Bed Time Fan - White Noise Sleep Sounds Aid

Bed Time Fan - White Noise Sleep Sounds Aid

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Bed Time Fan - White Noise Sleep Sounds Aid App

Get to sleep in 20 minutes or less with Bed Time Fan™ High quality deep sleep and fall asleep faster with this APP! √ Highest Quality Sleep √ Fall Asleep Faster √ 3 Soothing High Quality Fan Sounds √ Sleep timer with soft fade out √ Keeps running in background Many people rely on the sound of their fan to help them fall asleep... Problem is that you can't always bring your fan with you!! ...BUT wait, you have your iPhone or iPad with you 95% of the time!! So if you download this FREE app then you have the noise of your fan with you wherever you are! Get a better sleep with Bed Time Fan! Download now for FREE!


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Bed Time Fan - White Noise Sleep Sounds Aid app reviews

  • Fan ? 3/5

    By ashyyyyyy5
    It does not sound like a fan I’ve ever heard. Closing my eyes for the first time, it sounded like static on a TV. Way too creepy for me, thankfully I tried a few other apps and found one that will work for me. Give it a shot! But there are many more options out there in case it doesn’t work for you either. (That are also free)
  • HORRIBLE!!🤮 1/5

    By Carmon Liver
    Seriously? This app sends ads left and right, and whenever you open the app it’s always asking you to "Upgrade to the ads free version?" For 2 bucks!! No way! Also whenever you turn off your phone it just goes out!! Ignore this app, it’s trash!!
  • Love this so much!! 5/5

    By Rachel-marie1015
    I was trying to find a noise maker for a trip because I can’t stand silence, and when I was trying this out this morning, I fell asleep on the couch. That’s how I know this is the right noise for me. I highly recommend.
  • Song at the end 1/5

    By Chabbi
    The fan noise helped me fall asleep by at the end of the timer an annoying song of some kind,I guess and ad, started playing and woke me up.
  • Weird Sound 1/5

    By XxDream20xX
    There is some weird sound that plays in the background. It keeps me up whenever I’m trying to relax and fall asleep on nights that I’m with people who don’t keep these kind of fans in their homes. It used to be bearable, but now I just can’t stand it. If this were fixed, I would consider using the app again.
  • Video ads 3/5

    By NiteRunnr
    I did only get one video ad (with sound) at the beginning, but that's a deal breaker for me. Also there is indeed a slight sound in the background that some have reported, though I don't think it's intentional. Advertise it as light weight for people low on storage, fix the sample and drop video ads. Simple
  • Used to be good 3/5

    By Libbyann76
    It “skips” every several it’s being reset or something. Not exactly easy to fall asleep to.
  • Dododoodooodoo 1/5

    By MAE MAE
    Can’t stand the faint nose of do,do,doo,doo,doo..... I thought I was losing my mind till I read other reviews with the same problem. Will be deleting the app.
  • Best white noise generator 5/5

    By Gdgiufrygjfh
    I love this app because it sounds so good, I don’t notice the loop unless I listen for it. Plus it doesn’t drain the battery, if I can’t have my phone plugged in. I can run it all night, no worries.
  • Was great... 1/5

    By adrew12
    For some reason the fan turns off now which makes me wake up. It used to stay on all night. This happened on two phones.
  • Hard to argue about results so far 5/5

    By Yankedfan
    A coworker told me about this and I figured it was cheaper than using the exhaust fan I have used for years. So far, it has helped to drop off to sleep fairly quickly every time I have used it.
  • Do away with piano melody on repeat. 3/5

    By It's an all right app
    Thought I was going crazy until I read these reviews. Do away with the melody in the background. It is anything but calming!
  • Automatically turns volume to 100 1/5

    By Mento jangles
    This app will automatically turn up the volume to 100 for ads
  • Ok app. 2/5

    By Ou1fan
    This sounds like a real fan. However I also hear a repeating tune in the background. Enough to drive me nuts and keep me awake instead of falling asleep. Deleting this app and finding a different app.
  • Great fan noise but annoyingly loud ads first 3/5

    By Smushy cat
    I love the fan noise and have had this app for a couple years now because I travel, but I hate that it now plays ads with audio when you turn it on. This is a fairly recent thing and it’s awful. Hearing a loud ad for candy crush when I’m almost asleep and trying to relax is extremely annoying and has made me want to delete it several times.
  • Calming, noise reducing, best one out there. 5/5

    By Ali1797
    I fall asleep to this every night! It even calms my anxiety. Definitely the best white noise app I’ve used. I’ll never switch to another! It even blocks out noise from my roommate when I’m trying to sleep.
  • Thanks but no thanks 1/5

    By Fussellusi
    Get this app if you're looking to end your kids nap early. Fan turned off after 20 min or so and asking me if I want to upgrade- the sudden silence of course woke up my daughter. Hell hath no fury like a kid that gets woken up mid-nap. I suggest you just charge your users from the get-go and save us the grief.
  • Great for a vacation! 5/5

    By Reviewer 78512
    My husband and I must have a fan to sleep at night. We have used this app many times while on vacation when we don't have a fan in the hotel room. We have even used when tent camping with no electrical hook ups! It sounds real and it lets us sleep. I would definitely recommend.
  • Works very well 5/5

    By Gamer17591847
    The app works just as intended and I find myself going to sleep faster. You can turn off and it still plays like the music app. The ads don't disrupt it either.
  • Fantastic for anxiety 5/5

    By Kcuello
    If my home is too quiet my mind can’t calm down and it’s close to impossible to get rest. The fan sounds legit, I can control the volume and I set a timer so that it will shut off 15 minutes before my alarm goes off, so it makes it easy to wake up. It’s such a simple and basic app, but it’s probably the one thing I cannot live without.
  • Sweet sleepy embrace 5/5

    By PicklesNozdormu
    I have tried countless noise apps on the App Store and every one of them is either annoying, doesn’t let you lock your phone and still play, or doesn’t actually sound like a real fan. I’ve slept with a fan my entire life then once I found this app, it sounded exactly like my fan. I use this every single night and I HIGHLY recommend this app. It’s simple, 3 setttings from low to high. This app is the only thing that lets me have a peaceful nights sleep.
  • Not good 1/5

    By The beemer
    It turns off after a few seconds.. which is kinda creepy and annoying.
  • Full Screen Ads, Some Even Have Audio 3/5

    By disco_feeny
    I imagine the payed version of this app is perfect. It is simple to use and makes a great fan simulation. However, I had to choose a different app because the invasive ads. If the ads would remain small banners I would still use this app. The ads cover you whole screen at times and can be loud, something you do not want as you are going to bed.
  • Simple and Effective 5/5

    By Robertomontobon
    This app is simple and effective. There’s only one choice and it’s the perfect sound. I get to sleep every time. It even has a timer which makes it the perfect app.
  • Works great 5/5

    By Joseph399
    I’m used to a window air conditioner to be my white noise machine but that doesn’t really work in the winter so I downloaded this app and it works great. There are ads but they only last five seconds so it’s nothing to worry about. Great app, 5/5 Stars
  • Ads!!! 1/5

    By megvt1988
    I’ve used this app for years and recently ads will literally play in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT and completely ruin the entire point of this app! I don’t mind if there are ads, but I don’t wanna hear the songs and stuff during the night; fix this!!!
  • Excellent! 5/5

    By Will W. Freng.
    Sounds like a real fan.
  • Truly works 5/5

    By 4yearsurvivor/stage3
    Hate that I can't sleep through the night without noise but love this app. Have been using it for two years and it is a lifesaver. Very pleased...
  • Ok sleep sound 3/5

    By sleepmenot
    The noise it makes is fine. My issue is with the ads. I understand it’s free but the ads play at full volume. I’m try to go to sleep and I get these jarring ads in my face when I turn the app on.
  • The piano in back annoying 1/5

    By Groggiero87
    The piano keys in the background are extremely irritating and keep me up. At first I loved the app so much because it sounds like a real fan and helped me fall asleep when I had the flu. But now that I’m getting better all I can hear is the piano keys in the background. At first I thought I was going crazy but it is actually the same keys on a loop over and over and over. There should be an option to turn off the music.
  • Ads shut it off. 1/5

    By Sarah111213
    Worked great until it turns off in the middle of the night.
  • Didn’t even sound like a fan 1/5

    By Court.f.s
    Plus, I couldn’t even feel a breeze.
  • It’s exactly what I wanted 5/5

    By 草莓娜娜
    Doesn’t sound like a generic hiss or a static tv. The 3 options slow medium or high Sound like 3 different fans. I slept like a baby when I turned it loud enough to block out my baby’s playing sounds and music while my husband watched him. Highly recommend
  • I never review apps 1/5

    By Chan-chan864
    The melodic beeping in the background is the most irritating thing I have ever heard.
  • Doesnt stay on 1/5

    By ash0371
    I have had this app for a very long time. Just recently they updated it so it doesn't stay on all night. Guess you have to buy their new one if you want it to stay on all night. Annoying
  • Sounds like a fan 5/5

    By Iphone4lover123
    To everyone complaining about the ads, simply put your phone on airplane mode and turn WiFi off, app still works but with no ads.
  • Stop with the upgrade requests!!!!! 3/5

    By Dennisond
    First off, good app. The best and most realistic fan app I’ve heard by far. But seriously, every time i open the app, there is a pop up saying upgrade. I said NO once, I shouldn’t have to say it again, I’ll decide if I want to upgrade. This has actually led to my deleting of the app, not upgrading.
  • Too much ad 2/5

    By fluttershyJAC
    When changing the fan settings ad comes on.
  • Ads ruined this ap 1/5

    By Cheese565748
    Use to be a great app .. I used with all my baby's when they have hard time falling asleep now it's useless when your trying to get your kid asleep and all of a sudden at full blast a ad comes on very frustrating greed is route to all evil ✌🏽
  • Perfect! 5/5

    By Tripplecz
    Easy to use timer and three sound levels.
  • I sleep with it EVERY night 5/5

    By Johnsn1perz
    I sleep with this app every night. Just put it on the highest setting at maximum volume before drifting off to sleep. My only complaint is that it stopped playing adds. I used to get to play a short mini game every night before I fell to sleep. Now that adds don't play I have to watch a YouTube video before bed. This causes me to stay up too late. Please bring back adds so I can fall asleep content and get to bed sooner. I stayed up to 12:40 tonight watching videos and writing this comment. I need adds. Thanks
  • I love it 5/5

    By ErockBar1
    So awsome
  • Video ad 1/5

    By 5ke1th
    Video ads come too often, there are better ones without the video ads
  • Im extremely disappointed 1/5

    By EpicSwords14
    This app used to be great! I use a fan every night to fall asleep and this app has been my answer for about a year now. Ever since they introduced all the ads and the as videos that stop the fan, I haven't slept the same. I wake up in the middle of the night and the fan is turned off! I'm fine with ads on screen I understand it's how they make their money, but don't interupt my sleep because you are greedy!
  • Traumatized me 2/5

    By Allowisjes
    I set the timer and after the time was up, a horrible slot machine game started blaring bells and whistles. I had just fallen asleep, it was terrifying. However, the fan sound was appealing and had different settings to chop from.
  • Sleep well .... 5/5

    By Walker :)
    Great app
  • Sounds realistic 5/5

    By Tabnett
    It's been difficult to find sound machine apps with sounds that don't just sound super recorded or not realistic..this app does the trick for us over at least 4 apps that we have tried!
  • Good for Traveling 5/5

    By Arcadian_Rebel
    If this is something you need, it works great!
  • Perfect 5/5

    By HollyGrovee
    It sounds just like a real fan and I’m able to lock my phone so there isn’t an annoying light in my face. I use it with out headphones and just set it next to my bed. I adjust the volume depending on if my neighbors are being loud at night. I use the timer for naps but otherwise don’t use it. When asleep, I just leave it on till I wake up the next morning because I tend to wake up in the middle of the night, plus when I do wake up it soothes me and I’m able to fall back to sleep quicker. It offers you a version without ads but honestly the ads don’t stop the flow of things. You can still hear the fan and it’ll still b none stop if you like, besides once I set it on wat I want I don’t look at the screen anymore. Wouldn’t change anything about it.
  • Not for true fan sleepers 1/5

    By Wolfgul
    I’m a light sleeper and i can only sleep with a fan on. This fan sounds good at first and then after awhile you start to hear faint beeping noise and then i can no longer sleep because I’m focused on the faint beeping. I do not recommend.

Bed Time Fan - White Noise Sleep Sounds Aid app comments


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