trying to buy 1/5

    By heyitsshelby
    Long load up Long load up for cart Makes you sign in again when you reopen the app and try to open the cart Long load up for checkout Long load up for PayPal Long load up for shipping confirmation Actually, the long load for shipping confirmation is basically as far as I can get in one go before it just stays there
  • Probably one of the most poorly designed apps I’ve ever used 1/5

    By Stargirl_50
    I’ve had several problems with this app and I’ve only owned it for 20 minutes. (TL;DR at the end) Problem #1: I got 2 $25.00 Barnes & Noble gift cards for my birthday. So I download this app. I put one gift card in. It tells me my balance is $25.00. So I input the next one. My balance is still $25.00. The book I want is $25.95 and I’ve just wasted two gift cards that probably won’t work in stores because I’ve already used their codes. Great. Problem #2: It takes no less than 30 seconds for anything to load. It’s very discouraging. Problem #3: The app has crashed twice since I’ve started using it. TL;DR: the Barnes & noble app is slow and kind of robbed me of $50.00 (in gift cards) I do not recommend it to anyone.
  • Why? 1/5

    By MzFrz
    You can do absolutely nothing with this app. I don’t know why they even have one.
  • Very Slow 3/5

    By GrandsonOfCoach
    I seems to me like they just crammed the mobile site into the app and called it good. It even asked me if I would allow the SITE to access my location, giving further evidence of the previous statement. The only real reason I’m keeping it on my phone is for convenience, rather than having to go online I can just go into the app. It also sounds like people are having trouble logging in and buying things on the app. However, I haven’t come across this, mainly because I don’t buy books on this, I rather use it to simply look up books and then go to buy them in store. This can definitely be improved.
  • Consistent disappointment 1/5

    By StarUstin
    Whether it’s the constant need to log in, the slowness, the filters not containing an “in stock” option, the inability to set how many items I see, or any number of other inadequacies, I find more and more reasons to not use this app and thus shop elsewhere.
  • What’s going on ? 1/5

    By Beachinvestments
    Come on you guys it’s not like you’re just starting out in business get it together with your app, look at your ratings think about this, no wonder your stock taken a tumble. The app is all most dysfunctional.
  • Just plain okay 3/5

    By Simone2233
    Egh it’s aight ig lol
  • Slow 1/5

    By A listener to all music!
    App was slow, didn't load well, glitchy and not useful.
  • Mailbox? 2/5

    By Mojo1031
    For some reason for the last four days or so I no longer have the message center. The app is showing a notification, but the envelope icon is gone. Also every time I open the app it asks for my email so I can sign up for emails, even though I’m signed in and also receive emails.
  • Everything 1/5

    By BookNerd1999
    It’s slow. It won’t remember my password. It won’t let me use “add to cart” or “instant purchase” therefore it won’t let me buy a book. It won’t save to my wish list. Look I’m a big book nerd, but the fact that you won’t update this app frustrates me in so many ways. Please just update the app, it’d be appreciated...
  • Notifications 1/5

    By Y95
    I can’t open and see my notifications and it’s extremely annoying to look at.
  • Extremely Slow 3/5

    By Kxtxlynn8272
    It takes about 5 minutes to load the next page. Also I am constantly having to resign in, even after I check the ‘remember me’ box. Please fix!
  • Won’t let me sign in 1/5

    By Lantana, FL
    This problem started recently. I used to stay signed in and didn’t have any problems. Recently, however, when I try to sign in, I get an error message saying I’m an inactive user. Wrong!! I’m a very active user. There’s no way to remedy that so I went to create a new account. I got a message that I already have an account!! You must be signed in to get any assistance via chat or email. I tried calling the 800 number and an automated voice asked for my account number. Although I’ve been a member for some 20 years, I don’t have an account number. The store always just asks for my phone number. But the automated voice doesn’t recognize my phone number. I tried hitting 0. Nothing I tried asking to speak to a representative. Nothing. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the app. Didn’t help. If I could give a 0 star rating, I would because this app (which used to be pretty decent) is currently absolutely useless.
  • I guess they don’t want me to buy anything 1/5

    By Sandali82
    I’ve been trying to add a book to my cart since last week. It won’t work. If the app isn’t going to allow you to purchase, WHAT IS THE POINT? Deleting this crap!
  • App Should Be MUCH Better 3/5

    By Paige Markham
    App annoyances that shouldn’t exist: 1) As of Friday (7/13) cannot sign into account on wi-fi (including B&N’s in-store wi-fi); you must use cellular network. Get message of “inactiveUser”. 2) Need to re-enter you password every single time you use the app, and even sometimes after you’ve been on the app awhile. 3) Unnecessarily slow. Web site is fine except similar password issue. Seriously,B&N, if you want to compete in this new retail world, you need to have state-of-the art online apps.
  • Can't add book to cart 1/5

    By Berg1998
    This app and the web page are the most absurd inventions I have seen in my entire life. These are retail apps THAT WILL NOT LET YOU PUT ANYTHING IN THE SHOPPING CART. It is absolutely mind boggling. It's almost as if they hired amazon to do their web site so amazon designed a site where it was impossible to buy anything. The whole IT team at Barnes should be fired and probably the CEO too as this is literally the only website I've ever been on where the shopping cart won't work. The whole thing is just absurd.
  • Bad 1/5

    By Snugglebug001187
    This application is really bad it’s too slow you have to wait forever for things to open. Please fix this problem. When you guys update your application and make it run smoothly then I’ll re-download it till then I’m deleting it and I’m just going to order online from your direct website.
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By jSanchez26
    Where’s the iPhone X support? Also the app interface is horrible. How do they expect people to buy from them when their app is so horrible.
  • Constant loading 1/5

    By Cute! :)
    It never ever gets beyond the home page. It just loads and loads and loads. Then crashes and then loads some more once it’s reopened. They need a total overhaul on the app design and function.
  • Recent issues 2/5

    By Schnoebs14
    Usually a big fan of the app because it allows me to quickly access my wishlist when I’m shopping but the past couple of weeks it’s been the worst. I can’t access anything in my account which is super annoying and inconvenient!
  • Glitchy 2/5

    By JelloAiello
    This app will just randomly cease functioning. They need to do a serious upgrade. I expected more from B&N.

Barnes & Noble – shop books, games, collectibles app comments

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