Bedsider Birth Control Reminders

Bedsider Birth Control Reminders

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Bedsider Birth Control Reminders App

A better way to remember your birth control—designed for women who use the pill, patch, ring, or shot. Life gets busy. You get preoccupied. And before you know it, you forget to consistently stay on top of your birth control. Could that lead to an unplanned pregnancy? Yes. Would a reminder help? Most definitely. BEDSIDER’S BETTER BIRTH CONTROL REMINDERS Remembering the pill, patch, ring, or shot just got a lot easier. Our reminders will tell you when to use it and when your refill is due. But these aren’t plain reminders that will bore you. Oh, no. These are funny, cheeky, entertaining reminders you’ll actually want to receive. » Set the day and time when you want to receive your reminders. » Supports those on the pill, patch, ring, and shot. » Hit snooze if you need to remember at a later time. » Schedule appointment reminders when it’s time to see your provider. Download Bedsider’s reminders app—it’s free, effective, and makes remembering birth control a bit more fun.


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Bedsider Birth Control Reminders app reviews

  • Not even receiving notifications 1/5

    By Ellie Aronson
    At first when Bedsider switched to in app notifications I was disappointed, now I’m literally not even receiving those. In settings I have my notifications turned on. The app has one job and it is not doing it. Thanks to this app I have missed my Nuva ring and had to restart 3 different times, which is extremely frustrating. I’m really disappointed.
  • Notifications 1/5

    By S Avery
    What happened to the fun random text messages!?
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Ilovefredweasly
    I used this while on the pill, it rarely sent me reminder messages & when it did it was long after my alert time. Now I’m on the ring and they don’t have an option for the 21 day script I’m on, only the “regular” 28 day...
  • Very helpful 4/5

    By Angie 👑
    If it wasn't for this app, i would've missed all my pills. Very helpful and useful. It would've gave it 5 stars if it had an alarm to alert me better.
  • Great app, some bugs 4/5

    By klhoj
    I LOVE this app. I'm on the Nuvaring and this app has definitely helped me keep track of my in/out schedule. In the past I was relying on remembering when I last put it in based on what happened that day... Not very reliable. I'm very grateful for this app. HOWEVER, it does have a bug in which on every "out" week the notification reads "Put a New Ring In!" when it should be saying "Take Out Your Ring!" - so that has definitely thrown me off before but thankfully the calendar shows one icon for "in" and one icon for "out" to keep me on schedule.
  • Helps me remember!! 5/5

    By Athena Swiader
    I really like this app and personally it actually really helps me remember when I need to take my pill. Plus it has funny messages so I wake up with a smile.
  • Great app!!! 5/5

    By violettemagnolia
    I love the way Bedsider setup their new reminders! When I would get my reminders texted, I was always ignoring them, or didn't hear the notifications. With the app, they come through loud and clear, and the banner doesn't go away until I click on it, and I haven't missed any pills since downloading it.
  • Loved the text reminders but HATE this app 1/5

    By AngieBabe643
    I am so disappointed in Bedsider for doing away with the text reminders and requiring users to download this app. I missed my pill several times because of how poorly the reminders work. I have deleted the app and downloaded a text reminder app that allows me to send myself a "Take your pill!" text at the same time each day. Bedsider really dropped the ball but at least other apps allow me to continue with the texts that actually help me.

    By ladrenalove
    The app doesn't alert you for any method and causes stress.
  • Why? 1/5

    By Rgal_2015
    I don't understand. I thought maybe I had disabled notifications for the app...they're on. Then I thought maybe the app "forgot" that I had set a reminder and that I should re-edit it. Except I've done that at least 10 times now. They even have the audacity to ask me what kind of "text" id like to receive in the morning even though they know and you now know you won't be getting any notification. I was so excited about the app because I thought it was a great way to remind me of my pill, refilling my prescription, etc. I'd been using the text service for years and loved getting my fun facts in the morning. With all of the apps out there, I'm shocked that a simple notification system isn't working. My teenage memory was even better than this app.
  • Notifications stop working 1/5

    By sameltron
    The notifications just decide on their own to totally stop working. I keep having to reinstate them every couple of weeks. The texts were genius and worked flawlessly, I hate that Bedsider discontinued this option and will now be looking for a new app/service for reminders.
  • Pointless 1/5

    By Thisappsux24
    What's the point when I never get the reminder? Wish they'd go back to the texts. I've used this app for 6(ish) months and I've maybe gotten my reminder like 2 or 3 times. Good thing I have a reminder in my phone because the app doesn't cut it at all.
  • Doesn't remind you! 1/5

    By Katrinas08
    I have been getting the text reminders for years and they were great! Now for the first time in 6 years, I've missed switching my ring on time 😡 It doesn't actually send any sort of just has an internal calendar that is not at all helpful because if I remembered to check it, why would I set up the reminder. Please fix!!! Don't want to get pregnant because of an app.
  • Bring back texting reminders! 1/5

    By Kelbel033
    I used to love the text reminders because it was almost impossible to miss. Now I miss the reminders almost every time. Plus the snooze option doesn't work at all. Not worth downloading till they bring back the text reminder!
  • Hugely disappointed 1/5

    By Alauren014
    I've never written a review for an app, but felt so overwhelming disappointed with the performance of this app that I felt the need to echo the other reviews listed. I've used Bedsider text reminders for about 5 years now, and I loved it up to this app creation. Thanks to the original text service, I've only forgotten a pill twice over the past 5 years. Now over the past several months since this app switch, I've forgotten my pill 6 times. That's a lot in a short amount of time, and I consider myself an extremely mindful and routined person. The app reminders are inconsistent, aren't as eye catching as a text message, and the banner notifications get lost in a sea of other notifications coming into my phone. What was key with the actually text service for me personally was that I would not open the text until I took my pill. That way, the text notification was always there and it was more prevalent given people are always texting/looking at their messages. My best suggestion would be to offer users the OPTION of SMS text messages or the push notifications, similar to how GroupMe functions. This is your best bet if you want to keep users, otherwise this app is completely useless and I'll be deleting.
  • This app does not work well 1/5

    By hwseidenb
    I keep missing the little red reminder. And then if you open the app, it goes away and there's no way to snooze it even though it says that you can set a snooze time. It's so dumb. I've been missing my pill more often because of the app. I never had this issue with the texting service.
  • Never got the reminder 1/5

    By PJazz89
    I never write reviews, but I had to say something. The idea that you could have a birth control reminder app that doesn't work completely baffles me, considering the consequences. Do yourself a favor and don't even bother downloading.
  • nope 1/5

    By skfkenrfkdjdndbd
    i almost never missed a pill with the texting service but after switching to the app i've missed 3 in a little over 1 cycle which is enough to make me find a more reliable pill reminder thanks for nothin bedsider
  • Bad app 1/5

    By Blindly learning
    What happen to the text reminder. I set to high alert and didn't get notified. How many trips to planned parenthood and plan b is this app supporting. Also this app is not made axcessible to voiceover users (blind). None of the markers are labeled so my phone just reads "button button button...". I think people with disibilities is a poor group to this clued.
  • Not worth it anymore 1/5

    By Britster56
    Like everyone else, the texts were far greater than this supposed app. Won't remind you with the app, texts were way better. I hadn't even realized that I missed the reminder for 4 days!! You're better off setting your own reminder.
  • Bring back the texts!!! 1/5

    By Once loyal Bedsider user
    I never missed a pill with the text messages, but it's too easy now with the app notifications to ignore the reminder. Bedsider, please bring back the texts!!!
  • App fails to remind you... 1/5

    By jarnvila88
    This app was working perfectly until I updated to the newest iOS and ever since hasn't reminded me once to take my pill. So disappointed since I have been a loyal bedsider text recipient for at least 5 years!
  • Doesn't Work. So Irresponsible. 1/5

    By CGCG9
    Text messages worked. This app does not. I relied on you, Bedsider, and I'm so disappointed. Deleting the app.
  • Works When It Feels Like It 1/5

    By Katiedb512
    Downloaded this obviously as a reminder to take my pill, went three days without reminding me before I reached out to them. They then told me to email them my phone number and my service provider and they would get back to me... That was, hm, maybe three weeks ago? Still nothing from them, still no reminder. Ended up deleting the app and setting an alarm. Don't waste your time downloading this.
  • Miss the Text Reminder! 1/5

    By MindyDolly
    I used to rave about your service - recommending it to everyone. I hate that your App only service now. Please bring back the text, it to easy to miss the app reminder. Will have to look into a new reminder... :(
  • Hate the reminder 1/5

    By KatieC96
    Annoyed that they don't use the text anymore. Now o barely ever see the reminder even when I set it to pop up. Miss the text message.
  • Uh ohhh 1/5

    By afelifree
    The text reminders never stopped that I've had to use the app it will reset itself weekly so I barely ever get the reminders. Back to using an alarm I guess 😕
  • Hate the app - loved the text reminders 1/5

    By akingston4747
    I am so mad Bedsider got rid of text reminders and switched to app notifications. I got daily text reminders from Bedsider for FOUR YEARS and didn't miss a single pill. NOT A SINGLE PILL. Now that Bedsider got rid of this option and switched to an app, I've had this app for FOUR WEEKS and have already missed my pill THREE TIMES. The app notifications are so easy to miss, and now lately the Bedsider app has stopped sending me reminders altogether. I'm really disappointed that users aren't given the option to receive their daily reminders by text or by app. I will probably just get rid of the app now and find a way to get pill reminders elsewhere.
  • Downgraded 2/5

    By Dfswagga
    They used to send a text daily and that worked so much better. Since they switched to the app it sends a notification but that's it. Once I open my phone I just don't see the little red 1 by it because it's just not a heavily used app for me like messages are. Currently looking for another daily text reminder site because this isn't working anymore.
  • Terrible app need texts back! 1/5

    By Crzy4cubs
    I've used the texts as a reminder for years. I would keep it unread if needed to see the notification as a reminder. With the app I have received one reminder. The rest have either been lost in my notifications or never came through. Very upsetting. Bring back the texts!
  • Dangerous, Awful. Switch back to texts! 1/5

    By DierksYeah
    I have used bedsider text alerts for 3+ years and loved them. The app is beyond disappointing and not at all functional. I got notifications the first 2 days, then they stopped completely. Notifications get lost in the abyss of a million phone app notifications and are totally impractical without a snooze button for busy, working women. I loved the texts because I would leave them unread until I took my pill and seeing the red circle on my text icon would remind me. Without exaggeration, women are probably getting pregnant due to their reliance on this app, and its utter failure. Something this vital should have been beta tested before making the switch to a tech platform bedsider clearly hasn't figured out how to run. I love the witty texts and the idea of bedsider but this app is so bad it is genuinely a danger to women's health. Please switch back to texts!
  • Pointless app at this point 1/5

    By @livia
    I used the Bedsider texting service for years and was so pleased. There were minimal hiccups/missed texts throughout my 3+ years. When they announced they were changing to an app and forced everyone to download, I was mildly annoyed (using storage space) but loyal enough to Bedsider that I went ahead and downloaded. It worked fine for a couple of weeks, but then about 10 days ago I noticed I wasn't getting notifications. I double checked my settings - notification settings were all on. When I'd open the app, I'd see the "trivial message/fun fact" of the day, but I had never received it. So...basically, the app was pointless. I kept it for another week as a last chance, but finally deleted. Sooo disappointed!! :(
  • Notifications don't appear 1/5

    By Kdiaz129
    I was a huge fan of the texts bedsider would send before they switched to the app. I would even forward the ones I enjoyed to my boyfriend and discuss them with my friends since we all received the texts. It was a very clear and discreet reminder. However, since changing to the app I no longer receive the notification alerts even though I have tried to reset the app a few times. I have missed taking my pill 4 times this past week because of this issue! My friend is also experiencing this problem. I'm going to search for a new reminder and use an alarm for now while mourning the days of witty texts from bedsider.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By ambers7917
    I don't get notified and have missed my pill a few times because of it. Please bring back text message reminders!
  • Useless 1/5

    By Shallll
    I used the text reminders for about 2 years and LOVED it. Switched over to the app now that they don't send text anymore. Reminders came fine at first but I notice that they're not coming in anymore. I take my pill everyday at noon but lately I've been taking it few hours late because by the time I notice nothing came through, it's past noon. Will be just setting up my reminders on my phoned from now on and deleting this app. Such a bummer ☹️
  • Garbage 1/5

    By m31i554
    Title says it all. They shouldn't have stopped the texts.
  • App doesn't even work 1/5

    By sangochan241
    Terrible app. The texts would actually alert you, this only alerts while you're in the app. Stupid change. Sad the texts are gone.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Noodle&Sam
    I have been getting bedsider's reminders since I've started using birth control, and while I got the texts, I did not miss my pill once. Since the app started and the messages stopped, I have been more than 3 hours late on 6 separate occasions. The messages only stopped 2 weeks ago! I no longer feel this service helps me, and I will be deleting this app. Please bring the texts back. I am disappointed that the one reminder option that worked for me has been taken away.
  • Step in the wrong direction 1/5

    By ataormina
    I'd tried for years to find a reminder that would actually make me take my birth control on time and the texts from Bedsider were what finally did it - they were amazing. The app fails almost daily to remind me because the notification gets lost in others and you had to press the hidden snooze (for a finite number of times...) or it disappears into the abyss of ignored notifications. Now with the iOS 10 update I can't even find the snooze so this is even more useless.
  • So disappointed for a company that wants to prevent pregnancy. 1/5

    By Ahitchy9
    I have used the bedsider text reminders for years and have never had a problem remembering to take out or put in a new Nuvaring. Sadly, the very first month the texts were taken away this "helpful" app failed to remind me adequately I'm assuming because the reminder got lost in my notifications and I ended up having to purchase and take plan b. Bedsider needs to rethink this from the other reviews I've seen or else they may start causing more pregnancies than they help prevent.
  • So Disappointed 1/5

    By Clemsongal28
    I LOVED the text reminders I used to get every day. I am so sad that I don't get them anymore. Now the app is so much more complicating and harder to use. I just wish the text reminders could come back :(
  • If I could give this no stars I would. 1/5

    By Amandaaaaaa1111
  • I miss the texts. 1/5

    By pinkp0ison
    Notifications on my phone get lost. With the texts I used to delete the text right after I took my pill, because I didn't always take it at that exact moment. Sometimes it was 20 minutes later: with the app, the notification goes away as soon as I open my phone. Not cool, Bedsider. Thankfully I am looking to get off of the pill soon anyways, because God knows I would start missing some soon!
  • Loved to texts...hate the app 1/5

    By Glitz&Sass
    I have yet to see a notification. Are they getting lost somewhere? The texts were amazing. As a flight attendant who is always in different time zones this was my lifesaver. The app is really disappointing.
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By Nicole6767
    I am completely disappointed in this app. This notification just gets lost in a sea of many others and is not a reliable method for tracking the pill. With the texts it was easy to just not open the text until you had taken the pill. The app claims to have a snooze function, but I have yet to see it work. Overall completely disappointed in this distinction so app and will be looking for a new alert system.
  • Please bring the texts back! 1/5

    By BringTextyBack
    This is literally my first app review ever because I have never felt compelled to write one. I agree with what every less-than-pleased reviewer is saying. I LOVED the Bedsider texts and introduced multiple friends to the service. It was discreet, funny, and best of all, could be left "unread" until I took my pill. The new app makes it much harder - it's only been a few days and I've already missed my pill twice since the notification disappears before I can get home to take my pill. PLEASE BRING THE TEXTS BACK!!!!!
  • The texts were wonderful! 1/5

    By so cool i cnat belive
    I loved the text alert but unfortunately using this app ive never gotten any sort of alert or notification for my pill.
  • I Had High Hopes 1/5

    By Andruhhhhh
    I've bee using the text message system for two years now and it's worked great. I thought the app would be just as good if not better, but the app is absolutely not helpful at all. The notification just gets lost on my lock screen with the other notifications and I keep the app on my second page (since I want it discrete) so I end up missing it once I open my phone. The texts were nice because I could just not open the text until I had taken my pill, but now I don't have that option. I wish texts were still an option.... Sadly, I will be deleting my app and will be looking for a new way to get notifications until Bedsider brings back the text message system.
  • Doesn't do what it's supposed to 1/5

    By akristosik
    It does a pretty bad job at notifying you when to take your pill. I have missed multiple pills already after only having the app for a week
  • Miss the text 2/5

    By TikkaTikka
    I don't get this new app at all. It says there is a snooze but I have yet to see that implement. I also don't like if your phone is not locked then it doesn't notify you like an alarm does. It just has a little notification on the icon. When my phone is locked and I check then it will show up in the home screen similar to a missed text/call/snap etc. The app is not on one of my first pages because I would rather it be more discreet and obviously I put my apps in order of how often I use them. So it's not readily that I would see there is a little reminder. Right now it's not an issue because the texts just ended and I'm still in pill mindset but once my off week comes it will be a hard adjustment. I think at this point I would rather just make my reminder on my alarm clock. Is there not a way for users to choose text or app reminder?! Super sad as I really loved this service and was so excited when a friend introduced me to the texts.

Bedsider Birth Control Reminders app comments


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