Bear Dice

Bear Dice

  • Category: Entertainment
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 1.4.0
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Dianjinshi Information Technology Co., Ltd
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
43,017 Ratings
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Bear Dice App

Bear Dice, a casual game, spend your free time while bringing you happiness! Click the button to roll the dice forward. As you move forward, you may encounter different roadblocks, which is very interesting! When you have free time, open Bear Dice and start rolling the dice. The game can relax you, hope you will like it!Get the first dice immediately! * All tasks and coins provided by Bear Dice App do not belong to Apple Inc., but are exclusively sponsored by Bear Dice App.

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Bear Dice app reviews

  • This game!! 5/5

    By Jpanda122182
    This game is amazing!! Love the suspense!
  • ‍ Quite creative. Recommend everyone to download ‌      5/5

       ‍The design is great, you can download it, yes.‌  ​   

    By Mmegan11
    There is no way to make money from this app! They start by giving you less money then you start getting coins then less of them then you get fake money in the game but you never actually get to make real money from this. Waste of time!!
  •   Professional software is so easy to use interesting professional software​‍  ‌  5/5

    By A inmtSonceezr
     ‍Top it, it's pretty good ‌​‍  
  •  Really easy to use easy to use software ​      5/5

    ‍  Have been using. It feels more convenient. It is also relatively stable. Rarely crashes. Hope it gets better and better! ! ‌  ‌  
  • Scamming 1/5

    As of right now I’m at $170 I’ve been playing for the past 4 days , after you pass $160 you don’t earn more than 0.01 cents and barley even get a cash price at that. But the good news is you get $1 as a daily bonus and on the 7th day of the week you get $3 so I should be at the $200 cash out balance in less than a month. It’s very irritating but I just want to see if it’s legit check back by April 1st I’ll update you guys on the “$200” cash out!!! So as far as the daily reward you stop receiving that after a week
  • ‍What a connotative software       5/5

    By UbbbbbdbbbbbbjjsjdjrnBk
      ​Five-star application software of Wall Push. Very bad! ! ! ! ! !‍‍      
  •  ​Good life, good helper! !  ‌     5/5

    By ssaYtges
        What a nice thing. Highly recommended     ‌ 
  • Good game 5/5

    By EzequielDet
    Great games
  •  Great  ‍ ‌‌ 5/5

     ‍  , Like like like like like like like like like like like like like like like like like like like, very easy to use     ‌  
  • Only 5 stars to stand out 5/5

    By pandanite137151
    Since there is only certain amounts to withdrawal, its almost impossible to reach a paypal/Cashapp prize.. once you hit 130-150 dollars, the game gives EACH PRIZE A SINGLE CENT ON PURPOSE. I think this is very dumb as for i have watched at least 400 ads and yes i know thats how you get the money, but why dont i get 50 cents anymore??? It lowers to a single cent. So you will watch way more ads then you shpuld.
  • Bear Dice 3/5

    By Family Show
    I’m new on this game . It’s ok . It freezes on me when I’m playing . I have to close it and open again . But still the same issue . Can u please fix the problem . I’m getting irritated .
  • Scam 2/5

    By yikeshotbabe
    Never got paid
  • Fake app 1/5

    By Rashel1967
    Fake app, just deleted.
  • It’s a scam. 1/5

    By tiff.9871
    I have been playing for a while now. Once you hit 150-160 in dollars you start to get .01 or you get gold coins. You will no longer get $ value .
  •  ​Really good ‌   ‍ 5/5

      I rarely write reviews, but the app is really very good. It's very easy to use and the push is very timely and stable.  ‌    
  •   Alright    ‍  5/5

    By ncgan TycaBiro
        Unstoppable brain supplement, durable, great content, still very easy to use, recommend it     ‌  
  •   Professional software praise   ‌​   5/5

    By Laeleynos irlFtas
      ‍ok very easy to use! ! ! ! ! !​      ‌
  • ​Everyone can use​ ‍ ‍  5/5

    By traled WahtaK
      ‌ Very good to use, has been using.    ‍  
  • Slow and scammy 2/5

    By shyg44
    You get to about $130-150 pretty fast. After that, you only get cash and coin, which is different than the real money you can cash out. The real money you do get is only $0.01, 0.05, 0.10, etc. it starts off giving you $1, $5, $2, etc. then starts going down To less than a penny. It’ll take a while to reach the cash out point of $200, but if you have time and patience you can sit for hours for less than a penny or cash and coin that is equivalent to less than a penny. 1,000,000 coins could be only 0.05 and you can only cash those out with, at min, $50 Amazon gift cards. It’s pretty nerve wrecking but if you have the time go for it.
  • ‍The software is easy to use        5/5

    By joyce ofmri aooako
    ​ well. Friends like to use this app      ​‍
  • Love it 5/5

    By crobbins777
    You will win win win on this game a must play!!!
  • ​Nice and convenient on the phone.‌ ‍    5/5

    By Her GeeeturrLornnc
      ‍​Easy to use, since I have this, I have used it anytime, anywhere. It's really easy to use, simple and fun, and really suitable for mass entertainment.    ‍  
  • ‌ very good. Like very much​ ‍  ‌ 5/5

       ok works well.     ​‍
  • Thanks 5/5

    By cobey king
    Thanks I love this game lol
  • ‌App is really good       5/5

    By GoirgRo ioevi
    ‌ I use it with my mother every day. It’s really easy to use, especially it can be resurrected. Hee hee It’s still good to use in general. It’s good for the first time. Like a good one.  ​   
  • ​Five stars   ‌   5/5

    By Nvuvuvfef
        Good, very good, playful, classic. A casual classic software is easy to use. ​‍   ‍
  •  I think it's very easy to use! ! ‌    ‍ 5/5

    By evei nEK
      I like it very much, the software control hahahahaha is not enough​ ‌     
  • Rewards 4/5

    By Ole_No_Name
    Hey you guys, I’m new to the game but I was wondering were anybody able to cash out after playing a good number of games???
  • Takes Forever!! 3/5

    By tmessick75
    It’s going to take forever to cash out and there’s been a few times it wouldn’t let me claim what I won! I hope it’s worth my time in the long run
  • Game 5/5

    By Marlee0229
    Love the game can’t put it down thank you !!

    By moneymeerah
    I got to 160 and i stopped giving money. Only time i get money is when the bar fills up and it only gives .1 afterwards. When u multiple the money it doesn’t even give u the full multiplied amount only some. This game is a waste of time and the reviews that say good are bots. I missed out on $42 that should've made me say $200 to cash out. Thinking about suing the company for false advertisement.
  • Evony 5/5

    By evonykirkland
    This is so much fun 🤩
  • Liars! 1/5

    By cpnh.gaddy
    you literally have to be on it every single day a couple times a day or else it's going to take your cash to make it longer to cash out
  • the worst game i ever played 1/5

    By Nick234256479
    mane i didn't get no money from this game
  •  This software is so good software    ‌  5/5

      ‍​I like pk, professional is not bad, Chinese style, if you like PK, it is more suitable for you, the picture quality is good, the tasks are many, and the functions are very powerful.     ‍‍
  •  ​Good software ‍      5/5

      All aspects are more prominent, like ‍ ‍  ​ 
  •  ​It's so easy to use ‍     5/5

      Nice nice gadgets! !  ‌  ‌
  •  God made a good product        5/5

    By aedenTrD vuli
    ‍  This is the best one after using so many apps. Do you really want to use it?   ​    
  •   Must give praise        5/5

    By anbilllllll
    ‍ ‌‌Easy to use! To burst, burst to burst  ‍  ​
  • Fake 1/5

    By lenron jume
    Gives u like 100 ads and each add gives u 1 cent u will never get to 200 for the cash out don’t download
  • ‍ Easy to use and convenient        5/5

    By .eter-JPk linKisch
       Get started quickly, I can’t put it down, it’s really easy to use, I’m not a navy soldier, I’m too lazy, I don’t want to type in a word. ‌ ‍  ‌‌
  • Froze for 4 days 2/5

    By courtz nortz
    This game has been froze for 4 days so now I can’t cash out
  •  Try it       5/5

       Very good, very good, very good, really easy to use, easy to use, so convenient, I like very good games, not bad​‍      
  • Haha 5/5

    By HeadySpaghetti
    I need bigger pries
  •   Good job       5/5

    By Hiaay ijsVja
     ‌It's okay, it's worth using, I like to use it better than other software, it's been used for a long time  ​   
  •  Professional software is so good        5/5

      High-quality professional professional is awesome, a good professional is easy to use, professional is also very interesting, professional software is great, it is worth using      ​ 
  •   So easy to use       5/5

    By Deeis Dunrfsne
    ‌  The software is very easy to use, super easy to use, you must give a thumbs up, I didn’t expect the mobile phone software to do so well ‍ ‍‌ ‍
  • not worth the time 1/5

    By 8wey
    i downloaded the game to earn money on my free time but after you get to $100 you’ll start to get less than 30 cents it takes so long to even get $4 with just cents i don’t recommend the game. its a waste of time trust me.
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