Beautycam-Beautify & AI Artist

Beautycam-Beautify & AI Artist

  • Category: Photo & Video
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  • Current Version: 11.3.30
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Xiamen Meitu Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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Beautycam-Beautify & AI Artist App

BeautyCam helps you see a more beautiful self. Full body mode + aesthetic filters = effortless fashion shoot Beautycam AI Art - generates animated photos with one click Beautify function lets you shoot stress free The smartphone is better than a DSLR. Be the main character in each shot. ----- Beautiful moments exclusively yours ------- 【Original Mode】 The ultimate secret of Instagram aesthetic photos is: naturally glowing skin. Restore your true beauty with a mirror-like shooting experience. 【Beautify Function】 With features such as one-tap auto-retouching, skin/hair correction, slimming, leg-lengthening, spot removal, and more, you can look as good as you feel. 【AI Smart Beauty】 This new function brings you trending makeup looks, a variety of lip tints, blushes, colored contacts, etc. With it, you can skip makeup. 【Style】 Make every selfie look fancy with high-quality AR makeup. 【Super HD beauty】 Taking HD night shots: Light up your face with soft light and avoid the unwanted silhouette. 【Cutie fuction】 Party fun: enjoy hundreds of special AR effects. 【Advanced Soft Focus】 You can now blur the background and erase the bypassers with one tap. 【Excluasive special effects for pet】 Exclusive for our fur babies, accurate identification of pet facial features. 【Full Body Mode】 Transform the full-body. Get that perfect golden ratio. -------BeautyCam VIP------- 【Teleprompter】 Smartphone recording tool! With our teleprompter, you would never forget the line and freeze. 【180+ exclusive materials】 Free to use for member-exclusive filters, AR cutie, makeup style, detailed makeup, and other materials (except for materials specially requested by our partners) 【ad-free】 Enjoy a great experience without being interrupted by ads! 【VIP exclusive function】 Experience aesthetic medicine level retouching, such as skin booster to rejuvenate, skin tone adjustment, wrinkle removal, teeth whitening, 3D rhinoplasty, lip filler, etc. ----Follow BeautyCam on the social media----- Instagram:

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Beautycam-Beautify & AI Artist app reviews

  • It's worth it until the servers stop working. 1/5

    By Errfbond
    Don't waste your time.
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By xxx^xxx
    Enjoy your one star review and your 寒国新年
  • 😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 1/5

    By sonineida
    espa application this lousy... horrible... does not meet the expectations it advertises... it does not have a good porcelain skin finish... and the color is too white... 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 uninstalled... 0 stars!!!
  • 垃圾美颜相机越做越差 1/5

    By mtfkrukdm
  • Cool app! Some problems tho 4/5

    By Jade Mchale
    So I’ve been using this app because of a YouTuber named Jelly Buns used the Ai Art thing, I was using it on ALL of my Gacha OCs, Anime Girl pictures from Google, the Ai Art is amazing! But some issues.-. For starters, if a girl has short hair like a boy and wears pants then the app thinks it’s a boy which kinda bothers me- also the fact that the Reload thing is bothering me a lot, and the older images I have are corrupted? Dude, it even called a photo I JUST took corrupted. Maybe try fixing that? No hate tho, just pointing out some issues I came across. On the other hand, it’s an ✨AWSOME✨ app without these issues. Without this app, the whole entire Gacha community would be trending and using FacePlay, an app that became a Gacha trend by a youtuber that has great OC making skills.(And I’m talking about you, MiKa RoU.)
  • Changed phone and ask to pay VIP again 2/5

    By jsx003
    I purchased the VIP early this year. My VIP is good till next Aug. I upgraded my phone and it ask me to pay VIP again! Sent message at help , no one responds at all! No customer service you can reach out to!
  • Racist 1/5

    By Bob Diarea
    OK don’t get me wrong. The app is super fun to use but it is also very racist. The reason I say this is because whenever I tried to draw a character with black or brown skin, it changes it to a white blonde and I’ve never seen a black or brown character while making art on it.
  • 爛 1/5

    By katie_1026
  • terrible 5/5

    i don’t know what language it is.
  • No vip bundle 1/5

    By monkeyman1273
    If you don’t get the vip thingy you literally can’t do anything would be 5 star if it wasn’t like that
  • This app is so great! 5/5

    By Glow : D
    I love this app, especially the AI art filter! Definitely get this app! My only suggestion is for the AI art, hands sometimes get a little funky in the picture. But this is the only flaw I've seen in an otherwise awesome app!
  • Ai artist 1/5

    By gamerfannamedontakinpls
    On ai artist, it always says “artist nodded off” on my selfies, and I show little to no skin, I have tripple D’s
  • Artist keeps nodding off 1/5

    By YO/5
    The one thing this app is supposed to do it can’t do, one star till it does something
  • 8/10 can’t keep the race the same 😔 3/5

    By ilovebeeflavramen
    I really love this app especially the AI generator (main reason I got it) but it would be nicer if they didn’t change my characters skin tones

    By (hr!$+!na
    I purchased the free trial. The night before it ended i cancelled my subscription. The next morning my account with them is still active and there no option to cancel yet again!! I wokeup to being charged for a yearly subscription 🤬 I wrote an email and reached out to them right away… THEY NEVET RESPONDED!
  • Stop lightening pics by default 1/5

    By Hsiebfjfheodbeosbdj12
    Not everyone wants to be washed out
  • I love it so muchhh 5/5

    By Zoeandryan12
    I love it it makes me look very cute much more than I actually do! I use this all the time now!
  • Better than FaceTune! 5/5

    By loveryandonato
    I love using this app for photo and video editing. Majority of the tools that I have to pay for to use on FaceTune, are included on this app for free. You can watermark your videos too! It’s helped me with editing my pictures and videos a lot faster too.
  • Confused with subscription 3/5

    By "Pro version"
    I am a little confused. It says my subscription is good until 12/24 and yet when I am in the app it says it expired. Is there more than one Beautycam app??
  • Filters 1/5

    By Vickyyy__0000
    Initially loved the collerful filters! But they keep taking them off!! :(
  • I love it 5/5

    By 耶和华神的王国近了
    BeautyCam is amazing it’s a great app I get to look beautiful even though i am not and there’s some very weird, cute, and even 2 people sticker’s me and my family use it when we take photos
  • Chinese Data Tracker App 1/5

    By BarbM99
    If you actually read the Privacy Policy, and you should on this one, you’ll want to hit disagree, and then you will not be able to use the app whatsoever, not even the basic features like it says you can. You would have to mandatory share your personal information with the Chinese. Yeah, I’ll pass on that app, scary!
  • Love it but it’s to chicle 3/5

    By key_otaku
    Keeps asking for money $ subscription & ads stills appear it’s annoying 😵‍💫
  • Ok 4/5

    By 282829sjdk
    It’s a decent app, just wish that some of the editing video options were on the actual face filters instead, like making your nose smaller.
  • I am obsessed ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 5/5

    By AmyIsWayCoolerThanYou
    This is literally my favorite app on my phone. There are so many cute filters to try and I love them all! The beautify button is a great way to bring out your natural beauty. I am absolutely obsessed and would 100% recommend this amazing app!
  • I had to delete it… 3/5

    By jsindhdis
    BeautyCam was the best! It was a life saver! But one day the camera turned sideways I tried to fix it but nothing worked….
  • Way better than Meitu 4/5

    By abuding
    Although it also has some issues and a lot of stuff that costs money, I use it almost every day and it’s really good! But there’s one glitch that’s reaaaaly annoying.So when I or someone accidentally clicks the hello kitty stuff that still costs money even if you have vip which I do there’s no close button like I mean there is a X symbol to click on but after you click on that it still asks me to buy it
  • Can’t save video 1/5

    By Athena Sun.
    This app can’t save any video after I bought a one year membership.
  • Why can’t I mute the camera sound? 1/5

    By lazyjjh
    I can’t mute the camera sound here in Korea. Is it because of the location? So frustrating.. I was so embarrassing to take a photo.
  • Love This App 5/5

    By Kh😊
    Hi! If you are looking for the best free beauty cam, I recommend this app strongly. I’ve used it for many years, possibly over ten years! I was looking for an app, that’s free, to enhance and reduce faults I didn’t like for my selfies. Pointedly, my wrinkles, age-spots and small capillaries on my cheeks! It appeared due to the age and years of suntanning in my youth. Nothing to really distort or lie, just a tiny bit of help. This app is fantastic for what I needed and more features which I may choose to purchase and to add on later as needed. This is by far the very best “free” app! Good luck and happy 2022 to all! Thank you.😊👍
  • Everything is a VIP feature now 3/5

    By Kinokokitty
    Really lame that the video feature is now locked behind a paywall. Who does that? It’s a really basic feature.
  • Old Version 1/5

    By lovevideo
    The old version is much better. Too bad the old version is not compatible to IOS 15.2. Is there any way I can go back to the old version? Old Version is so much more friendly user.
  • Greedy App!!! 1/5

    By Julisis/Jurishi
    You guys wanted the world to use it and make this app famous and this is how you guys treat us!!? Making pay for everything everything F thing?? Greedy, you guys used us also to get famous and stab us in the back.
  • Video can't save 3/5

    By E T cake
    Dear responsible, Please kindly check this app of video recording.. I can't save video recording..It said failure to save. I love it this app so much. I love all of your effects. But now Video saver is not working. Thank you.
  • Took my money 1/5

    By Ummmyeaaaa
    I paid for the VIP membership , I deleted the app downloaded it again and it’s still not letting me save photos with the VIP features that I paid for.
  • Turned free services into pay 1/5

    By Athanus
    Everything they offered free is suddenly “premium” and you have to pay. What a joke.
  • Some many ads 1/5

    By zsun
    Used to be my favorite app, now it becomes worse and worse. Some many useless functions and So many ads that appears frequently.
  • major glitching 1/5

    By wifeluver69
    have used this app for awhile but it just got the screen frozen so tremendously and rather than shutting off when i held the buttons for a while, it just kept vibrating like it would for a phone call
  • Amazing <3 But some problems 4/5

    By radialhaze
    I’ve been using this app for a long time, but one thing, the filters sometimes don’t work on my face. Especially the crazy ones with like it adds accessories. I really like this app, sometimes when I use it in public it can’t find my face because it’s looking at others faces. 💀👊 There’s some other problems too, it glitches out my phone when I use the filters that come with songs, it annoys me when that happens!🧍‍♀️
  • Old, Good Filters Gone 1/5

    By Midnight I.
    Used to be my favorite app due to all the filters. Since they are gone now, it’s not any better then any other apps anymore. I’m just very disappointed with the update, could have at least keep the filters. Goodbye app it was nice while it lasted😞
  • Developed serious body dysmorphia 1/5

    By namineahtellai
    I used this app every day because it made me feel gorgeous. Then realizing by holding your thumb down, it shows the picture through a normal camera and I have now convinced myself I am hideous and developed crippling body dysmorphia . Please be careful if you use this app and understand that the filters warps your skin to keep almost unrealistically flawless and your chin and face shape unnaturally skinny. I am under weight and convinced myself my face was fat and I had disgusting skin because of this app.
  • Lost a super good feature 5/5

    By hazey4201
    This app was my fave and it smoothed my skin and body but now it only does face! Please bring back the body smoother it was a life saver
  • Ads 2/5

    By berricerri
    This app is suddenly so annoying. Stop with the ads EVERY PHOTO or let me take more than one at once these ads are INSANE
  • Best app ever! 5/5

    By kazumi Aiko
    I use this app all the time and I love it! This is my favorite app to make videos and even take pictures. I have an iPhone 8 Plus and the videos and pics comes out perfect! I’ve been looking for an app like this for a loooong time. Please don’t ever get rid of this app. This is the only app I use for my pictures and videos.
  • I think this app is a “scam” 1/5

    By Sensever
    I bought an annual membership for $19.99. However, from a few days ago, all the benefits that paid members can use have disappeared. The paid service I purchased will expire on Jan.8.2022. (Still in Apple Purchases list). Currently I cannot use all paid services. I never want to switch to a paid member again.
  • Unable to edit local photos 1/5

    By gsgsjid
    When i paid for monthly subscription pls fix
  • i love this app but a key feature was taken away 3/5

    By oneandonly97
    So i mainly use this app for just the smoothing feature, i like it because it’s natural looking and doesn’t leave me looking fake. I use the auto smooth for my full body. However, the auto feature now only works for my face only and doesn’t smooth out the texture on the rest of my body. Very disappointing update, please bring back the ability to auto smooth my entire body! Not only my face.
  • Not good! 2/5

    By A Dropbox user
    Many useless features in app and need an option to choose to turn on or use any features we want! And takes up too much storage space! Please made this lighter and easier to use for all!😀
  • Videos “fail to save” each time. 1/5

    By Dr. Dot
    I pay $19.99 per year for BeautyCam but lately videos “failed to save” and it’s super annoying! Zero customer support.