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BestParking: Get Parking Deals

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BestParking: Get Parking Deals App

"BestParking helps you find and book parking at the best price. Whether you’re looking for discount parking near your office downtown or want to find the best airport parking before your trip, you can reserve a convenient space with the BestParking app. How BestParking Works • Search for a parking spot where and when you need it. Enter your destination by address, landmark name or neighborhood to see available spaces nearby. • Compare prices up-front at thousands of garages and lots. Pick the best option for you and save money. • Reserve a spot at select garages and lots with a few quick taps and pay with your smartphone. Browse thousands more parking facilities for pricing and amenity info. • Get turn-by-turn driving directions to your space. BestParking links directly to your favorite navigation app. • After reserving a space, enter your garage or lot easily with your digital parking pass and park your car in seconds. Find and reserve parking in cities across North America, including: New York City (Manhattan) San Francisco Chicago Boston Los Angeles Seattle New Orleans San Diego Philadelphia Baltimore Dallas Sacramento Washington DC Atlanta Book airport parking at major airports including: Los Angeles (LAX) Chicago (ORD) Newark (EWR) New York (JFK) Dallas (DFW)

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  • Convinient until integration between BestParking app and parking works fine 4/5

    By Oleksandr Chehrenets
    *** Update *** Even though integration with some parking slots doesn’t work fine sometimes support team is trying to do their best to resolve the issue. Best parking refunded all charges they did to my credit card and put difference between their price and actual price to best parking account. Appreciate it *************** I used BestParking application several times and everything was fine - clear instructions, now any additional payments on site. But yesterday BestParking failed twice: - first it allowed me to make a reservation for parking from 10pm till 8am while in fact parking is closed now after 7pm (parking changed their schedule 2 weeks ago but looks like BestParking app still not aware about it) - then I paid another parking with BestParking app but in the end it appears that parking doesn’t have any agreement with bestParking and can’t accept their payment, so I had to pay another 20$ on site. In the end I wasted more than 1 hour in total and 9.5+12+20=41.5$ for 8 hour parking. I’m in touch with Best Parking support team and will update review once that case is resolved somehow.
  • Unreliable - do not honor their price 1/5

    By parkermh1
    Tried using the app to pay for event parking. Purchase did not go through presumably because of a software glitch. Had to pay much higher price at the garage. Reps from Bestparking (=Parkwiz) would not provide credit for the difference. Would give it zero stars if possible.
  • Easy Cheap NYC parking 5/5

    Can’t beat this app. You know in real time when garages are or are not sold out. I Can find cheaper parking within blocks. Only had one issue with the size of my car but paid in cash for the overage. LOVE this and I have recommended this to friends.
  • A must-have for NYC 5/5

    By NJCameraLuver
    I’ve been using this app for years. A NYC parking attendant actually recommended I use it. Now I use it whenever I pop into the city. Great for planning and saving on parking, which adds up fast.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By sarahmclellan
    This app has changed my life, no exaggeration.
  • Different prices for the same parking lot 2/5

    By godiva72
    The app says that parking is $20 but on the Best Parking website the spot is $10. Price rises after you sign into the app.
  • Why pay more? 5/5

    By lives4shore
    Best parking is convenient and offers very competitive pricing. Today I paid $9 on a $36 parking spot in Chicago. Wouldn’t you rather buy lunch with your savings... I did! Also, the customer service team is exceptional! They will jump in to save the day if you need any help!
  • Very disappointed 2/5

    By coach3d13
    I reserved my spot using the app in NYC. Got to the garage and they said they were full. I said I had a spot reserved, they said Best Parking is not them so too bad. Best Parking did give me a quick refund but I drove around the city for over an hour because everything was full (this was right after Christmas). My whole purpose in reserving a spot was that otherwise I would take the ferry in from NJ. It totally ruined my afternoon and made me late to where I was going.
  • Always there for me 5/5

    By CrisNeil
    I can’t imagine visiting a city and not having my handy dandy BestParking app. Thanks!
  • Horrible 1/5

    By 71-NM
    STAY AWAY!!!!! WORST Experience Ever!!!
  • Always A Crap-Shoot in NYC! 2/5

    By PeeWee&theMisfit
    Fact is ParkWhiz is getting worse rather than better as the years pass. Are its relations with vendors deteriorating? Whatever explains it, in New York City (where I have used it most regularly…), ParkWhiz is seeming more likely than not today, and far more likely than it was in its starting days, of delivering an NYC frustration. It seems to believe paying you as credit for your NEXT reservation is the way to address a screw-up for your current one. It’s not. Delivering certainty and what you (pre-)paid for is.
  • Incorrect Parking Rates 1/5

    By Black81rd
    This app cannot be used reliably for parking rates. It may get you to a parking location but then you need to yourself figure out the rate if it is correct. This app has got me to parking lots which had 4 to 5 times the parking rate shown on the app that too on a weekday.
  • $20 extra for 9 minutes over 1/5

    By Mhdhrgafk Ade gc e
    No option to extend time. I ran all the way back to pay $20 for 9 minutes. I will never use this app again.
  • Scam 1/5

    By mopa2
    Does not validate rates or ability to use the app or voucher. Get to the pay station with no attendant...good luck you are paying twice. Don’t use.
  • Great app 5/5

    By JRlovesBarca
    Convenient, easy to use and I save money in Philadelphia, Washington D.C. and New York.
  • User friendly 5/5

    By BF-PSU
    This app is simple to use and gives you many options for efficient and close proximity parking. Stress free too.
  • Broadway or Bust 5/5

    By Mbzazz
    I've been using Best Parking for a few years and it is the best.
  • Consistently save $20-40 each time!! 5/5

    By Grhfbjjfxc judccbb
    I never write reviews but this app is so awesome I had to:)
  • Awful 1/5

    By Kareark
    Awful We cannot to park on place what I paid for.
  • Terrible. Stay away. 1/5

    By simulator8
    On November 8th, I parked at the parking lot at 1364 Brandywine St. in Philadelphia. I was attending the Steely Dan concert at the Philly Met. I purchased my ticket in advance through the BestParking app run by ParkWhiz. When I got back there was a ticket on my car for $45.00 from Target Park. The ticket said if I did not pay it I could be arrested. Are you kidding me? When does a private company have the right to write a parking ticket? This sounds like fraud to me. I called Target Park and they withdrew the ticket, and said they were having an issue with their software. I don’t care— it shouldn’t have happened to begin with. Don’t bother with these parking apps in Philadelphia. Take a cab on an Uber, or park at the park-and-ride lot and take the Metro downtown. Nasty company, nasty service.

    By RikaBajra
    If you have a car and live near a city or are visiting one, do yourself a favor and get this app. It saves you a LOT on parking and they have THE BEST customer service. Sincere thanks to the creators!
  • Oh My! What A Wonderful Secret Unveiled! 5/5

    By Hawkeyes21x
    Last year, two hours at a parking deck cost me over $50. With this app, I parked in the exact same place for four hours at a cost of $15! Easy to use, easy to identify all available parking areas in one place. What could be better than that you ask? How about having the gate open automatically once it read your license plate number allowing entry, and exit? This is a phenomenal app!
  • Parking attendant 5/5

    By King Faro
    The attendant in 9 Cedar St. was amazing, helpful and pleasant. He helped me change my reservation since I got there earlier. Dr. Shafaie I love Best Parking ,they are so wonderful and professional, I was charged twice in same time parking and I forgot about it and then I saw they remove the extra charge from my credit card.👍
  • Charged me full parking rate even though I canceled well before cancellation 1/5

    By scammed by BestParkind
    This app charged my credit card the full $40 parking rate even though I cancelled way before the cancellation time deadline. At the time, it said that my cancellation went through and I didn’t think anything of it. Two days later, I noticed that the charge hit my credit card. Now I have to prove that I cancelled in time. This app is a scam.
  • Late booking 5/5

    By Coach Spin
    I was on my way to a great dinner in Philadelphia & was still able to get a cheap parking spot around the corner from the restaurant! Super!
  • Horrible!!!!! 1/5

    By NY ARCH
    Twice I made reservations at garages only to arrive and be informed that they did but have the space for me. Both times, on my way to meetings. Sooooo frustrating. They offered a 5 dollar credit for my inconvenience. Really????? Never again.
  • Parking is not guaranteed 4/5

    By Blippety
    This app is great when spots are available. However, if spots are sold out, the app will still let buyers pay for spots. Parking is not guaranteed. The point is that there might not be spots despite paying in advance or reserving for a spot. Also, despite reserving in advance, the company Parkwhiz can cancel reservations especially if they want to raise the parking price. They won’t give the buyer a chance to pay the difference or pay the higher price prior to cancellation so you just end up losing the reservation.
  • Parking 5/5

    By liro oso
    It’s good
  • Lots of saving 5/5

    By arpa97
    This application is a must when parking in NYC,
  • What happened to monthly parking prices?! 1/5

    By Zdlcm
    Use to love this app. They got rid of monthly discount prices.
  • Good customer service 3/5

    By Mets fan 34
    This evening I parked in NYC. I secured a space for $23. At the end of the evening, I handed the attendant my ticket (without him knowing I used the app to buy it beforehand) and the total cost was $16 - yes, $7 cheaper. Thus, I threw away $7 by using the app. I would have been better off just going to the parking facility and not using the app. I emailed best parking app’s customer support on Sunday morning. They responded instantaneously and credited my account with $7 difference. They indicated that sometimes the parking garages change their prices without their knowledge. I am extremely pleased at how responsive they were to correct the issue. Thank you
  • very long wait time 5/5

    By pat8888888888888
    very long wait, only ine person working. waited 40 minutes to receive my car. great guy but too much work for one person
  • A once great app, ruined. 1/5

    By Kevin from new england
    I’ve used this app for years. It’s been super useful, handy, and saved me a lot of time over the years. Now they have updated it and ruined it. The only good features about have been removed. No more see available street parking feature. That’s literally the only thing I used it for. Useless.
  • Always awesome 5/5

    By catha93
    I can always count on Best parking to help me whatever I am. I love this side.
  • Cigarette but found in my car 3/5

    By Caddy Man1
    Someone left a cigarette butt in my car I will give them 1 more chance I don’t smoke!
  • You can cancel! 5/5

    By Brucehartley
    Great app. I was always apprehensive about booking because plans always change, and NYC parking garages aren’t exactly known for their customer service. After I booked for the first time I realized that the app allows you to cancel up until your reservation time! They should highlight this more I think. I will now use it much more frequently.
  • Tight 5/5

    By cpr3me
  • Usually lowest rate and usually straight forward 4/5

    By JAinCO
    I’ve used this quite a lot and it’s been reliable and cheap
  • Force closes when click gps direction 1/5

    By Calvin_Kevin
    After searching I got a list of garages and I choose one then click gps directions, then no matter which option I choose, apple map or google map, the app just closes without any messages. For every garage I searched it was like this
  • Drawbacks 5/5

    By 29fu
    Resetting your password for the app doesn’t work. The website will send you spam emails daily.
  • Amazing ! 5/5

    By Jasmineeexxxx
    I’m annoyed that I downloaded this probably a year ago and forgot about it. I’ve been paying so much for parking for so long! Then my mom came to visit me in Chicago. She said she didn’t wanna pay 50+ for parking for a couple hours. I said there’s no choice they’re all expensive. Then I remember this app... looked and found places a couple blocks down for 12 bucks for a couple hours ! But wait! Free extension until 12am ! So 8 hours for 12 bucks! No hassle or anything. I just paid through the app and scanned the bar code. I love you best parking
  • Name says it all 5/5

    By Rickster 07
    Very easy to use never any major problems easy to resolve minor issues. used it many times takes the agita out of finding a parking space. It’s ease of use has improved over the years thank you so much
  • Best!!! 5/5

    By MaEhsan
    The best, cheapest, and easiest way to find parking in big cities
  • I love Best Parking 5/5

    By Master Blaster Shalom
    Best Parking helps me find the lowest parking rates and allows me to reserve parking in garages. It also shows me what streets offer free parking based on days/times. It makes it quick and easy and makes parking relatively stress free.
  • Worst parking app Evan 1/5

    By local22
    Let’s you choose starting date and time but not return time. Short sighted release of an app. They should have figured out all the little things that are actually most important before they released it
  • Truly the “Best Parking” 5/5

    By BobNewYork
    Excellent service and very reasonably priced.
  • Handy and convenient 5/5

    By yanstr
    Great app! Very handy when going to Manhattan, use it all the time to book parking ahead of the time!
  • Great 5/5

    By Bigdawg2011
    Works well. I use anytime I’m going to chicago
  • Parking for Wrigley 2/5

    By jtpmuskin
    No one knew where we were supposed to park for reserved parking..... even parking attendant!!!!

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