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Barnes & Noble – shop books, games, collectibles

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Barnes & Noble – shop books, games, collectibles App

Put the World’s Largest Bookstore on your iPhone! The official Barnes & Noble iPhone app is the ideal store companion for book lovers who want quick and easy access to the world of books. Use your iPhone to search, browse, and shop for millions of items. Our store locator will help you find the Barnes & Noble store nearest you, see upcoming events, and get directions. Plus, explore amazing, exclusive Barnes & Noble content from your iPhone including Product Details, Product Images, Customer Reviews, Editorial Reviews, Best Sellers, NOOK devices and much more. (Please note that in order to provide the best pricing for our customers, we are currently unable to provide an in-app shopping experience for Digital Content, including NOOK Books.) Features: • Massive selection of millions of Books, Textbooks, Kids' books, Magazines, CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray, Toys & Games, Home & Gift items, Gift Cards and much more • Search using your iPhone camera by scanning the product barcode or by typing your search criteria • Find your closest Barnes & Noble, get maps and directions, and view upcoming events • Wondering what to read next? Browse through different categories and best seller lists curated especially for you by our experienced Booksellers! • Fully secure. All purchases go through the secure Barnes & Noble systems • Access your purchase history and manage your Barnes & Noble account all through the app • Reserve items to be Picked up in Store right through the app • Get notified of promotions and store events

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Barnes & Noble – shop books, games, collectibles app reviews

  • Wanted to give negative stars but couldn’t 1/5

    By Hope Haneghan ❤️
    I love Barnes and Noble, always have. Which is why I downloaded this app. But it’s given me nothing but issues. For one, I have to log back in EVERYTIME AND FOR EVERYTHING. It’s ridiculous. Especially since I have it set to “remember me” so I don’t have to do that. Second, it takes FOREVER to load just about anything. Please get this fixed before I lose my mind.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Powergirll
    This app really needs an update. It's very slow and never keeps me logged in after.
  • A company that is struggling... 1/5

    By Scott959
    ...shouldn’t ask itself “why” after using this app. I don’t have anything to add here that hasn’t been said 500 times before me, I just wanted to add my 1-Star review for this utterly worthless app. Avoid this app - it’s actually quicker just driving to the store and asking them in person.
  • Can’t get in 1/5

    By unhappy 18yo #21
    I downloaded this app to buy books obviously and I couldn’t even sign in. I signed up for an account with google and yet it isn’t an option to log in with my google account so I can’t get in to see my wishlists
  • “Inactive user” 1/5

    By CassWh1234
    I can’t even log in to the app?? Every time I put in my email I get a message that says “inactive user”. I changed my password to be sure it wasn’t my mistake and the message popped up even after. Pretty frustrating.

    By _johnnay
    The moment i open the app it takes forever to load up. I really have to wait 3 minute for the screen to load. At first i thought it was my phone so i downloaded the app on another device and had the the same problem. I don't like waiting a long tine for an app to load up. 2 stars given. If it changes then ill slap 5 stars on the app

    By Jaygriffdadon
    This app is horrible, I feel like it’s on an old IOS and just needs to be brought up to speed. It’s almost unusable. Please fix this
  • Poor service 1/5

    By 1brutallyhonest1
    Someone needs to get this app working now if they truly value their customers
  • Sign In 1/5

    By ElBigChill
    It won’t even recognize my account info that works when put into the browser page. Seriously, this app needs work.
  • update 2/5

    By N411513
    please update for iOS 12 and iPhone XS Max thanks <3
  • Horrible 🤦🏽‍♀️ 1/5

    By Haleyc22
    I reallllly hate this it takes forever to load and I couldn’t even put my store in because it would just show a white screen, and remember me doesn’t work at all.
  • Useless 1/5

    By modchik
    All you get is a spinning wheel ... immediately deleted app and went back to Amazon.
  • slowwwwwwwww 1/5

    By j0rrj0rr
    UpDaTe ThE aPp
  • Not the worst but could be better 3/5

    By Tya Moon
    Honestly this isn’t the worst app in the world. I feel like people over exaggerate a bit about it. Yes if you close the app, you’ll get logged out. Is that annoying? Yes, but you can always login back in. Is it a bit slow? Not really. It really depends on your connection. The app is a pretty easy to use and it’s definitely better than pulling up the website on your phone.
  • Feels unfinished. 2/5

    By JeffCU
    First off, having to sign in in an app every time is totally stupid and long gone. It’s my app on my phone. Also, there are places in the app that are “dead ends”. There’s no way to get anywhere else unless you swipe the app away and reboot. Clumsy interface, cluttered appearance. Get it together B&N! Are you playing with the big boys or not?
  • App Outdated And Lacks Electronic Member Card 1/5

    By aheran73
    It’s too jammed with text and basically looks like the mobile website. There’s no difference between the two. And you can’t manage your account through the app - you’re redirected to the website. I wanted the app to show my member card so I don’t have to carry the physical card around. B&N is behind the times by not designing the app (or its mobile website) to show an electronic version of the member card. Lastly, the app is really slow to open.
  • You’re better off using the website 1/5

    By kailee13____
    Takes FOREVER to load
  • I like Barnes and noble but 1/5

    By chatin
    When is this app going to get updated?. It’s been a year since the last update. Please update this app I like buying books from there, but this app needs improvement
  • Terrible Shopping App 1/5

    By LisaLisaNotCultJam
    It makes shopping for books and related items irritating. Depending what I browse, I end up stuck because there’s no back arrow. Anything I click on opens a browser instead. So I have to close the app completely. The “remember me” never works. So I have to keep entering name and password. Just use your own browser instead or a computer.
  • Snail slow 2/5

    By sohvei
    This app is too slow, if you open their website it would be faster. Come on guys, you can do better than that. We need B&N strong to compete with Amazon.
  • Just as bad as the mobile website 1/5

    By Letmecommentwithoutanickname
    Don’t even bother downloading this. Just get mad at the mobile website instead and save storage space.
  • App badly needs fixing! 1/5

    By Nickname-is-not-taken!
    I’m trying to support B&N because I don’t want this chain to go out of business in favor of amazon. But boy!, do they make it difficult to be their client! This app takes about 72-75 seconds to load any new information when you press a button. I timed it when I chose from the dropdown menu the format of the item I wanted -switched it from paperback to audiobook. In 72 sec I can place a multiple-item order on amazon! B&N, please hire app developers that know what they’re doing.
  • Won't load 1/5

    By Ames123456789
    This app won't load even sitting right next to the router...

    By be_lovely
    Has not been updated in over a year (12/18) and you can tell. I absolutely hate this app, it is extremely frustrating to use. It is very slow, when I click on things it is usually still loading even after a minute so will take me somewhere else (slowly). Separating marketplace and Barnes and Noble books would be a great addition. A lot—the majority of books are not sold by Barnes and Noble and are from “marketplace sellers” be aware of this as the free shipping does not apply to the marketplace and neither do a lot of coupons. Also there is not a very wide range of books, I have searched for dozens of books that are unavailable, out of stock with no known return date, and completely unsearchable. If I did not have a gift card for this store I would not utilize it. It’s terrible and I’m extremely dissatisfied and disappointed with this company.
  • Keeps Getting Stuck 1/5

    By Xcer12
    Keep having to close and reopen the app to make a purchase. Also, it takes forever to load. I’m writing this as I’m waiting for it to place my order. Bad app
  • Don't Give Up Barnes & Noble... You can adjust to the digital world if you just try! 1/5

    By CharChi123
    One would think with the quick decline of brick & mortar bookstores, a company would try a wee bit harder to at least keep up with their competitors. The app is laughably bad. I feel like my phone is connected to a dial up modem and finding a candle took me like 20 minutes.
  • So annoying & slow 1/5

    By yo.dreaaa13
    This app is so annoying. Every time I go on the app it says if I would like to access my location for the app & I always have to sign in. I have it as remember me, but every time when I close the app I have to sign in again. This gets very frustrated. When I finally sign in and add things to my cart and try to access my cart it doesn’t load. Everything takes forever to load and I have noticed that this app doesn’t get updated as much. Maybe they just don’t want to fix the problems on this app. I can conclude that I will be deleting this app & just accessing Barnes & Noble online on my laptop.
  • Too GD slow! 1/5

    By jeannie loves apple
    How difficult is it to make an app work and function instantly!? Get with it. So frustrating using this app.
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By EJG2112
    -Takes forever to load when you open the app -Logs you out when you log back in so you’re always logging in each time -Makes you enter credit card information instead of using apple pay Overall terrible app. Haven’t seen an app work slower than this one. I am rethinking purchasing items from Barnes & Noble due to their terribly designed app.
  • Clunky and Poor Performance 1/5

    By Pastmaster08
    I installed the latest version of this app this week and found it to be slow, clunky and doesn’t provide accurate information. I attempted to purchase an Actual Book, which they no longer seem to understand. It showed me the book was available at my store, and multiple stores near me. It all went great until I hit Submit Order, then it was no longer available at ANY store. Also, the items I “saved for later” disappeared and could not be found. What made it worse, was the their Customer Service people don’t seem to know the app even exists. They kept telling me to go into the Nook App or to change my Browser, neither of which has anything to do with the shopping app. It’s really sad how far they have fallen.
  • Unsatisfied App User, Happy Book Buyer 1/5

    By Mretheed
    Barnes & Noble is amazing and I am glad they exist, but one of their factors in downfall will be the complete lack of caring about their app. I get you want me PHYSICALLY IN your bookstore but, why even have an app when all you do is frustrate almost all your customers.
  • So many problems 1/5

    By dumbuselessnickname
    It’s better to just go in person. I have so many problems using my membership
  • Worst app 1/5

    By DianaNYC72
    Totally useless. I rather go straight to the browser, thats how awful this app is. Makes me sign in every time, even with my stored password. Trash app
  • Horrible 1/5

    By DLDiddy
    Horrible app. It’s like B&N aren’t even trying anymore and are giving up to online stores. They don’t even have an iPad version of this app!
  • Worst App I’ve ever Used 1/5

    By kahd dicosn
    Crashes constantly. Takes forever to load. Impossible to add and use your membership number. Does not refresh. Back button does not work. The dark background is annoying. Whoever is responsible for creating this should be fired.
  • Worse Than Website 1/5

    By OliverIV
    I finally found something B&N doesn’t care about even more than their dumpster fire of a website: their App. Sad. As much as I want to love B&N, there is no excuse for you not caring about your online presence. I have to agree with others... how are you folks still in business?
  • Laughable 1/5

    By MyTribe2Day
    In what universe would this be an acceptable app?
  • Wow 1/5

    By HighlandsBoy
    While adding a new credit card there is no field for expiration date or the security code. Yet app errors in telling me it can’t proceed with the expiration field blank. How are you folks not out of business, yet?
  • Worthless 1/5

    By Jon_ks
    Crashes constantly and won’t let you complete an order
  • Terrible app!!! 1/5

    By Ceitruadh
    Shame on B&N! The only reason for one star...... it’s the worst rating available.This is the worst app I have ever tried to use. Take it down or fix it. It doesn’t allow you to look at anything, all I get is the spinning star trying to connect with the internet. Please, fix it! BTW, there is nothing wrong with my WiFi or internet connection!
  • Useless. Skip the app and just use the mobile site. 1/5

    By GreeneZ
    This is basically just a portal to their mobile site, not an actual app. Only difference is you can't make digital purchases in the app. I downloaded this only because the Nook app doesn't let you actually buy anything in the bookstore so it was pretty annoying to find that I couldn't buy it in this app either. Super disappointed with B&N lately, the only reason I didn't just go to Amazon was because I had a gift card with B&N.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By Lallama310
    This application is horrible. It takes forever to launch and does not recognize your ID/PW after logging multiple times.
  • A year with no updates? 1/5

    By mjschv
    I was hoping the bad reviews reflected an old version and gave it a try anyway. Sorry I did. Even on a fast network and fast phone the delays are unbelievably bad. It really is a front end to the mobile site. I might as well stick with the browser directly.
  • Barnes & Noble 5/5

    By alice petrova
    So I went to B&N to get a journal. I found this really beautiful purple leather journal. The only problem was that the package was already open. I went to the customer service counter and they said they had one more that was un opened. They went to the journal section and there was one more but the background of the design was slightly different color. I think that Barnes and noble has very understanding employees
  • Everything takes forever to load and I have to sign in 2/5

    By Just one review for today.
    I really can’t stand this app. First things first: It’s an app, so I feel like 1) when I hit “Remember Me” my information should already be filled in and 2) I shouldn’t be logged out every time I close the app. If it’s an app then that usually means I only want to buy stuff on my account, not someone else’s, so I should always be logged in. Next: It takes FOREVER to load anything. I will click any button on this app and it will give me a huge loading symbol on the screen that just sits there for forever. I know it is not an Internet issue because I have very high speed Internet and am always on WiFi when i use this app. Lastly: It doesn’t tell me if my orders are being delivered. When I see my order status, it only tells me “Processing” or “Completed”. For example, on November 25th, I order two sets of calligraphy pens and a bullet journal. Until November 28th, it said “Processing”. On November 28th, I went to check on the order and it said “Completed”, without telling me about when the three items would be here. On November 29th, the bulletin journal arrived, but not the calligraphy pens. I double-checked the order, and all it told me was “Completed”. Again, no estimated time that the other two thirds of my order would be here. Just “Completed”. Fix these problems, please, before they drive me insane.
  • Becoming unusable 1/5

    By bt72118
    All of the B&N information systems are failing. They must be losing lots of Ian staff. I am trying to buy a Nook book as a download and can’t get the purchase to complete on PayPal. It keeps saying I need to save my credit card information, which has nothing to do with a bank draft on PayPal.
  • HORRIBLE APP!!! 1/5

    By Gfeugeh
    Barnes & Nobles please get it together, its 2018!!! Your technology is horrible!! Thats why amazon is beating you guys in book sales! People want the convenience of using an app to order their books online & your app doesn’t fulfill that convenience. Get it together B&N !!
  • Bounces me out of app to their web page 1/5

    By BearLunch
    Maybe get someone who can actually develop apps to do this for you? I don’t get why I would want an app that just bounces me to a web page. Makes no sense.
  • Slow and Buggy 1/5

    By Zimmkat
    Consistently freezes. I love B&N and wanted this to work, gave it a chance despite all the terrible reviews, but this thing doesn’t work. Like at all. B&N: do you even want my money?!

Barnes & Noble – shop books, games, collectibles app comments

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