BeReal. Your friends for real.

BeReal. Your friends for real.

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BeReal. Your friends for real. App

BeReal is the simplest photo sharing app to share once a day your real life in photo with friends. Every day at a different time, everyone captures a photo within 2 minutes. Capture and post in time to discover what your Friends are up to. CAMERA • The special BeReal camera is designed to take both a selfie and a frontal photo simultaneously. DISCOVERY • Share your BeReal publicly and discover what other people are doing around you. CHALLENGES. • Some days, the BeReal comes with a unique challenge. COMMENTS • Comment on your friend's BeReal and chat with all their friends. REALMOJIS • React on your friend's BeReal with a RealMoji, your own emojis representation. MAP • See where your friends are in the world when they post their BeReal. MEMORIES • Access your previous BeReal in an archive. WIDGETMOJI • See your friends right on your Home Screen when they react to your BeReal with a widget. iMESSAGE REALMOJIS STICKERS • React with your RealMojis as stickers in your iMessage chats. /!\ WARNING /!\ • BeReal won't make you waste time. • BeReal is life, Real life, and this life is without filters. • BeReal will challenge your creativity. • BeReal is your chance to show your friends who you really are, for once. • BeReal can be addictive. • BeReal might frustrate you. • BeReal won't make you famous. If you want to become an influencer you can stay on TikTok and Instagram. • BeReal doesn't care if you have millions of followers or if you're verified. • BeReal may cause accidents, especially if you are riding bikes. • BeReal is pronounced “BiRil”, not bereale, or Bèreol. • BeReal won’t let you cheat, you can try and if you manage to do so, come work with us. • BeReal doesn't send any of your private data to China. Questions, ideas? We would love to hear what you think and we could even integrate some of your ideas on BeReal.

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BeReal. Your friends for real. app reviews

  • BeReal is awesome 5/5

    By zeke hills review
    I yum
  • Daily photo project 4/5

    By Jememennie
    I enjoy BeReal. I’m in my 40s and did a daily selfie back in 2007. Since then I always fail at keeping track of taking and uploading photos. This app takes care of that with the daily notification and platform. I like that I can see what friends are doing at the same time as me. It’s easy to share the photo to other places. A couple of frustrations: I started in late September 2022 and have not missed a day. Yet two of my memories are missing: Oct 23rd and Nov 5th. There was another one that went missing (Oct 11) that eventually reappeared. I would love for the missing two to come back. The notification is very rarely in the morning. Perhaps due to America being one time zone on the app? I would love more morning notifications and less of the evening ones where I’m just sitting on the sofa with bad lighting! Perhaps the US could be split into two zones so that those of us in CST and EST could have earlier notifications. I was tempted to switch my time zone to Asia but then I wouldn’t be posting at the same time as friends.
  • Fun but so many bugs 3/5

    By The orca dolphin
    My BeReals continuously disappear despite being up for the entirety of the day and getting many reactions. They disappear from my memories and show up at gaps all the time. Very frustrating.
  • BeReal 5/5

    By BrinyBear
    I love BeReal, i know people who have BeReal, and love it to,I think it’s really fun who you know on there, that is why I love BeReal.
  • 5 start review 5/5

    By dlierus
    Love it we need more things
  • Best app ever 5/5

    By Falineer
    Love it so fun wish there was more things to be able to do on there
  • PERIOD!! 5/5

    By Khilil
    Yall better download this app ASAP
  • Time Window 4/5

    By Music Quality -
    Please show some love for the early birds out there!! I feel like a lot of people are up by at least 7 for work or school. I never see morning bereals, but plenty of them past 10pm
  • Took a BeReal and never posted it.. 2/5

    By taescutebutt
  • Pretty good but… 3/5

    By georgia vise
    I logged out for a second and tried to log back in again and it wants me to make a new account and won’t let me press continue on my birth date, also says I’m friends with someone and then won’t. Kinda glitching
  • Bush conspiracy 1/5

    By alijah randall
  • direct messaging 4/5

    By tennismam
    A great app should direct messaging to the app. It will make the app a whole lot better.
  • Best app 5/5

    By Crewiepooie
    I love app
  • Very grounding 4/5

    By Coolio2274
    I love this app because it’s a network of thousands of different people all over the world, doing millions of different things. Everyone just posts their everyday activities, and it just makes me feel very humbled in a way.
  • Having problems 4/5

    By gebebh hcbdbevdgf
    I overall love the concept of this app, but the only problem is that I rarely get the actual be real notification like when it goes off I don’t get it. I just see that people have taken it already and I can do mine late. The other thing is this is the second time I had to delete the app and re-download it because it was not working correctly like I took my be real and then it said I didn’t take it the next time I opened the app and it said to take it again. Then it wouldn’t upload because in my memories, it shows my be real is already taken. Like I said, I love the app just I feel like there are some problems that need to be worked out.
  • I love it! But… 4/5

    By Aislyn P.
    Ok this app is absolutely amazing I love the back and front camera feature and the RealMojis and everything but with the discovery feature I think there should be a one for people in your area I live in North Carolina USA so I don’t care what someone is doing in Australia I want to see what other people around my area of North Carolina are doing. Also there should be a suggestion of friends for people that live in your area anyway that’s about it overall absolutely love the app and the whole concept of it because it is not like other social media I mean it is just like other social media but without all the toxicity
  • p 5/5

    By jahsey omfroy
    amohins sus amogus
  • This is great 5/5

    By 👁️😇😴👍🏻😡😇😽😫
    I have been looking for an app like this and well all of my friends were telling me I have to get this app so I got it and let me tell you is everything I was looking for 🤩🤩🤩 Ps. Get it it’s great 👍🏻
  • One star 1/5

    as kid but a teenager i love social media apps. im obsessed with snapchat, tiktok, instagram. anything social media related as being in middle school i want to be “trendy” some would say. but i downloaded bereal at the beginning of november i think. it’s been fine i’ve just always felt just a little weirded out because it does some weird things sometimes like when i’m on the app abt to take my “picture” it takes it before i was ready but i’ve always forgetn it. but as i was laying on my bed trying to fall asleep i wonder if my bereal has gone off yet. i flip up my phone and see the notification i open the app and before i even click the post a late bereal it glitches and says i already took it. now the weird part is when it took it it didn’t show my face so it took the bereal when i was asleep. and another thing is that it shows my location when i don’t want it to i have it disabled but it still does. if your reading this as a parent learning more about the app if your child wants it. i would let them have it but just let them read this coming from a kid. have a great day or night
  • W BeReal 5/5

    By Me455677
    Straight rizz of an app, like just amazing
  • Love this app! But something so little would be huge. 5/5

    By totallyNotJarek
    Love Be real, it’s Instagram w/o the toxicity. But something I’d love to see is the ability to tag people that are in the be real, that way there’s more exposure to more people.
  • Cool 5/5

    By J7uanito13
    you can see what your friends and other people are doing at that specific time
  • W 5/5

    By CARsonPlaysGames
    W app fr fr Ong no 🧢
  • Glitchy 3/5

    By emilycode
    Sometimes doesn’t let me post right away
  • Entertaining for a while… 4/5

    By KindOfKoreanYT
  • Timer 4/5

    By tweets thx thx bc
    I would like the timer to go off more often bc it is really boring waiting for the next one but overall it is good
  • I love this app 5/5

    By frogzinit
  • BeReals addition suggestion 4/5

    By Bball.13.isla
    Glitches sometimes and doesn’t let me post if I’m not on Wi-Fi or just don’t have good internet. Still love the concept of the app tho! I feel like it would be fun to have a theme for each BeReal! For example- when it goes off it could say something like…. “BeReal just went off, 2 minutes to post on time. The theme today is…(then say the theme)” I think that would be a really fun addition to BeReal!😁🫶
  • so good 5/5

    By imsopreppy
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Try a new app
    So fun!
  • Best app ever 5/5

    By Rider.god
  • Good 4/5

    By Peyton lambert
    I like it a lot I just wish it went off more often
  • BEREAL⚠️ 5/5

    By 💞Ayana💞
    Its an amazing app. And its fun to use, and its a cool way to see what your friends are doing !
  • Rate 5/5

    By Lexi 2011
    I love it, but there needs to be more than one every five or every more days so maybe they need to do it every other day
  • 🤠 4/5

    By Zzzzzjzjsnoxbcjsbdb
    It’s great but u only get to make one a day :(
  • rlly cool 5/5

    By anonymousbunni111
    only problem is it goes off at like 11 😭😭
  • Very connecting app 5/5

    By Iconicginger
    I originally got this app as a gag but upon using it the way you get to see what you friends are doing unfiltered every day is pretty connecting and leads to often fun conversations.

    By addilynnross
    It’s so fun and so awesome and I really enjoy it keep up the great work!
  • Love BeReal to much 5/5

    By Neasa717
    Freaking love BeReal

    By ghgggggghggghgggggggggggggggg
    awesome! whoever came up with this app had an awesome idea! although i am a little upset bc it normally always goes off at night😟. the fun thing is not knowing when it’s gonna be. another thing is it’s not really bereal-you can post any time you want so it’s kinda fake. thank you so much tho bc other then that thank you!

    By ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ ༼ つ ◕◡◕ ༽つ (ᗒᗣᗕ)՞ ಠ_ಠ
    Literally my life I love connecting with friends I just got into 6th grade and it’s so fun I love to see what funny pic my friend and family are posting it catching you up on everything you can make new friends you can keep ur old friends everything is possible and once you take a picture it gives you its own funny opinion like “uhhh.. I think your friends would like to see your face” or “ok now um… smile???” And it’s kinda like the boost of energy I need everyday plus you’ll never know when it’s coming so it keeps you on your feet everyday all day! 100% keeper!!!!
  • This app is goated 5/5

    By lilgeorgene original
    5/5 stars it’s so silly that we get to stalk people 😜😝
  • Interesting 5/5

    By Sammygirl12301
    Fun concept.
  • Bereal 5/5

    By THE-Noah
    It’s real
  • Glitches 5/5

    By Jenendjebeb
    It sometimes glitches
  • Good but I have a suggestion 4/5

    By sawyer stark
    I just wish we could post our be reals when we wanted throughout the day but only once
  • So green 5/5

    By ams_bffr🤍
  • BeReal 4/5

    By funnnnyn
    BeReal is an Amazing app but the only thing I don’t like is if you don’t like your BeReal more than twice you can do another one you should be able to be able to do it more than 3 times
  • Try it now 4/5

    By París lover1009
    Hi so I would say BeReal is a great app because it can let u see all your friends online and offline but I think it is a good app try it now 👍