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Navigate global markets with Barron’s, the world’s premier investing publication. Get the trusted insights and in-depth analysis that have been guiding investors since 1921. With comprehensive financial analysis, daily commentary, and investment strategies from Wall Street’s best minds, the Barron’s app gives you access to critical news moving global markets, wherever you are. Now available direct to you on the iPhone and iPad—never miss an opportunity to catch the next rally, or avoid the next correction. Download the app today and get instant access to Barron’s exclusive articles, providing you with critical insights and forward-looking analysis on stocks, bonds, commodities, funds and more. Plus, receive top investment ideas, recommendations and in-depth coverage of developments shaping global economies and affecting business around the world. Simple to use, intuitive and beautifully designed in keeping with the print magazine’s format, the new Barron’s app allows you to easily access the information you need, when it matters most. The recently redesigned Barron’s app has countless new features, including a new download and save feature—giving you access to investment articles, daily financial news and insightful analysis whether you’re at home connected to Wi-Fi, or commuting to and from work. Additional key features include: * Insightful reporting on business, financial markets, the economy and global indexes—including U.S., Asian, European and emerging markets. * Access to real-time stock quotes within articles—plus, interactive charts and key metrics to help you identify the next investment opportunity for portfolio. * Full articles from Barron’s iconic, Saturday print edition—published each weekend when the newest issue hits newsstands. * Full access to Barron’s U.S. and Asia Editions * New user-friendly design—clean, sleek and optimized for iOS devices. * Plus, access to Barron’s previous print editions. Barron’s offers comprehensive investment articles, economic data releases and unrivalled financial analysis that helps you put breaking news into perspective—allowing you to understand what’s being reported and the impact it has on your funds, the financial markets, business and the global economy. In addition, the new Barron’s app also gives you the tools and data you need to navigate global indexes, pick stocks and outsmart the market. With access to real-time stock quotes within articles, interactive charts and key metrics, as well as exclusive insight from Wall Street’s best minds and unrivalled financial news coverage, you’ll always have the information you need, when it matters most. The subscription-based, full version of the Barron’s app gives you complete access to Barron’s, the world’s premier investing and finance publication—get daily updates from Wall Street’s best, plus peerless financial reporting and business insights. With a new design, optimized for iPhone and iPad, the new Barron’s app allows you to navigate global markets with confidence. Download the Barron’s app today and see why we’ve been a trusted source for financial reporting since 1921. New subscribers pay only $14.99 a month for unlimited access to Barron’s on iPhone, iPad and Barron’s Online. Subscriptions include a 4-week free trial. Your subscription will renew automatically each month and payment will be charged to your iTunes Account within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. You can turn off auto-renewal by going to your Account Settings after purchase. No cancellation of your subscription is allowed during the active subscription period. By downloading the app you agree to the Dow Jones Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Cookie Policy. Subscriber Agreement and Terms of Use: Privacy Policy: Cookie Policy:


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Barron’s app reviews

  • Want to cancel; good luck 2/5

    By LALawDog
    Online? Nope. In app? Nope. By phone? During working hours. Ha. Check terms of service. Have account number? Thought so. Phone number on account? No. Don’t fall for first month free trap.
  • Does not save place, other issues too 1/5

    By Tgbnhy
    When you click on some link or stock quote and then try to go back to the main article, you are ALWAYS brought back to the top of the article. I waste so much time just scrolling and scrolling. Also, clicking on a table to magnify it opens it but with half the rows blacked out and completely unreadable. Please fix ASAP!
  • Offline reading no longer supported 1/5

    By Bg1000nickname
    Prior to this latest app update, I could download and read an entire issue - in fact several issues - on the plane. Loved that feature as it allowed me to catch up with recent stories I’d missed. This new app requires an active internet connection, so I can no longer read on a long flight. Please restore the app to its previous functionality. Note: the Wall Street Journal app still supports offline reading. Barron’s and WSJ apps used to work identically. In this case, newer is not better.
  • Review 5/5

    By Akpathan
    I love barron
  • Great Articles, App Needs Work 4/5

    By Capin131
    The articles are the main show here and are great. Very informative and valuable. However, the app needs some work. I get random slowdowns where I can’t scroll down the article. If you exit the app to respond to a message and return, you lose your spot in the article. Extremely frustrating.
  • Distracting moving, color ads for paid magazine 1/5

    By Cordd5
    Despite paying a premium subscription price to access the magazine, the app cripples itself by presenting distracting, full-color, moving ads alongside every swath of black and white text. The effect is wildly distracting, and will make the app unusable for a portion of its users. Disgusting.
  • Great magazine terrible app 1/5

    By Fatty Boom Boom 69
    This app used to be great, but now I can’t search for articles by ticker name anymore. Any article I try to bring up says error could not load page.
  • Great App 5/5

    By photonuser
    Great App. Well designed and easy to navigate
  • Minor bug 3/5

    By Barrons Fan
    I read Barron’s and WSJ on the iPad. Recently, if I am mid article and let the iPad go to sleep or I lock it and then I reopen the iPad and Barron’s/WSJ app, the the same article comes up but it is reset to show the beginning of the article. So you have to scroll back to where you left off. The apps used to save your spot in the article whenever you locked and then unlocked your iPad. Basically a pain in the neck since I read these papers and their articles off and on throughout the days.
  • Good periodical, bad app 2/5

    By DrWurm
    Please fix the behavior where articles scroll back to the top if you change apps or accidentally start to swipe left or right. That’s amateur hour programming, c’mon guys, learn to cache.
  • App Continues to get worse 1/5

    By Eagle3010
    It seems that Barron’s feels that the well working app from a year ago needed to be “modernized” and thus broken. The sterile looking top stories section, now infused with ads, detracts from the excellent content. Get rid of the black! Expanding a graphic on an iPad is now unreadable. Any white background area becomes black rendering all text unviewable and unreadable. What used to be an enjoyable experience has now become irritating. Tied with the ridiculous price increase, not worth continuing my subscription.
  • Stock Watchlist 2/5

    By Gimpyip
    The stock watchlist is inconsistent when I am trying to add ticker symbols. At times, I attempt to add a ticker symbol and all you get is “unable to create try again later” or no ticker symbols show up regardless of what company I enter into the field “no market data results”. Please fix this as it happens on both my iPad and iPhone X.
  • Crashes or freezes frequently 2/5

    By Brew😄
    Yep. What the title says. Enough said.
  • Intrusive Ads 1/5

    By Bradley omar
    I have been a Barron’s subscriber for many years. Unfortunately they have started putting very intrusive ads in the middle of the story. The ads are very distracting and make the articles unreadable. I’m ready to cancel my subscription if they don’t stop the intrusive ads.
  • App terrible 1/5

    By LFM Maine
    Does not work offline like it used to. Automatically takes out of current magazine and moves to on line scrolling stories.
  • App vs paper 1/5

    By Trader Fred
    I much prefer the paper edition. Please add a full paper I made to the app like the one the Washington Post has or Investor’s business daily hsa
  • New app Terrible 1/5

    By dmp737800
    New App is terrible. Crashes all the time. Unable to download articles for reading on plane w/o WiFi. Still no night mode. Just awful. Much slower as well. How hard can it be? 1) ability to read articles offline 2) night mode with reversed text
  • Terrible 1/5

    By ElusiveE
    Constantly crashes! Thinking about cancelling. Barron’s was much better years ago.
  • App Not Working after initial download 1/5

    By Osterreiche
    The App downloads and the bugs out when you try to use it. Tried it several times. Once even got to log in but even after logging in it failed.

    By SamDeagler
    NEVER SUBSCRIBE because is almost impossible to UNSUBSCRIBE!!!
  • Great Financial Rag 4/5

    By Katarina Rockfol
    Love the great content. Consistent week to week. App needs improvement with regards to navigation.
  • great content but very scammy billing 1/5

    By jimjetbluecustomer
    i love the content of barrons. i noticed the price went up to 19.99 a month on my cc so i went to the app to check my subscription. i could not find what i paid nor a way to cancel. i emailed customer service and they said the only way to cancel was to call a number. i called a number and they offered to lower the price! thats like a used car salesman. i grunted that they should have the subscription data and cancel service on the app. they said i still had $16 unrefundable. really tacky! just be careful when you subscribe digitally as they are like a bad used car salesman.
  • Must Reading for Market Insights 5/5

    By SunnieT
    I am a relatively new reader, and find the articles very informative and insightful. For as long as I continue to self-manage my stock portfolio, I will consider reading Barron's cover to cover very important. It's a trusted source of great information.
  • One step forward, one step back... 3/5

    By BradTrentNYC
    I just upgraded to the latest version (3/8/2018) and while the platform improvements are sort of OK (swipe right to next feature instead of clicking an arrow being the best) there is...once again...a major flaw in the embedding of photos. Clicking on any image to enlarge it will show a large image..that is totally pixelated/out of focus! This had been an issue with the app from day one, but mercifully seemed to have been solved for the past year or so...but it's back! Whatever is resizing the thumbnail image seems to be simply making a lower rez jpeg bigger instead of loading a higher rez image! But at least to close the enlarged photo you no longer have to touch the image to get a 'done' button...maybe next revision you can simply use a swipe down motion to get back to the main page (like the WSJ and NYT apps)???
  • Good info, very annoying ads ruin it 1/5

    By Natex73
    The new app has all of the same info, but bombards you with pop up ads as you scroll through articles. They block the entire page and have auto play animations. Very annoying.
  • New App 1/5

    By Dale A. Hansen
    Does not work offline. I give up.
  • App is terrible 1/5

    By EddieVedder
    The new update is so bad I am considering canceling subscription altogether. How can they issue something so erratic?
  • App degradation after latest update 3/5

    By Running man 8967
    The app is significantly slower to load stories after the latest app refresh. It is also arguably less attractive after the revised color scheme and font change. It was very easy to read and attractive in the prior version, it now looks worse. Great content, not so great design.
  • You Screwed Up What Was Working Fine 2/5

    By Underdog323c
    The last update turned this from two thumbs up to one thumb down. Why, why why! Stop messing with stuff that works! Now it looks like any other junky web page... vertical scrolling, crummy layout. Bah! I want so badly to revert to the old app, right now... It was so good before. I should have taken the black icon as a clue to stay away!
  • More issues in archive 4/5

    By Hockeydave23
    I wish we could access more issues in the archive. Beyond that, love the scrolling is now vertical.
  • Can not access full articles 1/5

    By Osprey1955
    Am having a similar problem that I trace back to the acquisition of a new iPad. Access was never an issue with my older iPad but with my new one, I am unable to read full articles. I keep being asked to sign in and when I do, I am either denied or am asked to signed in again. Circular. Tech confines that I am a subscriber, and I continue to receive the paper hard copy but otherwise, Tech support has been anything but helpful.
  • Unsubscribe doesn’t work - Barron’s kept taking my money 1/5

    By Willie150
    Don’t use the app - I had subscribed to Barron’s via iTunes for a trial period; unsubscribing doesn’t work. Something is broke here. Barron’s refused to refund their over reach.
  • Don’t update to 5.0 1/5

    By Tollgate
    New app update is horrible. Very hard to navigate, buggy, finding stories challenging, previewing stories non-existent. What were they thinking? I might now need to go back to reading actual paper edition!!
  • Great articles 4/5

    By Brandon.g.R
    Just going to give some advice if you decide to cancel you can only do so through iTunes, go to iTunes, account settings, subscriptions, click on Barron’s, then if you choose click on cancel. Barron’s was not clear on this process so wanted to give a heads up to any who subscribed and was lost as I was.
  • Broken navigation 2/5

    By OPAzity
    I use the app in my iPad and it seems geared to just deliver up the magazine, not the breaking news. It also sometimes just shows a blank page page if I am following a link from the alert on my screen. After frustrating interactions I usually give up on the app and just go to the main page via a browser. Skip the app, it’s not worth the pixels it’s painted with.
  • Love my Barron’s 5/5

    By Mark ChiTown
    Barron’s is unequaled in terms of providing sound financial news to readers and its subscribers. No other source comes close......
  • Why don’t you have an iPhone X version? 1/5

    By Geor9e
    What is your Dev department doing? You don’t have to go and redesign the entire app all you have to do is make slight changes to the UI to make it compatible for iPhone X. It’s been 6 months since your last update. It’s 2017 it’s ridiculous when a company like News Corp can’t push periodic updates to the app. Higher more devs! We are in a new age keep up with the times. People pay a good amount for the subscription please be respectful of that.
  • Monthly fees 1/5

    By App-a-holic
    Probably good if you want to pay the monthly fees
  • East to use 5/5

    By Ningairline
    East access to info
  • New iPhone X support 3/5

    By Orangensaft
    Great content but needs iPhone X support
  • Not the same 1/5

    By Punk2050
    I’m not a big fan of not being able to turn the pages digitally as with the last version. I’m actually considering canceling my subscription. I can’t find what I’ve been reading for years and I’m just done with Barron’s.
  • Earnings 5/5

    By Jacobknowsitall
    How can I see upcoming earnings
  • Fail 1/5

    By scsorensen
    Took 3 tries to download. And never could log in. Gave up and deleted it. Will just use the Web site.
  • Direction 5/5

    By RJLund
    I have made a great deal of money trading Barron’s recommendations. If they are long on a stock I short it and if Barron’s is negative on a security I go Long. It has been a wining strategy for several years. A tremendous resource.
  • Superb! 5/5

    By Cejedw
    Must have for all serious investors
  • Hooray for Barron’s 5/5

    By RH99x
    If you, like me, live in the business world of investing, it’s practically impossible to imagine life without Barron’s. A few times each year Barron’s misses Saturday delivery and arrives on a hollowing Monday or Tuesday. These are bad weekends indeed and encourage a movement for the abolition of holidays for those who deliver the mail. Richard Hoe.
  • Great publication 3/5

    If you can get it. Home delivery is horrible.
  • Chiaw Eei 5/5

    By chiaw eei
    Incredible market insights. Thank you!
  • Review 5/5

    By bobby Loq
    Concise, up to date and timely.
  • Barron's 5/5

    By J72655dm,
    I started reading the weekly Barron's in 2008 after being suggested by a friend. Now, 9 years later I am able to manage my retirement on my own. I will always be an advocate as it allows the reader so much personal freedom, money management skills and in depth sector analysis. JD Mondrick New Hartford, NY

Barron’s app comments


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