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  • Current Version: 1.18.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
31,135 Ratings
$ 0 App connected with your friends wherever you are The mobile app lets you stay connected with your friends wherever you are. Chat with friends, see what game they're playing, and add new ones--right from your mobile device. Chat with friends: Coordinate play time, discuss strategies, or just stay in touch using the app. With Multichats and Groups, no one gets left out of the conversation. Even if your friends are unavailable or offline, chat history and notifications make sure you don’t miss a beat. See what your friends are playing: You can see at a glance what all your friends are up to, so you know when to jump into a game--or when to get one going yourself. Never miss an opportunity to play together. Add new friends on the go: All the features for managing and adding friends on the desktop app are now on your phone. Send and receive friend requests, browse friend suggestions, or even scan a QR code to easily add friends in person. Keep up with the community: Post, read, and stay up to date with your favorite game communities through the Forums tab in the mobile app. Contact Blizzard Support: Let us help you get back into game - browse support articles, open new tickets, and reply to ongoing tickets directly from the app. Keep your account secure: Direct access to your account settings helps you manage and protect your account. Airtime or Wi-Fi connection required for use. Languages Supported: * English * Français * Deutsch * Español (Latinoamérica) * Español (Europa) * Português * Italiano * Русский * 한국어 (Korean) * 繁體中文 (Traditional Chinese) * 简体中文 (Simplified Chinese) * 日本語 (Japanese) * ไทย (Thai) ©2022 Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. All right reserved. iPhone and iPod touch are trademarks of Apple Inc. All other trademarks referenced herein are the properties of their respective owners. app screenshots app reviews

  • Cant even open the app! 1/5

    By DankMemezs
    I cant open the app. It just force closes on me. I uninstalled twice already.
  • Overwatch Battle.Net app 1/5

    By l.uvzt
    Fix the lag it’s so horrible i can’t connect to the app
  • Disconnection problems 2/5

    By IOI-781738472847283927
    So, I use on my computer all the time as I am an avid WoW player. Problem is when attempting to reply to messages on the mobile version of every time I switch to a different app I have to close and reopen to reply to the current conversation otherwise it’ll be stuck on an infinite cycle of “Connecting. .. …”
  • Missing Friend’s List 1/5

    By *gerina*
    My friend’s list has vanished and I’m unable to locate any of my friends or previous conversations. They were both available yesterday when I used the app last.
  • Trash 1/5

    By Kev0ut
    Complete garbage. Can never log in.
  • Can’t log in 1/5

    By anthonyb176
    It won’t log me in because “the line’s full.”
  • No response for password reset 1/5

    By jgp_3343
    I have tried everything short of sending a letter to get my password reset. I have given them my email, and my phone number yet no response. Come on, you guys can’t be that far behind. It’s going on the second week.
  • The app needs to be fixed 1/5

    By Zombie farm-
    Still says “line is full” and won’t let me log in. It has been days and will not let me log in.
  • app is broken 1/5

    By cenizapc
    wont let me log in on my iphone, i get still connecting then lines to full everytime.
  • Good app, but missing some features 4/5

    By allergictobanana
    I like how I can talk in here instead of janky chat in game. However, would love ability to post pics as well. There’s a gif button but no img button and this feels a bit backwards
  • Not even functional anymore 1/5

    By GutsDabs
    Impossible to login. It always says the line is full. How about an update that actually fixes something instead of bricking the whole app.
  • Lines are full ?? 1/5

    By Lk59nn
    For a week I have tried to login and get a error that lines are full to try later. I try over and over and can’t get online. I have no issues with getting on with the computer. What’s up??
  • Lack of instant data request 3/5

    By *Pixel
    Usually apps let you swipe up to refresh new data. I have to restart the app and wait 30seconds to get the latest content
  • Doesn't give me notifs 1/5

    By zoee2007
    I don't get notifications at all what the hellll
  • I didn’t sign the nda. FINNEAS had a fun to my fiancés head. 1/5

    By JustD01T
    When the vocal testimony of a deputized ranger made to 911 on Oct 1st 2020 #Ping4mE are discovered and publicly processed I hope it leads to the arrests of the people involved as reported w the Travis Scott mutilations the Alec Baldwin firing, and the Bob Saget tragedy. FINNEAS is a stalker abuser who intentionally created these events in order to blackmail my family and I.
  • Don't Use This 1/5

    By GankedYaNub
    By far the worst authenticator app I have ever used. If you change your password, you are prompted to enter a code. You manually enter the code, digit, tap next slot, digit, ..., tap next slot, digit. Then, you are logged in, awesome! Turns out, you created an account in the past, and no longer have access to that phone number. I guess you completely lost access to that account. So, you make a new account with your new phone number because Battle Net support has no live agents available to change it. You better log in to a different email address to make a new account. Oh wait, you already created an account with that email. Better reset your password and manually enter the digits 1 by 1 again. Oh, I got a verification code from a new phone number, that's weird. Oh, when I log in I am still logged into the account I no longer have access too. I have to log out first. Okay, now I can log back in. Oh, I have to send a new verification code to log in, and manually input the digits again. Oh, I have to receive another verification code from another new number and manually input the digits again to verify my account. Oh wait, my phone number is already in use on another account. I better log out before I switch. I forgot to do this again, but you should remember for me. I have to get a verification code from a new number to change the password, and to login, and to verify the device, and to establish the authenticator. Good thing I still have to manually input them digit by digit. I don't appreciate this app wasting 20 minutes of my life to login to a game I am trying for the first time. Your apps shouldn't require an authenticator to play them to begin with, just have Apple/guest/email access like every other MMO does. 1/5 is too high for what I just dealt with. This app should be trashed from the app store along with whatever 7 year old coded it.
  • This is garbage if i could rate no stars i would 1/5

    By fksihebskxx
    This is so garbage it’s trash can’t log in can’t verify my email can’t do anything I’ve made different emails I’ve tried it all I’m don’t recommend this one bit get on apex
  • No reviews so posting here 1/5

    By Cold forge
    Increased mf event for July 4 is pointless most veterans want increased high rune drops instead enough said game is low key dead even on ladder as most players are playing other games even the Diablo 2 mod from senpaisomething. This is for d2r. TLDR game is a bad remake no new content d2 mod that I mentioned has a plethora of end game content and endless ways of making profit to gear up they even have a seperate charm in your inventory which is a godsend check it out and feel inspired and add them to your game.
  • Laggy 2/5

    By Intant upload rules
    Constantly having to refresh and reconnect, doesn’t offer any help talking to guild chats or community chats. It really needs to be fully renovated.
  • Huge waste!! Just spins looking for info 1/5

    By ur-Shulgi
    Huge waste of time and space! Took 10 times of logging in to ‘get in’. Then the app just sat trying to pull information. After 10+ minutes, quit and deleted. Not sure why I expected anything different than a group of devs who harass females and embrace hackers in their games
  • Banned 1/5

    By khalfullah
    Im not haker I don’t know why you banded meee???
  • Great app 5/5

    By majzxj
    I really love this mobile app helps me a lot with setting up playing times wit my freinds
  • Quite literally the worst app I've ever used to message with. 1/5

    By Denumerable
    It's fine if all you use this app for is notifications of when your friends login or stay inside the app and message -- but the second you swap to another app or turn off/your phone goes to sleep and you try to pick back up the conversation you get hit with a "trying to reconnect" message and have to wait 20s+ and often the app just dies and tries to login again. I've found it's much easier to just force close the app (swipe up to close the app) and relaunch it if I need to pickup a conversation or respond to a message. It's crazy that it works so poorly. I highly recommend something like Discord over this for chatting with friends. It is sad though, I wish this app did work well.
  • Servers always full 1/5

    By Sonny517
    Never ending line to log in
  • doesn't work anymore 1/5

    By sollifria
    i used it for a bit and i liked it but a few weeks ago it just stopped updating the info entirely. it's like the info was frozen which made the app basically a useless screenshot of who was online when the app stopped working a free weeks ago; so i deleted it.
  • app won’t load anything 1/5

    By hdjksksnssks
    was working fine until a few days ago . now it won’t load anything and i’m stuck on a forever looping page. so dumb pls fix it
  • Mhmm 5/5

    By 22222433212
    Was great 10/10 until it stopped working a month and a half later😐
  • Was good 1/5

    By Nager8
    Used to love the app. Now though it doesn’t update at all. Says the same people are playing the same games 24/7 and that other friends haven’t been on in days even if they get on daily. I also don’t receive notifications anymore when I get chat messages. I’ve deleted/reinstalled as well as logged off and back on. Blizzard hasn’t patched the app in over 5 months and it has fallen apart. People probably haven’t noticed though since hardly anyone plays their games anymore :(
  • This app needs improvements 1/5

    By Manclout
    This app is garbage. Take forever to load and refresh.
  • Good until now 1/5

    By Thrillshines
    I’ve been using this app for years and would say it’s great until now. For over 3 days now it will not complete sign in. It stays blank like it’s spinning. If I go to my profile you can see the spinning. I have uninstalled and reinstalled. Authenticator is working. It worked fine before and I didn’t change anything. Prior to this I have had notification issues. Not working properly as to how it’s set. Very disappointed as I run a guild and RBGs. I can’t get on while not in game to see and touch base with my guild and team.
  • Meh 3/5

    By Kahrhoshe
    It’s an app. It works. I can see and talk to friends. I can see forums. Steam app does this better and I can see, buy and remotely install games to my pc from away from home with the steam app. It’s not bad for what it is— a friend messsaging app.
  • Missing something and glitching badly 1/5

    By Rogan Michaelis
    I feel like its missing like attatchments where we can attatch photos videos, and do voice calling and video call. But i guess its all too much for a phone app. Not only that. It keeps doing the clear screen. We have to go back to the list of names in order to reload it. :(
  • Just signed into my account i don’t remember making lol 5/5

    By ayo_its_blanco
    I wanted to change my tag in overwatch. super easy to sign in after forgetting my password and setting up the authenticator app felt really nice and secure 👍🏼🔒 approved.
  • Just bad 1/5

    By Pancake_Lord
    It won’t even let me get past verification
  • Close App to Use App 2/5

    By Skones-Skullcrusher
    For well over a year now the app has had a glitch where minimizing it renders the app useless. If I am having a conversation with someone and I minimize the app or turn my phone screen off, getting back to the app puts me in a “reconnecting” state for as long as the app remains open. Only closing the app completely and reopening it makes the app work.
  • Sign in 1/5

    By quzquz
    Try to create van account and after putting birthday and country it says “solve puzzle so we know you are human” and after I solve the puzzle it shows a green check indicating that it was correct but then it does not progress me to continue completing the account creation.
  • wont even let me verify my account 1/5

    By ZombieLuna
    i have tried every platform possible to make an account and even to the extent of having my friend make an account for me but the robot verification is extremely bugged out. not only does it first start off with only saying you need to match 5 photos and then randomly saying you need to match 20. afterwards it doesn’t even let you continue to make your account. i literally cannot continue on to play Overwatch without making a battlenet account. fix this bug please and thank you
  • Block list? 1/5

    By Matrix wolf
    How can you guys only have a view block list for the desktop app? How do you not have it on the mobile app?? You literally cannot unblock someone unless you find a computer (if you don’t have one) download the app, go through the process on that. Or else your screwed
  • Why not fix warzone launch problem 2/5

    By Underattack101
    Will they ever fix it or we have to delete all those files
  • Fire Bobby Kotick. 1/5

    By Sclerosis the warlock
    Bobby protected sexual abusers for profit.
  • Pretty awful 2/5

    By sarahklimt
    I have uninstalled and reinstalled this app so many times because of how poorly it works. It keeps telling me queues are full and keeps logging me out OR it won’t load new messages I get.
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By marty88213
    Works great
  • Hardly functioning 1/5

    By riivvveerr
    I'm not sure why this app is rated so highly, especially after seeing several people share my complaint – a complaint about arguably the most integral thing that determines if an app good or bad: it doesn't work. I've had the app for about a month and have probably tried to open it over the span of the month around 50 times, and it's only connected me to the server twice. Two times. Otherwise, I'm either told "Line's full: an usual amount of traffic", or more frequently an endless "reconnecting..." that never actually connects, regardless of my strong wifi connection or strong cellular data. The only thing this app is good for in its current state is taking up storage space on your device.
  • Broken 1/5

    By Treasure Ghost
    Unfortunately the majority of 5-star reviews here recently are fake. The app has continued to degrade over time with no support and no updates. It frequently takes numerous attempts of opening and closing the app for it to function at all. Many people use battlenet as their go-to due to chatting with friends from Blizzard games, but the mobile app is incredibly frustrating. Would be nice to see any work done to resolve the nonstop connection issues.
  • Lines full. 1/5

    By linesfull
    Lines full. Lines full. Lines full. Lines full. Lines full. Lines full. Lines full. Lines full. Lines full. Lines full.
  • Terrible App!!! 1/5

    By QPhily
    App won’t let me create an account and now I can’t play overwatch even though I payed for the game. Such a garbage company. Absolutely trash. Why force people to make a stupid account after years of not. Some people just want to hop in the game THEY PAID FOR! and play a casual game not everyone is trying to go pro.
  • Unreliable 2/5

    By Xenkore ER
    This App’s only consistency is its unreliability. It frequently will let you know that you got a chat message, but then fail to load the conversation in the app indefinitely. Its extremely hit or miss, with my experience being most often a miss. A sleek design doesn’t forgive the poor quality. I suggest other apps, like Discord, to keep in touch with your gamer buddies. This just doesn’t work. For a little more info, I am the leader of a guild in WoW that’s on a dying server and for the less populated faction. When it comes to recruiting, communication is extremely important and having the right tools to do that while I’m busy with IRL things can make the difference of our guild getting them or someone else. I tried this App out thinking it’d be a big help since ID’s are frequently what people hand out for contact info on the myriad of recruitment platforms. It let me down many times. I would see that someone I wanted to recruit messaged be back or accepted a friend request only to not be able to talk to them at all until I got back to my PC, because the App just could not load either the chat screen or the friends list or anything at all. This would happen frequently with strong, stable internet connections. This was a massive inconvenience, and made what’s already a terrible experience (the recruiting I mentioned) even worse. The company that produced this app seems to have long since pulled meaningful support for it. I recommend other options.
  • Support? 1/5

    By MJsWhiteKnights
    This must be where all the resources go to instead of working connection issues in your games.
  • 로그인이 안된대 1/5

    By yun ena
    맨날 안된대 쓰라는 겨 말라는 겨.