Battery Health 2: Stats & Info

Battery Health 2: Stats & Info

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  • Current Version: 1.91
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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Battery Health 2: Stats & Info App

Battery Health 2 provides detailed stats and health information for your MacBook's battery! Used by millions of Mac users worldwide, it is considered by many as one of the essential free utility apps for your Mac. With Battery Health 2, you can easily see all the important information about your MacBook's battery, such as current charge level, battery capacity, time remaining, power usage, number of times it has been charged and much more. You also get useful notifications about your battery and by unlocking our Power History mode, you'll benefit from a wealth of battery history data and graphs. Download the app and learn more about your battery than you ever thought possible! Please email us with your suggestions and feedback via:

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Battery Health 2: Stats & Info app reviews

  • good app to know the battery health 5/5

    By Venkatgnex
    good app to know the battery health
  • I really like this app. 5/5

    By David247
    My Macbook pro is several years old and was having some issues including possible bttery overheating issues. This app let me see what was expected new and where it is now. Basically the battery is operating at only 66% of its original design use. Or in otherwords it is slowly dying. The battery showed as 5.7 years old, which is about right. It also showed it had during that time 96 full cycles. It also indicated the battery needed to be checked professonionally or replaced. So it is due for a replacement. This is a useful app and amazing for free. You can buy an upgrade that provides tracking. I will probably consider that after I get this old battery replaced.
  • missing system consumtion on ac 4/5

    By Host65
    Missing system consumtion on ac. Its important to know if the battery charge is bottlenecked by the ac adapter and or the workload
  • Time remaining is way off 2/5

    By Thundercats18
    Show 5 hrs remaining on battery and then 5 mins later shows 2 hrs remaining.
  • The best app! 5/5

    By cochobond
    Age of battery wrongly reported
  • Detailed 4/5

    By itsjustmicky-
    Very clean and detailed app. For persons who don't understands what certain things means on the app. it explains it well.
  • Great 5/5

    By User6654
    Use this app every day. I NEVER use the built-in one unless neasacarry. Works AMAZING
  • I love how accurate this app is with Battery Status! 5/5

    By Nikk Cozmo
    The Mac i use is the 2015 MacBook 12 inch and it's Battery Health is showing to be around 87 percent at this moment, and i really thing that all of the statistics shown in the Battery Health app are very accurate. I also love how convenient it is to open, it's as if it were built-in macOS already.
  • Great Apps By Developer! 5/5

    By BuddhaBr0wnies
    I have been using multiple apps by this developer and they are all amazing and recomend them to all my friends. if you have a Mac I highly recomend downloading them and using them! Keep up the amazing work!
  • All you want to monitor you battery health! 5/5

    By Lou's...
    They did not miss a thing, coving all the information needed to track the health of your MacBook battery. Thank You!
  • Great App! 5/5

    By L. Burr
    Love the interface and having all the battery info in one place!
  • Essential 5/5

    By AllNicknamesAreTaken2048
    Absolutely essential app for laptops. Can't believe Mac OSX doesn't have this.
  • Realy like the Battery Health 2 App 5/5

    By Gary/Mark
    The information that this App gives is just what i need. Becouse of the App I found out that my MacBook Pro battery neened to be changed and now everything is even better Thaks very much.
  • All you need! 5/5

    By Viator sine nomine
    Great app. Give you all the battery information you need. I only think about it when I use it. Never causes a problem.
  • Useful little app 5/5

    By dhjimmyjam
    Tells me what I want to know about my battery health. Excellent choice.
  • Checking battery capacity 5/5

    By master red fox
    I am not one of those people who need to get a new computer on a yearly basis, I usually buy one and keep it for the maximum time I can utilize the functions I need on it. One of my pet peeves was not knowing the battery capacity of my laptop even though I would always keep it charged 100% and unlike most people use it plugged in like one does a desktop. I only plug laptop while using it. This app (which shows up on your Finder screen) is great for doing a test of Battery Health right after you have downloaded the newest updates. 9/20/19 extension of my review--I have a 2015 Macbook which I know as it ages will lose battery life health. This app tells me my current status at present time, even though I only use it plugged in to an electric outlet to keep battery fully charged when using it. If I had a brand new Mac, I might get the Battery Health 3 which is not a free version of the app. But I do advise getting some form of monitering your battery health, especially if you use the computer daily.
  • No fancy words from me--It JUST WORKS GREAT 5/5

    By Keith Drury
    No need for extra praise here--this app is just faithful and great for me--after several years of faithful service I am fainally saying so.
  • Does what needs doing 5/5

    By HailVectron
    I wanted to know how healthy my battery was. This app told me. No fuss, no furor.
  • Helpfull 5/5

    By ATK257
    Really help with telling how much time is the computer going to survive for and its just cool.
  • Very happy... 5/5

    By MacLov'n
    Great app. Does as intended. Glad I down loaded it.
  • luv it 5/5

    By mojito-mike
    great app
  • Stay Away From This Junk 1/5

    By Mark C Akers’s MacBook Pro
    This app does not help at all and you can not delete the app. Ever since I messed up and downloaded it my computer has messed up!! STAY AWAY!!!
  • great!!! 5/5

    By Billygjr
    love it!!
  • It's great, but a step backward from previous version 4/5

    By Splicer415
    I used the original Battery Health and liked it a lot. This does the same job, and does it just as well and is much better-looking. But version 2 is missing the "time remaining" estimate section, and the menu bar lightning bolt icon option is gone, meaning that it takes up more room on my toolbar. Also, where the previous version had a usage graph for the last few hours (I don't mean the full history that comes with the add-on) Battery Health 2 is missing it. Bring back the features from the original Battery Health and I put the fifth star back.
  • Simple and Complete 5/5

    By Orgo_Prof
    The info you want and sometimes, need, at your fingertips. Simple and easy to interpret display. Just a solid performer.

    By Trips2821
    EVERY TIME ONE STARTS YOU HAVE TO CLICK THROUGH AN ADD!!! Even once you pay for the apps they incessently bug you to buy more apps from them or to beg for reviews. I’ve written to them to no avail. DON’T BUY STAY AWAY!!!!
  • App store image falsely shows notification button 1/5

    By Ny1Writer
    This appeared to be the monitor that would give me an audible warning ('notification") if the battery level fell below a specified level. The App Store image shows a preference tab with four horizontal buttons, General, Notification, Extras and About. SURPRISE: After downloading and installing the app, NO NOTIFICATION button. Clicking "Extras" displays a window selling the $9.99 notification button. WHY NOT BE HONEST and make that lack of audible notifications in the free version clear??? An apparently good product shouldn't tarnish its rep by bait-and-switch marketing tactics.
  • Mostly good with one drawback 4/5

    By Spyder46n2
    The only thing I have found to be lacking is that the “Charging With” Wattage only shows positive watts. I’ve found that on occasion that certain chargers cannot supply enough power to charge and power my 2017 MacBook Pro. This results in the battery slowly losing power, and should display negative watts, but it doesn't. I validated that this was the case using another monitoring utility. This should be a simple fix, and I do not understand why it is not already a feature of a battery monitoring app...
  • Better Health 2 5/5

    By BossGoss
    Simple to install and use. Very informative and very helpful. Very glad I got it for my MacBook Air. Fact is, I rarely use it as my MacBook is Air is at home, plugged in 90% of the time. What is great is that it takes up no space, causes no interference and when I do need to know more about my battery’s status, it is right there! Easy to install. Easy to live with. Easy to use and very reassuring to have when it is needed.
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By gold63
    Based on the advertisement and reviews, I was hoping this app could help me in figuring out what was wrong with the battery in my 2010 MBP, and so I was willing to pay the $10. The battery was only a year old, but would drain in less than 2 hours. However, this app always said that the “battery health” was 107%. Ridiculous. I finally replaed the battery, and the new one is lasting 6-7 hours. And the Battery Health app says that the new battery’s health is 105%. I don’t see any value in this app.
  • Helpful 4/5

    By Madretechy
    This is a very good app to monitor the health of macbook battery.
  • Great program! 5/5

    By Joey Jo Jo Shabadoo78
    This is an extremely useful app that largely reports accurate data about the life of my macbook’s battery. It’s been especially useful since apple dropped the estimate of remaining battery life from its own battery information report in os x.
  • It was a great App 3/5

    By Salo1129
    I loved the previous version to the point that I purchased the full version. However, they just released a new version of the app which is pretty much the same. Except for one big difference, it no longer supports Mac Touch Bar. Previously I would look at my Mac’s Touch Bar to get three critical data points including hours remaining. The new version of the app has no touch bar view whatsoever. It's a huge step backwards! Please fix Touch Bar support to earn 5 stars again.
  • Easy to use battery app 5/5

    By smallredtruck
    This app is easy to use and gives you useful information about battery health.
  • Answers the question, Is that so hard? 5/5

    By Bikerbudmatt
    MacOS keeps meticulous track of statistics and performance for a MacBook’s battery. Exposing that information would seem like an easy decision: if you know your battery’s been recharged a thousand times and is barely holding any power compared to when it was new, you’ll want to have Apple replace it. Yet, MacOS does not do this. Battery Health 2 does. The interface takes up no more room in the menu bar than the stock battery level report. When you open it, however, everything you’d want to know about your battery is right there. This is a very nice balance of graphics and text, easy to understand, and will tell you what you need to know. Recommended!
  • Tidy and Useful 5/5

    By FallbrookMac
    Opens quickly and displays battery information in clear, oragnized interface. This has been very helptul in troubleshooting battery in my MBA to determine if it was time to get new battery.
  • Love it 5/5

    By bcXT#1443
    I really like the app, its very functional and useful when you want to check how much longer your macbook pro battery will last. An improvement over the previous Battery Health, although i like that one a lot too. TL;DR: Great app, get it
  • Simple App that does the job 5/5

    By Punchline
    Needing to replace a frayed power adaptor for a Macbook Pro, I noticed that the new adaptor ran exceedingly hot. Pulling the plug and ordering another, I found a similar result. Was it the adaptor or my MacBook? Was there any internal damage to the battery? Solving the mystery, I downloaded Battery Health 2 for a quick check-up. It knew the status of my battery, the age of my battery, and its ability to hold a significant charge. The info was fast and clearly presented. Its icon can be added to the Mac menu bar and there’s an option for opening upon start up. It’s a peace of mind app and works like a charm.
  • Great utility app! 4/5

    By PizzaBacon238
    I love this app, and its predecessor, both display the information I need, and are very useful, although, the battery health feature sometimes goes crazy. It goes from like 98% to 101% whenever I just unplug and then plug in my MacBook. Other than that, it’s great!
  • Developer should read up on electricity. Don’t fall for the 9.99 upgrade! 1/5

    By gom6
    This app mostly just displays, somewhat more colorfully, information already availble in Apple’s System Report (under “About this Mac”). The app’s menu bar battery icon is green instead of Apple’s grey, and I assume the color might change as the charge decreases. I believe one reviewer remarked that Apple no longer has the battery status icon; in fact it does — you just have to check the box in System Preferences under the “Energy Saver” section. Now on my menu bar I have two battery status icons — Apple’s included one and this app’s redundant one. Also, battery “Health” is nothing more than battery capacity now (in miliamp-hours (mAh)) divided by the capacity when the battery was new. Seems to me that the main function of the free app is to set bait to get users to pay $9.99 for the full app providing notifications and battery power history. I fell for that and found that the only battery history available appears to be just what has occurred since the app was installed. Apparently there is no hidden stash of battery charging history in the Mac, or at least none that this app can find, aside from the number of charge cycles and other basic information readily available in System Report. Of course, also included in the $9.99 upgrade is the ability to receive notifications about battery status — something that most users will likely find annoying and redundant and will accordingly turn off. Biggest annoyance, aside from the pretty worthless $9.99 upgrade, is the developer’s apparent confusion over basic electrical units. The explanation provided when one clicks the question mark beside “BATTERY DETAILS" proves that the “mAh” units listed as “Current Usage” is not a typo — the developer of this app on battery charge appears actually not to understand the difference between amps and amp-hours. Further, his choice to use the word “current” as an adjective in several categories was unfortunate and a bit ironic since his apparent intended meaning of “Current Usage” was "usage right now," as opposed to "electrical current right now," with the latter a correct label for the numeric value the app displays there (miliamps, rather than the incorrect mAh). Also, the lack of a battery voltage indicator renders the listing of Watts fairly useless, and this suggests strongly to me that the developer does not understand basic electricity. I had to go to Apple’s included System Report to discover that the Macbook Pro runs off a 12 volt battery system at full charge. With that key information, the values for watts, current, and amp-hours actually make some sense. I’m a non-electrical person who’s correctly rewired a boat or two, but I fully understand how easy it is to get fuzzy on those basic electrical principles learned in school years ago. If your recollection of basic electricity has faded, getting this app will just add to your confusion. But don’t worry, if you can write code, apparently you too could write a colorful, high-rated, profitable app about battery status. Clearly it’s all about the $9.99, and I took the bait. Caveat emptor.
  • Great 5/5

    By md2433
    I count on this. It works GREAT
  • Wonderful app 5/5

    By gu5ty
    is good to know my laptop has 59% of battery life left aftes five years of use ;)
  • It is good. 5/5

    By Zowhom
    It is a good app!
  • Great App 5/5

    By FozCat5
    Its a must have for any Mac laptop owner, keeps up with battery cycles, age and usage. Go download it!
  • Extremely informative app. Best battery app I’ve used 5/5

    By LittlePinkyToe
    I’ve gone through so many MacBook battery apps and this one presents the most information in one simple panel. I also like coconutBattery and use both apps. It’s easy to find the energy hogs in real-time. Unlike many apps that keep adding features so that the program becomes too complicated to use, there’s nothing to learn. Everything is presented in one clean simple screen. I also learned that my computer was built about 45 days ago. If you want to know about iOS devices, you need coconutBattery 3.6.3 What I like about this app is that I can easily see how much power is being used. Each time I close an unnecessary (non-critical) app, I can see the power usage, current usage and battery life remaining. By greatly dimming the 15” Retina screen and the backlit keyboard and using Safari instead of Chrome, I have 13.5 hours of battery life remaining on my 2015 15” MacBook Pro with TouchBar. While writing this review, I dimmed the screen to just one bar and the battery life jumped 20 minutes — since I’m in fairly dark room I can still see the screen. The app averages the power consumption over time so now it’s reporting that I have nearly 16 hours of battery life left (App Store app is the only app running right now). This is a great tool to learn which apps and settings you need to adjust to maximize battery life. The activity monitor also reveals energy usage but the activity monitor is a major power hog.
  • It’s Great! 5/5

    By L.J.2015
    Great App… 11/10 would reccomend for someone wanting to check/monitor their battery health.
  • battery 2 4/5

    By Mukkk345
    great app
  • Very Useful. 5/5

    By Add
    Was wondering if I needed to replace the battery. This app gives you all the information you need to decide if your battery has life left.
  • Great app for the Macbook pro 5/5

    By WI3W
    I have been using V.1 of this app for several years, upgraded to the power history option about a year ago and now have V.2. It very easily lets ma follow the health of my ageing battery. Thanks for the App!

Battery Health 2: Stats & Info app comments

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