Beatleap by Lightricks

Beatleap by Lightricks

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  • Current Version: 1.3.10
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Lightricks Ltd.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Beatleap by Lightricks App

There’s video editing, and then there’s Beatleap. We’re here to make the impossibly time consuming task of editing a video accessible in a few taps, and always at the tips of your fingers. Through vivid interactions and a playful editing experience, the game begins - and only you will determine your end destination. Whether you’re mixing your next workout instruction video, boomeranging your last trip, enjoying the scenery, or just dancing it out with friends - we’re setting the rhythm of your life to video, and for the first time ever, it’s also intuitive. With video editing driven by the music, the audio you choose determines the right moments for effects, styles, slowing down your video, or speeding it up. Beatleap delivers a new, powerful video editing experience, raising the bar of what anyone can create. Make engaging, memorable videos in seconds and preserve your favorite moments in ways that fuel your creativity. No more struggles to sort and find the best clips - you choose what you want to show, throw it in with the music you choose, and we’ll mix it up. Out comes a video a step above what you imagined, that tells your story - the funny ones, the adventurous ones, and all the bloopers in between. So what are you waiting for? Your next clip awaits! SET VIDEOS TO MUSIC EFFORTLESSLY - Pick the content you want in your video - the sky is the limit - Watch your clip come alive as it syncs to the beat - Tap around in a playground of mesmerizing effects MAKE YOUR MEMORIES UNFORGETTABLE - Create incredible videos in just a few taps – no editing experience needed! - Turn the best moments of your life into videos that you’ll never want to stop watching - Immerse yourself in powerful video editing straight from your phone - Have fun creating something funky! DECORATE AND STYLIZE WITH A VARIETY OF FILTERS - Add finishing touches with your filter of choice, from VCR and Glitch to Film - Enhance the light in your video for an added wow-factor - Explore and experiment – there’s no limit to the combinations of effects and styles you can use Unlimited Access Subscription - You can subscribe for unlimited access to all features and content offered for purchase within Beatleap by Lightricks. - Subscriptions are billed monthly or annually at the rate selected depending on the subscription plan. Alternatively, a one-time payment plan is available (this is not a subscription). - Subscriptions auto-renew at the cost of the chosen package, unless cancelled 24-hours in advance prior to the end of the current period. The subscription fee is charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. You may manage your subscription and turn off auto-renewal by going to your Account Settings after purchase. Per Apple policy, no cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period. Once purchased, refunds will not be provided for any unused portion of the term. - If eligible for free trial and you subscribe before your free trial ends, the rest of your free trial period will be forfeited as soon as your purchase is confirmed. Subscriptions will start immediately after free trial ends unless cancelled at least 24 hours prior to the end of the trial period. - Terms of use: - Privacy policy: Beatleap by Lightricks is part of the Enlight Creativity Suite, including Enlight Photofox, Enlight Videoleap, Enlight Quickshot and Enlight Pixaloop.

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Beatleap by Lightricks app reviews

  • Very Good, with Suggestions 4/5

    By BrianKann16
    There isn’t really anything wrong with this. It isn’t the only app of its kind in the App Store, though, either. But it fits within the LightTricks’ suite of graphic design tools, integrating seamlessly with them, and I like that. They make my favorite software tools for design and especially at the prices they are somehow able to produce them for. I have ZERO affiliation with them and I’m sad to say that I don’t receive a single penny for my comments. But compared to the most widely known, most widely used, and in fact, INDUSTRY(IES) STANDARD (Adobe) suite of similar tools, I find it unnecessary - at the very least - to spend that whopping amount of extra money on Adobe when LightTricks offers such intuitive (easy-to-use with basic knowledge and “beginning from” A place of no experience with the product) that is also capable of creating virtually EVERY image or video outcome one sets out to create. So, with the above said, this Beatleap App/software, in my opinion lacks in regard to music. When I want to add music to my file I am able to click on the music tab and it will take me to a vast library of Beatleap’s own proprietary music. Again, it’s vast, and if you are just looking for sounds or music in general that has a mood of every and any kind imaginable then this is great. But I very specifically wanted to be able to access a song from my own music library and bring it into Beatleap and into my design. TheyDo seem to claim or make it look like you can do that. But when I’ve gone to do it I’ve been unable to. To give you an example and make this very clear for everyone, I was trying to access the song we are the champions from the band queen. Now that’s a very well-known, very widely available song. And in the process of creating my design I have now downloaded for, maybe even five versions of we are the champions, meaning from different queen albums or files. And that is on top of my already having owned their original album that featured this song. No matter what I did, no matter how hard I tried, no matter how much I cleverly tried to access my Music or my iTunes or my files or my anything, I was out of luck. That is a big deal to me because this file all but requires that song just to make sense.
  • Music 4/5

    By Dadolarian
    Some of different music we should have a chance to add and make our own video with our music or there than that that’s really good app I like to using every moment.
  • Everything you want 5/5

    By Aaron E.
    Dope app. Simple and fast.
  • Rad! So easy! Great results! 5/5

    By Real Transformation
    I am learning technology and this has made something complex very easy!
  • Decent product but not cheap 3/5

    By Laokie75
    This product does some great things very easily but if you expect a perfect product, it is not. Throw some short clips together and Beatleap’s algorithm does a pretty good job piecing it together. You could stop there and have a fun video to post to social media or you could swap some clips, change the focus in each clip and even add some fun effects. Now it’s even better! Now the bad. In my experience it has jumbled up my videos to where I have to redo them which is really annoying. Also if you add too many effects it rearranges your clips to some other order for no reason. Support has admitted this and say they hope to address it in a future release. I paid $60 for the annual unlimited fee and if I use it as I explained it will be fine, but I would expect these impacting bugs to be fixed; hence I can only give it three stars, otherwise it would be 4. If it allowed a little more manual ability to place effects where you want and allow final videos to be 2-3 minutes then it’s five stars all the way.
  • Dreams Come True 5/5

    By papichinomexico
    I’ve had a difficult season in 2020 and looking for a easy but creative way to capture my life during a time of grieving my past life and family. The Dream Come True statement is how I can best capture how I feel about my mini life testimony and stories. 🙏🙏 @beatleap #beatleap @papichinomexico 💙💙😎✊ #lovecampaigner2021pcmxway #lovecampaign2021pcmxway #unitymovement2021pcmxway #stopasianhate #letsbekind #loveislove #papichidocomingsoon2022
  • It’s an ok app 3/5

    By PapiJimmy18
    Maybe I’m not too familiar with the app but I just wish I can use a longer duration to fit all the videos I want and choose music from my library but it’s ok for small things
  • Top 5/5

    By Dhentz
  • Issues 5/5

    By Luke white50
    I use it for original songs it need ti be longer so people can outthe while songs on it
  • Love it buttttt 4/5

    By Elgrantuko
    I love how simple and amazing this app is. There is something I will like this app to have, an option for not adding music to the video. Im a ig creator and I want all the effects this app have and also will like to talk on it. So if I could add the music but also lower the volume of the music would be perfect. Theres no option for it!! Or lower the audio o just have an option without music. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

    By Tyler djdodkd
    This app is horrible if you on want the free version which doesn’t give you anything. It allows limited crappy songs, the edits are too quick and there’s not even an option to cut or splice videos to the correct length. The worst is you still need a, at the least, $7.99 subscription just to download or share the video. This app is a scam and they pay for their 5 star ratings. Don’t download and definitely don’t buy. Do better Lightricks!!
  • Seems like a good app, but I’m confused 2/5

    By lolman29
    How do I use this app. I’m trying to import videos from Google drive to this app so I could make a montage, but I don’t know how. It only allows me to take videos from the camera app. Please help.
  • Simple I like it 5/5

    By jjslebe
    I dnt know much about editing and this does all of the work! I love it!
  • Great effects but very limited 2/5

    By RxTracking
    This app has all the great effects for editing and making cool videos, but lacks flexibility and adjustability. Everything is basically fixed to where you can’t do much with it like trim clips shorter or make them longer. Even buying the premium doesn’t do much but give you access to basic features. The most annoying thing to me is when you need to add another video to whatever you’re currently editing, it’ll just reset the duration and tweaking of clips which isn’t what I want. Maybe if they were to give more flexibility with editing it’d be one of the best but it’s just not that.
  • I love this! EVER SINCE I WAS OFFERED IT! 💅🏽🤩✨✨ 5/5

    By I. Gede Mangku
    I was first introduced to it when I got VideoLeap, ArtLeap, PhotoLeap, MotionLeap and more premium 🌝. I thought this app was going to be the same like the rest 😑 but it’s completely different! I’ve been looking for an app that can edit music 🎵 and edit videos ♥️ in the same time effortlessly and this is the app for it! If any of you are making YouTube or Instagram video edits then this is the editing app for you🍻. I certainly love it and it makes it 100x’s easier for me since I get tired easily 🫐😓🥱 There’s nothing wrong with the app, NOTHING! 🤔 I even used this app for editing my Music homework and the teacher 👨🏻‍🏫 was impressed! 🤩😄 I seriously think Lightricks deserves more 5 star reviews! 😆👌⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🍓🍓
  • They need to update and improve 5/5

    By WhyLaVelle
    This app deserves a complete Grade F. A ( 1 out of 100, I’ll give this thing about a 10 with my honest opinion and this is just tough criticism which I feel like you guys will not take into consideration. This APP you put on the market then give the worst selection on bringing in the video “ like the length or time like are you guys that lazy not to put in scissors where I can properly edit the video to my Pacific time that I would want not with the app wants. Now I truly believe that it’s just truly believe it’s this APP is undeveloped, who makes it where you cannot choose no music or bring in music from an a platform? The weakest selection of music! Then what makes it truly the worst APP on the dang planet you don’t even let the individual edit or choose where he/she want to put Black fade fast cut zoom boomerang jump cut slow Mo speed, like this is so depressing that you have a app choose the location and where it should put it inside of the individual who is making the visual choose for them self even writing this was depressing because the app since awful low vibration I don’t care what anybody else see on the App Store on Google you need to fix PLEASE !! PS update ASAP !!! ... Please make a subscription at 3 to 4 dollars or five dollars where you can do whatever in the app that you please I feel like you guys should at least do.
  • تطبيق قوي 5/5

    By ahmad mamy
  • Can’t add photos 3/5

    By Me854368
    I was able to make a man edit with videos but tried to do another with just photos and won’t allow me to add any photos. Only videos
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By Cubb27
    I have to cut out (pre edit) any video I don’t want before I add into the app. And some areas... when I doing a cool skateboard trick wasn’t included in the automation. Couldn’t figure out how to highlight them. Could of done this quicker in. iMovie.
  • Audio 1/5

    By ñllllljjhggf
    No se puede dejar solo el audio de videos originales... no se puede ajustar los clips al tiempo que queramos
  • Love it 5/5

    By OMAN™
    The best application in life ♥️
  • Love this app!!! 5/5

    By parkspoohbear
    I absolutely love this app!! It makes my videos look so awesome!! I could never do this on my own!! It’s super easy to use and so convenient for a stay-busy-person like myself who doesn’t have time to edit videos! Thank you to whoever created this!! Love it! One happy customer!! Totally worth the investment!
  • #Thestrengthexplore 5/5

    By thestrenghtexplore
    Love the app very simple to use.
  • Idea 5/5

    By Jason Engineer
    I am importing video clips and it seems to have a problem pulling in images from the end of the clip of larger image files, or so it at least seems. I am having cyber security problems which makes it more difficult to give decent feedback. You guys apps are amazing by the way, people don’t always give people producing the tools the props they deserve. When there is a great product I think the thought is to always want to make it better. I want you all to have a life outside of work too, hopefully you all have found that balance I would like to have the whole song on videos also realize there is issues with network congestion
  • Okay :) 4/5

    By felononatree
    The only thing I wish was possible was adding pictures and editing the videos more as in clipping as well. Little more added to app would improve it!
  • Useless 1/5

    By @grozyan
    1. It can’t recognize music from videos you have in camera roll. 2. It can’t even let you use NOT RECORDED BY CAMERA video. So, nothing from YouTube etc. UX is pretty much bad. Useless app.
  • Audio Delay 3/5

    By ej kardi
    The app is good but it won’t stay original. It loses track of the video and the audio starts to become delayed. Now the audio and the video itself isn’t matching up.
  • Love 5/5

    By Meszqw
    Best ever
  • Super Reliable 5/5

    By Shane oniel
    No time to edit this app does it for you have clips mixing issues but it works
  • Good 5/5

    By Jay1 Only
    So far so good!
  • Why did you change? 1/5

    By Mr. 10/10
    Before you can import music from camera roll for FREE! now you just tell them to get a subscription. Like you just want the money. I already pay for too many Subscriptions but now you just have to change it!?!!?? Like come on, I used to like this but now I hate this app. JUST LET PEOPLE IMPORT STUFF MAN!!!!
  • Just what I was looking for. 5/5

    By roshawnw
    I’ve been seeking a video app that gave me the necessary control to create a video review of my footage. This app is great!
  • Great little app! 4/5

    By Jovat
    Totally dig the app and music selection. Coupled with the motion leap, it’s very capable and easy to use. If I have a complaint it’s that I cannot figure out how to unsync the music beat to the motion. I just want to play the video with the music in the background. This is proving difficult. :( Other than that, it’s pretty good.
  • Idk honestly 1/5

    By radiantEnergy93
    I’m a video editor. I find this to be kinda crappy unless you buy which I won’t.
  • Me 5/5

    By Kairi Susim
  • Amazing!! 5/5

    By iYiYiPod
    Absolutely amazing!! Fast easy movie maker I’ve ever used!
  • Love it! 5/5

    By perlafljjj
    Best video app for any occasion
  • Music 1/5

    By dreyes7598
  • Amazing App 5/5

    By Codyyyyyyuo
    not a paid reviewer, this app is just simply an amazing tool. would give it 100 stars if i could.
  • Does not work. 1/5

    By FraCQ
    Does not work. Stole my money. Tried to contact. No response.
  • Lit!! 5/5

    By The Green Editor
    No large review needed. It speaks for itself. Try it you’ll like it
  • Don’t be so serious 5/5

    By Pokey Ballz
    The creators had a vision and they executed it miraculously. Every edit, no, every click, is going to surprise. Really excited to hear the ability to add songs from i cloud will be coming one day. I think I have bought the full version of all your software now.
  • Connection problem 4/5

    By TooBlueForSchool
    I just want to start by saying I love this app and all its features but on every device I’m getting an error saying “There was a problem downloading your videos. Please check your connection and try again.” after using it 4 times. Now at first I thought this was a connection problem as it said and it might still be but, I’m connected to the internet on every device I’ve tried to use it on and also restarted my device multiple times to make sure but it doesn’t work. I’ve uninstalled it and reinstalled it but that doesn’t work. I’ve checked if other apps worked in terms of internet connection and they do so, I don’t know what to think. I still give this 4 stars because it is a really fun app and I love to use it when I can.
  • Growersluv to all 5/5

    By growers luv flows
    I was looking for app that would put my videos together for me so I had to try this one out I actually love it I will be using this app for the long-haul nice work 💚🙏🏾🌏💪🏾
  • Только нажать кнопочку 5/5

    By Lizabat
    Прекрасное приложение для ленивых и кто движешься со временем. Я люблю долго и нудно все обрабатывать и теряю много времени. Это приложение помогает быстро все отредактировать и вычленить самое интересное, за секунды добавить эффекты и вуаля.... готово!! Крутоо
  • Tried the. app 3/5

    By VA Imagery
    Hi I downloaded the App to check it out. For some reason I thought you could use photos and Video, however only video clips can be used. Plus I could not figure out how to edit the video that was generated such as trimming a clip or changing the order. So I just deleted it. Seem like a cool app but couldn't figure out how to work it.
  • Its not free app 5/5

    By Ruller79
    It is not free app. It requires subscription or $69. purchase price. You can get full feature video editing software on your computer for better price
  • Impossible to use 1/5

    By Joecool95
    Used this app for one trip and my God it’s so frustrating. It shortens all your clips into different short sections so you end up not using half of the videos, which if you could actually move the videos around wouldn’t be a problem. But you have to remove them and try to find another to fit it’s place and then find the video you removed and add it in place of another video
  • Daniel Hammons 5/5

    By dc.dreamz
    So far so good