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BestParking: Get Parking Deals App

"BestParking helps you find and book parking at the best price. Whether you’re looking for discount parking near your office downtown or want to find the best airport parking before your trip, you can reserve a convenient space with the BestParking app. How BestParking Works • Search for a parking spot where and when you need it. Enter your destination by address, landmark name or neighborhood to see available spaces nearby. • Compare prices up-front at thousands of garages and lots. Pick the best option for you and save money. • Reserve a spot at select garages and lots with a few quick taps and pay with your smartphone. Browse thousands more parking facilities for pricing and amenity info. • Get turn-by-turn driving directions to your space. BestParking links directly to your favorite navigation app. • After reserving a space, enter your garage or lot easily with your digital parking pass and park your car in seconds. Find and reserve parking in cities across North America, including: New York City (Manhattan) San Francisco Chicago Boston Los Angeles Seattle New Orleans San Diego Philadelphia Baltimore Dallas Sacramento Washington DC Atlanta Book airport parking at major airports including: Los Angeles (LAX) Chicago (ORD) Newark (EWR) New York (JFK) Dallas (DFW)

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  • Stay away (one star is too many) 1/5

    By JimBax
    I’ve used this app twice now and both times I was screwed. The first time the parking lot gate was closed so I couldn’t get in, short of illegally parking on the street and walking inside. This past weekend, I made my reservation which I pre-paid. When I went to check out the lot insisted I pay in cash, thus saving $5. Now I can’t get the money I pre-paid back... never again!!!
  • Best parking app by far 5/5

    By eefrehkeh
    I always find the cheapest parking lots in SF through this app. What a lifesaver!
  • Garbage...still not fixed MONTHS later 1/5

    By imagine9
    The developer told me months ago they would fix the garbage map API they are using and still nothing. Nice job.
  • Thiefs 1/5

    By bob02501
    I book a reservation at a parking lot. The lot was full. Nevertheless, best parking refused to give a refund. Make a reservation at your peril.
  • Solid app but focus too much on prepay 4/5

    By Mr. West Coast
    I love this app I’ve been using it since day one. When they used to pay users to take photos of and report garage pricing issues. The app is simple to use, the prepay feature is nice but I’m finding more and more the garages with non prepay options pricing to be off.
  • Used to be good 1/5

    By NY-AJ
    Why does the app no longer allow us to see available street parking? It cant even find the address im putting in, what do you think itll do for my parking. Complete joke of an app now
  • Go back to coupons 2/5

    By GetJillayy
    The update looks aesthetically pleasing and somewhat simpler. the map looks more accurate, however, I really do NOT like the pre pay and reserve option. I rather go back to the emailing the coupon and paying upon arrival. I wish I did not update the app and still had the old one for that reason
  • No Space...AGAIN 1/5

    By Marcuspeaks
    Last night was my second time using the app that resulted in me frantically having to find other parking availabilities in NYC. When I got to the garage listed on the pass I pre-purchased for 5 hours of parking, I was told the app does not keep track of parking that is available and there was no space for me. I then emailed the help center listed on the company website about this issue, and instead of truly being apologetic I was asked if I knew if I was at the right address? As if I don’t know how to read signs and that me showing up at the wrong address was the issue. There was no responsibility taken and I’m still waiting for my refund. Worst experiences in NYC with this app. DO NOT USE IN NYC. App is not accurate.
  • Amazing App!!! 5/5

    By Djakamon Topsi
    Fan “Freaking” Tastic App!! Easy to use straight to the point. I almost never leave reviews on anything but this app deserves high acclamation! Highly recommend this App! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
  • I liked the old system better 3/5

    By stephaniebasilia
    I liked the old system better
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By Mcaruso321
    Seriously disappointed in their customer service. Used this app for several years mostly for New York City. Generally they have been good with refunds when my plans have changed. However I recently had to change plans in Boston on what was an higher parking rate than usual. I went through the motions of canceling in the allotted window. Apparently the cancellation did not go through, and now they will not make good on the refund even though it’s clear that the pass wasn’t used. I tried to explain especially that I’m traveling and plans change quickly. No response. So now we all have to deal with a dispute through Amex, and the loss of a customer (me) who probably would’ve spent much more over the next few months than the 53.00 they are stubbornly not willing to refund. I will be deleting their app and opting to use a competitor for future parking needs.
  • User Beware 1/5

    By LyndsayLawless
    I downloaded this app while visiting DC about a month ago. Figured it would help me find nearby overnight parking since it seemed like all the street parking near where I was staying had a 2 hour limit. With the help of this app we found a parking lot nearby that cost $30(I’d figured it would be at the very least $20 for overnight parking in a big city so $30 seemed understandable). We paid it and dropped off our car. In the morning when we go to pick up our car, the lot has signs all over saying that the parking rate is $10 daily. At the time that we’d dropped off the car it was fairly late in the evening and most of these extra signs had been locked up in the little office and nobody was working there that time of night. So when we’re there in the daytime to pick up the car we asked the attendant about the price difference and he says he doesn’t know why this app is charging so much more. Literally triple what the lot is charging. I emailed customer service and was told that it’s only $10 certain hours. I responded saying that there’s absolutely no hours listed on the signs in the lot and sent pictures. The customer service representative tells me that she’s messaged the company that runs the lot about their misleading signs. The signs aren’t misleading. You’re just stealing people’s money and blaming it on the parking lot. The attendant at the lot told me it’s always $10 a day and they actually work there.
  • They killed the best parking app 1/5

    By jmrnyc
    Used for years but now in an effort to monetize the app they’ve ruined its usefulness. No longer shows all garages and forces you to book thru them. Horrible.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By nimbus2386
    This app works great. It’s nice to reserve a spot in advance then just pull in & show your reservation. Convenient & time saving.
  • I want to choice to use coupon and pay on site 3/5

    By FitForCommerce
    See above
  • Love it 5/5

    By TEM4730
    I use this app all the time. Living in nyc it literally saves me hundreds of dollars a year and give me good info on street parking. Always recommend it to all my friends
  • It is the BEST. 5/5

    By DoodleJump#1fan
    I love this app for finding street parking! Also great for locating and camapring paid parking. Keep it up Best Parking
  • Updates have turned this into a different app 1/5

    By Snowstorminc
    I used to love the function of the old app with the ability to find the best rates and even the function to receive coupons by email even after you parked was an indispensable feature. Now you have to book upfront, the parking staff seem to not know about the app and lastly, the prices are MORE money than the garage itself. Deleting immediately.
  • Parking 5/5

    By AzucaNegra
    Parking is so convenient with this application.
  • Best Scam instead of best parking 1/5

    By BabyDarik
    First time using this app and it will be the last time. Reserved a spot in NYC for today from 10:30am to 12:00am (midnight) for $45. Great! Pulled into the parking lot at 10:02am and it went fine even though the traffic wasn’t as bad as I thought and arrived early. Even got a message asking if everything is ok since it’s the first time I’m using it. When I saw the published rate for 24hrs max, it lists $32.94 plus $8.45 because we have a SUV. I guess app has to make some money for the convenience of it since I had pad $45 already. Ok no big deal. Arrived at 8:11pm to get the car, garage scanned the code and it bills $49 and asked for another 4 dollars! What?! That’s more than what they published on the board. Since the app texted me this morning, I texted them back asking for explanation. App company said it was because I pulled into garage at 10:02 instead of 10:30, so there is extra charge! Huh? But I didn’t say until midnight but left at 8pm so technically I parked less hours than I paid! I told them to wait to see my review. If I didn’t use the app and went directly to the parking garage, I would’ve only paid roughly 41-42. Instead, I paid 49 and actually parked less hours! Then app company texted back stating I’ll receive $4 app credit for future use. Ah! Thanks and no thanks. Skip the app, go directly to the garage and paid them.
  • Used to be great 1/5

    By Carfan77
    Absolute crap update. I rarely leave reviews on apps, but this warrants one as what was the ultimate in fabulous is now irritating and annoying. I hate being forced to prepay. I hate that I have to lock in a specific garage beforehand. I hate that one has to enter a license plate to reserve...I went to find a space for a friend who was driving into NYC, and needed her plate number! Plus I had to pay for her parking (which I would do anyway, I just don't like being forced)! The old coupon codes were perfect for such situations; now not so much. Best Parking seems like they hired Microsoft engineers...once they get the functionality right...change it and make it less functional. Oy! Not to mention that the information on the garages is far less complete, the interface is harder to read, and did I mention that one has to prepay? I'm looking for a different app. Let's hope there is one like the former, what truly used to be, Best Parking.
  • Once the best, now the worst! 1/5

    By Salemid
    This new version is totally useless. You should not force the user into making the reservation through the app just to be able to export the directions into google or apple maps. That is extortion and a money grab. This app is an exact copy of Parkwhiz. If I wanted that horrible user experience, I would have downloaded that app. I had been using the old BestParking app for over 4 years now in NYC and never had any problems with functionality. It’s like these developers have never even tried to use their app for its actual purpose. Listen to your users! Bring back the functions of the old app. You should be able to get directions to a garage without having make a reservation in the app. Things happen - construction, accidents, the president being in town, all these things can totally screw up your commute and prevent you from getting to the reserved garage. Reservations should be optional, not mandatory! Add direction functionality to all garages with or without making a reservation. Thank you.
  • Does what you need 5/5

    By rbane
    Doesn’t work everywhere, but it’s always worth checking—I have gotten such good deals, and for many places, it’s easy to pay ahead and reserve a spot. And they take Apple Pay!
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By Jennifer Forchelli
    It takes the pain out of parking! Such a a great app.
  • Missing lots 1/5

    By Average user
    Lists only the Most expensive lots.
  • You ruined the app! 1/5

    By Lifesaving CPR/AED
    This is no longer any kind of BestParking NYC app. I have used this app for YEARS having made tremendous savings, until today! The best feature of the previous version was being able to email coupons for a variety of vicinity parking lots, as you never can tell when any particular lot will be full, or city construction throws your arrival plan out of synch, and sends you blocks away! This update is only a cash grab, and this commuting city parker has lost a previously excellent service. RIP.
  • Easy and Convenient 5/5

    By KTAppGirl
    Easy to use App. Got a great rate in NYC
  • Very convenient parking app 5/5

    By bryansarnold
    This is becoming one of my go to parking apps. You can punch in an address and it immediately figures that you need parking for an event! No need to punch in your estimated time. I love it!
  • Terable 1/5

    By Borislav 75
    After the update is useless
  • It used to be Best Parking 1/5

    By jenningc
    I now hate it. When one could make reservations without prepaying it was much more flexible and better suited to city living
  • Don’t upgrade - new version is terrible and a shame 1/5

    By yhffsghkhtghjfdd
    It now forces you to do the reservation which is not feasible for most cases. If you do not reserve, the app is almost useless. What a change, what a shame!
  • So Disappointed 2/5

    By LyskiDe
    What have you done to my favorite app?? For years I have relied on Best Parking and have recommended it to so many people. But your latest version has changed everything. Before, I was able to find out my parking options with a single click — number of spaces, indoor or outdoor, valet or self-park— as well as the price. But now I have to apply the filters you tout, and it is so much more difficult to compare facilities. I don’t want to have to reserve a parking spot through the app. I just want to know all the details about several garages or lots so I have options once I get into the city with traffic and detours. I am so disappointed to see what has happened to Best Parking!
  • USELESS! Price Bubbles Block Street Parking 1/5

    By FallCrazyInHope
    Useless for street parking now so just delete it and download SmoothPark instead. It’s next to impossible to see where I can and can’t park on the street with this app since your big update. You no longer allow an option to remove the price bubbles for parking garages. BRING BACK THIS OPTION! THIS WAS THE ONLY REASON I EVEN DOWNLOADED THIS APP YEARS AGO! I use to love this app because it was so useful for street parking in NYC but now it’s useless since I can’t see around those stupid blue price bubbles!
  • What happened 1/5

    By Jordan Allen bell
    This App used to be part of my ritual planning the night before how to get to work the following day. Ever since it changed now it doesn’t work hardly at all and it’s infuriatingly annoying that it used to work fine! Please fix it!
  • Sent me to the wrong Garage Cost me an extra $40 1/5

    By rjmbos
    In the past this app was good but the other night I used it to pre-pay for a parking spot in downtown Boston, it told me the spot was located at the parking garage located at 294 Atlantic Ave. When I left the garage I had to pay $40 because the app actually booked a garage located at 30 Rowe’s wharf. Best Parking refused to give me my money back or reimburse me for having to pay at the other garage because they said it was my fault for parking at the wrong garage even after I sent them a screenshot of the parking reservation they sent me showing the address of 294 Atlantic Ave. Mistakes happen but they should have given me my money back for their error and not blame me! I’m very disappointed with this company and with Brandi from customer support who blamed me for their error.
  • Lost Link to Waze, Google & Apple Maps 2/5

    By GeorgeTheGreat!
    The old version was great! Find a garage & tap the link to Waze and I was off. The link was dropped or maybe you need to set up an account to use it. Fortunately, Waze & Google also make it easy to find parking. If I use BestParking, I do a search then go to a navigation app and enter it manually.
  • guess they got bought out 1/5

    looks like the app got bought by a competitor and killed. it's a shame, it was a great app but i noticed the interface is not just entirely different but looks and acts EXACTLY like another inferior parking app. kinda useless now, you can't just browse through the map or tell it to center on your location without typing in an address. moving on....
  • Nice parking app. 4/5

    By Motel boater
    Pretty basic but does the trick. I use it whenever I travel in Philadelphia, DC or NYC. I like that it has pictures and descriptions so you know what to expect.
  • The price via the app was actually higher than what the garage charged. 1/5

    By jino313
    I parked my car and paid the parking fee of $28 via the app, but i was told when i picked up my car that the price was actually $20 total by the attendant of the garage as an usual weekend special. So be careful and make sure the actual price a garage charges before you process your payment via this app.
  • Wasn’t happy 2/5

    By Meraizza
    Today was my first time using the app. I purchased a parking pass through this app and when I get there I parked and realized there was no one there to show proof of parking. I called the help people on this app and she told me to write out my parking pass number on a piece of paper and stick it in the dash. So after I did that I was still concerned about being towed so I walked all around the garage there was no one. Finally I found a security button I could speak to someone on and they told me I couldn’t park there that my pass was not valid and I’d be towed because the garage was for people that lived in the apartments... I was so upset because the woman from this app told me my car would have been fine. I called the help people back and they were able to refund me my money with out any questions. That is the only reason why I’m giving two stars because they made it easy to get the refund. But I had no where to park and was late for the baseball game I bought tickets to because of this parking mess.
  • No direction button. Very hassle 1/5

    By CarterVV
  • Scam app 1/5

    By EveryGoodNicknameWasTaken
    I used this to try to get a space in Boston and whenever I got to the payment portion and paid with Apple Pay it would give me a payment processing error and kick me back to the main screen. I decided to instead park on the street. Later that night I checked my credit card statement and saw that I was charged the $28 anyways! I got a receipt in my email as well, even though I couldn’t use the pass it described. I asked customer service for a refund and they refused, instead offering a $28 “credit” to try to use their service again. This business practice is unacceptable and I’ll be fighting to get my money back. There’s no situation where I’ll want to use their awful app again and I’m no longer in Boston so parking isn’t hell enough to need an app to park.
  • You Can’t Go Wrong 5/5

    By EFJC718
    I use the app whenever I travel for work. Having a parking spot before I arrive always makes it easier. The few times that the garages have caused problems by not being courteous or not wishing to honor my purchase, I have received excellent support in the way of credits and refunds.
  • Very convenient 4/5

    By HectorTechno
    Very easy to use
  • Useless after years of great service 1/5

    By elena siny
    I have been using best parking for 9 years! I recommended it to everyone and now they have eliminated the coupons and want you to pay up front. Bye bye best parking 👋🏻 you are no longer the best. And I am deleting and using another app and I will tell everyone to do the same.
  • Bring back the previous version! 2/5

    By WJ Hyatt
    I used to use and recommend this app a lot, but no more. The new version just seems like a money grab and no longer has lots of useful information. The previous app was a lot better: it had the hours and rates for each parking place which made it very useful. It also had info on when the early bird or flat rates were. BRING BACK THE OLD VERSION! I hardly ever write reviews, but this time I had too because the update ruined the extreme usefulness of this app.
  • The update is terrible 1/5

    By akelle123
    I used to love this app and used it all the time going to work, but I absolutely hate the new update. Here are the few things that i dislike: - you can’t see the rates of garages because you specify arrival and departure time. I’m sorry, but we do not all have structured days when we know what time we need to get in and out. It was nice to see all rates before; - not all garages are showing up on the map that used to show up before. Whatever happened to the rest of garages? - do you now have to book the reservation to go someplace? You used to be able to navigate to the garage without prepaying for reservation. Doesn’t seem like it’s an option any more. I like the interface of the new app, but the functionality is somewhat useless. Please bring back old options!
  • Turned a great app into a Terrible one 1/5

    By Advisor360
    Used this app frequently to find and get discount coupon for parking in Manhattan. No more coupons now; you must book and pay for reservation in advance. Too much traffic in and around Manhattan for this to work. Go back to the old Best Parking coupon option (not Parkwiz).
  • Lived by the old version, HATE the new version 1/5

    By Operaemmy
    This used to show you the cheapest parking, now it doesn’t show you lots that you cannot book through the app. Yes, there are bigger problems in the world, but it no longer does what it was intended to do- find the cheapest parking.

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