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The BBC News brings you the latest, breaking news from our trusted global network of journalists. Includes: Personalise your news offering with My News Add topics wherever you see the + icon for a quick route straight to the stories you care about. Stories from topics you add will appear in your personalised My News feed. Here you can order stories by topic or time, and use the Manage Topics screen to stay on top of the news of the day. You can also switch the My News by Topic screen to a more traditional carousel view from the Settings screen. Find content fast The app can suggest topics based on stories you’ve recently viewed and what’s in the news now. And you can quickly find topics that interest you using the Topic Search. Choose from the familiar list of BBC News indexes such as Business, Technology, Entertainment and Health, or search for your own subjects of interest, whether they’re people, places, things or themes. More of the news you care about We now offer a fuller selection of stories from the newsroom, including: - Most Read and Most Watched. Keep on top of popular stories across the BBC, regularly updated throughout the day - Live BBC World Service Radio. Expertise and insight from our journalists available 24-hours a day and ready to listen to in the background as you browse - Read the best journalism from BBC correspondents - Access to our full range of video and audio - Photo galleries and full-screen images Apple Watch Support: Story summaries, glanceable headlines and breaking news alerts delivered straight to your wrist Other features: - Push notifications for important news stories - Video over cellular and wifi - Improved offline experience. Download the latest stories when you have a signal and then read them at your leisure - Viewing modes. On iPhone see more stories per index by choosing ‘Compact layout’ from the Settings screen - Settings to allow the app to automatically update in the background - Share stories to your social networks, or email/SMS to a friend - Support for dynamic text. The app will respect the font size in your device settings so you can increase or decrease the story text size as suits your preference - Related stories, related topics. Go deeper into a storyline with suggestions for further reading and viewing and a range of topics related to each story If you choose to receive push notifications, a unique identifier relating to your device will be stored by Urban Airship on behalf of the BBC to provide you with the service. You can choose to unsubscribe from push notifications from BBC News in your device’s ‘Notifications’ screen. No other personal data relating to you (such as a username or email address) is processed. The BBC will keep your information secure and not share it with anyone else in accordance with the BBC’s Privacy and Cookies Policy. To read BBC’s Privacy Policy go to If you install this app you accept the BBC Terms of Use at

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BBC News app reviews

  • Worldwide reporting 5/5

    By sonnylab
    As an American, I really enjoy reading the BBC’s articles from around the world. American news is often centered on the US, so it can be hard to know what is going on abroad. Furthermore, I like hearing an outside point of view.
  • BBC NEWS 5/5

    By GrannieAnnie938
    Their perspective on America and Canada is particularly interesting. American news seems to be too focused on politics and personalities.
  • Request 5/5

    By purijagan
    Please update to new iPad Pro
  • Great News Network 5/5

    By SUP Surfing
    I love the BBC world news app. I don't get bias views from BBC, which is why I continue get my news from BBC.
  • One of my regulars 5/5

    By LatinMiss
    Look at it first thing every morning. Very balanced news. I also listen to world service programs from the app.
  • The best news app 5/5

    By Two French Bulldogs
    Best news available - covering the world, without the contentiousness and unfortunate bias seen in the states. So grateful for the availability and the worldwide content!
  • Transcripts on the App 2/5

    By Family left UK in 1627
    Personally I liked the old format better than this current one. I would rather read the story than watch a video.
  • BBC News review 5/5

    By MartyFMM
    BBC News is my primary source of news every day several times a day. Articles are well written, concise and timely. They have minimal spin on them as opposed to what I see in the US news other than Fox News.
  • Another leftard echo chamber 1/5

    By JumboGy
    BBC is very obviously biased. They only report from the libtard POV. I want news without a political agenda.
  • BBC News 5/5

    By JLW12651
    A necessity for Americans’ understanding of the world.
  • Formerly a great app 2/5

    By SMJorge
    I used to love this app, but recently it's gone downhill. Although I habe turned off auto play for all media the video ads play automatically, albeit muted, but it makes it impossible to listen to music while reading the news. I tried to write them but sadly they don't have time to deal with their customers...
  • Not fake news 5/5

    By Tryarthurdent
    Really are fair and balanced covers both UK news, US news and also covers the rest of the world.
  • News to balance US perspective 4/5

    By ajah!
    I appreciate a perspective that is not as polarized as US news sources. Not that I agree with all views...this resource allows additional perspectives for broader reflection.
  • Amazing reporting 5/5

    By wstaplin1968
    Because even in the plains states of the U.S., I want to know what’s happening in the election of the Democratic Republic if Congo. Thank you, BBC.
  • Needs ability to open in Safari 5/5

    By TN787
    BBC News is great. I use the app all the time. It’s my go-to news source. The app needs a way to easily transfer what you’re reading to Safari. Other apps have it in the share menu. The only way to save something for later for me is to hit share and then copy. Then go to Safari and paste. Then I have to delete the title that copied with the URL.
  • News Not Conjecture 3/5

    By Beaver Cleaver & Eddie Haskle
    I have abandoned just about every “news” source because we’ve gone beyond reporting facts and have begun pushing agendas heavily dosed with opinion. We’ve also fallen in love with the dark side of everything going on in the world and ignore the good - save the two minute “feel good” clip at the end of a broadcast. I don’t know about anyone else but that’s not the world I see and experience day to day. I’ve been looking for a source of news I can trust not to do these things. Recently have begun to give this BBC app a try. So far so good. Bit heavy on the negative but at least seems to lay off the opinions.
  • BBC review 5/5

    By ferdsmither bunkum
    I wish we had a similar news org in this country.
  • BBC News 5/5

    By cvpga
    Very insightful. Interesting slant on American politics. Highly recommend it..
  • Wish Apple Watch app gave more info 3/5

    By MitchMiami
    I wish that the Apple Watch app gave more than one or two sentences of information. I would like it if the watch app could open the current story on the iPhone, like handoff does with other news apps, instead of just displaying a message that the story is available on the iPhone app off you search for it.
  • Good perspective 5/5

    By Catchmeifyoucan123456
    Interesting articles. Creating a personal news storyline is very nice. Overall good read and good reporting Especially a world view.
  • Know the world. Listen. See how the U.S.A. Compares. 5/5

    By Quiddlergirl
    I no longer watch the U.S.A. News programs because they are too anxiety producing. I read newspapers. I read intellectual magazines. I listen to the BBC and read the BBC news.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Not Many
  • Excellent! 5/5

    By ~*Notmypresident*~
    Just love it!
  • The Best. 5/5

    By agratefulamerican
    BBC is the best source for news in the world. As an American, I particularly appreciate a news site that is not obsessed with American politics and our incompetent president. The BBC helps me keep informed about issues of the world with very good journalism.
  • BBC is my connection with the world 5/5

    By tamara mousa
    I love following the news with the BBC on my phone. It is comprehensive with many different interesting topics.
  • Going dowwnnnn..... still 2/5

    By NYPC2
    The app itself is “ok” - “good” even, although I wish they’d fix the annoying tendency it has to sometimes drop you back at the beginning of a section after you’ve read an article within that section, rather than back to where you were when you selected the article. However, while there is lots of great information on it (stories, health, tech etc.), lately it’s been far behind other news apps with breaking news or important items - especially in the U.S. section (e.g. today there’s been a multiple shooting in CA. Other outlets are carrying it, but it’s not here. Instead it highlights a story about a 90 year old cyclist who may have been doping in a race from last July..) It’s also gone far more left - and I say that as a “leftie”. It seems almost “activist” in some of its coverage, i.e. highlighting or overstating facts that are really less relevant or dated when there is more important news to be told...(e.g. again, today: “Trump Threatens National Emergency” - yes, he said that as a throwaway remark in an hour long new conference yesterday, but that should not be the No1 BBC U.S. story a day after he said it). Going down this path of sensationalism just to generate headlines is not constructive. I used to turn to BBC for truly unbiased news, now I have to think twice... Portions of Older reviews that are still valid: Wow.. Something must have happened at the BBC. The general maintenance of the news stories has slipped - badly. The U.S. news category in the customisable “My News” section is now routinely over a day old. Prior review: This app has gone downhill fast lately, maybe they had a change of editorial management or something... First, the quality of the news stories has noticeably dropped. There’s a lot more “soft news” and rubbish about what someone said or tweeted that insulted someone else, followed by a cascade of screenshots of those tweets - waste of space and NOT important! Many news stories are now written in a short one sentence paragraph “staccato” like format that after a while becomes irritating to read.. “Hard news” gets mixed in with irrelevant social issue nonsense mentioned above.. Before there was better seperation/hierarchy.. BBC, PLEASE return to the quality you had for so long. Fix the over simplified writing. There’s enough junk out there... Heading for the lowest common denominator is NOT the way to go! Prior review: Probably the best content out there... If you want "real" news about almost ANY topic from ANY part of the world, you'll find it here. All that plus plenty of interesting features and other stories and articles that go well beyond just the standard "news and sports"..
  • More depth less drama quote reporting to educate us 3/5

    By Gottabealive
    Agree with botchybear may 1 review. We need more depth, in our news reading, vs really just social media. Increase use of explanatory journalism reporting vs who said what, and who yelled back, improves our education, and pro/cons if we’re willing to take the time. Explain more depth of issues, define terms, and this would be a super news app and perhaps improve outcomes. The ui is quite good for easy of categorical access.
  • Interpol 3/5

    By Vatodeverdugo
    News pieces are too short. I enjoy more in-depth reporting
  • Overall satisfied. 4/5

    By Frenzerelly
    I’ve watched and listened to the BBC news for years, and find it one of the most unbiased news reporting around, except for one point, and taking for granted it is the BBC, but Great Britain is not the standard for the rest of the world, and mainly in reference to Europe. Yes, GB colonized and messed up cultures around the world for centuries, it does not make it a standard. Try to see the news also from other perspectives, and not always use GB as a reference. As far as the app goes, overall I like it. One thing to improve is that often videos will not play, and the phone I use is an iPhone 6s Plus with 128Gb. Never have issues with YouTube or other video apps.
  • Breaking News Informative ,fact based and agenda free 5/5

    By Kmac8649
    What a pleasure..
  • Concise, top down approach 5/5

    By Brit/Can/Yank
    First are all the relevant facts covering the latest developments. I like the links to a full background explanation with answers to posed questions, who, what etc. this gives the new reader of the story the chance to get up to speed.
  • Love the Beeb! 5/5

    By Chamba37
    Honest news, good writing, global coverage. Nobody does it as well as the Beeb.
  • Awful tiny font 3/5

    By 836462
    The font size for headlines and captions is tiny and can't be adjusted. Thankfully the actual article content can be made larger by device settings. It strains my eyes to read the headlines though. The Android version was much better.
  • Kendall 4/5

    By paysonkendall
    I watch BBC because I want to see real news. People complain it’s depressing. Well that’s because that’s what real news is! If you don’t want to see the real news watch a cartoon
  • Used to be better 4/5

    By brainzmatter
    I used to be so grateful to the British people for access to the BBC. I started out listening to the World Service on a short wave radio! Then came the internet—whoppee! I could read or listen and access music, plays, and all sorts of things any time I wanted. Access had limits, but I was very pleased with what was available, including the very best podcasts ever. So why only four stars? In a word— Ads. I would so much rather subscribe. I would be more than happy to pay the license fee that British citizens pay. There’s also the matter of some dumbing down the last few years and changing formats. Whose idea was it to make Zoe Diamond the voice of the BBC? I don’t listen to World Service anymore. They’ve ruined it with adopting “spend half the newscast giving promos for other segments and telling what will be covered in the following program. Repetition ad nauseum. I still read the BBC News as it it still better than the homegrown drivel, but the standards are falling everywhere it seems.
  • Too limited compared to the website 3/5

    By awrc
    I thought it might be useful to read BBC news via the app rather than in a browser. app. Now to configure it, so I can get the local news coverage I’m interested in. Look down the list of selectable topics...uh, UK. Now what’s under that? Oh, nothing. So I can select UK news, which is inevitably stuff that’s on the front page, and that’s it? No being able to view the Scottish headlines, let alone “Edinburgh, Fife and East”. Deletes app, goes back to using the web site.
  • Thanks BBC 5/5

    By Patriot no matter what
    BBC is the best - decade after decade. Thank you!
  • A solid serving of unbiased news. 5/5

    By SevenStory
    A solid serving of unbiased news.
  • I love your take on our way of life, and problems we are to close to 5/5

    By Bubbe K.
    ems we either don’t see or missed the the warnings signs. Thank you for giving me a better understanding of what is happening in the world.
  • Best news app 5/5

    By Curtesine
    Like it a lot better than USA Today. It seems less biased.
  • Best news app and definitely not fake news 5/5

    By PaulBradley2203
    Simple reporting of the news. If you want opinion go somewhere else. Coverage is simple fact based which is just the way I like it. I’ll girl my opinion from the facts.
  • Needs dark mode 3/5

    By dp99dp99
    Good but on modern phones, needs a dark mode in the options.
  • Above the weeds 5/5

    By yhvfdrotnc
    I want a world perspective that does not get into the weeds (details). The BBC site is perfect for me.
  • Follow up 5/5

    By Jerry from New Jersey
    After reporting natural and people made disasters, it would be wonderful to read referenced follow up. For example: What is happening after Hawaii ‘s recent lava flow? After California’s fires? Florida’s flooding? Syria’s Isis aftermath? Somehow, people carry on, survive, and recover. There is likely a lot of inspiration as well as heartbreak that goes along with it, its own story.
  • Great news 5/5

    By neverpicnickname
    Exceptional source of global news
  • Fabulous 5/5

    By New England Patriots Rule
    I live in the USA and this app is the only way for me to get objective news. All of the articles are fantastic!
  • BBC News. 4/5

    By Henry Horlicks
    Unlike the American news media that is saturated with useless information and non news items, the BBC presents researched and important reports from around the globe on real news that we actually want to know about.
  • Best balanced news...period. 5/5

    By Coronadweller
    I’m an American living in Europe. If I want a balanced perspective on what’s going on in the world, I trust the BBC.
  • Outstanding 5/5

    By Midwest hotty
    Great balance of all the news from around the world that is clearly and fairly reported.

BBC News app comments

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