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  • Current Version: 1.2.5
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: 2K
  • Compatibility: Android
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Battleborn® Tap App

*** Some rewards are only available if the player owns a supported copy of the Battleborn game and a SHiFT account. For more details see below. *** Engage with the Battleborn universe on the go with Battleborn Tap, where players command their squad of heroes on the field of battle. Use your fingers to TAP your way to victory over waves of enemies and menacing bosses to unlock new areas while recruiting various Battleborn to join the fight. Collect and use golden shards to upgrade your Battleborn’s weapons, skills, and abilities for the best fighting chance against an increasingly difficult array of evil forces. Find gear and use it to boost your stats for added effect! Features: • Unlock, hire, and command your heroes to dominate the field of battle • Collect loot by defeating waves of enemies to earn new gear and abilities • Upgrade your heroes’ stats, weapons, and active abilities • Collect gear from 5 different rarities to boost your hero’s capabilities • Earn in-game achievements to collect special rewards • Unlock exclusive rewards for Battleborn on PC/Xbox One/PS4 *** Some rewards are only available if the player owns a supported copy of the Battleborn game and a SHiFT account. Full reward functionality for Battleborn Tap may be unsupported in these areas: Algeria, Bahrain, Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, Egypt, Estonia, Iceland, India, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Mauritania, Oman, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Qatar, Romania, Slovenia, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Ukraine, & Yemen See and for more details. ***

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Battleborn® Tap app reviews

  • Hello!! 5/5

    By Brandon b-205
    I still play this game all the time for the hell of there ever gonna be a leader boards even tho its dead? I think i have actually gotten further than anybody on the planet with a 7.10% bonus at the bottom
  • Time filler 3/5

    By RachellaMac
  • It's worth it 5/5

    By URDangerZone
    I really like this game,it's a nice occupy your time thing without a crap ton of adds and without being pay to win. I saw this for the PS4 too
  • Cool game especially if you play battleborn(F2P) 3/5

    By Noah min
    Please add an optional loot pack push notification setting and fix SHIFT account linking
  • Sad 1/5

    By Mega man jump man
    Why did you guys stop supporting this game? Don't let both battleborns die
  • Very fun 4/5

    By UnknownAgent009
    Good game. Has its bugs tho
  • 11/10 5/5

    By Laojin
    I hope I can get Battleborn on Xbox soon
  • Good for learning BB characters 4/5

    By S0cc3r
    This is a solid idle game which I personally enjoy playing mainly because it helps me understand BB characters. Abilities are representative of actual in game abilities, however I can't give 5 stars due to Shift problems and occasional bugs.
  • Might be fun 2/5

    By Iroosma
    My progress was never saved between sessions so I stopped playing. I replayed levels 2-10 several times but was always back at lvl 2 when I logged back in.
  • Fun 5/5

    By Coffeesteam
    Fun little app. I'm enjoying it. I wish more would carry over into the main game but still great for a free app😊
  • Great tap game 5/5

    By Jakester19
    Very addictive
  • This game is good 4/5

    By Anonymous Funtime
    I honestly like this game, its fun to me and addictive. But i just wish all the characters from the game were in it. Including the DLC characters. But other then that, its fun
  • Didn't deliver 1/5

    By Cmb0523
    Was promised a golden orendi skin never received one :(
  • New Phone? Lose Purchases 1/5

    By ArbitraryHubris
    I started playing a few days ago, enjoyed the game, and even bought some upgrade packs with in-app. Then, I get a new phone, restore my backup from the old phone, log the app into shift and I have none of my purchases and there is no feature to restore purchases.
  • All content lost 2/5

    By Nasz1771
    I was enjoying this game for a few days. At rank 6 the game broke and wouldn't load. I closed the app, rebooted the phone and even waited 5 minutes giving the app plenty of time to load. However I decided to remove the app and reinstall it. I reinstalled it and logged back into shift and the game never carried my progress. After research I saw that the developer says not to delete app when having problems loading or else you will lose purchases and progress. Not worth more than a cheap thrill and no money if progress won't carry.
  • Really fun 4/5

    Im starting to like this game a lot! I just wish there was a little more to do.
  • No orendi skin! 1/5

    By 45zzag
    I got the app for the gold orendi skin. I never got it. Neither did anyone else I know using the iOS version. The app is fun, but all I wanted was the gold orendi skin. :(
  • Waste. 2/5

    By Hunter Kaine
    I downloaded the app, and linked it with my shift account, in promise with incentives for doing so. I have yet to receive any. Earn coins to purchase packs, which generate the same gear most of the time. Once you pass level 100, progress comes to a snail crawl, as upgrading your team does little to help them advance.
  • Don't bother 1/5

    By Mathiasoo7
    Was fun until it dumped my profile and I lost all my progress. Don't waste your time
  • Awesome game, BUT… 3/5

    By Krounes
    It glitches a lot, I'm stuck at lvl 12 when I close the app no matter how far I go I'll come back and be reset back to lvl 12 and I can't open battle packs or prestige. This is a big bummer I love playing this game please make this work and fix it. I still want to play dude.
  • Tedium with NO Reward 1/5

    By Small troll
    No skill, no logic, absolutely nothing is required to play this disaster of a game. The only thing that would make it remotely worth your time is the log-in rewards. However, I can not log in with my SHIFT account. I get an error every time. They couldn't even get that right!!!
  • Whatever 4/5

    By No minus Glint
    It's good for passing the time. I'd rather hatch my eggs though
  • Needs Alani and Pendles! 5/5

    By Doodells
    Very fun tap game , but I wish you got helix mutations instead of miscellaneous boring upgrades. Alani and Pendles need added too.
  • Make it better: BROKEN 1/5

    By Crmsnraider
    The mindless tapping is pretty weak; the erasing of everything is even stupider. Fix it and give a lot of gifts.
  • Fun for a little while 3/5

    By Steven JP
    As a lot of other reviews have pointed out, after a certain point in the game, the rewards become entirely too small for the time consumption. I have zero desire to get past level 120 or so because it takes hours, if not days, to reach enough shards to upgrade anyone any further. You hit a point at which you are no longer getting rewarded enough for playing and advancing becomes a chore.
  • Nice 5/5

    By Nyaito
    It's a very nice Tap game. Hope they add the missing Battleborns in the future....I mean, soon. Pretty please?
  • Overwatch 5/5

    By Lightning30866
    Make game called overwatch tap and make the same as battleborn tap
  • Fun but... 3/5

    By Pearcechristian
    Fun but I can't get the packs, even the free one, and I can't prestige. And when ever I leave the app and come back in it keeps bringing back to the same level with the same money even if I'm father along or not even there yet.
  • Good tap game 👍 5/5

    By TheCrazyApe
    Satisfying and gives me my Battleborn fix when I can't play the actual game. Micro-transactions aren't annoying or necessary to progress. Overall a solid tap game
  • I love this! 5/5

    By Desperate Suckerrrr
    I'm so happy I get to carry battleborn around with me AND I get to support one of my favorite game developers, too. I don't mind watching ads and stuff since I know the money is going toward good people who deserve it. My love to Gearbox and all others who've helped!!!
  • Love it! 5/5

    By UA-7867-8402
    Easy to play as often or little as I want without feeling leashed to the app. Purchases are well-balanced and fair and it's fun to play when you're stuck on the go or need a way to pass the time! Plus it's just plain cute.
  • I play on Xbox one 4/5

    By Uewdjwndjenfejnj
    I play Battleborn on my Xbox but this isn't like the actual game. :( I want you like the same but it is the same thing as on Xbox. :D Still I really just got it at first for the gold skin for whoever her name is :3
  • Very helpful developer 4/5

    By Sethycakes
    I had save file problems before, but the developer helped me fix my problem when I posted about it on the game's subreddit.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Leeboy797979
    Great game!!!!!
  • Boldur 3/5

    By Johnny Vaudeville
    Looks absolutely hideous and nothing like the character. Plus his axe and shield are on the wrong hands. All the other characters look good so far, but that Boldur, bleech. Other than that, it's a tap game. You tap it. You never win. The only reason I haven't deleted it yet is in case it actually unlocks something in the real game again.
  • Very fun game, but bugs 3/5

    By Neutron1814
    I love playing this game several times throughout the day. The last couple days though I have come back to play it and see that it has reset me back to stage 108 even though I got up to stage 115 before. It also doesn't actually open up free packs or the epic packs. It just glitches, takes the credits and doesn't reset the cooldown. I dunno if anyone else is having this issue but until it gets fixed there is not point to play it. It also won't let me reset to get my prestige and new characters and start over. Thanks!
  • Updates are lies and damage is wrong 2/5

    By Lanette1134
    You need to fix the damage calculators for some characters. Oscar miles is way off. Shows 168AA in his upgrade menu but really only doing 16.8aa. Fix this, it's stupid to level his damage way way past a target damage but he's not really doing that much. And the patch notes are lies. No difference in buffs
  • Enjoyable 4/5

    By Bahamut24
    Title stated all
  • Like the update 4/5

    By StarPain013
    But i was wondering why don't you have the same helix system in the app just like the game it adds better choices better than have 15% ability power or 2% critical hit chance that stuff can still be there but I really wish you guys added the helix system to this
  • Super fun 5/5

    By Jandarmaaa
    This game is addictive!!
  • Finally BUT... 5/5

    By Rophersdad2
    I have been waiting until the game had came out for my favorite characters from the game (Toby, Klease, and Isic) best part but it didn't decrease the time on the free packs
  • Fun at first 2/5

    By JCharron2005
    After you get to about level 80 the damage you do and the shards they drop just aren't enough. Up until about that point the game is fun. After yhat point the game becomes bothersome and downright boring. If you upgrade the heroes enough they can farm shards for you while the app is in the background, but even then at some point you leave the app for 5-6, 10 hoursand come back to minimal earnings; so you still can't upgrade.
  • 69/10 IGN 5/5

    By Potatoetoe
    Very good game, I see honestly no reason why this should be rated below 4 stars except maybe misinformation about certain things. I have spent countless hours on this game and I hope you do to
  • False claims in update 1/5

    By Jfink9464
    I'm glad that the rest of the heroes were added, but the proclaimed updates are lies. The free pack does not have a reduced cooldown and I see no difference in the drone buff times. Please actually implement these changes if you are going to put an update presenting them. 1 star until these false updates are made real.
  • Over all, good game! 5/5

    By HorribleRex
    I just have a little rant. Since you guys added ISIC to the game, his abilities need to be redone. Like his main gun needs to be a continuous fire weapon but then he'll occasionally fire a charged blast that will do AOE damage that he divided up between the enemies. And his super should do less damage but does damage at a much faster rate and it will last 10seconds (unlike in the original game for console it lasts until he dies.)
  • Misleading update 1/5

    By anarkolatra
    The freepack cooldown wasn't reduced and I haven't noticed the other changes. Blue coins are harder to get.
  • Great 5/5

    By Whobghilee
    This game has great visuals and audio, which most games in this genre are lacking. No issues for me so far
  • Addicting! 5/5

    By Yo 09
    So fun, I love the actual game as well. Update is great! More characters is always better.
  • Don't update! 2/5

    By SilentOne1
    I updated and then prestiged from level 193 to check out the new battleborns and only received 70 mythstones. Totally not cool as I should have relieved well over 200 at that level.

Battleborn® Tap app comments

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