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BetMGM Sportsbook

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  • Current Version: 21.04.05
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: ROAR Digital, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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BetMGM Sportsbook App

BetMGM Sports is where the action is! Brought to you by the world’s leading resorts and casinos, BetMGM is the premiere sports betting destination for all major professional and college sports. Experience the excitement of betting on Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, MMA, Soccer, and Tennis as well as College Football, College Basketball, and College Baseball. The BetMGM sportsbook app brings you closer to the sports you love giving you real-time betting odds, enhanced offers, and tons of different betting formats from moneyline and point spread bets to parlays and futures. Not to mention the player props and live, in-game betting options! Features * Boosted bets offered daily * Live, in-game betting markets * Easy deposits and withdrawals * Best-in-class customer service * 24/7 access to wagers * Safe and Secure transactions Here are just some of the MOST POPULAR sports betting markets available in the BetMGM Sports app: * Pro & College Football * Pro & College Basketball * Pro & College Baseball * Hockey across the US and Europe * MMA and Boxing * ALL the world’s top soccer leagues * Tennis – all the majors and every tournament across the globe * Golf – all the majors plus all tour matches Join millions of Sports Fans and betting enthusiasts who are putting their sports knowledge to the test. Believe in your game with BetMGM Sports! For our best offers and latest promotions, follow us on social: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Blog: If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, call 1-800-GAMBLER. Must be 21+. Additional terms and conditions apply.

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BetMGM Sportsbook app reviews

  • Face recognition 2/5

    By Improve Login
    Please use FanDuel process for logging into your app using facial recognition gets tiring imputing password to check bets .
  • Free bet offers 5/5

    By accord19
    Needs more free bets
  • Worst Sportsbook casino EVER! 1/5

    By hdr47jf
    Bbb gives them an F
  • Great rewards/features, PLEASE ADD FACEID 4/5

    By ProcessJebbs
    ONly thing that keeps this app behind DK, FanDuel and others is manually typing in my PW each time. Add FaceID and this app becomes unbeatable
  • Great promotions, terrible app 3/5

    By btags28
    The app is incredibly buggy. Freezes constantly, several buttons often don’t work, and there are times when you can’t even see your current bets. It’s by far the worst interface/user experience of all the sports betting apps I use. However, in terms of the betting component, great promos and generous distribution of free bets and parlay boosts, often just out of the blue. And those promos will keep me coming back despite the bad app!
  • Terrible. Horrible. Really bad. 1/5

    By worthless1223
    BetMGM is hands down the worst online sportsbook/application there is. From their interface to their customer service, it’s clear they feed off people’s enjoyment of sprucing up sporting events by having some skin in the game. They promise you bonuses, then don’t honor the bonus. They will offer you a bonus on the customer service chat, then let you deposit, and then not honor their word. Not only that, they will ask you to prove that the conversation you had with the customer service rep happened in order for them to honor it (take a screen shot/save all correspondence anyone reading), then they will literally tell you that you made up the 10 unique character bonus code that was provided to you. Absolutely pathetic and disgraceful. They’re probably the reason states are hesitant to adopt online Sportsbetting. BetMGM is the epitome of sleazy business practices. This company/application should be used as an example on what NOT to do and how NOT to treat customers who spend thousands of dollars on their application. Use FanDuel, the interface is much better and effort was actually put in to developing a decent app. Not only that, they honor the bonuses and rewards they promise you and don’t demand proof, then refuse to give you the transcripts of the conversation where the proof is located. Don’t like FanDuel? Try DraftKings, also way better customer service, they’ll give you a bonus just for having to wait for a 2 minute response. Interface isn’t the best, but they have some of the best odds and cash out features. Don’t like DraftKings? Use Unibet, never tried it, but I promise you it can’t be worse than BetMGM. -dissatisfied customer
  • Abysmal 1/5

    By Sleth Curry
    Easily the worst online casino NJ has to offer. Steer clear and play elsewhere.
  • Trash app 1/5

    By nest276378
    This app so trash and money greedy when you make a deposit they automatically turn your money to bonus money so you can’t withdraw till you Wagner a certain amount and when you bet on the game you can’t cash out when try to cash out it will keep pausing FANDUEL THE BEST SPORTSBOOK/Casino EVER INVENTED
  • I love MGM 5/5

    By JayBoat32
    MGM is the best sports betting app!
  • Never written a review in my life, til now. 1/5

    By JustinDami
    I have used basically all the sports books available in PA and this one has to be the worst, make sure you read through the fine print for your “bonus”. Trash app with ridiculous terms. Go download FanDuel and save yourself the headache
  • Wishing for easier login 3/5

    By Hyubfyjb
    Have to type password every time :-/ Is otherwise fairly easy to use.
  • Bountiful Bonus’s 5/5

    By b29762
    This app is the real deal. I have had some poor experience s in the past on other apps when trying to take live Casper’s but not withBET MGM. Plus the bonuses are unparalleled to any other. I do not work for nor am I affiliated in anyway with anyone at Bet MGM. Just giving an honest review.
  • Worst of the worst 1/5

    By App criticer
    Can’t bet when I want can’t cash out when I want can’t even withdraw money when a want. Absolutely terrible app. FanDuel and draft kings are better than these frauds
  • BetMGM 5/5

    By chayes0499
    Best betting app out there!
  • Slow 1/5

    By macty75
    There is no way to stay signed on. App is slow and load with the circle all the time. Disappointing to say the least. Nothing compare to draft kings
  • Clunky and Odd 1/5

    By iammrmeyer
    Being an app, I expected this to work much like other popular sports betting apps, but this was is clunky and slow. Often time it would freeze and would have to be restarted to work. Also odd that when there was a deposit bonus, my original deposit wasn’t available to withdraw. Very off putting to me and turned me away from BetMGM.
  • You WILL be scammed, only a matter of time 1/5

    By jbellz23
    Do not even bother signing up to bet with MGM, no matter how enticing the promo code may seem. It is impossible to win money with MGM. First off, they scammed me with my original deposit promo code and did not honor the free bets back if it lost. To make matters worse, I had won $540 betting and they froze my account without reason until I provided identification, not allowing me to withdraw my winnings. I provided the necessary identification and they failed to verify my account within 3 months despite their policy of doing so within 48 hours and countless support chats and emails. One day, after one too many support chats, I was told my account was canceled and that I would be contacted “in time” to receive my winnings. Only was able to get the money after getting the state gaming commission involved with this illegal activity. Long story short, do NOT bet with MGM!
  • Love playing on Bet MGM, but... 3/5

    By Jttorn
    Would have been a 5 star review but the app does not allow me to use facial recognition upon signing on. Very annoying having to sign in a thousand times a day! Also, do we really have to x out of all these 1-800 prompts upon logging in? Also very annoying! I know who to call if I have a problem. Please just post number somewhere on the button of the screen. In all, a decent app tho!
  • Best book for promos. 4/5

    By Pheelsocool
    I’m still a bit upset about getting burned on the initial promo, but I’m pleasantly surprised by all the other promos of MGM. Only problem I have with the book is the UI, apply booster and place bet on the bet slip should be further spaced out. Have accidentally placed bets before trying to apply a boost.
  • Love it better than points bet in Iowa 5/5

    By Gmahdi2
    I love this app it finally let me placed my & all of the promo they gives an more option to bet from way better than PointsBet app in Iowa
  • Awesome betting app 5/5

    By thisisyourmomsbrother
    Fast and have awesome promotions everyday with money you use to bet or play the slots and completely free. I would recommend 🤟🏽
  • Parlay 4/5

    By Justdoit033091
    Y’all need to let us parlay individuals stats from different games for say K. Irving for 30 K. Durant for 30 N. Jokic for 30 And S.Curry for 5 3s
  • Shady 1/5

    By docwhale
    This site is shady, every promo is suspect, so don’t download or even look at any ad. Your welcome.
  • Worst betting app by far 1/5

    By bokidude
    Their website constantly freezes, be aware of their bonus offers-make sure you read terms and conditions, one time instead of $5 bet their system put $50 bet. Their customer service is awful and unhelpful. Stay away from them, there are plenty other sports betting apps
  • Good book 5/5

    By Tom42678921
    Good book
  • Sore Losers 1/5

    By NakedSnowNinja
    I have a friend who wins a lot and they got upset they were losing a decent chunk of money to him so they shut his account down. He would put money in when they gave him a match bonus. He would then gamble all that money on a game and win. Then immediately pull out all his money. He hit on a $5 parlay that paid out 10k. And would bet 100-200 on an underdog when they had no reason to be an underdog. Basically, they only want to take your money and as soon as you look like you know what you are doing, they will shut down your account.
  • Bet mgm 5/5

    By truth101ps
    Great app not enough free money lol
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By Eplath
    App freezes 3/5 times I launch it. Also, no FaceID?! Really?!?
  • Sports betting 5/5

    By The_nas_effect
    I have been sports betting since 2005 and this app is far better than what I could imagine very smooth simple platform makes its easier to concentrate on the games
  • Good interface - horrible customer service 1/5

    By Tresy12334
    They’ve taken $50 out of my account twice and done absolutely nothing about it. Pitiful.
  • Horrible Customer Service and Slow Payouts 1/5

    By GMRGuy
    App works fine. Payouts take much longer then deposits. Customer service is horrible. Sean should be fired.
  • SCAM 1/5

    By kevinmcsavage
  • Fun and easy to use! 5/5

    By margs on the rox
    Great app.
  • Embarrassingly Poor App Performance 1/5

    By Squashtheman69
    Constant and consistent interruptions to betting and services of the app is the norm. Somehow even though they are raking in millions of dollars on sports betting every day they cannot maintain a functional app. FanDuel and Draftkings have far superior platforms.

    By Klearst
    Promotions are garbage and they have withheld winnings from me and then had customer support laugh in my face about it. Terrible.
  • Horrible Experience 1/5

    By adamfelts
    I have had nothing but issues with these guys. They don’t pay out on promotions and when you try to contact them they never email you back. And when trying to chat live with someone your taking to someone that barley speaks English and they are not competent in there job. They don’t know what to do and give you scripted answers. Most recently my account had a glitch and about $100 was removed from my account. When I contacted them I was ignored. I’m currently reporting them to the PA gaming board. I would stay away from this Casino/Sportsbook I much prefer draftkings or fanduel!!
  • 👍🏾 5/5

    By mbtbando
    Love it I has me watching more sports
  • Good but other apps are better 3/5

    By WannabeaCPA
    I like betting with MGM but the app is slow and many of the features don’t work from time to time. Needs an update or something.
  • Excellent App 5/5

    By Joe5042
  • Update 3/5

    By ThatBabyAintMine
    No face ID are you kidding me?
  • Very buggy and frustrating 1/5

    By RichRR
    Programming really needs to look into their single game parlay feature. I have been forced on at least a dozen of occasions to go with a completely different book because of wagers, and stakes not being put in or just not adding the bet all together. This is not worth the time and frustration. Go with another book and save yourself time until they get this figured out. BTW contacting customer service just brings you in an endless troubleshooting circle that ends up with them realizing it is a programming/ app issue 17:07 You Priyanka please get the programming department to do something about the single game parlay feature. Yesterday I Input my information/ wagers and the bet wasn’t going through. Today it isn’t working at all. This has caused me two days in a row to go with another book. This is soo completely
  • Was my favorite 1/5

    By tim14smoke
    I really liked BetMGM a lot. But a few days ago they changed a few things on the homepage and now I can’t view “My Bets” or access cash outs. Every other feature on the app works except the one I need. It was obvious that ‘customer service ‘ did not even read my messages or emails as their responses had NOTHING to do with the problem. I just withdrew the funds I had there and downloaded FanDuel, it works very well. No problems.
  • Good app horrible customer service 2/5

    By Asniperr
    App is okay though quite laggy, bonuses are pretty decent and worthwhile. My main gripe is that they fail to honor promotions about half the time. Then you must chat with customer service for 45 mins to get a 10$ freebet that you should automatically have. This has happened to me many times and they make you feel like you should be grateful that they waste your time to give you something you should have gotten to begin with. My time is more valuable than that so I will stick to FD or DK
  • Rigged 1/5

    By losetomuch
    Playing blackjack is good to you if your betting under $5 anything over you lose 85% of the time!!! Dealers hit 21 about 8 times before you do 1.
  • App 3/5

    By snahanakaka
    Always something wrong
  • Best app ever 5/5

    By Queshias
  • 40st 5/5

    By 40st
  • Fantastic app 5/5

    By Spentmydollar
    No complaints

    If I could give 0 stars I would. All I saw were adds for bet $1 if any team hits a 3 pointer win 100 if you’re a new member. Went through the hassle of creating an account. Put the minimum of $5 deposit in and never saw the promotion. Just trying to get you to spend. 100% false advertisement which is illegal. Going to tell everyone I know not to use them. Draft kings and FanDuel are where it’s at. Don’t waste your time like I did mine.
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