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The BBC News brings you the latest, breaking news from our trusted global network of journalists. Includes My News is a newly introduced feature allowing you to personalise your news offering. Add topics wherever you see the + icon for a quick route straight to the stories you care about. Stories from topics you add will appear in your personalised My News feed. Here you can order stories by topic or time, and use the Manage Topics screen to stay on top of the news of the day. You can also switch the My News by Topic screen to a more traditional carousel view from the Settings screen. Find content fast The app can suggest topics based on stories you’ve recently viewed and what’s in the news now. And you can quickly find topics that interest you using the Topic Search. Choose from the familiar list of BBC News indexes such as Business, Technology, Entertainment and Health, or search for your own subjects of interest, whether they’re people, places, things or themes. More of the news you care about We now offer a fuller selection of stories from the newsroom, including: - Most Read and Most Watched. Keep on top of popular stories across the BBC, regularly updated throughout the day - Live BBC World Service Radio. Expertise and insight from our journalists available 24-hours a day and ready to listen to in the background as you browse - Read the best journalism from BBC correspondents - Access to our full range of video and audio - Photo galleries and full-screen images Apple Watch Support: Story summaries, glanceable headlines and breaking news alerts delivered straight to your wrist Other features: - Push notifications for breaking news stories - Video over cellular and wifi - Improved offline experience. Download the latest stories when you have a signal and then read them at your leisure - Viewing modes. On iPhone see more stories per index by choosing ‘Compact layout’ from the Settings screen - Settings to allow the app to automatically update in the background - Share stories to your social networks, or email/SMS to a friend - Support for dynamic text. The app will respect the font size in your device settings so you can increase or decrease the story text size as suits your preference - Related stories, related topics. Go deeper into a storyline with suggestions for further reading and viewing and a range of topics related to each story If you choose to receive push notifications, a unique identifier relating to your device will be stored by ProcessOne on behalf of the BBC to provide you with the service. No other personal data relating to you (such as a username or email address) is processed. The BBC will keep your information secure and not share it with anyone else in accordance with the BBC’s Privacy and Cookies Policy, available at You can choose to unsubscribe from push notifications from your device’s Notifications screen: locate the BBC News app icon from the list and turn off ‘Allow Notifications’.


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BBC News app reviews

  • Great 5/5

    By Aloha Buzz
    A great app for easily keeping abreast of world news and areas of special interest. Easy to use, to configure preferences, visually appealing, easy to read titles and copy, continually updated, reflective of both social trends and editorial preferences, a non USA point of view.
  • Takes an age to update 1/5

    By Mikeatcut
    I like the BBC News. However this app takes so long to update I can read the latest news on several other apps before this updates.
  • Not unbiased news 1/5

    By Zdivers01
    Good luck trying to find unbiased news out there. This app/news definitely leans left. It will be refreshing to find news that isn’t slanted right or left. Just give facts and keep your opinions to yourself. I have a brain and can think for myself. Later BBC
  • Make ALL Articles on the App WITHIN the App 1/5

    By Mzwakithi
    Such a weird format. Some article pre-load within the app, and others drain your data loading in this weird Safari-esque format that then load a whole bunch of other articles. I used to LOVE this app — I’m on the verge of deleting it!
  • Unbiased News 5/5

    By Bat-84
    Great unbiased news, gives perspectives that US papers don’t have.
  • Like/Save Articles? 4/5

    By jf_2018
    I use the BBC News app everyday, it’s a well designed app! I would love to see a “Like” or “Save” feature for articles. I often lose an article in an update and have a hard time going back to find it.
  • One of the best 5/5

    By Majvr
    Least parochial and frivolous. The news and background that counts.
  • Slow ... as ... **** 1/5

    By This nickname is taken 228383
    This is the slowest news app out of all the news apps. I mean slow to load and update. Unbearably slow. One star. Delete this trash app off your phone if you have it.
  • Going dowwnnnn..... 2/5

    By NYPC2
    Wow.. Something must have happened at the BBC. The general maintenance of the news stories has slipped - badly. The U.S. news category in the customisable “My News” section is now routinely over a day old. The so-called ”headlines” in the main “Home” section now includes a lot of rubbish that would be more at home in the tabloids. There seems to be an over emphasis on Indian news for some reason... I don't get it because it’s usually ad supported apps that go for this sort of inane junk. BBC is mostly British tax payer supported with a mandate to provide quality and should be above this... Prior review: This app has gone downhill fast lately, maybe they had a change of editorial management or something... First, the quality of the news stories has noticeably dropped. There’s a lot more “soft news” and rubbish about what someone said or tweeted that insulted someone else, followed by a cascade of screenshots of those tweets - waste of space and NOT important! Many news stories are now written in a short one sentence paragraph “staccato” like format that after a while becomes irritating to read.. “Hard news” gets mixed in with irrelevant social issue nonsense mentioned above.. Before there was better seperation/hierarchy.. Second, while it’s nice to have the ability to customise layout under “my news”, lately it’s been throwing up a mishmash of outdated stories - some from over 3 years previous! This USED to be a reliable place to go for the latest news, but now I’m not so sure I’m getting it all anymore... Third, It’s become unreliable. Lately it’s been freezing - that NEVER happened before... BBC, PLEASE return to the quality you had for so long. Fix the app crashes, the mis-placing of stories and the over simplified writing. There’s enough junk out there... Heading for the lowest common denominator is NOT the way to go! Portion of prior review: Probably the best content out there... If you want "real" news about almost ANY topic from ANY part of the world, you'll find it here. All that plus plenty of interesting features and other stories and articles that go well beyond just the standard "news and sports"..
  • Very useful application. 5/5

    By Mohammed Abdul Wasay
    This app is beneficial for all aspirant, who are willing to gain knowledge and tempting for more skills.
  • BBC News 5/5

    By JetsetterJill
    This is the only site you need to read the news covering all news in elegant fashion.
  • Very pessimistic 3/5

    By Botchybear
    This app focuses mostly on the distressing news throughout the world. It repeats it ad nauseum. There is so much news out there, it would be good for this app to broaden its horizons. It gives a bit of news from the most "noisy" places (repeatedly), but fails miserably in wider coverage. If it's not bad news, this app doesn't cover it. Except of course for the little Royals. Now that's cute. The main problem that I have with it is that if you want to read one of the stories and you happen to be way down in the column on the story, when you finish reading it and go back to the column it puts you all the way back up to the top of the column instead of where you were. That is extremely frustrating have to go all the way back down to the bottom of the column where you were!!!
  • news ok 5/5

    By gjsjndkj7
    newspaper good..
  • Best news service anywhere 5/5

    By milo Grogan
    The go to place for objective news and analysis.
  • I think BBC News is good. 5/5

    By Jeffzkb27xSwiftiesXD
    I think BBC News is a good one on the Apple App Store. It is useful.
  • Good news, awful app. 1/5

    By JimmyJoeJimmyJoe
    Badly designed application. Full screen pop up adverts. Such a terrible design.
  • Entertaining and Relevant World News 5/5

    By AnW857
    In addition to Apple News, I wanted to read more world news. As I already followed BBC on Apple, I choose to download the app. I have been blown away by the scope of their stories and their broad range of topics; they also have an impressive collection of videos. By reading BBC I feel much more informed about the world. While other channels choose to only report on world news when it is relevant to the U.S. or U.K., BBC offers a more varied selection with many articles about Africa and Asia along with Europe and America. While another review complained about the font I find it easily readable.
  • great news app for euro-dwelling anglophones 5/5

    By gemielicious
    A+ this is onestly my favorite app. great for checking the news on public transportation & sometimes i spend hours browsing the top stories & magazine articles on weekend mornings before getting out of bed.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Hor'ny
    Hats off to the worst site EVER
  • Concise News 5/5

    By BBC Happy Reader
    It is very convenient to read BBC News as each story is covered including a background synopsis. This makes it easy to put things in the proper context.
  • Ads not news 1/5

    By Turncf8
    All ads - you have to watch a 1:00 minute advertisement to watch a clip that’s 20 seconds long? Then another for the next 20 second clip? Heaven forbid the video fails to load (it will) and then get ready for another advertisement! Oh you tried to click a news story? Sorry! That was an ad on the middle of the page! LOL! I bet you really feel good knowing you can get a great rate of return if you take out another mortgage on your house!
  • Great app, wish for ad free version 4/5

    By sad9gues0gw
    This app has a great format for presenting news. I like the customization of ‘My News’. It’s very gratifying and somewhat addictive to be able to get the gist of current events at a glance. I have two complaints: the ad network that it ties into can be intensely irritating with questionable content (skull face masks for hunting or something??) and popup ads that take over the entire display. I would be very interested in a paid, ad-free version. My second complaint is that under US news is an article that is ever present about “Obama’s hopeless push for gun control”. It was published in 2015 I think, and never goes away. I’ve read the article, robooted, reinstalled, but nothing ever causes it to go away. Nevertheless it’s only a minor curiosity, I’m much more interested in an ad free version. Every now and then, The intrusive nature of these ads is concerning enough to me to uninstall it. I miss the convenience so much I usually cave in again and reinstall it before long. Overall, good job BBC, this is a terrific app!
  • Good but Has Some Issues 3/5

    By Charlie Lima Tango
    The app delivers BBC text and video news, and does so in a reliable way, but it has a few glitches. The most annoying one is that often, after you enter a story, when you exit it you are returned to the top of the news page. Perhaps the page is constantly refreshing, possibly at certain peak times of the day for story submissions, but that shouldn’t catapult the reader to the top of a long home page.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Eh42
    Perfect way to keep up with latest news !
  • Well designed, logical. Content: needs work. 4/5

    By Aebone2
    Easy to comprehend and locate subject matter. My constructive criticism is about content: WAY too much USA centric content. For goodness sake, every other news channel does US news, why not focus on non-US?
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By rrygygyvybub
    Bbc used to be an unbiased media source but has begun pandering to the social justice movement and has turned the site into a really bad news source. A shame because it used to be so measured.
  • Advert before every video? 1/5

    By thwkman
    Ridiculous. I get the revenue source but before every video is too much. Adios mate.
  • BBC NEWS 5/5

    By C Villy
    The news source I go to FIRST.
  • Too many adverts 1/5

    By Bs unique nickname
    Taxpayer funded apps shouldn’t be loaded down with ads.
  • Great app, but... 3/5

    By khiattjr
    ...every story is stuffed with Google ads for women's clothing, and no amount of reporting it as "not relevant" changes the ads. :-/
  • Download 1/5

    By West219
  • BBC News app 5/5

    By anonsun
    Great! In general like text/photos more than vids; saves Mb and Gb
  • Animated ads 1/5

    By CaelikOfAzeroth
    The news stories themselves are good. This used to be my primary source of news. The problem is the animated advertisements which are distracting the reader from the story. Perhaps that is the intent but when ads get shoved down my throat like that I delete any apps that use them and look for something better.
  • App consistently fails to load stories - an ongoing issue over several versions. 2/5

    By Bali Hai
    The app fails to load articles making it nearly impossible to use or enjoy. I have deleted and reinstalled it several times to no avail. All other news apps load perfectly except BBC. Most unfortunate as I would prefer to use it for the quality of the articles but it is impossible when articles fail to load.
  • Needs a dark mode 4/5

    By dp99dp99
    Please add a Dark mode to the settings. Thanks.
  • Excellent. 5/5

    By Robhm49
  • Soothing balm for homesickness 5/5

    By potterabroad73
    Balanced, unbiased and reassuring
  • Used to love the BBC 1/5

    By Christopher W. Hearne
    They seem to be turning into a primary left wing organization, not as fair and balanced as it used to be.
  • Concise informative 5/5

    By NAIA5
    Well written. Informative. Concise. My go to place for news
  • ADS are annoying!! 3/5

    By Pixeechant
    Every time you watch a video you have to watch an ad and it’s the same ad over and over and over! Ridiculous!
  • Bravely covers the world! 5/5

    By William Roger Davis
    Terrific & timely look & listen @ happenings among our national & world neighbors! Many thanks!
  • Ads 1/5

    By JBOZ99
    Stop it with the AUTOPLAYING FULLSCRREN NOISY VIDEO ads. Awful.
  • Truly Balanced News 5/5

    By Gwnj
    Gave up on CNN, Fox and Al Jazeera, although if you read all three on the same subject and put them in a blender you may end up with something balanced. Refreshing coverage and good to see an Africa section
  • Better, more accurate news. 5/5

    By NorseOlympian
    Good diversity of stories and perspectives.
  • Ads taking over 1/5

    By Beachinvestments
    Used to be my favorite app so much easier than the other big network apps and so neutral I still like all of that but this ad popping up in my face when I’m trying to read an article, taking over my screen and then moving me over to Safari browser and I have to shut the whole system down... I forget what I was even looking at..... So I guess I’ll see you later :((
  • Stop repeating same stupid commercials this is app not tv 1/5

    By GnnBroadcasting
    Totally fell apart, news is not commercials that interrupt news is now making me delete your app. None stop repeating same commercials is not acceptable, maybe if they were good commercials but they are not.
  • Lots of interesting news 3/5

    By Psmythe
    Not just event news, also political, social, scientific, sports, and other stuff. Great variety. BUT! Too many articles are cut short. You get half-way through the story and it comes to a sudden stop. I assume the rest in on the website, but I want it all in the app so I can finish the story without changing device.
  • Amazing! 3/5

    By I❤️ Laïca
    Great app! News stories are constantly updated, always well written and the simple swipe controls makes it very easy to use. A must have for anyone interested in what is happening in our world.
  • Hard to use 1/5

    By frankacano
    While reading stories on my iPhone, the article will randomly reset to the top of the page forcing me to scroll down to find my place again. Makes it very hard to read an article. When browsing into a sub-topic and returning to the main window, the app resets the top of the page rather than the sub-topic location which means I have to scroll down again to where I left off.
  • Love it, but... 4/5

    By NewsLover65
    I have used and loved this app for ages. But recently there have been increasing number of articles that start really interestingly - but then end suddenly. Like they only uploaded half of it. No link to read it elsewhere. Very annoying. Please fix!

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