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  • Current Version: 6.2.0
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Beer With Me AB
  • Compatibility: Android
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Beer With Me App

Beer With Me is a social application to notify your friends when you are drinking so that they can join. Just select your beverage of choice from the big drink button and check in or open the map to find some friends already at the pub.

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Beer With Me app reviews

  • Pls add seltzer 4/5

    By Amanda_13_515
    I mean let’s be real, that’s what half of people are drinking when they click beer. Plus I’ll throw in the 5th star and I’m sure others will too lol
  • Me and my group loves this app 4/5

    By cere_kat
    Especially with the ongoing crisis, me and my friends love this app as a way to drink together without actually being together. However, we would love more options for drinks, especially for hard seltzers. This app gives us so much joy and laughs though, I love it!
  • The Single Greatest App 5/5

    By The Goat of Apps
    In a world wrought with issues, Beer With Me is a beacon of hope.
  • This app saved quarantine 5/5

    By Annie100ismylife
    Made me feel much less lonely when I was notified that I wasn’t the only one drowning my sorrows when we couldn’t leave the house. 5/5
  • Add an option: 5/5

    By klittykat22
    Seltzers please. Great app. Love it. Add seltzer.
  • Add rum 3/5

    By Yinboy6
    Rum should be added to this app. Makes no sense why it hasn’t been. Unacceptable

    By TNoll87
    Love the app but can’t give it the stars without a “Seltzer With Me” option. Simple addition the app can make to make it even more awesome. Make it happen y’all.
  • Add hard seltzer! 5/5

    By whitclaw
    Love the app! Add a hard seltzer option for a drink!!

    By rach8890099992919191911
    we need an option for white claws / trulys !!!
  • Version 6 made me do it 5/5

    By Fredrik___
    What a majestic update! Cheers!
  • Strictly Ferda 5/5

    By NAe bae pro
    This application turns boys into men. I live the simplicity so we don’t get confused as well as the cutting edge messages. Me and the boys are coming up on a year of using it and I will certainly say that my life has been more fun since the app. When we delete beers together I always remind them to “update the app”
  • Personalized Messages 4/5

    By Neely2213
    i wish there was a capability to send custom messages to friends in the app... fix it for 5 stars!!!
  • Drink options 5/5

    By erinpm12
    I love using this app so much! It’s a great way to connect with friends. I wish there was a drink option for a Seltzer. White claws and trulys are very popular drink right now and I feel there is no option equal to this.
  • Needs a little more 4/5

    By AngieMfan
    More message options are needed. Also, grog & mulled wine? Seriously? How bout adding hard seltzer instead. You know, something people actually drink.
  • Fourloko? 4/5

    By ballzout_choi
    I’ll give you one more star if you guys add the fourloko option in the app.
  • Great during Quarantine 5/5

    By thornintheusa
    Love it for drinking with friends. Wish there was drinks for seltzer or something mite specific than cocktail for a simple rum and coke.
  • Great start, add more! 5/5

    By :):D<3:P
    I am loving this app especially during quarantine. It’s nice to know that you and your friends are drinking alone, together. This app would be so much better if you could choose what you are drinking (beer, red wine, etc.) and be able to type in the name of your specific drink (e.g. Sweetwater 420 Pale Ale, 19 Crimes Cab Sav, etc.). To take it even further, it would be cool if it kept stats on how many times you’ve had each drink. Would love to see these updates!
  • Make it we’re you can type any message you want 5/5

    By ethank0000
    This is one of the best apps in the App Store but my only complaint is that you can’t send any message that you want to send to your friends.
  • Needs a seltzer option 5/5

    By TheThirdReich
    This app is hilarious, only thing missing is a couple more options for your drink like seltzer.
  • Great potential! 4/5

    By _Queen_B
    I think this app has a lot of potential to grow very popular once a few additions are made. I enjoy the app and the simplicity of it, yet I wish there were more features. Expanding the drink list would be a great start, along with adding in a “custom” drink selection wherein users can type in their specialty drink. Additionally, the option to send a photo with the notification of drinking would be a neat way to share various tastes and brands of alcoholic beverages. Another cool option would be adding a profile picture so we can see a little picture of our friend’s face where they are drinking or with the notification of drinking. I do love this app, especially during quarantine, because it makes me feel close to my friends. And because we can be alcoholics in solidarity.
  • So fun 4/5

    By Nhtyycgdghgtuvy
    but please add seltzer option!!! gotta drinks the claws ya know- i also support the recommendation of adding a “🤙 yew”
  • Great app but add margarita with me!! 5/5

    By skahnny
    We need to be able to marg with our community!!
  • Seltzer 5/5

    By Dancer4life174440
    Need a seltzer option!
  • Fantastic application 5/5

    By hah-shot-first
    This is a great app
  • Add feature: U up? 4/5

    By Kat4589
    This is a fantastic app! the only suggestion I have to offer is for in the “send messages” section you should add a “you up?” Or “wyd” feature that’s available after 12am.
  • Great app, some ideas 5/5

    By Hank the Drunken Dwarf
    I love this app and have convinced all of my friends to download it. Something so great about letting your friends know you are enjoying a cold one. One suggestion that would greatly improve my experience is the ability to mark the specific beer you are drinking and take notes on it, either for your personal “log” or to share with friends. Additionally, the ability to include a picture with your notification that you are drinking would add a lot of fun. Great app!
  • Would be 5 stars but.... 4/5

    By goingdeepdom
    Please add more variety to the drink options!!
  • Drinking time 3/5

    By capnmash
    Yall need to update the max hours of drinking time you can do, 4 hours is simply a happy hour
  • Interesting Concept 4/5

    By hughbo2
    Could be better if there was a leaderboard
  • Great app! Should add pictures 4/5

    By bigdawg59
    Should be able to post a photo of what you are currently doing to go along with a drink!
  • Add drink options! 5/5

    By mayawaldy
    Any way you can add a margarita and seltzer option?
  • Adding a number option 5/5

    By Awesome to win
    It would be great if you were able to see how many drinks you’ve had in the night like every time you drink another beer you click on it and now it says you’ve drank two beers
  • this is fun but needs more options! 5/5

    By madss1998
    i love this app. it is so fun to share your drinking escapades with friends near and far! however, there needs to be more options for drink selections. i suggest adding a margarita and a hard seltzer option! keep up the great work!
  • Great app that could use some fine tuning 5/5

    By BigWillyBilly69
    I love the idea of this app, me and all my friends use it. But there are areas where improvement is definitely needed. 1. There needs to be a seltzer option 2. Messages to friends need to be more than “cheers” and “sit tight. I’m on my way!” Why can’t we add our own custom message? 3. The interface could use some work. The map should probably have its own tab or button rather than just clicking the bottom of the screen
  • Allow social engagement 5/5

    By shazza0421
    Hey there! Love the idea behind this app and the interface. It gives me great joy to see my friends all over the US enjoying a beverage, and my face lights up when I get the notification. However, some minor improvements would make a world of difference. First, allow users to engage with each other on the app. Maybe offer some default response options ie “count me in!”, “see you soon!”, “cheers betch!” Or perhaps an “are you gucci?” when your phone buzzes with a cocktail notification at 9:27am on a Tuesday. Second, allow users to create friend groups within the friends list and offer a search feature within the friends list. Third, allow a “hide from these people” option so that your mom doesn’t judge you for that cocktail at 9:27am on a Tuesday, but is still able to beer with you at any given happy hour. Fourth, give us the option to create profile pics and add pics to our drinking indicators. Sixth, add the seltzer option. My friends and I love claws. Thanks for all the fun so far! Generally speaking, I’m beery happy with the app :) Shannon
  • Bottoms up 4/5

    By glairdieson
    I love this app so much and have forced all my friends to get it too. So much fun and also safe knowing where they all are!! Would love if I could send custom messages to them thought the app and if there were more options of drinks like a mixie or a white claw. all around great app though love it
  • Suggestions! 5/5

    By anathebartender
    Love this app!! Super fun with Friends and family! I wish there was a way to input the specific drink instead of just [cocktail] ex. Vodka, whiskey, rum, etc. Also a messaging feature would be fun to be able to chat with other drinkers! Just a thought!
  • Need Seltzer Option 5/5

    By Zach The Boozer
    Need an option for seltzer’s. Could use a couple more message options too.
  • Add hard seltzer!!! 5/5

    By Śåràh çłäīrê
    I love the app!!! The only thing I wish there was is a hard seltzer option! Keep up the great work though :)
  • Yew 🤙 5/5

    By This is fun 1357
    While this is a great app for connecting with friends over a shared enjoyment of alcoholic beverages, a “Yew 🤙” button would much elevate the user experience. The duality of the options “🍻Cheers!” and “Sit tight. I’m on my way!” Inherently provide a limiting user experience for the quarantined social drinker. When I feel the gentle buzz of my phone in my pocket and look to see my good friend Bobbles, 500+ miles away, crack a cold one all I can think is “Yew 🤙” Or when I see, deep in the frozen recesses of Wyoming, Thorny slams a swig of whisky, I just want to send him a little “Yew 🤙” Sometimes the present options are just not enough. We all yearn for a little more in life. When I want my buddy Ross to join the sesh, I should be able to just rip a “Yew 🤙” in his general direction to get the message across. Alas, I will make do for now.
  • Please add Seltzer with me 2/5

    By pardib
    Need to be able to check in when I’m drinking white claws!
  • Spread the mf word 5/5

    By hish29926267272
    Just got this app and already got 10+ to join, which is essential, the more the merrier. There’s definitely more to be added but quarantine season just started so hopefully they get to work. Lots of potential 👉🏼👈🏼🥺
  • Left out a couple key features 3/5

    By cusekid1
    According to the app, the purpose is to let your network of friends know where and when you're drinking. It'd therefore make sense to have some sort of status you can set, be it a unique one you write yourself or preset ones made by you guys, that you can post when you start drinking. Also some sort of direct message system amongst friends would encourage app usage. One thing that I would want, separate from these ideas that would help make it a full social networking app, is the ability to name your drink, so your friends can see your exact beverage. This could even open up a profile addition, "my favorite drink". All in all a great idea for an app, hoping to see it built up in the near future and I'll certainly pester my friends to get on it!
  • One thing 4/5

    By B Swank
    It’s 2020, needs a seltzer option. Also would be cool if you could send a photo of you drinking through the app or more customized message options. Otherwise a great app and fun to have with friends, especially during this quarantine.
  • Add a Seltzer option 5/5

    By beer w me
    Great app, would love a seltzer option.
  • Great app, but could use slight improvements 4/5

    By Honeybuckets82
    I absolutely love this app. It’s great to see all my friends drinking in their respective locations. I think the interactive map is excellent along with the ability to have various drink options. One improvement I suggest is having the ability to send custom messages to your friends instead of just “Cheers 🍻” or “🚀Sit tight. I’m on the way”. Thanks for your consideration!!
  • Dome 5/5

    By Domer Simpson iykyk
    Love the app, but can we get a dome alert button? Like when you’re going to chug your drink there should be a button to notify your fellow beer mates about it. This would be a game changer
  • Lots of potential for fun 4/5

    By 0_____o
    Good app, me and my friends all love beer and it’s nice to let people know when we’re getting drinks! I’d love to see a more accessible message function when somebody is getting a beer. I really like the simplicity of the messages and the rocket symbol.
  • Solid App 4/5

    By G Ranch
    This is a great app in terms of getting a happy hour started at a bar or even your apartment. Easy way to let you friends know you are having a drink and you would like someone to join. Wishes: 1) wish it would allow you to post the actual location / name of the bar your at so your friends know exactly where to meet you 2) I have referred like 20 odd some people to the app and think it would be cool if the app had some sort of referral bonus.

Beer With Me app comments

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