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BET+ App

BET+ is a premium subscription streaming service with over 1,000 hours of your favorite Black content from the best Black creators. Now, you can stream Black culture: the movies you remember, the TV shows you love and the new series you can't live without. And they're all in one place, commercial free. Everything from classics like Martin and House of Payne to modern favorites like Bigger and Carl Weber's Influence is available on BET+. This service also includes exclusive, original content such as First Wives Club from Girls Trip co-writer Tracy Oliver. Plus, there are movies, plays and new series from Tyler Perry that you'll only find on BET+, including Ruthless and Bruh. Check out some of the hits and exclusives: • Tyler Perry's Madea's Farewell Play • The Jamie Foxx Show • The Parkers • Tyler Perry's Ruthless • Tyler Perry's Sistas • First Wives Club • The Family Business • American Gangster: Trap Queens • Tyler Perry’s Madea Goes to Jail • The Wayans Bros. • Martin • Bigger • The Game • Tyler Perry’s Bruh • Carl Weber's Influence • Games People Play • The New Edition Story • Never and Again • Hit The Floor • Giants APP FEATURES: • Enjoy Cross-Platform Continue Watching, a new feature that allows you to start watching an episode or movie on one platform, then pick up where you left off, even on a different platform. • Start your subscription today! Your first seven days are free, then your paid monthly BET+ subscription begins. You can avoid auto-renew charges by canceling at least 24 hours before the end of your trial or current billing period • Chromecast support lets you cast your favorite shows to your TV. Just hook up your TV to your Chromecast device. The BET+ app requires iOS 10 or later. Full episode streaming is available within the U.S. only. For help, visit or contact [email protected] Terms of Use: The Terms of Use for this app include arbitration for disputes -- see Your California Privacy Rights: Do Not Sell My Personal Information:

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BET+ app reviews

  • Terrible service 2/5

    By Ghen18
    Every week i try to watch something on bet+ and regardless of the time of day, I can’t even get through 2 minutes without it buffering or glitching or whatever it’s doing.. I don’t understand what the issue is. No other app does this. I feel like a credit should be given because it’s been going on for at least 3 months now. It’s frustrating trying to watch a show. It’s taking over an hour to watch something that’s 40 minutes. Something has to be done.
  • Unfortunately they don’t have all their shows 3/5

    By critic karma
    How do you not all all of your own shows that you own the copyrights to that you make and advertise and even the shows you have you don’t have all the seasons I.E sistas you don’t have season 2 and you don’t have Twenties at all how unpleasant for BET+ it’s like you want us to use bet now instead meaning we have to go back to cable no dice sunshine I hope you fix this soon I’m slightly disappointed in this
  • Has good content but still needs work 3/5

    By AJ3430
    Some shows don’t have the full episode which is aggravating and it’s glitchy and some scenes skip
  • Upset 1/5

    By cece9881
    I’m truly upset with this app I’m paying for a service every month just to not be able to watch the shows I’m paying the fees for. There is a second season for all of the shows I enjoy but I’m only seeing season 2 for just one out of the many shows. What’s going on?
  • Too many glitches 3/5

    By jehev a
    I love being able to watch my favorite shows and movies.... if only I was able to watch them without it just shutting off on me. It keeps doing this on my tv but not my phone. The app will just close the movie I’m watching or say it’s not available but then I can click right back on it and it’ll restart the movie.
  • Needs updating 1/5

    By Jazzjazzjj
    This app is missing the basic standards that most apps have in 2021.Before we even talk about content, let's talk about a not-so-user-friendly application.The app is missing profiles, profiles are essential for different members of the household to utilize the app. This is standard with most streaming apps. The app is also missing the ability to make a show a part of your favorites list. You have to search for a show every time you want to watch it. It will only memorize where you left off if you were on the same device. This is standard. Also, the app should haveThe ability to allow the user to leave the screen and continue to hear audio, at the very least. Most streaming apps have the ability to have a small, minimized screen available so users can multitask as they enjoy the app. This is missing. This is standard. Update the app as you continue to work on content. You cannot have one without the other. There are shows on this app that I believe I will enjoy, but I will have a hard time continuing the shows using this app as it currently stands.
  • I’m disappointed 1/5

    I’ve canceled my subscription and still they charged my card. I emailed them because I had to contact my apple support to see why they didn’t cancel my subscription yet and they told me it was the app . When I emailed them they explained that they don’t do refunds . Then they didn’t even explain to me if they cancelled the subscription they were just explaining how they don’t refund people .... it’s weird they are stealing money basically I got charged twice in less then 10 days and it’s supposed to be monthly .
  • Rip off?? 1/5

    By tarnale
    So if we are paying monthly for bet plus why can we see the second seasons of episode that are already out??? Example sistas or The oval? You want us to pay to watch the second seasons and still pay a monthly fee? That’s not right.
  • Family sharing but still need a separate subscription? 2/5

    By 2Rio2
    We have family sharing and the app still wants you to sign in and then subscribe to their monthly premium when it’s already been done through family share... why? Also shows you want to watch wants you to pay for episodes and they come with the app!?
  • App/show Freeze & Wont Load 2/5

    By Lilbeino
    My 2nd day trial & its already messing up, Not playing on 1 tv both both & When it will play on the Mobile app🤦🏾‍♂️
  • Horrible 1/5

    By AeonFlexing
    This app is trash! Every other streaming app works wonders except for this one! It buffers forever and takes forever to even make it to the Home Screen! This will be the last 9.99 BET/Viacom makes off of me! I will never recommend this app until they get it fixed
  • Needs offline compatibility 3/5

    By Seaborn18
    I would definitely subscribe if I could download to play when I don’t have internet. I travel and fly almost everyday and would love to watch all the Tyler Perry collections while I’m flying
  • Fraudulent Charges 1/5

    By cdenisej925
    I cancelled my subscription on February 11, 2021 & immediately received a confirmation letter. You have billed me 2x since then. I contacted support and was told to contact Itunes support. Itunes told me to contact you because the charges are on my credit card & not in Itunes. I WANT A REFUND ON MY $22!!!
  • Please fix it 2/5

    By someone with problem1:55
    Every time I watch on my tv the show or movie skips, it never turns off so if I fall asleep while watching I would have to go all the way back to find the episode I was watching, and I can’t download it on all TVs. I really enjoy the shows and movies but I don’t think all these problems are worth $10
  • First thirty min problem 1/5

    By divadorene
    I can only get the first season and not the second season four sistas. There’s no one to help you and it’s no questions to cover this.
  • Okay but not okay😐 2/5

    By Jacarriana
    This app is getting annoying every time I click off the app for a little amount of time it wouldn’t open back up it’ll just show BET+ and the loading sign. This is about to be my 3rd time deleting this app and reinstalling it bc I paid my money and I really want to finish watching my shows.
  • Glitchy 2/5

    By CaceEnPoynt
    I’m really trying to give this app a chance, but from these first couple of weeks that I’ve had it all I can say is that it’s incredibly GLITCHY! It freezes CONSTANTLY while you’re watching a show, and on some episodes, you’ll be lucky to get through one scene without the app freezing! You’ll be playing the guessing game on a lot of the scenes because at times all you can hear is the audio, yet no movement of the screen because it’s frozen. Also annoying that there’s no “Continue Watching” feature on this app (similar to Netflix), so if you decide you want to finish the rest of the show/movie you’re watching at a later time, you have to go look for it. BET is already on the decline as a network, so if this app is supposed to revive it, then it’ll need to be MUCH better than this. Because I’m not gonna continue to pay $10 a month for a glitchy app with mostly reruns and old movies on it, especially not when many of the original shows that are supposed to be exclusive to the BET+ app eventually end up being broadcast on regular BET anyway. These aren’t the old days when BET was the only game in town for Black audiences. There are A LOT of other apps catering to the Black demographic that has better value (some even free). With all that said, I’ll give BET Networks a month or two to clean up their act before I completely say DUECES✌🏿 to this app.
  • Worst Streaming 1/5

    By Miszspin
    BET plus is tripping to be charging 9.99 with all the glitching that occurs. In the middle of a movie if I fast forward it completely skips to the end of the movie. The movie will be playing and the sound will go out and I know it’s not my devices because it occurs on all of my devices my smart tv, Roku stick and iPad. If I’m watching a series, the screen will go small as if the episode is over and try to play the next episode but says it will do so in 2999999 seconds, what kind of mess is this, BET know they are wrong for this, fix your app first and ensure it works before putting this mess out to the public and charging them for something that is a bad product.
  • Update 3/5

    By kymme couture
    The new season of sistas is on betnow but not the paid subscription plus 🤦🏾‍♀️
  • Don’t purchase 1/5

    By Fe Gordo
    Here it is a year later and still no updates with new episodes! This app is ridiculous and they say they update everything every month but it’s a lie! Don’t waste your money
  • Omg this is such a scam like wow when I did my trial for a week it said to buy it again omg 1/5

  • Loading issues 1/5

    By Killer Kat24
    I go on my app and it’s take forever to load I had to uninstall and reinstall it the problem is still happening.
  • Leaves Me Confused at Times 3/5

    By Aukiece
    Come on BET+ y’all launched a app at $10 that still needs a lot of work for the price y’all charging. The app is great. Love all the content. Bbbuuutttt why when I went to download the app to my iPad,appletv does it ask me to start another free trial, then wants me to pay again after the trial even though I already have an account? Is there a work around for this to sign in from other devises/platforms? I also wonder why there isn’t an app for the Samsung line of TVs. Roku TVs have an app but Samsung doesn't. Hope that’s something that will change sooner rather than later. I do share the same as some of the other reviewers in terms of having multiple profiles. The content does need to be better categorized like other platforms where you can just search for movies/ comedies, dramas etc...instead of scrolling endlessly for what you want to watch. All the other streaming services have all of these things at the same or cheaper price. I would give it 5 stars if it wants to for the issues I see as a paying user of a service that’s not very user friendly. But seriously fix the log-in situation please.
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By AmberLyn1908
    Every time there is an update the app does not work for days, I remove it add it back reboot and it’s still not working
  • Money issue 1/5

    By Djblackhammer98
    I had it for awhile mainly to watch certain movies one more time and I canceled my account and they charged me twice even when I cancled my account and I’m still waiting to hear if I can get my money back
  • Be careful 1/5

    By brandi1000
    Bet+ would NOT let me cancel my subscription when i no longer wanted it !!!
  • Do not download 1/5

    By ifijfhhffhfhhghhggffff
    It is bad it takes all of yo money out of your iTunes the free trial was 9.99 and I had 25 and it took all of it
  • So much better than before. 4/5

    By JoJo Can't Stop Won't Stop
    I wrote a long review about the site’s disorganization, then I got the update and had to delete everything I said. I was hoping for more organization but they provided clear categories, which I appreciate. I’m thankful the developers are reading the reviews and really looking at what can be better. I’d like to see more content overall, continue watching option, and the option to save my favorites to watch later.
  • Smart case 1/5

    By ashthom29
    You are unable to smart cast this app from your devices and it doesn’t have the app for smart TVs. Needs more progress
  • Racist 1/5

    By Batty Attu
    BET is an extremely racist outlet. Very little ethnic diversity in their programs, and when there are other ethnicities in the programs or movies they are typically very demeaning and treated as second rate humans compared to the black actors... BET has reported my review as “offensive” behavior. What happened to providing an honest “review” of platforms? Is it because its a black platform they feel threatened? If they don't want “honest” reviews about being racist, clean up your act...
  • Too many glitches 2/5

    By CML2412
    I downloaded this app specifically to watch Martin - as this is the only streaming service that carries the show- but I soon found that sooo many of the episodes have glitches. Either the visuals will freeze or the screen will just go black but the audio still plays. It probably wouldn’t be that big of an issue if it wasn’t happening like every other episode or if the freezing/black out didn’t go on for more than a few seconds. With the episodes only being 20 min., missing out on 2-3 minutes really messes up the whole episode. I don’t know how much longer I’ll hold on to this app, especially since the only reason I wanted it was to watch Martin. The app just isn’t worth the price.
  • Prejudiced 1/5

    By DavidA316
    The whole concept of making shows based on race is nothing short of discrimination and racist. Imagine if an app was made explicitly for only white actors. Sounds bad? That’s because it is. Just like this app, don’t buy into the woke lies. Have a nice day! :)
  • Very disappointed 3/5

    By Ladefa3
    I was nice having it free for a week, but I not for it to freeze up and then just stop not paying for that.
  • Review 4/5

    By bcxcbhydc
    I’ll give a 4 star because it has everything I want to watch. Only issues are how the volume goes on and off, how it freezes, and how you can’t start where you left off
  • Bet plus 2/5

    By hood heffna
    App does NOT work on tv But works fine on my phone . Will not keep subscription.
  • Always force closing 1/5

    By deanna127
    This app always force closing while I’m in the middle of watching tv shows !!! Soooo annoying .. definitely will be unsubscribing!!!! This app needs MAJOR improving. Not worth the $$$
  • Rip off 1/5

    By GeminiKay0824
    Bet plus is a complete rip off. You can not see any new shows! The only way to catch up on favorite shows is on the BET NOW app. This App was false advertisement and a waste of money....
  • Really enjoy but..... 4/5

    By MAKAC
    I really enjoyed this app to things if it could be fixed it would make the app awesome.First thing is to create a watchlist and the second thing is you can be watching a TV show about halfway through it jumped straight to the end to the end of the episode Then if you want to go back and finish watching that episode you have to start from the beginning and fast forward to where you were

    By Tmona
    Certain movies won’t work for me and I can’t get any help from customer w
  • Why doesn’t this app work in landscape mode on an iPad Pro ? 1/5

    By TaraMichelle932
    The BET + app doesn’t seem to support landscape mode on the 12.9 inch iPad Pro (3rd generation). iOS 14.4. It was working yesterday and now it doesn’t. I literally have to use the Apple TV app in order to view BET + in landscape mode.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By couldnotcomeupwithone
    Really love the app I was just wondering will wild n out be on here because that show is really good and I think it would be a great add on
  • It depends on you 4/5

    By Gabatoba
    I had to part ways with BET+. There’s enough content that you want to explore beyond the 1 week trial but after the first month my interest was gone. A lot of the content seems to be copy and pasted from BET so it still has commercial edits and censoring. There is also paramount+ that is coming out that owns BET content as well so that is causing some confusion on my end.
  • Movies and/or shows freeze 3/5

    By Kita Fay
    I like this app, and all the shows on there. There are so many to choose from and keeps me and my family entertained. One thing that gives it three stars instead of five is that it seems as if the shows are always downloading in the middle of watching. Every show and/or movie I've watched freezes. It doesn't matter if I watch from home tv or phone, no matter what or whose WiFi I use, it is always freezing and it happened in the beginning middle or end.
  • Dingy 1/5

    By ncbaby919
    Tried to email them several times at an email provided to me and my emails got sent back to me! Will not resubscribe!

    By 13349!b
    Terrible app , would not recommend anyone purchase betPlus. Would of not given any stars honestly but it won’t let me remove it .
  • Tyler Perry’s Sistas 3/5

    By Detrakz
    Why isn’t this show on here?
  • It sounds better than it is 3/5

    By troo gma
    I don’t like the app it should have ALL of Tyler Perry shows and movies and it doesn’t . And since it’s bet+ it should have anything that’s currently on any bet platforms 😒 and it doesn’t . Why is there no watchlist option? While you were developing the app adding that was what , to much ? Why are the movies edited ? You remove the original dialogue (profanity, sexual language) I want the original movie the way it was made . I support but , these tiny things would make a difference.
  • Freezes in the middle of movie 1/5

    By Drea433
    The app freezes in the middle of movies. Tried deleting the app and reinstalled and doesn’t work. Need to be fixed ASAP or you will be losing a loyal customer!
  • Too many bugs 1/5

    By Det.Union
    I can’t start where I finished. And it just stops playing and the screen goes black. I’ve backed in and out of the same movie several times and it plays a few secs and freezes again. Sooo Annoying. Especially since I’m having to pay for it too. I’m giving it one more month cause I could be using this money for something else. Sad that the the App that’s for us would be available to us not even ready yet. It’s time out for just giving us anything.
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