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The BBC News brings you the latest, breaking news from our trusted global network of journalists. Includes: Personalise your news offering with My News Add topics wherever you see the + icon for a quick route straight to the stories you care about. Stories from topics you add will appear in your personalised My News feed. Here you can order stories by topic or time, and use the Manage Topics screen to stay on top of the news of the day. You can also switch the My News by Topic screen to a more traditional carousel view from the Settings screen. Find content fast The app can suggest topics based on stories you’ve recently viewed and what’s in the news now. And you can quickly find topics that interest you using the Topic Search. Choose from the familiar list of BBC News indexes such as Business, Technology, Entertainment and Health, or search for your own subjects of interest, whether they’re people, places, things or themes. More of the news you care about We now offer a fuller selection of stories from the newsroom, including: - Most Read and Most Watched. Keep on top of popular stories across the BBC, regularly updated throughout the day - Live BBC World Service Radio. Expertise and insight from our journalists available 24-hours a day and ready to listen to in the background as you browse - Read the best journalism from BBC correspondents - Access to our full range of video and audio - Photo galleries and full-screen images Apple Watch Support: Story summaries, glanceable headlines and breaking news alerts delivered straight to your wrist Other features: - Push notifications for important news stories - Video over cellular and wifi - Improved offline experience. Download the latest stories when you have a signal and then read them at your leisure - Viewing modes. On iPhone see more stories per index by choosing ‘Compact layout’ from the Settings screen - Settings to allow the app to automatically update in the background - Share stories to your social networks, or email/SMS to a friend - Support for dynamic text. The app will respect the font size in your device settings so you can increase or decrease the story text size as suits your preference - Related stories, related topics. Go deeper into a storyline with suggestions for further reading and viewing and a range of topics related to each story If you choose to receive push notifications, a unique identifier relating to your device will be stored by Urban Airship on behalf of the BBC to provide you with the service. You can choose to unsubscribe from push notifications from BBC News in your device’s ‘Notifications’ screen. No other personal data relating to you (such as a username or email address) is processed. The BBC will keep your information secure and not share it with anyone else in accordance with the BBC’s Privacy and Cookies Policy. To read BBC’s Privacy Policy go to If you install this app you accept the BBC Terms of Use at

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  • Comments 4/5

    By Engineer Steve
    To many video only reports. Also a little biased when reporting on American President
  • World News 5/5

    By Brit in US.
    Clear, interesting subjects from around the world unlike limited world news offered by United States stations. My only gripe is having to scroll through subject titles already read in order to reach next subject. Brit in US.
  • Review 4/5

    By Chesterator
    Much improved reporting, maybe US mainstream media will follow your path!
  • Reliable World News Source 5/5

    By AloneALot
    I use this on iPhone and iPad. Conveniently organized by regions. Thumbnails and headlines are never misleading. I can easily explore a subject beyond the current news.
  • Fake news 1/5

    By linx911
    Second fakest news agency after CNN
  • Love It 5/5

    By Carraganagirl
    Love reading or listening to BBC news because we get a good cross section of European and World news. So tired of hearing about Trump in both Canadian news and American news. There is a world out there other than the United States. Canada needs to put more effort into revamping World news. Keeps our intelligence up and running.
  • Pretty Good 4/5

    By Olivia from the US
    Above-average reporting on the stories presented (yes, that’s not the compliment it would have been 20 years ago). I’m in the US and appreciate the coverage from parts of the world many US outlets ignore. Biggest gripe is with the stories not covered - I’d appreciate more coverage of issues and less of personalities, and with more liberal/conservative balance. But, far superior to sites such as Yahoo News.
  • Have you stopped updating the Queen? 4/5

    By Sawtheoriginal
    Americans love royal news. There has been no update of royal news in weeks. Asleep at the wheel?
  • Let me tell you ... 5/5

    By Hope for CBS App?
    Researched / well written / no editorializing / short videos / correspondents who live world wide. Real news you can get into.
  • Needs a widget for iOS 3/5

    By Victor356
    The app needs a widget to be able to compete with other news apps.
  • Informative and Concise 4/5

    By Winsted Reader
    My “go to” for the latest happenings in the world. Clear, concise and the first app I open on my ride into work in the morning.
  • No 1 yellow media in india 🇮🇳 1/5

    By R K G
    British occupied Ireland 🇮🇪
  • Coverage of recent changes to article 370 2/5

    By arun sharan
    Generally, BBC provides a good objective view point of news. However, given Britain’s long history with India, the current news and opinions do not reflect a correct understanding and appreciation of India’s history of its conflict with Pakistan. The removal of a temporary article of the constitution is the sovereign right of any country even if it was the colony of England. In fact amongst all its former colonies India has done rather well in imbibing the principals of a liberal democracy. However, your coverage of the abrogation of article 35 A and constitutional exercise in abrogating the special status of Kashmir by using article 370 has been biased. Perhaps an objecting pro’s and Cons of this policy will be a good start in rectifying your biased reporting. Arun Sharan
  • Please don’t recycle 4/5

    By teachernews
    News stories should be changed daily if not more.
  • Top Notch News Source 5/5

    By Thefed01
    Fantastic source for news. One of the, if not the, largest News organizations in the world. Very comprehensive reporting.
  • Fake news !! 1/5

    By Itzwuky
    Uninstalling, you published fabricated videos on Kashmir and you are spreading fake news. I think you are anti-India. So, thanks but no thanks.
  • Biased and fake news 1/5

    By DVMehta
    BBC has been peddling highly biased and fake news against India
  • The reason 5/5

    By A satisfied one
    A trusted source. Everything else pertaining to technology can and I am sure will be handled with good feedback.
  • Primary Still 3/5

    Becoming BLOATED with tinsel
  • Allow comments from readers 1/5

    By iamdshah
    BBC news is reputed to provide unbiased and factual news. However often the news is highly biased often siting the authors side of the story with selective supporting evidence. BBC does not have a way for the their readers to provide evidence, comments and perspectives. There are no counter points allowed. Then how can BBC be truest objective and unbiased? There are many news sources of repute that permit readers to comment on their news, and BBC can enhance their professionalism and transparency by following what other reputed news agencies do.
  • BBC is Spot On!!!! 5/5

    By Marcasio
    Simply put, I feel it is the best source of news!!
  • Tops 5/5

    By August Consumer
    Top international news app.
  • BBC News is the BEST! 5/5

    By Artistgrrl
    I have had a long career as a journalist in the US. Perhaps my proudest moment was writing freelance pieces for The New York Times in the nineties. As a journalist with tons of curiosity, I learn the most from BBC radio, which airs on my public broadcast FM radio station in Palm Beach County, Florida every night starting at midnight, and keeps me up sometimes til 4 am because I can’t resist the outstanding quality of coverage. Thank you for enriching the lives of your listeners worldwide!
  • Great news, awful app update. Runs bad on iPhone and iPad 2/5

    By S;87da
    Update. Nothing has been fixed. So glitchy on my iPhone running IOS 12.4. App freezes and has to be closed and reopened at least once every article that I read. What happened? Your app went from my favorite news app to, I'm thinking of deleting the app entirely. The new app is a lot like Windows 8 that most people hate.
  • Exceptional, balanced coverage 5/5

    By slaterwh
    BBC America provides incredible news coverage. Reporting is thorough, ethical, and timely. Your reporters are responsible, thoughtful, and well versed in the ethics of balanced reporting. Yours is the only news source I trust!
  • Unparalleled news reporting, app needs improvement 3/5

    By TravelBuddy1122
    The best news organization in the world hands down. The app is behind the times in terms of functionality. For example, there is no way to save articles for later; video playback remains is slower than the industry standard.
  • Love the BBC! 5/5

    By Ramona USACA
    My go-to place for foreign news and to see what others are thinking about America.
  • The best news source available – 5/5

    By bearsfolks
    News the way it used to be – honest and unbiased. All of the other news sources are representing some group or Philosophy that belongs on the editorial page and not on the news pages.
  • More conclusive 4/5

    By Alal4u
    I am familiar with BBC for more than 40 years all around the world , i always follow it when I was in the middle east or London or Europe or the far east, I think BBC in the United States should be more vocal snd include more about international event and not so much isolated With only United States event in comparable to other BBC broadcast around the world.
  • Crashing on iPhone XR please fix! 1/5

    By xX-______-Xx
    I was using the app perfectly fine for awhile and now every time i use it, it crashes. I’ll open an article and read it for like 10 seconds and it crashes. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!
  • It’s becoming less about news and more opinion based 2/5

    By MrManderville
    I have trusted the BBC for years as a reliable source of unbiased news. However, I have noticed a trend toward more opinion based articles rather than fact based articles. It seems that perhaps the BBC feels that readers are unable to conclude for themselves and the “enlightened” journalist/editor is better placed to conclude and tell us when we should be appalled or angry.
  • Ms. Susan Sweeney 5/5

    By Soup1291
    Most truthful News comes from BBC. Thanks for printing the truth.
  • App 5/5

    By zuhair m
    It’s very well
  • Great content - lousy performance 1/5

    By BCinDC
    You can’t beat BBC News but the app is about the weakest performing I’ve ever seen. News isn’t updated sometimes for days “can’t access internet” when every other app in my phone can.
  • Video Ads make Listening to Music Impossible 2/5

    By OceanSolarFlare
    I like the news from BBC. I don’t like the way they show advertisements. In every piece of news article, there is an auto-played video advert. It stops Apple Music from playing. Now I can only read your news in silence ☹️. I find myself reading BBC news less and less.
  • I can’t see the articles 1/5

    By Calclin
    Hey, BBC staff, recently I haven’t been able to use the app. I still get notification headlines, but when I go into the app, nothing loads. I’m on iPhone 7 if that affects anything. If this is fixed I’ll change my Review to 5 stars. Before the glitch, the app was great and news was very reliable. Pls fix soon. Thanks
  • Great news source 4/5

    By W 99
    Latest version 5.6.0 using iOS 12 on the iPad freezes up. Stick with an older version. Hope they fix this issue.
  • Slightly left of center 3/5

    By desperatefortruenews
    Prefer BBC to 99% of the US news outlets, because they are/were a nice neutral news outlet. Sadly over the last 4-5 years this has changed and they are continuing to become more left leaning with their reporting. I am a liberal-conservative desperately seeking the full, truthful, non-biased story. Hoping the BBC stops following the US Lemmings before they too go off the cliff and starts reporting ALL sides of a story.
  • A Little Peace of Mind 4/5

    By JennienTX
    Since my niece and her husband moved to England for work and school, BBC News has become a trusted source for news from the UK.
  • Changes in notifications. 3/5

    By CGS85
    The BBC news app has been my primary news app for some time now. I have always appreciated the quality of the service and that when I was sent a notification it was for hard, important, breaking news. Unfortunately, recent notifications have begun to trend towards nagware for commentary and editorial (like the US news services) and I’ve had to disable notifications.
  • Perspective 5/5

    By Ally oops1203
    As an American not only do I read BBC to get comprehensive world news which is not offered from American newspapers, but I use it to teach my students to get a wider perspective for learning and to compare to other online news papers and formats so they can learn how to evaluate and make their own judgements on global issues.
  • My love of the British as an American 5/5

    By Aithirat Solo
    I only trust the BBC news. I am American but because BBC has high standards I check their news every day and trust no one else. I also love BBC Scotland. I find their humor absolutely refreshing.
  • Far More Intelligent Than American Pablum 5/5

    By Alabama Jenny
    BBC News is not geared toward low intellect lovers of tabloid centered articles. As an American I find balanced and intelligent stories and articles that stimulate curiousity and broaden my horizons .
  • Good news, bad app 2/5

    By Jbbbb4465
    The news source is excellent and some of the most well written and topical stories you can find but the app itself leaves quite a bit to be desired. The ads they auto stream to you will actually pause your currently playing audio and won’t restart it once you scroll past. This happens for each story you open and even when on the same story you scroll back up to the top past the ad again. Not great if you’re listening to music or podcasts
  • Right wing racist propaganda 1/5

    By Dcolorado
    If you are a white supremacist you will love the BBC
  • USA 5/5

    By salllll203
    Love the app!! Everything you need at the top of your fingers!!!
  • Balanced reporting 5/5

    By ButchMF
    My go to news app for news from around the world. Love the in-depth reporting.
  • How BBC used to stand out 3/5

    By gradyward
    The BBC used to be my most respected news source. The stories selected to be presented were ones that reflected how many people were affected, regardless of race, creed, or ethnicity. The stories were about people, not celebrity, first_worldliness or the popular news cycle. Now tabloid thinking is coloring the editorial choices. Not everyone values trump or Boris regardless how entertaining or depraved they may be.
  • One of the best ways... 5/5

    By ariel472
    ...for an American to remember that things are happening in the world besides Donald Trump....

BBC News app comments

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