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Beachbody Nutrition+ App

Welcome to Beachbody Nutrition+®. This nutrition app gives you access to Beachbody's most popular nutrition programs. Millions of people have already chosen Beachbody to help them get fit because they know Beachbody programs get results! Using this app, you can access premium nutrition programs like 2B Mindset® and Ultimate Portion Fix®,* as well as customizable meal plans. Quickly and easily track your meals, weight, water intake, and Shakeology®. Meal-tracking options for the Plate It method and portion-control container system are also available. *ACCESS PREMIUM NUTRITION PROGRAMS AND TRACK YOUR MEALS: • Discover proven strategies to help support sustainable weight loss in the 2B Mindset and Ultimate Portion Fix program videos • Track your daily food, water, Shakeology, and weight • Meal-tracking options available for both the Plate It method and portion-control container system • Note that some enhanced premium nutrition content and functionality is available with additional purchase Learn more at, follow us @beachbody, or like us on Beachbody's Terms and Conditions can be found at: Beachbody's Privacy Policy can be found at:

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Beachbody Nutrition+ app reviews

  • Doesn’t Work 1/5

    By LDWMac
    Would love to use this app but it errors out every time I try to signup.
  • Upgrade this app! 2/5

    By heyrlhb
    I’ve been using BOD for fitness for four years! I’ve used other programs and apps for nutrition. I want to fully embody Beachbody so am starting 2BMindset, I wish the app was better. I think you should team up with ww! If not than I think the workout and nutrition apps should be combined into one, you need a better app. I can think of at least three apps that are better than what you provide. It hinders my desire to use yours and I’d prefer not to manually log, meaning use a pen and paper! The nutrition side needs a lot of help. 1. Water, why do I need to add the amount of ounces? Can’t I add in 30 at a time and the app adds all of it? 2. Why does shakeology sync with the challenge app? I like that I can describe what I put in my shake on the challenge app, I can’t do that in the nutrition app, bummer. 3. How about a list of foods? I need to get more familiar with FFCs
  • Keep getting error message 1/5

    By nsyoder
    I keep getting an error message when I try to set up an account.
  • Good start but needs improvement 3/5

    By KMacD626
    The app has a solid foundation, but really needs some bells and whistles to make it great. Please allow the Meal 1, Meal 2, etc. labels to be customizable. Water consumption tracking is key, as well as the ability to track measurements as well as weight. I’m a little disappointed to see that these suggestions and many more have already been made by other reviewers over a year ago, and the app has still not improved. Get with the program Beachbody!!
  • Not IPad Friendly 2/5

    By Listener-03
    Would really like to use this on my IPad .... but looks like it is only designed for the phone!
  • Keep getting error message 1/5

    By TexasPeat
    I can’t sign up because after I fill out the information required to sign up it gives me error 609998 - unknown error response error message. I have deleted app and re downloaded multiple times and never works.
  • Update with at book tracker info at least😕 2/5

    By jblessedme1
    Like many downloaded app to have electronic log than book. Love combined 2b tracker book info AND integration of other Beachbody apps. Hate having have to log the same info in multiple apps. At minimum should have place to login exercise or Beachbody programs. Still waiting for many suggestions from others and myself that would make this usable app. Why not take some of good things 21dfx app?
  • It doesn’t work... 1/5

    By Kels Treadwell
    I have tried several times to set up an account but it just says error. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • “Plate it” photos not showing. 1/5

    By Engine82
    Under the 2b “plate it” option, the “plate it” graphic (. That shows the plate percentages for each meal ) will not show under breakfast, lunch, dinner when you go to log your meal. I uninstalled the app, reinstalled... and still it did not fix the issue.
  • It’d be great if... 2/5

    By ErinHare
    ... the casting would work. I can cast from Facebook, from Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, every tv app, but this one. Also, make the shakeo counter communicate with the container counter below.
  • Bugs apparent 2/5

    By SMorezen
    Doesn’t always acknowledge entries by tracking how many you have left
  • Super useful! 4/5

    By Lily120709
    I use 2B mindset module - would like the option to add exercise. Don’t like a separate section to log in Shakeology - I find it excessive.
  • Needs help 3/5

    By ericabsf
    I think it would be helpful to have a “share” component so you can see what your friends are logging and vice versa. As a coach especially helpful for clients and customers to be successful. The remaining portions should also go to a negative if you went over how much you ate rather than staying at “0”.
  • Error 2/5

    By No yo the changes
    Won’t let me sign up just keeps giving me an error.
  • Unable to sign up? 1/5

    By Ailar-mylar
    Getting “unknown response error - 609998”? :(
  • Please update 1/5

    By Madmaxicbm
    IPhone app is not bad but please push an update to optimize for iPad.
  • Unable to create account 1/5

    By sssssssssssssssssssssssssso
    Would be nice if it actually let me create an account. Unfortunately it is not working and I can’t even log in.
  • 2B one is lacking 3/5

    By Melissa T113
    Needs to have space for exercise or space for notes for people who are tracking exercise , sleep, bowels ect.
  • Love!! But add negative container count please. 4/5

    By jharvey100
    I love this app and use it several times a day to track my containers. My only wish is that it showed your negative containers. If I go over while tracking it would be awesome to see the negative container count so I can plan the rest of my day accordingly. It would make tracking a bit easier.
  • Issues 2/5

    By Me😤😵😭
    Paid 200 for a challenge group and access to this app for 30 days right? Sounds awesome? The app didn’t work part of this time You charge too much for a coach that ignores me and apps that don’t work on occasion I did this for my birthday
  • Great app! 3/5

    By Ohheyykayy
    This app has all the tools you need to follow any Beachbody program. I love that you can adjust the container count based on the program you are following. I would like to see container counts go negative so you can easily track where you fell off with your nutrition. I would also like to see an area with graphs or downloadable spreadsheets so you can see how you’ve done over a particular amount of time.
  • Could use a few more features 3/5

    By BeachbodyUser
    The meal tracker is fine (nothing fancy but easy to use) but I’d love the option to at least record my BOD workouts. It would be fantastic if the incorporated all of the workout plans but if that’s not possible, at least add the option to add what workout(s) was completed for each day. Would even live the option to figure out container counts based on nutritional value on packaged food such as other protein (I hate shakeogy) and protein bars.
  • Please update: Containers should go negative 3/5

    By Ljdc37
    Love the app - except if I go over on a container it would be nice to see the negative (ie. -1) in the counter instead of 0. THis way u know where u need improvement!!
  • Last update... new bug! 3/5

    By Strestoutblond
    The latest update introduced a new bug. The app no longer saves my container settings. I have to re-enter the # of daily containers every day now. And yes..... I am clicking on save. I love that they have added a 6th meal. Just starting out and I need that 6th one to get all of my containers in. The new bug is extremely annoying!! Please fix it!
  • Love but... 4/5

    By MNG926
    I love this for tracking everything it tracks but wish you could also track your workouts. Also wish there was a feature to make a grocery list just like the 2B tracking book.
  • Love using this for tracking… but... 3/5

    By league89
    I love this tracker, it’s quick, it’s helpful and it’s comprehensive. Also, having the recipes to view (in theory) is great. However, I’m having trouble believing that the “bug fixes” that were apparently updated yesterday were helpful. I’ve opened and had to kill this app 4x today and I just finished lunch. It’s either not loading at all or takes more than 2 minutes to load and update my log and just crashes on its own. It’s really annoying. I don’t even bother trying to look at the other recipes that aren’t specifically highlighted because all I see is the loading ring every time I try to switch the page.
  • Please fix!!! 3/5

    By Founder 12345
    Live this app but it keeps resetting my containers to zero everyday and that’s kinda annoying having to put in how many I have each day to eat otherwise the app is great it’s a big step up from the other 21 day fix app but really can we please please please please fix it from resetting the amount of containers I need each day.
  • Useful but has a bug 3/5

    By Shegoerk
    Worked well for three weeks then my container counts started resetting to zero every day so now I have to manually put in how many I’m allowed.
  • Update broke the app 1/5

    By Brandy
    After the last update a couple of days ago, my containers reset at zero every morning. I love the app when it works...
  • Keeps clearing my portions 1/5

    By CanyonJ
    You have ONE job. To help me keep track of my portions. It’s now been two days in a row that you have deleted my containers for me. #thanksihateit The first 4 times this happened, I thought, “hey, it’s software. Give them a break.” But after losing my portions 4 random times in the past 4 months and then clearing my containers two days in a row, I’m done. You have one job and you failed.
  • Total containers is disappearing 3/5

    By CoachTammyC
    The app has been working great but a couple of days ago my total containers for the day (total allowed for the plan)resets to zero so I have to input them again every day so that I can see my remaining containers. What happened?
  • Needs work 3/5

    By rachelruc
    So I’ve been using this app to keep track of my UPF containers. My problem is that the container amounts I need to eat disappear so I need to re-add them everyday which is very annoying!
  • Not working 3/5

    By Mrs Etheredge
    The work has been working great but starting yesterday it deletes my total container count and I have to go put it back in every Morning. Please fix this!!
  • Needs some additional features 4/5

    By sc0218
    Would be great to have the option to copy a previous meal when entering a new meal. Especially since most people using this are likely meal prepping and eating very similar meals during the week.
  • App won’t allow login 1/5

    By musician
    Would like to track food according to the Piyo nutrition tracking but I can’t get the app to accept either my Beachbody login credentials or allow me to create a new one. I’m not a techie, but haven’t had this much trouble with an app before. Maybe they are having technical difficulties? Disappointed.
  • Minor Issues, but Works for Me 3/5

    By Bringlehorn
    The portions count for carbs doesn’t go past 10 and based on my eating plan I need to consume 11 portions each day. I have to keep track of the extra 1 portion mentally or some other way and that kind of defeats the purpose of the app.
  • Good for the most part, however... 3/5

    The app, for the most part, is good. I really wish you could “favorite” or save certain recipes that you want to try or just quickly be able to find instead of searching through 300+ Fixate recipes each time you open the app. However, they are categorized so it’s not terribly annoying but certainly something I think the app should feature.
  • Can’t type more than one line 2/5

    By natashasc723
    Why does the keyboard cover the text after one line????? It’s a very basic app missing some of the key 2B mindset teaching items, which doesn’t bother me that much. But the inability to write more than one line without the line becoming covered up really is unacceptable.
  • Like but needs some improvement 3/5

    By Evgarcia
    Overall I like the app but I wish it had the following features: 1) Allow you to pre-track the week. Since I meal prep it would be good to be able to track my food ahead of time so I won’t forget; 2) Have the function for us to create meals that already have the container count which will make it easier to be tracked (for example: I ate chicken and veggies - 1 red and 2 green); 3) Provide the opportunity to indicate if you worked out or allow BOD to track your workout
  • App is Glitchy 1/5

    By Throwaway28474748
    There is a glitch in the app where I am unable to adequately track containers. The app is counting containers that I never logged. I can’t find an option to delete these ghost containers. While trying to figure out why I had double the containers that I actually logged, I realized that there is no way to reset the data in this app in order to start over. If I’m missing something, I’d like to know, but I also find that there is very little, to no support or instruction on any of the Beachbody apps including this one.
  • Really love but... 4/5

    By vandersen1993
    I really love this app, but I wish it would include the time you entered in your meals. With how busy we are day to day, it’s easy to forget exactly when you last ate. It would be nice if you could just check this and know “okay I ate my last meal at 11:15, I need to make sure I eat between 1:45 and 2:15”
  • Pretty Good but could use some updates 3/5

    By pinguinlvr
    I really like the nutrition app except for two things. You are limited to tracking 5 meals so if you have 6 meals in a day, you need to combine two. And you cannot customize the names. It’s meal 1-5. You can’t say pre workout, breakfast etc. Second thing is if you go over on containers you have NO IDEA. It just stops at zero and does not go into the negative. This would be great to have in case you messed up or even purposely went over. Other than that, I really like tracking in the app. But until they fix the ability to go into a negative count I won’t use it.
  • Almost 5 stars! 4/5

    By Mujhdhfffghhh
    I’m only giving it 4 out of 5 stars because the app doesn’t allow you to plan ahead with your nutrition using containers. I made my meals for the entire day the night before so it would be nice to add those to the following day.
  • No ability to track future meals 3/5

    By solodojo
    Please add the ability to put in meals in the future. When I’m doing meal prep it would be helpful to enter the next days meals. It would also be nice to save meals and copy meals. And I’d like to see the name of the meal on the main page instead of having to go into each meal.
  • Ugh 2/5

    By Knh527
    The app is okay. I found that there were bugs when trying to watch the videos. Lots of voice overs and then it wouldn’t reset itself even when going out and getting back into the APP, very annoying and frustrating. App can def use some work as far as navigating. May almost be better for me to go online and use
  • Won’t let me even create an account 1/5

    By ariael
    So I downloaded this app maybe two weeks ago, tried to create an account multiple times, a couple different days. deleted and re-download and ensured my phone was up to date. But no success in being able to create an account. Looks like it would be a good app if I could get access 😒
  • Easy to use, but needs some bug fixes 4/5

    By Meg W33
    Great app for BB users. It has definitely improved with the auto-calculation of water based on cup/bottle size - love that! Very easy to enter quick data for your day. Love the reports to tell you how you’re doing overall. Within the past couple weeks, I’ve noticed my pictures I’m adding to my meals have disappeared...which is disappointing when you put all that work into your tracking and the app doesn’t save the images. Please update this if you can soon! I’ve also noticed tony glitches here and there where I lose a whole day’s worth of data, but it usually comes back after a couple refreshes of the app.
  • Wish it would track extra 3/5

    By C.C. 00
    I love this app, but I wish it had a negative tracker to show if I’ve overeaten my containers. I know I can just keep track, but when I eat 4 carbs instead of 3, it just stays on ‘0’ instead of going to -1. I would love to see it count everything I log.
  • Like it a lot 5/5

    By Wahoo7475
    I like that i am able to track containers. Like how it has changed from breakfast, lunch,dinner, snack to Meal 1, etc. I like how if you finish your 2BMINDSET bottle of water you can automatically hit the 30 ounces button. Keep improving.

Beachbody Nutrition+ app comments

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