Best Brokers Stock Market Game

Best Brokers Stock Market Game

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  • Current Version: 2.7.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: cdef GmbH
  • Compatibility: Android
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Best Brokers Stock Market Game App

Best Brokers is a realtime stock market game focusing on fun. Enhance your knowledge of the stock market or test new trading strategies without any risk of losing real money. Powerful tools like order limits and stops are helping you to get virtually rich. Connect with other users and friends and exchange insider information. Best Brokers is the only stock exchange game with over 60,000 realtime stocks. PORTFOLIO: You start with 25k. Here you can see your own stocks and open orders. Weekly, monthly and yearly charts as well as order history are right there. TRADING CENTER: Here you can inform yourself about shares or place your buy orders. All of the known indices are directly accessible. NEWS READER: Stay up-to-date with our integrated News Reader for RSS, RSS2 and Atom Feeds. FRIENDS & MESSAGES: Connect with your friends or other users and chat about the capital market or strategies. LEADERBOARD: Compete with your friends and other users.

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Best Brokers Stock Market Game app reviews

  • boring 2/5

    By payaso19910
    There’s not much to do on here besides buy and sell, I get that’s the point but there’s no other information on the stocks you want to buy... Iove the news updates doe that on it’s own gets five stars, but I'am rating based on game mechanics
  • I wish this were a real trading app 5/5

    By Havepoints
    Its beautifully executed, the interface is so simple and easy to use! Is there a real life app that goes with this? I would use it sooo fast!
  • Good Game 5/5

    By Mamy a douche
    Idk why but I find it fun to see my virtual money increase, easy to use and understand and overall good.
  • Great game, but... 3/5

    By Leebear0
    I like the game and the idea, it’s kinda annoying because of the time difference between America and Europe.
  • Great app, needs more selection 4/5

    By hellonotfriend
    I love this app because of it’s clean interface and easy setup. One way I think this app can improve is that it needs more selection when it comes to stock. For some reason, not all existing stock (even some popular stock) isn’t showing. Otherwise, it’s an awesome app that is a must!
  • Very good 4/5

    By jmmurphy808
    This app is amazing and ver realistic. Me and my friends had a lot of fun seeing who could make the most money. I didn’t rate this 5 stars only because of the fact that it cost money to reset portfolio.

    By yourgrandmasfavouriterapper
    I love this game so much!
  • Not even close to real time. 2/5

    By Cdub271
    It appears like many of the stock pricing is several weeks behind their real time pricing.
  • Eh 5/5

    It’s good, but the stocks don’t follow the market as accurately as I’d like. Other than that, it’s good
  • Great, but maybe more options? 4/5

    By Sheesh are
    Amazing app, easy to navigate and see stock changes. However, I don’t think you can make calls and puts, and I think some features are dumbed down.
  • Almost perfect 4/5

    By Salvatore123321
    I I think this app I great and you should get it, but I have 2 complaints, first off they should give you more money to start out no 25,000 but 100,000.Second it takes like 2 days to get my order in.But other that that this app is great!
  • Bad an inaccurate 1/5

    By Waste Of time and Inaccurate
    This app is so inaccurate compared to real world, the stock prices are off and it’s really delayed. Download a different one, I recommend MarketSim
  • Best stocks game out there. 5/5

    By Braden Collinsworth
    This is a really fun stocks based game that has a really realistic layout. I suggest using this app for people who are interested in stocks but don’t know how to use it yet. The best part is it is all free, but if you want more virtual money, you can buy it in the In App Purchases. It comes with 25,000 euros to begin with. This also comes with pre-made videos on how to start. 5 stars for sure.
  • Four stars... conditionally. 4/5

    By MrMurchada
    I think this is a great app, however, I rarely play it... much like my regular investments, I buy through the app and track on my other apps, so I may only log in once a month or so. That being said, perhaps the fault is all mine and I just haven’t played it enough... but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to buy the same stock again if it goes down. For a stock I’m bullish on, I would do this to reduce my overall cost basis, increasing my profits as it goes up and I eventually liquidate. Also short selling would be great and I’ve yet to figure that out as well. A tutorial would be nice, and maybe introducing an RPG element like portfolio management for NPCs could and I think would increase daily traffic... I know it would for me anyway. Not criticism so much as suggestions that may or may not be appealing to you. Thanks for your great work, a perfectly fine game!
  • Great Stock Sim 4/5

    By Default9270
    This is by far the best stock sim but I wish they would add FOX News to the Information panel as well
  • Hhhhhh 5/5

  • App doesn’t update for days on end 3/5

    By bestbriker88
    There will be times where this app won’t update its stock prices so you can’t actually see where any of them are moving.
  • Soooooooo cooooooool 4/5

    By dpfamilytunes
    This game is so fun and is very educational tho only thing I wish is if they made a US dollar version
  • bestbrolersgos294 5/5

    By nanocommando
    it is a good game
  • Fun ap 5/5

    By uhhhh44444
    Gud app normal pop ups easy colors to look at.
  • Great Simulation, Big Flaw 3/5

    By RainbowShogun
    Well I’ll start this review with the positives: this simulation provides lots of resources for the development of my skills in investing. I have learned a lot from my experience, and am getting a good kick out of it. But then again, this is just a simulation. As someone who lives in the West Coast, the times in which the markets are open completely miss my daily schedule. If I was really investing in real stocks with real money, maybe I’d stay up to monitor them, but this is a simulation. I found myself on the first day of downloading, at 10:00pm,to find that the markets open in 2 hours. Is there no way to set up a time zone selection for the most optimal experience? Must I stay up while I should be sleeping to cater towards a simulated market? I don’t exactly know the difficulty of changing this or the logistics behind managing the simulations in different time zones, but this is just bringing to light a great detriment to this app. Or, if I missed something in the settings please let me know. But for now, this simulation is informative, but just isn’t worth the hassle.
  • Okay but.... 3/5

    By DeniseFine
    Seems ok, but some tickers and mutual funds were missing or hard to find. I cannot easily see my starred favorites in a list, you cannot see if a company offers dividends nor see if dividends apply to app payment... also difficult to contact them.
  • Stock’s never change 2/5

    By jackstackz
    I have have this stock for a month now on the trading floor it’s been up +29.8 but my stock shows I’m in the red 82.6 and it
  • Best simulation ever made 5/5

    By broadmanx
    This app is so good that it even got me interested in real life stocks. Thanks for the amazing experience
  • Cannot sell in time, literally 30 minutes late 2/5

    By ProfessorShotgun
    I’ve played this game for about two weeks now, and the game worked fine when I wasn’t making any profit. But when I started making profit and decided to sell at a specific point, it locked until the stocks went down again, then finally sold itself approx. 30 min after I clicked the sell order where in which I had already lost all my gains.. Buying and selling in this game are not tweaked properly and will frustrate you for no good reason.. I added an extra star just because the game interface is great! Everything looks fantastic and comfortable.. Love the real time news feature, I realized I checked this app for news more so than the news channels themselves lol
  • Great app but 5/5

    By 12343256
    Great app but I can’t find 90% of the stocks I trade UNFI AGRX AVGR just to name a few
  • candlestick charts would be great 2/5

    By choyles mcledelweder
    and more search parameters, OR more stocks. i could research elsewhere but 90% of the time u don’t have what i find listed on the app, even if it’s the same exchange.
  • Update the speed processing! 4/5

    By anon11001
    The app is pretty darn good as you can increase your portfolio by tens and thousands. My only issue is the loading time in buying stocks especially when buying large quantities. Of course this is just an app but there must be a way. Almost got screwed over today just because of the loading time and I just bought a new phone mind you!
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By danielkr_
    It’s an awesome app for people who just wanted to start to learn building their portfolio. It’s realistic and the app makes it so simple to understand. I also like the fact that it’s not easy to reset the game to give some sense of losing or winning based on stock performance. The only feedback is I’m not yes so sure which market this is based on as I couldn’t find some of the popular stocks.
  • I love this app 5/5

    By Skydoge
    I don't trade stonks myself but I find this app great fun and it's fun to play against friends
  • Great game 5/5

    By peenr
    This is a good game stock market updates regularly it is like the best one I could find
  • Exactly what I was looking for. 5/5

    By Pacati
    And exactly as advertised. Though it's worth mentioning to large tablet owners that the screenshots are misleading; it does indeed to landscape view (aka widescreen orientation).
  • Fun and accurate 4/5

    By KiowaWarrior032
    This game is a great tool before going into investments. I only with there was a tool to choose your type of currency. It is all in euro.
  • This app is almost insultingly basic. 2/5

    By Testwick
    Currently there is no technical analysis, severely lacking fundamentals and no news per specific stock. So unless you do your fundamental research and charting else where... all you are learning to do here is buy with hope, which is not a sound trading or investing plan. Paper trade on Trading View or via the many brokerages that offer such a feature. - Aspiring Trader and Investor
  • No support for USA users? 3/5

    By IcyhotGT
    Why can’t i change euros to USD or change time zones to my time zone it’s very annoying to have to remember the time are in CET other than that it’s a pretty good app
  • LOVE this app but won’t stop crashing 1/5

    By PJB1212
    Every time I open the app (iPad iOS 12) it instantly crashes and refuses to work no matter what I do
  • Didn’t work 1/5

    By DaMericanGuy76
    I deleted the app MULTIPLE times, got the new IOS, and it even said “works on this phone” but it just kept opening to a green screen then closing again. Does it even work on iPhone 8? Because I tried it on an another iPhone 8 and it didn’t work either, this app looked really cool and I was really disappointed it didn’t work☹️
  • (Not really a review but shhhhh) 5/5

    By L.Econ
    Just went through the “most critical” reviews and really laughing about all the America-centric people on here. Like, I’m an American but come on... the game is obviously traded in Euros!! Also, I really love the responses of ‘sorry we’re on German trading time’ or, my personal favorite “it was a holiday in Germany, sorry.” Just laughing a whole lot about that... Dankee!!
  • Best brokers is great 5/5

    By Bubs2005
    Love this game!
  • Bug or something? 3/5

    By King256433
    Today i visited the app and my portfolio was completely frozen, the numbers stayed the same and didnt change at all. When i clicked on the “trading center” all the stocks were grey and had 0.0% and 0.0000 written on them. The whole thing was basically frozen. I checked to see if the market was even open and it actually was. This whole thing lasted for few hours before the market closed until tomorrow. Please explain yourself, i really like this app and want to rate it 5 stars but...
  • I Absolutely Love This 4/5

    By Lilbeast 484
    This app has a very user friendly design. I dont make the most amount of money in the game but then again I’m still learning. Highly recommend if you are interested in getting into stocks.
  • Perfect but limited 4/5

    By jackson757
    Totally free but are missing General Electric and a few other major companies
  • Currency Conversion 4/5

    By thaktshow
    Really enjoy every aspect of this simulation. Only wish there was a currency conversion option so I can teach my son.
  • US only 3/5

    By rrepublic1
    Lists international stocks but does not show them in real time. Its now trading hours in Japan but shares of Toyota trading there aren’t moving on the app.
  • I like it except my company is not on it 4/5

    By A10chief
    It’s very good, some weirdness to it but oh well. It’s sad that my company is not in it or the BMAD or even my company’s us code oh well
  • Muy buen juego menos por la publicidad 4/5

    By elmonardo
    Entiendo que necesitan dinero sino no tendría sentido pero es publicidad muy larga, por ej: no puedo saltear un video de 30 seg hasta que termine, cuando lo normal es que el botón de saltear anuncio aparezca a los 5seg. Además de que me consume mis datos me saca tiempo para disfrutar el juego, fuera de eso el juego es una muy buena idea y muy bien hecha! Felicidades
  • Love this app 5/5

    By nathankri
    Great app
  • Ehh 3/5

    By Epicface11
    This app doesn’t have lots of the trending stocks. If it had more stocks it would be amazing.
  • Dividends 3/5

    By cdigs10
    You don’t receive the dividend yield of the stocks you purchase. That would be cool to incorporate!

Best Brokers Stock Market Game app comments

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