BeautyCam - AR Carnie selfie

BeautyCam - AR Carnie selfie

  • Category: Photo & Video
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  • Current Version: 7.5.50
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Meitu, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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BeautyCam - AR Carnie selfie App

•BeautyCam helps you look your best, even in photos taken on mobile phones. •BeautyCam is a fun and powerful portrait & selfie camera! •The best FREE virtual makeup app, period. It’s like having a glam squad in your pocket! With BeautyCam you can erase blemishes, smooth skin, brighten eyes, whiten teeth, edit eye color, add filters and special effects, blur photos and so much more.Try new looks on the fly with the world’s most popular, easiest-to-use virtual makeup app. It’s all just one tap away. --------------------------------------------------------- Every photo could use a touch up. That's why magazines use expensive and complicated tools like Photoshop to make people look their best. But now, there’s BeautyCam! BeautyCam provides easy-to-use, powerful tools to perfect every photo or selfie, making each one look like it came straight out of a high-fashion magazine. Now you can be sure that all your portraits show only the best version of you - whether you’ll be using them for your professional profile or simply sharing online with friends. --------------------------------------------------------- BeautyCam is the perfect app to take your selfie editing to the next level. With the BeautyCam app, users can give themselves a full makeover – from lipstick and foundation to eye color and faux freckles – to find a beauty look they love, all right from their phone’s camera! --------------------------------------------------------- What can BeautyCam do for you? Cutie Parlour A fresh way of taking selfies! BeautyCam will keep surprising you with funny and cute AR effects. Transform into cuties instantly! And game elements will enrich your selfies! PERFECT SMILES •Refine your smile •Whiten and brighten your teeth BEAUTIFUL SKIN •Smooth and rejuvenate your skin and adds a radiant complexion for perfect face •Remove temporary imperfections like pimples and blemishes •Brighten dark circles under your eyes TAKE PIKAPIKA •Have you ever envied Sailor Moon and her buddies for their huge sparkly eyes? •Try out fun and adorable photo stickers with anime-style effects on your phone! PENETRATING EYES •Emphasize your eyes for a penetrating gaze •Erase bags and dark circles beneath your eyes RESHAPE FACIAL STRUCTURE •Refine jaw lines •Heighten cheek bones and brows •Reshape your nose •Enlarge or shrink a specific area of the image •Totally transform your face into alien or other fun shapes VIVID MAKEUP •Apply any shade of blush and eye shadow •Add volume to your lashes and shape your brows •Add color to your lips •Add intensity to your natural lip color LIVE AUTO-RETOUCH Need to do a quick retouch? Let our photo editor do the work for you! Retouch using multiple special effects, and instantly preview your photo or video live in BeautyCam. Pick the one you want and take your flawless photo or video with just one click. PHOTO ENHANCEMENTS •Focus the photo on you, by defocusing or blurring the background •Improve lighting or add special effects •Create customized filters •Add unique textures and customizable frames •Rotate the photo or flip to its mirror image MAKE ART •Add artistic touches to make your photo your own •Customizable filters can be applied to the entire photo or to specific areas ADDITIONAL FEATURES •Selfies aren’t everything - BeautyCam works with both the front-facing and outer-facing camera •Selfie Timer built in so you can get off the perfect hands-free shot •Multiple face recognition lets you go for the group shot! BeautyCam helps make everyone look beautiful •Perfect lighting even in the darkest locations. Low light? No problem! BeautyCam automatically adjusts exposure


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BeautyCam - AR Carnie selfie app reviews

  • love it! 5/5

    By By Anniead
    我喜歡這app! 瓜子臉形的人看起來太瘦了!
  • plz dont update it earlyyyy 3/5

    By لیلی ز
    we tired of updating this program every day!!!🤮🤮🤮
  • What's going on with this new update? 1/5

    By waselreins
    I used to use this app so much, now there are too many make up filters that are too similar from each other. Like everyone is saying, why would you remove all the cute moving filters that we all love and unique to your app? Also, is it just me or the picture quality is really bad? Every picture I take including the unedited are so pixelated. I checked my pictures from a few years ago and it's nowhere near like this. The combination of bad picture quality and removing old filters have made this app unusable.
  • Worst update 1/5

    By Chuli1515
    All the best features are gone ... u can’t smooth face to the level u wanted to cause they took it off .. that’s why I got the app in the first place
  • Bring back the dreamy filters 1/5

    By Destinyakame
    Please bring back the dreamy filters that’s mostly the main reason why people got this app.
  • 😢 3/5

    By .Akcire
    The app is almost identical to SNOW app the all the filters. I miss the old video function that this app had. *sigh*
  • Need to fix the app 1/5

    By ApolloPearl
    Need to fix app because it won’t let me upload a picture to edit. It says the image is corrupted even though its not... please fix this! Thanks!
  • Loove it! 5/5

    By Midnight_LuckyStar
    I spend all my time on this! I'd like to be able to add text to my picture/video and to add faces from my iPhone photos like on snap chat though! I would literally pay for an upgrade that allow me to change my background to that of a Google Street View scene, like?? I pay for AR tours on Ascape app alll the time, but I can never REALLY take a selfie with me in it. It is so frustrating. Either way I love this app and for sure I think the developers of this knows what's up. I'd recommend downloading this.
  • GO BACK 3/5

    By Bunnyorange
    Go back. New one is too “fake”
  • Good but... 3/5

    By Uqhehdbnbhfjdkfahajs
    I mean it's a very good app I use it to make kpop edits but the thing is you can't just pick any picture you want because whenever I pick a picture it usually says "images corrupted" so what am I supposed to do like it says that on almost all of my pictures.....can you please fix this
  • Cute! ✨💕✨ 5/5

    By Jennifer Nami
    This is a cute app! One of my favorite apps to use! Wish there’s more like this app! I like all the cute flitters effects to it! 😊
  • Dreamy filter gone? 1/5

    By Djfashion2012
    I'm really sad that you guys removed the sparkle filter, the whole reason I first got this app was because I saw that filter on someone's Instagram. Please bring it back, I'd love to give you guys 5 stars, but I can't justify it when your customer service is being unresponsive.
  • where did the video option go? 1/5

    By xialan1979
    Bring it back !
  • Update ruined everything about this app! 1/5

    By HokiePokieLol
    Makeup filter on this app used to be the BEST. After this update, every filters/stickers seem to look ugly and fake. Please bring back the original app.

    By Hostilehunnyxo
    it used to be great. But you’ve ruined it. If I knew it would’ve been like that, I would’ve never updated it.
  • Dreamy function? 1/5

    By Verycool999
    This app is absolute garbage now. If you want people to choose it over Snow and other selfie apps, bring back the only unique features it had? Unless they bring back the reason everyone cared about beautycam, I’m never redownloading
  • 效果太假了 2/5

    By Little_Cc
  • Why does it say my pictures are corrupted!?! 2/5

    By Yuso_Stylish
    It’s so annoying if I want to edit a pic from my photo gallery and this app won’t let me. It keeps saying my photo files are corrupted. When I use other to edit I don’t have a problem though. Please fix this cuz this one is my favorite app out of the bunch
  • Old filters 1/5

    By Cpn JackSparrow
    I wish they still had the old filters! Beautycam is trying too hard to be snow... They could have just added all the new filters but not take away the sparkly ones.
  • 5 STARS!! I love it!! 5/5

    By Mysterious girl!
    I love the filters and the make up!! I love it!! I’ll give 10 stars ^____^
  • You took away the sparkle filters 1/5

    By a sad cosplayer
    That was a huge purpose for most people to even have your app. I still use beauty cam because it’s better than the regular phone camera picture quality, but I’m so disappointed the past filters were taken away that had the sparkle filters. That added a lot to the app.
  • Great app but could need some more things 4/5

    By Sumi rai
    It’s a really fun app.and there is a reason I gave it 4 eats because it’s fun and all but I’m kind of bored with it.ya I am.can u add more stuff to it.and that’s all.nothing else.nvm why do I have to danloude or what ever the stickers in the cute area or something it takes me a really long time maybe just add the stickers when u make a new one.instead of risking my hand to press on every thing
  • 推薦美顏相機 5/5

    By Ooooooooooolivo
    新的電影濾鏡很美 拍起來非常有質感

    By Ice blaster
    I tried this app as a person just looking though and then I took one of my pictures did some editing and it looked AMAZING I never thought I could look that good so I sent the picture to my friends and said what do you think and they thought it looked amazing too Everyone seriously NEEDS to get this app I give it a five stars👍🏾
  • Horrible update 1/5

    By Sz29
    Is there any way to get the old version back? The new filters are terrible. I used to love this app, but now it is almost un-usable

    By Happy Dovey
    Ok, so not to be harsh, I love the idea of the wigs thingy. But where did all the filters go??? Used to be such a good app but now they remove those goody filter I was all upset!
  • old version is better 1/5

    By Mr Nice app
    old version is so much better, please bring back the old filters
  • Love the “weight loss” and blemish removal feature 4/5

    By Lani710
    I’ve been using this app for 5 years now. It’s my most used app. Only problem I have with is that the app always crashes at some point.
  • Please bring back the old filters 1/5

    By Alden Smith🌸
    I used to LOVE LOVE LOVE this app until it got updated. now it's terrible. i miss the sparkly filters and the heart and sakura filters. please bring it back
  • ???? 1/5

    By Hhsmenrhgne
    The app worked perfectly fine. The filters that were once here are on BeautyPlus, I think. The app will NOT let me upload ANY photo so unfortunately, I really cannot use the app anymore ):
  • Better before 1/5

    By Kikiyo 🎀
    Wasn't this app useful to make cute little videos? Still have the music, but no video this app is just another face filter app...
  • Used to be good 1/5

    By Possedoffs
    Did they remove the functionality that you can put make up on your other pictures? That was so useful. Now it's gone. The new hairstyle feature is completely useless and makes everything look fake. Hope they can fix it soon. Otherwise they will just lose all the user base.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Cutechyanne123
    This used to be one of my favorite apps but then you all took away the best thing about it the sparkle, hearts, etc filters. That was the worst mistake you’ve ever made. Please bring it back or I might just delete this app because it’s just taking up space at this point. If I wanted cute filters like animals I would go to snow.
  • bring back the dreamy filters 1/5

    By videogamegirl96
    i miss them!!! really disappointed in beautycam, i've been using other apps instead :-/
  • This is an awesome app 5/5

    By Benopben
    I really don’t understand why this app doesn’t have more stars. I love this app. The filters are lovely and even thought i know we should all like ourselves just the way we are, I love changing my appearance :) can’t blame me for wanting to look better. This app does everything i need it to do. Too bad i can just as easily change my face in real life :))
  • Please go back to the old version 1/5

    By Choc0lateGirl
    I really enjoyed the old version of the app, simple and easy to use. Now it's like any other typical "beauty" filter app. Please change it back.
  • Adore the makeup filters, but miss the old dreamy ones 3/5

    By veronpan
    I have no complaints about this app, the makeup filters are really cool, but I'd love it if you brought back the old dreamy ones too! I'm pretty sure everyone uses this app only for the makeup and dreamy filters.
  • It’s better than the last huge update 4/5

    By ninjadudee
    I was not fond of the huge update when everything changed, but after a few minor updates I’m okay with it. A lot easier to change my settings and I do like some of the newer features. I do wish the dreamy filter was back but I can do without it
  • Love it but... 4/5

    By Mr.CheeseSlice120
    The filters are cute and that's why I got this app in the first place but you removed some of the filters that I personally liked the most but other than that everything's ok. : )
  • It’s trash! 1/5

    By abumblebee23
    They deleted my old review but wow the new update ruined this amazing free app. I would gladly pay for the old app to be back it was amazing. The new photos looks so artificial and ridiculous. Please go back!! Edit: the app “Bestie” reminds me of old beautycam. I’m deleting BC until they change back
  • Next update better have dreamy filters 1/5

    By Jadeitite
    I refuse to update this app until they put back the dreamy filters. I haven't updated ever since people said they were removed. I don't care how many times your app asks me to update - I will not. Put back the dreamy filters. This app is nothing without them.
  • Bring back old filters 2/5

    By Adatheblueeeee
    I used to love this app and it always had my go to filters and customizations, however the new update removed all of them. Please bring back the old filters and options
  • Hate it now 1/5

    By JanetJane_
    I use to love how the beauty filter kept your natural skin tone now it glosses your eye and makes your face yellow. Please fix!
  • Love it 5/5

    By chawan BLINK
    I don’t get all this hate I really like all the filters Good job
  • bring back the old filters 1/5

    By herb cookie
    not worth it any more
  • Old version was so much better 1/5

    By Gia547
    Like everyone else, I want the old version back. I opened this recently and thought I had the wrong app it was so different. :(
  • 滤镜越来越烂了! 1/5

    By Samtkx
  • Terrible update!!!! 1/5

    By bring it back !!!!
    Not a big fan anymore
  • Horrible update 1/5

    By Apple_Saucy
    App is unusable now. All of the cute filters were removed and the face shaping is way too extreme and warped. Really disappointing changes Update: I keep checking out the updates for this app in hopes that they'll bring back the good filters, but it hasn't happened yet. They've added a kirakira filter, but not the fun anime type sparkles and hearts.
  • Old version is better 1/5

    By Gyy001

BeautyCam - AR Carnie selfie app comments


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