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"BestParking helps you find and book parking at the best price. Whether you’re looking for discount parking near your office downtown or want to find the best airport parking before your trip, you can reserve a convenient space with the BestParking app. How BestParking Works • Search for a parking spot where and when you need it. Enter your destination by address, landmark name or neighborhood to see available spaces nearby. • Compare prices up-front at thousands of garages and lots. Pick the best option for you and save money. • Reserve a spot at select garages and lots with a few quick taps and pay with your smartphone. Browse thousands more parking facilities for pricing and amenity info. • Get turn-by-turn driving directions to your space. BestParking links directly to your favorite navigation app. • After reserving a space, enter your garage or lot easily with your digital parking pass and park your car in seconds. Find and reserve parking in cities across North America, including: New York City (Manhattan) San Francisco Chicago Boston Los Angeles Seattle New Orleans San Diego Philadelphia Baltimore Dallas Sacramento Washington DC Atlanta Book airport parking at major airports including: Los Angeles (LAX) Chicago (ORD) Newark (EWR) New York (JFK) Dallas (DFW)


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  • What? I’m not making airline reservations! 1/5

    By loviedear
    The cheapest price shown for the Austin City Limits venue at 3:00 was $10 and at the “W” Hotel showed $18. At 4:30 the same spots showed $30 and $81. Gave up and went to another app that showed a ton of parking all around the venue and showed it at $10, granted you could not pre-purchase but you didn’t need to. I will be deleting this app as I found it lacking information. I am hoping they were just inaccurate and not simply trying to grossly take advantage of their subscribers.
  • was great now total crap 1/5

    By drBroom
    i used this app since its beginning... it WAS fantastic, good UI, easy to navigate and get the discount coupons. Now it’s the exact opposite awful UI impossible to navigate and you must sign up to their app with CC info to get the discount. if you want to find parking with BestParking use their website or Icon’s parking app. these are much better and don’t require you to give up your privacy
  • Once the best, now the worst! 1/5

    By Salemid
    This new version is totally useless. You should not force the user into making the reservation through the app just to be able to export the directions into google or apple maps. That is extortion and a money grab. This app is an exact copy of Parkwhiz. If I wanted that horrible user experience, I would have downloaded that app. I had been using the old BestParking app for over 4 years now in NYC and never had any problems with functionality. It’s like these developers have never even tried to use their app for its actual purpose. Listen to your users! Bring back the functions of the old app. You should be able to get directions to a garage without having make a reservation in the app. Things happen - construction, accidents, the president being in town, all these things can totally screw up your commute and prevent you from getting to the reserved garage. Reservations should be optional, not mandatory! Add direction functionality to all garages with or without making a reservation. Thank you.
  • Terrible experience - careful with surprise fees! 1/5

    By Bill-1378
    They charge a $5 processing fee and I got charged a $30 “oversized vehicle” fee that was not made readily apparent when I booked — then they refused to refund
  • Aternate side parking 2/5

    By hondadrives67
    Don’t really on this app for ASP. They are not accurate. But other features are pretty cool.
  • Best app! 5/5

    By mochas mom 513
    This app always saves us money. We always use it as an alternative to expensive hotel parking when we travel.
  • Street parking, back on, yay! 3/5

    By pink-ish-y
    Glad the street parkings back
  • So far, so good. 5/5

    By RogerB in PA
    Used app for first time yesterday, and booked parking for the full weekend on E. 46th in NYC—for $54. DAILY rate in midtown is usually $50-$80. Arriving tonight...will update this review after check-in at garage, if necessary.
  • Perfect 5/5

    By Gffjj hdmi
    Update: I downloaded the app again and the free parking info is back! The company sold it's soul to solely generating revenue. The new update only shows paid garage amounts so they can take a cut of the profit. NO MORE STREET PARKING INFO!!
  • Please bring back coupon code 3/5

    By Citygirl80
    I used to love this app. You had the choice to pre-pay for a spot, or get a coupon code. They changed it though and now you can no longer get the coupon. This makes it tricky if things change because you are locked into the spot that you’ve already paid for. You can cancel the pre-paid but only up until the start time not the time you actually park. The coupon code was ideal because you could still choose not to park in the particular garage should things change. Life happens, and it’s nice to have the option to change your mind.
  • Ruined the app 1/5

    By Newuser321
    ParkWhiz bought off Best Parking and ruined it It does not have the list anymore No sorting Missing many lots We need a new parking ASAP Someone could make good money
  • Last update ruined app 1/5

    By jdvl1993
    Since last update, you can no longer obtain parking coupon without making a reservation and paying in advance. For me, that completely takes away functionality of the app. I was give this reason by company: “Hi there. We’ve taken the best of coupons and reservations and combined them into a single product. Coupons will no longer be supported on the Best Parking app. However, you can now book without a $5 reservation fee.” Nothing like fixing something that ain’t broke. I’ll be deleting app now. Oh well.
  • Bring back the map view 2/5

    By navi657
    It’s easier for me to use this by scrolling through the map rather then putting in an exact address and then scrolling through the map
  • Gave it a second chance. 1/5

    By Holdin' Fast
    I have used this twice. Both times it was a waste of money. One of them made me pay the rate. Another place said that me QR Code was invalid! With something like this, if you can’t be reliable, don’t risk it.
  • New app is commercial and useless. (Updated) 1/5

    By DblRainboo
    I used this app for years. Bought and gladly paid for the premium version (which appears not to exist now). This app now only shows the big corporate garages (Icon, Edison Parkfast, etc) with massively inflated rates. It uses the same database as a few other popular parking apps. There are garages in NYC that I’ve used for years and found on the original app that no longer appear as if they never existed. Some of these garages were a flat rate of $15 to park for 12 hours, and now the only garages that show up are the big management companies that charge a minimum of $25 — most are in the $40-60 range for only 6 hours of parking. The website is still up to date!! These garages still show there, but no where in the app which is now rendered completely useless because of this “update”. Extremely disappointing. Update 6/10/18 after developer response: Unfortunately, the “new and improved” updated version of this app does not include the same features as the former paid version. They’ve taken my money and run, quite simply. I’ve had dozens of friends indicate to me the exact same frustrations that I’ve expressed previously — mainly that everything has increased in price significantly (by 50-150% in many cases) and that all garages aren’t showing up. For example, do a search around the Upper West Side in Manhattan or Midtown in both the app and the website and you’ll find drastically different and BETTER prices without the commitment of having to reserve in advance. Part of the original paid app showed me a garage’s normal rates in a chart — now that feature is removed. One used to be able to sort all garages by price — again, feature removed. But still, the largest offense is that BestParking does not list the same rates on the website and is no longer providing the “best parking” options for New York City — only mainly those that require reservations for 10-45 more dollars than what it used to cost. I hope BestParking takes a serious look at how they’re running their business. I would happy to return and use their service, but until then, I’ll be looking elsewhere.
  • street parking is back! 5/5

    By Dailyfrequentplayer
    street parking map is again available in latest app.
  • Wonderful 5/5

    By Some Guy from space
    I love this app.
  • New version does not work 1/5

    By CarPacer
    Simply not working. Deals do show map... does not take addresses. Really bad.
  • Used to love this app 1/5

    By Janetvz
    Hate the new version. Instead of a coupon that you could or not use in case your plans change, now you have to pay in advance. No thanks!
  • Service I awful!! 1/5

    By I hate morons
    All of a sudden, this app changed ownership. I just paid what I normally would have for parking without using the app, no longer discounted and you must pre-pay, no more coupons. Customer service stinks, stay away from park whiz!!
  • Stress Reliever and Money Saver 5/5

    By wissahickonyeti
    I LOVE using your app as it saves $ and takes the stress out of finding parking when I book in advance. These days, it’s an increasingly rare case of tech making life simpler, not more complex.
  • No more street parking 1/5

    By Cdsg213
    Used to have street parking feature which was incredibly helpful. I see it’s no longer included in the latest update so I’ve deleted.
  • New update is terrible 2/5

    By Bhop1086
    I’ve been using this app for years. I’m not sure what happened with the recent update, it’s almost as if the app was taken over by different developer, as it is now missing functionality that it used to have. It used to be easy to get a discount coupon once you selected the garage you wanted. Now I don’t see any functionality for that, only to prepay for the space, which I don’t want to do. It used to give useful information like the capacity of the lot (so you can know if it’s a tiny lot and likely to fill up) and details of their rates and what times the special rates are. All of that is gone. At least the website is still good, I hope they don’t screw that up too...
  • Bad Prices 1/5

    By philippa44
    If I had just gone and parked at the location it would’ve been much cheaper! This app stinks.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Garden vale
    Easy to use. Saves money and frustration!
  • Terrible update 2/5

    By NYCuser1
    I have used this app weekly for over 2 years and it was one of the best apps ever. The information was almost 100% accurate and it had options for daily, monthly and street parking. It also had complete info about extra charges for oversized vehicles. Most of this information has now disappeared and the replies I receive from their customer support make me suspect that completely different developers have taken over this app. They keep referring to ‘this is our first version’ when the app has been on my phone and used regularly for over 2 years. I also tried to store my Amex card for pre-payment and kept getting the message that ‘CVV can only have 3 digits’. Don’t they know that Amex cards have 4 digits?
  • Great new interface 4/5

    By TimelessV1
    Great app! I’ve been a user for years and I like the new interface. Would be perfect, but I miss the car capacity info for each garage. Knowing how many cars a garage can hold used to help gauge the likelihood of running out of space (especially when you park in different places everyday).
  • Disappointed in new version 3/5

    By Zectn
    I’ve been relying on Best Parking for years to get the best deals on parking in New York. However, I don’t like the newest version at all! I find the display harder to read; information is in smaller print, white numbers inside light grey or blue bubbles are hard to see. I also miss the complete information that used to be available for each garage. In the older version of this app, you could see a garage’s rates for any day of the week, any time of day, which made it easier to plan ahead and save even more money. Sometimes getting to a place a little earlier than you have to can save you up to $20. BEWARE OF PREPAYING FOR RESERVATIONS. I AND SEVERAL FRIENDS HAVE FOUND THERE ARE NOT ALWAYS SPACES AVAILABLE EVEN THOUGH WE HAVE A RESERVATION. This is hugely inconvenient. I hope I can uninstall the update.
  • Price grid is gone?!!!?!!? 2/5

    By LazaroFilm
    Nice design upgrade but the most important feature to my eyes, the price grid showing the breakdown of the prices of each garage is now gone! Bring this back for 5 stars again.
  • No street parking 1/5

    By imagine9
    STOP HAUNTING ME TO UPDATE MY REVIEW YOU ANNOYING DEVELOPERS. Nice job removing the street parking. This app is now USELESS. Time to delete and find another option.
  • Best parking app 5/5

    By Slick10084
    Excellent app - and reservation system worked flawlessly. Saved me about 40% (attendant’s screen versus prepaid reservation rate) on a 48 hour stay in nyc Update 5/11/18: changed to 1 star until NYC street parking data is put back into the newly designed app. Developer promises this will be reintroduced, and I promise to change it back to a 5 star review when they do. Update 5/18/18: changed back to 5 stars!! Thank you for restoring street data and a great parking app overall!!! Very satisfied!!
  • If it ain’t broke don’t “fix” it 1/5

    By kebab kid
    The developers removed coupons (pay discounted rates when you leave), and replaced it with Prepaid parking (pay before you park). You now need to know when you are leaving when you park - always a challenge in New York. Go back to the coupon feature! The developers removed the monthly parking feature. Now you cannot get discounted monthly parking through the app. I’d much rather pay a $5 reservation fee than deal with these so called “enhancements.” I previously used this app on a weekly basis. I will no longer be using it.
  • Street parking? 5/5

    By Nas1234
    I used this app for the street parking info in nyc. Just updated the app and the option seems to be gone completely. Please tell me it is there or where I can get the old version back. Edit: added back, thanks!!
  • Great 5/5

    By theMikel
    This app is essential for NYC parking!
  • No longer useful 1/5

    By RetroElectroMike
    They took out all info about parking options. No more filters. Doesn’t even list if valet or self. Useless.
  • Doesn’t show street parking with this new update. 1/5

    By junebug2018
    You don’t have a choice to either find street parking or garage parking or both anymore. More of these garages want a prepaid reservation instead of showing giving a coupon. Disappointed now. I use to rely on this app. I have been a long time user when it was just only on the web and you had to print out the coupons.
  • Street parking is back! (UPDATE) 5/5

    By Incommunicado:
    Updating the review: now with street parking back for NYC, the app is complete!
  • A 4/5

    By FelixxxliFe
  • NYC parking 5/5

    By Generoh
    Thanks for bringing street parking back
  • Good app 1/5

    By good guys nyc
    Bad service by Bite and switch rates in nyc
  • Love it but please change colors 4/5

    By Sam Bal
    The street parking colors are impossible to distinguish for the 15% men who’re color blind. The old lighter green for free streets worked much better. Please have mercy on us! And more cities w street parking please! Still a great app otherwise!!
  • Don’t upgrade to version 7.2.4 1/5

    By Dph2009
    If you have an earlier version, you won’t want to upgrade to this one. A big step backwards, most importantly, coupon discounts don’t appear. You have to reserve a spot to see any discount now. Previously, a truly great and useful app.
  • Street parking gone 5/5

    By hp2ki
    Awesome app! Love the street parking feature
  • Revised review- returning of street parking 5/5

    By Chadmanii
    In the “modernization” of the app, they have removed the NYC street parking feature. I used that feature a lot and used the parking reservation when I needed it, especially in other cities. Now I have no reason to use this app over all of the others that provide a similar service. ——- 5/21/18 - Street parking is back! This distinguishing feature is what makes Best Parking the best app among the throngs of similar apps.
  • Horrible app poor service 1/5

    By Nick Is Not Happy
    Just prepaid in the app for parking in NYC. Parking agent wouldn’t honor the bar coded email or pass within the app because it wasn’t a number he was familiar with. After the manager and I looked through the computer he eventually found it in His ParkWiz list not Best Parking. The email I have is from Best Parking and says nothing about ParkWiz. I have been waiting on the customer service line now for 23 minutes and still haven’t got an answer. The recorded message keeps repeating how this is a hassle free service. Definitely not true. Avoid this app.
  • Glad Street Parking is back 5/5

    By Shevy13
    I used to love this app because it had a feature that allowed you to view available street parking areas. Then they took it away and I hated it. Now it’s back and I love it again!
  • Disappointing Update 2/5

    Have used this app for years. Deleting now that the ability to use coupons has been taken from the user. How is forcing the customer to prepay an improvement?
  • Love the new experience 5/5

    By EliJane10
    Great app with all the info I needed to park. Was easy to navigate and find what I needed. Love the new experience. Hoorah
  • Street parking? 1/5

    By Leelsoflee
    Why get rid of the street parking assistance? that is what made your app different than the rest
  • Steeet parking 4/5

    By Ridaz4christ
    Thank you for bringing this feature back! One request is that you change the color of free street parking to be more distinguishable from the prohibited. In the app it looks very similar! Suggestion would be yellow for free street parking! Very important for NYC! They love to give tickets out here!!!!!!

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