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BestParking: Get Parking Deals App

"BestParking helps you find and book parking at the best price. Whether you’re looking for discount parking near your office downtown or want to find the best airport parking before your trip, you can reserve a convenient space with the BestParking app. How BestParking Works • Search for a parking spot where and when you need it. Enter your destination by address, landmark name or neighborhood to see available spaces nearby. • Compare prices up-front at thousands of garages and lots. Pick the best option for you and save money. • Reserve a spot at select garages and lots with a few quick taps and pay with your smartphone. Browse thousands more parking facilities for pricing and amenity info. • Get turn-by-turn driving directions to your space. BestParking links directly to your favorite navigation app. • After reserving a space, enter your garage or lot easily with your digital parking pass and park your car in seconds. Find and reserve parking in cities across North America, including: New York City (Manhattan) San Francisco Chicago Boston Los Angeles Seattle New Orleans San Diego Philadelphia Baltimore Dallas Sacramento Washington DC Atlanta Book airport parking at major airports including: Los Angeles (LAX) Chicago (ORD) Newark (EWR) New York (JFK) Dallas (DFW)

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  • They canceled my parking 1/5

    By Hahahaha hehehehe
    I NEEDED this parking but it got canceled pshhh an I don’t have the money for it my bank will be handling this
  • Rip off 1/5

    By Blind v3
    You find parking you get to do your pay for it. You go to the parking lot it doesn’t exist. This app is a scam to steal your money don’t put your credit card information in. They got me don’t let them get you too. In stead of give you a refund if the fake parking doesn’t exist they keep your money. This is a scam to steel money....
  • Wrong prices 2/5

    By Rosco2010
    Used the app. It shows a lot at $5 for the current time. When I got there, the price was $10. Questioning why, they said $5 was the weekend price. Clearly putting in the date and time doesn’t give correct results. App needs to reflect real prices
  • This is the best 5/5

    By Ijakdo
    App. It works every time. Thanks guys!!!
  • Overall convenient, but it's hard to find a specific place, 4/5

    By 就叫大黑
    Sometimes I want to find a specific place, but it seems impossible in this app.
  • Saved a lot of money 5/5

    By Serhii Ivanov
    I was surprised but everything was great. Reservations were quick and easy. Much cheaper if you park through the gate. Highly recommend this app.
  • This App is the best! 5/5

    By ShooshieQ
    Love this app! Works really well and have saved time and money!
  • Best of the best ❤️ 5/5

    By Sammy Pinkhasov
    Love this app never ever had any issues unlike SpotHero. I got burned with spothero several times. Best parking is dope 🙏🏽 super easy to use easy cancellations before ur actual time
  • Performed as advertised. 5/5

    By Mult47
    First time using the app. Found a location near the event in which I was participating in Boston at a price significantly lower than lowest posted rates. No problem entering or exiting.
  • Best saver 5/5

    By Z. Z. Z
    I’ve been going to the doctors on a weekly basis from Brooklyn to New York and finding a great deal in every parking lot ...just about saving half the money I normally would spend never a problem ...I hand them the keys and always given a few hours extra of free time
  • Parking attendant 5/5

    By King Faro
    The attendant in 9 Cedar St. was amazing, helpful and pleasant. He helped me change my reservation since I got there earlier. Dr. Shafaie
  • SCAM ALERT! 1/5

    By Me333333333333333333
    I purchased a parking pass in advance for a parking lot In NYC. Anyone who had driven in NYC knows that finding parking can be difficult and costly so using a prepaid pass is a great option. Unfortunately when we arrived at the parking lot at the appointed time, the lot was full and the attendant refused to accept the pass and yelled at us to leave! I demanded a refund and he told me to call the company. So far the only replies I have gotten have been boilerplate email responses - no refund. American Express Will now be handling my dispute. This app is a middle man. If you want to be safe. Go directly to the parking lot websites - do not use this app as they do not guarantee anything.
  • Parking at Cincinnati Airport 1/5

    By peanut1277
    Used the App to prepay for parking. When we arrived back the parking attendant made us pay cash and said receipt machine was down. Contacted app company and they stated they don’t give refunds unless you have receipt. Nothing like paying twice buyer beware. If I wasn’t with a large group and on a tight schedule I would have just stayed in the lot until they let me leave. Customer service was poor should be called worst parking.
  • Excellent app 5/5

    By Taninen
    Practical and easy to use
  • Best Parking is efficient and economical! 5/5

    By betalexander
    Great service
  • Not available when I arrived 1/5

    By rjxjsjsjj
    No space when I arrived
  • Crap 1/5

    By Uuugggghhhhhhhhhhh
    A year ago this app was decent . Stop forcing me to put my credit card in and reserve , I just want to find a parking lot , not reserve through this crappy app. Type in “299 park ave NY” and for some reason it takes me to Toronto Uninstalling now .
  • Destroyed a once good app. 1/5

    By Parking lot oversight
    I have used this app for many years and used to love it. But now it does not show you the parking lots policy on oversized vehicles which is what made this app so useful in the past. It’s bad enough that the lots in nyc try and trick patrons into paying oversized parking fees when the fees are purposely hidden so that you can’t see them till you pick up the vehicle and get a surprise overcharge fee. This app used to be very helpful in finding that info ahead of time. Not anymore , please update because this app is almost worthless without that info.
  • 👍🏻 5/5

    By goofypawelek
    Very helpful
  • Rate issues 1/5

    By mch011286
    I used the app to find and prepay for parking. Requested a 3 hour stayed, ended up staying for 30 minutes longer than requested. The parking garage rates stated there was a flat fee for staying over 3 hours up to 24 hours. As I scanned the bar code upon leaving the parking garage meter charged me extra $18 for the extra 30 minutes. This would not have happened if I paid directly at the garage as there is a flat rate for staying 3-24 hours. Contacted customer support and was told by April that this was my fault for STAYING LATE. Disappointed and would not use in the future. Do not recommended.
  • Beware!! 1/5

    By GruntedmiFu
    Using your cc does not just reserve parking, but rather charges your cc even if you don’t use the parking. So if you happen to find street parking for free and you’ve already booked parking, well, you’re F’d!! They've already charged your cc!!
  • With this app you’ll be deceived and pay more to park 4/5

    By K8ssmith
    *****UPDATE*****A few weeks after leaving this review I received an email from the app customer service dept letting me know they investigated my complaint and saw that I overpaid because the garage did not qualify my vehicle as an oversize. They issued a refund in the amount I was overcharged. I must say that it’s nice to know they care about their customers and their experiences. It has made me reconsider using the service again***** I generally in the past have used this app to find a parking garage in various cities while traveling. Until recently I never reserved and paid for a garage through the app. I had a business trip in NYC for 3 days so I decided to park near the venue and prepay, The app quoted me $79 for an 8 hour day or $71 for 24hrs, so of course I kept the car in the garage the full 3 days to save some money. My total was billed at $213 However when I went to pick up my car, the cashier took my parking ticket and rang me up at $168. While my scanned parking pass showed I prepaid, I also was able to learn I overpaid by $45. Not cool and won’t be using this app again
  • Lost time and money 1/5

    By Rajesh on the cloud
    I used the app to book a parking slot and paid the fee. I got to the parking location on time and was not allowed to park because they had cancelled using the app the day before. Working with support has still resulted in the loss of my money and time.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Jabsntags
    I use this App all the time when I go into NYC. I find parking for $20 when I normally would have paid $60+. I would never, ever go to NYC without using this App. I promise you will be happy.
  • Useless App and customer service 1/5

    By john012345
    It was my mistake to use the app to book parking space before I read the reviews. I booked a parking space in NYC at the price $15. It did mention there may have additional fee for oversized vehicle. I used to have a middle sized SUV and I had parked it in many garages in NYC and never been charged oversized fee. I now have a compact crossover which is significantly smaller than my previous Middle sized SUV. I figured this should not be oversized vehicle. However I was wrong and was charged by $15 upon entry. I complained to customer service. They claim: The official definition of oversize is any vehicle that is 181" or longer and 70" or higher. My car is longer than 181” but its height is less than 70”. However the customer service decided my car is oversized due to the length ignoring the fact there is an “and” in their definition. If the length alone can be used to decide the whether the car is oversized, then the Toyota Corolla 2019 is oversized as well because its length is 183”. I raised this question and the customer service said the 2000–03 Corolla: 173 in 2004-07 models:178.3 in So both models are less than 181”. This year is 2019 and they quoted size from models that are more than 10 years ago refuse to take a look of latest model. They also asked me to upload my receipt and credit card statement to prove that I actually paid the oversized vehicle fee and asked me a lot of questions. I thought they wanted to resolve the problem. Yes, they did. They offered me $5 credit for next parking. I say thanks and they can keep it for themselves. I will not use this app to make any reservation any more since you will never know the final parking price before actually enter the garage.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Waze used to be good
    They recommended me a terrible lot where it ended up costing me $120 to park for 30 minutes Big rip off
  • Charger me for a spot where they don't accept this form of payment. 1/5

    By JayLib123
    They gladly took my money for a parking spot in a garage they didn't even accept this in. You need to have an attendant in the garage to be able to use this, the garage I paid for a spot in used machines only so I ended up paying $12 for the spot on here and then had to pay an additional $32 at the garage to get my car out. Support is useless.
  • Best parking 5/5

    By Domenicomore
    Always has the nest spots for a discounted rate, GREAT for downtown Chicago and they extend time for free!!!!!!
  • Always Easy, Fast, and Accurate 5/5

    By loripeppersteak
    Especially now that you can book your parking through the app, it’s so convenient for me to find a parking spot whenever traveling to major cities. I love that you can choose your time and location, and the prices show up for you so you can easily identify your best option.
  • Can’t figure out how to adjust end time 1/5

    By motperl
    See above
  • Devil is in the details 1/5

    By edjudgie
    If you use this app make sure you follow the in by/out by rules exactly. I entered 15 minutes early and got charged by the garage. If I had not used the app I would have paid less. The app could have warned me since it knows the current time and the time constraints. Just be really weary of who the customer really is.
  • Overpricing 3/5

    By RudyAH
    This is the second tome in a row where I pay more money thru the App then it is actually at the Parking facility.
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By TerryMc76
    I park in Boston, one of the most expensive in the country, and on average save 30%-50%. Plus, it makes the process of actually FINDING parking near my destination much easier.
  • seriously the best 5/5

    By Meek001
    so easy to use and saves a ton of $$. great app!
  • Weired. 1/5

    By KKKfantastic
    Purchased the spot, however, the parking lot was full. Person who worked there didn’t care about I booked the spot or not. Booked other spot from the app and contacted the customer service to ask refund what I couldn’t used, but keep replying the email with weird questions. Still pending the refund.
  • Wonderful 5/5

    By Some Guy from space
    I love this app.
  • Disappointed in updates 1/5

    By commute7654
    When I first downloaded and began using this app I could click on a parking lot/garage and get details-hours they’re open/close, address, clearance height, rate, contact info, who owns it, how many spaces, and much more. NOW it just gives shows photo, Rate and address. Searching by time doesn’t work as I know at least 2 garages near work are open when the app says they’re closed cause you can access them after hours. As it is now I’ll have to drive from garage to garage to find out IF my car fits, IF they’re really open that early, and IF they have room!!!! Poor design on the part of the app designer. Sad. I used to recommend this. I won’t be any longer. I’m beyond angry.
  • Canceled reservation 1/5

    By Rmtaber
    This was a good longer. I setup a 'reservation' via this app. The lot turned me away because they were full. I called Best Parking tech support- the tech referred me to another lot that was also full. She directed me to a 3rd lot but would not honor the price that I paid for the 1st lot. This app cannot show the user which lots are full. If you need to make a reservation, you need to call the lot - don't use this app. Missed a meeting because of this app.
  • Nope 1/5

    By Beter Barker
    I loved the old Best Parking. I don’t love the new Best Parking. I don’t know how to work it. It asks for an address, but what address are you supposed to enter? It should accept addresses that are NEAR your destination. I don’t know the address of every parking facility are use and I don’t like arranging for a parking space once I am in the neighborhood of the parking lot. I also hate paying in advance. In summary, I detest the new Best Parking.
  • Best parking app! 5/5

    By lopezaza
    Super simple to use. Great customer service if you ever run into any issues.
  • Lots not available! 1/5

    By KMLeSud
    Twice I reserved parking in advance, in San Francisco, and both times the lots were not available. The first time the attendant told me my payment via this app was not valid and wanted me to pay again. The second time there was no one at the lot, just a machine to pay double the amount I paid to reserve the spot. I got a refund the first time, I’m requesting another refund for today. I’ve learned my lesson now! I won’t be using this app again!
  • DO NOT USE! Cancelled at last minute!!! 1/5

    By Tssk9959
    Do not use this parking app!! I made a reservation the day before I needed a parking spot in Charlotte North Carolina and receive the confirmation and parking pass on my phone. Five hours before I was supposed to be able to park in a particular lot, I received an email and message saying that my parking was canceled because they couldn’t accommodate me. This also happened to two other people who purchased spots. I called to complain and they hung up on me! How do you take someone’s money and give them a confirmation 24 hours ahead of time only to cancel five hours before?!?!?! 😡😡
  • Great to find discounted parking 5/5

    By A mom that loves her kid
    I love to pre-purchase parking at a discounted rate! It’s great to put in an address where I will be and see the prices pop up. I often choose the cheapest one nearby - even if that means I walk a few more blocks. It’s a GREAT APP. I recommend it often.
  • Where did the street parking options go? 1/5

    By Jodie693
    Oh come ON - where did the street parking maps go?
  • Great app, one suggestion 4/5

    By Vrpsgrl
    I LOVE this app! I’m not from NY but temporarily here for a few months. This app saves us a ton every time we go into the city! The only complaint I have is that they don’t show reviews on the app, at least not that I can find. What you have to do is go to their website to get reviews and while the app is seamless, the website it not! It is slow and clunky. That is the only reason I have it 4 stars, otherwise great app!
  • User Beware 1/5

    By Bethietune
    I paid $17 in advance for parking in sfo. When I got to the garage they refused to take the BestParking voucher. I shrugged my shoulders and went to lunch. When I returned and paid a second time, it was only $12.49. But here’s the kicker. I wrote to BestParking two days later and asked for a refund. They asked me to send my receipt or the bank charge. I sent the latter back that day because I couldn’t find my receipt. Today I get another email asking for the receipt. It’s now 4 days later and I have still paid more than double for parking. Here’s the thing folks: if your app blows the task then issue a quick refund. Don’t hassle the customer, or we will delete your app and go elsewhere. And don’t overcharge. It’s really skeevy. There is no dispute over the fact that they refused the voucher. Time is up for you to refund me. I will dispute the charge through my credit card.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By Kimo VG
    It used to give more info before merging w/ Park Whiz. Also used to have many more filters than it does now. This used to be my first stop before leaving the house, now I’m taking it off my phone! Waste of time!
  • Used to work 1/5

    By Mighty Power
    This used to be one of my favorite apps. Ever since they changed the application and upgraded it doesn’t work as well, every time I park on the street because it tells me I can I get a ticket. Parking rates around the area are way too high so when you go to the application of the parking lot they actually have coupons and it’s much cheaper that way, you used to this application and would tell you there were coupon available and get savings but now because the seam to be marking up parking spaces and make the difference they don’t show any discounts or coupons
  • Great app and customer service 5/5

    By Cpapa73
    I like to plan ahead and know I have a guaranteed parking space for a discounted rate when parking in NYC. Pre-paid parking has worked every time. When I emailed about a problem parking at a location where a road closure prevented access, I got a personalized response within hours and a full refund.

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