Battery Life - check runtimes

Battery Life - check runtimes

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  • Current Version: 2.2.2
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Battery Life - check runtimes App

Did you ever wonder why your device's battery is always running low? With Battery Life and its technique to identify battery runtimes you will always know what's wrong with your battery. ► WHAT IT DOES Battery Life is pioneer compared to all other battery analysis tools from the App Store. The application will display your device's runtimes adjusted accordingly or even show you further data of your battery (depending on iOS version). ► KEY FEATURES • Monitor your device's runtimes • Estimated, calculated raw data • Customizable Today widget • Apple Watch app to view battery charge & estimated raw data directly on your Watch ► PRO FEATURES (In-App Purchase) • No advertisements • Further Today widget options • Further Apple Watch application details ► SUPPORT The main objective of Battery Life is to give users an overview of their device's runtimes. If you are unsure about a battery replacement, feel free to send us an e-mail or tweet us (@BatteryLifeApp).


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  • It's so useful app 5/5

    By Hamid Molavi
    As you know, it's so usefull, but it's better support apple watch, airpod's battery in next versions. Thanks for you apps.
  • Fluctuate Frequently 3/5

    By Extremely unique
    It keeps fluctuating between 36% and 50% percent capacity in the last 8 days. Still not bad considering there are very few competitors but would like to see more consistency, unless this isn’t unusual for Apple products. I’m on an IPad so this is most likely not caused by any throttling by apple.
  • Battery life app 5/5

    By nickname20189
    This is one of the better apps in regards to battery status
  • Great App 5/5

    By Gary at SLT
    I use the app daily, multiple times to get an accurate assessment of my battery charge. When I had a battery problem with my iPhone 6+, the app helped me decide when to replace the iPhone. I recommend this app to anyone who wants to keep track of their battery charge.
  • بغداد 5/5

    By Mustafa Alkhazragy
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Joeflux
    I used to charge my battery everyday. But now I have the battery app and know that it’s best to charge only when needed. This new awesome app helps me find out what which can ruin the life of the battery. It’s awesome!
  • Does not work 1/5

    By none if ya'lls buisness
    This app is so fake it don’t work it says very low 1% but I took my phone to apple and they said my battery is 100% perfect
  • Incorrect math? 3/5

    By Kmd22
    Some time in the last couple of updates the math for battery percentage always shows 100%. The divisor is now 1300 mah. It use to be1820 mah.
  • I'm not even sure it really does anything 2/5

    By Ninjavanish72
    In my battery keeps jumping from good to very high. Apple just added battery capacity and that is constant. It makes me wonder if there's no way for it to accurately assess battery life or if it's fake. Now that it's built in and more accurate I'll delete this.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Tradersalt
    This should have come from apple!
  • Does not work 1/5

    By DangerousTexan
    0 stars
  • Not working correctly 2/5

    The app is not reading the capacity of IPod Touch 6th Gen correctly. It has a 1043mAh battery but it read 2716 mAh.
  • Informative and Detailed 4/5

    By dj oops
    The app gives you detailed info on your battery: usage, number of times charged, and most important of all, the condition of your battery... Which basically means how much charge the battery can hold and the remaining “life” of the battery. Just wish I had bought this iPhone SE sooner, since I woulda been eligible for that battery replacement program because of prematurely dying batteries. 😖😖😖 I take off one star because of intrusive ads... but, I can’t really complain too much cuz the app is free!
  • Works well 5/5

    By skinberg
    Does what it promises.
  • World good but 3/5

    By OneCruelSOB
    I would say it has a 2% swing I have a new iPad and one day it says 0% loss next day it says I have 2% loss and then back to 0%. It’s a good tool to use it be nice un future updates if we could see what using battery.
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By Joanna777777
    So every time I open this app it changes my battery life. I open it it says 24% then I close it open it again and it says 30%, then do it again and it says 18%; all within a matter of minutes. Can't trust it if it keeps changing it's percentage.
  • Ads ads ads 2/5

    By online viewer
    I know I could pay $1.99 to get if ads. But the ad pop ups are annoying. Deleted
  • ads 1/5

    By Cabe999
  • Works! 5/5

    By Jeapordy2k
    I used this app to prove to a phone repair shop that a new after market battery was not good. The second battery was much better according to the app and based on my experience.
  • EASY AS PIE 5/5

    By bmacmagic
    Lots of info that anyone can understand.
  • HOLY CRAP!!! 5/5

    By Lil, Mase
    This app is literally the greatest thing in the world. I’ll give it a full five stars
  • Very useful 4/5

    By Ron42000
    I use the app to decide when the battery needs replacement. It is helpful in this regard, but does not detect the faster drainage rate which I experience. It could be a number of background apps are affecting it.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Ely Azar
    I am very happy with this application performance
  • Р 5/5

    By 1313Ness23
  • Pathetic update removed the useful data. 1/5

    By dTERM78
    The app no longer shows the charger’s current or the battery temperature. Those are the only reasons I had this app. How pathetic.
  • Capacity fluctuations 4/5

    By Rjohnson_8ball
    Is there a more consistent way to check capacity? The day I went to get my battery replaced at Apple, this app and the tool they used said my 2 year old constantly used battery was at 90% capacity, so they figured a factory reset would fix most of my problems. (And it did help.) But your app sometimes says the battery is at 40% capacity, and I believe that is correct because my battery can drain from 100% down to 30% charge in just a couple hours under WiFi running hardly any apps and no apps in background.
  • Better app 5/5

    By Prince Derek
    Because it tells how much time is left about the battery remaining. And it also tells the raw data. This one iz better than the other one that you deleted.
  • Used this app to figure out if I needed battery replacement 5/5

    By andiecakes
    It said I was at 49% wear down level (very high), my battery would go from 100 to 20 in about three hours without even using any apps. Very annoying. I used this app and realized it was time for a new battery. After the replacement, I used the app again to confirm it was fixed and it said my new battery was 0% wear down (perfect condition). My new battery only goes by half after 5ish hours with constant usage. Seems the app works really well! Helped me a lot.
  • It seems to work. 5/5

    By listener from Austin
    What’s not to like. It’s simple and It seems to work !,
  • During the day it may show numbers from 3 to 90% wear 1/5

    By avezunchik
    Does not work properly on my iPhone 7
  • Already Purchased 3/5

    By Djbyteme
    I just purchased this last week. The Apple store broke my phone while replacing the battery. When restored this app did not install and upon reinstalling it is not add free.
  • Too intrusive adds 3/5

    By Reiner S.
    Hi Samuel, Understandably, you would like people to buy you app, and I would... The "noise" induced by the adds... makes your app fell more like adware. Instead, I just get a new battery for which I am happy to pay.
  • A+ 5/5

    By Artissin
    Great Product that works exactly as stated!
  • Results are all over the place 2/5

    By maddiekate
    It’s a nice looking app, but the functionality is lacking. In the space of 20 minutes, it has given results of 13% to 38% batter wear level up and down.
  • Well done 5/5

    By e465bhp
    Simple and easy
  • Not impressed 1/5

    By Rjkski
    Over the past few weeks it’s registered 88, 83, 91 and 100%. Its always different how can if go from 83% to 100% and then to 91%. Not reliable.
  • Is okay 3/5

    By megamaxzero525
    I call apple today to tell is true the i need a new battery and was true but sometimes app can lie to you is like 50 50 chance so yeah is a good app for now
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By PersyJack
    I like that i can see wear, voltage etc.. it would be nice to be able to see the same info for connected Bluetooth earbuds, i hope developer can add that, I don’t think anyone has that functionality in the App Store
  • Seems inconsistent readings... 3/5

    By Byyourself
    Depending on state of charge, or time of day etc it seems to have a different perspective on battery wear on my iPhone 6s. One test shows 3% wear then a hour later it will show 7% wear then jump back to 1% wear then 17%, which is it??
  • Battery life for headphones specifically beats 4/5

    By C Mase
    ASAP please will take the app to 5 star rating
  • Knowledge Is Power 5/5

    By yonian
    Apple apparently doesn’t want to confuse the average user with basic technical information about the status of iOS devices. This app is for users who want to know what’s happening with one of the most important internal components. The free version works fine, but I upgraded to the paid version to acknowledge the work done by the developers.
  • Good 5/5

    By Kris deepthy

    By joshxj220
    I use an iphone SE which i bought brand new on tmobile in August of 2016. Its been over a year and a half and I constantly drain my battery from 100%-0% so u would think its time to replace my battery. No, this app keeps telling me i only lost 1% of my capacity, saying its 1600/1624 (these are default values not the real current capacity). Some days it will tell me i have 1500/1624 so its also very inconsistent. So I use the imazing for windows to diagnostc my battery and it tells me i have around 1553 of a max capacity. THAT is actually more accurate than the battery life app so this app needs to be checked for accuracy with the capacity please.
  • Funsiona de Maraviya los recomiendo le doy 5 estreya 5/5

    By Boost951
    Les recomiendo
  • Inconsistent results 1/5

    By Mabilu
    The battery life changes every day. One day it shows me my wear level is Low (<10%) and the next day it will show Very High (>40%). The next it will show Average (15%). I don’t know if I need to replace the battery or if it is still good. Inconsistent results make the app worthless to me.
  • Rocket Science 🚀🚀🚀🚀 5/5

    By Homesteaders
    The app is extremely high quality graphics that are user friendly and help track the kids use!
  • Good battery APP 5/5

    By Akhriraasta
    I like it. Shows what you need to know about battery
  • This app can’t make up its mind 2/5

    By Eighthtry
    When I access battery wear level it has vacillated between 17% worn (bad) to 3% worn (great). The real problem is that my email is sucking the battery down to 20% after an hour, even with all my other apps closed. IPhone 6. Three years old. Heavy email user. Apple has castrated it for speed.
  • No current 1/5

    By Dylan St. John
    You used to be able to measure charger current but now you can’t.
  • Inconsistent 2/5

    By MaikiK
    Battery life check is inconsistent. Jumps to 50 (which is the real number probably ) then drops to 30 then 24 then 18 and fluctuated from there throughout the week.

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